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Anashah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 September 2008 at 10:38am | IP Logged
'Main tumhe goli mardunga', 'Tum mere liye mar chuke ho', 'Door ho jao meri nazron se'....

No, don't worry we are not writing any script for a Bollywood movie but it seems that the contestants in 9X' Lux Kaun Jeetega Bollywood ka Ticket are very impressed with these one-liners that there is always war of words on the sets. Or is it that these contestants are practicing their dialogues to enter Bollywood?? But it's not only the contestants (be it celebrity or non-celebrity), it's also the judges and mentors who pass remarks on each other on national television!! Being a celebrity and known personality, we expect certain behavior from them. After all, they are idols of many and people look up to them!! This show has crossed all boundaries and shown the true color of various celebrities.

All we want to ask is, does winning and losing gain so much importance that you don't shy away to go to any extent to achieve it??

What kind of example are they setting? As 'yeah jo public hai yeah sab jantee hai...'  You all must have seen them in 'Real' action on stage in the show, now let's catch their vocabulary skills and see how good they are in War of words...

Amrita Singh to Puneet Asrani:

"Aap har jagah Chaudhri Charan Singh ki tarah mike le kar kyon khade ho jate hain" ?

"You've Redifned Ghatiya" 

He needs to be beaten up!

Amrita Singh to Vikas Manektala:

"Stop crying and sit down "


Mahesh Manjerekar to Mayank:

"I will not make you stand, even as junior artist if you act like this"



Puneet Asrani to Jay Bhanushali:

Jay, yeh koi saas bahu wala show nahin hai, jahan tu ro-ro ke patla hogaya !


Naman Shaw to Twinkle and Puneet Asrani:

"humne aavam ke bachcho ko aavam ke paas vapas bhej diya"


Karan Patel to Twinkle-Puneet:

I will work hard only to see Twinkle-Puneet in bottom two


Twinkle Bajpai:
"Negativity gets me more publicity"

Mihika Verma:

Main itni tali nai hoon, ki kisi se kahon '' Take me home baby''


Panchi Bora:

"Shayad log nataunki wale jodiyon ko thode jyada hi pasand karte hai''


Are these the new breed of Bollywood actors whom we are supposed to welcome on board?? Is this the way to create an image in front of the audience?? This is just the television audience who are being targeted, but what when the whole world witnesses them?? But one thing is for sure. This shows that no matter what, its the 70mm screen everyone craves for and television is just a stepping stone in their path to pinnacle and they could go to any extent to win this coveted "Ticket"!!

Anashah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 September 2008 at 11:11am | IP Logged

It's 'Teachers' Day Out' Today!!!

Teachers' Days is one of those Special days where we thank our 'Gurus' for paving

Anashah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 September 2008 at 2:13am | IP Logged
Real drama
Mandira Bedi consoles Himani Kapoor after she breaks down on the sets of a show More Pics
What would reality television be without a bit of drama?

Especially when they have to compete for eyeballs at prime time slot with family sagas! Well, seems like production houses and co-participants seem to have taken all that into account. Despite telling us otherwise, reports of these shows being 'scripted' continue gaining momentum. The first one to have admitted that she had a scripted role for Bigg Boss was Kashmera Shah, followed by star anchors who have time and again said, that 'breakdowns' 'arguments' on the reality shows are usually staged. Sample this: if Chetan Hansraj shoving a co-contestant on Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket (9X) wasn't enough, now there's plenty of fisticuffs (yes!) every week. Actor Naman Shaw got embroiled in a fight (first a physical one, then a verbal one), Twinkle Bajpai unashamedly said she's will do 'anything'

to win on the same show, on camera. On another channel, actor Manish Goel broke down on Zara Nachke Dikha , singer Abhijeet who was judging Ek Se Badhkar Ek made a statement that he wouldn't allow Pakistani singers on his show.All seemingly part of the show, but looked 'scripted' from the word go. No wonder then, Abhijeet apologised on TV and Manish seems to have put the episode behind him and is busy rehearsing for his next act. Digging up the reality muck was a participant of the just concluded Waar Pariwar , who even claimed to news channels how her family was told to 'say on camera' they were affected by the '93 blasts in Mumbai, when they spoke about themselves. Another high voltage 'romantic' drama is brewing on Big Boss on Colors, where Rahul Mahajan, Monica Bedi and Payal Rohatgi are essaying lead roles!

Is the masala added to the show really necessary to grab attention? Can't reality shows manage that on their own steam, without creating such controversies? Naman, a participant of Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket , who's not only 'fought' with fellow contestants, but has also argued with the judges, confesses that "no shows come without their share of controversies. We have problems even when we are doing dailies, but no one knows what happens backstage, off-the-camera. It took me three years to establish myself as an actor, I wouldn't say anything to spoil my image would I? But, you have to answer back to people when they hit out at you. If people think badly of you for that, it can't be helped."

Not that this is the first time, such 'fights' have happened during national telecast of TV shows. Singer Himani Kapoor cried copiously when judge Farah Khan rebuked her in Jo Jeeta Wahi Superstar. Twinkle Bajpai who has been in the news for her fighting and screaming on a reality show says, "When you are doing reality shows with 10 different people, everyone's got their own opinion. You sometimes have to make yourself heard. We aren't working according to a script." Something that actor Manish Goel agreed with when he told AT, "everything is real on the reality shows, nothing can be scripted, certainly not the emotions."

However the perspective changes when Rajiv Arora, creative head of reality shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Waar Pariwar , says that "it is in-built in the concept sometimes," he says, "When we do auditions we look for people who know more than singing.

Sometimes music directors aren't 'sporting' about participant eliminations and tend to argue," he says. So, channels aren't trying to cash in on the drama, for TVRs (television rating points) anymore? Prem Kamath, vice president of a leading channel says, "we don't script reality shows, all these events happen naturally. It's just that when people with different personalities and opinions work or perform together, there's bound to be controversy sometimes."

So, the next time you see your favourite TV star 'sobbing' on camera, you can either empathise with him or flip the channel. As long as the TVRs are hitting a high, no one seems to have a problem!
Anashah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 September 2008 at 2:27am | IP Logged
Panchi & Chetan Talking About 'Teachers' Day
Panchi & Chetan Talking About 'Teachers' Day
 Talking About 'Teachers' Day
guru gyaan

It's that day of the year when we pay respect to our gurus. It's a day when he thank our teachers for playing a pivotal role in shaping our lives. Each day at school enriched our minds. There are some lessons that just didn't end with the last day of education but we carried them for the rest of our lives.

This Teacher's Day, we called few celebs to know life?s biggest lesson they've learnt from their guru.


Ashita Dhawan:

The biggest lesson I have learnt is to do the best and leave the rest to God. This is something I implement even in my day- to- day chores. My teachers also taught me to be good to people without expecting anything in return. So I help people in need and not boast about it. Since I studied in a convent school our teachers always told us that we are constantly watched by The Almighty so I have become God-fearing now. I know whatever I do God is watching me and I will have to pay if I go wrong.


Panchi Bora:

I belong to an army background and I have studied in an army school. Studying in an army school, the biggest lesson I learnt from my teachers was the value for time and discipline.


Karan Oberoi:

The biggest lesson I learnt from my teachers is humility. I started learning music at a very young age. My music teacher used to tell me that only a good human being can be a good artist. She wanted me to be a good human before being a good singer. In fact, all my teachers insisted on humility and I am fortunate to have had such teachers.




Chetan Hansraj:

Patience is the key to success. This is one virtue I have learnt from my teachers and I implement it in my professional life. Though at times it becomes rather difficult and does get annoying but I religiously try to be as patient as I can.



Varun Badola:

I was assisting film director Tigmanshu Dhulia when he told me that don?t try too hard for anything; you will end up burning yourself. It was a time when I desperately needed to prove myself. In a task that required me to put my 50%, I would put my 100%. That would leave me fatigued and tired at the end of the day. I realised that one should not go overboard in doing something.




Saumya Tandon:

My father was a literature teacher and also the vice chancellor of the university. So, I never had to look beyond him for any lessons. He always stressed that making things simple is the most difficult task in life.

It was his most beautiful quality to impart knowledge in a simple way.



Rajan Shahi:

For me my guru is producer-writer Ravi Rai who has taught me the intricacies and minor details of direction. I have worked for six years under him. He always told me that nothing comes without hard work and there is no shortcut to it. I never sat down with him to understand the detailing. I observed him observing life that I learned whatever I implement today. I have learned a lot from his writing. The biggest lesson still remains to be non-judgmental. When I was working with him I used to be judgmental but now when I am going through the same phase I know how difficult it was for him to take those tough decisions which I happen to take today. One must never question his guru or teachers. Today I feel more grateful and emotionally attached to him.



Vijay Ishwarlal Pawar:

I couldn't learn much from my teachers as I hardly paid attention to studies. Often, I mimicked them. They always asked me to concentrate on my English but I didn't pay much heed to their advice. I'm left to regret my actions today. Knowledge of English is very essential today and I've now vowed to learn it. I'm sure my teachers will all be pleased once I learn English.



Anang Desai:

The biggest lesson I have learnt from my teachers is to be committed to whatever you do. They also taught me to be honest and sincere to my work and others.

Anashah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 September 2008 at 8:47am | IP Logged
It's time for Mentors to fight now.....8
9X' Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket has indeed become a bashing ground for the contestants as well as mentors... We see a tiff between mentors this week, and a shocking elimination too... Get the details exclusive on Telly Buzz...
Anashah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 September 2008 at 11:47am | IP Logged
Transcript of LIVE Chat with actor, Jay on Friday, 11 Jan 2008 at 12 noon.

Love is something that can't be described

Jay Bhanushali
TV Actor

raha> Tell us about your experience of dancing in Jhalakh dikhla ja
Jay_b> It was a very mind blowing experience. It was a difficult journey. I got to know that my fans really love me a lot. I am feeling like a winner because I have won so many hearts.

raha> Do you think that Prachi deserve as the winner ok JDJ.
Jay_b> Yes. She was a very good dancer. She got the highest votes and I was the second. In the finals she was the best amongst the three. She really worked hard and she has been paid off.

raha> How was working with Balaji telefilms?
Jay_b> It is a great experience. They have given me the fame and recognition. In real life too I am just like Neev. I owe a lot to Balaji and Ekta Kapoor. She has been really coporative.

miraa> Tell us something about your role in serial Kayamath?
Jay_b> In the begining of the show it was a fun loving character. But later the character has got serious and has fallen in love.

miraa> The stressbuster that always works for you
Jay_b> Being around with girls.

miraa> What are your hobbies?
Jay_b> Playing cricket, in parties flirting with girls n the main hobby and music.

miraa> Your upcoming projects
Jay_b> There is a very big thing that will be coming. People have not seen me in such a role ever. But you will have to wait and watch.

miraa> Any plans to join bollywood in near future?
Jay_b> I always had a plan to join bollywood. But bollywood did not have the plan to join me.

miraa> Who's is your favourite. Co-actor and actress?
Jay_b> Fav Co-actor – Shabhir Fav Co - actress - Everybody whom I am working with.

miraa> Your favourite actor
Jay_b> Akshay Kumar.

miraa> Your favourite destination?
Jay_b> London

miraa> Any dream role you would love to play?
Jay_b> Akshay Kumar's role in Waqt.

sagarika> Girls with attitude you don't like but what about girls with a cute smile same as yours?
Jay_b> It should'nt be much cuter than me. I can't take attitude from girls but everything else is fine. I can handle.

abhijit> Who was your favourite school bench partner,what was his/her favourite dish/book?
Jay_b> I always wished a beautiful girl sat next to me in school. But it never happened. I have always sat with boys in school. Favourite Dish - Pasta and bhelpuri and pani puri. Books - Ewwwwwwwwwwwwsss. Please dont talk about books I hate them.

miraa> Who is your dream date
Jay_b> Vidya Balan.

hari> Who was your first crush
Jay_b> It was long back in the 7 or 8th standard. I use to find a girl very beautiful. But the crush was always crushed by her. But now when I look back I don't think she was that beautiful so I am happy now.

miraa> Tell us something about your real life
Jay_b> I am a open book. I am a very simple guy, does'nt believe in showing off, loves to flirt in a healthy manner.

hari> Who is the most beautiful female in India according to you
Jay_b> My Mother.

shiva> What attracts you the most in a girl
Jay_b> Eyes.

miraa> One thing you never leave home without
Jay_b> My cell phone.

miraa> Most embarassing moment on the sets of Jalak dikhla ja?
Jay_b> When I was suppose to dress like a girl. When the top was stuffed with lot of things.

anna> Your definition of love
Jay_b> Love is something that cant be described. Its just a very pure feeling. Everything is beautiful in love.

anna> O ne thing you cannot live without
Jay_b> GIRLS.

abhilasha> Beauty or brain??
Jay_b> Beauty.

sagarika > Are you an emotional person and such a caring person as neev or do you take life much more cool
Jay_b> I am emotional and caring. Yes I am like Neev.

abhilasha> Your favourite movie
Jay_b> Waqt

sukriti> Your kind of music
Jay_b> Any Kind of music that make my feet tap. Especially Bollywood.

mina> What is beauty to u?
Jay_b> Good Nature comes first and then the beauty follows.

Sign off message
Jay_b> Well guys it was nice talking to you. I really appreciate the way you have supported me in Jalak Dikhlaja. I am really really saying from the bottom of heart that I was no one if you guys were not there with me. I owe you a lot guys. Have fun. Live life Neev size. Love Always Jay. Take good care of yourself.
Anashah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 September 2008 at 3:47am | IP Logged
A Drool Special -  TV?s Hottest Hunks
In India, television was considered to be the actress? domain where the female lead was given much more prominence on the screen.  Indian television, they said, was meant to be for all those women sitting at home wielding the remote. Where, oh, where then were the neat specimens of the male variety that the female species could have visually feasted on?  Take away the handful muscled physiques and you were left with the wimpy husbands, the adorable obedient sons or the paternally affectionate fathers in law. Hardly material worth writing home about, leave alone dreaming of!

 In the last couple of years, the industry has moved away from the traditional genre of portraying the male characters as pieces of furniture on the screen.  The role of the male actor is evolving into multi-dimensional characters where they are able to hold screen space on par with their female counter-parts.

 We have rounded up a few of the best bods strutting their stuff on the tube in our prowl for some of the sexiest hunks on television. These may or may not match up to international standards, but if fan mail is to be believed, some of them are definitely sending female hormones into a tizzy!

Let's take a look at the younger generation of guys spread out across the telly.  Here is a list of the current batch of hot and happening hunks who are either already playing a main lead or deserve to be the main lead and are making their presence felt even in the female-dominated field with their hunky appeal. 



 Shabbir Ahluwalia - Hunk Rating: The Mischievous Tease

His broad shoulders, the bulging pecs, the unshaven look and the sky-high cheekbones make Shabbir Ahluwalia (Rishi from ?Kahiin To Hoga') a naughty fantasy. Smooth, good-looking, and flirty, Shabbir is known for his impish charm and scruffy appeal. Shabbir Ahluwalia has even Ekta Kapoor admitting that he is such a macho ?dude.?   His dark good looks and versatility has allowed him to play charismatic roles which bring spice to the small screen.  ?Sex on Legs? personified with beautiful innocent eyes and a ?million dollar smile? makes Shabbir a lethal combination making womens? hearts skip a beat and turning their knees to marshmallow Kayamath Se Kayamath Tak.

 Rajeev Khandelwal - Hunk Rating: Cootchie-Coo Cutie

Rajeev spun his magnetism as the intense Sujal in ?Kahiin To Hoga' and won millions of hearts as he charmed women on screen and off with his killer good looks and undeniable charm. Rajeev is every inch a celebrity, with his eagerness and perseverance, not to mention his smashing good looks and cute smile. Rajeev is the son every mother wants and the husband every Indian woman desires. And, as most girls will agree, he makes their hearts go, ?Left Right Left.'

Iqbal Khan - Hunk Rating: Stud muffin

Iqbal Khan made his deadly debut as a crooning rock star in Ekta Kapoor's ?Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hain.' With his muscles rippling like a cornfield, Iqbal is the gallant, hunky knight in shining armour. He's the kind of guy that girls would love to be protected by while his sharp Kashmiri features and sweet demeanor makes most girls go weak in the knees. Iqbal is Indian television's stud and just looking at him flex his muscles as he strums the A-chord on the guitar is enough to make the entire Indian female population go, ?Haan mujhe iqraar hai.'

 Eijaz Khan - Hunk Rating:  Fantasy Dreamboy

One of the hottest faces on television this handsome and talented actor has appeared in several Balaji serials like Kahi To Hoga, Kkusum, Kkavyanjali and Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka.  With his dreamy blue eyes and picture perfect looks, he is every girls? fantasy dreamboy.   Delicious and tempting comes to mind when he appears on the small screen and most girls would give their right arm to be another Anita Hassandani.  

 Karan Patel - Hunk Rating:  Heart Throb

Despite his dark lover act, the female species hasn't quit professing its undying devotion to him. Besides his dark brooding characters, what helps him is his rakish Mills and Boons hero act.  He has an eye for the ladies and his effortless charm and criminally attractive good looks have made him a favourite on the small screen. 

 Chetan Hansraj - Hunk Rating: Quintessential Bad Boy

Nobody does shaggy, stubbled sexy as green eyed, Chetan Hansraj (Sasha of Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki). He's the guy every girl's parent asked her to stay away from and therein lays his appeal. Every girl wants to sit on the back of his motorbike and grab his leather jacket. His bad attitude and crooked ways just make the girls want him more. Chetan's the bad guy we love to hate. The chicks just want to cha-cha with Sasha.


 Hussain Kunjerwala - Hunk Rating: Indian Poster Boy

Hussain represents the conventional Indian poster boy, the chocolate hero that every girl salivates over while spending sleepless nights gushing and sighing.  Hussain might have some serious "hunk" material deep within, but seems to fit more into the "cho- chweet category".

 Karnvir Bohra - Hunk Rating: Naughty but Nice

Blessed with both chocolate looks and a cute personality? this guy is out to do some serious damage.   His portrayal of the complex character of Prem in Kausatii Zindagi Kay continues to steal the female viewers hearts and minds when he appears on the small screen.

Hiten Tejwani - Choclate Rating: Sweet as Sugar

We hear he stills makes ladies' pulses race when he knits those pensive brows on the small screen.  Hiten?s characters have always been positive thus accentuating his sweet image.   He is the guy you want to take home to meet your mother and the son most mothers would love to have.

Jay Bhanushali - Choclate Rating: The Lost Puppy

Hmmm?. That's the sound women often make when they see Jay.   He looks like the lost puppy dog that every girl wants to nurture. It wouldn't be implausible to say that most women would be floored by the strength of his appeal.  He is quite the charmer with an impish cute smile to boot.


 Ronit Roy - Old Boys Rating: Sugar Daddy

Who wouldn't want to partner with this sexy business tycoon? If anyone is getting better with age, it's the distinguished Ronit Roy. His flamboyant portrayal of Mr. Bajaj (?Kasautii Zindagi Kii') adds to his mature appeal. Ronit Roy has added another feather to his cap with his with his leaner, meaner look as Aparichit Deb in ?Kasamh Se'. There's a method to his madness and that's what makes this debonair dude, dashing.

 Ram Kapoor - Old Boys Rating: Mr. Personality

When you can hold the nations eyeballs onto you in a woman-oriented drama like ?Kasamh Se' you're definitely doing something damn right. Ram Kapoor's intense eyes, commanding voice and authoritative demeanor combined with his delicately rugged looks have helped make him one of the hottest actors on Television. Ram isn't the conventional hunk, but it's his towering persona that makes him so awe-inspiring. Combine that with a sexy stubble, a mature look and the ability to make life and death decisions look easy and you have the perfect recipe for the alternate hunk. Prachi Desai, his co-star of ?Kasamh Se' said, ?Ram is the sweetest, most helpful person to work with on the show. But the first time I saw him, I was very nervous.? That's the Ram Kapoor effect, kasamh se

Anashah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 September 2008 at 9:10am | IP Logged
Chetan Hansraj's got plenty on his plate

Chetan Hansraj is starting his shoot for Mahabharat as Bheem. But before it, Chetan appeared to support Komalika Guhathakur (Gayatri from Kyunki…) for her reality show Saas Vs Bahu. Chetan spoke to us in details.
Talking about his recent appearance, he says, "It was just a cameo. They asked to me come for two performances in support of the Saas team. It was short and fun. In my first performance, I did not get good comments. I really do not know what actually happened but even I did not feel that I danced, so it is fine. It happens sometimes."

He adds, "Performing with Komalika was not difficult for me but it was difficult for her. It was quite a funky number which we had to perform on and her style of dancing is very different than that. Ultimately it went off really well."

About KJTB, he says, "It is going great; now three more weeks and then it will get over. I think I have a fair chance. I am happy to reach this position but further you cannot predict the future."

About the latest controversy, he adds, "There was problem between my partner and Mayank. They started fighting and sent each other few messages. I was not aware about it at all. I do not want to get it into all this. I came to know all of this when they spoke about it on the sets. I am not a teacher to them to tell them what to do and all. They are mature enough. It does affect their voting and their career."

Chetan is getting ready for his first schedule of Mahabharat. "I am going to start shoot in ten days. I am really going to enjoy this character of Bheem. I am fully prepared for it. I have also finished reading the epic. Initially we will be shooting for the general introduction of the character so there won't be any stunts scenes and all."

Lastly, he informs, "I have been also hearing these rumours about Kaahani going off air. But I do not have any idea whether it is actually happening. It is very sad if any show goes off air but there is always an end for everything."

  • Sonali Joshi, Hill Road Media
  • Monday, September 08, 2008
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