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New Year's Eve: One Shot (KASH)

-Cherry- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 04 July 2008 at 7:41am | IP Logged

"Dark beautiful, snow night

I wonder if there was a shine of lights

In my thoughts i stood

Thinking about my mood


Looking out, the snow

I'm waiting for more

White as an ice cream

Wondering if the sun ever beams


Lash, New Years Eve

Looking beautiful as like in a dream

Sitting there

Like i didn't even care


Walking up and down

Staring at the beautiful pink gown

Gazing at the sight

Never knew it would be so bright


Not making a sound

I sat on the ground 

Loving the beautiful stars

Wondering where they are


Never before I felt this way

Will life have to pay?

Mostly because I love it this day

Not having a word to say


Now will have to wait to see tomorrow

Will my life just bring sorrow?

Not having anything else left

Gazing at the snow ice melt




"Get ready" she said handing

Over a dress

"Mama please just for a few mins" riddz said quickly skimming through her book

"No please come on" riddz's mama said

Finally pushing her book aside she went to get changed. This wasn't the first time she has duged into a book but this book got her so into her it was called love at first sight. She never believed that love can happened in first sight but always had a gut feeling that she wants to have a love at first sight experience, if life would give her this chance


Walking down the stairs she looked around the place trying to find someone she knew, she was at a party for like teenagers and past and then they had another party upstairs which was for all the adults.

Finding no one there she knew, riddz sat down looking really board

"Oh mom why did u send me here" thinking to herself

She looked through her bag and tried to find something that she could do with, after looking for a while in her bag she found the book she was reading. Riddz was really interested in this book.





Walking in the room he looked around seeing the hot females around him

"Hey cutie"

"What's up beautiful?"

"Miss gorgeous"

He walked around and flirted with everyone of them not leaving anyone out except one (riddz)

"Well i'll keep this one for last" he said looking at riddz. He couldn't see ridhima's entire face because she was right inside the book and her hair was covering every feature of her face



Riddz was still in her own world of reading

She read every bit of the book

Just then she felt someone next to her

Now she was scared she didn't have the guts to look up and see who it was. The only thing she saw was a part of the person's hand.


He came and sat next to her

He eagerly wanted to see her face, her lashes face

"Hello i'm armaan" "Armaan Malik" he said waiting for her reply

She turned around. Ridhima turned around and looked at armaan

"Wow" armaan thought to him

"What the hell is he looking at" riddz mind went all the questions

"So beautiful" armaan whispered

Riddz looked at him with surprise


*snap* *snap*

Armaan looked up and saw a waiter snapping his fingers in front of his face

"Where did she go?" armaan asked questioningly

"Where did who go sir?" the waiter asked politely

"That girl" armaan said scanning every part of the hall

"She left"

"Where did u see her go?"

"Yeah she went that way" the waiter said pointing to the garden side

"Thanks man" armaan said giving a happy slap on the waiter's back

"No probs" seeing armaan left

Armaan ran outside to see anyone there

But no sign of her


She walked out leaving armaan behind

Riddz looked around the sight looking as beautiful as ever

She stood opposite the beautiful lake

It was dark blue

From where she was standing it looked beautiful as ever

Riddz just stared at the lake looking at just one beautiful swan

Gliding through the lake the swan looked beautiful in the sea but this wasn't a sea it was a lake and it even looked beautiful

"Swanlake" riddz said looking at the swan

Riddz looked around the place

Tress surrounding her, the dark

Black night matched the pick lash dress she wore. She looked up in the sky staring at the moon, well today it was shinning for more than enough

The grass on the ground was shimmering

Riddz sat down on the grass


Armaan looked around the trees

To find the girl

But no luck, she was nowhere to be found

"Oh why finding a girl be sooo hard" armaan said putting his hand on his head

He looked around again and again

Just then he spotted a shooting star

He closed his eyes, never before he ever wished


Armaan always got what he want ever he wanted

Being the son of the rich family of the Virani's

Especially son of Karan and nandhini. Armaan is the youngest in the family being the youngest one he always gets spoiled especially by baa.

Armaan never believes in wishes he believes if u wants something done u have to get it done by yourself.

Armaan's mom Nandhini went away no one knew where but she went when armaan was only 2 and the only words

 Armaan mom nandhini always said "Armaan whenever u see a shooting star always wish for what u want" "never think your alone" armaan always remembered these words of his mom. Being only 2 years old when his mom left he can't remember how she looks like but the way his dad took care of him, he didn't feel like he was missing a mom, armaan dad was his mom and dad.

Karan always protected armaan and how he should be careful.

Armaan Baa always spoiled hi, giving him whatever he wants

But now armaan's searching for his love

Ridhima sat down on the grass

Opening her book, she started reading again

Just then she heard a noise

It was coming from behind the tree

Riddz turned around but no one was there

She went back to reading her book

The noise came again

And this time ridhima was really scared, first it was really quietly then it came out really loud

Ridhima started running, she didn't even know where

"OMG what is that, oh god please helps me" ridhima said running

 "Oh crap" riddz looked at her sleeve of her dress was stuck to a branch

"Great, amazing like life was hard enough" riddz said, tearing of her sleeve

She looked at her other sleeve

"Now this one looks wired"

So she took of the other sleeve off as well

She ran as fast as she could, the noise was coming closer and closer

While she was running she checked her watch it was 9.30pm

She was still running and tuning around at the same time to check if the creature was still there


*bang* *woah* *slam*


He looked down

"Wow mom was right wishes do come true" armaan said looking at ridhima in his arms

"So beautiful" armaan said looking at riddz

Armaan put his hand on ridhima waist

He saw ridhima close her eyes


Riddz looked up, she saw armaan's intense gaze

 As armaan touched her waist, she let out a gasp

Being so close to him was too hard

He slowly pulled her up, still his hands around her waist both still staring at each other.


He looked at her with her eyes wide open now

Holding her from the waist, they just stood there staring at each other

He pulled her up, so their faces were looking directly at each other.

He wanted more of her, not just a staring session but her.


Ridhima looked up

Lowering her gaze she tried to look somewhere else but not at him

"Hey" armaan said trying to make riddz feel comfortable

"Ummmm hi" riddz said trying to get out of the staring session

 "Hi, I'm armaan" armaan said

Slowly he realised that his hand were still around ridhima's waist

Quickly taking his hands off her

"Mmmmm Yeah i know" riddz said lowering her gaze

"U know?????" armaan asked surprisingly

"Yeah we met inside" riddz said looking at armaan

"OH yeah"

"Hmm i need to go" riddz said trying to run away

Ridhima turned around and ran before armaan could say something


"At least tell me your name" armaan said loudly but no use riddz already ran away

"Great" armaan said sarcastically

"What to do now?????"



Riddz ran into her room and closed the door behind her

"Oh why is this happening to me" riddz said breathing heavily

Riddz looked around her room, she was glad that her mom wasn't there she had gone to the adults party.

"Riddz forget about him, you don't want it to happen to you again do u???"


Few years ago …………….

Riddz was in love with a guy called Rahul

But he betrayed her

He two timed her with another girl

Ridhima was totally heartbroken then, she never ever trusted a guy before, and she promised herself that she will never fall in love ever again.


But today it was different

Being so close to the guy

She felt different, she felt like she was in love all over again

But this time she didn't wanna fall for it


"What if he betrays u as well????" riddz questioned herself again and again

"But what if his not a bad guy, what if his prince charming you always have been waiting for?????????? What if????????"

"Armaan……………." She said that name on her lips

She felt a strange feeling in her

"That name, armaan…………….. Desire" riddz said feeling shivers running down her

She went up and down her room

Pacing, walking, thinking about what to do


Armaan walked in the ball room again

Trying to find riddz, but no luck

He knew this was the end; there was no more use he lost her

And this time for good


He walked to the door

To go home, this was totally the end now

But then once hr reached to the door, a gush of wind went pass him, he knew that she was there, somewhere around her, somewhere close.


He turned around

There she stood. Just staring at him and his staring at her


"Ummmm hi" riddz said nervously

She walked closer to him

"Umm hi" armaan said looking really confused

"Sooo, armaan, nice name"

"Thanks, what about yours" armaan moved to sit down

Riddz walked behind armaan

They both ended up outside in the garden where they were at first

Armaan sat down on the bench, he saw riddz stood up

"Sit down" armaan said signing riddz to sit down


"So where were we?" armaan said

"Oh yeah your name"

"Ridhima, ridhima gupta"

"Nice name riddz" armaan said

"Thanks" riddz replied


For the next 1 hour

Armaan and ridhima sat there knowing everything about each other

Armaan told riddz about his mom, after hearing that riddz got really upset but our armaan cheered her up again.

Riddz told armaan everything about her, for the first time in her life she felt comfortable with someone

Right at the end she told him about RAHUL and what he did to her

"Armaan i'll never fall in love ever again" riddz said

Armaan was in complete shock he really loved riddz and this one big thing came in their beautiful relationship


Armaan stood up

He walked few step away from riddz

Seeing armaan get up, riddz got a bit tensed

"Armaan what's wrong" riddz asked

"Ridhima, I................ I......................"

"You what armaan?"

"Ridhima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" armaan closed his eyes

Ridhima looked at him as a lone tear fell from his eye

"Ridhima I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" armaan was too scared now he didn't know how ridhima was gonna react to this


Ridhima stood there rooted to the spot

She had to reply now; speaking to herself she was too scared

This was the second time happening

"ARMAAN??????????" riddz turned armaan around

Her eyes were burning with anger

"Armaan how could u????? I trusted you, i even told u that..... That i'll never fall in love, but still you, armaan why????????????" riddz cried uncontrollably

"Ridhima plz try to understand, i really love you, not like that Rahul please ridhima please" armaan said trying to get ridhima up from crying

"Don't touch me armaan, don't you dare" saying that ridhima ran inside into her room

"Ridhima please ridhima"



It was 11:40 now

Armaan sat outside crying his hacks out

He remembered what ridhima said "Armaan how could u????? I trusted you, i even told u that..... That i'll never fall in love, but still you, armaan why????????????"

"I shouldn't have done this, maybe she wasn't ready to except such a big decision and we only know each other for like a few hours" armaan said to him self


Ridhima ran into her room locked the door

She looked around and saw that her mom wasn't there; she was still in the adult's party

 Ridhima ran onto the bed started crying

"Armaan, why... Why?????????? I do love him, i do a lot but what if his just like Rahul and betrays me?????" ridhima mind was racing with questions

Ridhima closed her eyes and got everything out of her head

"Forget him ridhima forget him, his only a guy, he doesn't mean anything to u or does he, NO, NO he doesn't, his noting to me" riddz tried to compose her self

She went and got the book she was reading

Riddz was reading the last page and it said

'Love comes only once

So think a thousand times before denying it

If u think the person's wrong close your eyes and look if u can find the persons face

If u don't trust the person

Then make sure why?

If u love him then get him

Cause love only comes once in a lifetime'

Ridhima closed her book and kept it aside

Now she had to find out if she really loves armaan


She closed her eyes

And the first persons face came up was ARMAAN

Ridhima shakes it off

"No, it's wrong, i'll try it again" 

She closed her eyes again

And it came again ARMAAN

"But what if armaan's not the guy, no ridhima he is the guy, you do love him and he loves you, u have to trust him"

Ridhima got out from her bed and ran downstairs to the ball she looked around but no armaan anywhere


It was 11:55 now

Only 5 minutes to New Years Eve

"Armaan where are you???????" ridhima kept on saying

She finally looked outside

She found him


Armaan was still there sitting on the bench


Armaan looked around he saw ridhima there


Armaan stood up as he saw ridhima running toward him

"Ridhima i'm sorry for what happened, i know you're not ready for it and i don't think its right to force you in to it either" armaan said

"No, armaan i'm sorry, just because of that stupid Rahul, i shouldn't make anyone else feel bad about it"

"Ridhima what are you trying to say?"

"Armaan I..........I"

"You what riddz?"

"I LOVE U ARMAAN, I LOVEEEEEEEEEE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Armaan stood there shocked


Inside the ball room the countdown started




Armaan looked at riddz




Riddz lowered her gaze




Armaan lifted her chin up




He came closer




Armaan brought ridhima closer




Armaan's one hand was on ridhima's waist




Riddz put her hands on around armaan's neck




A rain drop fell on them

They both looked up




Armaan tilted his head over and so did ridhima

They are tooooo close to each other




And then........................................................ ......


"And then what"

"What next???????"

"OHHHHHH please tell"

"Didi tell na???"


All the girls were asking for the story teller to continue

"Come on didi continue na" said hina

"Yeah didi please........." said pari

"I wanna know more" said priya

"Haan didi, batoa Na" lashima pleaded

"I wanna know more" said zenny

"Didi please tell us the next bit" said shazia


"Didi u can tell us more" said Muskaan

"Haan pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee" NJ said


The storyteller started laughing

"Didi please" Missy said

"Why did u stop at such a good point" jia asked


"My sweeties this is not a real story, so i really don't know what happened next" the story teller said

"But didi did they kiss??? I mean they were so close" kanan said

"I don't know kanan" said the storyteller

"Oh god look at the time, it's time for u guys to leave"

"Nooooooooooooo" all moaning

"Sorry angels next time OK?" said the storyteller

"Ok" they all said

"Well before u go, do u wanna here the last bit of the poem"



Will i have a lover?

By the next summer?

Will he or she love me?

Or will i just have to dream?


The girls all ran out

It was time for them to go home


The story teller went near the window, thinking to herself

"Miss Miss" a girl came running in

"Yes urmi what's wrong"

"Didi u sure that's not a real story???"

"Yes sweety its not"

"Ok then bye didi" urmi said running to her mom's car



The storyteller went back to thinking to herself"

"Hey gorgeous" a guy said entering in

The story teller turned around

"When did u come??" she said

"While you were telling the beautiful story2 he replied

The girl went and hugged the guy


"I missed u riddz"

"Armaan we just met in the morning" ridhima said

"Yeah but that was so in the morning" armaan said chuckling to himself

"I can't wait until we finally get married" armaan said

"It's only been 8 months since we met" riddz said

"I know, your 20 and i'm 21 and we both wanna become doctor right?"

"Of course armaan"

Armaan pulled out of the hug, giving riddz an angry look

"Armaan what's wrong?" riddz said looking at him

"Why didn't you tell the ending to the girls?" armaan said

"What ending??" riddz pretending she doesn't know

"THE STORY ENDING, our love story ending" armaan said angrily

"Ohhhhhhhh i don't remember what happened next" riddz said laughing to herself

"Ooooooooo u don't know what happened" armaan said crossing his arms


"Ohhh i'll remind u"

Armaan came closer and closer

"Armaan what u doing" riddz said nervously

"What we did 8months ago" armaan replied


Armaan put his hand on ridhima's waist

Ridhima put her hand around armaan's neck

With one free hand of armaan's he brought ridhima face closer

And then it happened

What had happened in the story?

THEY kissed it was the most passions kiss ever had


Back in the story




And then........................................................ ......

They kissed it was beautiful

Fireworks in the background

The sky looked beautiful as ever


Armaan and ridhima were finally one soul exploring every bit off each other



All my dreams came true

Just because of you

Sitting there watching you leave

It was the best New Years Eve"



siggie by shockalot aka shazia

thanks didi


the poem in purple in written by me

it took a lot time to write it

hope u guys like it

i'm not that good at writing one shot cause i get carried away with the script


i hope anyone

didn't mind me using their names as one of the girls

if u did mind then i'm realllllly sorry for using anyone's name


luv ya all


and plzzzzzzzzzzzz comment and critisize





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-Cherry- IF-Addictz

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Cry not even one reply
Kanika05 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 July 2008 at 8:42am | IP Logged

Awww !EmbarrassedI luved it so much!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Totally Mind BlowingClapClapClap

Luved all the poems & quotes u usedEmbarrassedClap
Keep writing & i'll keep reading!WinkLOL

luv ya!Embarrassed


nextgerrad Newbie

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Posted: 04 July 2008 at 9:11am | IP Logged
wow.....even i was like is she playing a prank or somethin but i really liked it LOL LOL too gud.chears Clap Clap Clap

Edited by nextgerrad - 04 July 2008 at 9:13am
123abc123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 July 2008 at 9:31am | IP Logged
omg woooooooow
dat was great really
wooow very cute luved da whole idea
it really was love at first site lol
awww very cute n luved da concpt
wiv da whole storyteller thing it was beautiful
aamazing well dne
hope it hasnt finished here
wnt 2 read mre updte sooon plzzzz

nizma x
SillyAngel Goldie

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Posted: 04 July 2008 at 9:47am | IP Logged
Swansea sweety that was beautiful ur an amaizing writer!! i loved how she was telling a was the best one shot ever!!!

please do make more of them!! Embarrassed

perfectpiscean IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 July 2008 at 10:48am | IP Logged

OMG...Swansea hun Embarrassed ...Dat was absolutely brilliant! Clap Clap
The story was beautiful and so was the concept! Clap

Wud luv 2 see more such stories written by u! Embarrassed

.x.Saira.x. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 July 2008 at 11:40am | IP Logged
awesome ff Clap !
loved it-hope u write more Embarrassed !

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