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1756'In a huge family, you cannot share the limelight always' - Manav Vij1/29/2008 10:40:47 AM
1757Sana Saeed of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai enters Television...1/26/2008 8:58:03 AM
1758Hai Sitaron Par Najar Mohit Mallik Hoon Main1/27/2008 10:17:46 AM
1765Real Couple get Engaged in Reel LifeBarkha and Indraneil1/28/2008 4:29:48 PM
1771'The voting pattern is surely the USP of the show' - Sumeet Raghavan1/29/2008 9:33:32 PM
1776'I want to make a mark for myself in the industry' - Amit Paul1/30/2008 8:31:30 AM
1781Jhilmil of 'Love Story' in her new 'Left Right Left' Avtar...1/30/2008 6:39:46 PM
1783'I relate more to Nikki than Pari' - Rashmi Desai2/1/2008 2:25:09 PM
1788'I designed my look in the serial' Vishal Singh1/31/2008 8:21:42 AM
1789A Rendevous with the Queen, Simi Garewal...1/31/2008 9:00:08 AM
1792'I felt great when I sang a song in Dill Mill Gayye' - Aishwarya2/3/2008 9:21:05 AM
1793'Samrat will get positive again' - Vivan Bhatena2/1/2008 8:46:27 AM
1810Long Hair, not the USP anymore!2/3/2008 12:21:54 PM
1812'I do not have friends, as I never made any' - Rajat Tokas2/4/2008 8:48:07 AM
1814'Jayant is the strongest contender for Wild Card' - Areeb Khan2/7/2008 9:16:19 AM
1818The new Naagin on the block - Rubina Sasihuddin2/5/2008 8:01:06 AM
1820'Most Men are Dogs!' says 'Love Guru' Sajid Khan..2/16/2008 3:07:14 PM
1823The 'Mirchi Ka Thadka' in Annu's Cuisine2/5/2008 6:00:25 PM
1826'I just hope my risk pays off' - Karan Mehra2/12/2008 10:29:55 AM
1829' My show aims to connect with one and all' - Ratna Sinha2/6/2008 10:11:57 AM
1830Meet Radha ki Badi Beti, Mona Vasu..2/5/2008 7:04:37 PM
1841'I have learnt a new trade,what more can I ask for?'-Divyanka Tripathi2/6/2008 9:36:32 PM
1857'Rajshri Productions portray characters uniquely'-Sameer Dharmadhikari2/8/2008 6:47:25 PM
1859'This is the most challenging role I have got' - Guddi Maruti2/9/2008 6:39:03 AM
1860'There are other deserving people to win' - Vyom Kapoor2/11/2008 10:29:14 AM
1861'Acting is acting, whether it be any medium' - Mrinal Kulkarni2/10/2008 12:12:22 PM
1863Mehul Kajaria gets luckier post-marriage...2/11/2008 10:41:00 AM
1865'I have always been a tom-boy' - Anchal Dwivedi2/10/2008 1:05:11 PM
1875'I Strongly Oppose All Reality Shows' - Devang Patel2/14/2008 8:27:24 AM
1877I also want to make my own parameters - Sonu Nigam2/13/2008 8:16:11 AM
1879'I am confident that I will be back thro' Wild Card' - Jayant2/13/2008 11:50:19 PM
1896On Screen Jodis strike the Love Chords2/15/2008 5:11:51 PM
1901A 'Cadet Watch', just for you!!2/16/2008 5:06:37 PM
1914'My inclination was always towards acting' - Kapil Nirmal2/19/2008 8:00:16 AM
1915'Working with the Bidaai team has been great' - Angad Hasija2/19/2008 8:25:30 AM
1917'My character here is not similar to Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai'-Faizan Kidwai2/18/2008 6:32:21 PM
1918'No comments' is what we can get from Muskaan..2/19/2008 5:52:49 PM
1924'An artist can never be satisfied' - Prasoon Joshi2/22/2008 10:58:58 AM
1930'I play a grey role and not a black' - Sudesh Berry2/20/2008 4:47:03 PM
1936Khushbu and Neha Desai on their 'Grahasti'...2/22/2008 3:33:12 PM
1952'I am amazed at the response in Hong Kong' - Abhaas Joshi2/23/2008 7:46:54 PM
1957'I will do reality shows, as I want to help new talents'-Javed Akhtar2/24/2008 11:24:40 AM
1959'Kishore Kumar is and will always remain a legend' - Rex D'Souza2/24/2008 7:08:24 PM
1960'I want a simple, level-headed and independent girl'-Kushal Punjabi2/24/2008 7:17:13 PM
1965'The girls will be the next biggest celebrities on TV' - Kiran Kumar2/26/2008 9:07:09 AM
1979The 'Bad Man' back in Action!!2/28/2008 8:56:12 AM
1986'I am too young to play a mother' - Amrapali Gupta2/27/2008 10:05:59 PM
1990Choti Naaginn, Khushi Dubey gets nostalgic!!2/28/2008 10:30:38 AM
1996Mukul Dev plays 'Grey' yet again!!2/29/2008 11:20:22 AM
2001A Walk from one re-incarnated plot to another...3/1/2008 10:41:24 AM
2007'The Only Thing Permanent in this world is Change' - Priti Amin3/3/2008 2:15:34 PM
2008'Reality shows are very addictive' - Roshni Chopra3/1/2008 9:55:29 PM
2012'K for Kishore is a learning experience for all' - Babul Supriyo3/2/2008 4:23:39 PM
2014'Acting was never a Career Option' - Additi Gupta3/3/2008 2:00:26 PM
2018'Rajee was submissive, while Heer is dominating'-Urmila Kanetkar3/12/2008 11:01:59 AM
2023'My role has shades of Big B of seventies' - Gaurav Chopra3/4/2008 10:23:52 AM
2030'I truly felt like I am on top of the world' - Neha Marda3/5/2008 10:40:54 AM
2046'It is up to the audience to rate me as an actor' - Shabbir Ahluwalia3/7/2008 10:49:56 AM
2048Anand Suryavanshi to enter Grahasti...3/7/2008 11:42:32 AM
2052'It's an honor for me to work with such great actors' - Sharad Kelkar3/8/2008 8:52:52 AM
2057'I salute women for wearing heavy dresses' - Sidharth Shukla3/8/2008 8:15:01 AM
2064'My dream is to establish a studio of my own' - Aneek Dhar3/10/2008 10:46:25 AM
2067'Studies is my first priority' - Sana Saeed3/10/2008 2:20:28 PM
2085'I have to run my house, so took up another reality show'-Rakhi Sawant3/12/2008 7:12:04 PM
2089'Two Bahus will perform and the other two will host' - Sakshi Tanwar3/13/2008 11:37:51 AM
2097'Having so much versatility keeps me charged' - Shweta Tiwari3/15/2008 11:05:59 AM
2100'My Favorite subject was Geography' - Shahrukh Khan..3/14/2008 2:41:27 PM
2101'It's time to fall in love with love all over again' - Juhi Parmar3/14/2008 4:23:33 PM
2105'I am not comfortable with the entire SMS format' - Rajshri Thakur3/16/2008 11:38:13 AM
2108'The show is not about me, but about my team' - Varun Badola3/17/2008 11:35:34 AM
2110'If I was not an actor, I would have been a teacher'- Shahrukh Khan3/17/2008 2:56:20 PM
2115'Show of the people,by the people,for the people'-Sharad Malhotra3/18/2008 1:38:38 PM
2123'The audience likes to see me dressed this way' - Ashlesha Sawant3/19/2008 11:32:40 AM
2126'Credit for all the fame I have got goes to SRGMP' - Sumedha Karmahe3/21/2008 3:40:13 PM
2127'This is the best show I have ever picked up' - Rakesh Bapat3/19/2008 2:49:23 PM
2135'I am pretty good at singing, dancing and acting' - Karn Vir Bohra3/20/2008 12:02:39 PM
2136A Hit and a Miss for Hasan Zaidi...3/20/2008 3:49:57 PM
2146'NO judges is the best part of Yeh Hai Jalwa' - Prachi Desai3/23/2008 12:19:13 PM
2151'People have forgotten why judges are on the show ' - Saroj Khan3/24/2008 12:33:11 PM
2152Breaking the Cadet Image - Priyanka Bassi3/25/2008 10:58:57 AM
2154Shilpa Saklani, the crooning beauty...3/24/2008 3:54:23 PM
2157'I hate to see people cry' - Amit Sana3/25/2008 10:56:43 AM
2161Bratty Anvesha is back on Television3/26/2008 4:54:22 PM
2164'No Public voting is the best for a reality show' - Karan Wahi3/26/2008 11:27:01 AM
2168'You never really know what fuels controversies' -Sonali Bendre3/26/2008 8:19:34 PM
2171'Watch the shows and take it as it comes' - Jhanvi Cheddha3/27/2008 2:09:36 PM
2174In Conversation with Madhur Bhandarkar3/27/2008 6:29:45 PM
2177'Winning or losing really does not matter' - Anwesha Dattagupta3/28/2008 11:01:04 AM
2184'I would like to be in Big Boss with Kajol' - Aamir Dalvi3/29/2008 2:56:16 PM
2185'I am confident of my Performance' - Aishwarya Majmudar3/29/2008 4:08:19 PM
2188'Both characters are part of me' Lubna Salim3/30/2008 1:05:14 PM
2193'I am very happy with just being nominated' Arjun Bijlani3/31/2008 7:07:22 PM
2196'Idiot box is no more a poor cousin of big screen'-Addite Shirwaiker4/1/2008 11:35:51 AM
2198'I will voice my opinion if I am not convinced' - Asha Bhonsle4/1/2008 11:53:17 AM
2204'I am playing a grey character for the first time'-Vaishali Nazareth4/2/2008 12:40:39 PM
2207'I believe in finding new talent and giving new faces a chance' - JD4/3/2008 10:47:26 AM
2212Shantiniketan gets original Tulsi back4/3/2008 3:47:56 PM
2217'Humility is important in a singer' - Emon Chaterjee4/4/2008 11:51:39 AM
2218'This is surely my last TV performance' - Rajat Tokas4/5/2008 11:59:47 AM
2222'I am a complete reality show junkie' - Farah Khan4/5/2008 12:13:37 PM