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RK FC"The golden Jubilee Blast" (Page 2)

Bluefalls IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 March 2007
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Posted: 19 July 2008 at 4:14am | IP Logged

Msg from Kiran diiii

Hello Cheenikum members


What a grand event it is for which i m giving this msg...don't know from where i should start ..let me collect my old memories and if i m not wrong in 2006 june or july me nram and swapna (sweet n cute)  we had a good time discussing Rajeev specially nram really worked hard on it but when we were about to finish our FC was closed because before us kiran another our dear friend from kthf already opened rkfc before us so this had to be closed and we 3 were quiet annoyed and frustated and later we stopped comming there..then all our focus was shifted to Raj TV projects like TB, DYND and lastly LRL..i used to spend time in those respective forums...then once i got a PM from someone i forgot the name to come back to rkfc at that time it was 11 FC or 12th .I joined back and to my utter surprise I was told that certain members have their monoply and they were not letting other members opening FC ..moreover there were catfights b/w members on Raj as who owns him ..we the old members and new members were like spectators ..then suddenly we all decided why not bring discipline in this FC and activate it in such a manner that every member becomes responsible as this FC was the target of Moderators who every now or then visited this FC for the warning ..so we all together made RKFC teams and imposed our own certain rules ... I remember it was a very tough and hard task ..maintaing peace among members, discussion in a free environment, searching rajeevians and bringing them here, fighting Raj's prestige, ending certain members monoply and allowing every member to open FC and lastly saving FC from Mods warnings...our activities were appreciated by most and since 17 FC we were successful in achieving the targets though ups and downs, small fights, misconfusions did accured but its part of life when u live under one roof fight na ho aesa ho hi nahi saktha  .      


Lets move forward haan jee to i was telling about the teams at this point let me use this best opportunity to thank few people who supported me and remained besides me through out my journey of rkfc these are nram, swapna, nidhi, saheli, preeti, ritika, ranju, suri, vandu, somya, souma, Naz, zee bee, nida, neha, ammu, anum, ana, kanak, nadi, minee, fatima, sam, prerna and new list of people like Pihu, hina, aarthi, rabi and the list goes and goes on..love u all for this (hug)


Now before i sign out let me say something for a very special person who is responsible for my presence here he is non other than Rajeev Khandelwal.. He is a person who has not only admired me as an actor but also as a person ..words will be too less for me to express my respect and gratitude for him but still i will end my msg with a poem dedicated to him from a sister

You are a Brother
That truly shines
Bright as a star
In the darkest of times


Knowing you're my Brother
Makes me so proud
You would stand out
In any crowd

You my dear Brother
I truly love
You're as bright as the stars
That shine above

All the best of luck for ur upcomming comming projects 

God Bless u always



Lastly i request all of u to also share ur moments from rkfc with us any dedication, any msg for membershere please write(i will be doing to soon) ..it will be fun reading all this ..please be quick we all r waiting for u and ur thoughts i request all the members ..in my upcomming posts i will discuss about my journey to RKFC even in more detail ..however till then Take care and lets rock and roll this FC and make it a memorable one. 



Urs Kiran didi


Msg From Preeti diii(CINDRELLA)

my journey at the RK FC has been smooth and sweeet
it was like Essel World Ride where have gone through all the rides
some were scare but some were fun filled and went through them again n again

this has become like a family
My Home
where i come at the end of the day and when i miss coming home, i find my home shatteredConfused as ppl here run with jet speed

actually inke lingo mein its Rajeev ka Pyar that makes them run in jet speedLOL

Most krazzzzy times here were when me, kiran dii, nids saheli, neha, nida, amms and others used to chat abt Rajeev for hrs nhrs
ohhh what days and nishant used to join us
miss them so muchEmbarrassed

I've met many ppl here and made frnds, some cute little sisters, some children
all has been a real good journey and i hope this journey goes the same wayEmbarrassed

just want all to b happy and togethere
this is my only wish to members here



Msg from Zee diiii(farislove)

RK FC is one of the closest place to my heart in IF, not only coz of being me a very big fan of Rajeev Khandelwal, but coz of I had been there almost since the very first FC of RK, how it feel to see ur baby grow up, it's actually how I feel right now, almost all of the people today in RK FC were not at the begin, I experianced alots of things, I remember how me, NG and deeeja used to discuss alots of things related to Rajeev, his show, articles, link-ups, etc.........

It has been a wonderful journey, I got to know many people and most of them my friends now and we really have a wonderful relationship, it feels nice to see Rajeev's fans or ''Rajeevians'' as well call them as a one family, united to support Rajeev in happiness and sadness, God forbidden, INSHALLAH no sadness at all!!!!!!!......

IF it self has become very important to me, has a very wonderful part in my life, I never knew that people in the net would play a very important role in my life, I am happy to be member of this FC, I might be one of the eldest, but not old with grey hair,,lolzz, I am happy to know all of u, I wish that our friendship lasts forever INSHALLAH......

Love u all.......

Zee Embarrassed


Msg From Suri(sun_423)

My Journey with RKFC...Tongue

RKFC , today has reached half century & i'am sure there is many more to come.... SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile my  journey with RKFC started because i  love Rajeev Khandelwal..hum sabki  yahiin baat hai..we all landed up in the RKFC as we all love Rajeev Khandelwal... i even came to India-Forums searching for something related to Rajeev.. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed My journey with the RKFC has been very pleasant... i always enjoy when i'am at the FC..  i already had friend's in the Forums but the RKFC has brought me closer to all my friends.... my life changed after joining the RKFC...  i loved being there.. i spend most of my time at the RKFC ,  either discussing some topic or making something creative for the RKFC.. i always enjoyed doing things , making things for Rajeev & the RKFC.... StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar   
yeh FC aisa tha kii yahaan people laughed , smiled & cried with each other... yahaan RKFC mein kabhi kabhi warning bhi milthi thi mods se lekin phir uske baad hum sab sambhalthe aur FC ko phir se active banathe... i remember jab bhi main ym main apne FC ke doston se baat karthi thi tho ya tho main kehthi kii "chal RKFC ko bhagathe hai.." kabhi main kehthi tho kabhi mere dost kehthe..... aur hamesha hum sab ready hothe the FC, mein aane ko aur kuch mazadaar karne ko...  i visit many sections in the India-Forums , lekin jitna mazaa mujhko RKFC mein aatha hai utna mazaa mujhe aur kissi section mein nahii aatha...StarBig%20smileTongueSmile
StarBig%20smileTongueSmileStarBig%20smileTongueSmileStarBig%20smileTongueSmileStarBig%20smileTongueSmileStarBig%20smileTongueSmileStarBig%20smileTongueSmileStarBig%20smileTongueSmileStarBig%20smileTongueSmileStarBig%20smileTongueSmileStarBig%20smileTongueSmileStarBig%20smileTongueSmileStarBig%20smileTongueSmileStarBig%20smileTongueSmileStarBig%20smileTongueSmileStarBig%20smileTongueSmileStarBig%20smileTongueSmileStarBig%20smileTongueSmile Rajeev Khandelwal is the main reason kyun main yahaan hoon... my mom first saw Rajeev in "Kya Hadsa Kya Haqueeqat" aur mere mom ne Rajeev ko dekh kar kaha kii yeh actor bada achcha hai...  phir  i saw Sujal.. i always loved Rajeev as Sujal , lekin i got attached to Rajeev tab sabse zyada when i learnt kii Rajeev KTH chod raha hai...lekin uske baad there was no turning back what ever Rajeev did i supported him... patah nahii kyun , kaise , kab i got emotionally attached to Rajeev & to the RKFC... RKFC mein rehkar maine bohat kuch sikha...FC mein hii i have seen many people too jinko Rajeev kii risk taking attitude pasand nahii aathi... lekin main kehthi hoon risk bina zindagi ka mazaa kya...RKFC is one place where i can relax... koi tension nahii , kuch nahii... bas araam.... i seriously love being at this place... jab bhii free time miltha hai main idhar hii ghoomthi hoon... i was given the opportunity to open the RKFC twice... i have opened the 23rd RKFC & the 49th RKFC.. tab mujhe bohat khushi hui thi kii,that i could express my love for Rajeev by creating it... i was happy kii people had found me worth it & had belief in me kii i'll do a good job.....CoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCool jab mujhko RKFC CREATIVE TEAM,mein chuna gaya tha tab it gave me immense pleasure... aur uske baad i always wanted to do something creative , something different for the FC..  i'am sure RKFC has many many and many more to come.. and i can promise all of you kii main hamesha Rajeev kii fan , uski supporter rahoongi and you will always find me chilling-out at the RKFC... hum sab hai kyunke , hum sabko Rajeev Khandelwal se pyaar hai... aur yeh pyaar kabhi kum nahii hoga... long live Rajeev Khandelwal.... RKFC Rocks... i'am proud to be associated with the RKFC , i'am proud to be a "RAJEEVIAN..." Big%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smileBig%20smile
"Har dil se nikle yahii dua...Tum jeeyo hazaro saal...Happy Birthday RKFC..."Thumbs%20Up           



Msg from nida diii(rajeevthegr88)

well RKFC is very close to my heart..it is indeed very special....mujhe FC mein time spend karna bohat zyada pasand hai.coz yeh woh place hai jaha har taraf mein Raj ko mehsus krte hu..... RK FC is indeed rightlyy titled as myy second home!!!!This FC givss u a feeling tat u r being lovdd also like RKThis FC is reallyy an amazing world!!!!really a place were u will njoy loadss!!!!A place where onlyy happiness rules!!! I wana Say RK FC is always 1st for me'Bcoz our Rajeev is here and we all are true Rajeevians'so this place is always 1st for us'Embarrassed Embarrassed

This was all possible onlyy cozz all f uss hvv got a common love *Rajeev Khandelwal*
Mujhe ais  iss FC mein mrs rajeeev khandewal ka auda mila. kiran dii preeti dii nidhi minnee jaise nanade mili sab
se bahr kar jb mujhe miss Rajeev deewani ka award milEmbarrassed

rk fc ke journey buhat hi khas journey rahe hai  mere liye every
moments i spend wid my frnds n my hubby Raj is special for me..The best place in da world for me is Rk fc
.koi Rajeev ke liye crazy ...bas ek common cheese ye hai u all love him and admire him..Rajeev will be very proud ki unke paar har tarha ki fan hai
What can I say more about this wonderful humanbeing!!!!....

No words to express.... Embarrassed

I wish Rajeev a great and sucessful journey on his career and his private life as well, may Allah gives him all happiness, sucess, love from everyone, pleasent surprises and may Allah protect him and save him from any difficulty in life....Hug


Mrs Nida Rajeev Khandelwal


Msg from nram

I have been member of RK FC since FC#1...Being a member since the first FC, I have been able to witness first hand the ups and downs RKFC has faced throughout its journey towards Golden Jubilee FC...There have been moments of significant joy, fun, laughter, enjoyment, friendships and many more as well as moments of arguments and some even serious fights but remains true is the persistance of all Rajeevians desire for the best for our one and only Rajeev Khandelwal...This FC is where i have made most of my IF friends...I dont have words to explain my happiness at seeing this fantastic FC reaching such a milestone...I wish and pray for this FC to keep growing in stature as well as numbers...Members come and go but RajeevKhandelwalFanClub will forever more leave a lasting impression in each and every Rajeevians heart which will help this FC to continue its growth...
A heartfelt congratulations and Thank You to each and every member of RKFC since FC#1 for their contributions in taking RKFC to this heights...HugHugHug


Msg From Ranjitha

Ahhh can't believe kii this is 50th FC running hehehe
Can't really remember when exactly I joined this FC but just remember kii I was accepted on the very best day and I got a group of ossome frens like Zee Dii(although quite known b4), Preethi dii, Rabi, Preru, Vandu and nidhi the very next Day!!!!

I always think kii RK FC would have never been a HIT if it was filled with just members, and the reason for this being one of the most popular FC of IF is it's filled with whole lot of frens who can sit all thru the night just to make sure that their friend is doing nothing wrong in opening the next FC , who discuss thru 100 confos to make sure they n their frens are left with no trouble that can hit a warning on them!! HATS OFF to RAJEEVIANS

In these two yrs I've spent max time in this FC!!! I've njoyed sooooooo much here--remeber my punishments??ehehehe and I've really taken a durga avtaar while fighting for Rajeev and his heroins hahahaha

But seriously at the end of the day we all R Rajeevians who leave no stone unturned in making Raj get what he deserves and be with him 24*7 thru thick n thin and I'm proud to be a part of  this ossome world filled with ossome ppl!!!!!!!!!!!
The BIGGEST favour RK FC has done on me is that it has given me a bunch of close ossome friends like Suri, Vandu , , Souma  and sisters like Zee dii, Preethi Dii, Choti(saheli), Rabi, Varshu...........the list is endless hehehe

At this moment of Glory I just wanna thnk all of U for making me a part of this HUGEEEEEEEE house and I just wish n hope kii this familt grows bigger n better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Msg from Vaishu

Rajeev FC is my 2nd home in which i had found many Best friends over here.So far my journey to Rajeev FC is awesome.ClapClapClapWe are running Rajeev's  fc like Rajdhani express LOLWink


Well, This FC is very precious for me as we are celebrating the Golden Jubilee of this FCClapBig smile I am sure that rajeev's FC will break all previous records.'.


So Keep Rocking Rajeev's fc & be ready for further celebration of Platinum & Diamond Jubilee very soon in near futureEmbarrassedCheers!!!



Msg from Sunaina
For all Rajeevians

Rajeev Khandelwal
A name that send waves through the net
And creates havoc in the hearts of million of girls
Like volcanic eruption
Letting the lava of love and admiration flow
Leaving the young ladies dreaming and drooling
All day long
Till their Mom, Dad or bro come up and say
"Stop dreaming girls, your school beckons you"
They gather their books up and reach for their colleges
But  not without a peep into India Forum and Fan club
Leaving a quick message or a photo
And lots of love.
And as they come  back ,
The  books are thrown aside
Ignoring Mummys' calls for meal 
Run  straight to the PC or laptop
Any news?
Any new film ?
Any new girl?
The questions keep popping up
And this goes on day after day
Night after night
Till more important milestones of life
Like university, work or marriage
Snatches them away from this  dream-world
But , alas ! The dream is persistent
It lingers on through graduation, promotion or motherhood
And  the name still   entices and excites
And  leaves a smile on their lips
So they keep smiling .......as HE asks them to do.
The name - Rajeev Khandelwal

Msg From neha


yupieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee congoooooo too everyone...wohooooo
it's party tyme.....DancingDancing
dis fc is really very specialll for evry rajeevian... as evry rajeevian contributed to each fc's..wowwwww
we have completed half century..soon we will make century too..Star
5 starsStar for RK n rajeevians...
Celebration%20-%202250.giflets dance.....Celebration%20-%202250.gif
smileys Congratulations to all...for dis gr8 success...ClapClapi hope we complete 1000's of fc's wid love,patience,laughter...we all had lots of happy n sad moments in all fc's..We all had lots of fun ,shared soo many things..lived here jus like home.. we all considered dis fc our second home..we all became soo good frnds jus coz of one person dats "RAJEEV KHANDELWAL"..he brought all of us here in diffrent way n we met each oder....EmbarrassedBig smile.
**HAtts of too him n rajeevians***
Starrajeev n rajeevians rocksss..Starsmileys

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Bluefalls IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 March 2007
Posts: 9067

Posted: 19 July 2008 at 4:15am | IP Logged

HugThe first and foremost thanks goes to kashish-rox who opened the very first Rajeev Khandelwal Fanclub two years agoHug.And also nram,kiran dii,deeja and zee dii who were actually involved with the foundation of the FC.Hug

HugAgain Thanks to nram, kiran diii, zee dii, preeti diii,nidhi,ranju diii,souma,kanak dii,amail,suri,vaishu,mehrun,farheen,ruksaar,naz diii,nida diii,vandu,rani,pihu,nailaa dii,minnee,aarthi diii,yazh,sunaina diii,rabi,sam diii, and every other member of the fc for always being there for the fc.Hug


HugThanks to varallika and Pihu for the making the two awesome golden jubilee siggies.Hug


HugThanks to nram and nida diii for the Animated Card in the very first postHug

HugThanks to nidhi for the decorationHug


HugThanks to Farheen for the BannerHug


HugThanks to Pihu again for the glittersHug

HugAnd also thanks to Barnali diii for the Background of the very first postHug


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Bluefalls IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 March 2007
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Posted: 19 July 2008 at 4:17am | IP Logged
togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 July 2005
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Posted: 19 July 2008 at 4:23am | IP Logged
Hey Guys.....Congratz on the 50th FC of Rajeev !!

May we have many more such Landmarks to come....!Star

Enjoy the spirit of being a Rajeevian !!Dancing

Wohooo........The Superb Golden Jubilee !!Party

Edited by togepe30 - 21 July 2008 at 12:55pm
nidhi2013 IF-Sizzlerz

Retro Podcast Team
Joined: 19 January 2007
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Posted: 19 July 2008 at 8:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by


As u all knw that we r gonna open 50th fc soon

So we Management team wants that all members must contribute smthing to golden celebration

So rajeevians do send ur  creatives piece  in which u r perfect at to rkfc under the title of contributions

for example vms, siggys avis, cards, poems. write up stories etc etc ..u can create ur own ideas n can make

Ur creative shud b in golden as its golden jubilee or red n black color as they r raj fav .. or u shud combine 3 colors

Put ur thinking cap n start creating for spl occasion !!


RK FC Management Team

Edited by nidhi2013 - 20 July 2008 at 10:03am
lrl rocks IF-Rockerz
lrl rocks
lrl rocks

Joined: 13 November 2006
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Posted: 19 July 2008 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
Congrates for the Golden jubliee of RK FCParty

Edited by lrl rocks - 21 July 2008 at 1:21pm
-skylark- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2008 at 1:36pm | IP Logged

hey nice wrk saheliClapStar

congo rajeevians!Embarrassed


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-Preeti- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 July 2008 at 12:44am | IP Logged
is this fc just for reserved catagory
sabhi members ne sirf reserved daala hai

well am waiting not to see what have ull actually reservedLOL

frome me its not reserved but



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