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A LOT LIKE LOVE- AR: imp note pg 154

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heyyy ppl...k im new in dis forum..i mean i've jes joined and stuff but i've been reading all ur fanfics for months and i think they're all AWESOME!!!...i've been thinking about riting a fanfic on AR fr here it goes...not reli got it all sorted out but yea..i have a vagues story here it goes!!...dis is my 1st tym soo plzzzzz comments wether gud or bad r all welcome..but plz do comment cz dat is reli encouraging!!...

 INDEX(all thnx to bary, cute_unknown_fr 4 all d help!!! luv u guyzzz)

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         heyyy guyzz....hnx 4 ur sweet comments...i hav started a new thread...this is the link!! hope u'll like da part...

                                                      ARMAAN-RIDDHIMA(haven't thought of a title yet...mayb u guyz cud help me in dat!Smile)



'Armaan plz...try and understand...we are doing all this for your own good'  Smeeta Mallik tried explaining to her son.

'Yea...sure mum..i know that..just one little the hell is forcibly marrying me off to some random girl doing me any good?!?' Armaan asked sarcastically.

Smeeta sighed. She knew it wasn't going to be easy to convince her son for this marriage but this was turning out to be tougher than she thought. Armaan  Mallik was your typical playboy. He had a new girl in his arms every single day. He never had to bother about work or anything of that sort owing to the fact that he was the son of one of the most successful business tycoon in the country: Vinay Mallik. Offlate Vinay had started paying more attention to Armaanz lifestyle and had been flabbergasted at seeing his son throwing away money in clubs every single night, coming home drunk to the core and with some new girl hanging onto him. He had decided that Armaan had to be brought back on track...he had to realize his resposibilities..he had to shoulder the vast Mallik empire soon and Vinay thought the only solution for it was if Armaan settled down in life and got married. His business partner Shashank Gupta had come to his rescue there. Shashank had a daughter who had just returned from US after completing her studies and Shashank was now lookin at elligible suitors  for her. It almost seemed too good to be true for Vinay. He had never met Shashank's daughter before but knowing Shashank he knew that she would be like her father...disciplined. That was EXACTLY what was lakhing in his son't life right now. When he had asked for Shashank's daughter's hand in marriage for Armaan, Shashank had been overjoyed and given his consent immediately. After all they had known each other for years now and what better way to strenghten their friendship than getting their kids married?

'Armaan, no one is forcing you to do anything...why don't you atleast meet the girl? You never know...maybe she is the one for you..' Smeeta said.

'I highly doubt it mum...itz not about the girl..I just don't want to get married right now...I mean..i'm not ready yet,' Armaan said exasperated.

God!!...would they never understand, Armaan thought...I mean C'MON!!!..he wasn't ready for a commitment yet...heck, he wasn't even ready for a serious relationship yet and here..his parents were all set to get him married to some random girl who was the daughter of his dad's biz, partner..he didn't get it...just coz they were biz. partners how did that make him and Shashank uncle's daughter soul mates....he had never really believed in love...he had never fallen in love and he knew that finally he would settle for an arranged marriage but NOW??!! It was too soon..he could see 101 reasons for him not to get married...the problem was he couldn't explain them to his father.

'Mum please,' he tried again, 'I'm not ready yet,'

'And you never will be,'

Armaan turned and saw his dad standing at the door.

Oh damn, thought Armaan,  when the hell did he come anyways?? probably when I was talking to mum...oh god!! now he would so start with the lecture of you-are-not-responsible bla bla bla...but no!! I won't let him emotionally black mail me!! this is my life!!! I should decided who I want to get married to...and when I want to get married...

'Dad,' Armaan began...

'No son...listen to me..I know you think you are not ready to shoulder such responsibility..and maybe you are not but if left up to you I don't think you ever will be ready for a commitment like marriage..but that is your choice...I can't force anything on you..but can you plz atleast meet the girl?..I have already spoken to Shashank and do you reli want me to break my word? I won't force you to marry her..that is your choice but atleast see her..maybe she will change your mind..,' Vinay tried explaining.

Vinay had never been one to impose his decisions on his son...he would be firm on certain occassions when he had to but would never impose a commitment like marriage on his son forcibly...but ofcourse he would do everything he could to persuade Armaan to accept this marriage proposal..he knew that by adding a bit of emotional drama to the scene ('do you want me to break my word?') he could atleast convince Armaan to see the girl..and well from there he would try some different technique.

'Alright..I'll meet her..but I'm not promising anything,' Armaan said finally.

'That's my boy!' Vinay was overjoyed, 'just meet a casual friendly meeting and let me know if you think she might be the person you want to spend the rest of your life with..if you think yes then I'll be the happiest person but if you think no, then we'll just have to look at some other girl,'

'You are so not giving up on the whole marriage issue are you?' Armaan sighed..he knew his dad wouldn't force him for anything but he had a knack for getting things done his way anyway...he knew marriage was inevitable...his dad wouldn't rest until he got him married...he might as well just go see this female...

'Ok fine...i'll see her..what's her name anyway?' Armaan asked.

'Riddhima...Riddhima Gupta,'


Hey guyz..i never really expected to get sooo many comments on the first day itself...u guyz r da best!! Big smile It's very u's the second part..and plzz do keep posting your comments..and plz let me know where I can improver..if you want the updates longer or if you want more emotions just let me here you go..the second part!! Wink

                    PART 2

'Riddhima?' Armaan repeated. What sort of a name was that??!! It sounded so old fashioned and wierd...or maybe he was just trying to find fault with her..what was wrong with the name Riddhima for heavens sake..maybe he should just save the criticism for later, he thought.
'Ok..when and where?' he asked Vinay.
'Well why don't you take her out for dinner?' Vinay suggested enthusiastically, 'you'll can get to know each other..likes, dislikes, hobbies..'
'Yea yea..Ok..i got the point,' Armaan interrupted. Likes and dislikes??!! Well for starters he disliked the whole concept of this arranged marriage..he was pretty sure they wouldn't agree on that topic..or WOULD THEY?
Armaan suddenly brightened up as he thought over these lines..after all she was from US...maybe even she wasn't really too enthusiastic about this whole arranged marriage into which their dads had conveniently dragged them into..maybe she was as reluctant as he was and was just going along with it to please her dad..if they could mutually agree over the downright wierdness of this whole situation maybe they could convince their dads about what a big mistake this whole marriage thing was..two is better than one, Armaan thought...suddenly things were looking not so bad..all he had to do was explain this to her..about how he wasn't ready for a commitment like she would be wasting her life with she could find someone better.
'Alright..I'll meet her,' Armaan smiled...maybe this would work out HIS way.

'Where is she?' Armaan mumbled glancing at his watch. He'd been in the restaurant for almost half an hour waiting for this Riddhima female and there was no sign of her. Maybe she stood you up dude, he thought, maybe she was one step ahead of me...said yes to daddy dear to meet me and then conveniently didn't turn up.
'Excuse me? Armaan Mallik?'
He looked up...he had been so lost in his own thoughts that he hadn't noticed when she'd walked in.
'Yes..that's me..and you must be-'
'Riddhima...Riddhima Gupta,' she replied smiling.
' ya..please have a seat,' Armaan gestured awkwardly.
'Thank-you,' saying so she gracefully took a seat opposite him.
Armaan watched her carefully as she took the menu card in her hand to place her order to the waiter standing expactantly over them.
Well she's OK I guess, Armaan thought. She was dressed in a simple green salwar which accentuated her green eyes. She had tied up her hair in a pony tail and was hardly wearing any make-up. Armaan noticed this as all the other girls he had dated had always been a lot more "dressed" up than this Riddhima was. They had always worn western trendy outfits..showing as much skin as possible and with heavy make up plastered on their faces. She, however, had hardly put any make up at all...maybe just kaajal and lip gloss and was wearing a salwar kameez! on a date! with 'THE ARMAAN MALLIK'! seemed if she had hardly put in any effort to 'dress' up for this date..and still, he thought, she looked pretty...well..he had to admit it..he couldn't deny that fact..she was a pretty girl..flawless olive skin, deep green eyes with just the right amount of kaajal-
'Aren't you going to order?' Riddhima interrupted his train of thought.
'What?..of yea..ofcourse..order,'he seemed flustered that she had caught him...CHECKING HER OUT?!!..dude, FOCUS!! remember what you came here for?! he tried to reason with himself.
After placing their orders they looked at each other.
'Well, dad said you wanted to meet me,' Riddhima began when it seemed Armaan wasn't going to start the conversation.
Ok dude, Armaan thought, time to tell her everything.
'Riddhima, uhm...are you fine with this whole marriage thing which our dads have in mind for us?' he asked her.
'Yes,' she replied slowly. 'Why? Do you have a problem with it?'
WHAT???!!!!!!! well, what are you going to do now? he thought...he had been so sure that she would be as reluctant and as against this marriage as he was but she'd totally disappointed him..and now he was back to square one..but I have to tell her, he thought, I can't marry some random girl just because her father is biz, partners with my dad..the problem was he had to do this carefully...he didn't want her running back in tears to her dad complaining about 'bad-boy-Armaan'..then he'd so totally have it from his dad!!..It would've been so much easier if she had been against the marriage too..but she was all for it and that made explaining stuff to her much harder.
'Listen Riddhima..we don't know each other! Then on what basis are you saying yes?' Armaan asked her.
She looked into his eyes..she understood that he was not happy with this arranged marriage..she could clearly see the exasperation and frustration in his eyes.
'It's true that we don't know each other but our dad's are biz. partners..they've know each other for years..I was in the US so your dad doesn't know me that well but my dad knows you..hez known you for ages and if he thinks you are the right person for me, then I guess you must be,' she said simply.
He stared at her with a stunned expression on his face. If my dad thinks you are the right person for me then you must be???!!!..that's it??!! was this girl for real??..I mean...seriously...was she really a US return??!!
'Listen Riddhima..itz not as simple as that..marriage involves commitment..ok? It involves responsibility..I'm not getting married to your dad here so his opinion of me doesn't really matter..It's what I think and what you think that matters-'
'So what are you trying to say?' she interrupted.
Armaan took a deep breath. she wanted facts..plain and simple..she wasn't going to buy all the extra crap that he had by-hearted and come. He had to play it safe here. He couldn't just reject her immediately...
'I am not really for this marriage,' he said deliberating on each word.

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gr8 start Clap !
hope you continue soon Embarrassed

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very good start barkha
gr888888888888888888888888888888 job
update it soon

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Awesum parts! Ur story is really gud! Clap

Please continue soon and thanx 4 ur earlier PM!


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heyy ppl...well i had to post the fanfic in this section again..i've posted both the parts 2gether and since I was in the mood of writing i'm posting the 3rd part as well...let me know how it is...plzzz keep giving me feedback as it helps me write better..and heres part 3..itz reallllyy looong but like i said i felt like writing so LOL

                        PART 3

Riddhima entered her room and sat down on the bed..she was thinking over the 'date' she had had with her probable future husband.. "Not for this marriage"?! Then why did he ask to see her? Couldn't he have just said it plain and straight to his would've saved her all the trouble...well, ofcourse he wouldn't be too enthusiastic about it..they didn't even know each other!!..he probably had a girlfriend already..he definitely did not look like the 'single' types..afer all, he was good-looking and charming..he probably had loadz of girls after him..why would he want to marry you, ridz??!! What's so special about you??..your just another girl for of the many..
She sighed and leaned back against the pillow. What he had said had been practical and it made sense and moreover he'd been extremely gentle..he'd told her that he wasn't ready for a commitment..she knew what that meant that he didn't want to spend his entire life with a plain jane like her when he could have tons of other pretty girlz who were not only better looking but probably better company as well..Ofcourse he didn't say it like that but she understood just the same...ofcourse she had to..she'd learned that trait at a very small age.
She closed her eyes as images of her past flashed through her mind. Her very existence had been unwelcome by her father as it had coincided with her mother's death. Smriti Gupta had known from the initial months of her pregnancy itself that there would be major complications..being a doctor herself she had known that by going along with this pregnancy she was endangering her life...there was a chance that she wouldn't make it and the simpler thing would have been to just abort the child..Shashank had opted for the latter choice..he loved his wife and did not want to put her life at risk for the sake of some unborn child inside her..after all they had Anjali with them..they did not need the second child if it came at such a huge cost. However, Smriti had been adamant. For her, the child inside her meant everything..she couldn't kill her own baby! She would give life to this child..even if it meant sacrificing her own. Shashank tried his level best to convince her that one kid was enough..Anjali was 3 years old at the time and she meant the world to her parents..Shashank didn't need this second baby if it meant he wouldn't have Smriti with him. However, Smriti refused to listen to any of this...this was her baby and she would bring it into this world and even if anything happened to her Shashank would be there to take care of their kids. After trying in vain to convince her to abort the child, Shashank then went about trying his best to see to the fact that Smriti would survive this pregnancy..he called in the best doctors of the country..splashed money on various medications, however, nothing could prevent the inevitable. Smriti did not make it and she died giving birth to her baby daughter...for whose life she had fought...for whose life she had sacrificed her own. Shashank was inconsolable after the death of his wife. He wouldn't look at the new born for days together..he appointed a nanny to take care of the new born for he couldn't bare to look at the child because of whom he had lost his wife. He took care of Anjali himself as she reminded him so much of Smriti and she had always been the apple of her parents eye..however, when it came to Riddhima he just couldn't look at her without remembering Smriti's adamant wish to give birth to her which cost him his wife. Over time he learn to come to terms with Smriti's death as best as he could..he learnt to accept his new child, however, he just couldn't love her the way he loved Anjali..he had a very awkward and formal relatonship with Riddhima which was a total contrast to the loving father-daughter bond that he shared with Anjali..somewhere deep down he knew that it was unfair on his part..he knew he was discriminating between the two sisters but he easily pushed away his guilt everytime her remembered the reason for Smritiz death. When Riddhima was fifteen years old she was sent to the US for further was the easiest way for Shashank to escape the guilt of the fact that he had never really loved his second daughter..never did and never will...ofcourse, he gave her all the things that money could that way he never differentiated between his two daughters..however, when it came to love, understanding and support he just couldn't give any of it to Riddhima..he knew this only too well and decided it was better if she went some place else to study..if she wasn't in front of his eyes he could easily bury away the guilt that was eating him everyday..ofcourse, he never admitted that to himself or her...he gave the excuse of giving her an opportunity to brighten her horizon..if she went to the US it would be better for her education..she would learn to be independant as well as get good education...there was never shortage of money..even befor Riddhima could ask, money was alwayz given for her expenses, to suit her lifestyle..if only he knew that it was not money that Riddhima wanted. Riddhima had learnt from a very small age that she was second-best...she knew her dad loved Anjali more..that was undebatable..she tried to convince herself that her dad loved her too..he just didn't express it..however, deep down she knew that was far from the truth..her dad took care of her..provided her with all the things that she
asked for and needed..however, he didn't love her...he just took care of her because he had to..because she was his biological daughter and as a father it was his duty to do so...he took of Anjali because she was his life..the centre of his universe..because he loved her..he took care of Riddhima because it was an obligation...he didn't mind doing it but he couldn't ever love her the way a father loves his daughter. Over time Riddhima began to belive that she really WAS responsible for her mothers death..she began to believe there was something wrong with her..that she was at fault and that's why her dad didn't love her the way he loved Anjali...and this made her all the more desperate to be the perfect be better than the best..anything that would make her dad notice her...she would do anything for a word of praise from him..anything for a smile from him for her..and everytime she was disappointed. However, never once did she think that her father was at was always HER...she was the one with the problem..she was the one who had caused her mothers death..she was the unwanted child..the fault was with her.
Riddhima closed her eyes as silent tears poured down her face. She'd failed again..
When her dad had asked her for her consent over this marriage she'd immediately said yes...never thinking that she didn't know this, if it made her dad happy then she would marry him..if it made her dad look at her with happiness instead of the indifference she was used to, then she would marry this guy. She didn't care how this Armaan was...he could be the worst guy and she would still smile and live her life with him just because that's what her dad wanted. However, after the meeting with Armaan she highly doubted that this marriage proposal would work out. Armaan so totally wan't interested in her...nobody ever was. He had explained that he needed time to think over it...that maybe she needed time to think over it..that they didn't even know each other..then how could they just agree to spend the rest of their loves together??..He'd said that there was nothing wrong with her and that he needed time to think over this matter before he said yes...
Nothing wrong with her, he's said..but she knew it must've been that..there was always something wrong with her...but he hadn't said no..he had just said that he needed time to think over it..
She opened her eyes as a little speck of hope brightened within her...maybe there was hope??

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amazing sweety
loved the 3 parts tooooooooo good
its just toooooooooooooooooooo goood

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Really nice barkha. I actualy just sent you a PM because I didn't know that you moved this here already. lol. Disregard the PM. Anyway awsome part!!!! Continue soon!!!
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awesome part barkha Clap Clap Clap !
plz write more Embarrassed !

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