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Posted: 06 February 2009 at 2:32pm | IP Logged
Who's the best bahu on telly?

6 Feb 2009, 0000 hrs IST, AMRITA MULCHANDANI, TNN
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Television's mint fresh bahus are ruling the prime time, and giving the old bahus a run for their money. PT reports
Aasiya Kazi

If you thought small screen's super bahus Parvati and Tulsi had left behind no heirs to their crowns, you are mistaken. The general entertainment channels have thrown up a whole new lot of bahus: Sara Khan and Parul Chauhan, Smita Bansal, Avika Gor, Neha Marda, Surili Gautam, Prabhleen Sandhu, Anjali Abrol, Heena Khan and Aasiya Kazi.

Smita Bansal, who plays a docile and obedient bahu in a serial on the evils of child marriage, also plays the good mother-in-law in the same show. She says, "Every actress wants to be in a saas-bahu drama, and I am glad I got to essay the roles of both in the same show: a saas and a bahu. It is very exciting and the reason why our serial is so popular is because every one has played their roles so well." She feels that Avika Gor is the best bahu on television serials, as she is the youngest one to don that role ever.

Actor Surili Gautam is very happy about the fact that her role is not stereotypical. "I am just 17 years old, but I am very comfortable playing this character as it has a lot of shades. I don't cry and crib all the time like the other bahus on television," says Surili. So, how comfortable is it to play a role that requires her to be someone much older than her real age? "Once you understand the character you can play any role. I was very excited and happy to play that role," says Surili.

The rebellious bahu Prabhleen Sandhu, from a show set in pre-Independence India, says, "My role started as a wife who would take revenge on her husband, but now, I am like the regular disciplined bahu and I am not liking it. I really enjoy the fame and attention that I am getting these days, but if I had the choice, I would definitely opt for a different show than a regular saas-bahu one. The role of a bahu needs to be sketched with care because today in every show we have so many actresses portraying the role of a daughter-in-law." Well-known producer-director J D Majethia feels, "Smita Bansal is the best bahu among the new lot. She is very pretty and she lights up the entire screen with her presence. The character she plays is very interesting and she has also put in a splendid performance."
Director Rajan Waghmare also claims to have the same choice, "Smita Bansal takes the crown of the best bahu. There is no doubt about it. She is so natural and perfect," he says.

Director Siddharth Malhotra opines, "I would vote for Smita Bansal because she is a wonderful actress. Parul Chauhan is surely my pick from all the new bahus on the small screen. She has an innocent face and the way she blends into the storyline is beautiful. And, my second pick would be Avika Gor. Though she is a child artiste, she has captured the nation's imagination. When she is on the screen, no one can actually take their eyes off her," says producer Dhiraj Kumar.

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Anashah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 February 2009 at 2:39pm | IP Logged

Prabhleen Sandhu interview

Is food the elixir of Life?
No, it's just a necessity of life. I'm among those who eats to live.

Are you a foodie?

 I won't call myself a foodie but I'm fond of good food

Are you a veg or non-veg?


Favourite cuisine: Anything that goes with the mood.

Favourite dish:

Rajma chawal, Tandoori chicken. Despite hailing from Punjab, I don't like sarso ka saag

Favourite restaurant:

 I've barely been to any. I like Masala Mantar in Mumbai.

A must at my breakfast table…


Sugar or sugarfree for my tea/coffee…

Lots of sugar in my coffee

Lunch generally consists of…

rice, dal, vegetable or chicken curry, curd

For high tea I have…

 Parle G or Bourbon biscuits

Dinner generally consists of…

2 chapatis, vegetable or simply tandoori chicken. It's no rice for me at nights

Dessert delights…

Butter scotch/Black currant ice-cream. I need one daily.

One thing I can't resist…

 Maggi noodles. It consumes less time to make so why not have them when you desire

My favourtie drink (non-alcoholic)…

Despite being a Punjabi, I hate lassi. It's Coke/Thums-up or Maaza for me

My favourite drink (alcoholic)…

Touchwood! I still haven't had it

For a date I usually prefer…

 Why will I waste the poor guy's money? We'll leave after having soups

At parties, I usually eat…

I've seldom been to any party

Experiment with food? Once made a lovely chat out of pakodas. You need to add curd, onions, red chilly powder, tomoato and ajvain to it

Most unusual dish I've tasted… Never. Once, I went for dinner with my relatives. They showed me a crab and I couldn't bear the sight of it.

On the streets, I love to have… Paani puri.

One place I would never eat again… Any place which is unhygienic.

Do you cook? Yes. I'm a good cook. I've hosted a cookery show in Punjab.

Your favourite recipe... Aloo muttar pulav

Heat oil in a pan and add some jeera and cloves in it

Add diced onions, finely chopped garlic

Salt as per your taste

Add red chillies, ginger and then tomotoes

Pour some 100 grams of curd and mix well

Add desi ghee followed by green peas and chopped potatoes

Put rice in the vessel and use sufficient water

Pressure cook and it's ready to serve in few minutes.

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Posted: 11 February 2009 at 6:04am | IP Logged
jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 16 February 2009 at 8:29am | IP Logged

Cover Story : Couples take on Valentines Day and more

This is February and is a season of Love. 14th of February is celebrated as Valentines Day throughout the world.
It is a day for people who want to share their love feelings to one another. Shiv Sena; the biggest lot who are against Valentines Day from day one have come up with a new idea that if a boy and a girl are caught exchanging roses they (Shiv Sena) will get them married. Shiv Sena previously used to beat or shoo couples wandering on this beautiful day. Another example is Ram Sena, who became unlikely famous by their indecent act of molesting and harassing the girls in a Mangalore pub. A campaign called 'The Pink Chaddi' campaign is made by Mumbaikars and are requesting everyone to send a 'Pink Chaddi' to Ram Sena on popular networking sites like Facebook.

We get into a candid chat with some of our celebrities and ask them how and what they feel for these related issues.

Mohe Rang De -

Gavie Raj – Navdeepak Chahal:

What is he doing tomorrow? I am shooting tomorrow (sighs). We have an on location shoot open to media as well. It is not related to celebrating Valentines Day but tomorrow my character is taking a turn, in which I will be supporting the Indians, for a change.

How he used to celebrate Valentines Day in college
? I always used to try getting a date, but the sad part is that I was so shy that I never confessed it to any girl. I will directly give a rose to my wife.

How he used to celebrate Valentines Day in school? I did my schooling from Patiala, Punjab. All we guys used to go to a fair (mela) and check out girls (laughs).

Shiv Sena's campaign? This is a good and a different campaign started by the Shiv Sena for a change. Couples who are shy can now come out openly and do not need to fear anything. Moreover it is a good way of cost cutting.

Pink Chaddi campaign? I am not much aware of it but I think it is a good way to show those people and make them realize what they actually did.

Prableen Sadhu – Kranti:

What is she doing tomorrow? I am working tomorrow. We will be shooting all day so no Valentines Day plan for me.

How she used to celebrate Valentines Day in college? Frankly I was never too much interested in Valentines Day from the start. So I was never excited about it in my college days also.

How she used to celebrate Valentines Day in school? That time again, I was not much aware of this day. I knew the basics as to why this day is celebrated but I was too young for all these.

Shiv Sena's campaign? I would not like to comment on this.

Pink Chaddi campaign? It is a good act by the general mass of people. I am not much updated with this thing, so would not like to comment much on it. Overall seems a cool act from the people.

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Posted: 16 February 2009 at 8:31am | IP Logged

TV's 5 Most Romantic Jodis

Mili Swarnakar, Bollywood News Service


Around Valentine Day, love is in the air. While most television shows are busy canning Valentine Day special episodes, we got busy looking out for the TV's most romantic jodi's that span a spectrum of flavours.


Sharad Malhotra-Divyanka Tripathi

It has been more than two years now but this lead pair of 'Banoo Main Teri Dulhann' has still managed to keep the spark in their romance ' and consequently their show -- alive.

From the time the show started, viewers were hooked onto their story -- Divyanka as the girl from Bhopal was a demure, innocent but illiterate bahu who is married off to the mentally challenged character played by Sharad. As the story progressed, love bloomed and their chemistry became apparent. Media reports of a liaison between them kept interest in Sharad and Divyanka jodi alive; though they insisted they were 'good friends'. As the serial took many twists and turns, including a reincarnation track, the nok-jhok between the two onscreen lovers before they eventually fall in love kept the audience glued.

What is this couple's strength is that they complement each other in looks and seem at complete ease with each other even while performing romantic scenes.

Parul Chauhan-Kinshuk Mahajan

Though 'Sapna Babul Ka'Bidaai' is about two sisters, Ragini (played by Parul Chauhan) and Sadhna (Sara Khan), romance is integral to the show. The serial's current track revolving around Parul Chauhan's marriage to Kinshuk Mahajan (Ranveer) is fetching sky-high TRPs.

People obviously like the love story between Parul and Kinshuk. Though his character had earlier rejected her because of her dark complexion, in the filmiest of the style, one fine day Parul dials a wrong-number which just happens to be Kinshuk's number ' and their love story begins even though they are unaware of each other's identities. Even after the grand revelation their love blossoms and they subsequently get married.

The actors did look a bit awkward with each other initially especially since Parul is a bit older to Kinshuk in real life; but if you happen to have witnessed the many subtle romantic scenes between the two of late, it becomes glaringly clear that their onscreen rapport now looks palpably believable.

Karan Singh Grover-Sukriti Kandpal

'Dill Mill Gayye' is a show for, by, and of, the youth and the youth respond to the lovey-dovey vibes between Dr Armaan and Dr Riddima (Karan Singh Grover and Sukriti). Hunky Karan has a major female following in the country and many women love the way he suavely woos Sukriti on the show.

Karan plays a light eyed intern at Sanjeevani Hospital where he meets Sukriti, who plays a simple intern. He immediately falls in love with her. But she is intimidated by her father's presence in the hospital and is reluctant to express herself. The youth relate well to scenes where the two meet stealthily, or at times take stolen glances at each other in the middle of a crowd.

The show rests on the love angle between chocolate boy Karan and sugar-and-spice-and-all-things-nice Sukriti and the twosome prove equal to the task.

Gavie Chehal-Prableen Sandhu

Punjabi munda Gavie who is playing a lawyer on 'Mohe Rang De' strikes incendiary sparks off Punjabi kudi and the no-nonsense looking Prabhleen Sandhu.

Prabhleen who is playing a krantikari by the name of Kranti on the show had forcefully married Gavie to take revenge. Circumstances have led Gavie to fall in love his wife but Prabhleen is still obsessed with thoughts of revenge. It's an interesting departure from the oh-so-sweet romantic angles.

Dilip Joshi-Disha Vakani

Romance crosses all predictable barriers of age. While Dilip Joshi-Disha Vakani onthe comedy show 'Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma' may not be your typical love birds their obvious love for each other rocks the show.

This Gujarati couple comes very close to recreating the magic of Prafull-Hansa of 'Khichdi'. The only difference is that this couple's IQ level is higher than that of Prafull-Hansa ' but only a bit higher. The chemistry, or rather the comic timing between the two, makes the show worth a watch.

The portly Dilip and Disha's with the screechy voice are TV's cute couple. Despite their cute follies and foibles, they look made for each other.

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Posted: 16 February 2009 at 8:34am | IP Logged
Rajbir's changed loyalities
12 Feb 2009, 0000 hrs IST
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Gavie Chahal
Gavie Chahal aka Rajbir of Mohe Rang De seems to have changed loyalities in life.
Well, don't be surprised, we are talking about his role reversal in the teleserial on Colors. Rajbir, who played the top-notch lawyer for the Brits in the show, in a new move has decided to don the hat of a revolutionary instead, much to the surprise of his wife Kranti.
We met Gavie on the sets of his sitcom, Mohe Rang De , says "This is the way I wanted the serial to progress. I love playing the patriotic hero, who is willing to go to all lengths to protect the interest of his fellow countrymen. I am sure this shift will draw a lot of attention from the viewers and attract newer ones. This is a real crucial part of the serial for all of us and we are really excited."
Now that Gavie has shifted loyalities in the show, what remains to be seen is how this move impacts the popularity of his character in the coming time.

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'Mohe Rang De' to end in March

Mohe Rang De to end in March
'Mohe Rang De', the Sphere Origin show is said to wind up in the first week of March. our sources say. 'Mohe Rang De', which started on a very positive note, was widely watched for its different concept. But once the story began to veer towards the usual love story angle, viewers lost interest. Pitted against top ranking shows like Yeh Rishta Kya.., earlier Bidaai, Ramayan, Mohe Rang De found the going tough. And this has probably prompted the channel to pull the plug on the show.
An actor requesting anonymity says, "Though, we haven't got any official intimation from the production house the word that's echoing on the sets is not spelling optimism anymore. In fact one of our lead actors will be travelling abroad to honour other commitments."
Confirming the news, a channel spokesperson says, "'Mohe Rang De', given its unique concept and treatment has developed its own loyal viewer-base, whom it has entertained over the last 7-8 months. Since we did not have long-term plans with 'Mohe Rang De', we believe that the time is now right to take the story to its logical conclusion. Soon, Mohe Rang De will be replaced with a new show that we believe will entertain COLORS viewers, even more."

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"I don't want Yuvraj to venture into acting"- Yograj Singh
Monday, September 8, 2008, 9:59 [IST]

       Yograj Singh
Yograj Singh, father of celebrated cricketer Yuvraj Singh is trying his luck in the Hindi television industry with a new Hindi serial on Colors Mohe Rang De, after a successful stint in the Punjabi film industry. He is currently shuttling between Chandigarh and Mumbai and spending two weeks in a month in each city to ensure the right balance. He took time of his busy schedule to speak about his entry into Hindi serials, his passion and relation with son Yuvraj. Excerpts from the interview.

What made you decide to venture into Hindi serials?
I have acted in more than 100 films in Punjab and wanted to do something with Hindi serials. Though I have done a Hindi film with Jeetendra and Rekha called Insaaf Ki Devi earlier, I have never acted in a Hindi serial. So when Deepti Bhatnagar (producer of the serial) personally requested me to do Mohe Rang De there was no way I could refuse. The role I am playing in the serial is also very significant and close to my real self. And last but not the least, Deepti's in laws are very close friends of mine, so that made me more inclined towards this serial.

Tell us something about your role in Mohe Rang De.
I play Kulbhushan, father of Rajbeer (the male lead of the serial). Kulbhushan is very close to a dictator and wants things done his way and nothing else is acceptable. He couldn't study much and started a business of dry fruits at a very young age. The story deals with how he makes it big in life and does things his way throughout. However, there is a softer side to him as well ? particularly his sense of humour. But whatever Kulbhushan does, he conveys a very positive message.

You started your career as a cricketer. Why did you move to films?
It is a very sad story and I still feel bad about it. I had an injury while playing and because of that I was forced to retire from international cricket. There was lot of politics involved and it became a very murky situation. However, cricket still is my first love. I eat, sleep and dream cricket. I run a cricket academy in Chandigarh and that is why I spend two weeks in a month there. Life without cricket is not possible for me.

But you have not had a very good relation with Yuvi...
Yes. We had some differences but all that is sorted out now. We are very close to each other now. He is fulfilling the dreams I had in cricket. I want Yuvraj to be a legend in the cricketing world and take revenge for all the injustice that has been done to me in the world of cricket.

Is it true that your younger son Zorawar is entering Bollywood?
Yes. I don't want Yuvraj to venture into acting before he retires from cricket. But I want Zorawar to make a mark in the film industry and as such he is currently undergoing a training course at Kishore Namit Kapoor's acting school. My life is a mix of cricket and acting I want my sons to become great cricketers and actors.

Your life seems to be full of events. What else is happening?
I am keeping extremely busy with a couple of films and Mohe Rang De. God has given me a new life with these opportunities. At my age, I have completed my responsibilities as a son, wife and father and now I am doing what my hearts wants me to.



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