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niveditha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 August 2008 at 3:49am | IP Logged
Mahesh Manjrekar has contestant in tears

Mahesh Manjrekar, who is judging Balaji's reality show Kaun Jeetega Ticket to Bollywood, is giving the contestants a tough time. Reshmii Ghosh's partner Sayantam cried in the show after getting poor reviews from Mahesh for their performance.
Explaining what happened, Reshmii says, "Mahesh told us that our performance lacked energy. He told Sayantam that he should have been more expressive but Amrita and Zeenatji were happy with our performances."

She further adds, "My partner has a few family issues too. His father died some months back and his mother's condition is still bad. She believes that her husband is alive. Also, she wanted him to become a doctor so he was crying that he cannot do anything for her. He revealed his entire story and that affected his performance."

On the other hand, Mahesh was angry and even went on commenting that some of the contestants' performances were very bad. He warned them that they want to see something new and are bored of watching the same things again and again. When contacted, Mahesh refused to comment saying he was busy.

Earlier, when Twinkle Bajpai wanted to quit show, it was Mahesh who told her that if she wants to leave the show she can leave it right away before the results are announced.

  • Sonali Joshi, Hill Road Media
  • Monday, August 11, 2008

  • Anamika.shah IF-Dazzler

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    Posted: 14 August 2008 at 1:46pm | IP Logged

    What freedom means to our tellystars...
    by Vidhya Krishnan & Meenakshi Shankar
    Aug 14, 2008, Bangalore

    Nat%20Geo,%20Independence%20dayAs we proudly head towards the 61st anniversary of our Indian Independence, we @ Tellywatch wish each and everyone 'A Happy Independence'. And on this occasion, we caught up with our glamazons and dream weavers from the small screen share their message for Independence Day?

    An outspoken Mandira Bedi says I look back at all the struggles that our leaders have made for us. And I feel blessed for the freedom that I am enjoying because of them. I am grateful and thankful for our 61 years of free India. But, in the literal sense, we still have a long way to go before we are actually free. Our society is still riddled with double standards. We still treat women like their sole existence is to reproduce. We need to shrug off the steIndian%20flag-1reotypical image and move ahead with times. We need to be free in every sense.

    Angad Freedom to about choices! It is about living my life without the diktats of others. Freedom to me is walking around without any fear...without looking over my shoulder and worry about what is in store. Freedom to me is seeing people live their life to the fullest and walk with a smile on them. This Independence Day is very special because I am spending it with people who really matter and who have been instrumental in shaping my family. We are planning to spend the day catching movies. Singh is King is on the priority list! My mother has flown down from Chandigarh and I want to show her the best of Mumbai.

    AastIndian%20flag-1ha Chaudary says?Freedom to me is the feel of pride of living in free India. Since I am not too well, this time I will celebrate Independence Day by catching up on some good DVD's, books and just having my family around me. But otherwise on every Independence Day, I make it a point to distribute sweets to children especially the ones you find in signals.

    Satish Shah?Freedom means everything to me. It is more important than any other values. I am returning from a long schedule and I am not sure as to how I will celebrate Independence Day this time. But I will make sure to attend the flag hoisting in our colony on Independence Day.

    Bhairavi Raichura feels passionately about freedom It is something we take for granted

    Nat%20Geo,%20Independence%20day It is a sense of being liberated and not appreciating it. Freedom is peace for me. It is knowing that when I go to bed every night, the world isn't going to change drastically the next day. On our Independence Day, I salute our freedom fighters and make it a point to salute our flag. It is a day when there is a sense of pride that flows through you and makes you proud of being an Indian.

    Alok Nath?Happiness is freedom to me... freedom is being one's own master but not misuse it. Independence Day is a very important day. This time I will be busy working with work and don't have a holiday. All I can do is pray for everybody especially for our freedom fighters.

    Kiran Dubey?Freedom means a lot to me! It mIndian%20flag-1eans so many things like having the courage to be yourself and not get affected by being judged, to be free in speech and thoughts and a lot more things. For this Independence Day, I will be going to an echo-friendly hotel called Rhodas to attend an echo-friendly event. And I just bought two tiny flags from kids who sell them in signals. It feels great when I actually go back to school and think of the days where we used to get great things to eat for free. It is nice to relax and enjoy your freedom in a nice way on that day. I do retrospection on Independence Day; we as citizens need to think about what can be done to improve our nation. We need to thank our freedom fighters and show our gratitude for people in the war front wIndian%20flag-1ho have sacrificed their lives.

    Chetan Hansraj?Freedom is the right to live life without any restriction. And this Independence Day, I will attend the flag hoisting that we have in our society.

    Paras Tomar?Being free without having to feel conscious about it and not worrying about anything is what freedom means to me. When in college, there were lot of activities to celebrate Independence Day but once you start working, most of the time is dedicated for work. This Independence, I just want to relax at home.

    Anita Hassanandan...To me freedom is having choices and exercising them responsibly. I have been invited to a school function for Independence Day and I am really happy to be a part of it

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    Anamika.shah IF-Dazzler

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    Posted: 14 August 2008 at 2:42pm | IP Logged

    'Chetan and Karan have issues'

    Looks like the 'drama' on Bollywood Ka Ticket will never end

    We all remember the particularly nasty episode of Kaun Jeetaga Bollywood Ka Ticket, that led Twinkle Bajpai and her partner Puneet to storm off the sets and subsequently the show. But if Chetan Hansraj, Karan Patel and Mikhila Verma thought that the worst was over, they're sadly mistaken.

    Due to popular demand, the channel is all set to bring the Ghar Ki Lakshmi... actress back to the show. We caught up with Twinkle to get the scoop.

    "That the public wants me back shows how popular I am," she told us. "There is a big difference between coming back and being called back."

    But what about the differences she had with her co-contestants and fellow actors?

    "I have no problems with the others," claims Twinkle. "Mikhila, Chetan and Karan have issues with ME. I don't understand why Chetan keeps attacking me when I haven't ever said a word to him. What right to they have to comment on my costumes? Mikhila is completely insecure with my performances,"

    But how much of this is real and how much is staged to increase TRPs?

    One of our inside sources claims, "It is all staged to spice things up. You need to have some fireworks. The episode which saw Hansraj slap Puneet had made the TRP's increase to three."

    But Twinkle denies that her walking out of the show was staged.

    "I don't think the production house has enough time to play games," says the actress. "Plus if they wanted drama they would have chosen a better known star."

    In the last episode, Twinkle Bajpai and her partner Puneet were seen leaving in a huff, claiming that they were unfairly put in the bottom three. This was accompanied by a lot of unceremonious exchanges between Chetan Hansraj, Karan Patel and the jodi.

    Twinkle who came into the limelight as Lakshmi in Ghar Ki Lakshmi... Betiyaan has recently entered the Balaji bandwagon as Vaidehi in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

    noha450 IF-Rockerz

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    Posted: 15 August 2008 at 2:22pm | IP Logged
    Kritika has stage phobia

    Kritka's Singhal popularly known as P2 of Kasautii Zindagii Key has recently discovered that she has stage phobia. The pretty actress is doing a reality show Bollywood Ka Ticket.

    "Well I tend to get too nervous whenever I step on stage. Sometime I fear that in this nervousness I may fumble and mess with my performance," says Kritika

    Kritika has recently crossed 7th round of Bollywood Ka Ticket. "Till now everything has been smooth sailing but one cannot predict what will be next. After the performance I wait eagerly to hear comments from Amrita Singh and Shabana Azmi," she quips.

    "I fear them as they are very strict when it comes to giving marks. As they are very experienced they can spot any mistake and hence we need to be very careful," she adds.

    Talking about her future plans she informs, "I don't know what's next for me but I would like to try something different like may be a comic role. Let's see what happens next. For now I just want to concentrate on this reality show that I'm doing currently," concludes the actress.

    Kritika's funda to win the ticket is that she prays before performing and speaks less on the show.

    *Shruti* Global Moderator

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    Posted: 15 August 2008 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
    Resshmi is happy
    16 Aug 2008, 0000 hrs IST, AKASH WADHWA ,TNN

    She may seem arrogant, but appearances are deceptive.

    We are talking about Resshmi Ghosh aka Bhoomi of Kyunkii Saas...for whom the glamour industry happened purely by chance. "Since I belong to a service class family, this glamour industry was a complete 'No-No' to my father. Whatever I am today is 'coz of my mother. She wanted to become an actress but couldn't because of dad's unwillingness. She is the one who fought with him for my career. My mom is living her dream through me."

    Talking about her television career, Resshmi says she has no regrets when it comes to portraying a negative shade in each of her characters. "I don't want to be drab in my acting style like Tulsi, Prerna or Parvati. I think I'm an excellent actress and more versatile than any of the mentioned ladies."

    Another similarity that one notices in all her characters is her oomph. "Ekta has always wanted me to look the way I'm in my serials from the very first day. And that is the reason why all my characters have been from well-to-do and elite families."

    Like other TV actors, Resshmi too is equally excited about her first dance reality show Bollywood Ka Ticket, but the lady confesses that she is still not used to such hectic schedules. "Although I love dancing and enjoy it a lot, I'm not able to cope with the shooting hours." Is that the reason why she fainted twice on the sets? "Not exactly. I fainted because of the kind of food that we are given. It is hopeless."

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    Anamika.shah IF-Dazzler

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    Posted: 23 August 2008 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
    Jay upset with Shabana

    This Sunday episode of Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket assures its viewers some fireworks from actor Jay Bhanushali (contestant from Western Zone) who will show his displeasure over the scores meted out to him for his last performance.

    According to a source from the production house, "Jay Bhanushali who till now was the quietest of all suddenly expressed his displeasure to the judges over their scoring of his last performance. He received accolades for his performance from the audience who even chanted 'once more', but judges didn't reciprocate in the same manner much to Jay's surprise."

    "Jay voiced his annoyance on an AV(audio visual) wherein he said that his performance was liked by the audience but still judges weren't happy. And Vikas Manecktala who was unable to lip-synch the whole song got praises from the judges. He especially took on Shabana Azmi (mentor from the East Zone) and her comments to which Shabana said that one shouldn't be questioning the judges as one has no rights. Shabana was very upset with Jay's remarks," adds the source.

    We tried contacting the actor but he remained unavailable.

    Watch the thunderous episode on Sunday, 24 August at 8:00 pm on 9X

    Anamika.shah IF-Dazzler

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    Posted: 23 August 2008 at 2:21pm | IP Logged

    Confrontation Galore in Bollywood Ka Ticket..


    A heated argument between Jai Bhanushali and Shabana Azmi, differences of opinion amongst the contestants and a shocking elimination; all this and much more this week in 9X' Kaun Jeetega...

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    Anamika.shah IF-Dazzler

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    Posted: 23 August 2008 at 2:23pm | IP Logged

    "I'm obsessed with Desperate Housewives"

    Harneet Singh
    Posted online: Friday , August 22, 2008 at 07:13:53

    Ekta Kapoor more familiarly known as the queen of televison gets personal with Harneet Singh while talking on the TRP's that rule her life, the labels that follow her, the vicious spoof in a recent film, the cell phones she breaks, how powerful she feels and Mahabharata, the way she likes it.

    Your Mahabharata is extremely Greekian in flavour, it seems to be inspired by Troy, whose brainwave was it?
    I didn't want the same mukuts and heavy jewellery that we associate with mythology. Since it was my lifelong dream to do Mahabharata, we had to do it my way. It had to be a new interpretation, a new imaging, a new visual, otherwise why should we make it? We had a team of eight researchers in the creative team who told us that there is no historical evidence of what people really wore in that era. In a way, imaging is also a part of mythology. All the information that we have has filtered over the years and we have accepted it as the truth. We decided to go beyond and give the epic a very stylized treatment.

    How would you compare your version with the original?
    I would neither like to compare nor define Balaji's version for the simple reason that there is nothing like an original. A book was written eons ago and then there have been different interpretations of it. The Chopras did it their way; Chitra Banerjee Divakurni did it in her style in the book, The Palace of Illusions. In the same vein, the interpretation can be good, bad or ugly but it has to be yours. It better have your stamp.

    Why did you open the epic with the Draupadi cheer haran?
    See, when we decided to start with the cheer haran episode, we knew it will kick start an uproar. That's because in our society there is an unwritten rule to follow whatever has already been done. I decided to have a slightly international approach in the storytelling. Our idea was that 6000 years ago, one night and in four hours, destiny was written that became part of history. And it all began with Draupadi. We just decided to give a glimpse of history to show that a woman was the focal point of the story and then take it from there. That was the real genesis of the saga.

    Who is your favourite Mahabharata character?
    I have two favourites: Draupadi and Karan. Draupadi shows that revenge is a very powerful emotion that can change all of us. She was quite a ballsy woman who made sure all her five husbands were committed to her cause. As for Karan, my heart goes out to him because he was worthy in every way but also unlucky in every way. He's the most complicated and vulnerable character. He had issues, his own family was his biggest enemy and he knew that he was supporting a friend who was in the wrong. If Draupadi is all about strength, revenge and a woman's vengeful energy then Karan was the right person at the wrong time.

    What is your reaction to the way you've been spoofed in the recent film, Money Hai Toh Honey Hai?
    (Shrugs) They've just crossed their limits. This just shows their low morals. I haven't seen the film but my brother, Tusshar, tells me that it's in a very bad taste. It's a vicious caricature. I believe they've shown me breaking cell phones, being downright rude and have commented on my work ethic. For what? Just so that you can have a few laughs over samosas? I mean, the person who has made this film is a 200 kg plus director (Ganesh Acharya) who is obviously venting out his frustration by taking off on someone successful. It's the easiest thing in the world to take off on someone successful to get eyeballs.

    And what do you have to say to Rakhi Vijan, who has played you in the film especially considering she worked in your show, Hum Paanch?
    We had a horrible time working with her. She suddenly wanted to quit the show and turn producer. We supported her decision but getting dates from her for the last 20 days of the show was a humiliating experience. As a producer, I used to go on the sets and ask her to start shooting and she used to be chatting with the crew members. There was such a lack of discipline and professionalism which is why we never repeated her. But the same Rakhi has called me 10 times in the recent past for work. But I told her that at the moment I don't have anything for her. And so she does this. Just so that people like Rakhi know, television gives you a little bit of success but in five minutes it's over. I can do much more to all of these people but I choose not to.

    Are you anything like the monster you've been made into?
    I seriously revel in it. It actually works to my advantage. People have such a bad impression of me that when they meet me they end up being impressed because they realize I'm not so bad. I have to be half as sweet to get them to like me.

    But how many cell phones have you broken?
    In the last few years I've really calmed down. But yeah earlier, I used to break a lot of cell phones and glasses. Don't forget that I started my company at the age of 19. Television is highly stressful and extremely frustrating so I used to take it out on myself. I couldn't hit people or myself so I used to break things. Either that or I used to jog like a maniac.

    But are you high maintenance?
    I'm very low maintenance. Even if I have to buy a bag I need to think about it for a long time. I hardly buy anything for myself. To purchase something you need willingness and ability. I might have the ability but I'm not willing to spend money on myself. I can't go to a shop and spend 1,000 on a handbag.

    But who do you think is behind all these stories of your rude and bad behavior?
    Competitors, ex employees and people who are no longer working with Balaji. But the good part is that there is only so much bad that they can say about me. People who know me know what I'm all about. Anyways, I'm not here to win any popularity contest.

    But does it bother you?
    Initially it used to but not anymore. I just want to do my work.

    What is the strangest rumour that you've heard about yourself?
    That once I rolled on the street to reach Siddhivinayak. Can you believe that?

    Do you agree that you are the most powerful person in the television industry?
    I'm not. A powerful person is someone like Sonia Gandhi, who makes a big difference to the country's economic and political standing. I'm just a television producer. I've no misconceptions about my job. I'm extremely driven and balanced but I'm not drunk on power. I understand that with power comes responsibility so I'm very conscious of what we churn out. I've a yearly list of things I want to achieve for my company and I live by that. If I need to wait outside somebody's office to make a project happen then I'll do it. If I think I'm powerful then I'll never be able to make things happen. I'm very clear that in the scheme of things, a project is much more important than my ego.

    What do you have to say to all those who run down your saas bahu soaps?
    I'm beyond these issues. They've come and gone. If people don't like what I make they have the option to not to watch it. I make my soaps for the masses. A housewife in Ratlam is my target audience. I'm not catering to the 50 intellectuals of the country. They don't pay my bills.

    But don't you want to do something else other than the saas bahu soaps?
    Sure there are days when I want to try new things but I refuse to leave my core competency. Soaps pay my bills so I can't stop making them. I'd rather do a stylized version of Mahabharata.

    Do TRP's rule your life?
    Totally. Television is an everyday game. Everyday is like an exam for me and the numbers are like my result. I'm constantly striving to get the best numbers.

    Ever fear the ideas will stop coming?
    Constantly but thankfully in my company we have a lot of creative heads thinking a lot of ideas. I'm just the motivating part of the organization. I understand that the difference between running a company and ruining it, is the 'i'. These days, I'm more of a troubleshooter in my company.

    What's the best thing that you've seen on TV recently?
    That would be the new season of Desperate Housewives. I'm obsessed with that series. I want to meet the writers.

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