Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)


Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)
Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)

26th June WVP Update

maha_prakrti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2008 at 11:41am | IP Logged

Short Update

  • Andy escapes yet again
  • Family sad about Tanu
    Daadi worried something bad going to happen
    Aditi and Shiv have a talk about Tanu - Aashu listens over
    Small kid sees Andy at the signal
    Tanu's was-to-be mother in law comes and taunts AG's
    Tanu's ashes dissolved in water
  • Aashu takes over Tanu's case

Full Update




Andy is on the run… He calls some one and tells that everything is messed up and police is behind him….  He says that is the police know about him he would be in trouble…. He says he is near the studio and tells he would reach there soon…. Andy keeps the phone in his pocket and wearing gloves rides away on the bike… The mobile falls off from his pocket on the grass….


AG House Hall


Characters: Gunn, Daadi, Om, Kamal


Daadi feeds a crying Gunn.… Seeing this Kamal gets tensed and says why Andy is not caught still… Om tells Kamal to control his anger… If we tell anything in our anger that would also go against us and we have to safeguard our family's respect…


Daadi tells that in the house where its own young daughter is dead what respect does it have! Om tells that what can we do about that? We have other kids to take care also… Theufir future and life is also at stake…. Kamal tells that also we have to prove to the world that no member of the family did this, someone from outside is involved…. Saying he keeps his hand on Om's shoulder…. Om goes into deep thoughts with Kamal's words and jerks feeling his hand and agreeing with him saying Andy must be punished… Daadi asks whether he is sure that Andy is the culprit! Om ask what she is telling about… Daadi says that she has become old but has seen many things and is not sure that some Andy from outside would get into Om's room get the keys and do this to our Tanu… Kamal ask whether Daadi in hinting that someone from the house did it for which Daadi says God forbid nothing like this must have happened… But is feeling scared and hopes that no such bitter secret comes out of Tanu's murder which we cannot bear with!


Aditi's Room


Characters: Aditi, Shiv, Tanu


Aditi and Shiv are folding clothes… One such cloth Aditi remembers that Tanu gave her… She remembers the past when Aditi casually praises Tanu'd clothes and Tanu gives it away to Aditi… Jokingly Tanu says that whoever wears it is same and jokes that we are shoe sisters!!! (Point to note… Tanu has the re made hairstyle in the flashback shown… And if I remember correctly this hairstyle Tanu sported on the day of Om Paro's wedding anniversary from which there were problems in AG house and so such a sweet moment couldn't have been there! Are recent shot leni thi to Tanu ki hairstyle purane waale jaisa banate!) Aditi tells that she was always impressed by Tanu's lifestyle and dress sense…. Shiv says that how much ever she fought with the family members with them she was always happy and bubbly…


Shiv sees an album and looks at a particular photo of Tanu and says it is nice… Casually she doubts who could have taken this picture when Aditi  says she did…. Shiv is surprised and asks whether she has taken photography courses… Aditi says she is interested in photographer and has learnt a bit, but not as a professional… (Wonder why this piece of Aditi's photography has come out…. Hmm… Abhi recently kisi ne kisi ka photograph keencha tha right?!?!?)


Aashu is standing outside the window hearing the conversation between Aditi and Shiv!


Traffic Signal


Characters: Andy, A little kid, Kid's father


Andy comes in his bike to the traffic signal where he gets aasthma attack… He removes his helmet and uses the inhaler… Besides him in a car there is small television which is flashing Andy's photo… A small kid sees Andy and the television and calls out to her father saying that the "TV waale uncle is here!… Andy hears this and gets tensed… The father is sitting on the other side of the car and before he could get down, Andy drives in between vehicles… The man running behind the bike informs tow constables nearby who also chase him… But Andy escapes yet again!


Next Day


AG House Hall


Characters: Om, Kamal, Maasi, Chaya, Vikram, Urmila ji


Daadi asks about Paro and Maasi says that she is with Gunn…. Daadi asks about Pandit ji and Maasi says that he said he would come to the river side directly and before sunset they would dissolve the ashes… Om sees Tanu's ashes and thinks about her death!


Just then Urmila Ji, Tanu's was-to-be mother-in-law comes… As if giving her condolence she says that hearing Tanu's death she came running to see them…. (Lagta nahi bhaag ke aayi…. Car me aayi…. AC daalke!) She says that see Tanu was to be her daughter-in-law and all this happened… Om tells Kamal to tell Paro to stay with Gunn as she would not bear hearing this lady! (Paro ko ana chahiye tha Om… Ise jawaab deti vo… Waise Paro kisi aur shooting me busy hai kya… Do teen episodes se uske kayi close up aur cheat shots hi dikha rahe ho?!!?)


Om tells that they are going to dissolve the ashes, indirectly asking her to leave… She tells sarcastically that go naa… But I feel pity for you all for having brought up such a kid…. People don't leave me too… They say that Tanu is already "bachchalan" and she had relationship with not any outsider but with someone from the house! (Oh my God… Urmila… Jo bhi ho, is tarah ki baatein!!?!) Om gets angry and tells her to shut her mouth… He says this is his family and no need to tell another word about her family… That Andy is the murderer and Tanu is not any girl in the streets, she was our dear kid whom we had showered with love and affection…. Urmila taunts more that all these crocodile tears are for others not for her… People don't talk unnecessarily, because their girls's behavior was like that… Thank God I didn't marry that girl into my family…. She leaves!


Maasi tells Om to control himself and we cannot shut every one's mouth… Kamal also reminds him that Om was the one who said that we have to be careful in our steps! Om agrees and Maasi gives the ash pot to Kamal!


Shruti's House


Characters: Shruti, Servant maid, Neighbor Lady


Shruti still in shocked state is watching the television which says about Andy been suspect in Tanu's murder case…. Even when the servant maid asks her for tea, Shruti doesn't respond and just then the door bell rings… A lady comes most probably the neighbor lady and asks about Shruti's health…. Servant maid says that she is still like the same… Listening to no one, talking nothing….. She keeps watching about Tanu's murder case in the television… The Lady says she must in deep shock.… People says Tanu was her daughter ans hence her state like this! (Don't mind! Lekin is state me shouldn't the AG's be taking Shruti home!?!?!?)


River Side


Characters: Om, Paro, Gunn, Maaji, Shiv, Maasi, Daadi, Chaya, Kamal,Vikram


Om is doing pooja for Tanu… Gunn and Paro remember their moments with Tanu… Om dissolves Tanu's ashes in water!


Police Station


Characters: Commissioner, Inspy, Media, Aashu, Twin girl kids


Media people question the Commy (Short for Commissioner) police about Tanu's murder case… Its been one week and what have they got till now? Police says that they are investigating… On questioning about Andy's escape police says thye have given a wide search alert through out the city and he would be in capture soon!


(Are wah… Lagta hai creatives zaroor humari discussions padte hain IF me… Aashu ko bula liya case solve karne!?!? Achchi baat hai!)


Aashu comes to meet the Commy and he introduces Inspy Varma! (Jaise ki pehli baar mil rahe ho… Hmm… Officially to pehli baar hai!) Commy says that he knows Aashu is on leave now and the case is related to his family, but we need the help of an experienced and able officer like you… (Ha dekha doston… Aashu ko kaam naa hone ki wajah… Are yaar bechara chutti me tha… Tab hi to AG house ke ird gird ghoomta reheta hai, bina khud apne ghar gaye! Mummy, Pappa, Bhaion ka khayal tak nahi.… Sincere muh bola beta!Thumbs Up) Aashu says it is his duty and will do so… Varma ia asked to assist Aashu for which he agrees, a bit hesitantly…. (Hmm... Kya hua Inspy?!? Feeling upset because case was given to Aashu? But you were doing a brilliant job I say!Clap) Commy takes Aashu to meet someone!


Commy takes Aashu to meet two small girls who are cute looking twins… Commy says that these kids saw Andy last at a signal, and since then it is four days now and Andy is missing! Aashu sweetly talks to the kids, introding himself and asking the kids names…. One kid name is Nishi… (Nice name!Tongue) Nishi then tells Aashu about seeing the tv waale uncle in the car wearing designer gloves and telling her dad about it…. (Aaj kal ke bachche… Bade smart kids yaar… Gloves designer hain ye tak pata hai!Clap) On more probing from Aashu Nishi tells him that he was breathing deeply and showed the action of an inhaler…. She further says he was scared… Then Nishi draws the design which she saw on Andy's gloves… The father takes away the kids…


Commy says that Andy has come to know that police is searching for him and so he is hiding somewhere which makes our search tough…. Aashu says it is tough but not impossible…. I will get that Andy for sure! Scene and episode ends with a determined looking Aashu!


Vove… Bravo ACP Aashu…. Yaar tumhe tumhara kaam to yaad aaya… I like it... Police waalon ko ek attitude aur style chahiye, jo tum me to hai…. Lekin thoda improvise karna hai….


Precap:  Inspy and Aashu go to some old building or something… They see something and get shocked… Aashu is like Oh God!! (Guess Andy bechare ka bhi swargvaas ho gaya!?!?)



Video: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=979656


Pictures: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=979615


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neela226 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 June 2008 at 11:58am | IP Logged
looks lke nothing much happens
ek1229 IF-Dazzler

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jftp Groupbie

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Posted: 26 June 2008 at 3:19pm | IP Logged
hmmm... Remmeber Inspy said that the poison used to kill Tanu is something that is used by photographers. Now with Shiv - Aditi scene, it gives the suspicion on Aditi OR at least creative team wants Aditi also to be in suspicious list.
akhl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 June 2008 at 9:49pm | IP Logged
Thanks, Krithika. So nice to know that ACP Ashu has taken over the case. Clap
anu_raveesh Senior Member

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Posted: 26 June 2008 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
i donno forsomehow i am missing Ishaan.....anyways thanks for the update..and where did maithili/adi and garima go????? i guess all 3 went for honeymoon!! hee hee hee LOL
brandy Senior Member

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Posted: 26 June 2008 at 10:35pm | IP Logged
hey thanks for the update, just thought it might be noteworthy to mention
the reason for the Aditi & Shivangi scene...

Shivangi discovers Aditi's interest in photography. Remember that the kind
of poison used to kill Tanu is a chemical used by photographers, the key
reason that the police is on Andy's tail...

Are we being told something here?
rihanna89 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 June 2008 at 12:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by brandy

hey thanks for the update, just thought it might be noteworthy to mention
the reason for the Aditi & Shivangi scene...

Shivangi discovers Aditi's interest in photography. Remember that the kind
of poison used to kill Tanu is a chemical used by photographers, the key
reason that the police is on Andy's tail...

Are we being told something here?
ya i agree with u something is fishhhhhhhyyyy here  Wink

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