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Karan/Armaan & Riddz/Shilpa HEAVEN pg 17

JennyPenny IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 July 2008 at 12:40pm | IP Logged

(Courtsey of Tumhari Khushi)

Welcome everyone to
Karan & Shilpa
Armaan & Riddhima ( Original) Heaven 115th thread

Most Imporant rule to follow:
Please, from now on, no discussion on DMG forum, No discussion on Karan-Sukriti, and no discussion on Sukrti vs Shilpa. Am tired of these 3 topics. THis is a HEAVEN dedicated to KaSh and I appericate if we discuss, their previous scenes, their friendship. There will be no discussion on current DMG as we are bound to have comparisions of it, so please stick to the topic.

Rules - Follow them.
1. Discussion of Armaan and Riddhima is allowed in this thread. Like the title states, This is a KARAN/SHILPA thread which means there should be no discussion whatsoever of SUKRTI KHANDPAL who is going to be playing new Riddhima. No bashing of any kind is allowed here

2. Discussion of KARAN-SHILPA is permitted as well, but if you discuss personal lives, make you sure you don't bash the actors, and their respective partners.

3. There should be no discussion on current DMG - NO SUKRTI KHANDPAL discussions allowed, NO new AR stuff here - don't comment on their acting, chemistry etc. This is for Karan and Shilpa fans. We have enough topic to discuss and we are not people who will stoop low to do this, so please avoid this. Let the heaven remain as Heaven and not as a battlefieldBig smile
4. This thread is dedicated to true KaSh fans which means if you have accepted the new AR, Please do not distrub our peace and interfere in our matters. We will make sure that your actor does not get bashed here and we appericate if you don't either. We strive to provide a normal and clean atmosphore.  and Please it's a sincere request, Please remove of any Karan-Sukrti fan art if you have in Heaven or turn your signature off so we can't see them.
5.Anything discussed in the HEAVEN should remain in the heaven. Should not be leaked to other threads or other forums.

This fan club is dedicated to Karan Grover and Shilpa Anand who played Armaan Malik and Riddhima Gupta for 1 year in the television serial: Dil Mil Gaye.

This is dedicated to all the people who love the original AR as well the Pair KaSH - which is christened by their fans for Karan and Shilpa.

Dil Mil Gaye...

The Cast Members...

Karan Singh Grover - Dr. Armaan Malik
Shilpa Anand - Dr. Riddhima Gupta
Sunaina Gulia - Dr. Anjali Gupta
Pankit Takkar - Dr. Atul Joshi
Muskaan Melani - Dr. Sapna

Added in extras:
Monish Behli - Dr. Shahsank
Shilpa Tuliskar - Nurse Padma
Mayank Anand- Dr. Rahul Grewal
Dhristi - Dr. Muskaan Chadda
(Rahul/Muskaan) can be discussed when they actually come into the show - so no discussion on them right now.Embarrassed



Heaven has always been created to put a smile on people's face and we hope to continue to do that! Therefore smile and enjoy the Heaven!

Also a note - Monitoring the thread

We need people in different time zones to monitor this thread when others are sleeping. I live in US - SO when all the people from India come, I am asleep so I need people to monitor the thread for the 7 days of the week
Week of 5/30-5/6

Introduction to the Actors who play the Role:

Armaan - Played by Karan Singh Grover. Has acted in various serials. But his most popular has to be Sharad in Kasuati Zinday Kay & Abhimaniuyu in SS.

Dr. ArmaanBlushing
(Pictures taken by jenny 1000, Don't claim as them your own)

Dreamy right, Am I having all girls fall in love with him?Day Dreaming

Moving on.. We have Ridimaa or Ridz, or Ridzie whichever you want to call her..

About the actor: Shilpa Anand is to be debuted on this show. Has done various south movies and has done coke ads with Aamir Khan and Lux Ads with Aishwarya Rai. She has also done a bollywood movie called Iraqaar by chance.

Day DreamingKaSh CHEMISTRY:Day Dreaming

AR Heaven: Hall of Fame
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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

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Posts: 90812

Posted: 03 July 2008 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
Mission Shilpa Anand



JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90812

Posted: 03 July 2008 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
Member's List
JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90812

Posted: 03 July 2008 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
A W A R D S - 2008

Presenting Heaven's Annual Awards

Ooof..I need to stop being this clumsy.. Opps.. Sorry everyone. This is Jenny here. Guess what? You don't know what is going on here? Let me tell you I am here to present the first set of awards - with my tweenie Tashu.. Tazzy watch out..

Ouch. God , I saw Armaan in the shower today and I went latoo ever since then.. Ahemm Tazzy.. Opps Sorry Jenny. Hey everyonee! Welcome to the Annual Heaven Awards 2008! Let us begin..

The first award is...The Chatterbox of Heaven and that awards goes to....
SHIFA and GENIE!!! Congrats Shifaaa and Genieee!!!!! Here is both your trophiess!!!

{thanks to Anchal)

Moving on.. the next award is the most quietest person - the people that are in the heaven but are either inactive or don't speak that much.. and the award goes to...
Muskaan and Nisha!! Congrats girls!!!!
Here is your prize:

Now, we are done.. Here come Roz and Shamila to present the next set of awards...

Wow Roz, the set look so much baller nah? I mean heaven looks always baller but this time heaven has never looked this baller before..
Do you ever not speak baller Shammy? I mean , come on we are here at the awards..
I am hungry, they better have some ice-cream here.
They will . I 'll show you some later on. Here , you present th next award and I;ll do the next one.
Okay. But get me the ice-cream. The next award is about The most Craziest person in the Heaven. Ha, this award should be so mine.
Yea Shammy, you wish all the awards went to you kya?
Hmmphh. The award goes to...
FARU & SHIFA!!! Congrats girls!!!
Here is your prizeee!!!

and finally it's my turn to give out the award. The next award is.. For those people in the heaven who are mostly likely to go off the topic and the winners are.. Yes, winners cause there was tie here...
Congrats guysss!!! Here is your prizeee:

Okay Shammy, we are off now, let me treat you to ice-cream but before going here, here is Muniza di with the next award presenter...
Hey everyoneee! Welcome to the heaven awards! Hope everyone is having a cool time, cause if you are not, well, Let me put some music on there then!
Kismet Konnection - Title Track
Dance away everyoneee!! Anyways, the next award is about..
Most Likely to stay on topic and the award goes to...
Our very own Diva Head: Jenny!! Congrats Jenny!! Here is your prize:

Accha, am off to enjoy the track of Kismet Konnection! Here comes Fary and Nisha to present the next awards!
OH my godd... Jaane Tu Na is releasing tommrrow, I am so exicted..
Yeah Faroo, I know you are but the heaven awards..
Oh yeah, thanks for telling me that Nisha!
Here is the next award:
The Dosti AWARD - The award about friendship, though all of us friends here, but some of us when added togather are really cute and adorable and the award goes to..
ROZ & SHAMMYYY!! Congrats girlsss!! Here is your prize!!!

and the next award is very important for the heaven, it is an award which is given to always one person cause there are no compettiors...The most Evil award.. which goes.. to
none other than Shammyyy!! Who is the Mogamo of the heavenn!! Congrats Shammyyy!!

Ok Folks, we are off now and here come Melu to the next award..
The next award is.. NEWEST Member award and it goes to...

GENIEEE!! Congrats Genieee!!!

The next award will be given by Atma!

Hey everyone.. The next award is all about creatvity. The entire heaven is filled with so much creativity so why not give that creativty some sort of award..

The first award is creativity is..

Best Sigs and the award goes to...
FARY & ROZ!! Congrats girlsss!!!

Hey everyoneee! It's Ramsha here and presenting the next award which is all about VM's and the award goes to
GAGANNN!! Congrats Gagaannnn!!!
Here is your prize:

The next award presenter will be Shifa..

Hello alll! How are you all doing? Gosh , KSG looks so hot in my sig box, what say? But anways, the next award is the last element in creativity and that is about who makes the most creative posts in the heaven and the award goes to..
SHAMYYYY!!! Congrats Shammtyyy!!!

Hey everyoneee! It's Becky here to present the next set of award which is the most confused person in the heaven! and the award goes to...
NATASHA a.k.a NATS . aka. Mahendra!! Congrats Nats! Here is your prizeee!

Here Here comeesss.... Priii!!

Hey everyone, this is Priyanka here to present the next award which is...
The most HELPFUL member in the Heaven and it goes to...
Melu & Tashu!! Congrats girlsss!! Here is your prize:

Tujhse Kya Kahoon, Tu Hai Mera Sakhoon, Sang Tere Raho Tu Zindagi.. Hey everyone, it's Jia here gazing at Armi's hot pics right now.. Man, do I have KSG attacks or what? Anyways, let me be here to present the next award - The next award is..
The most CHERFUL member - who always is cheerful and makes others cheerful too and it goes to

JENNNYYYY!! Congrats Jenny! Here is your prize:

Hey everyoneee! Genie here, still staring at the Karan's pic Shifu and drooling over it, Am here to the next set of awards and the next award is..
THE MOST OPTOMISTIC and it goes to...
Congrats ROZZZ!!!

Off now to see KaSh droolinggg!!

Hey everyoneee! This is Janki and Amina here to present the next set of awards...

The first award is the 24/7 Member who is here always.. and it goes to...
JENNY & MELU!! Congrats guyss!! Here is your prize:

and Amina will present the next award..
It is about the DAY DREAMER award and it goes to..
BECKY & SHAMMY! Congrats girlsss! Here is your prize:

Bored? Let's have some music nowww!!
Freaky Freaky Raat Hogi

We will be having the refreshments later on guys!!

Hey guys! It's Jenny here to present the next awards. These awards do not have any names or anything.

The first award is - to a member who is very special and very dear to the Heaven, is always there for the heaven and just like Shilpa as Riddhima is jaan of Karan as Armaan, she is also the jaan of the heaven. She is no other than....

 G A G A N!!!! Congrats Gagannnn!!!

and the next award is THE MOST SPECIAL oneeee!! and it goes to EVERYONE HERE in the Heaven - from those who joined the heaven from day one to those who joined yesterday or even today.. This is for you guys - YOU GUYS MAKE UP THE HEAVEN!



IF you did not recieve an award this time, don't worry. Just being an addict is itself an award and we will have more and more of these guys, so don't worry, there will be more times to win an awardsEmbarrassed

Hope you all like them..
Sorry for the delayyy!!!

Credit for Prizes --- ANCHALBig smile

Edited by jenny1000 - 03 July 2008 at 10:38pm
JennyPenny IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 July 2008 at 12:43pm | IP Logged

(credit - Tumhari_Khushi)

Hello shello all my KaShians
How are you all doing?

Incase you dont know what's going on ... let me tell you.

WE : the Karan/Shilpa & Armaan/ Ridhima Heaven  is going to have a  ...

51756mvnwecuvvj.gifBANNER CONTEST! rolleyesbb_h_bh.gif

* everyone screams & jumps around *

 Not like a siggy size one, but like a real banner, 700x100, which would say "Karan / Shilpa & Armaan / Ridhima Heaven", and would be located above everything, and then everything else could be written underneath it.

Now now, before we all get too happy, let's get down to the rules. Just the basics.  

.: RULES :.

 SIZE! The banner should be 700x100. Any banner smaller or bigger, will be disqualified.
 Every banner should be non-animated. Animated banners will also be disqualified.
 Member's can sumbit as many entried as they want.
 Try to include as many pictures of ONLY Armaan/Ridhima (original) and Karan/Shilpa. Pictures can be found in the DMG Picture Gallery.
 DO NOT have your name, or your copyright sign on it. Also, DO NOT go advertising your banner.
 The banner MUST be clean and neat. No sexual content.
 All banner's should be PMed to ME. (SaNyA_21)
 The subject of the PM should read : 'AR / KaSh Banner Entry'
 Last date for sending banner's is Sunday, July 13, 2008.

 The banner must say "Karan / Shilpa & Armaan / Ridhima Heaven" somewhere on it.
 Upload your banner on TinyPic or ImageShack.
If you have any questions or concerns ... feel free to PM ME. (SaNyA_21)

Dont know how to make a banner?  

DO NOT WORRY! Ms. Bholi Bhali is here to help!  

Here's a very good, and helpful tutorial by her -

How to make a banner - by Ms. Bholi Bhali

So what are you waiting for? Get those banners ready!!

Now, this isnt a real banner contest, in which you get a title under your avi ... it's just for fun!    So dont take it like a "serious" banner contest. laugh.gif Alrightt..? 

However, the winner and runner up(s) will recieve prizes.  

Good luck to everyone!  

And yeah, if you would like any changes in the due date or anything, do PM me.

All banner's that follow the simple rules, will be put up for voting after the due date. Voting will be done trough PM. And another thing, everyone can participate .. even if they're not apart of the Heaven! good3.gif So PLEASE participate!

Lottsa love,
Sanya, and Jenns

Tasha1985 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 July 2008 at 6:50pm | IP Logged
congrats on heaven 115 everyone
kumpal12 Senior Member

Joined: 11 December 2007
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Posted: 03 July 2008 at 6:54pm | IP Logged
Congrats on new heaven KaShians... keep rocking Wink Embarrassed
Clap Clap Clap
kumpal12 Senior Member

Joined: 11 December 2007
Posts: 527

Posted: 03 July 2008 at 6:55pm | IP Logged
@roz..... where r u ??

@tashu... now i am bored LOL

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