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7648'Everybody is a student in this industry'- Rajita Sharma9/21/2010 6:55:15 PM
7665'If Kali fails, audiences shouldn't demand better shows'-Ashutosh Rana9/26/2010 2:58:32 PM
7680'We all work to entertain the audience' -Abhishek Tewari9/28/2010 6:12:08 PM
7686'This season of KBC is for the common man'- Amitabh Bachchan9/29/2010 6:30:19 PM
7691'I believe beauty of a character lies within'- Manoj Mishra9/30/2010 1:41:36 PM
7734'Rubina is a much better actor than me' - Avinash Sachdev10/13/2010 6:57:34 PM
7757Ashish Sharma gets candid10/9/2010 1:35:17 PM
7763'I am not dating anyone' - Gaurav Khanna10/10/2010 9:17:34 AM
7801"I will win Bigg Boss4"- The Great Khali10/14/2010 5:30:42 PM
7812'Bad guys make love more exciting' - Sukirti Khandpal10/15/2010 7:08:05 PM
7814'I am a mixture of Sameera and Tashi' - Janvi Chheda10/16/2010 2:13:09 PM
7827'You saw the real Sakshi in the house' - Sakshi Pradhan10/19/2010 11:20:22 AM
7872'Hrishant and Shweta were selfish' - Begum Ali10/23/2010 5:00:18 PM
7879'The show belongs to Saroj Ji and me' - Terrence Lewis10/24/2010 5:15:52 PM
7898'Rachana as a character is an icon' - Swati Kapoor10/26/2010 4:00:42 PM
7928'I take time to open up with people' - Aishwarya Sakhuja10/28/2010 6:18:34 PM
7929'I stepped into TV when I was succesful in my career' - Yashdeep Nain10/30/2010 12:18:27 PM
7938Rendezvous with Karan and Kritika!10/29/2010 4:02:38 PM
7941'I miss DID Lil Masters' - Manish Paul11/5/2010 3:30:20 PM
7954'Viewers have got smart, & cannot be fooled' - Jay Bhanushali10/31/2010 1:09:29 PM
7966'I am single, but not at all ready to mingle' - Ridhi Dogra11/2/2010 5:26:06 PM
7971'We are not doing the show to ruin relationships' - Karan Johar11/8/2010 2:49:46 PM
8001"Nisha is the driving force in my life"- Karan Mehra11/8/2010 2:47:12 PM
8006"I speak my heart being in my limits"- Vandana Joshi11/25/2010 3:49:47 PM
8031'Vishal Karwal's popularity is seen on your site' - Ashvini Yardi11/10/2010 8:26:50 PM
8044'If I have a son in future, I will name him Alekh' - Angad Hasija11/11/2010 8:04:28 PM
8055'Rahil has explored himself again' - Rahil Azam11/13/2010 5:10:03 PM
8064'I got the biggest gift ever in Bigg Boss 4'- Ali Merchant11/13/2010 6:19:32 PM
8065' I left the house with my head held high' - Aanchal Kumar11/14/2010 12:03:57 PM
8092'I never wanted to be in acting profession' - Sara Khan11/22/2010 3:55:44 PM
8102'An actor needs to be educated and intelligent' - Abhinav Shukla11/24/2010 6:02:58 PM
8112'We will portray both sides of the coin' - Saurabh Tewari11/18/2010 7:16:32 PM
8122'Eliminating me was not a wise decision by Bigg Boss' - Sameer Soni11/19/2010 5:47:50 PM
8126'Shweta is the player in the house' - Dolly Bindra11/20/2010 12:36:29 PM
8137'Adaalat is not an educated show on law' - Ronit Roy11/23/2010 7:33:59 PM
8138'Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo is my memorable show' - Raakesh Paswan11/21/2010 5:01:11 PM
8183'As Producer I have a take on all aspects of the show'- Nikhil Sinha11/30/2010 2:59:36 PM
8187'I feel that I have the sense of intuition' - Mansi Parekh11/28/2010 10:50:02 AM
8190'If I had loved Veena I would have proposed her' - Hrishant11/27/2010 6:42:38 PM
8199'Audience impact is huge in India' - Kabir Bedi11/29/2010 7:54:19 PM
8218'The work culture in Tellydom has got organised' - Pariva Pranati12/2/2010 7:12:51 PM
8237'This birthday is with family' - Mohit Sehgal12/3/2010 12:01:03 PM
8256'I forgive Seema for nominating me' - Manoj Tiwari12/4/2010 6:12:56 PM
8259'The trick lies in telling the same story differently' - Gautam Hegde12/5/2010 9:42:48 AM
8262'Bringing myself into TV was my best decision' - Raqesh Vashisth12/6/2010 2:44:16 PM
8287'I feel more relaxed playing Abhay' - Vishal Karwal12/8/2010 6:42:51 PM
8321'Ashmit and Veena are more than just friends'- Sara Khan12/11/2010 6:00:14 PM
8323I will not share my title of ACP Pradhyuman with anyone-Shivaji Satam12/12/2010 7:17:25 PM
8344'I was impressed by the Allahabadi dialect' - Shanti Bhushan12/17/2010 7:00:30 PM
8366"I had no Godfathers when I stepped in TV"- Himmanshoo12/16/2010 7:10:50 PM
8386'Veena or Shweta will win Bigg Boss' - Seema Parihar12/18/2010 5:48:05 PM
8389'I consider the look change as a bonus' - Sargun Mehta12/21/2010 7:19:46 PM
8403'I am not in favour of Gaali Galoch' - Shah Rukh Khan12/20/2010 7:00:26 PM
8417'Viewers will find Raghav & Sia in us' - Vaishnavi Dhanraj12/22/2010 3:28:17 PM
8446'Our culture needs to be highlighted in TV shows' - Hema Malini12/26/2010 12:38:44 PM
8448'I am not in a relationship with Ashmit; I am single' - Veena Malik12/25/2010 6:45:07 PM
8457"Chanakya is a dream role"-Manish Wadhwa4/24/2011 2:52:05 PM
8458"I have learnt everything the hard way"-Mohit Malik4/28/2011 5:57:39 PM
8467'I would say we have got the noon prime time slot' - Gaurav Bajaj12/29/2010 6:36:47 PM
8474'Television today has become pan India identity' - Zama Habib12/28/2010 5:04:43 PM
8475"I am a very homely person"-Shaheer Sheikh4/13/2011 5:43:04 PM
8483'I am an open book in real life' - Reshmi Ghosh1/3/2011 5:38:06 PM
8495'I got the biggest and the best gift today' - Yashashri Masurkar12/30/2010 5:13:39 PM
8502'Performing stunts is not dance' - Shiamak Davar4/15/2011 5:08:54 PM
8505'My dream role is a corrupt police officer like Chulbul '-Raunaq Ahuja1/1/2011 11:51:04 AM
8510'Luck favoured the others again this time' - Sameer Soni1/2/2011 11:12:52 AM
8532'I do not think Indian political system is reliable' -Yashwant Singh1/11/2011 5:06:54 PM
8545'There is no winner in Maa Exchange' - Ajit Thakur1/6/2011 7:53:25 PM
8559"Marriage is my childhood dream"-Ratan Rajput1/8/2011 2:15:16 PM
8567'I would not be able to handle tension as a contestant' -Surekha Sikri1/12/2011 4:24:19 PM
8568'I will credit my daughter for all my success' - Shweta Tiwari1/9/2011 7:24:19 PM
8610Terence & Javed are kanjus in appreciating talent-Mallika Sherawat1/13/2011 8:00:10 PM
8622'Pardes Main Mila Koi Apna can only be set in Mumbai' - Saurabh Tewari1/14/2011 8:56:50 PM
8623"In honour killings there is no ease for girls"- Shalini1/15/2011 5:07:01 PM
8636TRPs are finally viewers and we have to satisfy them - Rajesh Joshi1/17/2011 6:31:28 PM
8644'Men have become mere arm candies for women on TV' -Arif Zakaria1/18/2011 6:55:09 PM
8667'Today is a sentimental day' - Sumeet Mittal1/20/2011 7:38:06 PM
8676'Chandu is practically me in my college days' - Jayesh Patil1/21/2011 7:49:55 PM
8680'It was a painful decision that I took' - Natasha Sharma1/22/2011 6:10:32 PM
8687'It's great to be working with Raju Bhai' - Veebha Anand1/23/2011 6:47:24 PM
8691'Learning is a long never-ending process' - Ekta Tiwari1/29/2011 7:01:13 PM
8698' I love to dance with Prabhu Deva' - Urmila Matondkar1/24/2011 7:46:41 PM
8703'The whole experience was a sweet labour pain'- Sudesh Berry1/25/2011 6:23:47 PM
8707'Panchi is my dream role' - Vahbbiz Dorabjee1/26/2011 5:58:39 PM
8728'Niyati is a girl of today'- Jayshree Soni1/28/2011 5:17:11 PM
8734'I would like to carve a dream role' - Priyanka Bassi1/30/2011 11:39:21 AM
8744'Viewers miss my green eyes' - Rohit Purohit2/13/2011 1:41:21 PM
8763'My new show is dedicated to my mother' - Arjun Bijlani2/1/2011 6:23:48 PM
8806'I am into acting because of my daddy' - Jannat Zubair Rahmani2/8/2011 6:43:40 PM
8810'Both Karan and Raghav crave for Ammaji's love' - Yash Dasgupta2/10/2011 8:42:19 PM
8817'I hope people like my new look and attitude' - Kapil Nirmal2/7/2011 9:14:41 PM
8835'Imagine was the first channel to approach me' - Dolly Bindra2/12/2011 6:56:07 PM
8873Entire country will witness a never-seen-before wedding- Nikhil Madhok2/14/2011 9:13:23 PM
8880'I am and always will be proud of all my shows'- Manish Raisinghania2/17/2011 6:37:39 PM
8891'Nothing is impossible to achieve' - Madhuri Dixit2/16/2011 9:40:28 PM
8909'This show is a simple medium to decrease crime' - Sushant Singh2/18/2011 8:00:07 PM
8919It's a bit early for us to become the face of the show- Marzi Pestonji2/20/2011 3:54:22 PM
8921Rendezvous with Avinash Sachdev!2/19/2011 8:15:02 PM
8934Juhi Parmar and Gauri Tonk face the challenge in Maa Exchange..2/21/2011 8:32:41 PM
8937'We aim to cross our own benchmarks' - Guruodev Bhalla2/22/2011 4:53:24 PM