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12699"I like sweet and simple girls"- Sunny Goraya8/30/2012 3:52:31 PM
12701"Motherhood makes you feel complete"- Smita Bansal8/30/2012 5:32:24 PM
12702Love just happens and that's the beauty of it: Harshad Chopra8/30/2012 7:52:48 PM
12717'I took up this film as I wanted to go abroad'- Reshmi Ghosh8/31/2012 5:19:04 PM
12719'I am a very honest person like Vedkant Vyas'- Aanjjan Srivastav8/31/2012 5:43:35 PM
12724'...Anjali often complicates things for Dr.Nidhi'- Ishita Sharma9/1/2012 5:15:11 PM
12725"Dark is ridiculed, not fair complexion"- Mitali Nag9/1/2012 5:17:30 PM
12734"My work is my girlfriend"- Rithvik Dhanjani9/3/2012 1:05:20 PM
12739'What I was promised didn't happen' - Indira Krishnan9/3/2012 5:59:41 PM
12747'I love to read my fan feedback on'- Kinshuk Mahajan9/4/2012 4:38:00 PM
12761'Like Bela I was widowed when very young'- Madhuri Sanjeev9/5/2012 1:52:16 PM
12766"I received hate messages"- Sharad Kelkar9/6/2012 1:46:10 PM
12781'Few aunties were embarrassed to watch me kiss'- Roopal Tyagi9/7/2012 2:54:21 PM
12782'Flirting is beneficial for Dr.Nidhi'- Dheeraj Dhoopar9/7/2012 5:16:11 PM
12787'Guru is like Mohan's brother'- Dushyant Wagh9/8/2012 12:55:50 PM
12791'I hope to play a college student even at 42'- Romit Raj9/8/2012 3:05:51 PM
12804'I wish I was a lady on the show'- Sachin Parikh9/10/2012 3:33:46 PM
12814'I can cry in minutes'- Sailesh Lodha9/11/2012 5:13:34 PM
12819I am not as mature as Pankhuri: Disha Parmar.9/12/2012 1:25:38 AM
12822"I do see my dream girl in my dreams" : Karan Tacker9/12/2012 2:23:44 PM
12829'My friends address me as Hanuman'- Raj Bhanushali9/12/2012 5:01:45 PM
12836"I am tired of being the cute boy in serials":Manish Naggdev9/13/2012 1:49:18 PM
12841'I believe in fairies'- Amrita Mukherjee9/13/2012 5:55:14 PM
12844I am not comfortable kissing on-screen: Vivian Dsena9/13/2012 6:44:48 PM
12846"I am not at all like Akshara in real life": Hina Khan9/14/2012 11:35:55 AM
12848'Indu will stand up for Megha'- Neelu Kohli9/14/2012 1:56:09 AM
12857IGT brings talent from the remotest corner of India:Malaika Arora Khan9/15/2012 2:52:09 PM
12868'Do india-forums readers prefer me as actor/anchor?':Vishal Malhotra9/17/2012 6:11:23 PM
12875'I would never kiss on TV'- Mahima Makwana9/18/2012 4:16:53 PM
12878'I am too young to play a mother on TV'-Deepti Shrikant9/18/2012 5:39:11 PM
12890Karan Kundra and I are seeing each other: Madhura Naik9/20/2012 6:27:53 PM
12903'Shiv is also helping me to be a better person'- Siddharth Shukla9/22/2012 2:20:27 PM
12904'Marriage is a beautiful start'- Karan Mehra9/22/2012 2:55:20 PM
12906'I dislike fake people' : Deepshikha Nagpal9/22/2012 6:50:30 PM
12911"My simplicity is my uniqueness": Ankita Sharma9/24/2012 1:36:02 PM
12912'Dr. Aniruddh is quite chilled out': Aamir Ali Malik9/24/2012 2:41:44 PM
12913"I believe that you make your own character": Kinshuk9/24/2012 3:08:46 PM
12915'I was hesitant to hug him'- Khushbu Thakkar9/24/2012 5:10:45 PM
12918'Viewers abuse me': Shashank Vyas9/24/2012 7:15:08 PM
12923'Had I been divine I wouldn't have been an actress'- Aparna Tarakad9/25/2012 4:08:35 PM
12931'Ayesha will get bitchier' - Chahatt Khanna9/25/2012 6:27:19 PM
12932'Amrita (Pihu) is a little badmash'- Sameer Kochhar9/26/2012 12:15:57 PM
12950"I am in the Top 3 and I want to win Jhalak": Rithvik9/27/2012 1:20:18 AM
12959I get to learn new things on Jhalak: Gurmeet Choudhary9/27/2012 6:18:35 PM
12970'My friends visit to check my rank'- Ashnoor Kaur9/28/2012 6:37:34 PM
12985'My character didn't have any journey whatsoever'- Nirav Soni10/1/2012 2:02:10 PM
12988"I am a down to earth person": Shilpa Anand10/1/2012 3:09:27 PM
12991'I have never read fairy tales'- Sangeeta Khanyat10/1/2012 5:05:00 PM
12992'I am sometimes naughty and sometimes good'- Shivansh Kotia10/1/2012 5:38:53 PM
12996'Bhari Pari is very emotional'- Danica Moadi10/1/2012 7:55:19 PM
13021'Unlike Latika, I am a very selfless person'- Alefia Kapadia10/5/2012 3:08:40 PM
13030Na Bole's Season 2 is expected to be aired from January: Sudhir Sharma10/5/2012 5:13:21 PM
13036'I would like to be a CID Inspector when I grow up'- Neev Ritesh Jain10/6/2012 5:53:23 PM
13041'I haven't read fairy tales'- Sharmilee Raj10/8/2012 11:10:19 AM
13046'Ekta Kapoor put my personality in Krishnaji's personality'- Madhu Raj10/8/2012 3:31:53 PM
13053'Managing myself in Western attire is far easier'- Aakanksha Singh10/9/2012 1:23:13 PM
13056'I am just allergic to alcohol'- Salil Ankola10/9/2012 5:08:57 PM
13067'Indraneil is now a very possessive dad'- Barkha Bisht10/10/2012 3:34:15 PM
13073"Let me live like an actor and die like one too": Sameer D10/11/2012 1:21:42 PM
13076'Kunal is still trying to fight his inner demons'- Sameer Soni10/11/2012 6:10:27 PM
13086"I am totally opposite of Nisha in real life": Priyanka10/12/2012 3:11:00 PM
13088"Barfi was a learning experience": Sumona Chakravarti10/12/2012 5:20:19 PM
13095'I score in nineties'- Anmol Jyotir10/13/2012 5:20:17 PM
13096'Some friends are jealous of us'- Apurva Jyotir10/13/2012 5:29:42 PM
13098'The participants of Bigg Boss are like caged animals': Dinesh Yadav10/13/2012 7:14:53 PM
13101"Yeh Rishta has enhanced my identity greatly": Rajan Shahi10/15/2012 4:39:54 PM
13103'I won't say no to any role'- Sudhanshu Pandey10/15/2012 4:34:51 PM
13105'I am Santa Claus'- Divyam Dama10/15/2012 6:40:10 PM
13107You should ignore negative people and thoughts.: Chhavi Pandey.10/15/2012 7:14:04 PM
13110"I couldn't say a no when I was offered Madhubala":Arti Puri10/16/2012 4:00:14 PM
13124I dedicate my book to my maternal grandma: Digangana Suryavanshi10/17/2012 4:43:54 PM
13132"Krish looks smarter than Yash": Yash Ghanekar10/18/2012 3:17:38 PM
13136"My son might become a choreographer one day":Farah Khan10/18/2012 5:45:24 PM
13140I do not think Ayesha is a negative character": Chahat Khanna10/18/2012 6:29:16 PM
13151'I was the prey they wanted to hunt'- Kashif Qureshi10/20/2012 4:02:18 PM
13169"My nickname is Jinnie": Karan Wahi10/23/2012 7:22:33 PM
13192'Inmates are using various weapons to win the game'- Sayantani Ghosh10/27/2012 4:02:43 PM
13195'I haven't read books on fairies'- Lavina Tandon10/27/2012 4:39:21 PM
13197'I am sad if someone cries in front of me'- Palak Dey10/27/2012 6:34:09 PM
13244"I am too excited to enter the Bigg Boss house": Mink Brar11/3/2012 1:04:24 AM
13252I can relate myself to Rehan: Mohit Malik11/3/2012 7:03:07 PM
13253"Gautam Rode is a wonderful person": Mala Salariya11/5/2012 12:43:18 PM
13256"I am full of life": Adaa Khan11/5/2012 6:19:11 PM
13267"Veera is about a special relation": Yash Patnaik11/6/2012 7:55:47 PM
13285"I am waiting for mere sapno ka Rajkumar": Aastha Chaudhary11/9/2012 5:39:01 PM
13287"I am going to be myself in the house": Vishal Karwal11/10/2012 11:12:14 AM
13291"Kinshuk Mahajan and I have a lot in common": Shivashakti S.11/10/2012 1:53:43 PM
13307"I have many cousin sisters": Bhavesh Balchandani11/15/2012 12:33:51 PM
13310"I don't have a boyfriend": Mouni Roy11/15/2012 3:19:43 PM
13312"I feel honoured to attend the International Emmies": Prerna11/15/2012 5:25:01 PM
13317"I am very good at cooking people's bheja": Mitil Jain11/16/2012 3:53:18 PM
13338'Minimize TV watching hours'- Shruti Ulfat11/17/2012 5:38:42 PM
13347"Zoya is very much like Surbhi": Surbhi Jyoti11/19/2012 6:25:27 PM
13379"Ayaan is everything a girl can ever dream about": Rishab S11/23/2012 4:03:47 PM
13391'Passionately follow what you believe in'-- Prem Kamath11/24/2012 8:30:30 PM
13397'Santa is like God but not God'- Krish Parekh11/26/2012 12:17:04 PM
13429"If Balaji doesn't stay, the actor doesn't stay": Aman Verma11/29/2012 4:53:32 PM
13449"I should take advice from Rashmi"- Tejasvi Wellingker12/4/2012 1:48:19 AM
13451"Maybe I should marry and have kids"- Sneha Wagh12/4/2012 1:45:42 PM
13456"Sahana keeps her gun and picks up her baby": Shikha Singh12/5/2012 2:50:45 PM