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Aamir FC - Surfers Choice Awards (Pg-148) !!

togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 July 2008 at 11:56am | IP Logged

Bole Toh ! Bole Toh !

Kaisi hoyegi hayee....

Aisi ya Waisi? Arey kaisi hoyegi hayee..

Apun ko jaisi mangti hai waise hogi haye!!

Haye re Haye.....Haye re Haye ! Lage raho "Peter" Bhaiii  !LOL

Hmm, Since the search for the herione for "Peter gaya kaam se" is going on ! I wanted to find a perfect heroine for Rajeev !

So lets do some Heroine scouting for Rajeev !!

After all, The audience is the KingWink......So we have a right to choose !Karo apni manmaani !!LOL

So here are a few Namooni's LOL.......These are the heroines I could think of opposite Rajeev.......Wink

Bachnaa Aye Haseeno.....Lo Main Aagaya !!Wink

Husn ka aashiq ,Husn ka dushman...Embarrassed

Apni adaa hai yaaron se juda...Wink


So, Now coming to the Probable Pairings ! Choose your favorites...Coz we might see him with one of these actresses sooner or later !!Wink


1.Amrita Rao ..


                             2.Priyanka Chopra ..

3.Minisha Lamba..

4.Bipasha Basu..

5.Deepika Padukone..


 (To debut with Aamir Khan's Ghajini)

7.Sonal Chauhan..

(Debuted with Jannat)

8.Sonam Kapoor..

9.Genelia D'souza..

(Jaane tu....Yaa jaane na..)








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togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Review Column !!

Movie Review

Aamir': Outstanding effort! Click here to add this article to My Clips

By Taran Adarsh, May 13, 2008 - 08:52 IST

Download Aamir wallpapers

He won innumerable hearts as Sujal in a television show. Now TV's Numero Uno actor Rajeev Khandelwal is sure to multiply his fan-following with his feature film debut AAMIR. The film also heralds the arrival of a supremely talented storyteller -- debutante director Rajkumar Gupta.

It's not easy to think out of the box. It requires courage to swim against the tide. Rajkumar Gupta does not take shortcuts in his first film. It's not a love story or a laughathon. It's not a masala potboiler either. AAMIR is about an ordinary mortal caught in a vicious web.

Shot brilliantly at several locations of Mumbai [DoP: Alphonse Roy; incredible camerawork], the film leaves a hammer-strong impact on the minds of the viewer. The penultimate 20 minutes especially are breath-taking. The culmination catches you by complete surprise, it's unexpected. Not one of those heroic ends.

Films with unconventional themes rarely find backers, but AAMIR has found a strong name to reach out to millions of moviegoers across the globe -- UTV. What's noteworthy is that on one hand this studio backs films like JODHAA AKBAR and RACE and on the other, provides support to films like AAMIR, which may not boast of great stars or great visuals, but has a great story to tell.

Films like AAMIR reinforce your faith in the new talent that's surfacing in Bollywood. The entrants -- Rajkumar Gupta and Rajeev Khandelwal -- have taken a giant leap in their very first film attempt. Kudos!

AAMIR hits the screens on June 6. A detailed review of the film will appear on its release.

------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------

Grit, grime, great guerilla stuff!


Posted On Saturday, June 07, 2008

Mayank Shekhar

A still from Aamir


DIRECTOR: Raj Kumar Gupta
ACTORS: Rajeev Khandelwal
RANKING: * * *

Gupta, the evidently gifted debutant director, says in an interview to Time Out's Leo Mirani that his film has nothing to do with Cavite. It's apparently a mere coincidence that the premise, plot and the genre of the two are entirely similar. I find it odd then that the director says he's credited in the first frame a film he hasn't seen!

Few outside Philippines and some film festivals may have heard of the said Neill Dela Llana and Ian Gamazon's indie-flick (2005). In Mumbai, the first DVD-rental I checked (Shemaroo on Napeansea Road) didn't have a copy; the second (Movie Time in Bandra) did. At least we must credit the makers of this film for digging out an inaccessible source before setting out to brilliantly indigenise the subject.

Aamir (Khandelwal), a young doctor in the UK, lands in Mumbai. He wonders at the beginning if destiny is handwritten. He is harassed at the airport-entry by a customs official. His name has something to do with it. Was it Amar, as he rightly says, the treatment would've been different. On this city's streets though, whether you're Amar or Aamir on the backseat, the cabbies never know the direction to any place. He gets off one and hails another to Dongri. The protagonist is in urgent hurry. A voice from a cellphone handed to him at the airport has been guiding him from the start. He is directed to several other innards of South Bombay, best known for the city's Muslim ghettos.

Aamir's family has essentially been abducted. The voice on the phone is the captor's: a crack-head of an Islamic terror-group. The lead character need obey all instructions, for fear of losing his loved ones. Clearly the motive of the abductors is a lot beyond money. We follow the suited doc then across the gutters and garbage of Mohammed Ali Road, Nagpada, Bhendi Bazaar etc. These are portions of the affluent Island City that we've chosen to build over a JJ flyover, and keep our eyes away; conditions that needn't then affect our dead consciences daily. It's strangely cathartic to watch it bare on the big-screen, and closely observe for ourselves where we live.

The abductor sends Aamir off on a gutter-trail firstly so he can learn the state of the 'qom' (or community) he's left behind for a life of a deracinated, urban, middle and upper-class individualist. The hero is rational enough to know terrorism is no solution still. He has a heinous task at hand, and a choice to make at the end of the film (which you may, or may not agree with).

The grit, grime, gore that comes with guerilla filmmaking of this sort is immediately captivating. For once a film has been put together in the heat of real locations than the unnecessary technical wizardry of a cold edit suite. The intended pace of such a thriller is usually easy to go overboard on. This one doesn't. Here, the director need share applause with his leading man.

I don't watch soaps. I'd only heard of Khandelwal from excited colleagues who'd plaster his face on top of TV pages, for a character called Sujal on Kahiin To Hoga (if I've spelt it right).

It was a pleasant surprise to watch this rare actor as sincere in his performance as the film is carefully restrained in its narrative. I had to immediately rush after to watch Cavite as well. This is the best compliment to pay an exceptionally crackling (intended or unintended) adaptation. You should consider catching this one for sure.

------------------------------------------------------------ --------


Saturday 6th June 2008 17.00 IST

Rony D'Costa

Just like the rains bringing in some relief from the blistering heat of summer, Aamir wipes out the drought that Hindi cinema has been suffering for the past 5 months. Lovers of good cinema rejoice. The script is the backbone of any film & this film will reinforce your belief in good scripts. It is rumored to be inspired by a Phillipino film Cavite. I haven't seen it so that saves me from comparing the two. Even Bheja Fry was a remake of The Dinner Game. So what, as long as the film is good, from where & how you one derives inspiration does not matter.

Aamir is a well written film. It takes you into the middle of the story right from the beginning. As soon as Peggy Lane starts singing "It's a beautiful day" you know it's going to be quite the opposite, you also know that this film will be "different". Syd field says in his book on Script Writing that an audience decides in the first 10 mins of the film whether they like the film or not. You will like Aamir 5 mins into the film. It's a difficult film to write because the film is set on the streets. Bombay is an important character in the film. Locations are the supporting actors. All credit to writer Rajkumar Gupta for having written a film like this. But, if he really was inspired by Cavite why didn't he acknowledge it. What I didn't like about the script is that it does not explain why Rajeev was chosen to do what could have been done by anybody from the terrorist group? This is an important link which the script misses out on.

Rajkumar delivers a slap on many debutant film makers. This is the kind of debut the audience is expecting. Solid, confident, passionate. He is ably supported by the lead actor Rajeev Khadelwal. Aamir literally means Leader & Rajeev leads the film as an actor. The most powerful debut by an actor in a long long time. He makes you go through the emotional graph of the character from the beginning till the end. The supporting characters are so perfectly cast & enacted that they bring respect to the credit called "supporting cast".

Music director Amit Trivedi has composed a soundtrack aimed straight at your soul. The theme track resembles the track from Requiem for a Dream though. Amitabh Varma comes up with some fantastic lyrics after Life...In a Metro. The background score by Amit Trivedi is a lesson for the likes of Salim-Suleiman & Amar Mohile. Editing by Aarti Bajaj is seamless. Her style reminds me of Renu Saluja, who according to me was one of the most fantastic editors in the industry. The real star of the film though is ALPHONSE ROY. Without his cinematography the film wouldn't be what it is. He adds soul to the film. If the film gets gets nominated for awards, the categories should be Best actor, best director, best cinematography, best editing, best script, best music, and best lyrics. When the nomination list is announced next year if you find these 7 nominations missing, you can stop believing in awards. (This reviewer certainly stole the words from my mouth)

Final Few Words: Put this film on your must watch list. It's by far the best film of the year 2008. Watch it. If you like it, recommend it your friends, family & enemies. And please don't watch it on pirated dvd's or vcd's. Independent cinema needs your money to make more Aamir's.

*** (Very Good)

P.S: star less for that vital missing link in the script

Source: boxofficeindia.com

Hi friends,

Friday Fever
[06 Jun 2008]


Rajeev Khandelwal and others.


Rajkumar Gupta


The film belongs to thriller genre and revolves around a London based doctor Aamir (Rajeev Khandelwal), who returns to Mumbai but finds nobody from his family is waiting at the airport. Even the landline phone at home is not being answered by anybody. Suddenly, a cell phone is hurled at him and told to follow orders, which he follows out of fear. The doctor is made to go to dingy areas of Mumbai like in the lanes, by- lanes, cheap restaurants, nameless pimps, whores overcrowded markets- a completely different world he hardy knew.

The story is totally unconventional and has no heroine in it. Even the location chosen for the shooting has been the underbelly of Mumbai and not the stunning locales of the US or Europe. However, the story appeals to the audience as it could happen to any of them.


Rajeev Khandelwal makes a superlative debut with this unconventional bollywood flick and shows great potential. The actor shows the deep understanding of his craft and comes out a winner. He is excellent in showing emotions and helplessness through his eyes in the latter part of the movie.

The direction of Rajkumar Gupta is very good and the sensitive subject has been handled with expertise. The director has not only extracted the superb performance from his actor, but also executed the plot very well. The cinematography of the film is good, while background score is in accordance with the mood of the subject matter of the film. The editing of the film is crisp.


This is a good film but has been made keeping in mind discerning viewers only and will appeal to them in multiplexes. The film has a message to convey and succeeds in that but box office success is a different matter altogether.



Masand's Verdict: Aamir, a skillfully directed thriller

Rajeev Masand / CNN-IBN

REMARKABLE FILM: Aamir works because it's filmed documentary-style, creating a breathless, urgent tempo.
Seldom have I seen as confident and competent a first-film as Aamir. It's a tight little thriller that sucks you into its drama less than five minutes into the film and keeps you hooked till the end credits roll.

Television's wonder-boy Rajeev Khandelwal stars as Aamir, a Muslim doctor returning to Mumbai after a stint in the UK, who finds his life turned upside down from the moment he steps out of the airport. A stranger slips him a mobile phone and a voice at the other end threatens to kill his family if he doesn't follow instructions. From confusion, to shock, to fear, to anger, Aamir goes through all the motions as he follows the voice that leads him in and out of Mumbai's impoverished neighborhoods to have his nose rubbed in the stink and the poverty of the life he abandoned for the comforts of the West. As the voice on the phone leads him through a series of increasingly dangerous errands, it becomes clear what the caller's agenda is. In one last fateful instruction, Aamir is given the grim choice of carrying out a terrorist act or losing his family forever.

Skillfully directed by debutant Rajkumar Gupta from a story that sounds suspiciously similar to that of the Filipino film Cavite, Aamir works because it's filmed documentary-style, creating a breathless, urgent tempo, transporting the audience out there where the action is, side-by-side with the protagonist.

The film's only weak link, is the absence of any convincing explanation why Aamir and not anyone else in similar conditions was singled out for this operation. In fact, you'll find that little detail is satisfactorily handled in Cavite where there's a very specific back-story behind the selection of that particular protagonist. Also despite its running time of only 90 minutes, Aamir does, in a few places, tend to get repetitive and loose. But for the most part the film moves at a brisk pace, never really deviating from its thriller format.

The success and the impact of a film of this nature depends greatly on the credibility and the performance of its protagonist who occupies virtually every frame of the film from start to finish. In Rajeev Khandelwal, the filmmakers have found the perfect man for the job. Uninhibited, spontaneous and blessed with unmistakable presence, Khandelwal holds the screen like a seasoned artist. Using his face as a canvas to display emotions, he emerges the biggest strength of this little film.

More relevant to an Indian audience than Phone Booth or Cellular, two popular Hollywood films with a similar premise, Aamir has a moral core that will no doubt resonate with discerning viewers.

I'm going to go with three out of five and a thumbs up for Aamir, it's a remarkable film that you mustn't miss if you're tired of all the mindless entertainment that's hurled at you week after week at the movies. And Rajkumar Gupta is a director to look out for.

Rating: 3 / 5 (Good)


'Aamir': A terrific watch!

If you discount the implausibility of the plot — and you do, for most commercial films, right? — then Raj Kumar Gupta's debut film 'Aamir' is a terrific watch.
Rajeev Khandelwal
Movie review by Deepa Gahlot:
Unfortunately, the film isn't original — it bears too close a resemblance to Philippino film Cavite (which had similarities to Nick of Time and Phone Booth) to be  coincidental — but Gupta's control of the medium is still masterful.
Aamir Ali (Rajeev Khandelwal), a doctor returning from London, puts up with the insolence of the customs officer with remarkable patience. The minute he steps out of the airport his nightmare begins.
A cell phone is tossed to him by two sinister men on a mobike, a voice tells him to take a cab and come to Dongri (a Muslim-area in South Mumbai), and that his whole family has been kidnapped and will be killed if he won't obey.
Aamir is made to go on a mad chase through the slums and ghettos of the area, presumably because the caller (Gajraj Rao) wants the privileged doctor to see how poor Muslims live, and feel the anger and urge to fight "them."  Eerily, the film captures an ordinary day in the life of the caller — including his playing with a cute child.
Aamir's complete passivity is odd, as is his not taking off his suit jacket and tie in Mumbai's heat; at a few points in the film it looks as if Aamir will attempt to fight back, but this is not about unreal herogiri,  it's about an ordinary man's extraordinary heroism.
Finally,  in a tense few minutes shot in real time, his courage and humanism come to the fore. It is this kind of Muslim, the film seems to say again, who suffers the most and still holds on to his innate decency.
Apart from Khandelwal's superb performance, the other hero of the film is cinematographer Alphonse Roy, who realistic work (a lot of handheld and hidden camera shots) gives the viewer goose bumps --a scene in a filthy toilet makes you hold your breath, as if you were there yourself. The actors all look like they were picked from the real locations. The editing and music are near-perfect too.
Gupta worked with Anurag Kashyap earlier and the similarity in style is discernable, but the newcomer has all the makings of an excellent director.  If only he can come up with an original script the next time.
Source: India Syndicate

NDTV Review !

Cast: Rajeev Khandelwal
Director: Raj Kumar Gupta

Review: Aamir

Anupama Chopra, Consulting Editor, Films

Aamir is the most harrowing film I've seen this year. It's also the most outstanding debut an actor and director have made in a long, long time.

Writer-director Raj Kumar Gupta, actor Rajeev Khandelwal and creative producer Anurag Kashyap create a Kafakaesque nightmare that is so plausible that by the end you are hardly breathing.

Aamir Ali, a London-returned doctor lands in Mumbai. He comes wearing a tie and a suit and bearing gifts for his family, who will be waiting for him at the airport.

But when he finally gets past the immigration and custom officials who check his records twice and open all his luggage because his name is Aamir, he discovers that they are not there.

Instead two men hand him a mobile phone and a voice begins to instruct him on a job that he must do if he wants to see his family alive again. What follows is a relentless, brutal journey that ends, as it must, in gut-wrenching tragedy.

To call Aamir a thriller would be reducing its power and ambition. The film is an eloquent statement on the state of the nation and the Indian Muslim.

But Gupta doesn't go for easy polemics. Instead, he takes us through the minutiae of lives in areas like Dongri and Behndi Bazar.

His camera snakes through dirty lanes and decrepit buildings and even a bathroom in a chawl that is so vile that Aamir throws up when he emerges from it. Which makes the voice on the phone remark: dekha, hamen hagne ki jagah nahin dete toh jeene ki kya denge.

This isn't the underbelly of Mumbai. It's the city's beating, living heart that largely remains invisible for people like us.

There are a few bumps in the narrative but mostly, the film maintains its claustrophobic tension.

The music and background score by Amit Trivedi is haunting. And remarkably Khandelwal who is in every frame doesn't hit a false note. His bewilderment, helplessness and anger are palpable.

I strongly recommend that you make time for Aamir. It's a horror story that we are all part of.
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------

Hi friends,

Review and video!!!!!!!!!!!!:....

  Song picturisation of Aamir

By Pankaj Shukla

Critic's I-view


'Aamir' is a small movie but has plenty to offer to its audience. Its director Raj Kumar Gupta is new, but has proved his worth in his debut. The protagonist played by Rajiv Khandelwal attracts wide applause from the viewers as well as the critics though he doesn't belong to the big star category. The movie is different in many respects: It has no heroine kind of a character nor does it contain regular formula of a romance, song and dance track or an item number. The movie is without much-hyped foreign or domestic locales shooting. The director has justly shot the Mumbai city's dingy lanes and bye-lanes that are too crowded to move about; small and cheap eating houses and hotels, besides all the dirt the city has.

After all, Aamir goes through it in the few hours of a day! The credit for all this goes to the proper handling of the subject by Raj Kumar Gupta. Yes, he wouldn't have been successful without the support from his other departments like the cinematography by Alphonse Roy and background score by Amit Trivedi, apart from tight editing and just screenplay. Among its anonymous cast, Rajeev lends full support to the director by his excellent performance inasmuch in emoting like a troubled common man. Gajrao Rao performs equally well as the vicious villain.


According to the story, 'Aamir' meaning leader takes off as a thriller about a common man forced into criminal exploitation in the course of a day. This is about Aamir Ali who lands on the Mumbai airport coming back home from London and when he finds his family missing to receive at the airport; he goes to the nearby PCO and makes a call back home. Two men on a bicycle throw a cell phone at him and the phone starts ringing and Aamir is forced to do follow instructions given on the cell phone because his family has been kidnapped by the caller, a terrorist group.


Rajeev Khandelwal who plays the lead character of Aamir has been turned a scapegoat by an extremist group to indulge in the worst crime. So, he has to move in the lanes and by-lanes of Mumbai city as instructed by the terrorist group with no clue about their mission. Before he comes to know about his assignment, he has already been involved in a bombing conspiracy. Though the basic premise of the film is the same as in 'Black and White', 'Shaurya', 'Hope and a Little Sugar' the movie doesn't attempt to give a lesson to its viewers. The director presumes that his predecessors have already dealt on the subject through their ventures.


On the whole, 'Aamir' has indeed succeeded unlike other contemporary movies. As said earlier, the movie is meant for appealing to the minds rather than the hearts of the audience. The movie is worth a watch. After all, it shows how a common man from London can help a big city like Mumbai from the clutches of terrorist-the enemies of the humanity.

------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------

Breath of Fresh Air in MUMBAI

This movie fulfills every requirement that movie should do - Hard core rugged mumbaiya look, frenzy camera angles with brillant cinematography, great music, brilliant action (thumbs up to rajeev - debutant actor) and most importantly a solid plot - great script on hands and brilliant execution by Mr. Gupta (debutant director)

Great camera angles, its been long that one has seen mumbai streets like this - each step which rajeev takes - one feels the tension. one feels a slight hatred towards mobile phone, a 5 sec expression on protagonist (actor - rajeev face) is so brilliantly captured in the movie that one feels his pain as our own.

this movie truly captures the FEAR - what if this happens to me - gosh i am getting goose pumps thinking this!

Movie lovers should cherish this effort - Best movie of 2008 till now

From - www.MOUTHSHUT.com

------------------------------------------------------------ ----------

Aamir Movie Review

June 6, 2008 5:21:15 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network

view AAMIR movie stills

view AAMIR movie stills

Everything happens in one day. As the protagonist alights from his flight in India, he is taken for a ride, literally. For the first few minutes, as things happen in a flurry, your heart races anticipating the turn of events. Eventually, you settle to an engrossing fare with an unusual end. The end, as the beginning, raises many questions. About how unsuspecting Muslims are used by those in power to spread terror.

Dr Aamir Ali (Rajeev Khandelwal) is one such unsuspecting Muslim who is dragged to the vortex of terrorism. His only crime; that of being a Muslim. But does he succumb to the terror tactics or does he bow down before God? Does he do what is asked of him, or does he sacrifice his life and is labeled a suicide bomber, for his family to bear the stigma?

This film is for the discerning audience. It raises many questions in the mind of the viewer and leaves many questions unanswered. It's almost as if it's a film for the festival circuit.

Rajeev Khandelwal as one who is caught between the devil and the deep sea is convincing in his performance. Dragged to the by-lanes of Mumbai, habituated by Muslims, he is given a taste of how his brethren are living. At least that is what is being drilled into his head by the one who is constantly feeding him information on Islam. Forced to follow orders on phone, Aamir is sent from one destination to another as his movements are tracked, until he is to do the final delivery of the red bag at Andheri station. 

What is really over-the-top is the precision of the terror network that track him down right from the time he exits the airport. A little hard to digest. Nevertheless an interesting film backed by tight editing, sound background score and a solid performance from Rajeev. This lad from television has a good future on the big screen.

TO GO OR NOT: Not to be missed!

Ratings : 4/5

------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------

Aamir Review - By Indiaglitz.com

Aamir produced by the experimental wing of UTV – UTV Spotboys by debutant Rajkumar Gupta comes across very much unlike any UTV film lacking promotion and publicity. The film starring Rajeev Khandelwal , the face of Indian television comes across as the so called smaller film of the week.


Aamir, the name, means leader, but the protagonist [Rajeev Khandelwal] becomes a follower out of fear. The moment Aamir lands in Mumbai, he's transported to a world he never knew: The dingy areas of Mumbai. In its lanes and bylanes, cheap restaurants and lodges, amongst nameless pimps and whores, run-down buildings and over-crowded markets, filth and squalor, Aamir sees a different world in those few hours.

Aamir may not have been promoted well but the film from no angle is a small film. The script is splendid with a theme so universal such as terrorism. Raj Kumar Gupta excels with his storytelling and draws the viewer within the first 15-20 mins.

One element that works with the film is its length which is barely 2 hrs and the absence of unwanted monotonous songs. The hero does not break into any dance number or flashback sequences filled with the accommodation of some tracks but instead the music only acts at the background.

Another element that keeps the film going is the locations used which are the realistic bylanes within the city and the splendid cinematography. This is one film that comes as a complete exception of all bollywood rules with a film with no heroine, no supporting cast , no item numbers  etc.

It's purely the director's vision carried forward by Rajeev Khandelwal's splendid acting and the excellent cinematography. The movie is a must watch. Take a look at every character used in the film be it the whore at the lodge, the men at the restaurant etc. Simply terrific.

As far as the locations are concerned it is splendid . Take a look at the lodge , the restaurant , the bylanes , the toilet sequence ; its remarkable and gripping.

Rajeev Khandelwal does a terrific job . The actors delivers well and carries the trauma and frustration the character Aamir undergoes with ease. Khandelwal comes as a revelation to Bollywood. He surely deserves much more from bollywood. Looks like lots of talent lies within the Indian television industry.Clap

On the whole, Aamir comes as a complete surprise and emerges as the true winner of the week. Aamir is definitely a must watch and proves that a good film in bollywood can indeed be made without songs and without any big names. Ultimately, it's the script that is king. Don't miss the climax of the film; it's very much unlike most bollywood films.

Rating : ***1/2

------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------

Movie Review: Aamir

Edge of the seat thriller

indya rating: 3.5/5

Aamir is all about Dr. Aamir Ali all the way and there are people placed to help him in his mission for the day.

Aamir (Rajeev Khandelwal) is a doctor who has returned home from London with lots of presents for his family. At the airport his name makes security personnel suspicious. At the exit, two men on bikes throw a phone at him and from there on Aamir is no longer the master of his destiny. The course of his day has been charted out by "the man on the phone" and his accomplices located in the slimiest lanes of Mumbai including a cabbie, a prostitute and some goons.

While most Bollywood movies are shot in pristine foreign locales, Aamir explores Mumbai unlike ever before. Alphonse Roy' cinematography is first rate and super sharp.

From dilapidated buildings to filthy toilets to shady and shabby warehouses and slums, all the locations make the film so real. The explicit and merciless butcher market scene will make you cringe in your seat.

The music by Amit Trivedi is mesmerizing and communicates what Aamir is thinking. The background score is in a different league altogether. The movie would be incomplete without it.

Debutant director Raj Kumar Gupta has made Aamir an edge of the seat thriller that we haven't seen in a long time. The director has absolute control over his movie as it races from one scene to another. Aamir may be a remake of Filipino film Cavite, but it takes guts and intelligence to remake a film like this in Bollywood and do a slick job at it.

Lastly, Rajeev Khandelwal excels and we must applaud him for breaking away from his TV image and making an unconventional debut. He succeeds in emoting and expressing Aamir's despair, surprise, anger, helplessness and strong resolve.

Aamir is a classy film which will make you think. It succeeds because it has no frills and thrives on its acting, direction and music. This fast paced, taut and gritty thriller can become a cult film and is strongly recommended.

From - Indya.com

------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------

By Taran Adarsh, June 5, 2008 - 22:37 IST

Sometimes, big things come in small packages. On face value, AAMIR doesn't really look enticing. The director is a first-timer [Rajkumar Gupta], the protagonist [Rajeev Khandelwal] also forays on the big screen with this flick, the film is set in the dingy bylanes of Mumbai, so visually too, it's not alluring.

But this small film has lots to offer!

It would be erroneous to evaluate a film like AAMIR from the box-office point of view. If it rakes in money, great. Films like AAMIR are more for the discerning audience, for the thinking viewer. It's a film that attacks your mind, rather than your heart. It's a film that pricks your conscience.

Write your own movie review of Aamir
Aamir, the name, means leader, but the protagonist [Rajeev Khandelwal] becomes a follower out of fear. The moment Aamir lands in Mumbai, he's transported to a world he never knew: The dingy areas of Mumbai. In its lanes and bylanes, cheap restaurants and lodges, amongst nameless pimps and whores, run-down buildings and over-crowded markets, filth and squalor, Aamir sees a different world in those few hours.

type="text/javascript">var inDapIF=true; var inDapMgrIf=true;type="text/javascript" src="http://b.rad.msn.com/ADSAdClient31.dll?GetSAd=& ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;DPJS=4&PG=IFMGE3&AP=1089" onreadystatechange="startTimer();">type="text /javascript">function startTimer(){if (event.srcElement.readyState == "complete") {parent.verifyDapResize(2);window.setTimeout("document. close();", 2000);}}'));" frameBorder=0 width=0 scrolling=no height=0 allowTransparency>
AAMIR truly defies the stereotype. It's not a love story. It has no 'heroine'. Nor does the lead man break into songs. Also, it's not filmed at stunning locales of USA or Europe. On the contrary, the film takes you to dingy locations which not many of us must've never ever witnessed. Given the realistic theme of the film, the debutant director has filmed it at realistic locations.

One of the prime reasons why AAMIR works, and works big time, is courtesy Rajkumar Gupta's execution of the subject. The twists in the tale don't take the beaten path and Rajkumar's expertise shows while handling this difficult subject. The helplessness of the protagonist has been captured remarkably on celluloid.

Rajkumar gets able support from his cinematographer [excellent], editor [razor sharp editing] and the composer responsible for the background score [topnotch].

Rajeev Khandelwal is remarkable in the title role. The film would've fallen flat had it been entrusted to an inferior actor, but Rajeev lends the right shades and emerges trumps. Watch him emote with his eyes in the latter reels mainly, and you realize that he knows the craft so well. An excellent debut!

On the whole, AAMIR is a remarkable film. It may not set the box-office afire, but it succeeds where most films don't -- it hits where it hurts. The message this film sets out to convey comes loud and clear. Very strongly recommended!

------------------------------------------------------------ ------

Movie Review: Aamir
aamir hspace3
Banner: UTV Spot Boy's
Producer: Anurag Kashyap,Deven Khote, Ronnie Screwvala, Zarina Mehta
Director: Rajkumar Gupta
Star Cast: Rajeev Khandelwal
Lyricist: Amitabh Varma
Music Director: Amit Trivedi
Art: Wasiq Khan
Editor: Aarti Bajaj (Aarti Kashyap)

The film Aamir is suspense thriller about a common man who is being used by an extremist group for destroying lives in Mumbai. The film has no lead actress or supporting casts and the cinematography is average, but the film appeals for the performance of TV actor Rajeev Khandelwal and for the courage to make such a movie that has no support from areas of film making like, dance numbers, romance, emotions, love, actions etc.

The story of the film is about Aamir Ali who lands on the Mumbai airport coming back home from London and when he finds his family not present to receive at the airport; he goes to the nearby PCO and makes a call back home. Two men on a bicycle throw a cell phone at him and the phone starts ringing and Aamir is forced to do follow instructions given on the cell phone because his family has been kidnapped by the caller, a terrorist group.

The film is about how the man coming back home from London reaches the dirty areas of Mumbai where blasts plots are planted. The camera movements follow the eyes of Aamir who has been looking into unknown areas with suspicion and terror. The background score by Amit Trivedi is extremely supportive to the subject of the script.

The director chooses a risky subject for his film and did best from his part. The weakness in the film is the climax and few unexplained moments. The film has to be praised for its realistic approach. There is no scope for romance and dialogues in the film and the film has no high action and thrills, it has just a common man and the city Mumbai being controlled by enemies and how a common man can help the city from being destroyed.

The performance of Rajeev Khandelwaal is impressive and his personality matches the character he plays. He sharp looks are lovely in the film. The film will not be entertaining for kids but can be watched by families and audience who like sincere films with a difference.

Rating: 6/10


Will Rajeev Khandelwal be the next 'Aamir'?


Spicezee Bureau

New Delhi, June 06: Small screen wonder Rajeev Khandelwal will surely have his fingers crossed for this one. The actor is all set to take on the Bollywood as his debut film 'Aamir' releases across the country today.

The actor in an exclusive interview to Spicezee spoke about his debut flick that releases on the same day as the Bollywood's most awaited flick 'Sarkar Raj'.

'I have heard plenty of scripts in past. None excited me as much as 'Aamir' did. This was the first time a script did not let me sleep after reading it. I read it when I was flying from Mumbai to Delhi and when I landed; I called up the producers and said yes to the movie.'

'And about the movie, it is a beautiful story. I am romancing in the movie, not any woman though. but I am romancing life itself," Rajiv elaborates.

When asked about the tough competition coming from Bollywood's first family as the much-hyped Sarkar Raj releases on the same day, Rajeev simply laughs at the comparisons.

"I just met Abhi-Ash in the aircraft (pauses, laughs) and I was glad meeting them. I said that the movie is going to give 'Sarkar Raj' a tough time. No, I am not nervous about it at all, rather I am really excited. I am a big Bachchan fan and I am happy that my posters are put next to his; at least, he'll get to know that there is somebody called Rajeev Khandelwal. '

When asked as to what his debut film is all about, the actor stated, 'The movie 'Aamir' is about an average middle class Indian Muslim guy who has dreams for himself and his family. He is like a normal middle class guy who doesn't bother about the communal or political issues. When he returns home after studying abroad, a phone call throws him into the throes of a conspiracy."

The story moves on to show how he finds the way out of this trap and towards the end is left with one option ' whether he accepts destiny or writes his own destiny and that is what the byline says, 'Kaun kehta hain ki aadmi apni kismat khudh likhta hain.'

This movie is an attempt to explore the psyche of a modern 'foreign-returned' Indian as he's plunged headlong into the Kafkaesque nightmare of crime, grime, extremism and fanaticism in the underbelly of the big, bright and bewildering city of Mumbai. It is a 'Swades' on skids, hurtling down into an abyss of unpatriotic instigations.

From the moment Aamir (Rajeev Khandelwal) touches down on Mumbai's international airport, what one sees is that overpowering sense of an individual's struggle to survive in a pitiless and often unforgiving city.

The taut and tense narration finds supreme sustenance from its outdoors. Indeed, apart from Rajeev and his portrayal of the reluctant hero, the real protagonist of 'Aamir' is the busy city Mumbai.

The crowded, congested 'chawls' and 'gullies', the reek of deprivation, and the stench and sweat of anxiety assail your senses in a way that was last seen in Anurag Kashyap's 'Black Friday'.

Squalor seldom seemed so splendidly evocative. As the protagonist winds his way through a day in the city that would lead to his inevitable doom, the camera captures crowds of bored bystanders and curious passersby looking at our man on the run with a tell-tale red briefcase in his sweaty hands.

To sum it all, 'Aamir' is a rare film, which provides you with food for thought without burdening with sermons on the quality of existence. The thrill element presides over the message. The disturbing undercurrents just flow out of the story with a virile fluency.

Aamir (thriller)

Cast: Rajeev Khandelwal
Direction: Raj Kumar Gupta
Critic Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5

Reader's Rating 4 1/2 out of 5

THIS one's a surprise package with its thrilling pace, it's smart direction and its meaningful script. And yes, Rajeev Khandelwal makes a riveting switch from the small screen to the big screen with this film.

More importantly, the film covers new ground in terms of its story which throws light on the trauma of the secular Muslim who literally finds the ground shrinking beneath his feet. If his name makes him vulnerable to racial profiling, then his secular credentials become a bugbear for the fundamentalists within his community. That's the vortex that sucks our protagonist Aamir, a young doctor who returns to India from London, only to find a death trap awaiting him. A faceless voice leads him on through the hardcore Muslim-dominated areas of Mumbai and threatens to kill his family if he doesn't deliver a red briefcase to its destination. The doctor tries his best to run away, but suddenly the whole city of Mumbai seems to be brimming over with misguided soldiers of God who want him to join their ill-gotten crusade. Of course, when the moment of reckoning comes, it is the tormented man's individual choice which will determine his future ideology.

The film moves like a relentless thriller, even as the camera captures the underbelly of Mumbai with all its squalour and grime. Even the characters of the film - the drifters, the mercenaries, the thugs, the prostitute -- seem to be drawn from real life and give a slice-of-life texture to the film. Finally, it is the voice of sanity which rises above the wreckage and reaffirms your belief in a new kind of cinema that is throbbing amidst the bylanes of Bollywood. Truly, a smart debut film.




Shubhra Gupta

Cast: Rajeev Khandelwal

Director: Rajkumar Gupta

What's in a name? Everything. Aamir ( Rajeev ) gets off a plane in Mumbai, is razzed by airport officials for his obviously-Muslim name, and gets sucked into a terrifying vortex of events, which take him from one seedy pocket of Mumbai's underbelly to another, leading him to his destiny.

Yes, it does look as if the film, helmed by first-timers both on the directorial and the lead actor front, has been 'inspired' by 'Phone Booth', but it has enough to stand on its own. The young doctor returning home after studying in the UK is asked at the airport: 'kyon, visa extend nahin kiya'? And that hits home, both with the hero, and with us, the viewers. Racial profiling has become a huge scourge, both at home and abroad.

A cell phone, flung at Aamir, becomes the weapon through which a shadowy character controls him. Taxis driven by a 'satka-hua' driver, encounters with a blowsy whore, filthy bylanes, overflowing toilets, become the points through which he has to pass, with an increasing sense of helplessness.

The tech specs are great. The characters know what they have to do; and so does Aamir, as he heads towards a searing, truly shocking climax. The film would have benefited, though, from a shorter length. In an on-the-go film like this, you need crispness at all times : there are not enough heart-in-the-mouth moments. But what there is, is a story which has something to say, and an everyman hero ( TV heartthrob Rajeev doing a good job of being hounded) believable every inch of the way. He asks that immigration guy right in the beginning : 'agar mera naam Amar hota tab bhi aap aisa karte'? That question stays with you. 

Khalid Mohamed, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, June 07, 2008
First Published: 15:42 IST(7/6/2008)

Rajeev Khandelwal
Direction: Rajkumar Gupta
Rating: **1/2

Brilliant cinematography – largely executed with hidden cameras – is the hero of Aamir. Street shots, head-on walks through Mumbai's mean streets and mohallas are lensed with extraordinary stealth by Alphonse Roy. Editor Aarti Bajaj goes at the material with surgical precision. In fact technically, this boot string-budget enterprise, is a zinger.

You haven't ever seen the underbelly of Mumbai the way you do in Aamir directed by first-timer Rajkumar Gupta. Thematically, too, here's a little big movie that salutes the sacrificing secular spirit – not always convincingly but the climax, is likely to stir the social conscience of every viewer.

Terrific! But here's the rub. The plot: it's about an England-returned doctor (Rajeev Khandelwal), who on landing in Mumbai, is threatened to follow instructions over a cell phone. Alas, this is hardly plausible. In fact, the outcome is littered with so many questions and inconsistencies that Dr Aamir's dilemma becomes un-involving. Why is he the chosen one? Why the elaborate hatch-and-catch 22 charade?

Also, why does director Gupta have to go the DVD-pilfer route? The source, like it or not, is a Filipino movie called Cavite (2005) with virtually the same plot.

Gratifyingly, Rajeev Khandelwal affirms that he's a first-rate actor. A born natural, he's a welcome addition to the quality conscious Actors' Club. 



Fanclub Member's Reviews

Review By Vandu

Aamir - Can someone else change your Destiny??


Im here with my Review and I'm gonna imagine that this is the most awaited review….hehehe! Ye galatfaimi mujhe bahut pasand haiEvil Smile……..lolzzWinkLOL !! Move away Taran Adarsh and Rajeev Masand…….This is where I take over now !! Muhahahaha!!Evil SmileEvil Smile


So, An unassuming opening shot…..makes u smile seeing the scene you know so well ,coz u have found yourself in the scene quite often….Either as the actor himself or the person sitting next to the actor………The opening shot will make u chuckle with understanding……..!


After the relaxed first scene, the film suddenly gathers momentum when a person who has just arrived in the country find himself in the midst of utter chaos ,confusion and extreme  terror………A cell phone is thrown into his hands and his whole family's destiny starts being written by a man who's intentions are unknown and untold…! What happens?? Does Aamir succeed?? Kya Ek Admi Apni Kismat Khud Likh Sakta Hai?? The tagline catches u on the rebound and turns into a huge "?" and makes u shudder with the thought that the person could have been "U" for all the goon cares !


What follows is a totally pacy movie…….No hold ups or unnescessary distractions, read that as no dance sequences and no herione…….The film moves swiftly from one scene to other……Making u catch your breath in wonder and amazement……..The dialogues are very common and totally relatable…….Infact you mind find one or two dialogues which you have said to someone or someone has said them to you……….This makes you chuckle with familiarity on one side and hits u on the head with the realization of the extreme sense of relatability you hold with the character………Aamir's hapless journey to save his family and his meeting with different people whom he doesn't know and will never know but they have the most important involvement in his and his family's quest for life at the moment  ! The tale makes your heart bleed for the lead protagonist and makes u pray for yourself  ki " Hume Mehfooz har kadam karna aye Khuda"


Mumbai is shown in its true colour…….U might have seen the metropolitan life of Mumbai in films before……..U get into nausea seeing the scenes but slowly the resentment goes and the reality of the things gets into you and the nausea turns into a full blown hangover……..U are scared to blink ,that u might miss sumthing……..U unknowingly join the protagonist in trying to get out of this mess…….Not coz you have a soft corner for him or even in those dirty environments he looks "Oh sooo Chweet"……..But bcoz ………It is war between common man and undecided forces who are making life difficult on the name of "Qaum"………U have no choice but choose a side…….because the views are soo  strong  that it wrenches your conscience….!


The treatment of the film is Superb…….U can point out the places and guess where the hidden camera's have been used…….A salute to Rajkumar Gupta for the brilliant Direction……..U are gonna be one busy man Mr.Gupta………Just wait till production houses fall over their feet to sign you to direct for them……..An established master of the thriller genre…The camera work is first rate…….An applause for Alphonse Roy…..The background score is a character of the film in itself……..It totally gets us into the thriller mode……Take a bow Amit Trivedi and i must add excellent  n apt music score!


And now…The acting….."A new cast"…….The lead actor has the onus of supporting the full film on his shoulder……He does it and how !! This is a Superlative Performance that will be hard to match for the quite some time now…….And I don't see Harman or Imran standing any chance at the debut awards unless they do something extremely out of the world……..Make a new shelf Mr.KhandewalClap……I can see the awards coming your way !Embarrassed…..U are the toast of the seasonWink….! The sincere performance is heart touching and evokes empathy and not sympathy for the character……..Totally in character and in control …….A Pleasure to watch…His eyes convey soo muchEmbarrassed…….U feel you could watch him alone for 2 more hours…….Hell !……Who needs a heroine when u have the hero all to yourself throughout the movieLOL…..! Giriraj Rao evokes terror and menace with his performance…..No Gabbar like high-pitched laughterSmile…..No self goading….No flashing of power……Though I wish he would eat with some manners…….His style of eating killed my appetite……..hahaha!LOL The characters playing the family of the protagonist is good but forgettable…….U wont remember them,but one feels this is a ploy to reinforce the fact that it's a common face and its like the people you come across on the road and forget….And that it could actually be anyone…


Vandu's Rating : 4/5 (****)WinkLOL


To see or Not to see :  U don't wanna miss this movie……This is gonna bring a sea of change in the way of directing thrillers….. Be the ones to welcome the catalyst for the change with open arms ! Not to be missed……I dunno about u……Im gonna watch it again and it's a movie worth recommending……Rest assured the person whom u recommended it to ,wont come a whack you on the face for it ……! My friendz had come only coz I emotionally blackmailed them,since they have not seen any of Rajeev's TV Shows…….But they in the end thanked me for dragging them and they are looking forward to watch the movie again …..The Khandelwal Effect without a doubt….!


Review By Yojana(Angelic eyes)


Okie I saw Aamir..First day First Show..here in Hyderabad..Just back to give the verdictEmbarrassed

I have no words to express my emotions..had loads of expectations from the movie..from what i had seen from the promos..ofcourse since it starred Rajeev..Embarrassed

I Must say it proved me right..An Amazinggggg Movie..Stupendous performance by Rajeev and to top it all great background score..ClapClapClap

A Different movie..A hatke debut for our hero..Rajeev was Superbb..His expressions..his dialogues..His eyes..Just Perfect..ClapClap

Don't think anyone else could have played Aamir sooo well other than Rajeev..EmbarrassedClap

Reccomends the last scene..The gripping climax..Tooo Gooddd..Just fabulous..ClapClap

Three Cheers to the Aamir Team for making such a moviee..!!ClapClap

Lovedd it..A Must watch for everyoneee..!!EmbarrassedClap


Review By Yazh


How nice it would be to discuss each and every scene.

Not every minute but every single nano second counts, it is awesome. Every emotion is different and unique. Top notch actors can learn from him. But then u can't learn all this, it has to come from within. Nothing methodical, straight from the heart.

We heard about the aam aadmi so much, but it is actually the aam aadmi we get to see.

As I said earlier it is the chemistry between this aam aadmi on the screen and us in our seats that will create a flutter. He just connects!!!



Aamir, a tight thriller 3/5

The film is suspiciously similar to Filipino film Cavite, but the style definitely works
By Rajeev Masand . IBN Live Jun 07, 2008
Aamir, a tight thriller 3/5

Seldom have I seen as confident and competent a first-film as Aamir. It's a tight little thriller that sucks you into its drama less than five minutes into the film and keeps you hooked till the end credits roll.

Television's wonder-boy Rajeev Khandelwal stars as Aamir, a Muslim doctor returning to Mumbai after a stint in the UK, who finds his life turned upside down from the moment he steps out of the airport. A stranger slips him a mobile phone and a voice at the other end threatens to kill his family if he doesn't follow instructions.

From confusion, to shock, to fear, to anger, Aamir goes through all the motions as he follows the voice that leads him in and out of Mumbai's impoverished neighborhoods to have his nose rubbed in the stink and the poverty of the life he abandoned for the comforts of the West. As the voice on the phone leads him through a series of increasingly dangerous errands, it becomes clear what the caller's agenda is. In one last fateful instruction, Aamir is given the grim choice of carrying out a terrorist act or losing his family forever.

Skillfully directed by debutant Rajkumar Gupta from a story that sounds suspiciously similar to that of the Filipino film Cavite, Aamir works because it's filmed documentary-style, creating a breathless, urgent tempo, transporting the audience out there where the action is, side-by-side with the protagonist.

The film's only weak link, is the absence of any convincing explanation why Aamir and not anyone else in similar conditions was singled out for this operation. In fact, you'll find that little detail is satisfactorily handled in Cavite where there's a very specific back-story behind the selection of that particular protagonist. Also despite its running time of only 90 minutes, Aamir does, in a few places, tend to get repetitive and loose. But for the most part the film moves at a brisk pace, never really deviating from its thriller format.

The success and the impact of a film of this nature depends greatly on the credibility and the performance of its protagonist who occupies virtually every frame of the film from start to finish. In Rajeev Khandelwal, the filmmakers have found the perfect man for the job. Uninhibited, spontaneous and blessed with unmistakable presence, Khandelwal holds the screen like a seasoned artist. Using his face as a canvas to display emotions, he emerges the biggest strength of this little film.

More relevant to an Indian audience than Phone Booth or Cellular, two popular Hollywood films with a similar premise, Aamir has a moral core that will no doubt resonate with discerning viewers.

I'm going to go with three out of five and a thumbs up for Aamir, it's a remarkable film that you mustn't miss if you're tired of all the mindless entertainment that's hurled at you week after week at the movies. And Rajkumar Gupta is a director to look out for.

Rating: 3/5 (Good)


Film Aamir Review by Hanumant Bhansali
June 7

Cast: Rajeev Khandelwal
Director: Rajkumar Gupta
Producer: Anurag Kashyap, Deven Khote, Ronnie Screwvala, Zarina Mehta
Music Director: Amit Trivedi
Lyricist: Amitabh Varma
Editor: Aarti Bajaj (Aarti Kashyap)


Rajeev Khandelwal, the heartthrob of Indian television marks his silverscreen debut with Aamir. He has earlier shown his class of acting in tele-series Kahiin to Hoga and Left Right Left. The film has been made under the banners of UTV Spot Boys Pictures and also marks the debut of director Rajkumar Gupta.

Visually, Aamir is very raw. The shooting locations can be related to the ones that an ordinary man comes across in his daily life. However, for an intelligent audience (which has increased in numbers) a good film can always expect appreciation, and that's where Aamir will find its success – in the heart of the audience.

Aamir is the story of an individual who is hit black and blue by the tides of religious waves and a web of introspected trap. The bullish attitude rises from the past from where he left his strength, and finds a new leash of life amidst the down streams of fears and tolerance.

He finds his true self entangled in the over crowded streets of Mumbai. Will our leading protagonist choose to win his trance or will his choice turn out to be a nightmare?

The theme carried by the strong script and brilliantly executed by the technical crew of Aamir stand out as the winners in this film. Cinematography and the background music are brilliant. Editing is slick.

Rajeev Khandelwal, playing the title role of Dr Aamir Ali, portrays his character brilliantly.The complete focus is on Aamir's character as there are no songs or sleazy item numbers to dilute your attention.

On the whole, Aamir's strength lies in its storyline and well-crafted plot.

Radiosargam Movie Rating: 7/10

Hanumant Bhansali











Radio Review


~Aamir gets an Applause~

A film critic..{Rdio shows mein jo aate hain},,,had come on..aur usne Aamir ka premeir dekha tha!!
and he said....
"It is an excellently made film.....short...compact...and crisp...."
About apna RK...he added...
"Coming from television..I had a thought that maybe he would do it over the top...but his acting was very good...so subtle and subdued..."
Is par the RJ added...
"Raeev ki acting was never Over-The-Top....maybe that is why also he had leave TV quicker!!!"
Rajeev in FM 94.3 for his Film Aamir

With the Ulta Seedha Jodi of Jaggu n Taraana
love them mann as they are mad ppl like me

Ohk Rajeev actually studio mein aane waala tha but he could'nt thanks to Mumbai ki Dhamakedaar baarish. But still they managed to talk to him............ Mobile seva zindabad. He was on the way from Goregaon in between flyover mein atak gaya hai...............since an hour.
Taraana & Jaggu : Good Morning Rajeev
Taraana & Jaggu : So Rajeev u were supposed to come to the studio but baarish ke karan u couldnt make up
Rajeev : haan beech raaste mein phasa hua hun
Taraana & Jaggu : whats the meaning of the tag line of the movie (Aamir ka tag line bola)
Rajeev : filhal main aaj pain mein hun...............its the pain the character goes through the film jo usse woh deta hai jo mobile ke uss paar mein hai....bada bereham insaan hai............
Taraana & Jaggu : and whats abt kismat khud likhta hai or koi aur likta hai
Rajeev : the ultimate thing to fnd is whethere Aamir(the character writes him own destiny or accepts the one written by the other.
Taraana & Jaggu : ohk Rajeev...we'll b back with u .after a short brk....just stay where u are .......waha ka network kaafi achcha hai............clear hai..................may b flyover ke top mein khada hai.....................

Then comes some songs...................................................me deing

Beech ka part miss ho gaya sorry for that as in had reached my office n yaha sunna was a bit ajeeb....lekin halka halka suna...............they were talking abt Ekta Kapoor. pura nahii sunn paayi

Then again comes songs...........................................

Taraana & Jaggu : hello Rajeev back again
Rajeev : hello
Taraana & Jaggu : Rajeev whats abt this 3 Rajeev Khandelwals in the industry
Rajeev : yaar yeh koi Rajesh Khanna nahii jo ek hi ho.............the name is really common..............and one of them was there yesterday with me for film ka premier.........and i introduced him to the press ........that him being a director.................
Taraana & Jaggu : so there were confusions going on
Rajeev : haan.......kaafi baar aisa hota tha ki humaare checks adal badal jaate the
iused to get his pmnt check n he used to get mine....................as he too was there in Balaji as the director.................................mera hight pmnt waala usse jatha tha n uska mujhe....
Jaggu : that means u used to get the 500 one chq
Rajeev : nahiii....woh usse jatha tha (all all 3 of them have a laughter)

Taraana : achcha Rajeev tell me abt Aamna
Rajeev : hehehehehehehe (starts laughing)
Taraana : yaar maine seedha puch liya.....................chal ab bata whats between u'll
Rajeev : yaar kitni baar bolun Aamna meri ek bahut achchi dost hai .....................and nothing there between us.............we are'nt a couple
Taraana : but yaar u'll look sooo good togethere....phir kyun? (and peechey se Jaggu too blabbers haan achche lagte ho...saath rehte ho)
Rajeev : yaar aise tho Aamir ke saath jo bhi khada hota hai looks good with him..iska matlab yeh thodi hai ki they are a couple
Taraana : haaan..............this guys answers in such a round way.......tho Aamna sirf frnd with invertyed commas
Rajeev : laughs aloud ..................haan just frnds...............
Rajeev : yaar nahii hua Aamna se saamna tho kya karun................kal bhi premeir par sab yahi puch rhe the ki Aamna kyun nahii aayiiiii.............ab woh India mein nahii hai tho nahii aayiiiiii
Jaggu : tho sure naa kuch nahii hai.....................chalo good many of my cousins are there will send them to u
Rajeev : anytime..............
Taraana : hmm chalo Rajeev....wish u all the best for u'r movie...............we'll surely watch it and call u on monday and tell u how it was......................
Rajeev : thanks.....bye n tc
Taraana : so this was Rajeev talking to us on Aamir.................him and Ekta being in Good terms(i missed this one) .................and Aamna being "Just Good Friends"





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Promo Of Aamir!!




Stills from the first promo of the film !!




Stills from the Music Video Shoot !!

Pics from the Premiere !!

Aamir Gallery

Aamir Gallery

Rajeev and Abhay Deol bond at Aamir Premiere

Rajeev and Abhay Deol bond at Aamir Premiere

Aamir Gallery

Aamir Gallery

View Raw Image' jQuery1212786638542="13"> 










Aamir Gallery



Rajeev Khandelwal

Rajeev Khandelwal




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Rajeev's E-mails  regarding Aamir!!

Hi Friends....
Its been a long time....and i missed you all as much or even more, then you did......as you all know the reason for my long absence, i don't feel guilty...
No let me just update you all with the latest on Aamir....as of now just the climax(4days) and london shoot is pending...we had to break the shoot because my cinematographer, Alphonse Roy, had a prior committment in US...he is back on 24th Dec and we start shooting from 26th till 30th in Mumbai and we leave for London in the first week of Jan...
I have had a great time shooting for Aamir...everyone loved me and i felt like the fav 'boy' in the unit...Alphonse is a great technician and is now a great friend of mine...very few can shoot the way he has shot the film...but along with the challenges of shooting he had another challenge on his personal front....his daughter and i are having this 'Chini Kum' affair and Alphonse can't seem to stop us....
Shooting Aamir wasn't easy...u will get to see that in 'the making of Aamir'...we all have worked like crazy trying to get everything right...My director RajKumar has put in his best...the assistant directors Neil, Devaanka, Anubhuti, Nitin, Ajay have worked really really hard...poor guys used to get a lot of scolding too from RajKumar...but they all miss being on the sets as much as i do....
Let me tell all of you that the film has some music(so u see, its not all that dry)...and my instincts say that you all will love all the numbers....
The trailors of the film come out with Jodha Akbar(end of jan release)....and the film finally comes out in march/april...who doesn't like his/baby? i may be biased but i hope it is a treat to watch in  the cinema halls....
This is the first time i have spoken in length about Aamir...haven't even spoken to the press till date...and i m so happy about it....

Love and regards




Hi Friends
Bored and tired of waiting? Well, I must say that all of you have incredible patience!!! This period  from august was very challenging for me too. I don't think I could have kept my spirits so high if your unflinching support and love had not trickled in all the time. I shall always be indebted to you (I have stopped wondering what makes you all so 'giving' when it comes to me)
Let me inform you all about the latest on Aamir front. To begin with, the music of Aamir has been bought by Sony BMG. Initially, UTV had decided to retain the rights of the music but finally gave in to the offer made by Sony. Now, since the music is getting released pretty soon, the music company wanted the release date to be pushed further so that they do justice with the music. I am shooting one video today and another one tomorrow and day after (yes, two videos). You will get to see them from 12th may onwards (my guess). The release date of Aamir has been pushed to 6th june.
Let me also inform you that Aamir has had a few screenings for eminent people from Bollywood like Mr Santosh Sivan, Mrs Hema Malini, Ms Tabu, Mr Renzil de Souza (writer of Rang De Basanti) Mr Navdeep Sahni(Manorma six feet), Mr Irfaan Khan, Mr Tigmanshu Dhulia, Radio Mirchi  and MTV guys. The reaction of everyone has been synonymous – 'wonderful'. Many others are slated to watch the film this week.
Aamir is a classic example of what can happen, if a group of passionate people decide to do something with one objective. It's a film that has a first time director, first time actor, first time music director, first time producer (though it is under UTV umbrella, Aamir is UTVspotboy's first film), and first time cinematographer. It is true that every one had sound knowledge of their job except me, but it was still everyone's first full length feature film. Only one thing united all of us - the 'script'. We had only one common dream – 'make a good film'. The director is from Ranchi,producer from Delhi, music director from Mumbai, cinematographer from Chennai and the actor from jaipur. Can their be a better example of secularism???!!!(Though everyone lives in Mumbai now except the cinematographer)
So, the obvious question would be that did we achieve what we had set out for? Well, we are all very happy and proud of Aamir. We could have done better but I guess this craving for betterment will never die.
Now most importantly, whatever is good for me or for us may not be good for you guys. A good film for me may just be average for you. So do not make any opinion about the film till you don't see it. I was tempted to share my feelings because I thought I owe it to you.
Success at box office is important and I would surely be disappointed if Aamir doesn't do well. But I will not give up or breakdown if the outcome is not pleasant. Since, we are humans we can fail in our endeavor. But no failure can undo the amazing journey we had together as team while making Aamir. I shall always be proud of my decision to choose Aamir as my debut film.
My second film with UTVspotboy is almost ready(scripting front). We start shooting for it immediately after monsoons. Shall reveal more details when I am allowed to. All I can say is that it is a beautiful love story to be shot very stylishly.
To end this really long note let me thank all of you once again for your love and blessings. As I always say, my battle is to feel deserving of whatever I get in life so I know I have to work really hard. I would consider myself lucky if I could bring smile on your faces, every time we interact, every time you see me. I may or may not stay in touch constantly but my heartfelt gratitude will always flow towards you constantly.
Love life and love yourself. Lets spread as many smiles as possible before our tenure on earth gets over!




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Articles Related to Aamir(The Film) and Rajeev


ublication:Times Of India Lucknow; Date:Jun 25, 2008; Section:Lucknow Times; Page Number:19


'TV actors don't make it big in films? Says who !'

Rajeev Khandelwal, after Shah Rukh Khan, is proving that transition from small to big screen is possible

ROSHNI K OLIVERA Times News Network

Just a few months ago it was "Look Sujal's here" or "See Captain Rajveer Shekhawat is around". But something's changed. He's Aamir for the world today, or actually Rajeev Khandelwal himself. His small screen character names are slowly fading into oblivion simply because the man has made a huge transition to the big screen with rave reviews about his performance in his debut film Aamir.

    Incidentally, after Shah Rukh Khan, he's the first male TV actor to make the transition successfully. Many others who tried failed, some even miserably. Rajeev says about this, "I'm glad the mindset that TV actors can't make it on the big screen will change now. Also the fact that a small film with no heroine can work! It's all about the right script and execution."

    So how much has life changed for him? "Life always remains the same. Things around you change. Today, there are a lot more expectations, a little more respect and a lot of love! The response I've got is overwhelming and I'm happy I've lived up to people's expectations." But he isn't celebrating his success and there's a reason behind that. "I'm not on cloud nine and that's because before my film released I'd decided that if it didn't do well, I wouldn't go into depression! So similarly, I'm not partying hard either."

    He has signed his second film Peter Gaya Kaam Se, a romantic film, opposite a newcomer, where he plays a loverboy. He surely must have been waiting for this considering he's always had a romantic onscreen image. "Actually, I wanted to do something different from what I've done in my first film. And, for how long can I keep myself away from romance?" he laughs.

    With competitors like Harman Baweja and Imran Khan who are well-packaged, where does he see himself fitting in, especially with song and dance? "I'm happy to have such good batchmates and there are so many of them... I think around 25 are making their debut this year. About me dancing on screen, well, it's going to be fun," he says excitedly.

    Rajeev's always been the risktaker, whether it was when he quit the TV show Kahin Toh Hoga that made him a household name or later when he gave up television for films. "If you want to take a leap you have to take chances. One has to live life on the edge to make it exciting," is his mantra. His acting dream incidentally dates back to the time when he was in class three. And there's a dramatic twist to this, too! In class nine he got an opportunity to be part of a show for the local Doordarshan network in Jalandhar (his father, who was in the army was posted there). But that entailed going out of town and missing school and so his dad refused. "As I tore the script to bits, I decided I would become an actor one day. Here I am," he smiles.

THE RISING STAR: Rajeev Khandelwal

0 N M Y S H E L F

"I hope the script for my next film is on my shelf soon !"

Never let a hectic schedule affect your reading. I usually read a few books at a time. Right now, I have plenty lined up on my shelf, incuding Jeffrey Archer's latest, A Prisoner By Birth. It is simply unputdownable! A good book should have both a great plot as well as brilliant writing. Only then can it sustain interest. On these parameters, I vote for Ayn Rand and Jeffrey Archer as my favourite writers. My alltime faves are The Fountainhead and Kane And Abel. But what I'm eagerly awaiting now is the script of my third film. I hope that's on my shelf soon!

    — As told to AMIN ALI


First Lessons


    Acluster of newcomers made their disastrous debuts last week in two romantic films. They deserved better. So did we. Romance, it would seem, has gone out of fashion. There was a time when debutants clamoured to be introduced in cotton-candy coochie-cooing excursions. No more. Everyone is looking for a different kind of launch. And so, Rajeev Khandelwal has no leading lady in Aamir. Aamir Khan's nephew and Priyanka Chopra's boyfriend who make their debuts next month are seen doing unconventional things in the promotional gambits. Luckily for Imraan and Harman, their heroines are tried and tested. Bollywood has a serious history of one newcomer falling by the wayside when double debutants appear together. Does anyone remember Harish and Kamal Sadanah who debuted opposite Karisma and Kajol in Prem Qaidi and Bekhudi, respectively?

    Even the mighty Kamal Haasan was a casualty of addled stardom. He lost out to his co-star Rati Agnihotri in their Hindi debut Ek Duuje Ke Liye. And where is Vivek Mushran who made his maiden appearance with Manisha Koirala in Saudagar? It's not as if the ladies always march past their co-stars. Guys too leave the ladies behind quite often. Akshay Kumar debuted with Shantipriya in Saugandh. She vanished. He went from strength to strength. It can be said with a fair degree of conviction that none of the debutants from last week stand any chance of making it beyond the checkpost. And they included star kids (producer Kumar Mangat's daughter, Shekhar Suman's son) and wannabes from outside like Nakuul Mehta.

    Kumar Mangat's daughter came to us with adequate publicity. And vocal and visible support from 'Ajay bhaiya' and 'Kajol bhabhi'. And stories of Adhayayan Suman's warm friendship with Kangna Ranaut reached us before his debut film did. Net result: No curiosity. So what makes a film hot at the box office? While chatting with Rani Mukerji the other day, I realised there's absolutely no rhyme or reason why a film does well or not. "Tara Rum Pum did well enough last year," she grumbled. "But it was dubbed a flop." Her new film is about a return to arcadian innocence that would be considered highly risky in these times of acute cynicism. In De Taali, Rimi

    Sen is made to watch the unedited version of Ram Gopal Varma's Aag. Perhaps next year another wise guy will make another film that will show someone being tortured watching De Taali!

'There is no formula for success'

TV actor Rajeev Khandelwal, talks to Swati R Chaudhary about his debut film Aamir, a psychological thriller

How would you describe your debut film Aamir?

Rajeev Khandelwal
Rajeev Khandelwal

Aamir is a complete Bollywood commercial thriller. It is not one of those run-of-the-mill thrillers. You would be forced to think. It's a battle of ideologies. It's a psychological thriller. There are no superstars, larger than life locations or supporting cast to sell the film. Aamir is the story of an average middle class Indian.

What is your role in the film?

The film is about the problems average Indians face. It's the story of Aamir Ali who lands in Mumbai and is oblivious to the trap that is awaiting him. He is sucked deeper and deeper into it but eventually fights his way out. Aamir is an ordinary guy caught in extraordinary circumstances. He is no hero but becomes a hero.

How did Aamir happen?

After I quit my last television show, Left Right Left, I was offered Aamir. The script completely floored me. I think I was born to play Aamir. I have more than 25 bound scripts with me none of them excited me enough. I was not asked for any auditions or screen tests. Anurag Kashyap and his team showed a lot of confidence.

Chor bazaar, Nagpada, Crawford market, mutton market'85Why was the film shot at such congested locations?

The film is very real in terms of story telling. There are no larger than life portrayals in Aamir. To make it authentic, it was important for the film to be shot realistically. Mumbai is an integral part of the story line.

A first-time director (Rajkumar Gupta), no heroine, no item numbers, no exotic locales'85Why this chancy debut?

There is only one item in the film and that's me. (Laughs). My first film has to leave an impact and prove that I can deliver as an actor. Being an outsider, I knew no one would launch me in a Rs 35-cr magnum opus. Nobody would make a Saawariya with me. I know I have to make it on my own. As far as making a romantic, conventional debut is concerned, tell me which is the safest debut? There is no fixed formula to success. How many actors, who have made a romantic debut, have managed to stay back? There is no way to device a safe launch vehicle.

In retrospective, what do you feel about your decision of quitting television?

I was unhappy with the way things were happening. I am not much bothered about the zeroes on my paychecks than the script. Television was becoming mundane and unexciting. Besides, when is the right time to quit? When the show shuts down or people get bored of the show? The love and adulation is tempting but I believe you should leave things when you're at the helm of it. It takes a lot to detach and walk away at that peak time. But I have always believed in my decisions. It was difficult for me to walk out on the streets with everyone looking at me, smiling, blowing kisses especially when I knew I wasn't doing anything in the show (Kahinn to Hoga). I was doing something that was making absolutely no sense to me. That's when I decided to quit. I thought I wasn't worthy of all that adulation. I had to deliver. So I chose to walk out.

Any big banners or production houses lining up?

Big banners like YRF and Karan Johar haven't approached me. But some people who make a difference to the industry have approached me. I am just holding myself back. I am just doing another romantic film with UTV presently. I won't sign any more films until Aamir releases. I want people to see my work first.

Do people connect to you as 'Sujal' or Rajeev Khandelwal?

I am recognised more as Rajeev Khandelwal though Sujal is an intrinsic part of my life. When I walk out today, there are a lot of women who call me Sujal. There are plenty of people who call me Capt. Rajveer Shekhawat from Left Right Left. I feel very humbled. It's amazing feeling because every time someone walks up to me, I feel that they have decided to give me a couple of minutes out of their lives without expecting anything in return so the least I can do is make them feel special.

Apart from acting, what else are you passionate about?

I am passionate about life. I like cooking and love outdoor sports like mountaineering and river rafting. I like meeting people. My nariyal pani wala and the girl living down the slums are the most interesting people in my life. Whenever I return her smile, she blushes which makes me happy.

Your final take on Aamir?

I am proud of Aamir. I was destined to play Aamir. It had to happen to me. As far as the box office success of the film is concerned, I can't anything about it. — TWF

lnk http://www.tribuneindia.com/2008/20080517/saturday/main2.htm



When Aamir landed in a lockup
16 May, 2008 07:15 am ISTlINDIATIMES MOVIES

UTV Spotboy's Aamir has been shot in real locations across Mumbai... while shooting the climax of the film at Nana Chowk in Mumbai the unit faced a huge problem... Since the film was being shot with hidden cameras, most people in the area were not aware that Rajeev Khandewal was shooting in the area. When they realized that it was indeed television's Sujal in their area, Rajeev's fans started mobbing him on the road.

With the production trying best to control the scenario, the scene became worse in sometime and people refused to move from the roads causing a huge traffic jam for over 3 hours. Since there was a police station very close by, the police requested the entire unit to wait inside the station for them to be able to clear the traffic... as it was evening time and the jam would become a larger issue for people traveling back from town to suburbs.

So the entire unit including director Rajkumar Gupta and Rajeev came to the police station and had to wait for the situation to get better... now their only concern was that the station was too small and there was not too much space to wait. So the police came up with an innovative idea and opened the lock up room and requested these guys to rest inside the room.

Only once the traffic jam was cleared after almost an hour and the whole thing died down, did they leave Rajeev and the team from the police station. Rajeev Laughs remembering the incident and says, "Oh yeah, it had become very chaotic there and since the police station was close by they took all of us there...since there was no place we had to wait in the lock up... and I kept telling the director that see now I have for the film, been inside a real lock up and spent the entire afternoon..." LOL
------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------

Rajeev's Aamir has to Wait

Rajeev Khandelwal who swept the fairer sex off their feet with his role of the tough and introvert Sujal to become the heartthrob of the nation will have to wait for a while for his debut flick Aamir to hit the big screen. Aamir was slated to release by the end of May but now it is pushed to June 6. The actor has already started receiving rave reviews for the promos of the movie.

Talking about the delay of the movie, Rajeev says, "The release of Aamir is delayed as we are coming up with a song for the movie which would run for at least 15 days before its release. One can term it as a promotional strategy for the movie."

"This is a cult movie and people will find me in a different avatar altogether," adds the hunk.

The movie is about a bomb-blast that takes place in the city and Rajeev tries detecting and decoding it.

Well Rajeev whatever avatar you don all those girls can't wait anymore to see you back on-screen!

------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------


Aamir the story in Pictures !

Aamir: Story in pictures

Television's most popular actor Rajeev Khandelwal makes his debut in Aamir directed by newcomer Rajkumar Gupta (who assisted Anurag Kashyap in Black Friday and No Smoking).

Aamir is about a London-based doctor who returns to India only to find himself trapped in a political and religious dilemma.

Aamir: Story in pictures

Rajeev is also credited as first assistant director of the movie because of his passion for his work.
Rajeev was totally involved on the sets. He would give a clap himself and say action and then give his shot as shooting in the narrow lanes restricted the number of crew members. Sometimes he would carry a reflector in his hand and do the scene which normally is the work of assistant director.

He also took care of his makeup as the film was shot using hidden cameras so a vanity van was out of the question. He wanted real shots, therefore for continuity's sake, Rajeev would do his make up in a taxi or rickshaw.

Rajeev got on well with everyone, the director said. Whenever the actor was on sets he insisted on eating the same food as the crew. Rajeev even said in an interview once that he did not want special treatment. 'Since every one on Aamir were shooting in those dirty locations, I didn't want any special treatment...'.
The promotional music video of Aamir was at Flora Fountain (a stone fountain situated in Fort business district in the heart of South Mumbai). The song Mehfooz, a Sufi song was shot around noon and attracted a number of women from neighbouring offices, who came to the streets to catch a glimpse of their favourite actor.

On several occasions during the shoot Rajeev had to request his fans to allow them to shoot as the crowd was getting unmanageable.

The tall actor prefers to travel by business class as there is not enough leg space in economy class. He travelled with the whole crew for nine hours from Mumbai to London for the opening shot. Director Rajkumar Gupta explained him why he needs to travel in economy class and now Rajeev feels it was more like a picnic.
------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------

I like Jaipur's character: Rajeev

Rajeev Khandelwal
Rajeev Khandelwal is all set to make his filmi debut soon and the Jaipur lad can't be happier. It seems Jaipur is equally happy for him. Recently, a rumour saying that he was shooting at Hawa Mahal for Aamir brought half the city there!

Ask him what his debut film is all about and he says, "I have read a number of scripts in the last two years and Aamir is the only script that didn't let me sleep at night. I wasn't prepared for this one and I guess the best things in life are the ones you are not prepared for. It is going to be a great film."

But what made him give up his very successful TV career? "I do work for the masses but when it comes to making a move, it has to be my word. In the TV industry, I couldn't understand the point of dragging a show for years and years? The makers of Kahiin to Hoga were not calling it quits, so I had to. Raj Kapoor had said that the show must go on and I think the TV guys take it too seriously. I think it is the creativity that must go on," explains Rajeev.

The actor who has long been linked to his telly co-star Aamna Sharif claims there is no woman in his life. "I am single. I just don't know why I am single, I guess I am pretty happy the way I am right now. Not that I don't need women in my life. I do and that is just to say that I am pretty straight and normal. But I am not seeing anyone right now. I have just been linked with Aamna and that to because we did a romantic soap together. Since I have no heroine in Aamir, I guess the linking game will not begin for me just now in Bollywood!"

But what kind of Ms Right is he looking for? "I like femininity in a woman, followed by her mindset. She has to have a strong individual character. She should not be dependent on anything and anyone."

And that holds true for his favourite city too – Jaipur. "I was born in Jaipur and my family is still there. My father was in the Army and we used to keep travelling around the country. Whenever he was posted at an out-of-the-way place, we would come back and stay in Jaipur. And all my summer vacations were spent in the Pink City. What I really like about Jaipur is its character."
And what does he mean by that? "It is just so pure and beautiful. When I say character, I mean its colours, its people, its food and its culture." And then he goes on to list a few other attractions... "Rawat's pyaaz ki kachoris, Nahargarh Fort, kulhar mein lassi, Raj Mandir and Choki Dhani. It is a sin to miss any of it."

The actor also loves the way the city has mixed tradition with modernity. "The original Jaipur, with its wide roads and heritage monuments, has beautifully transformed itself into a modern city. If it has forts, it also has malls, if it has temples, there are also BPO hubs... there is so much more to the city now!"
............................................................ ....................

Now June 6 hots up Click here to add this article to My Clips

By Taran Adarsh, May 20, 2008 - 09:06 IST

Click above for more stills

Multiple releases are the order of the day and the moment IPL concludes, the immediate week - June 6 - will witness a barrage of new films.

SARKAR RAJ was the first to block this date. AAMIR, Rajeev Khandelwal's debut film, was also shifted to this date subsequently. "AAMIR won't get affected by the SARKAR RAJ wave. Our film caters to a different audience," UTV's Siddharth Roy Kapur told me a few days ago.

Kamal Amrohi's grandson Mashhoor Amrohi makes his acting and directorial debut with HUMSEY HAI JAHAAN, also slated for release on June 6. Wait, there's one more film on this date - ZINDAGI TERE NAAM. This film was slated for release on May 30, but has been postponed to June 6 since the music is being launched on May 23 and its makers want to promote its music for at least two weeks before the film hits the marquee.


Bollywood's new star wars

Television star Sujal aka Rajeev Khandelwal will debut with UTV Spotboy's offbeat film Aamir that is being promoted by the banner to every possible extent.

And the most interesting point about this film is that not only its lead actor is making his debut but simultaneously the director, cinematographer, music director, production outfit and every possible person from the crew are a first-timer.

'Aamir is not cashing in on the Jaipur blasts'

Still from Jannat

Why are you so selective about revealing the plot of your film?
Aamir is a cutting edge thriller about a common man who is pushed against the world and asked to do certain things. The crux of the film is whether he gives up or fights back to deal with the circumstances. It's a situation that any one of us can get into unknowingly and how one deals with it. Mine is a compelling, moving and entertaining film that doesn't have any conventional female lead. Since the thriller unfolds with each and every scene, I am reluctant to say anything further. At the most I can say the film is set against the backdrop of terrorism.

Jannat's release date coincided with the IPL matches. Aamir releases just weeks after the Jaipur serial blast. Do you think real-life connections will help your film at the box office?
The release date of my film was decided much before the tragedy struck. Aamir is not cashing in on the Jaipur blasts. No tragedy should be commercially exploited.

Producers are suddenly showing interest in making films on terrorism and the Naxalite movement. Is that because terrorism in India is again rearing its nasty head?
I am not aware of many recent films on terrorism. Of course, there is a herd mentality. But then, that's not Bollywood specific. The moment a certain genre of films is successful, Hollywood too throws up some more films in the same genre. As for terrorism, it has never remained dormant.

You are going on record to say that you weren't aware of Rajeev Khandelwal's previous work when you cast him as the lead. Considering that Rajeev is a popular television star, don't you think such comments can hurt his ego?
Frankly speaking, I have never followed television and hence didn't know about his work. I met him through common friends and interacted with him. Thereafter, he showed me some of his works on the DVD. Rajeev came across as an actor who never carried any baggage of being a television star. He had a lot of respect for the script and all of the technicians.

So, who is the real hero of your film - Rajeev or the script ?
The script. The only reason that my producers gave a break to a newcomer like me who has no filmi connections (I come from Hazaribagh) is because I had a cracking script. Of late, a number of big stars and production houses have released films that have bombed. The reason is that they didn't have a good script.

Do you do your research for a film and write the complete script before approaching your producers?
Yes. I've assisted Anurag Kashyap for Black Friday and No Smoking. And one must be prepared to show a bound script to every producer who wants to read it. A producer might reject a script and there could be chances of portions of one's script being copied by others because one has shown it to some producers. But that's a risk one has to take. Film-making, in any case, is a risky business.

What else did you learn from Anurag Kashyap?
He told me that a film has to be made from the heart. Budgets are no excuses. I can never say that my film would have been better had I got a crore more. Budgets don't decide whether a film is good or not.


'I don't want to take on too many films'

    Rajeev Khandelwal will be taking the plunge into Bollywood with Aamir. Not with Aamir Khan, but in a film called Aamir. What caught our attention first was the name of the film. Well, it had no connection with AK, but Rajeev's onscreen character is called Aamir. Another revelation is that this is a heroine-less film. Yes, the oh-soromantic guy of TV is making his debut in a thriller and not in a romantic flick, an attribute that got him all his fame. Rajeev reasons, "It is good to give the audience something they don't expect. And at the end of the day, it's the script that is the winner and not the performer." Is he saying that he doesn't have many expectations from his debut? "Not any, in fact! I don't want people to throng the cinema halls or bring the film a business that runs into many hundred crores. Even if there are ten people in the cinema hall, I wouldn't mind, as I'm sure that they will not go back disappointed. I need to feel good about my

    film and I'm doing just that. I don't see things from my audience's point of view," he says.

    Having wrapped up the shooting of Aamir, is he neck deep in newer projects already? "Yes, the industry has followed the word of mouth and I'm getting a lot of work. But that's okay because everyone gets a lot of work here," he says. Is that the modest charmer talking? "There are many newcomers in Mumbai and lots of films are being made everyday." But Rajeev says that he wants to play fair. "I don't want to sign five films and safeguard them in my kitty right away. Let me be fair – let people see my work and then decide whether they want me or not," he says.

    A chat with Rajeev isn't complete without enquiring about his current love interest. So, whom is he seeing these days? "I see so many of them," comes his reply. When rumour mills stopped grinding tidbits about Aamna and him did they heave a sigh of relief? "There wasn't any sense of relief. I knew these rumours would die out. In fact, Aamna and I are still in touch. I'm the kind of guy who believes in destiny. I know someone's made for me and she'll walk my way soon," he replies.


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 I have put up the names of all the people who told me to put their names.......if u want your name here, then PM me !

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These Siggies are free for Use -













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-tanya- 469 16576 01 April 2009 at 10:04am by Siddhi_
*****Aamir Khan(actor) Fan Club*******

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sp_2012 6 843 26 December 2008 at 12:45pm by Tasha.Natasha

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