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Mister Greek Gods Miss Angry Eyes Ch15 PG120 21/04

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For me this is a tale about a bunch of people, some connected and some dis... They're adults, so expect certain adult behavior.. The names may be similar to the those of Dill Mill Gayye but the characters portrayed here are pretty different.. The only use of their names is to make sure you can add a face to the names you read about in this fanfic..


Characters according to appearance

Armaan - Karan

Rahul - Mayank

Muskaan - Dhrushti

Anjali - Sunaina

Riddhima - Shilpa


Guest appearances by

Smitha - Shraddha

Harsh - Harshad Chopra [Prem from Kis Desh]


All [statements with brackets] are behaviour mannerisms and ["within quotes are thoughts of the characters"]


PS: This is not plagiarized or not something that should be plagiarized.. Thank You...


Enough nonsense now.. Read on..




The scene - It's a wedding, the people present are having a blast, drinking and dancing.. It's late into the party...


At the bar


Girl - You're here awefully late... You missed all the merriment..

Armaan - [startled] Umm yeah i know

Girl - Busy juggling two shows.. must get hard I guess..

Armaan - [pleasantly surprised] Oh! Yeah it is... But I shoulda gotten here earlier, looks like  i missed out on a lot.. 

Girl - It's not too late...  Chalo - Ladki [points to herself] Vs Ladka [pokes a finger at his chest], Aa tu Zara nachke dikha..  [drags him by the arm laughing]

Armaan - [going along with her] Ummm i must warn you I'm not much of a dancer..

Girl - I can tell, most buff guys aren't. Don't get me wrong.. Hrithik's a wonderful buffed dancer.. but he's lean as well.. You on the other hand are just buff and big.. too big to move on the floor.. [winks]

Armaan - You either know me too well or you know my type..

Girl - [smugly] i know you and your type.. [smiles]

Armaan - [looks down, "wow this chick is hot" smiles]

Girl - It's improper to look down a girls dress you know..

Armaan - [laughs aloud] Cross my heart I wasn't the last time.. but I most certainly am now... [laughs again]

Girl - shameless [laughs shaking her head in dismay]


At the dance floor - kangna just starts playing...


The girl moves likes she owns the floor.. Armaan is finding it hard to keep up... So he takes her hand, swirls her a few times and pulls her close... and moves apart...


Girl - ["I've always wondered what your female co-stars felt like when you did that.. Now I know.."] [shouting loudly above the music] By the way, you have only two dance moves kya?  clench your fists, shake your hands and shake your hips.. [laughs aloud]

Armaan - I'm not as versatile a dancer as you..

Girl - I keep noticing on Zara Nachke Dikha, that you're always doing these two steps [imitates him]

Armaan - [sarcastically laughing] that is so me.. my god you're a good mimic..

Girl - [winks] I know [song ends][slightly flushed] I think i need another drink.. [walking away from him and the dance floor]

Armaan - [left stranded on the dance floor, shouting from behind her] So who won?? [winks]

Girl - I wouldn't want to embarrass you with that answer... [laughs and waves]

Armaan - Just so you know I would never let a beautiful woman lose.. ever.. [laughs, looks down and shakes his head]


Just when he was about to walk off the dance floor Armaan gets tapped on the back...


Armaan - Arre Waah tu toh bada accha lag raha hai aaj,

Rahul - Dulha hoon, aaj nahin lagoonga to Muskaan mandap se bhaag jaathi..

[both laugh]

Armaan-  sorry i'm so late Rahul, Congratulations on your bigggg day.. [bear hugs him]

Rahul - Atleast a big star like you made it for my little wedding... Saw you with my cousin there.. she totally put you to shame man...

Armaan - cousin huh?.. Ooooh.. yeah she did, but you can't blame me man... It's hard to concentrate on what your feet are doing when you see someone dance like that... Anyways this wedding is like full power party sharty and all ya.. You guys look like you'll had an awesome time.. I'm so glad you had it by the beach..

Rahul - Yeah i know.. thankfully the resort has an enclosure and a private beach.. so no gatecrashers.. [smiles] Look mujhe kuch logon se milna hai.. I'm gonna  come right back.. Don't leave without saying bye okay..

Armaan - yeah sure thing.. Mein to yahin rahoonga, bar ke piche

Rahul - I didn't expect you to be anywhere else.. [both laugh]


Armaan looks for the girl.. she's at the bar, getting her drink and then walks toward the beach, He goes to the bar, gets a beer and follows her.. She's sitting on a wooden broad swing, facing the beach


Armaan - [halts right behind the swing and clears his throat]

Girl - I'm not going to ask you to sit, if that's what your insinuating by clearing your throat.. [not looking back]

Armaan - No, that's not what it was.. I was just making sure others knew that you had a body guard...

Girl - [looks back] and what for?

Armaan - Firstly, you're a little away from the party, nobody would know if anything happened to you, aaand secondly by sitting like this in this dress you're inviting trouble...

Girl - So? [narrowing her eyes] What makes you think i need a bodyguard? Least of all you.. [smugly]

Armaan - [moves in the front to sit on the swing beside her, shows her his biceps, not saying a word]

Girl - I'm quite capable of bringing them down myself [shows him her biceps and laughs]

Armaan - with that? [amused]

Girl - Might be a little, but i can throw a good punch mind you..

Armaan - what if someone caught you off guard from behind.. like this [ goes behind her and holds her by her shoulders, his face just behind her shoulder]

Girl - then poor man, he'll have to face my secret weapon...

Armaan - [turns her to face him] you have pepper spray?

Girl - [laughs aloud] NO!! i have this.. [shows him her four inch stilletoes]

Armaan - [lets go of her shoulders] WHOAA poor guy indeed.. that looks lethal man..

Girl - See i can take care of myself.. [smiles]

Armaan - And i thought I could be your knight in shining armour.. tsk tsk [shakes his head] Goodbye me lady... [bows with a sad smile]

Girl - You know you're a terrible actor.. if you just wanted to kill time you could have just got your drink, sat down and made conversation.. you didn't have to go the bodyguard way.. that's too cliche..

Armaan - Damn, I'm way too filmy.. [comes back to sit on the swing]

Girl - Oh yeah.. but it' an occupational hazard.. so i can forgive you.. [smiles]

Armaan - thanks, you're so kind.. [laughs]

Girl - By the way, isn't it way past your bed time?

Armaan - I should ask you that...

Girl - what's that supposed to mean?

Armaan - You look like you're in school..

Girl - Well, i'll take that as a compliment... and if i was in school, then you'd be in jail for being a cradle snatcher..

Armaan - [laughs hard] good one..

Girl - no seriously... what time does your shoot start usually??

Armaan - seven's hair and makeup, and script rehearsals for me... I like to make sure my shots are one time takes..

Girl - and are they?

Armaan - mostly they are.. then there are those one off cases.. when i'm not my best..

Girl - Initially you did all the shots yourself right?

Armaan - I still do...

Girl - then how come many cut aways, have a guy with no left arm cross tattoo? If you were doing all your shots then the tattoo would always be there.. Unless you're one of those fake tattoo people.. go to goa and get those mehendi tattoos.. I find that really lame...

Armaan - [with his hands up] okay you got me.. Now a days we're using body doubles a lot because of ZND.. And no it's not fake, feel it, you'll know..

Girl - [touches his arm]["oooh, baby soft skin, on such a macho man.. nice"] Yeah it looks original...

Armaan - Do you know I was thrilled that they had the whole street fighter ghetto for me, no more covering up my tattoos with hours of makeup.. dressing with one sleeve up, one sleeve down, wearing arm bands and what not.. I got so sick of all that..

Girl - You're so proud of your tattoos aren't you?

Armaan - You betcha.. If you have em, flaunt em right? By the way thanks for telling me about the tattoo thingi though.. I'm gonna have to ask them to look into it... [after a pause of silence] hmmmmm.. you know what..

Girl - what?

Armaan - you must look at me real close to notice these small things.. [smiles proudly]

Girl - if you notice.. it's not you.. it's that vicky chap that i'm looking hard at.. [laughs]

Armaan - I must tell him, he's one lucky guy... But that still doesn't rule out the fact that you watch the show right?

Girl - Even a dimwit would have figured that out by now... you're slow Armaan... [laughs]

Armaan - Sitting so close to such a pretty girl makes my mind weak.. my brain slows down and my tongue says the most absurd things..

Girl - [laughs uncontrollably] they're right, you're an incorrigible flirt...

Armaan - [laughin] even a dimwit would have figured that out by now, you're slow [stops] .... uh.. i don't even know your name...

Girl - lets keep it that way.. besides come tomorrow and i'll be a distant thought..

Armaan - after literally assaulting me with your secret weapon and putting me to shame on the dance floor.. i think not.. but it's upto you.. remain mysterious..

Girl - i like that.. [sings] ooh ou oh ou oh.. mysterious girl, i wanna get close to you.. [both of them laugh]

Armaan - you don't wanna tell me your name.. that's fine.. but tell me what you do at least

Girl - I holiday..

Armaan - Dude, that's my dream career, how'd you get into it? [smiles]

Girl - I work six months.. I holiday six months.. I don't believe in retiring with one job.. So yeah i'm on holiday right now..

Armaan - Is that what you CV says? Looking for part time work? [laughs, but quickly adding]] By the way I'm impressed... i wish i could live like that..

Girl - It's true.. and i'm not ranting about it... Not many people can live like this.. with the constant insecurity of running out of finances... But i can live on love and fresh air.. so i don't really care..

Armaan - most girls don't really have to care.. they can sit at home and do nothing for all they like.. your parents will take care of you, or your boy friend or your husband.. so it's all good i'm guessing..

Girl - Actually i take offense at that statement of yours.. Today's woman is just as pressurized about work, career and money as you men are... I don't live off my parents, or boyfriend or friends for that matter.. i live off me.. i work hard for six months.. save up.. and then holiday.. because i have earned it.. and because very soon i'll be married and i wont have the opportunity to live life on my own terms.. i'll be responsible to another and i can't frolic as and when i want to... I guess i'm making the most of what i have when i have it..

Armaan - Case well presented your highness.. i rest mine.. By the way have you considered becoming a lawyer? If not you should, you're very assertive [laughs] Or maybe you are, you know you work on one or two cases in your six month work break and make tonnes of money, god knows how much lawyers make now a days.. and spend for your holiday with it

Girl - [laughs along] Heyy don't presume you know me.. i'm not what i appear to be.. 

Armaan - Oh and what are you? A serial killer? [sounding very serious]

Girl - I could be [replying in the same manor, but then bursts out into a chuckle]

Armaan - [in the midst of laughing] you know.. you have the most unique laugh..

Girl - I know.. So i've been told...

Armaan - [sighs] Anything you haven't been told yet? so i can make my mark.. there must be something...

Girl - Na... there actually isn't.. i'm the most complimented person i know.. [laughs]

Armaan - And you're the most modest person i know too [sarcastically]

Girl - And and and i love sarcasm... it's a huge turn on...

Armaan - My god.. nothing i say offends or compliments you?

Girl - That's because you're not under my skin...

Armaan - what does it take to get there? [winks]

Girl - for one, you''ll have to stop flirting so blatantly..

Armaan - No can do, that's an occupational hazard too.. [both smile] Ok Forget i said that, tell me 3 things that absolutely irk you..

Girl - That's easy.. one... [after a moments thought] I hate alcohol when it makes an ass of you and when you find it the easiest to point a finger at! if you know what i mean.. i believe.. alcohol should induce a a happy high, and that's what i aim to achieve when i drink...

Armaan - [with a wide grin] you're Probably one of the first women who don't want to get drunk and pass out... what else??

Girl - Two, i despise people who instigate others to smoke or do drugs just to be a part of the "IT" crowd.. personally.. I don't think smoking or doing drugs makes you cool, creative or even relives stress... that doesn't mean i'm not a passive smoker... i have been one all my life..

Armaan - so what stops you then?

Girl - i know someday i want to be a mother.. and i will not screw up my chances trying anything that's risky for my inner organs..

Armaan - you know passive smoking is worse right?

Girl - i know.. but you can't change the world.. you can only hope that others learn by your example..

Armaan - my god.. that was too heavy for me.. [wiping the sweat off his brow]

Girl - oh and lastly.. I can't stand women who willfully abort their babies.. it's the most cruel, inhumane thing to do

Armaan - IF you must do it, then use precautionary measure... I agree, abortion should be a crime that should be punishable man...

Girl - But i  guess with teen pregnancies on the rise, there's not much young girls can do is there? it's a horrible thought to have to give up school and nurse a baby at 15...

Armaan - till their 21, they must all wear chastity belts or something man.. seriously.. if i have a baby girl.. i'm gonna make her wear one..

[both laugh]


[Girls phone rings - yeah i'll be right there.. ]


Girl - It's been fun but i must run now, group photos. [gets up to go]

Armaan holds her by the hand?

Armaan - Before you do, I must say.. this is the first time i've gotten to know so much about someone and spoken so very little about me.. it's usually the other way around...

Girl - What's there to know? You seem like an ordinary guy... [winks] bye.. [runs back to party bare feet with her heels in her hand]

Armaan - I'll see you around..

Armaan - [walking back himself "now that's the first time i haven't been treated like a celebrity"]


[Girl poses for family photos..  and Armaan stands and watches.. his mind doing cartwheels - "She's definitely not what she seems"]

Rahul - Armaan yaar, pehle late aathe ho, phir gayab hote ho, yeh star wali aadatein apne doston ke saath bhi? [smiles] No but seriously thanks so much for making it... Muskaan and her friends are thrilled you made it...

Armaan - I forgot, this is for you and your wife.. a little something.. where is she by the way?

Rahul - Muskaan, [beckons her to him] how come you haven't asked for his autograph huh?

Muskaan - that's because i'm one step ahead of you.. Photograph Armaan?

Armaan - Haan Haan yeh bhi koi poochne ki baath hai? that too with you looking so stunning..

Photographer takes a few pictures wit both her and Rahul with Armaan.

Armaan - congratulations by the way...  Rahul se shaadi karke tumne apne zindagi ka sabse bada mistake kiya... [laughs]

Muskaan - [smiling] Woh to mujhe pata tha.. magar pyar karti hoon is mistake se.. shaadi to karni hi padi...  and thanks for making it, it means a lot.. All the women here are starving to see you.. So good luck...


Anjali - Where were you? I was looking all over for you..

Girl - you shoulda called me... i was talking to him... [points to Armaan, who was busy signing autographs]

Anjali - who's that? he's signing autographs..

Girl - yeah, one the hottest tele actors in town..

Anjali - [eyeing him head to toe] yeah he is hot ya... i'm gonna go get a picture.. can you click one for me?

Girl - sure.. you ask him though...

Anjali - cool


Anjali and the Girl walk to him. He smiles wide seeing the Girl..

Armaan - You want an autograph too?

Girl - me? [laughs] You wish!!

Anjali - Hi i'm the grooms sister Anjali..

Armaan - oh hey... nice to meet you.. He never told me he had a beautiful sister! Rahul that sneak...

Anjali - [throwing attitude] Out of sight, i guess.. i've been in <st1:country-region><st1:country-region w:st="on">Australia</st1:country-region></st1:country-region>.. just got down for the wedding.. I noticed you're famous and shit.. can i get a picture?

Armaan - sure thing... It would be my pleasure actually..


He holds Anjali around the waist... and just before the Girl clicks the photo..


Armaan - why don't you ask someone else to click the picture and come stand this side [points to his right]? That way i'll look like Charlie with his two angels.. 

Girl - I don't think Charlie ever came into the picture.. smile now...


[Both smile... ]

Armaan - I'm going to have to run now.. Are you sure you don't want a picture with me?

Anjali - ya, stand na Ridz, i'll click one..


[Armaan holds out his hand.. ridz lends her hand.. He brings her close turns her around to face the camera and folds his hands over hers and holds her close around her waist.. ]


Armaan - [whispers in her ear, grazing it] Ridz huh?

Ridz - [nervous about his close proximity] just smile...

Anjali - ready?? Okay, and cheese... [camera flash]

Anjali - Wait lemme get a close up...

Ridz - no that will do Anji..

Armaan - Usse lena hai to lene do, what's your problem?


[HE puts his hands on her shoulders, and she puts her hands on her hips.


Anji zooms in for a mid-close up. and clicks.. she hands the cam to Ridz..]

Anjali - Nice meeting you, and thanks for the pictures. Ridz I'm gonna go get some food before all these bhukkads finish it all up... [laughs] you coming?

Ridz - yeah i'm kinda hungry too..


[Anjali walks ahead, Armaan grabs Riddhima's hand, takes out a pen - scribbles something on her palm...]


Ridz - [opposing his writing on her hand] I don't remember asking for your autograph...

Armaan - And I dint give you one, send me the last two okay...

Ridz - [looks at her palm] Wait!!! You just signed yourself a death warrant mister... what if i circulate it around?

Armaan - I would rather just you have the exclusive rights... [winks] I'll be waiting for them...

Ridz - Go go, your girlfriend is "waiting" for you at home.. [waves and smiles]


Armaan gets back home, he's living with his GF Smitha, who is asleep, he changes and tucks himself in bed...

Smitha - Hey [sounding groggy] how was the wedding?

Armaan - it was interesting...

Smitha - met anyone?

Armaan - Na, go to sleep now Smi.. [hugs her tight, but his mind replaying the conversation he had with Ridz that night.. "her name is Ridz?? Get Ridz of Ridz.. hahahahha... that can't possibly be her full name, maybe it's Riddhi, yeah that makes more sense. I usually never have a fun time without Smi around.. today was fun though..." with those thoughts he finally fell into deep sleep... ]






61 days later.. Armaan bumps into Rahul at the gym...


Armaan - finally back from your honey moon huh?

Rahul - yeah Bali was awesome... Muskaan totally enjoyed herself.. Hamare wedding photos aa gaye hai.. aur video bhi.. tera dance hai.. meri cousin ke saath... Sach me yaar you were looking dumbfounded..

Armaan - ["How can i forget, she baffled me completely"] Really? I'm gonna come home once to see it..

Rahul - You must... Bring Smitha too..[after a brief pause] you know I thought we were friends man... How come I've never met her? She as busy as you? I only see her on TV... She's choosing her shows wisely i must say...

Armaan - Tu bhi?? I can't believe you're a saas bahu fan..

Rahul - Teri wajah se to shuru kee thi..

Armaan - Haan Haan blame me... As for you meeting Smitha yeah I'll get you two introduced soon, don't worry..

Rahul - Muskaan and me and a bunch of friends are heading out tonight to bling, bring Smitha and come..

Armaan - yeah if both our shoots wind up early I will..


At the lounge bar "Bling"... Armaan and Smitha meet Rahul Muskaan and their friends... After the formal introductions.. the boys go to the bar to get drinks..

Rahul - two corona's, one bloody mary, two kingfisher pints, one LIT and a pack of marlboro lights please...

Armaan - Dude, smoking and working out are two totally contradictory things.. especially for your body..

Rahul - and drinking isn't? [pauses, looks hard at someone across the bar] What the heck? Riddhima's in town and she didn't tell me?

Armaan - huh? Who?

Rahul - My cousin Riddhima.. She's right there across the bar, see her?

Armaan - Dude she's not your cousin... There wasn't anyone like that at your wedding...

Rahul - Nahin yaar, she is Ridz...

Armaan - ["wait a min, ridz?? No way, not that chick] Your cousin looks totally different.. ["Ridz is equal to Riddhima?? Yeah that makes sense.. the first three initials are the same na? Armaan you dingbat... But she looks so different.. what's she done with her hair? It looks funky"]


Riddhima catches Rahul staring at her.. and her face lights up.. and she comes to Rahul

Ridz - heyyyyy.... big brother.. what's up? [gives him a big hug]

Rahul - What's up ki bacchi... When the heck did you get here? And why didn't you call me?

Ridz - Well I was on my way to [thought she saw armaan, looked back at rahul, squinted back to see if she'd seen right] uuuh [pauses] Rishikesh, to meet Harsh.. We're going backpacking up north...

Rahul - Harsh is in town? That rascal didn't even tell me..

Ridz.. - No no, he's not.. he's meeting me in Shimla..[trying not to look in Armaans direction] I didn't have a direct flight from Goa so i took a train to bombay a day early and i leave tomo afternoon...

Rahul - who you with? If Anji knows you're here then she'll kill you?

Ridz - what she's still here?

Armaan - ["still no acknowledgement, maybe she's forgotten"] Hey.. remember me?

Rahul - oh shoot, sorry Armaan, totally forgot you were here..

Ridz - Yeah but I haven't [smiles wide]

Armaan - Long time no see...

Ridz nods and smiles?

Rahul - You know the others must be waiting, shit we have all the drinks... Ridz, come join us na.. [Rahul goes to collect the drinks..]

Ridz - [to Rahul] i will in a bit...[to Armaan] i'm by the fuss ball table... a match is coming up..

Armaan - You play fuss ball?

Ridz - I can if my life depended on it..

Armaan - Not one straight answer huh?

Ridz - None.. [smiles]

Rahul - [returning with a tray full, Armaan takes the beer from him] Don't forget to stop by okay.. Muskaan will be stoked to see you..

Ridz - I'll come..

Armaan turns and with his bottle says ? Cheers

Ridz ? [smiles wide] Cheers


Back at the table... Muskaan and smitha are busy talking..

Smitha - were you guys making the drinks yourselves?

Muskaan - they must have been chatting up some hot women.. Rahul, sorry to break it to you, but you're married now.. [laughs]

Rahul - i actually was chatting up a hot woman.. her name is Riddhima..

Muskaan - Riddhima, that's strange.. you're cousin Riddhima's hot too.. [pauses, thinking] Oh shoot, she's here? Where? And she didn't come to say hi?

Rahul - she would have but she had a fuss ball match to play..

Muskaan - Smitha, you have to meet Rahul's cousin Riddhima.. she's quite a specimen.. her fundas on life are totally beyond me..

Rahul - The thing is, she doesn't give a rats ass about society... she's like the 21st century hippy.. and yet most of the time she's dead sober..

Smitha - that's weird. hippy's are always high.. on something or the other..

Armaan - not this chick.. she's like high on life man..

Smitha - you know her? How come you dint mention her before?

Armaan - I dint think it was important.. I used to think you were the high on life kinds.. but this woman takes it to another level..

Muskaan - If given a chance she would be the spokesperson for an anti drug, anti smoking and anti abortion campaign all rolled in one..

Rahul - the thing is, there are many like her, but what sets her apart is her image.. she dresses like a hippy with her psychadelic prints and wild hair and listens to rave music and dances with her mane flowing all over and yet she'll sip on one or max two drinks the whole night and be dead sober to carry you home...

Smitha - wow, where is she?

Armaan - probably playing her fuss ball match.. [looking in the direction of the fuss ball table]


 Back at the fussball table


Ridz - [irritated] Chal theek hai, tu jeeth gaya toh kya hua.. abhi ek aur game baaki hai ["saala jeeth gaya phir se, my bloody luck just gets better, it was perfectly fine before i saw him, what the heck is he doing here?"]


Armaan - you're probably cursing me in your head right now...


[standing beside her at the fussball table]


Ridz - Huh, you? [frazzled] uuuh, no.. i was cursing my luck.. and my bad hand eye co-ordination... [fake smiles] Why would i curse you?

Armaan - Because my charming good looks have distracted you.. [laughs] Wanna change partners? it's not too late, you know, you can win with me, my hand eye co-ordination is damn good..

Ridz - A - it's against the rules.. and B - i'd rather lose gracefully than win with you..

Armaan - [looks down at ridz feet]

Ridz - [looks down at her feet]

Armaan - Did i step on your toes for you to be so mad at me?

Ridz - I'm not mad at you? Why would i be mad at you?

Armaan - I don't know, i'm asking you.. Why are you mad at me? or wait are you mad at someone else and you're taking it out on me?

Ridz - I'm mad at him [pointing at her opponent] for making me lose..

Armaan - You're such a sore loser... Riddhima... [smiling at her irritated face]


Moving away from the table..


Ridz - I know.. [smiles] by the way I liked mysterious girl better..

Armaan - Ridz is nice.. Waaait a minute... I know why you're mad at me..

Ridz - I'm not mad at yoooou.. stop saying that..

Armaan - It's because  i know so much about you right?

Ridz - errrr.. so much?

Armaan - Yeah like i know your name, I know you live at the Castellanos in Goa every time you're on your six month holiday and I know you're busy singing for a band there, to make a buck or two... and during your six month work break, You work in different call centres...

Ridz - [embarrassed] I suddenly feel so naked.. so exposed.. [laughs] my cousin sure likes to brag about me...

Armaan - that's only because there's one of you... [with utmost seriousness]

Ridz - You're right about that one.. Look if you don't go back to your table, your girlfriends gonna send a search and rescue team out for you...

Armaan - So when you stopping by the table?

Ridz - When you leaving?

Armaan - Seriously.. did i do anything to offend you?

Ridz - No, like i told you before you're not under my skin.. [raises her eyebrows]

Armaan - so why you behaving like i am then?

Ridz - [smiles] okay. my bad. i just hate losing.. i gotta run,.. another game coming up..

Armaan - How many you lost already?

Ridz - three out of five...

Armaan - Are you positive you don't want me? [winks]

Ridz - [full smile] Yeah that's a negative..


Back at the table..  the boys are talking about WWE!

Armaan - Wrestlemania 15 is coming up.. I think John Cena's going to crack everyone this time man..

Rahul - No way.. Triple H is back.. plus this time's matches are going to be killer.. with the underground death threat and the bucket smash...

Armaan - Oh dude i can't wait to watch Tory Hilson..

Rahul - The hottest according to me was that chick who used to leech with matt and jeff hardy,.. what's her name?

Ridz - Lita i think..

Rahul - Yeah, that's her...[realizing it was Ridz who answered] Heyy look who's here.. Ridz meet my friends.. [formal introductions]

Muskaan - Hey stranger... don't bother calling anymore huh..

Ridz - I was going to.. but after coming back from my trip.. [both hug]

Muskaan - where you two off two this time?

Ridz - Harsh and me always wanted to do Rishikesh.. So we start off there and backpack due north..

Smitha - I've always wanted to go to Rishikesh.. it's got the best river rafting right?

Ridz - Absolutely.. If you want, after i get back i can give you all the details so you and Armaan can go..

Smitha - Oh would you? that would be great..

Armaan - so how are your fussball matches going [looking directly in the eye]

Ridz - I won three [with a big smile] and lost three [with a big smile agian]

Smitha - you win some, you lose some.. atleast you evened the score.. Cheers to that [raises her glass and drinks to her]

Ridz - [does the same] yeah but i absolutely hate losing, my boyfriend says i'm the worst person to ever play any game with..

Rahul - which is why i sympathize with Harsh. he's too good for you..

Ridz - Oh shut up, any man who has me is lucky as hell..  he has free entertainment for life.. [everyone at the table laughs]

Armaan - amen to that..

Ridz - You know [looking at her watch] if i don't go now, Harsh is gonna be river rafting alone..

Everyone at the table laughs

Ridz - Chal i'm outta here... Rahul i'll call you when i get back.. and Muskaan, i promise we'll catch up more then okay? Smitha really nice to meet you.. and Armaan, nice to meet you.. again.. bye you guys... [walks off to the bar to clear her tab]

Ridz - ["She seems nice"]

Smitha - ["She seems nice"]

Armaan - ["She seemed really nice"]



At the bar paying her tab.. she turns to go and Ridz comes face to face with Armaan leaving very little gap between her and him.. with her back toward the bar counter and her front facing Armaan. Looking up to him.. He takes her by the hand...


Ridz - No seriously, who says you get to drag me around huh?

Armaan - Weirdly, i feel at most ease around you.. it's like i've known you forever.. So hence i feel like i can drag you around.. [smugly]

Ridz - Where are you taking me? The exit is the other way...

Armaan - You can't leave without losing a fuss ball match to me..

Ridz - WHAT? You want me to feed your male ego? [enraged]

Armaan - Yes please [batting his eyelids]

Ridz - [laughs] Fine, i'll give you what you want.. One goal win okay.. I gotta go after that..

Armaan - Done..


At the table.. Each plays his own.. No partners.. Ridz gets the ball, she passes in between Armaan's men, Loses the ball, Armaan gets it.. Armaan moves the ball past ridz men and to the goal post when Ridz raises her defending players and makes it a easy for Armaan to score.. and he scores!!!


Armaan - Heyyy, that's not fair.. I demand a re-match..

Ridz - Why because you won?

Armaan - You let me win..

Ridz - I did what you wanted, i fed your ego.. You won.. Hurrayy... Congratulations Armaan.. [fake smiles] Bye now..

Armaan - I'm bringing you back here, and we're playing a full on match once.. whether you like it or not..

Ridz - You really have a lot of time on your hands dont you?

Armaan - Not really, but i always have time for my friends..

Ridz - Friends - I'm sorry did you just call me a friend?

Armaan - [looking skeptical] uuuh yeah..

Ridz - [sarcastically] OMG i gotta tell the whole world that Armaan Mallik is a friend of mine..

Armaan - You know, if you do, you'll be a celebrity too..

Ridz - i can be a celebrity even without your help kind sir.. But.. I'd never want to be you.. I hate your life.. always being stalked, chased, made to look bigger than you truly are.. You're just another human being doing your job, and the reason you get paid is because fools out there want to let go of their active minds and become passive zombies watching you do your job..

Armaan - [jokingly] does that mean you're a fool too?

Ridz - Yeah when i feel like being one...

Armaan - Are you truly this fickle? or are you playing this fickle?

Ridz - I am truly this fickle..

Armaan - It's funny because i feel like you're flirting with me, and at the same time throwing shit loads of attitude at me.. Once you're nice, and then you're blatantly rude.. Some childhood problem kya?

Ridz - [laughs] Aur nahin to kya? Truthfully speaking though.. I'm like this only.. Neither here nor there, but somehow everywhere...

Armaan - Why does every stupid thing you say have to make sense ya...

Ridz - It actually doesn't.. I'm going now.. Don't waste my time.

Armaan - [laughs aloud] and you don't think i've forgotten our rematch.. you can confuse me with your musings of my life and being fickle and all that, but i still remember woman..

Ridz - If we ever meet again, sure you're on... [waves]

Armaan - ["Oh we will meet again, just you wait and watch"] [waves back]


End of CHAPTER 2





18 days later, at Rahul and Muskaan's place


Harsh - you shoulda seen Ridzie go man, we were in Rishikesh for three days and even i was scared to do the advanced levels, but no, not this woman.. She called me a wuss because i decided to sit back and enjoy seeing her ass get whooped..

Ridz - By the way Harsh admits he's a wuss ah.. And River rafting was so much fun.. You?ll never know what you missed Harsh.. Sigh

Muskaan - I don't think i'm that brave.

Rahul - Brave, [laughs] you wont even sit on a giant wheel, brave it seems.. you're such a scaredy cat..

Ridz - seriously Muski, you don't go on fun rides?

Muskaan - Nope, i'm really scared, like really really scared.. How do you think i met Rahul..

Ridz - How did you two meet? everyone's heard the story but us..

Muskaan - I was literally handcuffed by my friends who no longer remained friends after that, but anyways i was forced to go on this rollercoaster ride and when i got out my head was swimming and i knew i was going to throw up.. We were walking out and Rahul and his friends were walking in and i couldn't keep it inside me so i threw up on his shoes.. [everyone makes a yucky face]

Rahul - I know, even after all that i still married her.. But luckily those shoes were old, all worn out.. i took that as a sign to buy new ones.. and I silently thanked her even [laughs]

Muskaan - Stop interrupting my story telling Rahul, [sticking her tongue out at him] so thats where we first met.. and then weirdly it's as if fate wanted us to be with each other.. we used to bump into each other at the same clubs, i even remember walking into him when he was getting out of the male loo and i was getting into the female..

Rahul - [laughs aloud] that was the funniest man, I can never forget the look on your face.. and you know Harsh I never even spoke to the woman beat that, i would see her everywhere but i didn't have the nerve to speak to her..

Harsh - Yaar tu toh bahut slow nikla.. shaadi tak kaise pahoonche phir?

Muskaan - mujhe pooch, after seeing him practically everywhere i knew i had to find out about him, so i did some jaasoos work and found out everything about him, and when i finally got his number i called him, and asked him out.. Turns out we hit it off and now we're here, married to each other.. If it wasn't for me, this wuss would not have made the first move [loud whistle interrupts the conversation] Looks like the chicken's done.. I'll be right back..

Ridz - Let me help..

Rahul - Harsh, can i make you another drink?

Harsh - Ya sure why not.. Hum to tere ghar mein hi sone wale hai aaj..

Rahul - I've always wanted to ask you Tera kya haal hai yaar? Pooch kab raha hai usse?

HArsh - She needs more time, to settle down.. i mean she's so full of life now, i feel if she got married right now i'll be holding her back..

Rahul - What if she never wants to settle down?

Harsh - then we'll stay like this forever.. But seriously i hope she does someday...

Rahul - you're a hopeless romantic.. [shakes his head in dismay]


Bell rings.. Rahul opens the door.. Armaan stands outside with bouquet of flowers..

Rahul - Are you sure you're at the right house?

Armaan - They're for your wife fool..

Rahul - Awww.. i thought they were for me.. [laughs, they both hug each other]

i really din't think you'd make it.. Smitha nahin aayi?

Armaan - Na she couldn't, her shoot is still on.. Where's wifey?

Rahul - In the kitchen..

Armaan - I'm gonna go give it to her...


goes to the kitchen..

Armaan - Hello ladies..

Muskaan - Armaan you made it..

Ridz [is staring dumb founded, with her jaw open] - What are you doing here?

Muskaan - Rahul ne usse invite kiya hai Ridzie..

Armaan - [smiling wide] Haan Ridzie..


At the door of the kitchen


Rahul - Harsh meet my buddy Armaan

Harsh - Hi nice to... [pauses] i feel like i've seen you somewhere, [pauses, thinking] OMG, you're the same tv guy Armaan, my girlfriend never misses your shows man, she'll download it and watch it over and over, collect all your articles and you know you're even her wallpaper on her laptop man.. Good thing i'm not the insecure kinds because i know she'll be thrilled to meet you... [pokes his head in the kitchen] Ridzie, you're so called greek god is here...

Riddhima [looking like she was ready to faint "OH MY GOD! This can not be happening, somebody pinch me, no slap me, real hard.. Harsh did not just say what i heard him say to Armaan!!"] - i know, i've met him... [literally choking]

Harsh - I'm surprised she's not jumping all over and doing cartwheels and shit man...

Armaan - [pokes his head through the door, staring at Ridz's flabbergasted face] me too man..

Ridz - [putting on a brave face "this IDIOT Harsh, i can't believe he blurted out all that.. shit shit shit, my worst nightmare has just come true. The man of my dreams meets the man in my life and now all my attitude has gone down the toilet.. damn it, i'm going to have to do some damage control, think Ridzie think... "]

Armaan - ["Well what do you know, she's a fan, hahahahahhahaha, she's a bigggggggg fan... I'm her greek god.. WOW, she totally loves me, i wish i could dance right now, Harsh my man, you have totally made my day.. I want to hug you, but that would seem totally wrong, Armaan stop smiling, stop it, you look like an idiot"]

Ridz - [comes out of the kitchen] Please Armaan wipe that smug expression off your face.. I'm not a fan of YOU, i'm a fan of Karan, the character you play.. and besides.. after meeting him Harsh, he's not all that.. all my greek god impressions of him were flushed down the toilet when i saw the man dance... So you can be rest assured he's a mere mortal now..

Armaan - ["You can say whatever you want Ridzieeee.. i don't care, and you're not gonna pull the ground off my feet this time.. All your excuses sound lame now"] Why that's what i am Ridzie.. a mere mortal and not a greek god.. [sly smile]

Ridz - ["i feel like throwing the food on his smug face.. look at him all happy... Harsh, i'm gonna kill Armaan, i'm gonna kill you... this is so embarrassing.. what to doooo? Aah"] Foods almost ready [runs back inside the kitchen]

Muskaan - So nice na of Armaan to come over.. He's not like every other star, so down to earth.. good thing Rahul told him you guys were coming over, i actually cooked some good food.

Ridz - ["I think i should kill Rahul now, but bechari Muskaan ka kya hoga... Mera sab kia kirae par pani pher diya harsh ne.. All this while Armaan was thinking that I didn't give a rats ass about him and now he knows i'm such a big fan... this is so not good..] I'll start taking the food to the table..

Armaan - Here let me help [grazes her fingers while taking the dish]

Ridz - [refusing to look him in the eye] Thanks


She goes back in and Muskaan goes out with another bowl, Armaan follows Ridz to the kitchen

Armaan - Your greek god at your service mam... [salutes her]

Ridz - Greek god my ass... [still not looking at him]

Armaan - which is quite nice might i add

Ridz - huh? [turns to look at him]

Armaan - your ass baba [points to her ass with his eyes]

Ridz - [ignoring his comment] Here [handing him a hotbox] take this and go, that's all there is to bring.. [refusing to look at him]

Armaan - Aye Aye mam.. [walks out of the kitchen obdiently]

Ridz - [her eyeballs are literally bulging "Till now I've put up this false bravado that he's just another guy, after today, things will never be the same again.. [biting her nails] I think I'm gonna hide in the bathroom till he leaves..."]


At the table..

Everyone's serving themselves.

Harsh - Yaar Muskaan, the food smells awesome..

Rahul - I swear it tastes awesome too, you've tried out something new no?

Muskaan - Yeah this thing i saw on TV..

Ridz - yeah, this crunchy thing in the paneer totally livens the curry ya..

Mukaan - Crunchy thing? What crunchy thing?

Ridz - this, bread crumbs..

Muskaan - Oh my god, Ridzie that was for the salad.. i told you to add it to the salad just before serving it.. Dhyaan kahan tha tumhara?


The boys laugh


Armaan - Haan Ridzie dhyaan kahan tha tumhara? [staring at Ridz's face]


Ridz looking at her plate, eating away..


Harsh - I think you did the right thing by adding it in this though Ridz.. the curry tastes completely different..

Rahul - Ridz you don't cook?

HArsh - you should eat the food she cooks, you'll never forget it..

Armaan - So when are you inviting me for food?  [lifting his eyes from his plate  only to look at her]

Harsh - Ridz, your dream lover is asking you invite him for food, when you gonna cook? [laughing himself]

Armaan choking on his drink, smiles

Ridz - ["ok so i want to drown in this drink, err better still, can i just shrink into a fly so you can swat me and kill me harsh... this man, is embarrassing me to new heights"] Harsh, you're my only dream lover sweets, and my amazing food is only for you. And Rahul i really think you should stop pouring him any more alcohol..


Everyone at the table was quiet for a few.. looking at Ridz's sudden outburst..


Harsh - okay, i'm done, thanks for the fabulous meal Muskaan, but Armaan and me have a match to continue..  Hurry up ya Armaan i'm waiting for you in the den... [gets up to go] Excuse me people

Armaan - I'll be there in a bit okay..

Rahul - Ridz you're a little to harsh with Harsh ya.. poor guy was telling the truth about your lover boy fantasies wasn't he? [laughs uncontrollably, hits the table with his fist]

Armaan and Muskaan are also laughing like mad..

Ridz - [super irritated] Whatever i say now is only going to add to your great indian laughter challenge marathon, So i'll keep mum.. and just say, I have much better men to have lover boy fantasies than this playboy sitting right in front of me..

Armaan - It's okay you know, to admit i'm in your fantasy...

Ridz - Oh get over it, your jokes gotten stale already..


Still laughing Rahul and Muskaan get up from the table with their plates..


Armaan - You should stand in front of the mirror when you're angry..

Ridz - No thank you! [yelling]

Armaan - Why you so cute man? [smiles adorably, and then hangs in head down]

Ridz - [Holding a knife close to him] Don't you dare call me cute.. I hate cute..

Fine man, i give up. So i was a fan, a big fan, but then i met you and the bubble broke, because you're not all that..

Armaan - [still laughing] its okay, you dont have to justify it to me.. I can understand that you're insanely attracted to me.. it explains why you're still here sitting on the table having this argument with me, when the food has been taken away and you're hands are still dirty..

Ridz - I'm done talking to you.. [storms off]

Armaan - ["Why the hell am i so happy? It feels like i cracked this huge complicated

puzzle but the prize goes to Harsh man, i'm so glad i met him, I bet the guy is gonna suffer for his verbal diarrehea... that's why she acts so tough and defensive all the time.. it's because she really likes me on the inside but hates to admit it.. i wonder why... i must find out"]


Armaan moves to the den to play a game on the PS2 with Harsh, but he's fallen asleep on the couch. Armaan calls Rahul.


Armaan - I'll help you take him inside... [they carry him to the bed room, and dump him on the bed]

Ridz - Thanks

Armaan - Your lover boy at your service mam

Ridz winces

Armaan - Rahul, i wanna watch the wedding video yaar, and where are the pictures?

Muskaan - wait lemme get them, Rahul put the dvd in..


Only Armaan and Riddhima are in the den..

Armaan [softly]- You know i came tonight just to see the wedding video..

Ridz - why because you made a fool of yourself dancing with me? Don't worry i wont put that video on youtube..

Armaan - Why do you get so defensive about everything i say? Looks like i've finally gotten under your skin.. [raises his collar and his eye brows]

Ridz - Whatever, you do remember you have a girlfriend don't you? I wonder how she tolerates this flirtatious habit of yours?

Armaan - Wow, you think i'm flirting with you? You really think i would flirt with you?


They're interrupted by Muskaan and Rahul who come in with the photographs and

the wedding video.. they begin to watch the video, after a while they get to the part where Ridz and Armaan are dancing..

Armaan - Hey i was not that bad okay

Rahul - No you weren't, you were horrible..

Ridz - Yeah i thought so too..

Armaan - hey you keep quiet, let me wallow in self pity atleast

Muskaan - Don't worry Armaan, i thought you were decent..

Armaan - Today I Thank god for Muskaan...

Muskaan - Chal you two watch the video and Armaan let yourself out if you don't mind.. the door shuts automatically..

Rahul - Kaam pe nahin jaana kya tujhe?

Armaan - Jaana hain na. You guys thanks for dinner and have a good night..

Rahul - Chal bye, gym pe milthe hain... Goodnight

Muskaan - Good night you two

In unision Armaan and Riddhima - Goodnight..


Riddhima - ["Ridzie you better get out of here. He's gonna take your ass some more, and god knows what else you'll tell him. You can't seem to shut up.. get out, get out now]


Once Rahul and Muskaan were out of the picture..


Ridz gets up to go - Good night Armaan.. [walks to the main door and opens it]

Armaan - So you didn't answer my question..

Ridz - It's too late in the night and I don't have time for your questions..

Armaan - One last one.. I promise.. [comes and holds the open door, leaning against it] Do you really think I'm flirting with you?

Ridz stands gaping at his serious face and then replies - Actually you're not. My mistake for assuming you were.. [trying to get out of the situation quick]

Armaan - Wrong answer. You're full of shit you know... I can see through and through your tough exterior [walks towards her and stands outside the open door]

Ridz - You know any other day i would argue with you and prove you wrong, but today i'm not in a mood to, so yeah i'm full of shit.. i agree

Armaan - You're treating me like i'm the plague. Why may i ask? When it's evident you have the hots for me...

Ridz - Your one question is over. I am not indebted to answer anymore. Why the hell are you so bent on figuring me out?

Armaan - [standing at the door, takes a step closer to her and pins her between the door post and himself] Because you're so difficult to figure out.. and that's exciting as hell..

Ridz - [Not looking him in the eye] Well, just like you, i'm not all that..

Armaan - [lifts her chin with his finger, forcing her to look him in the eye] No Riddhima, YOU ARE! [smiles and walks off]


Riddhima lost in thoughts just before going to bed - ["Why oh why did i have to talk to him at Rahul's wedding? Me and my big mouth. Look at the mess now. I can't meet him again, EVER"]


Armaan smiling as he was driving back - ["She's big fan, but she behaves like she hates me!! What's the deal? I hope i meet her again, and soon"]

End of Chapter THREE

PS: A note to all the oldies, Thanks for hanging in there with me... Updating it all on the first page is proving to be quite troublesome, with all the application errors that keep popping up, So if you wanna know what happens next then please bounce along to Page 30 PS: A Note to all the new readers, Thanks first of all for reading my lil' FF.. I hope you enjoyed the ride so far... More stored for you on Page 30
Muchos Gracias...

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