Baa Bahoo Aur Baby (Baa Bahu Aur Baby)


Baa Bahoo Aur Baby (Baa Bahu Aur Baby)
Baa Bahoo Aur Baby (Baa Bahu Aur Baby)

update 25th sept.

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sry i do not know all the characters name so i have referred to some of them as man/women.


[B]baa-[/B] find a house for my baby like this where there are sister in-laws like this.
referring to the bahu's of the household.

[B]on phone[/B]
[B]anish-[/B]hi baby. how did you like the slippers i gifted you?
[B]baby-[/B] they were nice but i will not be able to walk with slippers.
[B]anish-[/B] one day you will walk with these slippers.
and i will support you.

pravin is complaining to baa about a case.

[B] today's episode[/B]
[B]baa-[/B] what?
[B]pravin-[/B] first take away that case that you have put on sarkaar.
[B]baa-[/B] i have been fighting that case for 15 years. Why should i take away that case now? that land is our's which they have forcefully taken away. but i will keep fighting until i remain alive.
[B]pravin-[/B] baa you too...
[B]baa-[/B] pravin. what has that case got to do with water?
[B]pravin-[/B] whoever fights with sarkaar they stop the water.
[B]baa-[/B] stop talking nonsense. I'll go meet popet an see if water is running.
pravin stops her.
[B]pravin-[/B] baa even they do not have water.
baa- why are you lying. everyone their has water.
[B]pravin-[/B] arey baa...
[B]baa-[/B] are you trying to scare me?
he was trying to scare me gas will go water will go...
[B]pravin-[/B] baa i was just..
[B]baa-[/B] beta pipe may have broken. you too pravin how you have turned the matter all the way to the case.
[B]pravin-[/B] i still don't like the case. by making an agreement with sarkaar we will make this house in your name. then you'll see how all problems will go away.
[B]baa-[/B] first you go away.
[B]pravin-[/B] me?
[B]baa-[/B] yes go and fill some water. that women has come, we will have to wash her clothes as well and go and wash the sarees as well.
[B]pravin-[/B] I'll go fill the water and that too from a well?
[B]baa-[/B] shall i call pravina? along with sarees she'll wash you as well.
[B]pravin-[/B] what do you think baa? that i am scared of pravina?
baa gives him a sarcastic look.
[B]pravin-[/B] and even if i am sacred scared, so what? she keeps threatening me.
pravin walks away.

minashI is praying in front of well.
[B]minashi-[/B] please bring water in the taps of our homes.
[B]pravin-[/B] minahsI bhabi, pray that that goddess will bring the water out of the well to wash the clothes. i will save 1 rupee.
[B]manishI-[/B] (laughs) for that you will have to make an effort pravin bhai.
[B]pravin-[/B] i have never done this job...
[B]manisha-[/B] what's the big deal out of this? give it i'll do the job.
[B]pravin-[/B] no no I'll do it.
manisha starts to walk away
[B]pravin-[/B] minashi bhabi....
[B]pravin-[/B] if you are sayign so much then please..
[B]minahsi-[/B] i am like your sister say to me.
pravin sit's on the edge of the well, as minashi is taking out the water.
[B]pravin-[/B] no-one can do "sacchey heerey" (sorry don't know what that means) like you. that's why pravina calls you "kachmashab" (don't know meaning of that either) all the time.
[B]minashi-[/B] oh pravina babhi. don't take bad to what she says pravin bhai. whatever ever she thinks she says. her mind is clean.. but leela bhabi....
[B]pravin-[/B] leela bhabi what?
[B]minashI-[/B] it won't be good to say bad thigns about her.

a boy is playing with a ball and hears everything.
[B]PRVIN/B] apart from us no-one is hear.
and minashi bhabi you are like my sister and what you saying is the truth so then why are you scared in saying the truth. say it.

the boy hears all this.

[B]MNAS[/B] leela bhabi... leela bhabi is witty.
[B]PRVI[/B] you have said very bad things. this really is bad.
MINASHI-That was bad wasn't it?
pravin- yes

minashi- i have doin a sin pravin bhai. forgive me mother. i'll also fast tomorrow.
pravin- (laughs) no no no. it wasn't that bad.
you were syaign the truth. and why have you stopped. bring the water.
minashi-yes yes.
pravin- do you have anythign to say about ba?
minashi- no baba no.
pravin- o.k (get's off the well) then i'll say. baa is a very stubborn women. she has been fighting the case for 15 years but won't compromise. and my nana after dying he's even a more problem. god knows what ahppens in their mind. they'll keep fighting and won't compromise.
minahsi- pravin bhai. what are you saying?

boy carries on listenign to all of this.

pravin- i am saying the truth.
gattu comes.
gattu- minahsi babhi. minashi bhabi. someone is callign you.
pravin- go but don't tell anyone you helped me.
minashi- o.k pravin bhai.
boy- waah papa waah. what a sister you made bhabhi ji.
pravin- oi! do your work. go inside.
gattu-shall we play a game.
pravin- hey gattu play with me.
gattu- you'll play with me. i'll just bring the game.
pravin- no no that game i'll teach you a new game.
gattu- a new game? cards?
pravin-no not cards gattu. you know these two buckets full of water fill them up and tkae them to the bathroom. but listen not even a single frop of water should fall. but i don't think you will win.
gattu- i will win.
pravin- you've lost gattu.
gattu- i wil liwn.
pravin- listen not a drop of water should fall.
gattu. shouldn't drop? o.k.
pravin- take it.
gattu takes the buckets and goes.

pravin- waah!
he sit son the well
boy- waah pappa waah you made 1 a sister and made them fill the water and the other you made a brother and made them take the water. waah!
pravin- oi! do you work. kaam chor.
boy- who is a kaam chor i will show now.
pravin- go and do your work.
boy- that's what i'm doing. BAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
pravin- i'll give you a slap...

and he falls backward in to the well!

he screams ba. boy laughs.

gattu- i have won pravin bhai!! pravin bhai??
hey i have become mr india.

pravin screams again. gattu looks in the well

gattu- praivn bhai? what are you doing there?

pravin- just like this. i hadn't come here for a while so i thought i'd come and look around.
gattu- what are you doing inside.
boy- gattu kaka. he is havign a bath inside. go bring some soap.
praivn- na layak! just let me come outside and see how i bath you!
boy laughs.
gattu- so should i bring the shampoo or not?
praivn- no no gattu. do one thign go tell ba that i have fallen in the well.
gattu - you have fallen in the well?
pravin- why cna't you see?
gattu- inside it is very dark.
pravin- o hooooooo. just go and tell baa.
gattu- baa? i'll og tell baa?
praivn- no come inside here and we'll play a game.
gattu- really i'll come and brign the game.
pravin- no listen gattu go tell baa i have fallen in the well.
gattu- shoudl i tell ba? o.k o.k
gattu leaves.

baa is talking to some guests. someome brigns tea.
tushaar kumaar is tlakign on the phone.
women- how is the boy?
tushaar kumaar- thta's what i'm aksing.

tushaar kummaar keeps saying waah etc.
baa- how is the boy
tushaar kumaar- he has a go-down.
(he makes a joke to which he only laughs.)
you should keep laughing (he laughs)
baa- yes but how is the boy
tushaar kummaar- 3 cars. 4 bedroom kithcen hall flat and 3 showroom of sarees. lajja larwariyon lakshmi
pravina- boy?
tushaar kumaar- not boy. lajja larwariyon lakshmi. (laughs) u didn't laugh? you should laugh.
baa- let's do one thing and laugh. (laughs) stop!
tushaar kumaar pulls a face.
baa- what? you took it bad? i was joking.
tushaar kumaar- no no i didn't find it bad.
women- what's his name?
tushaar- hin name?...

gattu comes.
gattu- baa
baa- wait one minute
gattu. 1 minute? o.k
tushaar kumaar- his name is unique.
women- it's unique?
tushaar kumaar- yes. same in hindi and english.
pravina- what a coincidence. baby's is also same in hindi rathika and english aswell. they'll make a goo couple won't they baa?
tushaar kumaar- pravina!
Pravina-[/B] o.k......
[B]tushaar kumaar-[/B] you shoudl keep laughing. but i am saying the truth it is completely unique. in hindi same and english meaning same. now say what his name could be.
[B]pravina-[/B] minahsiiii.
[B]pravina-[/B] come here. she is very intelligent. minsashi do tushaar ji's puzzle.
[B]minashi-[/B] say.
[B]gattu-[/B] can i say now? you know pravin bhai. pravin bhai..
[B]baa-[/B] go shoOt pravin.
[B]pravina--[/B] no no baa! he might really shoot him gattu don't shoot pravin he is washing clothes by the well go help him.
[B]gattu--[/B] help him? o.k
[B]minashi--[/B] now what was the puzzle.

gattu goes back in by the well. he levers a saree in to the well.
[B]gattu--[/B] pravin bhi pravin bhai.
[B]pravin--[/B] where is baa why are you throwing a saree?
[B]gattu-[/B]she'll be coming. i have to help you wash the saree.
[B]pravin-[/B]do one thing throw the saree?
[B]gattu-[/B] throw the saree? o.k
the boy is wacthing the fun.
gattu thRows the saree on the floor.
[B]pravin--[/B] throw it here. i am sat here in the well what are you doing?
[B]gattu-[/B] do one thing swim. (making hand gestures.)
it's lot's of fun!
gattu- go tell ba that i don't know how to swim (i think...)
gattu goes before pravin can stop him.
pravin- gattu! he went! why doens't baa close this well!!

pravina- minashi. can you find a solution so that we know the boy's name soon?
manisha starts to say somehtign religious.
tushaar kummar- leave it. no-one has to stay hungry i myself will sya the name. the name is........... kamlesh! kam less. kam means less and so does less. laugh people.
gattu- laugh? o.k (laughs)laughed. baa baa.
baa- you came back gattu?
gattu- you know parvin bhai.
baa- we are talking about work.
pravina- gattu bhai! sit down
gattu- sit down? o.k
gattu sit's down.

pravin is still in the well.

gattu- pravin bhi doens't know how to swim.
minahsi- i know how to swim.
pravina- very good. go tell pravin thta minashi will teach him how to swim.
minashi- hai hai.
gattu- o.k.

gattu leaves.

minahsi- pravina how do i teach pravin bhai 2 swim?

gattu goes by well
gattu- pravin bhai! ravin bhai! minashi bhabhi will teach you how to swim.
pravin- oh lord! gattu just go tel baa to ocme or else i will die in the well.
gatu- there's somehtigat the bottom of the well give it to me.

boy is laughing

pravin- come and get it youself.
gattu- i'll come in ? o.k.
pravin- no no no. do one thign go tel ba that if no-one come to save me. i will drown
gattu- o.k.

gattu leaves

tushaar- (laughs) won't you all laugh?
pravina- no thanks.
gattu- baa baa. you know the well. pravin bhai will drown in it.
baa- let him drown
gattu- he's drowned.
everyone- what!!
they all run to the well.

pravina- pravin bhai.

she laughs.
pravin- why are you laughing?baa baa get me out.
baa- pravin. how did you fall?
pravin- first get me out then i will tell you.
baa- one minute. gattu go get me arope

pravina keeps laughing
pravin- stop laughing pravina.

there are shouts like "do somthing" "pravin bhai"

baa levers a rope inside.

mota bhai (i think that's his name) comes.
mota bhai- what happned.
baa- praivn fell in the well.
mota bhai- what?
gattu- praivn bhai fell in the well.

they all try to pull pravin out. pravin comes out.
gattu- did you have fun!
mota bhai- gattu what have fun? pravin i say you get you insurance done. leela brign the form.
pravin- you are bothered about business.
motabhai- if you had been there abit longer think what would have ahppened to these people.

boy is laughing.

pravin- now i definately won't get my insurance done. i'll get his (pointing to boy) insurance done and throw him in the well.

boy sticks his toungue out.
gattu- did you gind my tattoo in the well?
leela- did you find my gold ring?
pravin-what ring?
mota bhai- the one that fell .......... ( he says exact time it fell)
pravin- leave it.

tushaar laughs.
tushaar- laugh people laugh.
gattu laughs.

gattu- look what's in his pocket.

they all check and find money in his pocket from the well
mota bhai- you jsut said you were drowning.
pravin- it's just that i had some time. so i thoguht i'd get the money out.
baa- you have grown so big and have no brains.

minahsi takes the money have gives it to a pandit as per baa's order's.
pravin- baa leaves some money for medicine
baa- i'll do your medcine now. (she slaps him)

baa is cleanign pravin's wounds and he is screaming.
baa- why do you scream
pravina comes
pravina- he will scream he has got hurt alot.shall i do it.
pravin- no baa please don't give it to her.
pravina- ba it's a wife's duty to serves her husband.
minashi has opned my eyes. give it to me
she takes the hot cloth out of baa's hands.
she presses it hard on pravin. pravin screams.

pravina laughs.
pravin- i told you not to give it to her.
baa- but how did you fall.
pravn- because of you.
baa- because of me?
pravin- if you hadn't filled the tax. the water wouldn't have gone and we wouldn't have had to use the well and i wouldn't have gone near the well.

pravin says bad thigns about baa's bhabi.
baa- i'll slap you if you say that about my bhabi.
that poor women is leaving in america for 40 years.
pravin- but her son comes! and whenever he coems he gives a lecture.
pravin imitates baa's bhabi's son (if that makes any sense [:P] )
baa- be glad you got saved this time. but next time...i'll fill the whole well with water.
pravin- if we get water that is.
baa- if there is no wtaer within half an hour i will go in to the well.
pravina laughs.
baa- why would you like it if i did go in the welll.
now pravin laughs.
baa- if i dn't get water within half an hour then i will go in to the well......... but if i do you will have to go it to the well again.

o.k i took a logn time on that update. sry i rushed thigns abit in the end. and i oculdn;t make everythign bold i wanted to. hope you didn;t fall asleep throguh it. i was tryiong to make it very detailed. i know i have a few spelling mistakes

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in uk ppl are behinfd by 2 its better for some1 who is from india/pakistan or bangladesh. co they are same episods......ejaj crazy is from bangladesh so his uddates are more up to date N=2

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i know. this update was india's 15th september. i wacthed it online and then updated it. yes i garee that i own't update and that sum1 else should.

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