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~*~Monsoon Mania Contest~*~ Voting

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Hello everyone


First of all a very big thank you to all who took part in this contest

The response I had from writers and readers was overwhelming


Now that I have received all the entries its time to vote

The contest was to write a one-shot story on  a 'monsoon' theme


One thing I'd like to mention is that there is immense talent here and I was delighted to read the entries I received


Just to make this more exciting I have created a few categories to vote for

Lets make everyone a winner,they all deserve it


Here are the categories


    Best title
    Best storyline
    Best end to the story
    Best description of monsoon
  1. Best ff overall



    Only one choice is accepted for each category
    Please vote wisely,try not to vote for your friends story but for the one that deserves to win
    Writers may not vote for their own entry
    All entries should be posted in this thread
  • Lastly if there is any problem or if I have missed to print your story here,PM me asap to be included


Happy voting!


Lots of love




Entry 1


Woh Bheege Pal


The rain pounded heavily down on the ground as Shilpa entered her backyard. The grass welcomed the heavy waters, letting the rain fall on it with a drumming sound. Shilpa was wearing only a blue and purple churidaar dress, her dupatta wrapped around herself. Accompanied by only the sound of rain and her breathing, Shilpa entered the rainy yard and sat down on the swing.

As she looked up at the water fall, the days of her in love came back to her. Love. It sent a cold shiver down her back as Karan's face flashed into her mind. He was always the first one who came to her mind when she heard the word love. But ever since she had decided to move on with her life, the name seemed less important. She never forgot it; she just learned to deal with it.

And now the rain bought it all back to her. The day when Karan had waited outside her house until she forgave him. The way he stood out all night in the pouring rain, only for her to notice him.  She leaned back against the wet swing, remembering every little moment between her and Karan.

He was the kind of guy every girl dreams of. He was no Edward Cullen or Prince Charming; he was just Karan. They used to fight all the time; he used to tease her, and she pretended to hate it. But inside she knew how much she loved him. She knew that he was better than any Cullen or Prince Charming…she knew that she was made for him. So why did something always come up, ruining their relationship?

Shilpa frowned as the rain grew heavier. It hit her face hard, almost as if slapping her. The sky turned a darker shade of gray as thunder struck. Every cloud in the sky turned black. Shilpa closed her eyes, letting Karan's face fill her dreams. A voice suddenly, though, interrupted her thoughts.


Shilpa flipped her eyes open at the voice, her heart racing. Karan stood in front of her, wearing a black T-shirt with blue jeans. His hands were stuffed in his pockets and he had a sheepish smile on his face. Every inch of him was wet; water dripped from his eyes as he stared at her.

Shilpa blinked the water out of her eyes and sat straight, looking up at him.

S: Karan? Tum…yahan kaise?

Karan pursed his lips and looked around. He finally rolled his eyes.

K: Dance kerne aya hoon.

Shilpa raised her eyebrows but smiled.

S: Iss baarish mein?

K: Kyun?

He suddenly leaned into her, whispering the words softly,

K: Kya tum baarish mein mere saath dance nahin kerna chaho gi?

Shilpa's heartbeat grew faster as she felt his breathing on her neck.

S: Karan, tum yahan kyun aye ho?

Karan stood up straight.

K: Kyun ki…kyun ki I miss you, Shilpa.

Shilpa shut her eyes at the words.

S: Kyun? Koi aur nahin mili?

Karan smiled.

K: Mili na.

S: Acha? Tho phir?

He sat down on the swing with her.

K: Who Shilpa nahin hai.

Shilpa looked up at him.

S: Karan, I told you. I need to go my own way.

Karan looked at her confidently.

K: Tum jaun sa rastha apnao gi, uski manzil mujh per khatam hogi, Shilpa. Aur yeh tum bhi jaanti ho.

Shilpa swallowed and stood up but Karan grabbed her wrist from behind.

K: Ek baar chali gayee. Ab nahin jaane dhoon ga…

She spun around, her wet dupatta hitting his face slightly. He closed his eyes at the touch, smiling. Shilpa looked at him as he slowly opened his eyes again.

K: There's no feeling like that one.

Shilpa blushed. Karan stood up, walking close to her. He brushed her cheeks softly with his hand, removing the water off.

K: I don't only want you, Shilpa, but I need you.

Shilpa turned away.

S: It's too late, Karan. Main apna raasta tumse judaa ker chuki hoon…

K: Aur tumhara dil?

He walked in front of her.

K: Kya apni dhadkane mujhse judaa ker paogi? Kya apni har saans se mera ehsaas nikaal pao gi? Kya apni muskurahat se meri khushi nikaal paogi? Kya apne har ansoon se mera gham nikaal paogi tum, Shilpa?!

Shilpa moved back, crying.

S: Karan, tum chale jao yahan se-koi aur tumhari raah dekh raha hoga…

Karan held her shoulders tightly, forcing her to look up in his eyes.

K: Aur tumhari nazrein kya meri raah nahin dekhti? Iss barsaat mein tum yahan kya ker rahi ho phir? Mujhe yaad nahin ker rahi thi? Bolo, Shilpa, bolo!

Shilpa tried to get out of his grip.

S: Chodo mujhe, Karan!

K: Bolo, Shilpa! Kya meri yaad nahin aati tumhe? Jab yeh hawa tumhe choothi hai, tho kya tumhe mera ehsaas nahin hota?

Shilpa pushed him, shouting,


K: Koi raasta dil ke raaste se zaroori nahin hai, Shilpa!

He fell to his knees, opening his arms in the rain. Shilpa stepped back, blinking furiously.

K: I love you, Shilpa!

Shilpa stared at him as their memories flashed in her mind. The kisses in the stairwell…the fights in the cafeteria…the competition in the basketball court…the love in the lockerroom…

K: Aur aaj main yahan se nahin jaoon ga jab tak mujhe tumhara jawaab nahin milta. Kya tumhe mujhse pyar hai?

Shilpa stared at him. His cute face stared up at her expectantly.

S: I-I love you, Karan…

Karan smiled and stood up, laughing. He grabbed her in his arms. He held out her hand as she placed hers in his.

Just as her hand touched his, Shilpa's eyes flew open. She looked around the yard, breathing heavily. She was still sitting on the swing. The night had passed by as early dawn rose. The rain still had turned into a slight drizzle. She looked around. There was no Karan. Somewhere in the distance she could hear the song play,

Woh lamhe, WohBaatein

Koi Na Jaane,

Thi Kaise Raatein


Woh bheegi bheegi yaadein...

Woh bheegi bheegiyaadein...


Shilpa licked her wet lips and satstraight on the swing. A rainbow was warped across the sky, standing tall aboveher. She looked up at it sadly.

S: Bhool ja ussai, Shilpa. He's happyin his world. Move on...

She stared into the middle of theyard. She could make out two people dancing in the rain, laughing together. Theylooked like the perfect couple in love.

She smiled. She knew she was lookingat herself and Karan and what they once were. She leaned against the swing andwatched silently. It didn't matter anymore if they wererealor not, what mattered was what the heart wished tosee. And the heart wished, and still wishes, for Karan and Shilpa's happyending...





Entry 2



They sat there thinking where life had bought them to, sitting together in the car, so near yet so distant. Both had the same thought: How are they going to stop their feelings? A little fight had made them so far from eachother that now they didn't have a reason to talk. They knew both were wrong but sometimes ego clashes and doesn't give a chance to even clear a misunderstanding. Soon, they reached Lonavala. The place where they had to work as a punishment from Dr.Keerti. Both remembered well how they got it.


Armaan and Ridhima walked in the Children's ward after a huge argument they had in the staircase regarding .Anyways, "The kids are really naughty" they heard it from Atul who was another intern with them. They never got a chance to work in the Children's ward and now they had but if they wouldn't talk how were they going to handle so many children?

Armaan went to the right so Ridhima went to the left but the Children's had already seen the small scene there. They were not talking to eachother in any manner. One kid, by name Sneha came to another kid named Harsh.

"Harsh, dekha. Kaam asaan ho gaya. Yeh dono to pehle se ek dusre se baat nahin karte"

"Yeh to main bhi dekh raha hoon, to kaunsa plan follow kare"

"Sabse naya waala karte hain"

"Are haan, Chalo"

Sneha went to her bed and waited till she was checked by Armaan, once finished Ridhima came by.

"Didi, Uss Doctor ne mujhe ek bahot bari injection daali, bahot dard ho raha hain"

"Injection hain, dard thora to hoga na?"

"Sachi mein Didi.Bahot dard hain"

"Ruko mein dekhti hoon"

Now,Ridhima was nervous. How was she going to talk to Armaan?Gathering courage she went to Armaan.



"Which injection did you give to Sneha?"

"What's the problem?"

"It's hurting her very much"

"Hello!, I didn't give her any injection"

"What? Why will the girl say a lie?"

"How will I know?"

"Armaan, Please"








Both turned around and saw Dr.Keerti with a number of wardboys and nurses. She headed towards them.

"Can I know what is happening here?"

"Ma'am, Actually..."

"Nothing, Right Ridhima?"

"Then this shouting was for nothing"

"No Ma'am..."

"You both are going to Lonavala and till I don't tell you're not coming back"

"I'm sorry Ma'am."

"I am sorry Dr.Ridhima, You both are still going"

Flashback ends

Bua greeted them at the gate and brought them inside. Armaan and Ridhima got a huge shock after that. Kids! Again? This was really going to be tough.

"There are only kids here, Bua?" Armaan asked.

"Yes Armaan, Only kids" Bua answered.

"Freshen up, Eat food and Start your work tomorrow"

"Why tomorrow?"

"I think it's going to rain, the clouds are getting together and the sky seems very dark"

"I'm going to change"

"Me too"

After changing, they sat to eat and after that the boys gathered around Armaan and the girls around Ridhima. All the children took them outside.Suddenly, the children pushed Armaan and Ridhima together which gave the result that Ridhima fell on top of Armaan and they rolled together. The children saw this and started singing.And to add the icing in the cake, it started raining.

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom (1 girl sang)

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom (Some children joined her)

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom....(All the children joined her and started singing)

Ghode Jaisi Chaal Haathi Jaisi Dum

O Saawan Raja Kahaan Se Aaye Tum (Another girl sang)

Ghode Jaisi Chaal Haathi Jaisi Dum

O Saawan Raja Kahaan Se Aaye Tum (Ridhima entered the dance and started singing)

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom (She danced with the all the kids while Armaan kept admiring her)

Koi Ladki Hai Jab Vo Hansti Hai (A male singing voice came from nowhere)

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom(The boys followed)

Koi Ladki Hai Jab Vo Hansti Hai

Baarish Hoti Hai Chhanar Chhanar Chhumchhum (We see Armaan was singing, he flashed a smile and began dancing)

Koi Ladki Hai Jab Vo Hansti Hai

Baarish Hoti Hai Chhanar Chhanar Chhumchhum(The boys copied him with the step and danced)

Koi Ladka Hai Jab Vo Gaata Hai (Ridhima and the girls sang and danced)

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom (The kids danced while Ridhima sang)

Arre Koi Ladka Hai Jab Vo Gaata Hai

Saawan Aata Hai Ghumar Ghumar Ghumghoom

Koi Ladka Hai Jab Vo Gaata Hai

Saawan Aata Hai Ghumar Ghumar Ghumghoom (Ridhima sang and danced)

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom (The kids joined Ridhima)

Ho Ho Ho Ho

Hey Hey Hey Hey

Baadal Jhuke Jhuke Se Hain

Raste Ruke Ruke Se Hain (Ridhima sang while acting the little verse)

Kya Teri Marzi Hai Megha

Par Hum Ko Jaane Na Dega (Armaan sang)

Aage Hai Barsaat Peechhe Hai Toofan

Mausam Beimaan Kahaan Chale Humtum (Both sang together)

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom (Kids danced while Armaan Ridhima sang)

Koi Ladki Hai Jab Vo Hansti Hai

Baarish Hoti Hai Chhanar Chhanar Chhumchhum

Koi Ladka Hai Jab Vo Gaata Hai

Saawan Aata Hai Ghumar Ghumar Ghumghoom (Ridhima sang)

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom (All kids danced)

Ho Ho Ho Ho

Hey Hey Hey Hey

Ambar Jhuka Jhuka Sa Hai

Sab Kuchh Ruka Ruka Sa Hai (Armaan sang looking at the sky)

Chhaya Samaa Kitna Pyaara

Saawan Ka Samjho Ishaara (Ridhima danced while one girl sang)

Aise Mausam Mein Tum Bhi Kuchh Kaho

Tum Bhi Kuchh Karo Khadi Ho Kyon Gumsum (Ridhima came to Armaan asking it)

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom (Kids sang and danced)

Ghode Jaisi Chaal Haathi Jaisi Dum

O Saawan Raja Kahaan Se Aaye Tum

Ghode Jaisi Chaal Haathi Jaisi Dum

O Saawan Raja Kahaan Se Aaye Tum (Armaan and Ridhima sang with the kids)

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom (Kids danced)

Koi Ladki Hai Jab Vo Hansti Hai

Baarish Hoti Hai Chhanar Chhanar Chhumchhum (Armaan sang)

Koi Ladka Hai Jab Vo Gaata Hai

Saawan Aata Hai Ghumar Ghumar Ghumghoom (Ridhima sang)

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom (One by one the kids, who were wet, went inside while Bua gave them towels)

Ho Ho Ho Ho

Hey Hey Hey Hey

Ho Ho Ho Ho

La La La (Armaan and Ridhima danced but stopped as they began staring each other)

It was raining heavily still Both were lost in eachother. Armaan slowly kept his hand on her cheek and began caressing it.

"Armaan, Please"

"Ridhima, I...Main tumse kuch kehna chahta hoon"


"Ayi Bua"

Ridhima escaped leaving Armaan who was smiling, he got his answer today. She did love him. Now he couldn't wait, Bua called him again and he went inside. After a while, all were sleeping.

Next day, It was again raining. Armaan and Ridhima began checking the kids. They were not so naughty if they were told nicely what to do. A while later a kid came in.

"Are dekho, Rainbow hain udhar"

"Rainbow hain, Rainbow"

In a second, the kids were again outside, again wet, admiring the rainbow.

Bua came outside and taking a stick went outside and began shouting them to come inside.

Seeing this, Armaan and Ridhima were smiling. The kids were really cute unlike the Sanjeevani ones.

All the kids hurried inside with Bua following them.

Armaan, taking the opportunity, asked Ridhima.



The moment Ridhima gave her hand to Armaan, he ran outside with Ridhima.

"Armaan!! I'm wet"


"Forget it,"


Both began dancing, the partner dance, They were so near.


Baahon ke darmiyaan do pyaar mil rahe hain
Baahon ke darmiyaan do pyaar mil rahe hain
Jaane kya bole mann dole sunke badan
Dhadkan bani zubaan

"Main tumse kuch kehna chahta tha Ridhima"

"Matlab ab nahin kehna chahte ho"

"Nahin, abhi bhi kehna chahta hoon"

"To kaho"

"Hmmm, Ridhima..."


"Ridhima, I..."



"Kya? Mujhe sunai nahin diya, tumne kuch zyaada hi jaldi bol diya"




"Armaan, Kya I?"




"Seedha seedha bolo na, I Love You!"


Armaan, on hearing this got shocked. Ridhima blushed and ran away. Armaan realized what happened and ran after her. Soon, he caught her.

"Tumne kya kaha?"

"Tumne kya suna?"

"Ridhima, I'm sorry, Mein bahot galat tha"

"Even I'm sorry"

"It's Ok! To hum kahan the...Haan!..Tumne kya kaha"

"Tum kya kehna chahte the"

"Ok, Mein kehna chahta that ki....I Love You Ridhima, I really do."

"Armaan, I Love You Too"




Their joy knew no bounds, they felt complete now. Armaan slowly came close to her. She knew it was now or never. He came closer, closer until their lips met.

It was their first kiss, so passionate. But soon, they were apart.

Ridhima blushed so much that she hugged him.

Now they knew, whatever happens they would always be together. Even if they were in two bodies, they had one soul. No other person would able to take the place that they had for eachother in their heart.




Entry 3




"Sir… are getting wet on the platform…….please relax in the First class waiting room……this rain could take a while to stop."

"Thanks Mr Station Master…..I am actually enjoying this rain….it's been ages since I experienced the first monsoon ….I love it!"

"Are you new here?"

"Well yes…and no," I chuckled after seeing his perplexed expression, "I am new to your train station……but not to this state…..I used to live in Bhopal."

"So, where do you live now?"

"No where…..and everywhere….uh….Mr Rahul Verma," I checked his badge which looked blurry in the dark, wet night. I knew I had confused this poor young man thoroughly. If he knew me better, he would know that's how I was- never direct, always an enigma for everyone-except for you. Yes….you….the only person who ever understood me, the only person I was not a mystery for……the only person for whom my feelings were always crystal clear…..

Being a professional photo-journalist, I was indeed nowhere and everywhere these days. My folks are still in the UK, where we had moved to six years ago. I have not visited Bhopal since then, but last week when Pete, my boss gave me this opportunity, I could not say no. I have yearned to come back every day of my life, but something stopped me each time. May be it was the knowledge that you were no longer there. That you had moved shortly after we had moved.

"I will be back in my office sir." The wise station master figured it was best to leave this crazy man who preferred to get soaked in the rain rather than enjoy the biscuits and hot tea being served in the First class waiting room.

"Thanks Rahul."
"You are welcome sir."

RAIN…BAARISH….MONSOONS…… I sighed and recalled my favorite rain song by Adnan Sami…Baarish…from his album 'kisi din'

As a child, I was never fond of rain, the monsoons and the sticky weather during the summer months. I always associated the Monsoons with power failure, hot sweaty afternoons and mosquitoes everywhere. My friends thought I was weird. Wetting my feet in the dirty puddle water was inconceivable to me; paper boats- NEVER! Dancing and playing in the rain- ABSOLUTELY NOT! Yes, I was a little obsessive about filth and cleanliness….and afraid of drowning in the rain!

I was fortunate that my parents were very well off- we had two generators which kicked in as soon as the city underwent 'load-shedding'; my dad had purchased a little speed boat for me during one of his business trips to England, which I could run all day on a couple of AA batteries in my pristine Italian marble bath tub.

I remember I was 17, and you were 16 when you moved into our neighborhood. We were in the same school, but within a few weeks you had befriended the whole neighborhood and school as if you had been studying there since kindergarten. I don't think you ever noticed me, but yes, I did! May be it was the rush of adolescent hormones, or just a curiosity about the new girl on the block, I developed a clandestine interest in you. When my parents thought I was busy studying for my finals, I was gazing at you from my first floor window. Even though you were 16 and in high school, I was intrigued by how easily you played with the younger kids of the neighborhood. In fact, your giggles and squeals would resonate in my ears all night. How I wish I could play the jump rope, pithoo, gulli-danda, kanche, stapoo with all of you. I had never been interested in those street games, but each time I saw the joy on your face, my craving to be there on the street bare feet like all of you exceeded my own expectations from my 'perfectionist' self.   

Of course, you were beautiful- those hazel eyes, long silky hair spread carelessly on your face when you hopped like an eight year old and your contagious laughter haunted my thoughts, day and night. I knew you had no idea who I was; I never took the bus to school with all of you- we had a chauffeur who drove me back and forth from school.

Each day, I rode in our car, I dreamt of the day when you would be stranded in the middle of the road, and I would be your knight in shining armor there to rescue you. I would imagine my car was a horse and you, a damsel in distress would be swept off her feet by me one day. In my drab life, my fairytale imaginations were the only speck of happiness. How I craved for magic or a miracle to happen in my life…..

How can I forget that magical afternoon that changed my life forever? As if, the Rain Gods had been notified of an innocent 17 year old's dream. That was the day I started believing in magic…..miracles….and also fell in love with the rain….and with you.

The first Monsoon showers always arrive at the most unexpected moment. It was the last day of school; I was in a rush to get home. We were moving to the UK the very next day. I had been accepted to a prestigious college in London; dad had taken a transfer with his company. As we drove back from school in the blinding rainfall, the dark clouds and thunderous lightning guiding the chauffeur, my gaze fell on a tall, slim girl wading her way through the flooded streets of Bhopal. With water reaching her knees, she was drenched from head to toe. Instantly, I recognized you. How could I not? I am not ashamed to say, I had studied you so intently through my first floor window, that even if I had not seen your name on your backpack, I would have recognized you.

To my surprise, you accepted our offer to give you a ride and changed my life forever……….


I hate this rain. Of all days, why did the monsoons have to start today? After being fired from so many jobs, I was looking forward to this new one as a nanny to the daughter of a Bhopal based rich widower. I read the appointment letter again and stuffed it into my purse. Is that why I accepted this job, or was it my hidden desire to visit Bhopal after all these years?

I am stuck in this dingy second class waiting room at a no-name train station. God knows when the track will clear? It could be another 24 hours, or may be a whole week before the tracks are useable again. Why do I worry so much about everything these days? I was never a worry wart; on the contrary, people marveled at my resilience, my carefree attitude and love for life. I used love the monsoons, love playing in the puddles, love getting drenched after the first showers of the season, loved the sweet smell of the wet earth. It all changed after you offered me a ride that rainy afternoon.

Nature has endowed us girls and women a keen awareness about our admirers- hidden ones and obvious ones! Since the day we had moved into your neighborhood, I knew you observed me furtively. Your sad but deep blue eyes peering at me through your bedroom window haunted me every night. The other kids in the school called you 'weird.' Yes, you were weird but in an enchanting way. I never saw you talk to other kids in school; you never rode the bus with us, never played on the streets with us. You were too serious, I thought, but that piqued my interest in you further. I had always loved challenges. Soon you became the most attractive challenge for me. I am sure you wondered why a 16 year old girl hopped and skipped on the streets like an eight year old? I am not ashamed to admit that your deep blue eyes drew me to the streets every afternoon. Even though, it was easy for me to make friends with anyone, I hesitated when it thought of you.

It was the last day of school; I had missed my bus once again as I was too busy chatting with my friends. As always, I decided to walk back, but the first monsoons descended on the streets of Bhopal with full vengeance. The blinding rain flooded my path within minutes. Even an avid rain and water lover like me was lost in the storm. Then I saw your car stop beside me. How could I refuse the ride? The optimist in me saw the storm as a blessing in disguise. We rode quietly without exchanging any words. I felt guilty about soaking the seats of your car, but you seemed unperturbed.

"Can you teach me how to make paper boats?" I was amused and taken aback by your question as your car halted in front of my house.

"Sure," I unzipped my backpack and tore a page out of my history spiral. I still remember that horrified expression on your face; you probably cherished your books more than I did.

We raced paper boats on the flooded streets all afternoon. I could not help noticing how those deep blue eyes of yours danced with joy in the rain. Even though, we did not say much to each other, I sensed that this was perhaps the happiest moment of your life……and probably mine….

You invited me to your house afterwards, as I had lost the keys to our house. My parents were probably stuck in the rain elsewhere, so I accepted your invitation.
I still remember every detail of that memorable afternoon.

The next day, you were gone! Just like the overcast skies on the city, a gloom fell over my life when I saw your car pull away from your driveway with an isolated, 'FOR SALE' sign on your gate. I saw your deep blue eyes for the last time through your car window. After six years, I am still not sure whether I saw a tear roll down your cheek, or was it the blurriness in my eyes which gave me that illusion?

"Mama….I need a tissue," Sunny shook me out of my memories.

"Yes beta," I searched for a tissue in my bag. Just like my life, my bag was a collection of disorganized mess; being a single mother, I had to carry clutter of all kinds for my demanding five year old son. "Here you go," I pulled out a tissue but did not realize my appointment letter to my new job flew away in the confusion.

"SUNNY! Go get that piece of paper beta!" I yelled as I gathered my other belongings.

"Yes mama," his innocent blue eyes smiled mischievously; he was dying to go out in the rain, seeing the paper fly away onto the wet platform enthralled him immensely.

"Mama…..come outside… uncle taught me how to make a paper boats!"

I was livid. Sunny had no business talking to a stranger and how come he forgot that paper boats were BAD? My painful memories had kept my son away from the thrills of childhood like paper boats.

"SUNNY!" I screamed and ran outside. My appointment letter floated towards me in the form of a boat. I rescued the soggy piece of paper, trying my best to decipher the address and phone number of my new employer.

"The monsoon magic has worked again!" I heard a familiar voice. The dimly lit platform made it hard for me to see the man-who-ruined-my-appointment-letter. I treaded the wet platform without caring how soaked the bottom of my new sari, especially purchased for my new job, was getting. There in his arms was my son. As the light fell on their faces, two pairs of identical deep blue eyes smiled at me. At that moment, my worries like the damp appointment letter flew away from my hands.

Just as we found each other six years ago on a wet rainy afternoon, our son found the rain dance on this wet platform…..all the passengers from both the First class and Second class waiting rooms joined the three of us in the rain dance without worrying for their train to Bhopal…….

Song from DTPH 'koi kadki hai' (rain dance song)




Entry 4



A Drop Of Hope


I packed the last box, hoping it would pack the remnants of my soul with it. Looking around the empty house for the last time; so many beautiful memories I had in this house, yet another day in here and I would have cracked. I lay down in my bed for the last time staring at the plain white ceiling. My heart felt just as empty as this house.
Closing my eyes, I was hoping that I would get at least one nights good sleep. Obviously the weather had other plans.
I heard the rain come pouring down, letting all my suppressed thoughts run through my mind. All our moments flashed by, hitting me with surprise as I remembered the significance the rain used to hold for me. The first time I met him.

I'm staring at a broken door,
 There's nothing left here anymore.
My room is cold,
It's making me insane.
I've been waiting here so long,
but now the moment seems to have come,
I see the dark clouds coming up again.

It was an odd sort of meeting, but then again all our occurrences were odd. We met in the rain, a light drizzle you could say, but nonetheless rain. I remember, it was mid-June and it was raining. Rain wasn't odd in England, it's just you would never expect it in the summer. I should have checked the weather that morning, although I'm glad I didn't.
So there I was showing a fascinated bunch of tourists around. Ironic, that all British people seem to moan about the weather, but tourists seem to have no problem. There I was showing tourists the London eye, when I realised one of the guys staring intently at me. He wasn't bad looking; actually he kind of had the artist look; messy hair, light stubble and hazel eyes. I liked him; and I hated that fact. So while the excited tourists took pictures and cued up to ride the eye, he came up to me and said in a typical American accent "will you go out with me?"
I stared at him shocked as it started raining heavily "Curse this rain!" I said looking up at the sky.

Running through the monsoon,
Beyond the world,
To the end of time,
Where the rain won't hurt
Fighting the storm,
Into the blue,
And when I lose myself I think of you,
Together we'll be running somewhere new
Through the monsoon. Just me and you.

The thunder shook me out of my reverie. I got out of bed to lean against the window, staring at the rain showering down, and for the first time since a long time; I smiled. I had been crying for so long, that smiling seemed like the only alternative. The first time I met him and the first words that came out of my mouth were curses. Typical me. I should have said no to him straight away. But what can I do? I'm a sucker for a guy with the art look.

Who knew a simple friendship between us two would lead to such great bonds. When his wounds hurt me more than my own, I should have realised this relationship wouldn't end on the right terms. I stared out at the rain again, only to remember that day. I closed my eyes hoping to find a good memory instead.

A half moon's fading from my sight,
I see your vision in its light.
But now it's gone and left me so alone
I know I have to find you now,
Can hear your name, I don't know how.
Why can't we make this darkness feel like home?

Our first date. Finally agreeing to all his pleadings, I agreed to go on a date after the tour was finished. It was odd, because I wasn't one to date an unknown person who I barely knew. After being seated comfortably in a cosy little caf we ordered something. I looked out the window as the clouds thinned showing a little ray of light. "Eurgh a Rainbow" I specifically remember him giving me a weird look as I had said that.
"Aren't girls supposed to like rainbows" he had asked, and I remember me reciprocating his look at this statement.
"Great another stereotypical man" I said getting up to leave. No matter how further women will progress, stereotype seems to never leave us. "Wait…I'm sorry" he had caught up with my fast pace as I exited the caf "I didn't mean to sound like a jerk"

The rest of that day we spent roaming around central London, getting to know each other. He had told me he had come to England just for holidays, and that he was a photographer. I had kind of predicted that already, why else would he have a camera slung around his neck? The rest of the day was us pretty much hanging around like a couple. This was odd, at least for me. I had never clicked with any person so well. When he had come to drop me off home, it felt like I was back in high school. He stood there all uncomfortable and I was just standing there like a little school girl, and just when I was about to open my mouth, it started raining. "Curse this rain!" I said looking up at the sky.

Running through the monsoon,
Beyond the world,
To the end of time,
Where the rain won't hurt
Fighting the storm,
Into the blue,

And when I loose myself I think of you,
Together we'll be running somewhere new
And nothing can hold me back from you.
Through the monsoon

That was the only first date I remember. It was such a beautiful start, in the strangest possible way. It was so wrong, yet it had felt so right. The rain was still pouring outside, for some insane reason I opened the window, sticking my hand out letting it get all wet. I pulled my dripping wet hand back in "Ew, I hate the wet and the rain" I mused to myself.
"You are my muse, my inspiration"
The words once said by him rung in her ears. He had said many poetic lines on all their dates. She fought the urge to cry. Just to be in his arms forever, yet even that wasn't possible. He was gone, from my life, from the country, from the world.

I'm fighting all this power,
Coming in my way
Let it sail me straight to you,
I'll be running night and day.
I'll be with you soon
Just me and you.
We'll be there soon
So soon.

After all those years, I had learned to love again, but destiny didn't approve. He was gone, but his memories weren't and they haunted me from every corner of this place, until I couldn't take it. Another day without him.

Running through the monsoon,
Beyond the world,
To the end of time,
Where the rain won't hurt
Fighting the storm,
Into the blue,
And when I loose myself I think of you,
Together we'll be running somewhere new
And nothing can hold me back from you.

I picked up the picture of him from the bedside cabinet "Look at how weak your Sara has become" I said to him knowing that he will hear me, I smiled and continued "I Love you Zak"

Just me and you.
Through the monsoon.
Through the monsoon.
Just me and you.
Through the monsoon.




Entry 5

" Paigaam – message "

"Barish ki yeh bondey tumharey chehre pe jab girti hain, maaoo lagta hai tumse woh pyaar ka Izhaar badey aasanisey karleti hain!" Nihal always said this line to Runjun whenever it would rain. They loved each other from the college days and now both are working in the same call centre. The sharing, caring and love has increased to no bounds. Runjun had told many times about the desire to become a couple, desire for commitment for lifelong, desire to become his legally wedded wife and start their family. Nihal kept insisting he isn't ready. Nihal's family always tried to explain Nihal that every phase in life is bounded by time and financial security can be of no help once the right time has faded away. Nihal would disagree and knew he wants a stable life before taking up responsibility. Runjun was tensed; her family's patience was running out along with her's.

Runjun looked at the heavy rains & dark night. It was such a dark night when Runjun had met Nihal the first time. She was standing at a photocopy centre and getting her notes. They looked at each other and liked that first glimpse, felt nice about each other. As it was raining, she was trying that the notes should not get wet. Nihal had taken her notes from her hand and tuck inside his Jacket. He reached her building, gave the notes and both smiled. Meeting at college, they got closer and from friends they became each other's mirror, each other punching bag and each other's soul mates. Their love was pure, made them feel they are meant to be together always. Thinking about that day Runjun had tears in her eyes. This dark night doesn't seem that beautiful today. She is telling everyone every year that next year she will get married d to Nihal.  That year hasn't come ever. Her parents she knows have given up. They are worried inside but can't force her to take up a stand soon. Walking into the rain, her umbrella is inside her handbag. The Company she worked for use to provide her vehicle to drop at home but today she didn't even wait for the company vehicle to come and walked alone in the dark night. Nihal came out and searched for her. She always waited for him and they sat close in the vehicle, discussed so many things. Nihal was worried; its dark night, its raining heavily, and he knew she is scared of the thunderstorms. He walked in search of her.

He saw her walking slowly wet drenched in rainwater. The dark clouds would in between shook the whole lane with lightening and thunderstorms. Nihal called her loudly, 'Runjun wait!', he ran fast towards her he kept his arms on to her shoulders and asked, " Hey Runjun!" Runjun didn't reply just walked. He asked standing in front of her not letting her walk ahead, "Kitne kilometer yunh chalogi? 20 km?" Runjun said in a very harsh tone, "Chal to rahi hu na, sirf rasta taakhtey thak gayi thi". Nihal understood what she meant, how long she would keep waiting to get married. Nihal started comforting her about not to start the whole thing again about marriage. Runjun told him she will never ever make him take his decision by emotionally blackmailing him. She wants him to marry her when he WANTS to not when he WAS ASKED to. Runjun continued, "Nihal, these 20 steps which I took today in this dark night were very difficult but very inspiring. I give u 20 days just do one thing for me and until u don't we won't meet. U can call me but we won't meet. Nihal was confused, Runjun told him that he has to click a perfect beautiful rainbow picture from his camera and give her. Nihal felt he doesn't need 20 days it can be a day's job. So what if he isn't a photographer but he can do this easily. He agreed and both went their ways!

Nihal went places and waited long enough for a rainbow to form. As Nihal saw the sky and the rainbow which was just making him feel he had got the world in front. He took his camera, the camera was on and he adjusted the zoom angles, he saw the rainbow vanished as the rains became heavy; the dark clouds had arrived over the sky. On that day he thought over on it, about his disappointment and realized that it's such a small thing but his want is not satisfied and he cannot do anything but just wait. He suddenly could relate this to the pain their parents must be going through waiting long enough to see them becoming a couple.

It went on days  he couldn't capture the rainbow. Runjun was on leave, on the phone, he would tell Runjun how much he is missing her. Nihal kept the camera ready all the while so that he is ready when the rainbow forms again. He sat remembering Runjun; the times they were together in rains, Nihal would tell her he loves to see the way the rains change her when they fall on her. When she touches the rainwater with her long thin fingers, she looks shy as if someone has just kissed her. When the rain falls on her and come across her lovely eyes, she closes her eyes and when she opens her eyes she has happiness and glow on her face. Runjun had always told him, when it rains she feels Nihal gets poetic and romantic. Nihal smiled with those memories soon he saw a beautiful rainbow forming in front… he took the camera and he clicked but the camera went blank, the camera battery was over. Nihal threw his hands off in shock and disappointment. That day was the toughest for him, when he called up Runjun that night he was speechless. Runjun could feel his pain how much he is missing her. This day's disappointment made him to realize the way every time he had promised Runjun he will get through this job only then they can marry, later he would say he needs to buy a two wheeler first ;marriage plans always were kept on hold. Runjun had taken his silly behaviour without showing any anger. Nihal didn't knew why he started relating those events with this.

Nihal wanted to change her decision about this game, Runjun told him, its not a game its life!. She told its not only he is suffering but she also is going through the same. Nihal asked her what she wants to prove by this stupid thing. Runjun told him, if it's that stupid why he took so many days to do it. Nihal felt like a failure. It was very difficult for Nihal to get the perfect picture sometimes the wind played as a spoiler, sometimes the leaves or the people around. This made Nihal to understand that in life there cannot be a situation all-perfect, in life, few needs get fulfilled, not all at the same time. He started thinking about the way he had wanted the perfect time to happen before getting married to Runjun. For the first time he doubted his decision.

The 20 days were over. Nihal went for a walk; he was emotionally broken and upset with his failure. When he reached a distance, he saw the rainbow, Nihal looked at the rainbow in the sky he could see the face of his love his Runjun he blew a kiss... and said with choked emotions, I got the message, I understood where I was going wrong. Tears unknowingly came in his eyes. 'Nihal..', Nihal looked behind Runjun stood there looking beautiful in a lemon yellow Sari. On her fair complexion, the Saree looked like adding brightness & warmth to her presence. Runjun hugged him tightly not wanting to let even a thin sheet of air blow between them.

Nihal told her the rainbow picture was just a way to let him know that life is not about future but the present as well, nothing can be perfect as and when u want it to be. The necessities in life have no end. When we are in love we want to get married and be one, the beautiful relationship of marriage is that rainbow formed which looks so beautiful with all the colours of life in it.. Nihal told her he really WANTS to marry her. He wants gradually to get a lot more in life for them; but not to loose her shadow from his life ever. He wants to enjoy each element of this phase of becoming husband and wife. Runjun had  tried  and hoped looking at nature, its love and the rainbow may be Nihal understand the meaning of time and the changes which no one can plan or stop.

As they kissed each other, it started raining. Nihal's eyes looked at her romantically and she felt like hiding herself. She had only one place to hide herself and that was in his arms, Nihal said, "Barish ki yeh bondey tumharey chehre pe jab girti hain, Maaoo lagta hai tumse woh pyaar ka Izhaar badey aasanisey karleti hain!"he continued, "Yeh Indradhanush mujhe dikha tha, Mujhe aasaani sey kehraha tha, Apne pyaar ko paanaa, uss Ishwar ki meherbani hai, Jisdin shaddi ke bandhan mey  bandhengey hum, indra dhanush ke saatoo rango ko deekh chuu aur paalengey hum". Lets get married, my Wify…. Runjun replied, "Sure my dear Hubby.."  They actually sailed through the lane as rain poured on them, with each drop of rain the romance and love kept blossoming. They danced in the rain while this song played in the background….

Paigaam Laaya Saawan
Daaman Se Bandh Jaaye Daaman
Rimajhim Khushiyon Ki Barase Ham Pe Barakha
Chanchal Hawa Ye Boli,Sajani Phir Teri Doli
Doli Phir Dole Jaise Dole Chanda
Ji Karata Hai Pankh Laga Ke Ud Jaaoon Main
Neel Gagan Ko Baadal Ban Ke Chhoo Jaaoon Main
Ji Karata Hai Pankh Laga Ke Ud Jaaoon Main

Saagar Kinaare Kisi Parabat Ke Saaye Men
Dikhata Hai Ek Aashiyaan
Hai Jaan Jab Tak Main Rahoon Tere Dil Men Hi
Vahi Hai Mera Aashiyaan
Maasoom Hain Baaten Aisi
Phoolon Pe Ho Shabanam Jaisi
Main Khil Sa Gaya, Mahak Utha Jag Saara                                                                                Paigaam Laaya Saawan
Daaman Se Bandh Jaaye Daaman
Rimajhim Khushiyon Ki Barase Ham Pe Barakha




Entry 6


Kuch Lamhe Pyar Ke


A white dress, new haircut and pencil heels do not welcome rain at all. Since when did it start raining and oh gosh, hailing in July? This, is freaking crazy! How the heck am I suppose to walk around and search for a cab, in this?! Grr, I'm going to kill my boyfriend! Stupid jerk! Out of all the days he could've ditched me to hang out with the 'guys', he chose today. Here I am, shopping downtown, all by myself with no ride, while it rained cats and dogs. If only he had let me watch the weather forecast yesterday, I wouldn't be standing here like this. I walked down State Street, my feet dying and my stomach growling. Suddenly, there was a blinding flash ahead of me. Great, now there was a thunderstorm. I looked up at the sky and muttered, as if throwing cold rocks at me wasn't enough.

I walked faster, mentally thinking up train routes. If I took the blue line and stopped at - *flash*. Another blinding flash. This time, I looked up to see a camera staring back at me. Another blinding flash as I dropped my bags and angrily put my fists on my hips. "Excuse me" I screamed angrily. If I would've added a "Mr." or "Miss." in the beginning, it wouldn't sounded more polite, but over here, you can't tell who's what. Slowly the camera came down and I was greeted with a striking pair of intricate eyes. My anger slightly melted. But anger management problems run in my blood, and though I hadn't completely boiled over, I was still near the boiling point. "Who are you, and why are you taking pictures of me?!"

The person walked over and I got a better look at their face. The first thing I noticed was the stubble. Okay this was definitely a guy, unless girls also had too much facial hair. A handsome face, lips curved up in a warm smile and a slight stubble gave him a mature and sexy look. He opened his mouth to answer but I beat him to it. "Irfan?" His smile turned into a grin and he raised his eyebrows at me. "Irfan!" I now exclaimed, running up to him and giving him a tight hug.

"Wow Irfu, you've grown up, lost them chubby cheeks!" I said as soon as I let go, instantly pulling at his cheeks. Embarrassed, he pushed me away and like a true gentleman, grabbed my shopping bags. "Too bad I can't say the same about you" he snapped, walking forward. I followed, crazily pulling at his hair, screaming, "You Bandar!" After a lot of apologizing on his side, I finally gave in and walked along, still wet as ever. "Where are we going?" I asked. He shrugged and kept walking. "Okay, new question. What are you doing here?" He shrugged again. "Fine, last try, why were you taking pictures of me?" Another shrug, and now I was beating him with my purse.

"OH IT'S A COP!" he screamed. I froze and turned to see a security guard staring at us, ready to walk over. "OH SWEETHEART, I haven't seen you in such a long time, and now you're making fun of my feelings!" I screamed, trying to make things better. Making the guy seem bad in front a female cop always helps. The guard went back to work, after giving Irfan a dirty look. The dirty look reflected on Irfan's face and I just stuck my tongue out at him.

"I honestly don't know where we're going, I'm here to see you, and I was taking pictures of you cuz you were looking hot" He winked. I raised my purse but then thought better of it. "Did you meet Nanijaan yet?" I asked, spotting a cab and calling out for it. He was Nanijaan's chamcha, always the spoilt brat. "Of course!" We sat and I asked where he was headed. "Our house" he replied, winking. I made a face and told him to give the address to the cab driver, texting my boyfriend in the meantime. A while later, we started talking about old times. "Remember our first meeting?" I asked, grinning at him. He grinned back, "Of course, that was unforgettable… You were lying down in the school garden, staring up at the sky, maybe checking out the clouds? I walked over and almost tripped over you. But you didn't notice. Then I realized you had your eyes closed. I called out to you but you were listening to music, and singing along with it. " I laughed at the sight. "And you stared at me till I finished the whole song."

"And then you almost killed my camera when you realized I'd been taking pictures of you all along" He continued, laughing along with me. "Good times. Who would've thought we'd eventually end up being best friends?" I asked, looking out the window. "Psh, you and my best friend, I'd rather become best friends with Nanijaan's parrot." I made a face at him, "What a crappy comparison. And the worst comeback award goes to, Mr. Irfan Hussain! Yay!" I saw the cab driver making a face at us. "Oye taklu uncle drive the car and mind your own business.: Irfan gave me another dirty look, "You're evil." I shrugged and looked out the window. "Boys are jerks"

"Girls are…dumb. For not being able to differentiate between jerks and boys" He replied, sounding a bit unsure as he stated this. I ignored him and text my boyfriend again, hving fun on ure d8? we're ovr. He was standing with his arms around some girl, right by the lake. Well, it was great to be single again. The driver asked if he could put on some music. I shrugged and he put on my favorite Adnan Sami song. I turned to Irfan who was lost in thought. For once, I kept my mouth shut and turned back to the window as the song played.

Bheegi bheegi raaton mein phir tum aao na - 2Aisi barsaaton mein aao naBheegi bheegi raaton mein phir tum aao naHo, bheegi bheegi raaton mein phir tum aao naAisi barsaaton mein aao naOh, aisi barsaaton mein aao naDhadkanon mein aa gaya haiEk nagma tere pyaar kaJaise koi sur mila hoDil ke taar se dil ke taar kaPal ki hansi meinYunhi dillagi mein yeh dil gayaHamein kya mila haiTumhe to mera dil bhi mil gayaLeke pyaar aanhkon meinLeke pyaar aankhon mein aao naBheegi bheegi raaton mein phir tum aao naHo, bheegi bheegi raaton mein phir tum aao naAisi barsaaton mein aao naHo, aisi barsaaton mein aao na, aao naAa rahi hai teri yaadeinDil mera phir beqaraar haiTum milogi, haan milogiDil ko mere aitbaar haiKhuli hai yeh baaheinDekhe yeh nigaahein rasta teraZara muskuraake phir se dikha de vohi adaaYa to meri yaadon meinYa to meri yaadon mein aao naBheegi bheegi raaton mein phir tum aao naOh, bheegi bheegi raaton mein phir tum aao naAisi barsaaton mein aao naHo, aisi barsaaton mein aao na, aao na, na na na


Suddenly, the driver stopped. I looked out the window, paying attention to my surroundings. It was as if we'd just gone in semicircle. We were standing in front of a huge apartment building, overlooking the lake. I gave Irfan a questioning look, but he just paid the taxi driver and, grabbing my hand, took me inside.


The apartment was beautiful, the view from the window breathtaking. "You live here?" I asked, noticing the family pictures and furniture already present.

He ignored my question, changing the subject. "When are you breaking up with your boyfriend?" he asked cheekily. I could always say something clever. But something in the atmosphere, something about the whole setting made me say the truth. "I broke up with him in the cab. He was such a cheat"

"You don't seem very upset about it" he pointed out, pouring some drinks.

"I'm not, I didn't like him much." I replied honestly. I began walking around the room while he moved around in the kitchen. The pictures were all amazing shots, all obviously taken by Irfan. As I walked along, I noticed a trend. After every 2-3 picture, there'd be one of me, or me and him. Soon, I was walking into the master bedroom, which was decorated very tastefully. There were pictures of me everywhere. My eyes widened and I ran my hands through the closest one. I heard some noise and turned around to see Irfan standing at the door, two glasses of lemonade in hand.

"Did Nanijaan tell you about some guy coming to visit?" he asked.

"Nanijaan? Oh yea that one who was supposedly crazy about me and--- oh god. No way. No way." I whispered. "Someone who knew me well more than myself. It could only be…you…you're, you're, him."

"So did Nanijaan totally make up the stuff about you liking me back or is it true?" he asked seriously.

I looked down and played with the rings on my fingers. I hadn't admitted it to myself, was I ready to admit it to him? Then I thought about all the moments spent with him. All the things he'd done for me. Trying to move on, and watching all my relationships crash. Was Irfan really the one?

"Irfan, I'm not the love type. And you know that. There might've been something, but I don't know. I need to gather my feelings, you know?"

"I'll wait" he replied. He handed me the glass of lemonade and lead me out to the balcony. "Check out this view" I looked out to see that the rain had stopped and a light rainbow could be seen. The lake was looking beautiful, and the skyline had never looked so stunning. I put my head on Irfan's shoulder and he put his arm around me. I don't know what the future holds for me. But I do know one thing. I'd never had a moment as perfect as this. It was as if I belonged there. And I never wanted to let go of that moment.




Entry 7



She sat at the altar, her heart beating rapidly in her chest but her face was expressionless. No one could tell from looking at her heart how much she was dreading what was about to happen, only a few best friends knew what she was going through and felt pity for her.

The sound of thunder could be heard from outside, she finally looked up at the window, it was raining very heavily with lightning and loud crashes of thunder, so loud they hurt her ears.

She started looking around, the guests had started arriving, so bright and happy, wearing colourful clothes, some were coming towards the stage to congratulate her, she kindly thanked them but her mind was still elsewhere. Did no one really care about her feelings? Was she alone in this world?

Suddenly, a flash of lightning caught her eyes and she saw someone standing outside the window, staring at her. The wind came in through the open window throwing her veil off her head. She shyly looked down as an elder came and adjusted it back on her.

Soon the groom would be here too, the man she was dreading, she despised him. This wedding was a compromise, no one would listen to a word she said, she had told her parents a thousand times that she didn't want this marriage to happen but it seemed like no one cared about her happiness. The only thing important in this world was money, money, money!

Her lovers words echoed in her ears, "Remember, I'll always be waiting for you, you don't have to do this....we can go far away and live together happily. We don't need anyone else."

A smile came on her face, she knew what she wanted now. If her oarents didn't care about her, why should she?  She didn't want her parents happiness, she wanted him...

She had to be quick now, the groom would arrive soon and she would miss her chance. She didn't want to be stuck with that jerk for the rest of her life, she didn't want to live with any regrets. She held her chest as if her heart would fall out any minute, got up and made a run for it.

She heard shouting behind her, her parents angrily yelling for her to come back, other elders desperately calling her name, some nosy guests asking what was going on, but she didn't stop, nor did she look back, it was now or never.

She saw him standing outside, soaked with rain. His hair was wet and looked more gorgeous than ever. She ran into his open arms as he carried her far, far away....... where no one could separate them.....

When the sun shines, we'll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

These fancy things, will never come in between
You're part of my entity, here for Infinity
When the war has took it's part
When the world has dealt it's cards
If the hand is hard, together we'll mend your heart

When the sun shines, we'll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

You can run into my arms
It's OK don't be alarmed
Come here to me
There's no distance in between our love
So go on and let the rain pour
I'll be all you need and more

When the sun shines, we'll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh).

(Song: Umbrella by Rihanna)

His arms were the best place to be for her, she could stay there forever. She rested her head on his shoulder as he plopped down on a nearby bench in a park.

He had been walking for almost forty-five minutes, his arms must be aching, she thought to herself. She started massaging them. The sky was now bright blue again, it was sunny and a rainbow could faintly be seen between the clouds. How romantic! She thought. Whether a rainbow had a pot of gold or not, she surely had one right beside her.

She was lost in his eyes, "I love you" she whispered, "Sssshhh..." He covered her mouth with his hand, "You don't need to tell me that...but just for the record, I love you too" he giggled, then he suddenly stopped. "Don't cry" he said wiping her tears, "I'm so glad I came with you...otherwise...I would have regretted it for the rest of my life."

Suddenly a loud clap of thunder was heard, which frightened her, she held onto him for dear life. He put his arms around her reassuring her he would always protect her.

She looked up towards the gray clouds, and the rain which was pouring down on her face, he looked up to see what she was looking at and they both smiled. It seemed like Cupid was crying too...




Entry 8


She drove to the famous garden, she had to meet him. There's hardly anytime left but still she had to meet him.

He drove as fast as he could and reached in no time, The park was grand enough. Picking the phone he called her.

"Ridhima, Where are you baby?"

"Armaan, I'm reaching"

"Meet you at the ice-cream store"


As she reached there, she saw him talking to a little boy. He finished and saw her waiting for him. Clutching her hand, they began strolling in the park.

"Armaan, I'm going."

"I know"

"Ammy! I need to go"

"I know"

"Why aren't you reacting? Why? Don't do this to me."

"Baby, Anything happens I know you love me and you also know that I love you"

"I know Armaan but I don't know what to do"

"Just do what you're heart says"

"It tells me to be with my beloved"


"And Papa?"
"You love both of us, Do what both tell you to do. Go to London become successful and then come back to me"

"You sure?"


"What would I do without you?"

"Nothing, What time's the flight?"

"Night flight, 10."

"You have the whole evening and you're going to spend with me"

"I so love you"



Both sat together in a corner, not talking but the silence was enough for him. After a while, Armaan couldn't take the silence.

"You are going to call me every...2 days"


"And, Don't be late"


"And... I want to tell you something"


"Ridhima, Whatever happens afterwards just remember I have always loved you and will love you! Can't imagine life without you! This separation will make our relationship more stronger or more weak, only time knows. But Ridhima, Never ever doubt me because your trust matters me the most"

Ridhima, on hearing this, had tears in her eyes. She thought how did she get Armaan? But she quickly responded.

"Armaan, I'm never going to doubt you. Even if you go out with other girls, I know you are mine."

"Who told you, I go with other girls?"

"I need to make the dialogue a little filmy"

"Filmy? No wonder you see so many hindi films"

"If I would not want to be a doctor, I would have never gone"

"I know how much you want to be it so Go!"

"Armaan, it's drizzling"

"No, it's raining"

"Armaan, I want to dance"

"Ridhima, The clouds are so dark that it may rain heavily also"


"See the sky, it's a rainbow"




I still hear your voice, when you sleep next to me.
I still feel your touch in my dreams.
Forgive me my weakness, but I don't know why.
Without you it's hard to survive.

Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling.
And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly.
Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last.
Need you by my side.
Cause everytime we touch, I feel this static.
And everytime we kiss, I reach for the sky.
Can't you hear my heart beat so.
I can't let you go.
Want you in my life.

Your arms are my castle, your heart is my sky.
They wipe away tears that I cry.
The good and the bad times, we've been through them all.
You make me rise when I fall.

Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling.
And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly.
Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last.
Need you by my side.
Cause everytime we touch, I feel this static.
And everytime we kiss, I reach for the sky.
Can't you hear my heart beat so.
I can't let you go.
Want you in my life.

Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling.
And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly.
Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last.
Need you by my side.

They danced until they were wet.

"Baby, Go home, I don't want you to get sick"

"With you,Never"

"Please Ridhima, Go!"


Seeing so many people staring them dancing in the rain, she kissed him while the people got shocked.

Armaan came to know, she now wanted everyone to know that she's Armaan's kissed her back. They kept dancing slowly and kissing in the rain.

At last they broke apart.

"Bye Armaan"

"Call me when you reach there"

"Will do it"

"I love you"

"Love you too"


Author's note: Hey, This FF is finished in the separation of 2 lovers. Once in a lifetime, this time also comes and you have to keep you're trust on the other! This FF's just about that.



Entry 9


Memories. Just as the word hits your mind, it provokes different emotions inside you. Sometimes its happiness, at other times it's sadness, or even a blend of all kinds of emotions mixed together…its such a word that can either flash a smile on your face even in the most painful moment or leave a pain in your heart whenever you come across it. She sighed and smiled sadly realizing how true it was. Her life was only filled with bitter memories of her past…a past that one can never forget. No matter how much she tried to cope up with the circumstances….something bad was designated to happen. The only few good memories which made a place in her heart were with Ms. Mary…her favourite teacher at the orphanage. Ms. Mary has always been on her side and was the one to support her decision of becoming a Doctor…a journey of her little Ridzie to Dr. Rhidhimma!
     She looked up from her window at the sky, which was turning to shades of purple and deep blue. The dark grey clouds were lining up as well. She sighed loudly and looked at the road ahead. She was feeling lonelier than ever today and there was a reason behind it. She remembered the biggest argument they ever had today. A tear tickled down her eye as the memory from the morning phone call made a flash back at the back of her mind. Shaking all the thoughts away, she turned on the radio.
     "Okay guys your listening to FM 98.5…this is your favourite DJ Amir! Looks like we are going to have our first rain of the season…wohooo…get ready with your favourite rain snacks…", the host announced cheerfully with all the enthusiasm. Rhidhimma was already getting irritated of this dude on the radio. "Let's see whose our next caller…hello whose calling?", the DJ asked. "Hi I am Dr. Sapna!", the voice on the other end of the line replied. Rhidhimma was shocked and surprised to hear her voice after a long time…she sounded so happy. Sapna was the only friend of hers in the period of her internship at Sanjeevani. "I want to dedicate a song to my best friend Ridz… today is her marriage anniversary…HAPPY ANNIVERSARY RIDZ! I hope you are listening to the radio…wish you have many more anniversaries like this! You deserve every happiness in this world!",Sapna continued…and soon the line dropped. "Okays…wish you a very Happy Anniversary Ridz! from our whole team…and here is a song for u….".

Rim Jhim Rim Jhim....Rum Jhum Rum Jhum.....Bheegi Bheegi rut main......tum hum....hum tum....chate hain....

*Click* She turned off the radio if anger…she didn't want to listen to anything or anyone. Yes! Today was her so called "anniversary"…her first anniversary…the same day she had been tied into this relationship with HIM! The person she once hated truly and purely from heart until…. But that does not matter to her anymore…nothing is left! Nothing, except all those painful memories! Her husband was nothing but full of himself…a selfish jerk who cares for no one! The only reason she agreed to marry him was for Ms. Mary's sake as her last wish.
     Suddenly there was a loud sound that reached her ears, as clouds collided together, bringing in the thunder. Rhidhimma got scared and drove faster than before. Just as she glanced at the sky for a moment, a lightening flashed with a thunderous sound, scaring her out of her wits. "I wish he was here at least…", she said unconsciously but quickly shrugged the thought away. "What am I thinking? He doesn't deserve it! All he has done after our marriage is leave me all by myself alone! The first day of marriage my dear husband tells me that he is going to London…and don't know when he will be returning! Wow!! What a nice surprise for your one day wife…to never show up your face to her! Can it be anymore pleasing? Oh! Yes it can…when HE doesn't call you for months…and how can we forget…the icing on the cake when he and you have a HUGE argument on your first anniversary! Ahh! Can life be more exciting?", Rhidhimma blabbered to herself as she drove for her home.
     Home? Yeah right! It was a house that anyone would dream to have with all the accessories and facilities. However, to her it was just a house, a lonely place where she had spent sleepless nights crying on her fate. Her life was never justified. She never knew who her parents were? Why was she in an orphanage? Why did all the children at school teased her for? Or why did her own husband didn't show any care for her? Why? No one was here to answer her questions. No one. Tears rolled down her eyes…tears saltier than sea water. That's it! She is not going to that house to be reminded of those unfaithful memories. Rhidhimma decided firmly and pulled in the other direction, heading for her real home…the orphanage!
     She rolled up the windows as she parked her car in the orphanage parking lot. It had been a while since she visited this place. Rhidhimma got out of the car and locked the door. A cold and moist breeze passed by her, making her shiver. She looked at the board on the building…MARY ORPHANAGE! She quickly wiped her face smiled as if it was Ms. Mary she was looking at. She had recently bought this orphanage and named it after the only motherly figure in her life.
     All of a sudden rain drops started falling on her face but she stood in the same place…remembering the childhood she spent here. Soon she was drenched, wet from head to toe from the hard rain. Rhidhimma closed her eyes and felt as the rain poured on her face. It was as if this rain was washing all her sorrows away. Knowing that she would start crying any second from now, she ran inside and opened the doors.
     As soon as she opened the door, she saw nothing that she expected. It was dark, very dark…she couldn't see anything. "Hey anybody here? Raima? Ishan? Where are you all? Kaka?", she shouted but heard no response. Curiosity took the better of her as she carefully started walking towards the main hall inside. "Maybe the lights went out? They all must be sleeping…yea…they must be in their rooms sleeping!", she thought trying to comfort herself. But she wasn't thinking the same for long as she heard the door behind her shut out loud. "Okay now that is enough guys! I am really serious….who..who is there? Just come out okay…if you think I …I  willl be scared than you are WRONG!", she said shaking nervously. 
     "shhhh!", somebody whispered lightly in her ear. Now it was out of control. Just as she was about to shout, the person placed his hand on her mouth. She couldn't even protest as he grabbed both her hands. "It won't work dear!", he whispered in her ear again so slowly that his breath tickled on her ear. Whoever he was she hated him! How dare he touch her! She is someone else's ….nobody other than HIM have this right, Rhidhimma thought. No matter how many arguments and disagreements they have, she can never forget that HE is her husband. What if it was a thief, a bad goon…oh no…what should I do?, she started to panic. She kicked his foot hardly. "owww! Dr. Rhidhima Malik behave yourself!", he said and in a split second she knew who it was! It was HIM! "No! It can't be!", she denied.
     "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DR. RHIDHIMMA!!", the children shouted all together as the lights were turned on. She was completely taken by a surprise. Her mouth opened as she stared at the sight infront of her. The hall was decorated with coloured balloons and her favourite flowers; white tulips. A huge chocolate cake was placed on the centre table with a '#1' candle on it. "ermm…I…uhh…Thanks…Thanks so much all of you!", she said delighted to see all the arrangements. At the moment she didn't have any words to explain her happiness.
     "And what about me?", he whispered. She looked beside her to find him staring at her with a mischievous grin. He looked the same like the first day they met as interns in 'Sanjeevani'…the same Dr. Armaan Malik, but with one change…he was her husband now! He was hers. She shied away and smiled to herself. "Rhidhimma di you know Armaan bhaiyya came here in the morning and did all this decoration by himself.", a 12 year old Raima told her cheerfully. "And you know didi Armaan bhaiyya brought me this elf…he brought him from the end of the rainbow…really didi he did…see..", Sanjana told her cutely showing her the little toy elf. Rhidhimma picked up the 3 year old and kissed her cheeks.
     "Let's cut the cake now!", Ishaan said standing beside the cake as if guarding it from everyone else. Armaan smiled and held Rhidhimma's hand in his, taking her towards the table. She didn't have the courage to look at him but knew that he was constantly gazing at her. Rhdhimma held the knife kaka gave her and gave Sanjana to him. "Armaan bhaiyya what are you thinking? Hold the knife with didi.", Raima said excitedly. Rhidhimma blushed and looked away. Armaan slid his hand through his hairs and placed his hand over hers that held the knife. Everyone applauded as they cut the cake. He took the first piece and fed it to Rhidhimma who did the same still looking down, not able to meet his eyes. This was the best day of the year. She would never forget this day.
     "You didn't tell me that you were coming today?", Rhidhimma asked finally, breaking the silence between them. Armaan looked at her as if trying to read her eyes but then looked away. "Because I wanted to surprise you and may be try to make up for the past year that I have hardly paid attention to you. I am really sorry Ridhimma…You don't know how guilty I feel but I hardly got any time…I was so busy with the know how it…", before he could say anything else Rhidhimma placed her hand on his mouth. "shhh…", she whispered. "I don't care whatever it was past…but this is present…let's live in the present!", she said very understandingly and looked at him for the first time. He smiled warmly at her and held her delicate hands with care. "Are you going to leave me again?", she asked like an innocent child. "No. Never.", he stared in her dark grey eyes and assured  her with a smile.
     "Armaan?", Rhidhimma said after a while as they stared in the sky full of bright stars. The rain had finally stopped. "Hmmm?", he said turning towards her. "Let's go home. Our home!", she said and looked down as her cheeks turned red. He smiled broadly and placed his arm around her shoulders as they walked towards the car. It was a new life that they were to begin today…A life in which they promised to be with to be by each others side in every phase and enjoy this blissful adventure of life…together!





Entry 10

Struggling To Survive

The sound of the explosion in the distance brought her back to the world. Another day. Another bomb. Another cry for freedom. Another wave of agony. Dread was what surrounded her world. No hope, no sign of freedom. Caged in their own land is what you could call the situation of the Iraqi people. She clamped her hands over her ears and squeezed her eyes shut, as if to block out all the frightening roars around her.

She wanted to run away from here forever. She wanted to free herself from the reigns of violence overtaking her land. If only she could pass the border surrounded by American tanks. If only… their life revolved around these three words. If only that could happen, if only that could happen. Their "if only" never became a reality.

"Maryam?" My mother called from inside the house, if you could call the torn down building a HOUSE. "What are you doing outside, get inside! Yahyah is coming in an hour to meet you!"

Yahyah. My living hope. All my fear melted when I was around him. He was everything to me, as I lost everything I had. My love, my best friend, my husband… The only person I could relate to on a mental level. And despite being such a nice man, he was defiantly the most handsome man alive. Who cared about David Beckham or Brad Pitt when you had a man more handsome than them by your side, that too, for life?

"Maryam Khala! He's here, he's here!" My three year old niece jumped around me in circles of excitement.

"Where?" I asked impatiently.

"There! By the door! He just came in, don't show him your ugly face yet!" she giggled. I shot her a look of anger. "I'm joking Maryam Khala! You look like a moon in the sky!" She ran away giggling her head off. I blushed. Wonder where the girl learned such romantic similes from? I turned my head towards the main door to see Yahyah come in. My heart took a leap and missed a heartbeat. I had missed him so much in the past month! Seeing his face brought a wave of relief to my heart. I ran to greet him.

He smiled at me, with a longing look in his eyes. I smiled back at him. He had a beautiful smile, full of radiance. It would make me forget all my sorrows and fill my heart with happiness. I sat across him on the floor as my sister helped lay out the food on the mat. He motioned me to sit next to him. I shook my head, embarrassed.

"Maryam! He's been away for a month, sit next to him!" My mother laughed at my childishness. I went and sat next to him, maintaining my distance as everyone was in the room. He pulled me close to him, his hands on my waist. His lips brushed my ear.

"Missed me? It's evident in your eyes," he whispered.

"You're not going back, are you?" I looked in his eyes with hope.

"I have to, but not for a whole month! I'm all yours for the month, sweetie!"

"I love you Yahyah!" I yelled, hugging him around the waist, not caring about anyone around me. I saw my mother smile, tears rolling down her cheeks. These women! They were so sentimental, crying for every little thing. I reasoned that it might have reminded her of my father, who had passed away seven months ago. I pulled away from the hug and saw Yahyah smiling. He wiped the tear which had just made its way through my eyes.

"I told you-" he was interrupted by my mother.

"You two love birds! Eat and then go talk outside!"


He held my hand as we walked into the once lush gardens of our house. It had been completely demolished due to the excessive bombing in their area.

"Maryam, I'm not going anywhere for the whole month, so relax! I'm with you, ok?" He reassured me. Something told me it was too good to be true.

"Can't you just say with me forever? You don't know how much I miss you when you're gone! I'm so scared Yahyah! What if something happens to you? You know I can't live without you!" I started crying, imagining his friends delivering his bloody wounded body to our doorstep.

"You don't know how much I miss you when I have to go out into the heat and fight!" He took hold of my sobbing body.

Yahyah was a soldier. He fought to save his land from intruders. He fought to defend his land. I never understood why our land was being taken from us? How could we let it happen? As much as America claimed that they were trying to make our country a better place to live, they just made it WORSE! Worse, they killed our fathers and brothers! The once clean streets of Baghdad were crumbled to dust. Everyone lived in fear, afraid to take a step out of their home. Innocent women and children were killed. Poverty was taking over the land. Every day we'd hear about deaths of people we once knew. Everyday a bomb exploded near our home… Every day we cried with fear as the earth shook beneath our feet.

"Maryam, let's enjoy ourselves for this month. Don't let the sound of explosions take away your happiness. Let's go… Hmm you know what? That green dress would go so well with your honey colored hair and green eyes! C'mon! Let me buy it for you," he said, delightedly. He grabbed my and ran towards the shop.

"Yahyah, the dress is too expensive!" I said, checking the price tag.

"Uff, Maryam! I can't even buy you a dress? My gift for staying away from you for so long."

His smile melted my heard and no matter how stubborn I tried to be, he insisted on buying it, for the stupid reason that I would look stunningly beautiful in it. I had no choice but to give in.

"Fineee!" I scowled. He laughed looking at the lines on my face.

"Let's go get sweets. You seem to have become sour over the past month. A little bit of sweets might help," he winked at her.

"Yahyah!" He selected a variety of baklava topped with nuts and honey. He forced one into my mouth. "It's too sweet!" I said, pushing it away. Being deprived of the sweetness's in life, I could not handle the sweetness of the honey.

"Good!" He pushed another one into my mouth. It barely made its way through my throat, but I ate them because they were full of his love. He laughed seeing my creased face. He looked so handsome when he'd laugh; I had to give him a hug.  If it wasn't for him, my life would be like a black and white film…


"YAHYAH! It's raining!" She took my hand and pulled me out into the open atmosphere. "Can you believe it? After such a long time…" She jumped up and down, splashing mud everywhere.

"Maryam! Your new dress is getting dirty," I tried pulling her back into the shelter, but she pulled me right back into the gracious rain. The large gray cloud towered over us, the rain shielding us from the dreadful reality of the world. She swirled with me in the rain. I was drenched in water, watching her with delight on my face. Ah! She was the most beautiful woman ever. Her honey colored hair darkened as the water splashed over it. Her green eyes lightened with happiness, and her lush pink cheeks… oh, how I wish I could kiss them right there and then. The green dress I bought her was so suitable with her features. She pulled me towards her, our bodies producing more heat than the sun. Clinging on to my neck, she dug her face in my chest. We forgot about the sorrows of the world, and wrapped our arms around each other, never willing to let go.


"Mama! I'm hungry!" I said, bouncing up the steps, hand in hand with Yahyah. My mother appeared at the door way, looking bewildered at my condition. I looked down at myself. My new dress was drenched in water. "Uh oh…" I could sense another storm coming my way, but was surprised when Mama just looked at me with a saddened expression.

"Mama, what happened?" Yahyah asked.

"There is no food in the house…" Mama said. Yahyah and I exchanged helpless glances. He motioned his eyes to my dress. I understood right away.

"Umm… Mama, I have a little money. I'll go buy some bread and hummus. In a minute… Um, Maryam, why don't you go change?" He said, between his teeth. I sighed, but obeyed. The dress was as beautiful as anything, but they didn't have anything to eat. She felt guilty eating baklava when her mother and sister didn't her any.


I strolled along the wet, muddy street, the packet of food in my hand. She had not said a single word ever since we had left the house.

"Maryam, say something. It kills me when I don't hear your voice around me," I pleaded.

She looked at the ground, kicking pebbles. "I'll be leaving you soon," she said, monotonously. I gripped her by the shoulders. The bag of food fell down from my hands.

"WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? I can't live without you! Why do you wanna leave me?!"

A bomb exploded in the distance.

"Oh. So you think they're gonna kill you?" I pointed to the American tank a few 200 feet away. She nodded, looking like a frightened child. I pulled her into my arms. "Relax baby," I soothed her, patting her head. "They can't do anything to you," I tried reassuring her, even though I wasn't so sure myself.

Before I knew it, there was another explosion, barely a few feet away from us. The pressure of the grenade knocked us off our feet. She fell over me as we hit the ground. I wrapped my arms securely around her waist.

"I told you! I told you! They're coming to kill me!" She sobbed desperately.


Yells and shouting could be heard far away. Gunshots blared, causing my ears to go deaf for a minute. Clinging onto my only lifeline I panicked as the deafening explosion blew the earth into the sky... the black soot and dust covered everything around us. Blindly hiding in his chest for cover, a piercing pain hit my spine, watching the red liquid mix with the black soot of the soil of my land; I stared in horror into the eyes of him... my body stiffened, almost as if I was paralyzed. I felt my nerve ripping apart, my flesh tearing away. I felt my soul leaving my body. I felt his helpless gaze on me. I felt him shaking my almost lifeless corpse. I gasped as the poison of the bullet mixed with my blood. The sound of his sweet voice yelling my name slowly faded.

"I told you… I was leaving. Take care of Mama and don't miss me. I'll be happy there. We'll meet in Jannah, Inshallah... pray for me, Yahyah… and tell Mama I love her and to forgive me if I ever hurt her, and give Aisha a big kiss from me… and…don't…let…them…" I tried lifting my fingers to the tank. "don't let them do it…don't…fight for our right…the land is has...our blood in it..." with that, my soul departed, leaving a body made of clay to mix and rot with the earth. I saw Yahyah closing my eyes, clutching my motionless body, weeping violently over it… kissing it as it if it would come back to life with his touch. The rain washed the blood of my body… mixing it with the soul… the soil of my country, where we struggled to survive.



Entry 11

 Commin Home, Honey

She waved and bid bye to him as he left the house and move towards his car…… A moment later, his car passed with a rush and she, disappointingly, went back to kitchen…….The day is her, his, there………….Today they completed one month of there marriage life and he even didn't wish him………..At least, she can expect a kiss or a wish, but no

He was not the same Angad, which he was till the one week after there marriage. God know how, he was able to get rid of his office for whole two weeks. Actually he was planning to be on leave for a month. All arrangements were done…he had instructed his manager all the main and mini details so he can handle all work without making him remember of work

"Ah" Kripa take a long sigh as the milk spill on stove and make her come out from dreams…..she switched off the flame and put the milk in a cup……..After making a hot cup of coffee, she came into the main hall of the small house which she wanted to have as she can't handle that huge house in which he use to live before with his servants…….she need to be remain in privacy without those servants who 24/7 stay on top of your heads and you can't even think of being alone with your love and discuss something……..She inserted there wedding movie into the DVD player, she pick up it remote and settle herself down with her coffee cup on the sofa

"How happy we were?" She saw herself and him taking vows around that sacred fire. Both having wide smiles on there faces and then she remember the scene played before there wedding

"Shekhar, the whole mandap got busted with this storm, what now?" Adithiya was upset because all his arrangement, dcor for his daughter wedding went in water with this sudden change of weather

"Don't worry Adi, we will arrange something" Shekhar consoled his best friend and now gonna be his son's father in law on phone

"I think we should postpone this wedding?" Adi showed a way in depression

"Hell, no way adi, don't you remember…….Pandit ji told there is no other best day till a year and this day too come after the whole two month wait……I want my daughter-in-law right today in my house" Shekhar love Kripa the same way as Adi and he was way more happy the day, his used to be useless son Angad told him that he wanted to marry Kripa………The same day he went to Adi house and ask for Kripa from him and his wife Suman and both happily agreed after hearing a yes from Kripa too

"So what should we do? There are clouds on sky….i think it will rain soon" Adi know, shekher will not listen to him so asked

"We can get them married in this nearby mandir of ours…… many people, just us, some family members and there best friends" and that what they do…..They made Kripa and Angad united in that small but beautiful dcor mandir where adithya make quick arrangements for the marriage letting that heavy rain witness there love's victory.

"Why did you use to lick those sweet-dishes bowls?....see, almost our marriage was about to postponed" he asked her later after giving her her wedding gift

"Its said that the bowl pray for you that they way you save it from devils touch, God save you too" She said with the same innocent as ever

"But God himself bound you with this devil" He said cheekily as he move forward and remove her stole

She smiled as she remember her wedding night, he was really a devil

Till a week, every day, rain show its face and they use to prefer remain at house, enjoying each others company………Shekhar was back to US to wrap up his business from there as he want to live here with his son and daughter-in-law………...They got to know each other more than before till the day he got that urgent call from his manager saying that from the company, they were looking forward too, launch a new project of housing scheme and later, that come up as the dream of him……….He was so happy after getting that housing scheme contract and gave all credit to her, for coming into his life and making it a beautiful dream.

But later, her smiling face took a sad emotion on it, he forget this new life who just entered his life leaving all her relations back, just for him……….He used to be really much busy with the project……….it were days seeing him…..when he come back, she use to sleep and when she wake up, he was gone……..sometimes he used to sleep in office

A week and a half later, they spend the whole evening together, just because she make his manager lied to him to say that he had a meeting and called him in a restaurant………he was angry first but later, he was the same loving, caring Angad, she fell in love with……But again later, he was same Angad, in love with his work only

"Hello Papa" She come out of the thoughts as she hear her mobile buzzed and on seeing Shekhar's calling, she got a big smile

"Hello my sweetie pie, Happy one month of your marriage" Shekhar said with the same charm as ever

"Thank you" she replied sweetly

"Where is that idiot? Did he wished you?" Shekhar know his son and know that sometimes he even forget the days, which are important except his mother's death anniversary………Sometimes, he even forget his own birthday

"He is in office…..Just busy with work" She tried to cover him up but he understood, and after cursing his stupidity, wishing her once again, cut the call………..Kripa just stand up, and move towards the window to feel the in the background

Baarish Ki
Chand Boondain
Meray Dil Ko
Duboye Jaye

Kisi Kay
Aanay Ki Khushi
Meray Dil Ko
Duboye Jaye

Aanay Main Na Tu
Dair Kar
Aanay Main Na Tu
Dair Kar

Meri Jaan Nikal Na Jaye

Pehli Baarish Hai Yeh
Teray Meray Pyar Ki

Pehli Baarish Hai Yeh
Teray Meray Pyar Ki
Pehli Mulaqaaton Ki
Mausm-e-Bahar Ki

Pehli Roshni Tu
Meri Zindagi Ki
Meri Zindagi Ki

Aanay Main Na Tu
Dair Kar
Aanay Main Na Tu
Dair Kar

Meri Jaan Nikal Na Jaye

Dard Sa Meray Dil Main
Uthnay Laga Hai

Dard Sa Meray Dil Main
Uthnay Laga Hai
Teray Intezar Main Yeh
Ruknay Laga Hai

Saansain Dheeray Dheeray
Thamnay Lagi Hain
Thamnay Lagi Hain

Aanay Main Na Tu
Dair Kar
Aanay Main Na Tu
Dair Kar

Meri Jaan Nikal Na Jaye

Kripa just remembered the happy days she spend with a tear left her eyes.........later she left for kitchen only hoping angad will call her and wish her


He put forward his hand out from the window to feel the little drizzling of rain as he got two min break from his hectic schedule when right then, one of his employee came in with a resignation letter

"But why?" He left stunned, the worker was working too good, then why

"Sir, I just got married 3 months later so my responsibility towards my family increased and our financial crises too……so that's why I was doing part time job here, but my wife said that my family need me, not this money……they can live with the money I earn from one job" Angad suddenly got a jerk on hearing this, he too got married a month later…… "Oh man, today we completed one month and I didn't even wish her" and then suddenly remember his employee saying "my family need me, not this money"

"She too need me and I didn't even take her on our honey moon……..but she never complained…….you are not giving her time, she needs……..that's enough….just go to her right now" He stand up after thinking to himself and went towards door, but turn with a smile and said

"You don't need to leave this job, can leave other because your salary is double now and you better give time to your family" He again went towards door saying… "Please ask Mr Mathur to cancel all my appointments because I already have an important appointment" Smiling he left

On that unexpected door ring, she went towards the door and find a little girl standing with a rose……she give it to her and ran away leaving her smile…..As she look up she found Angad standing there with his car having that full red roses bouquet with his shinning smile……….He went to her and give it to her saying sweetly

"Happy one month anniversary" She smiled and take the roses and move inside……As she put them on the shelf, he hold her wrist and make her stand facing him………rubbing her cheek lightly, he continued… "I know, I was a jerk……to missed you all these days where we need to make beautiful memories for our lives, but now, I promise, I will make every moment of us, a special one………if you forgive this stupid husband of yours" She smiled holding those little tears back in her eyes and hug him while he just smiled ruffling her hairs

"I love you" She said absorbing her head in his chest

"I love you too and I promise, will love you forever" They move apart to discuss how to celebrate there rest of the day while outside, the sky, sun and clouds, for showing there happiness of this couple, make a beautiful rainbow which was mesmerizing.



Entry 12

"Rainy LOVE….."

Clouds were covering the sky and rain was on its full………..Some people were hiding in there houses while some one enjoining this season..

A girl, wearing a knee lengthen beige trouser with a sleeveless top was jumping in the small water pounds which got filled with rain, having an amazing smile on her face, full of life, as she was holding an umbrella in one hand……….A boy, holding an umbrella, was trying his best to escape from this rain as he was getting late for his job's interview, stood still seeing this full of life girl as she make him remember something

The girl was lost in herself as she was just dancing on the song tunes

ab ke saawan, aise barse…
behe jaaye rang, meri chunar se…
bheege tann mann, jiya na tarse…
jamke barse zara…

rut saawan ki…
ghataa saawan ki…
ghataa saawan ki, aise jam ke barse…

rut saawan ki…
ghataa saawan ki…
ghataa saawan ki, aise jam ke barse… e-he1…

pehle pyaar ki pehli barkha, kaisi aas jagaaye…
baarishein pine de mujhko, mann haraa
ho jaaye
pyaasi dharti, pyaase armaan, pyaasa hai ye jahaan…
bheegne do, har gali ko,
bheegne do jahaan….

ab ke saawan, aise barse…
behe jaaye rang, meri chunar se…
bheege tann mann, jiya na tarse…
jamke barse zara…

rut saawan ki…
ghataa saawan ki…
ghataa saawan ki, aise jam ke barse…

naaj badri, ki bikhar ke, motiban chharr jaaye-e-e-e….
bheeg jaaye, sajna mera, laut kar ghar aaye…
dooriyon ka, nahi ye mausam, aaj hai wo kahaan…
makhmali si, ye phuhaarein, urr rahi hain yahaan…

"Riddhima" he said with pleasure……..ah man, she is the same girl on whom he had a crush in college, she was like ever so chirpy, amazing and beautiful…....

She was his college crush…….they both were class fellows but she never noticed that handsome boy under those specs who use to sit in the back lane of her's…….She just know that he is one of those bookworms who don't feel there is life out of books and live in that imaginary life but he………..he know everything about her…….she was not a play kind of girl who use to date boys or one with attitude……..but she was the one after whom, every boy was but she was never interested…………she was soft-spoken, kind hearted brilliant in studies as well as in sports she was the best in the girls of his college and he know……….she is the one for him

He came back to senses as he felt a splash of water and get hell anger seeing that mud and water stains on his shirt and pants

"Heck" he look up with anger to see who did that but just felt back as he saw her standing there in front of her in real, after haunting him in dreams from last two years………biting her tongue and looking really cute and adorable

"Sorry, I mean I ……just not see that" She felt bad………but control your emotions man, don't think she remembered you……..just behave normal

"What you did?" He got annoyed feeling might this job too is getting out of his range, he done MBA in business with such A+ but still, this world is more after the political relations than your capability

"I have an interview in next two hours, firstly its raining since morning, so I need to get out early of thinking might not get late, secondly didn't get any convince so need to go all by myself and then…………..shit man" He was really much depressed now, he need to get this job for survival………as after his father death a year later, he was looking for job but was unable and the money his father left was not enough now

"Sorry"………. "What will I do of your sorry?" he became angry now

"Ok, come with me, my house is just here…………I will clean them"

"I will get late"………he wanted to go with her but a fact was that It will take much time that he will lose this job too

"Not to worry, I did a mistake, I will solve it and will drop you to your destination on my scooty? Is it ok?" before he can say anything, she just make him move forward and take him to her house

"Grandpa"……..She called out loud as she entered in her small but beautifully furnished house

"You are home, my baccha" a poor man on wheelchair came towards door and after looking at him, looks at her with questioning eyes

"I was playing in rain, and I ruined his clothes and he has an interview" She looked sorry

"You did right by taking him here, now help him cleaning" She move inside and come out with a pair of Pajama-Kurta of his grandfather

"Now wear this and give me your clothes" he nodded as she lead him to a room and stay outside…………as he give her clothes, she went to wash it……….while his grandfather got a company as he started talking to him and really found him applause able…….he was surly a strong boy as he lead his life on his believes along with the rituals

After an hour, washing, drying and pressing of clothes, she handover them to him and after changing, he took blessings from her grandfather and ask him to pry for him to get this job…………Grandfather bid bye to him as he sit beside her on her scooty and left

She was standing outside in the lounge of the multi-national company, he came to give interview and was silently praying for him……….Her eyes flutter open as she look at him coming out from the board room with a wide smile…. "Surly he must have get this"

He left stunned as he found her sitting there, looking at him as he assumed that she must have left by now

"You still here" he was confused, did she remembered him…….but no, she can't

"Ya, actually I wanted to know did you get this job or not as I don't want to ever stay with the question that the stranger, I met, got that job or not" He then realize that he didn't even told him his name

"Hi, My name is armaan, Armaan Malik" Sounds familiar, but where..she think to herself but then move forward her hand and shake it "Riddhima, Riddhima Gupta" As she took back her hand, she continued "So I guessed, you get the job"

"ya" he said with a smile "I think, I got my lucky star" He move out leaving her stunned

Next day, She left stunned as she found him, sitting with her grandfather

"What are you doing here?" She asked as she takes seat beside her grandpa

"Ah, I just came with this sweets" he indicated towards a sweet box but than make a mocking face saying "To say thanks to grandpa, for praying for me" He smiled further seeing her mouth left hanging

"Ah what, all credit to grandpa……..while I helped you with all that stuff" she was anger

"Beta don't say that………he is our guest" Grandpa ask her to stop, but in anger, she left

"Don't worry beta, she is just like this………but its so sweet to you to think about us in your happiness"

He smiled and said "You are the only one I got now, so how can I forget you" he hold his hands and squeeze them "And we are there for you, beta" He felt great hearing someone called him beta and just hug him "I think, I should check her out"

He found her standing outside angry…..he smiled and move forward

"I am shorry" he said in a childish manner as he come in front of him holding ears but she ignored him and again he move towards her friend in same position saying "I am really shoo shorry maam" A smiled formed on corner of her lips and seeing him pouting his lips, her smiled get even wider

"So you forgive me?" he asked as she smile "On one condition"

"What?"………… "Buy me five ice-creams"

"Five…….are you dumb….in such cold" weather was cold from last night rain and rainbow was shinning on the sky in morning, but now its again got cloudy

"You asked for forgiveness and that's my condition" He gave in and take her to the nearest ice cream parlour and just left amazed seeing her so much crazy

"Why I am feeling like, I know you from before………it don't look like a day knowledgement" She speaks between licking her ice-cream……He smiled and then stand up smiling as he passed her saying it loud just for her to hear

"You are beautiful; just you need to know yourself

You are graceful; just you need to show yourself

You are talented; just you need to prove yourself

You are breathtaking; just you need to look up yourself

You are lovable; just you need to love _______"

With his every line, she get stunned……….these lines used to be written on the letters, she used to get on her desk everyday in business class…..She know she had a secret admirer and was always curious to know him, but never got him……….she had kept all those letters safe to herself but today she got all her answers and stand up stunned

"Armaan, you were….." as he nodded, she just hug him…….she was so pleased to find her lover whose lines, she used to love……..who admire her and make her special

But for him, his love got his destination…….having her in his arms, making him feel complete…….They were lost in each other when right then thunder struck and make her get more cling to him and he just smile saying "I love you Riddhima...........A Rainy Love"


Hope you had fun

weren't they amazing?

now get thinking and vote for the best


p:s I have been flexible on the rules LOL

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hinz Viewbie

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Posted: 07 July 2008 at 3:07am | IP Logged
Come and vote for the best ff of the contest!
moda.vintage Goldie

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Posted: 07 July 2008 at 8:33am | IP Logged

RESERVED *edited*

Hey hinu di,

m sorry for reserving but it took all long hope u understand,well lovely entries loved all of'em buh as we have to select 1 for each category here's my votes


    Best title-A drop of hope (entry-4)
    Best storyline -You are special (entry-9)
    Best end to the story -Rainy love (entry-12)
    Best description of monsoon- Kuch lamhe pyaar ke(entry-6)
  1. Best ff overall-The rain dance(entry-3)

Well wishing all of the participants all the best and may the best person win..........

I know thoda cheesy ho gaya buh still i hope the winning story is worth the prize

Luv ya


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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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it was really hard to choose but have to choose one............but need to say, you all tried full to make us confuseWink

here, i go:

  1. Best title: A Drop of hope
  2. Best storyline: Paigaam
  3. Best end to the story: Kuch Lamhe Pyar Ke
  4. Best description of monsoon: The Rain Dance
  5. Best ff overall: You are Special
really hard timeLOL

best of luck to allThumbs Up


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-Cherry- IF-Addictz

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reserved LOL


well here goes mine

1.      Best title : SEPARATION ~ entry no 8

2.      Best storyline : Woh Bheege Pal ~ entry no 1

3.     Best end to the story: Commin Home, Honey ~entry no 11

4.     Best description of monsoon : A Drop Of Hope~entry no 4

5.     Best ff overall : 2 DAYS OF RAIN ~entry no 2


Edited by swansea - 11 July 2008 at 12:05am
Veiledbeauty IF-Dazzler

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Umm... Reserved?

Since everyone else is reserving spots LOL


Best title: A Drop of Hope
Best storyline: Kuch Lamhe Pyaar Ke
Best end to the story: The Rain Dance
Best description of monsoon: The Rain Dance
Best ff overall: The Rain Dance

ok... Man, that was hard... LOLLOL But it was wonderful reading them Embarrassed Thanks for the contest, Hina dii!!!

Edited by Veiledbeauty - 10 July 2008 at 1:47pm
Naina123 Senior Member

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Reserved...Because Wifey reserved aswell Tongue LOL


Okay am bak after a long time!!...Here are my votesBig smile


  1. Best title-Struggling To Survive
  2. Best storyline-Paigaam-'message'
  3. Best end to the story-Kuch Lamhe Pyar Ke
  4. Best description of monsoon-The Rain Dance
  5. Best ff overall-Woh Bheege Pal

I really enjoyed reading all of them!!! and I want to give a biggg bigg hugg to Hina di for making this post and holding this competition and of course Thanx to Madz for letting this competition take place and a bigg thank you to all the writers for entertaining us with such awesome stories!!!
Wow it looks like a I gave a speech (I just won Miss UniverseTongueWink)

Lotsaa Lurve from Moi

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