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Kajal741 Goldie

Joined: 17 September 2005
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Posted: 30 September 2005 at 9:00pm | IP Logged

everyone is writing one so i thought i would try to do one. i never did one so if it's bad plz dun't mind. Confused i will start from when disha goes baq to suhas when dk called off the wedding during the 6th phera!


Suhas: Disha, i always want to see u happy so please don't cry for a man who doesn't trust you. I am sure you will be able to prove your innocence soon.

Disha: U are my only support now. i am soo thankful atleast u believe me. i can't belive dk thinks i tried to murder him.

Suhas: Don't worry, beta! (her eyes are teary)Cry

Rano enters disha's room.

Rano: Why did u come back here? There is no place for u here. all u are a decietful, cunning person. no wonder dk left u.

Suhas gets enraged! She gives Rano one tight slap.

Suhas: mind ur tongue. she came baq here because i called her and who are u to tell her there is no place for u.

Rano is crying and runs out of the room with fire in her eyes. She feels like strangling her now.Angry

Disha: Aai dun't mind what she said. she is not in her senses.

Suhas: i will not tolerate that kind of nonsense in my house. this is ur house so u shouldn't be insulted. it is late u should get some shut eye soon.

Suhas leaves and disha stands up and looks out the window. it is raining and there are dark cloudsin the sky. It is reflecting disha's mood. She has flashbacks about all those times when dk pretended he loved her (when he is satvik!). She starts crying uncontrollably.CryCryCry

Disha: Why did you do this to me? i loved u so much and i can do anything for u. i promise today that i will prove my innocence and get u baq.

Disha doesn't sleep for the whole night and only thinks about dk.

Dk's House:

Mahika: Satvik?

Dk: i am telling u for the last time my name is Dk not satvik. What do u want?

Mahika: i just wanted to ask u if u wanted tea. i also wanted to tell u that u should start ur like afreah and forget disha, vedant, and gargi.

Dk: It's not that easy. oh yeah, we are going to move into the sagiel house tomorrow so start packing. where is aroah?

Mahika: okay, i'll start packing. aroah is sleeping.

She leaves looking uneasy.

Dk: Why can't i forget u, disha? i still can't belive the person i loved the most gave me the most pain.

Starts having flashbacks about when they got married and then fell in love.

Next Day: At the hospital ( Gargi is shot, remember?)

Vedant: is my mom going to be okaii?

Doctor: i can't say anything for sure but if she doesn't regain concious her chances to live will be very slim.

Vedant: but can't u do anything until then?

Doctor: no i am sorry

Gargi is laying on the hospital bed while vedant is holding her hand and crying. She suddenly starts to shake her hand. Vedant calls the doctor immediately. The doctors put the oxygen mask on her and take her into the operation theater. Vedant is starting to sweat like crazy! The doctor finally comes out.

Doctor: I am sorry. We couldn't save her.

Vedant: What do u mean u souldn't save her?

HE goes in and sees his mother's dead body and starts to cry quietly. He's a momma's boy! LOL


Well i will try and continue later. plz tell me how it was cause it was my first try.  i will wait for ur feedback n then continue!Smile



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Pachu.P IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 March 2005
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Posted: 30 September 2005 at 9:57pm | IP Logged
it was awesome kajal..i can't even do this good... LOL ..neways...continue soon Clap
Kajal741 Goldie

Joined: 17 September 2005
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Posted: 30 September 2005 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
well i decided to continue cause i have nothing better to do. I am going to skip a few days n start.

At Gargi and Vedant's Old House:

Vedant: I miss u soooo much, mom. i have no one to talk to abut my worries.

He performs the last rites and has the body buried.

Bhousle House:

Sukanya: u noe tai is giving disha sooo much attention just because her husband left her but tai never cared this much for Rano and her husband died.

Sanya: I feel pity for Rano.

Rano hears all this and is infurinated. Meanwhile Suhas in about to wake up disha since she hasn't gotten up yet.

Suhas: Beta dun't u wanna get up

Disha: oh i'm sorry. i guess i was really tired. i'll be downstairs in two minutes.

Kanaka Office:

Dk orders the peon to remove the statue from the enterance.

Peon: i know i shouldn't be.....forget saab. i will remove the statue.

Dk: what were u going to say? i won't mind, believe me

Peon: Well...when someone almost broke that statue disha maam was really angry. in your absence she tried her best and worked day n night. i was just going to ask whether she was going to come back.

Dk: Disha will never come back. u just do as ur told understand!

Peon: YEs sir!

As the peon leaves dk thinks about what he just said but reassured himself that disaha worked day n night because it was HER company. Many employees question dk about disha's return and dk asks them y they r so interested in her. the employees say she was nice and hardworking person that's y!

Bhousle House:

Disha: Aai i am going to lay down for a while. i dun't feel good.

Suhas: Are u sure u r okaii?

Disha: Don't worry. i am fine. i judt wannna lay down for awhile.

this behavoir goes on for a week. Disha starts feeling light-headed and dizzy but doesn't tell anyone. She just ignores it thinking it's just weakness.

1 Week Later:

Suhas: We are going to the doctor. so get ready, disha.

Disha: Why? Nothing is wrong with me. i am fine.

Suhas: If u were fine u wouldn't get light-headed or dizzy that often.

They go to the doctor and the doctor does a lot of tests on disha.

Doctor: Come by the clinic in two days and you'll have ur reports.

Disha: Thank-You sooo much doctor!

Doctor: NO problelm! just take care.

They leave and head back home.

Sageil House:

Mahika: Bhaiya? Why did u pop up all of a sudden?

B: Mahika, i noe u love dk a lot but u need to control yourself. You are destorying disha's happiness while creating ur own.

Mahika: dk loves me and i love him. that's all that matters.

B: That's not all that matters! let me ask u a question. Did dk ever say i love you to u?

Mahika: LOve is not something you talk about. It is something you feel. i know that sooner or later dk will feel love for me too.

B: did u show him the second disc?

Mahika: i lost it! i can't find it anywhere so no i didn't show it to him.

B: U r building relatiionships on deciet. one day when dk find out the truth then he will start to hate u! u r so lucky u r my sis.

Mahika: Just get out!

In a little while dk comes home and mahika brings him his coffee.

Mahika: i noe this isn't easy but you will have to forget disha!

Dk: Will you just leave me alone?!

Mahika: Fine! i didn't mean to hurt u!

dk realizes what he said and goes into her room and pacifies her.

Dk:Look i am realli sorri. i didn't mean that. it's just that i have a headache.

Mahika: It's ok. i was wondering....

DK: wondering what?

Mahika: when r u going to marry me?

Dk: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

Mahika: u gave the presitge of a wife but not the love. i dun't understand y we can't get married? we both love each other

Dk: Who told u we love each other?

Mahika: what r u saying?(she is crying )

Dk: u r my responsilility, not my love! i care about u and love u as a friend.

i am too tired to continue. Hope u enjoyed this!

*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 March 2005
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Posted: 30 September 2005 at 11:34pm | IP Logged
i think i posted i aint sure!! but please cont!
*Piku* IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 July 2005
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Posted: 01 October 2005 at 10:26am | IP Logged
please contiue..... Clap
keep up the wonder ful work Big smile
Kajal741 Goldie

Joined: 17 September 2005
Posts: 1325

Posted: 01 October 2005 at 10:40am | IP Logged
okay so i will continue from when dk tells mahika u are not my love but only my resposiblity.

Sageil House:

Mahika: If u dun't love me there's no point for me to live!

Dk: Don't be stupid! i was kidding! i love u. (thinking: i am onlii doiong this so you dun't commit sucide.

Mahika: Really? Then why can't we get married?

Dk: Why do we have to? Marriage is pointless! like u said i love you n u love me.

They hug but dk is like "oh man do i have to"

Vedant's House:

Vedant(to himself): I will kill you. because of you i dun't have a mother todaii. I'm broke because of you todaii. Today i swear upon my mom's dead body i will destroy u, DK SAGIEL!

Pori is standing in the doorway!

Pori: What!? Gargi Aunty died. (she's jumpoing up in joy cause she hated Gargi Aunty!)

Pori: I will help you destory Dk. (thinking: finally you can be mine!)

Vedant: Really? Where have you been all thses months?

Pori: i was in us for film shooting. (yeah right!)

Vedant: oh! Well together we will destory him. He's the one who shot my mother. i hate him.

Pori: Dun't worry. i am with u!



Doctor: Aren't u happy?

Disha:( in a false voice) yes, i am very happy but plz dun't tell anyone because i do.

Doctor: Don't worry! i can understand. i won't tell anyone.

Disha thanks the doctor and leaves. She decides to keep the pregancy a secret and doesn't tell anyone at home.

Suhas: You're back! What happened?

disha: nothing! just a regular check-up.

She goes into her room and starts crying!    She doesn't noe what to do about the baby! She decides to try and tell dk. She calls him.

Dk: Hello?

Disha: hi! it's disha

Dk disconnects the phone when he hears her voice.

Mahika: Who was it?

Dk: wrong number!

Back to disha:

disha: am i that bad that dk doesn't want to hear my voice.

She is determined to tell dk about this. The next day she goes to kanaka.

Dk: Who are you? i dun't noe u. go away!

disha: i will go away only after you listen to me.

Dk: i dun't care what you have to say. just get lost before i call security.

disha: fine be like that! but one day u will realize u are wrong.

She leaves and sits in her car for an hour thinking about dk until she finally tells the driver to go home. She wipes her tears and checks to make sure she looks okaii.

Suhas: Where were you?

Disha: i was at the temple. Why?

Suhas: i was just asking cause i was worried.

Disha goes in her room and opens the drawer and looks at the doc's report. She starts to think.

Disha: i am going to raise this child on my own from now. i dun't need u, dk. i loved u more than anything n u? i hate u! (starts to cry uncontrollably) i need ur support, dk. i am only living for this baby, that's all. if it wasn't for this baby i would be dead by now.

disha is thinlking all of that in her mind. Suhas walks in.

disha: Aai i want to live on my own! i noe this will hurt u but i need to be alone. i promise you i will call and visit u often. plz let me move out.

Suhas: Why do u wanna move out? did someone say anthing to you? why are u doing this?

disha: no one said anything to me aai. i just want to be alone for awhile and get away from all of these problems in my life.

Suhas: if this is what you want, then i am going to support u in this decision. just remember, the doors to this house are always open for you.

i am soo tired. plz tell me what u think. hope u enjoyed it
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