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First of all, guyz i m really sorry for not posting 1/10/05 update as my pc broke down and internet didnt' work. Its still going slow and somehow i got chance to post yesterday's(01/11/05) update. so ENJOY!




Rukmani= RK

Samar= Sam

Shekhar= SP

We dont hear much from Savitri in this episode, so its gonna be good. In this episode, we see SP at Nethra's aptartment when she falls down due to SP's mistake. Nethra gets unconscious, and SP calls doctor. In meanwhile, Manas comes to Pandey house in the early morning and encounter Rukmani. He acts in good mood.

Manas: where is jia? It's very urgent to talk to her. (Manas comes there bc he wants to talk jia for forgiveness and clear her misunderstanding and make clear the conversation that they had on phone)

Rukmani (thinking wats he upto now?): "she is sleepin and let her sleep. She needs sleeps nowdays."

Manas: C'mon plz… ok tell me u knw hw to make coffee?

Rukmani: Yea..

Manas: Then plz make one for me made by ur hands…in meanwhile I talk to Jia.

He goes to Jia's room, Jia looks very tense and worried thinking abt all these situation.

Manas teases: Hey, have u got over w/ ur annoying mood yet? Now where is SP?

Jia: why not afterall you and SP knew abt all this and didn't tell me? How come its both of you who decide for me and doing whatever you feel like? Who r u to me then? Why don't u both understand that hw wud a wife feel if u do this?

Manas: Jia.. I m sorry ok. I even convinced SP to tell you early but he said he'll tell you when rt time comes. Where is he rt now?

Jia: he…I don't knw.

Suddenly RK comes and see the situation tense and asks

RK: wats goin on? And is everythin alrite or no? Where is SP? Why does he go w/out informing any of us at home?

Manas stops for a while and then smiles: SP? Ye SP alwaz leaves on his wish w/out telling anyone. You see, when we were all friends, we used to wait for him as to when will he come back?

RK: … and you all didn't try to find him…?!

Manas gets confused: ji,….wat u mean…

RK: ok if he is gone out then find him! Call him up on cell.

Manas calls him up and after a while says that he's bz and not pickin up. RK then leaves smiling.

In meanwhile, at Nethra's apt., SP gets call and its RK on phone.

RK: SP where r u? why hven't u told us where u were going? Jia is pregnant. tell me when r u comin back?

SP: Ma…I'm bz as I have lots of work to do and will come home after half hour.

SP goes near Nethra who is layin on sofa and he pats on her head.

SP(thinking): how can I leave her alone in this situation? Lets wait for dadi.

Then dadi shows up and looks shocked to see SP in her house that wats cookin up now? She sees Nethra layin w/ a scar on her head gets annoyed.

Dadi: SP wat did u do to Nethra? Huh?

SP: Dadi I had warned you to make Nethra understand tht I don't love her. Why isn't she tryin to understand? Look at this picture. (picture of SP w/ bandaid on his head and Nethra, standin near car when SP is leavin for home). She mailed this to Jia! Now my problems have started up again. U knw she also took those picture of Me and Jia at Jia's office.

Dadi: Why wud she do that? I knw she didn't take this picture(SP w/ bandaid…) for sure. Why wud she do that? Nethra is not alwaz to blame for all this. Who knws you cud have done it too. What harm have u done to Nethra now?

SP: I didn't do anything. I mistakenly pushed her and she hit her head to table.

(SP didnt hurt Nethra intentinoally. Here is how: SP was standing in tense and Nethra was behind him....she was tellin him the reason of takin jia's picture...she said, "i just wanted to see hw ur wife looks..." and then she puts her one hand on SP's shoulder. SP gets irritated by hearing that and he raises his shoulder backward as a gesture of "dont touch me" and somehow i dont know hw Nethra is affected by his moving force that she is seen moving backward quickly and she hit her leg to table and fall down and thts hw she hit her head. She gets kinda 1 inch of scar and its not bleeding much just a red scar is seen. (Guyz i dont think SP moved back forceblly. he was simply moving backward and hw did Nethra converted his force in bigger? lolz)

Dadi: Look, I tried to be supportive to u b4, but now why did u dare to harm Nethra? Even, Nethra is not to blame for all these result. Even you r to blame too. Even you shud have at least controlled urself that night then nothing cud have occurred.

SP gets silent and looks down nervously. He then leaves apt.

We see that RK goes back to Jia's bedroom and Manas tells her that he called SP again but it was bz...RK says that i had called him and he'll be back soon. Then Manas leaves and RK leaves by tellin jia to take care of herself.

In meanwhile, we r taken to watch the romance of Samar and Daboo. Lolz..  They both are on bed. Daboo lying on Samar's leg and looks up as she is thinking or something.

Sam jokes: Don't look on the roof much. Otherwise, the power of ur eyes will make roof fall down on us. At least tell me wat r u thinking..

Daboo: Samar its…abt my Mom. (Samar is like her? Oh ..god) (Daboo gets up) She looked so happier than ever b4 in front of praying god. I wish she gets happy looking at us. First promise me Samar that you won't leave her from this house.

Sam: Daboo, everyone loves you at home. They all like you here. (I wander, thts true or not? to me she looks childish and not maturedLOL) Sure I won't. But also promise me that u won't fall into her controversies and ideas. And that u won't do wat she says, and if u get any Q's then come to ask me, not her, ok?

Daboo excitedly: Samar, you know, me and baba have arranged puja for Jia. Its secret and I haven't told it to my mom!

Sam: oh Good! (smart girl!Approve)  (then he patted on her face once. hehehe soooooooo much of elderly romance)

SP reaches home and sees Jia lyin on bed. SP tries to talk to Jia but she doesn't even look at him and turns to other side as if she don't want to hear anything.

SP: I knw I came late. (Jia doesn't say anthin, just listens.) Yes, I had gone to Nethra's house to warn her and mistakenly she was hit and got unconsicious. As you knw I can't leave her alone in this position and waited until dadi came.

Jia still don't say anything and looks tense. SP then goes back to sleep on bed. In meanwhile, we r taken to Nethra's apt. Nethra wakes up next morning unknowingly and dadi asks her wat happened.

Nethra: Oh god, its 11am, y didn't u wake me up? We have a meeting today.

Dadi: You r not goin anywhere today. And whenever I m out, something happens to u. What is it Nethra? What happened b/w u and him yesterday? Did he hurt u?

Nethra: Dadi, its not his fault. He didn't hit me intentionally. Someone had mailed his wife our pictures and he got upset over it.

Dadi: Nethra y r u alwaz thinking good of him? Who knws he might be making up all this.

Nethra: no…. he is not at fault. I m sure someone somewhere took this picture and give it to Jia for misunderstanding b/w me and him and so that it can further make SP annoyed at me. Who cud tht be who wants to make me in trouble?

Dadi: Nethra….tell me clearly that he hit u or no? You didn't do all this then its him.

Nethra: no dadi…. Don't blame him

Dadi: nethra….why r u alwaz covering him?

Now, at Pandey house, in next morning, in SP-Jia's bedroom. SP is so quiet sitting on his chair and thinking. Jia is combing her hair over and over as if she is also lost in thought. They both r silent and thinking and tense. Then RK come suddenly, SP stands up and Jia gets awake from thoughts.

RK: are….SP when did u come? Y didn't u tell me where u were goin yesterday? Alrite..its ok u won't have to tell me. You must be late bc of lots of work, but at least don't abt ur family matters. I m again telling you that Jia needs you lot right now. You shud take care of her.

(goes toward Jia)

RK: Jia….why u look pale? You too take care of urself. You need to stay happy. Its good for your baby. Are…wat do I say u modern gals won't understand.

Jia: no mom its not like that…

RK: let me tell u wat it was like to me. Let me tell u my experience, when Samar was abt to be born, we were not industrialized. (she meant that they weren't sufficiant by money that time) SP's dad got tense and started concentrating on job harder as to hw to expand it and make a growth. So you see thts y Samar is straightforward in business. (jia and SP smiles after such a long time and lookin into eachother's eye….) And when we knew SP was goin to be born soon, his dad tried to work harder whole day and thts y u see that SP is alwaz bz in his work. (again Jia and SP looks into eye-to-eye and have really big smile on them) RK notice this and smiles too:…see Jia? Thts why u shud alwaz be happy so ur children can stay happy.

Jia and Shekhar have this amazing smile on them and keeps looking into eachother's eye. (..and it made me have tear in my eyeCry)

Then Jia is shown in her office looking at folders and looking pale. Manas shows up there.

Manas teasing: so…Jia, got over w/ ur annoyance?

Jia still tensed: manas…. Now stop worryin abt me..

Manas: C;mon Jia, wats SP's fault when a girl starts loving him? He went for his work and he met this gal and wats his fault tht she fell in love w/ him? Try to understand. SP loves u lot.

Jia looks worried: wat cud it be that make her fall in him…

Manas: Jia…. Ok say if I fall in love w/ you, then its not ur fault rt?

Jia gets shocked: hmm manas!

Manas then laughs: I was kidding yaar… I m not in love w/ you ok? (Jia then gets big smile on her face) Ok why don't u go to SP's office and go out in restaurant? (for make out w/ eachother)

Jia is confused: no..

Manas teases: c'mon…plzz just go to his office and then go out somewhere. Why its alwaz guyz have to appraoch to gals to make out? I'll have to soon start the Male Right Campaign. so jia....R u ready to go or shud i start the campaign? (jia laughs) And yea don't forget to dress something nice.

Jia is smilinig and goes like hellow: Manas….

Manas: lolz…no no I mean u r okay in punjabi but u knw u r goin out so why not dress something cool so SP get shocked seeing you, you know heheheh

Jia feels shy and smiles: heheheh u r too much ok I'll go….

We r then shown SP standing in Samar's office. SP looks nervous, filled w/ words in his mouth waitin to be come out. Samar is confused that y isn't SP saying something.

Sam: SP wat is it..tell me?

SP: Ji…. Bhaiyaa…. Nethra…She is in love w/ me. We'll have to remove her somehow.

Sam is shocked and really upset: oh shit…. SP, we got lots of money from investors-(i dunno wat it was exactly) than b4, it will cause huge problem for our industry if we remove her.

SP: Ji… hmm…I didn't knw when u did all this. I had no idea abt it. I don't knw when she started fallin in me and how. We'll have to do something abt it.

Sam looks tense as he seems to knw wat r its consequences going to be: ….Shekhar…thts her side's story. Wat abt you?

SP gets really anxious and gets silent for a min.

In meanwhile, we see Jia in her jolly mood, coming into Samar's company and heading toward Samar's office where SP is talking to him abt Nethra.

Back to Sam-SP conversation.

Sam: Why does it seem that u r hiding something from me?….. Is there something u want to tell me?

SP gets nervous and gathers energy to tell abt the secret night. We then see Jia almost reached to Samar's office door and she opens it just little bit then she stops in halfway behind the door as she hears SP talking abt Nethra. Sam and SP are unaware of someone opening the door halfway and that there is someone standing hearing them out.

Jia overhears:

SP: yea… Bhaiyya that night when I got accident, Nethra took me to her house. I was unconscious that time and I didn't knw hw all these happened. 

Sam shocked w/ his jawz open: You mean… you and her….

SP: I m really sorry bhiyaa. It was my mistake.

The camera freezes on stunned Jia hearing all these from SP.





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thanks shikdumGAL...great update.  It seems like I am watching the episode...

good job...ClapClapClap

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oh really?Shocked  i dont knoww....but thx anyway.TongueSmile

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gr8 job

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