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Madhosh Dil Ki Dhadkan(LKT)-Note:Angad+Kripa Entry (Page 5)

Riyaa147 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 August 2008 at 2:30pm | IP Logged
helllo palchin call me RiyaEmbarrassed

and please please continue soonLOL

Dr.Smart Senior Member

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(K: Dekho....maine kaha naa....mujhse dur raho.....(in anger).....

V: Par mai iss dil ka kya karu jo tumhare iss chehere(face) and badan(body) se lag gaya hai....I really like you....

He holds onto her hand tightly. Krishna gets really angry and pushes his hand off. Without saying anything furthur, she slaps him REALLLLLLY hard to make him understand and know that she hates pervs like him.


Krishna walked right past him and stood her outside the entrance with her hands folded. The wind was blowing hard and it felt like a storm was coming. The weather was quiet bad and there not many people standing at the exact entrance. Krishna looked at her watch. It read 7:16.

K(in her mind): Woh atta hi hoga.....

Suddenly she was pulled by someone into a dark corner. The person had a tight grip around her waist with one hand and had one hand over her mouth so wasn't able to say anything. The person took out a lighter and lit it up in her face. IT WAS VICKY ONCE AGAIN!

V: (whispers hard in anger) Maine kaha tha naa.....nahi chodonga tumhe....tumne mujhe mara.....bahot galat kiya.....tum jaisi ladkiyaa humaara khoon jalati hai....aur phir bina kuch kiye humse dor chali jaati hai.....TUM SIRF MERI HO.....SIRF MERI......SAMJHI!

Krishna was shocked to see his bahavior. He was really scared. She got tears fill into her eyes as she didn't know what he would do to her. Vicky took his hand off hr mouth.

V: Arre tum..tum roone kyu lagi.....kya yeh pyar ke aasu hai( he wipes her tears away while Krishna just looked the other way still having tears fill up her eyes)....

K: (crying silently) Mujhe jaane do....plea


Krishna looks at him in shock. Vicky comes closer to her and tries to touch her, to even try to kiss her. He puts his hands on her cheeks while Krishna struggles hard to not have herself touched by him. The minute he tried to touch her lips, Krishna bit his hand really hard and gets out of his hold. She goes from a run out of the dark corner. While she was running, she had her head facing backwards to see what Vicky would do. SUDDENLY she found herself run into a bold, muscular, tall figure. She turned her ace front to see who it was. She was really afraid to know who it would be as she was really scared and still had a worried look on her face. BUT....she was quickly relieved when she found that it was no one other than Laksh. Laksh glared at her with a sign of relief.

L: Thank god tum mil gayi....pata hai mai kab se pareshan ho

Laksh looks at Krishna who was staring at someone with horror and a lot of fear in her eyes. Laksh tracked done who she was looking at and found a guy running up to them. As he kept approaching, Krishna once again got tears of fear in her eyes( WOW, THE TEAR AND FEAR RHYMED....I WAS A POET AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT....). She clunched a hard grip on to Laksh's hand and stay as close to him as possible. Laksh seemed confused at first on Krishna's reaction but seeing a guy chasing her, he understood what had been happening.

Vicky reached up to them. He was huffing after Krishna made him run so much.

V:(in a very angry and husky voice) AB BACHKE KAHA JAOGI....

H e looked at Laksh who had anger fillin his eyes.

V: Yeh tujhe bachega kya.....hahaha....(looks at Laksh) Dekh..AGGAR TU HUM DONO KE BEECH ME AAYA TOH MAI TUMHE MAR DUNGA...ZINDA NAHI CHODUNGA TUMHE....JA TU....

L: (calmly, but still was burning inside in anger) Mai kahi nahi jaonga....aur mai tumhe isse chune(touch) bhi nahi dunga....ab tumhe joh karna hai woh karlo....(sarcastically smiles)....

Vicky gets even more obsessive and takes out a knife out of his pocket. Krishna is skocked to see all this happening. He approaches forward as Laksh aslo comes forward holding on tightly to Krishna's hand. She had never been this scared before in her life.

K: (whisper while tears pour out her eyes): Laksh aage mat badho....

He doesn't listen to her and comes up face to face with Vicky. Vicky makes his first attack. HOWEVER, he is taken aback when Laksh punches him hard in the face and ends up stopping the knife from attacking Krishna by having a grip grip on the knife in his hand. Blood rushes out of Vicky's mouth while Laksh's hands started to bleed. Vicky had fallen to the ground. He looked up at Laksh, got scared, and just ran away like a little, crazy chicken. Laksh looked back at Krishna with full concern in his eyes.

L:(really worried) Tum.....tum theek toh ho naa....ussne kuch kiya toh nahi naa....

Krishna takes a breath of relief with tears streaming down her twinkling, dark eyes.

L: (more worried and impatient) Bolo!......Kuch nahi kiya na ussne?.....

Krishna just keeps looking down and nods a "yes" meaning that he(Vicky) was able to do NOTHING to her.

L:(relieved) Thank god....

He looks at her soft, sad face. He gently wipes her tears and and holds her face in his warm hands.

L:(whispers) Jab tak mai yaha hu....tumhara koi bhi kuch nahi bigad sakta....toh phir woh kya chizz hai.....

Krishna looks into his sugary eyes that were so comforting for her and made her feel safe.

L:(continues) Woh kuch nahi karega tumhe.....I promise you......

Krishna gaves a slight smile as she knew that he wouldn't let ANYTHING WRONG happen to ner. Laksh smiled back at her to make her forget what had just happened. As she looked at him, her eyes fell on his right hand which had been really bleeding due to the knife attack. She quickly ripped off a piece of her dupatta and quickly tied it around his hand. Laksh just looked at her bautiful, innocent, caring face and admired her concern.

K: Tum bhi kuch kum nahi ho....kya zaroorat thi usse ladne ki.....

L: Toh mai aur kya karta....tumhe usske haath maarne chod deta kya?...

K: Par.....

L: (interrupt): Tum bilcul bhabhi jaisi ho.....Har baat ko kuch bhi tareekhe se jeet leti ho....

They both smile at each other and head off to their car to go home. After 20 minutes they both reach home. Thi is their house.

Laksh walks side by side with Krishna. He rings the doorbell. It turns out to be Prem who opens the door. As they both walk inside, Prem quickly hugs her as now he felt relieved seeing her safe and sound in front of him.

P:(worried) Sab theek toh tha na....tum theek ho na....

Prem noticed a feeling of sadness in his sister's eyes.

P:(worried) Kya baat hai....tum...tum roo rahi thi kya...

Krishna looks away from Prem so he woudn't notice anything.

P: Bol na....

K:(trying to hide her eyes) Bhaiya woh.....

L: (interrupts) Woh kya hai hum dono ka jagda ho gaya tha....Kyunki isne mujhe pehchan liya par mai hi isse nahi pehchan payaa.....

P: Lo...mujhe laga tha ke yeh sirf mujhse hi jagda karti hai...par isne toh tuhe bhi nahi choda...(both Laksh and Prem laugh).....

Krishna looks away annoyed.

P: Sab Baa ke kamre me hai....abhi bataa kar atta hu ke tum dono aa gaye tak tum dono fresh ho jao....theek hai...

Prem kisses Krishna's forehead and heads on upstairs. Krishna turns to look at Laksh.

K: Tumne jhoot kyu bola?......

L: (calmly explains) Ab jaha tak mai jaata hu, Prem bhaiya tum se sab se zyada pyar karte hai....aggar unko yeh bataaya hota toh woh bahot preshan ho jaate....issi liye....par mai bhabhi ko zaroor batoanga....AGGAR TUM CHAHO....verna tum khud unhe bataa denaa.....

Suddenly they hear a smile kid's voice saying..

Kid: Masi....masi.....masi....masi...masi.......

Thas's all for this part. Thanks a lot to all who have read my fanfic and left their wonderful comments.....I hope you like this part. Not much romance, but a lot of action. Hope i have not disappointed you in any way. Sorry once again for not editing but at time like these, I am just tooooooo lazy. Hope to get A LOT of comments.
P.S. If possible, then please let anybody who is a Pulki-Mouni Fan or even Harshad Chopra fan know about this fanfic of mine as I don't have a lot of people who read it plus maybe they don't know.


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lilindiangurl13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 August 2008 at 7:33am | IP Logged
you never disappoint us
all your ff are great
this part was so good
thank god laksh make it in time he is really a hero
wonder what is going to happen next
cont....soon cant wait
Riyaa147 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 August 2008 at 10:37am | IP Logged
it was amazing Clap
thank god kt's hero came EmbarrassedLOL
can't wait for the next partEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue soonTongue
hp_2006 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 August 2008 at 9:20am | IP Logged
Hey palchin...First of all thanks for your p.m..I read both part 2 and part 3...Really nice partsClapClapClap...Thank god Laksh came in time to save her...SmileContinue soon dear and please P.M me when you update...Smile
Dr.Smart Senior Member

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(K: Tumne jhoot kyu bola?......

L: (calmly explains) Ab jaha tak mai jaata hu, Prem bhaiya tum se sab se zyada pyar karte hai....aggar unko yeh bataaya hota toh woh bahot preshan ho jaate....issi liye....par mai bhabhi ko zaroor batoanga....AGGAR TUM CHAHO....verna tum khud unhe bataa denaa.....

Suddenly they hear a smile kid's voice saying..

Kid: Masi....masi.....masi....masi...masi.......)

Krishna turns around to find a little boy hugging her legs and looking at her with a huge smile and a lot of love. The site of her nephew makes Krishna forget everything and a smile appears on her face. This is Ritvik.


Laksh saw Krishna face sparkle with happiness which aslo brought a smile to his face. Krishna kneeled down to Ritvik and gently patted his head and then his cheek.

K: (sweetly and calmly) Ritvik.....kaise ho beta?....

R: (very childish tone---a little "tootlu type") Ritvik is fit and fine.....ummm.....mai aapse kuch kahu ?..(he wantedto give her compliment)

K: (smiles at his cuteness) Haa.....kya kehna chate ho.....

R: ( he looks at Laksh who didn't know what he was up to) very......SEXY!

Krishna eyes widen and his cuteness makes her laugh but in a shocked way.

K: (courious) Yeh....kisne sekhaya.....

Laksh looks the other way as he knew that his naughty nephew was was going to blame it all on his as he used to say it to impress other girls.

Ritvik runs over and hugs Laksh. He looks at Laksh while he tells him to be quiet and just gives a fake smile to hide himself from the blame.

R:(says clapping his hands) Chachu ne sikhaya......Chachu ne sikhaya......

Krishna eyes meet Laksh's eyes as she looks at him in a suprised way.

K: Tumne isse.....(she knows that he must be a big flirt)....

L: (trying to save himself from the blame): Ma.....maine isse nahi sikhaya......yeh toh hai hi badmash.....

He ruffles his hair while gives him a "shut up" stare.

R: (cutely) I am not badmash.....aur masi, chachu ne nahi sikhaya.....maine inse suna jab yeh apni girlfriend se yeh keh rahe the.....

Krishna looks at Laksh in a shocked expression.

K:(suprised) Girlfriend.....

R: Haa......unka naam Baa hai......aur woh chachu ki girlfriend hai......(he gives them both a cute smile and runs away into the garden to play)

Both Laksh and Krishna laugh at his cuteness.

L:(looks at Krishna with a sweet smile) Aaj raat ghar me mata ka jagraata rakha hai....tum sabse millo aur phir tayaar ho jaana.....Mujhe tayaariya karni hai.....theek hai

Krishna smiles and gives a nod. Laksh was about to turn around when Krishna called him.

K: Laksh....

Laksh turns around.

L: Haa....

K: (she was a little confused on how to say what she had to say) Woh....mujhe.....kehna tha ki.......

L:( grins at her) Main jaanta hu.....tum mujhse Thanks kehna chati ho......(smiles) Uski koi zaroorat nahi hai....hum dost hai......aur dosti maine no sorry, no thank you......

He gently touched her cheek(just in a friendly way) and gave her a smile.

L:(silent whisper) Mai hameesha tumhare saath rahunga.....aur kissi ko bhi tumhe takleef poochane nahi dunga.......aab yeh sab chodo aur sab se millo.....

Krishna smiles and the both head their owm way. Krishna meets everyone and all are happy to see her. Sahil, Ganga, and Baa all have a desire in their heart of having Krishna as their Laksh's wife. Her beauty, her values, her respect for all, and her beauiful heart attracted them all to like her. Raunak teases his saali and calls her to be getting thinner and thinner by the day. However, he truly loves he as much as he loves Sargam. Sargam gifts her a little diary which they used to always share when they were little and they spend some precious moments lookin g through it. Purvi and Purvish were busy chatting with Baa, Sahil, Ganga and Ritvik while Raunak, Arpita, Sargam, Prem and Krishna chatted. Arpita knew her sister ver well as sh was the youngest and the most loved. On seeing her face,she knew that Krishna had been hiding something fromher but decided to talk to her later about it. After like half an hour, they all went to their rooms to change for the occasion. They all got ready and they wore this.

Baa: A pink Sari with a golden border of tiny triangles. Her regular style.

Ganga: Bridesmaid%20Dress%20Exporter%20Dark%20Pink%20Faux%20Georgette%20Saree%20with%20Blouse



Purvi:  Designer%20Apparel%20Exporter%20Aqua%20Blue%20Faux%20Georgette%20Saree%20with%20Blouse





Sargam:  Product%20Id%20%20SPR038



Krishna:  Product%20Id%20%20SPR032

Baa was the first one to arrive and sit into the jagran. Sahil and Ganga came all ready with Pruvi and Purvish. Raunak and Arpita came and joined with Ritvik running behind them. Prem and Laksh went to Baa and took the red head band(you know what they wear when there is a jagran: a red piece of cloth tied around your head that says "JAI MATA DI."....The first page has a picture of the red band tied around Prem's head.) Baa gives them all of those scared bands/cloths in a silver plate and tells them to stand near the door way and to give it to all the guests that arrive for the jagran. They both head towards the dorr and as the people/guest arrive they ae given the scared cloth to put on around their head. While Prem and Laksh were doing this, Sargam and Krishna were collecting flowers from the garden the Viranis had in their bankyard. When they go inside, they find a lots of people singing bhajans to Mata Rani. Laksh and Prem spot them coming inside. Laksh couldn't get his sight off of Krishna who was looking soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful. He had never noticed her looking so smashing. He kept starring at her until Ganga call him.(BTW, Pem was in the same position at the sight of Sargam. He couldn't get his eyes off of her)Laksh sees Ganga in front of him. Prem and Laksh get up.

L: Ji Mom....

G: Beta yeh lee....Tum dono ne mata ka dhaga(red band) nahi bandha......

Ganga gives them both the dhaga and the both tie it around their head. But while tying, they have difficulty tying a knot as they couldn't tie it tight enough. Krishna and Sargam both see this and walk towards him. They both stand behind them, Sargam behind Prem and Krishna behind Laksh. They both put the flowers the had in the hand(in a sliver tray) aside and tie the dhaga on both of them. Laksh feels a sensation inside him that he had never felt before. After she tied it, Laksh turned around to face her. He finds Krishna smiling at his and her eyes twinkling. Prem also turns around. They both look at the girls who were glittering with beauty.

L: (gives his cute smile)Thanks.....

K: (politely) Your welcome.....

P: (shocked) Arre whaa......

S: (smiling) Kaisi lag rahi hu....?...

P: (with a huge smile on his face) Tum toh ekdum..........

S: (eager to know how she was looking) Ekdum......kya?...

P: (eyes wide) EKDUM BHOOT JAISI LAG RAHI HO( laughs with the company of Laksh)......

K: (a little annoyed) Bhaiya!......

Sargam looks away with her hands folded across her chest.

P: (still laughing) Accha sorry......Tum dono bahot acchi lag rahi ho....Bilcul angel ki tarah.....HAPPY!

K: (smiling) YES....

All four of them have a nice laugh. Then Purvi call the girls.

Pvi: Krishna....Sargam.....beta yaha toh aana zara....

Krishna and sargam take their tray that contained all the flowers they had collected. They both head towards Purvi and hand her the flowers that were for making a mala(necklace) for Mata Rani. Purvi gives them the scared dhaga to tie. They oth go back and join Laksh and Prem and sit next to them, Krishna next to Prem and Sargam next to Laksh. Both brothers tie the dhaga for their sis. Ritvik finds the four sitting together and runs towards them and sits in Laksh's lap. Laksh gives his a hug, kisses his forehead and finds him trying to sleep in his lap. He gently patted his cheek as he dosed off into deep sleep. Laksh looked at his watch and saw that it was 12:00 am.

L: (whispers) Mai isse sulakar atta hu....

S: (whispers back) Theek hai....

Laksh gets up with Ritvik in his hands and goes into his room to put him to sleep. He notices that he had been coughing a lot. Laksh gets him changed into his nightdress. He lays him down on his little bed. Ritvik had his eyes open but the minute he way put onto the bed, he curled up into a little bundle and went into deep sleep. Laksh smiled at his cuteness and covered him with a blanket. He sat besides him and patted him. He runs his fingers through his hair gently. Then he touched his forehead and was shocked to find it burning hot. He looked at Ritvik and figured out that he had a high fever and his temperature was quiet high.

L: (worried) Isse toh tez bukhar hai.....

He gets up goes outside to tell Arpita but he he finds everyone busy and the jagran. The elders were sitting al the way in the front of the living room in front of the Mata Rani's Murti while Prem, Sargam, Arpita, and Raunak were helping Baa arrange flowers to make the mala. While Laksh is looking around, he spots Krishna arranging a plate with prasad sweets. Krishna notices him and is confused to see a worried expression on his face. Krishna puts the plate she was arranging on a side table and walks towards Laksh who couldn't stop staring at her and controlled himself and lowered his eyes. Krishna stand in front of him and asks him.

K: (curiously but silently) Kya hua Laksh?....

L: (looks into her eyes) Tum chalo mere saath......

He grabs her hand and takes her to Ritvik's room. Krishna is taken by suprised by his sudden action. They reach the room. Laksh takes her near Ritvik and makes her sit right next to him.

L: (embarrassed for his improper action) I's sorry......

K: (politely) Koi baat nahi.....

She looks at Ritvik sleeping with a smile on his face. She then looks back at Laksh.

K: (in a lower tuned voice) Par tum mujhe yaha kyu layee?.....

L: (same tume) Isse bahot hi tez bukhar hai.....mai bhabhi ko nahi bataa saka.......

K: (smiles to him as to how much he cares for everyone).

K: Mai abhi atti hu.....tum iske saath betho.....(smiles and leaves to go towards the kitchen)

She comes to Ritvik's room in 2 minutes carrying a medium sized bowl that was full of cold water and a clean, fresh, white cloth. She went and sat on the other side of Ritvik's bed. She placed the bowl on the side table. She dipped the clean cloth into the cold water, squeezed the extra water out, spread the cloth into a thick long, ectangle layer, and then placed it on Ritvik's head. She gently pressed in on his forehead and let it stay there for a few seconds. Laksh looks at her care for Ritvik and is impressed by her. Laksh had thousands of thoughts that were going throught his mand.

L: (in his mind) Why do I keep getting atracted to her? I have met her before but I never had this unusual feeling inside me. Why can't I stop looking at her? Do I like her? ........Am I falling for her?......SH**.....What am I thinking?

He comes out of his thoughts as Krishna snaps her fingers in front of his face. Laksh looks at her with an amazed expression.

K: ( laughs a little) Kaha kho gaye?.....

L: (lowers his eyes and then looks at Ritvik) Woh mai.....mai iske bare se soch raha tha.....

K: (positively explains) Chinta mata karo.....woh kya hai naa, bahot sardi hai....issi liye bukhar hai.....theek ho jayega....

L: (smiles) Thanks...

K: Arre tumne hi toh kaha tha....dosti mai no sorry no thank you.....

L: (laugh a little) Sorry...

K: Phir se?.....

L: I mean I am not thankful and I am not sorry....( both laugh)...

K: Mai yaha hu....aggar tumhe jaana ho toh jao....

L: (whispers) Mai kya pagal hu joh wapas jao.....bal bal bacha hu....Yeh log inte bhajan gayenge toh bhagwan bhi bore hojayega.....aur mai toh insaan hu....

K: (smiles) Bhajan bhagwan ko yaad kar ke gaye jaate hai...woh hamari bhakti sun ke bore nahi hote hai.....woh khush hote hai......mai maanti hu ke woh kuch zyada hi boring hote hai hamare liye....par unke aalwa humara hai hi kaun.....woh hume dard dete hai par ussi dard se wohi nikalte hai......aur jab woh hamare liye inta kast(trouble) utha sakte hai toh phir hum unhe khush karne ke liye inta bhi nahi kar sakte.......(she explains while putting the wet cloth on Ritvik's head after soaking it in the water).

Laksh totally got owned by what she had just told him. He had never imagined a girl to be so well cultured, so traditional as well as modern. Her thoughts were so positive. He could see in her eyes that she had a lot of wishes which were little things and something inside him told him to fulfill her each wish, each hope, and each desire.

He cuts off his thoughts.

L: ( curiously asks) You mean I have to sit there?.....(hoping she would say no)...

K: (looks at him nicely) don't have to.....bhagwan tumse already khush hai.....

L: (curious once again) woh kaise...?....aur tumhe kaise pata?...??.??

K: (explains) Bhagwan jisse pasand karte hai unko accha banaate hai....aur tum toh ho hi bahot acche aur pyare......

L: (suprised) Mai itna bhi accha nahi hu....par haa....tum zaroor acchi ho...(smiles)

K: (smiles) I know......aur tum apne aap ko jinta bhi accha samjho, mere liye bahot hai......

Laksh smiled at her with respect for her increasing in his eyes. She was truly sweet and really cute.

L: (in his mind) WOW!.....I think......I....I......I love you!.....

 Well Hope you like this part. A little boring but PROMISE to give you better in the next part. PLEASE PLEASE DO COMMENT AND TELL ME HOW IT WAS! THANKS FOR READING. Sorry but didn't have time to update. Love you all!!!!!


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loyalkashion Senior Member

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Posted: 11 August 2008 at 12:32am | IP Logged
that was awesome
update sooonnnnnn
please send pm went updated
lilindiangurl13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 August 2008 at 5:50am | IP Logged
that was great
i finally laksh realized he loves Kt
now just Kt has to realized
cont...soon cant wait for the next part

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