Interview with Shweta Gulati

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Published Date: 8/25/2006

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Interview with Shweta Gulati

Shweta we want to first begin with a round of fun questions. Kuch tede mede sawal main puchongi aur aap try kariyega unse bhi tede mede jawab dene kaa. Lets see how much we can make our listeners laugh today – so are you ready ?

1. If Shweta Gulati was a color from the rainbow what color would she be and why ?

Shweta: I would be blue as it is the color of sky,and my heart is as big as a sky.

2. Lets say one day you wake up and you have suddenly transformed into a boy. Name three bollywood actors who you would like to combine to create a male Shweta. And please do give us the details on what those ingredients are from those actors. So kiski height, kiski body, kiski personality etc etc would you use to create the perfect male Shweta ?

Shweta: I think it would be Mr.Bachan as he is Just Perfect, whether be his looks, his personality or anything he is just perfect so I would love to be him…

3. This is really funny.. A 60 year-old male fan of yours comes up to you on the street one day & asks u for a jhadho ki jhappi. What will be your reaction? Kya aap yeh jhadoo ki jhappi dengi ?

Shweta: I would definitely give him a a jhadha hi jhappi..As he would be true fan.Hug

Part 2-now lets make it little more interesting.. Now lets convert that 60 year old into a hot 23 year old male fan who comes upto you and asks you for a jhadoo ki jhappi – what will be your reaction and will you give him a jhappi ?

Shweta: I think I will be really embarrassed, yaar muhje sharm aa jaegi..Embarrassed

Part 3 Bollywood or Hollywood actors ka kya khayal hai.. kya aap unko jaaddo ki jhaapi denge. Agar ha to kisko.... (abhishek ko bhi nahi..our sources says u have a crush on him.. ?

Shweta: Yes bilkhul Richard Gere if come I would give him even without think only.. But I think noone from Bollywood ya..

4. If you could give your rival Anvesha some Tia lines which are mixed with Anvesha style what would they sound like? So please give us a glimpse of what happens when Tia and Anvesha styles are mixed together. I bet it will be quiet crazy ?

Shweta: Pleeeease u wako, u red horn, tum apne aap ko samhti kya ho..saar mei kya lizard ke ande gare hai tumhare..

5. Complete the following sentence. Shweta Gulati is crazy becz... ?

Shweta: because that was the defect in her since the childhood, “I think that was something wrong with my parents dream well that’s why I was born crazy… Wacko

Shweta lovely ans by u.. But now we move on 2 our next segment of rapid fire round whr u hv to ans jaldi jaldi by choosing one of the 2 options I give u..SO u ready..

a. Dino Moria or Emran Hashmi – Dino Moria
b. John Abraham or Abhishek Bachan – Abhishek Bachan
c. Pen or pencil - Pencil
d. PC or TV - TV
e. Green or Blue - Blue
f. Boys or Girls - Girls
g. Coke or Pepsi - Coke
h. Lipstick or Lip-gloss - Lipstick
i. Rakhi Sawant or Mallika Shrewat (u hv to choose 1) – Mallika Shrewat
j. Ice Cream or Chocolates – Ice-Cream

Now we all are getting a glimpse of what our Tia I mean Shweta is in person... And now since you fared so well in our first rapid fire round, lets move on to the next very interesting rapid fire

What I will do is I will say a make up item and all you have to do is associate that with your costar that comes to ur mind.. It has to be really quick..

a. Lipstick - Tia
b. Foundation Powder - Mehre
c. Blush or Rouse – Janguwal Sir
d. Nailpolish - Pre
e. Eye Liner - Anvesha
f. Mascara - Vindra
g. Eye Shadow - Mehre
h. Lip Gloss - Tia

Well Shweta that was our fun segment from Telly Chaska…now lets move on to some questions from your fans Clap  Clap   Clap

1. Aashni aapki fan poochna chahati hai ki wat was your first reaction when getting the role of tia (went with your cousin brother and just gave an audition..were you surprised when got the role) ?

Shweta: My 1st reaction was I started crying because it was not happening it was very difficult but when I got the grip of it I really started enjoying. Big smile

2. Shweta its really sad that remix has ended but our member rhea_remix pucheta hai ki from the entire cast of remix whom do u miss the most ?

Shweta: I miss Pre the most as we were every close,as u know my best friend.

3. "Tia ahuja hona koi aisi waisi baat nahi hai." We all have heard this line n number of times from you in remix.. so now shriyaroxx wants to ask who invented this line DO u feel the same about yourself in your real life..that Shweta Gulati hona koi aissi wasie baat nahi hai.. ?

Shweta: I think my creative team created this line..Ya I do feel tht Shweta Gulati hona koi aissi wasie baat nahi hai, but cant say that in real life yaa log mujhe jhueta utha kar marege…

4. Now lets talk about your childhood days.. How was Shweta as a kid…Was Shweta naughty or the sober and delicate types as Tia ..ask our member Manjot ?

Shweta: I was always delicate kid, but I was also naughty…Wink

5. Our member Vick 1 wants to ask: We know you were offered to choose between Ashi and Tia's role before the cast was finalized... What made u choose Tia's role ? 

Shweta: I the role of Tia has my producer said Tia is more difficult to play so that word made me choose the role of Tia.

6.Hey tia,if remix begins again,what changes would u like to bring in tia and in her style ... – our member shobha wants to know ?

Shweta: I think Tia was perfect…. So don’t want to change anything.

7. Our member cuutie ask what is the funniest prank that anyone has played on you what was your reaction You have to be honest..!!

Shweta: Well no one played prank on me as I was the eldest in them…

1. SO ShwetA Manjot and Rhea_remix would like to ask you about your future plans ?

Shweta: My plans that I am doing.

2. Tell us more about your upcoming film Nani Detctive When is it releasing is your character Neeti was different from tia..?

Shweta: I have no idea when is it releasing as lot of trouble having with it.

3. After television how was the experience of working in a play Ask Rachel and her If screename is Maxliz At which theater is the play going to be staged? Would you love to work with Naseeruddin Shah in his plays ?

Shweta: I would love to work with Naseeruddin Shah, but I have not reached than level it will take me years too that level.

4. what does God mean to u ask manjot ?

Shweta: God means the supreme power to me,as I m going its because of him,I m a very stronger believer of god. Smile

5. last but not the least is there any way where your fan could contact you or message you..

Shweta: My contact is 

Thanks it was lovely talking to u Shweta.. Ur truly an angel.. WE are all waiting to see u in action and wish u all the v best in your life..
Take care

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