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With every breath I take:NOTE PG38

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With every breath I take??




Picking up the glass full of whisky he placed it to his lips?. 


?Cheers Rahul! Now you are surely going to be a dead man? holding the glass up he placed it to his lips?


?Hey buddy why the long fac?!? Rahul turned to see Armaan smiling at him at the bar?


?My freedom is finally over and my doom near?? Rahul said hinting to the bartender for another drink?


?Yeah! Well I have a busy night I catch you later?.? Rahul looked over at Armaan heading over to the table with the three attractive girls? he was the University stud he never went anywhere without a female group? Boxing champion and his talents in every subject was impressive? but Armaan had a weakness Money?. As Rahul looked over at him he smiled?.?He can save me!?


Meanwhile in Chennai


?Muskhan it?s cannot be that bad!?  Riddhima looked over at her room mate in tears.


?Papa says I marry him or he disown me?.?  Hearing a loud whale Riddhima looked at her? man this girl can cry.


?Ok so refuse ?.tell you?re father no you don?t want to see this Rahul Gerwal dude!? Riddhima said giving her the last tissue from the box?in 30mins nothing was free from snot around Muskhan..


?I can?t he disown me! Make me penniless? Muskhan mumbled in between sobs.


?Ok do what I do! See him behave badly smoke drink and get him to refuse the proposal?. works every time!?  Riddhima said getting up from the bed smiling?as Muskhan wiped her tears and looked at her with a grin?.


Back at the New York Club


?Ok Rahul you want me to go to Goa! Be Rahul Gerwal and get this Muskhan creature to dump you!? Armaan said looking over at him with his arms around the blonde?s on the sofa..


Back in Chennai


?No Way Muskhan?. What if see a psycho? Anyway this is you?re problem? Riddhima looked at her puppy face and sighed hearing her whale again.


Back at the New York Club


?What? Armaan does not get out of bed for that much!? Rahul looked over at him shaking his head?


?Look I give you what you want ?..just do this for me?.You be staying in the 5 star hotel and spending money from my fathers account?and I?ll pay you? Rahul pleaded


?hmmm I don?t know!? Armaan said picking up the cocktail.



Back in Chennai


?I though you where my best friend and you promised you do anything for me if I asked since I helped with the modelling agency?.I got papa to make you Miss Sunshine for out clothes range??  GREAT BLACK MAIL!!  Ok here comes the tantrum and more crying?


Back at the New York Club


?OK Rahul!? Armaan said shaking his hand


?I always wanted to go to India!? he added getting up with his girls.


Back in Chennai


?OK Muskhan but only for a week?? Riddhima said feeling Muskhan?s arms take hold of her as she choked in her embrace?


~~Part One~~


?Sir! Can I take you?re leather Jacket?? Placing his Gucci sunglasses on his forehead he looked carefully at the Air Indian airhostess?the charming smile in her blue sari as he entered the first class apartment.


?Sure babes!? Wow this is first class the large leather seats and the one to one service ?.man I thought the VIP lounge was cool? and I have my own personal slave?this is so cool?.


?Sir my name is Mala and if you require anything else please ring the bell!? hmmm sure im going to ring ok?


*bring bring*?.This Rahul is such dweeb!


?Yes Rahul! I?m on the Plane?.yeah I understand the plan?in one week make sure she the one who refuse the proposal and no of course I?m not going to fall in love with her?.women fall for me!! Never the other way round as there is no love in this world ?.?  chuckling he ended the call.


What a score Armaan!?. You?re visiting India for the first time free and living like a king and on top of that 10 thousand dollars for the week? smiling he closed his eyes?taking a deep sigh?. All his life he had struggled?paying off his father debt when he passed away? when mom walked out of the door tired of his fathers drinking habits with the baby as he spent the babies money on the booze and when Armaan returned from school ?.he noticed everything was missing she had left him too with his father?. Now the constant physical abuse he received from his father was a daily occurrence his only way out was the studies?. When he hit the punching bag in the gym they noticed him the coach approached him and as fate had something good installed for him?. Now he excelled in his studies and all debt where paid and now with the new horizons what ever he earned  was his own? But he wanted to find his mother and sister and this trip would help him do that?as when his father passed away he found the letters address to him from Nandini but his father hid them?


Closing his eyes with the ipod head found in his ears he increased the volume?.


Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words
That you could not find
Reaching for something in the distance
So close you can almost taste it
Release your inhibitions

Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten, yeah


?OMG I LOVE THIS SONG!!? Riddhima scream in the red sports car as she increased the volume?. Some people have all the luck Muskhan Chadda was was rich spoilt brat?now Riddhima was heading towards Goa in ?Muskhan 1?


*Hi Gorgeous* *Hi Gorgeous* *Hi Gorgeous* ....seeing her mobile flashing she lowered the volume and hit the hands free button?.  ?Riddhima you there yet?? Man this woman?


?Muskhan I be there in another hour?ok now you have sorted out the phones?as you father calling you?re mobile and??


?Yeah Dad?s in New York and I checked with the hotel Rahul is not there yet and you?re both in the penthouse together??


?WHAT?? hearing Muskhan pause on the phone she glared at the mobile angrily.


?Sorry yaar both Mr Grewal and Dad so seriously want this rista to happen so they have booked the entire penthouse you will share the room but have separate bedrooms??  MAN THERE SNEAKY.


?Yaar book me another room I?m not stay in the same room as this freak! If Dad finds out I?m living with a guy he kill me? he freaked out when I told him I want to model and now?. Freakin Hell Muskhan!!? Riddhima gript the steering wheel hard as she thought about what she got involved in.


?Look Riddhima don?t worry I?m going to be there in the next 3 days?? WHY THAT LONG?


?Muskhan? 3 day??


?Riddhima you can handle it! I be there soon bye!? THAT COW!!

Oh, oh

I break tradition
Sometimes my tries
Are outside the lines, oh yeah yeah
We've been conditioned
To not make mistakes
But I can't live that way oh, oh

Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words
That you could not find
Reaching for something in the distance
So close you can almost taste it
Release your inhibitions

Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
the rest still unwritten




?Rishi you organised everything right?? Samar Chadda asked.


?Samar chill?I own the hotel they staying in and I have a man on the job?? Rishi said raising the champagne glass towards Samar?. Both smiled as there glasses hit each other..


The deal was important to both of them Samar could extend his business in America and Rishi wanted to get his foot in the Asian market?.His hotel chain was doing good but he wanted to move back to India with his son and wanted a Indian bua as the west had corrupted his son?.money was never a problem but he know Samar from his college days?and when he approached him with the proposal he knew what Samar wanted and agreed. As he hit the speaker button on the phone he smiled.


?Hello Nana! Have they arrived??


?No Sir!?


?OK Nana I?m trusting you with this?.I will be in London and Europe for a few days?.and will be calling in to check how things are progressing??


?Sir please trust me!?




?I am such a mug! I have that plaster on my face!? Riddhima said driving into the hotel drive




?OMG!? who the hell hit me! **** Muskhan?s car!? She shouted getting out of the car?.


?HEY CAN?T YOU DRIVE!?  She looked at him getting out of the car and hit him with her handbag?  She looked at him with a shocked expression as he looked at her?


?Hey I am sorry?Still getting to used to you guys driving on the left hand side!? he said rubbing his arm as he looked at her glaring at her. MAN SHE?S A PYHSCO!! Man her bags heavy??


?I pay for the damages!?  Dame right mister Muskhan is going to kill you as her father gave her this car on her birthday?. HELLLO You are MUSKHAN! SO BEHAVE LIKE HERE!!


?What! Dame right you?re going to pay! Mister!? he looked at her glaring her finger at her pointing at her ?he smiled


?Wipe that dimple smile of you?re face, I am not a mug! I know guys like you!? Riddhima chill girl the guys looks like he not from here?  Yeah will Muskhan going to kill me!


?Look I am seriously sorry!? OK WHAT HE DOING NOW!


?Hey! Stand back?don?t come near me!? HE NOT STOPPING


?AAAWWWWWW?  Yeah save you right! Come near me again I?ll?..


?You just kicked my shin!? Man she dangerous dude step away from her? NO DUDE SHOW HER WHO?S BOSS


?Hey what you doing?? OK KICK HIM AGAIN.


?Look Mister I know karate and don?t want to hurt you!? LIAR!! Ridz?  OK stop acting like Jackie Chan and calm down! OK why he chuckling?.




?COME ON THEN!?  OK he looks mad! Yeah will he should not come near me! I will kick him again?.OMG he grabbed hold of my arms?


?Now listen to me Karate kid! I will pay for the damages and you will personal attend my bruised arm and leg!?  Now she calmed down?hey she quiet pretty?Armaan dude! Yeah yeah!!


?I am going to let you go know and then I am going to walk to my car?? Ok she looking scared?back off dude?




?You kicked me again!? Man she never quits?Man my leg hurts!!


?You come near me and I kick you again!? Yeah I know she a weird one?.


?Jerk!? Riddhima get in the car??..




?Hi my name is Nana and will be looking after you here at the Crown Royal resort!? Riddhima looked at the tall dark manager in front of her?


?Mr Rahul!? OMG he is here? ok deep breath and turn round an look at him


?YOU!? They both screamed looking at each other?..


~~Part Two~~


?Dude I totally understand the woman is a manic!? Armaan looked over at the closed bedroom door where she enter in a huff and slammed the door minutes earlier..


?Armaan now you know Indian women!! Make her refuse you and then leave!? Yeah? but I remember mum and Shanaaz Bi as fine Indian women? And many of the Indian girls in campus even though I never interacted with them much but where dignified? Armaan these are the rich spoilt kind the worst?


?Women are women Rahul? I can handle them! But you?re fathers phone calls? How do I handle them?? Armaan saw the messages at the desk?


?hmm I be there in 3days?I will call him?.just text me when he calls and I call him! Plus I never been to India and no one knows who what I look like?? Rahul answered.


?Oh OK! I think I can handle kicking ninja by then?.We have a meal this evening and you should have seen the suitcases? All 11 of them all pink?ok? why he laughing. My leg got a bruise?


?Hey!! she causes any physical damages! You paying the hospital bill!?


?Welcome to India Armaan!? Yeah I thought I landed in Hong Kong movie!




Ok Dude act 1 make her totally hate you ?.mind you she hate Rahul already and the next step will not be hard! Act like a creep and she will just be her mad crazy self I am out of here before Rahul gets here and then I can see if I can find mom and the baby.


?Look about the car!? Ok here she comes marching in and wow, check the blue bikini top and white chiffon skirt?.


OK now why he walking around here half naked? Jeez dude you will poke someone?s eye out!! Come on Ridz he not bad looking?. kind of like an American with the dark brown hair and hazel eyes?.


?What about the car?? Ok what out dude she a wild one


?The keys!? Oh ok remember Rahul you come near me I kick you again..


?Oh right! You are going to get some ice for my leg right!? WOW check her face. Man talk about the mother of all dirty looks..


?Oh Please!?. I am sure one of the hotel staff will help with ice request?.?  keep dream buddy


?Well I?ll guess you?re not the kiss and make up kind of woman!? Armaan said with a smirk??..OK YOU JERK!!


?BINGO! So now you know!? Riddhima said leaving the room slamming it shut!


?Armaan Beta! Bharat nahree??.i best go check out the reset of the joint!? he walked out of the room with the key card.


As he walked over to the pool he noticed her come out of the swimming pool dripping wet like nothing he had ever seen as the water droplets glisten her divine goddess like body? be wrapped by the towel by the pool guy?looking around he saw the males all scoping her out as he walked over towards one of the sun beds to get some rays where his new blue sunglasses ?.


?Hey!? he looked up to see female dressed in white chiffon dress which was transparent and you could see her figure and white bikini smiling at him?as he smiled back he looked at her?


?Hi I am Anjali Sharma!? Hello baby?


?Please join me!?  Armaan said? this will be fun.


?Hey sister back off he is with me!? Riddhima shouted walking over while gentle moving the towel in her hair?


OMG she just did not say that? Armaan thought looking at her with a frown.


?Excuse me!? Anjali said looking dumb stuck?.. ?No you don?t sister find your own man!? Riddhima though staring at her?.


?You heard me! Keep walking honey!? OK Muskhan is over stepping her mark here


Riddhima what you doing? Come on he see that Muskhan is psycho and insecure woman?he run away by tonight?hehe ?this is fun! Being a mean *****


?Muskhan please!? OMG There that dirty look again? this woman?


?What? no husband of mine in front of face is going to be checking out another woman! Do you understand!?  Man no wonder Rahul wants to be free of this vile woman.


?Anjali I?m sorry about Muskhan?s behaviour lets just go to the bar! Muskhan if you can excuse us please??  Ok cool run Rahul! I see you in a sec?


?I am so sorry my name is ?.Rahul! That was Muskhan ?our parents want us to get married so here getting to know each other?properly!? he looked at her smiling at him as the enter the small bar area inside..


?So have you got to know her properly as they say??  Hmmm fast mover my type of woman!


?No Not yet but I would like to get to know what I?m seeing properly at the moment?!? Easy tiger?come on yaar I can flirt a little! I?m not the one getting married Rahul is I?m just pretending to be him?I can flirt with her until I get bored???..




?YEAH BABY! COME TO MOMMA!? the both looked up to see Muskhan waving her hands in the air at the gambling table?


?Look I have tooo?.? Armaan said getting up to see what the commotion was all about at the gambling section?.As there was a crowd around Muskhan and he was curious?.


?Rahul thanks for the drinks if want to see me I will be in room 201!? hmmm sure my kind of number too?.


?I?ll remember that! Thank Anjali?? ok what she doing?? Anjali leaned over and kissed his cheek and left


?WOAH! Now that what I call lucky!? Riddhima looked over to see a smart looking guy walking closer to her.


?I guess??. ok Rahul is coming over! Bet all over it on Red and make sure you loose! Ridz


?10 thousand on Red?I love the colour!? Oh look at his face drop?hehe not my money Muskhan?s? hell this is a days pocket money for her?and 2 days work from Riddhima!


?Madam you sure?!? YEAH DUH!! RAHOL Looks like he going to pass out!


?Spin the table?. Please!?


?Come to MOMMA!? Armaan are you crazy get her to fall in love with you she loaded?. No dude I gave my word and she crazy!! I would never what to marry that!  Man you crazy she beautiful and a NUT JOB!


?RED!!? WHAT YOU JOKING!!!   ?.Don?t faint Girl!!


?RAHUL WE WON!!!? OK why you jumping up and down like an idiot on top of this guy!


Hey what she doing! Ok stop smiling like a mad man like she giving you the money?.


?I am hungry?.. Waiter make sure the money is ready for me tomorrow as I will be going out tomorrow!! Rahul shall we??  Ok what she doing know this is creepy


?Hmmm I don?t think that shade of colour suits you!? OK there that evil stare and she wiping Anjali?s lipstick mark off my cheek?.Woah Armaan she smells good?and she holding my hand? Ok I feel like she going to eat me for dinner?


?Madam and Sir you?re table!? HUH why are we in a secluded part of the restaurant ? Violins?


?Thank you Nanaji?.btw I?m going to need a car tomorrow I want to go to Don Paula Bay? Riddhima asked looking at Nana


?I?m sure Mr Rahul can take you?..we need advance booking of the cars? we full booked!?  WHAT DUDE!! Me and the mad woman?


?Rahul would you take me to Don Paula Bay?? she asks battle her eyelashes


?What?s that place??  Hook line and sinker Ridz.


?Sir! It?s a place for the tourist to surf and it now for its lovers paradise.. Its famous for that love story of the viceroys daughter who fell in love with a poor fisherman?. The myth is a legendary?.?


? Yeah!! ..,,,It?s a surfing place and there someone I want to see?.? Hmm surfing! That it you read about it in one of mums letters?.she mentioned a place by the sea where I could surf ?.


?Ok!? Armaan said looking at her kind of puzzled.


?Cool Nana I need a car the day after?so can you make the arrangements?also I won 10 thousand rupees make sure I have the funds available tomorrow?. Thank you!? look at how sweet she talking to Nana and looking at me?.  WARNING DUDE I sense trouble?..


Ridz chill act normal I?m tired of acting like Muskhan lets have dinner and get to know him and then tomorrow act like a spoilt brat?I cant! He will find out need to carry on acting?..


?OK Rahul lets get on thing straight ?.I don?t love you and here on my fathers request?.so far you not impressed me?. At all!?  Said Riddhima pointing the fork at him.


?Ok since we getting our tables on the cards?.I don?t like you either here also as I like have been forced it the whole thing and there better fish in the sea!? he said looked at the table of girls not far from her?.


?Fine! So call you father and say you?re objecting Rahul!? WOW she quick??


?I am unsure there may be a possibility I may change my mind tomorrow!? CHICKEN $*** of a man!


?Cheers!? he said raising his glass?. I get it missy you want Rahul to refuse hence this is all an act! Touch?y dear but im still game?.


?Cheers!? tomorrow you run away Rahul?. They both placed their glasses to there lips




?Sir we all set! I have fixed Rahuls car so that it will only reach half way?.? Said the mechanic looking at Nana


?God man! Now so far these two are fighting and soon they will be a little cival to one another?. Sumit you know what to do?? Nana said looking at the young man smiling back at him.


?Sure Sir?.i?m the villian!? he said as they both turned and laugh?..




?Muskhan I am telling you he will not speak to his father and refuse! He is a spineless man!? Riddhima said sitting on the bed in her room.


?Actually he quiet good lucking and nice to be with?you should meet him Muskhan!? Riddhima added he was civial at dinner and his small chit chat was ok! But he talked a lot about America and how advanced there are and India 50 years behind and ?.it vexed me so I cust him!! How dare he bad mouth my INDIA!


?What the Hell! Ridz you sounding like my father?.I sent you there as Muskhan to meet him and ditch him!? WOW check out her GUSSA!


?OK Fine! He a NOB! You happy?but yaar he scared of his father and I will refuse?.so im running out of options?? I don?t the crazy mad woman act all day I?m tired!!


?OK so you going to meet you?re boyfriend tomorrow right!? Yeah my honey!


?Yeah I?m going to see him!? but yaar im goin to have to explain Rahul?


?So use boyfriend ?..?  Oh yeahhhhhh


?Cool I do that!? Riddhima smiled getting into the covers???.turning off her phone and closing her eyes?.




OK Armaan 1 2 3 ??? tuning up the Volume!!


how can you see into my eyes like open doors
leading you down into my core
where I?ve become so numb without a soul my spirit sleeping somewhere cold
until you find it there and lead it back home

(Wake me up)
Wake me up inside
(I can?t wake up)
Wake me up inside
(Save me)
call my name and save me from the dark
(Wake me up)
bid my blood to run
(I can?t wake up)
before I come undone
(Save me)
save me from the nothing I?ve become

now that I know what I?m without
you can't just leave me
breathe into me and make me real
bring me to life



He stared at her as he plucked the string on his guitar as he played to the heavy metal track on the stereo ?. As she soon there dress in a white satin lacy night dress holding her ears as the music pumped?..


(Wake me up)
Wake me up inside
(I can?t wake up)
Wake me up inside
(Save me)
call my name and save me from the dark
(Wake me up)
bid my blood to run
(I can?t wake up)
before I come undone
(Save me)
save me from the nothing I?ve become

Bring me to life
(I've been living a lie, there's nothing inside)
Bring me to life

He looked at her narrowing her eyes at him as she walked in his bedroom as he stood up and played the song on his electric guitar as he looked over at him march over angrily ?? He looked at her in amazement as she shock her head in a grunge style to the music as his she was a heavy metal fan all her life?as he played?. She walked over to the stereo and pumped up the song??. He was captivated by the way she got on his bed and shock her head to the music???.


Bring me to life
(I've been living a lie, there's nothing inside)
Bring me to life

frozen inside without your touch without your love darling only you are the life among the dead

all this time I can't believe I couldn't see
kept in the dark but you were there in front of me
I?ve been sleeping a thousand years it seems
got to open my eyes to everything
without a thought without a voice without a soul
don't let me die here
there must be something more
bring me to life

(Wake me up)
Wake me up inside
(I can?t wake up)
Wake me up inside
(Save me)
call my name and save me from the dark
(Wake me up)
bid my blood to run
(I can?t wake up)
before I come undone
(Save me)
save me from the nothing I?ve become

(Bring me to life)
I?ve been living a lie, there?s nothing inside
(Bring me to life)


With the music stopped and the sound of his amplifier making a sound he looked over at her as she march over to the door and closed it shut?. Grinning he placed the guitar down and looked over at the door dumbstruck?. ?wow! I never would have imagined that??  he said pulling up his covers smiling looking at the closed door?..



Love KatEmbarrassed


Just a little short story.... no pms as im in the officeTongue


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"How long does this woman take?"  Man Dad was not kidding when he used to say mum works on Desi time? ….slamming his hands on the steering wheel he look over at the double glass doors waiting for Muskhan.


"Lets see what on the radio stations around here?"  ….Buzzzzzz


"Humm no RnB and Rap here I guess?


"Tauba Tauba Tauba Tauba Tauba; Jaan Leva Tauba Tauba Tera Jalwa

Tauba Tauba Tauba Tauba Tauba; Jaan Leva Tauba Tauba Tera Jalwa"


Armaan tapped his fingers on the steering wheel ……as he looked over at the glass doors he saw  her…….dressed in a white Punjabi suit looking breath taking….


Soni Soni Hoon, Mein Soni Hoon Mein Soni Mein Soni Soni Soni Soni Hoon

Khudh Tharasha Hai Khudha Ne Jo Zameen Par Aa Gaya


OK Ridz you know what you have to do and why the heck is he looking at me like that ….. jeez he not seen a women dressed like this…. Well im goin to see my boyfriend and ….he hate me in the short skirts…. Ok Ridz…Sunglasses on throw you're stuff on the back seat and tip the bell boy…..


Tauba Tauba Tauba Tauba Tauba TaubaTauba Mere Tauba

Khudh Tharasha Hai Khudha Ne Jo Zameen Par Aa Gaya

Jaan Mujh Mein Daal Ke To Yeh Jahaan Chakraa Gaya

Chaand Ne Dekha Mujhe To Chaand Bhi Sharma Gaya

Soni Soni Hoon, Mein Soni Hoon

Mein Soni  Soni Soni Soni Soni Hoon

Soni Soni Hoon, Mein Soni Hoon

Mein Soni  Soni Soni Soni Soni Hoon

Taub Tauba Tauba Tauba Tauba;

Jaan Leva Tauba Tauba Tera Jalwa…Tera Jalwa



Wow what the heck is happening to me? Heart pounding pulse raising man I sweating as well… where the lyrix?….i mean wow she looking so beautiful and she smiling…. OK ALERT DUDE Danger!!  Yeah right she tipping the bell boy 500 ruppees? …..Jeez? 




Chaudivi Ka Chaand Ho Ya Aaftab Ho;

Jo Bhi Ho Tum Khudha Ki Kasam Lajawab Ho

Chaudivi Ka Chaand Ho Ya Aaftab Ho;

Jo Bhi Ho Tum Khudha Ki Kasam Lajawab Ho


Ello his jaw dropped and …if you got it flaunt baby!!


Haann…Mujhse Poocha Tha Khudha

Ne Jaagogi Kya Tum Zameen Par,

Mein Yeh Boloo Tab Khudha Se; Saare Aashiq Hai Wahin Par

Mujhse Pehle Kya Zameen Par Chaand Uthara Tha Kabhi

Ab Diwaano Tum Bathaao Koi Mujhsa Hai Kahin Par

Sar Pe Sajda Ho Gaye Sab Roop Tera Dekh Kar; Jaan-O-Dil Se To Gaye Sab Roop Tera Dekh Kar

Tauba Tauba Tauba Tauba Tauba Tauba; Jaan Leva Tauba Tauba Tera Jalwa


"Rahul you know where we going right?" I better ask thou he will not try anything as I kick him again hehe


"Yeah Honey!" OMG did I say honey? What is happening to me and for pete sake stop grinning like a mad man you're driven a car with a chick before?


"I aint you're honey!" OK girl show him the finger!  No not that one … the index finger, wave it like …they do in the us soaps!!


"When a woman sits in my car with A..…Rahul is my Honey!"  Ok there that dirty look…. Man even that looks so cute today!! And her gussa on her nose man….if I was Armaan I would show her who is BOSS!!


"Look Chauffeur just drive…I want to get there while I'm still young!"  BANDAR …start the car idiot!! …Dame Americans!!



Haann…Har Taraf Ek Shor Sa Hai, Mere Aane Ki Khabar Se,

Har Taraf Mehki Fiza Hai, Mere Aane Ki Khabar Se

Har Jawaan Dil Ki Mein Dhadkan Ban Gayi Hu Aaj To

Har Jawaan Chehra Khila Hai, Mere Aane Ki Khabar Se

Sar Pe Sajda Ho Gaye Sab Roop Tera Dekh Kar;

Jaan-O-Dil Se To Gaye Sab Roop Tera Dekh Kar


Taub Tauba Tauba Tauba Tauba Tauba;

Jaan Leva Tauba Tauba Tera Jalwa..Tera Jalwa..Tera Jalwa

Khudh Tharasha Hai Khudha Ne Jo Zameen Par Aa Gaya

Jaan Mujh Mein Daal Ke To Yeh Jahaan Chakraa Gaya

Chaand Ne Dekha Mujhe To Chaand Bhi Sharma Gaya


Ok Rahul! When we get there this afternoon ….im dumping and heading away with my boyfriend…. Man I'm goin to love seeing his face!!


OK Armaan… that scent is soooo *sigh* Ok seriously man do forget the plan…she must hate you call her father and dump Rahul…. Jerk has no idea what a babe she is!! OK Seriously stopppppp…


Soni Soni Hoon, Mein Soni Hoon

Mein Soni Soni Soni Soni Soni

Soni Soni Hoon, Mein Soni Hoon

Mein Soni Soni Soni Soni Soni Hoon

Taub Tauba Tauba Tauba Tauba Tauba;

Jaan Leva Tauba Tauba Tera Jalwa..Tera Jalwa..

Taub Tauba Tauba Tauba Tauba Tauba;

Jaan Leva Tauba Tauba Tera Jalwa..Tera Jalwa..



*honk honk*


"Are you crazy get on the other side of the road!" Man this guy?


"Sorry!" I keep getting distracted and she re applying her lippy and MAN STOPPP LOOKING!! Yeah? you're going to kill us both!


"I nearly had a heart attack…." *SMACK* Riddhima hit his shoulder hard.


"AEWWW Hey don't you ever stop hitting? Man? All you do is ever hit me?…I like a like rough now and then but I bruise easy honey!"  OMG IS HE FLIRTING!?! *SMACK**SMACK**SMACK*


"Stop it Honey! Or I'm putting you over my knee and spanking you!"  Ok she stopped now and looking like she can murder me…. Man I can just picture me spanking her… Stop grinning!! IDIOT!!


*Jerk….. bRummmmmm …..Jerk*


"What happening to the Car?" Heck woman I don't know….


"I don't know? Honey"






"So you can fix it right?"  Ok don't look at me like that? Like you have no clue? You men know these things…I know clothes and makeup you should now cars and things that move that you're JOB!!?


"I'm not a mechanic… looks like the distruster caps missing some leads…I mean how can they…?" Ok im looking right in the bonnet and there is nothing there at all?


"You did this all on purpose!" Hey what? ok don't pout you're quivering lip at me ….i did not!


"Look I was the Chauffeur remember I never wanted to go any where? This was all you're idea!"  OK what she doing now …. Ok she in the back seat?


"We walking! I'm not staying in the jungle and it be dark soon and …." OMG SHE CRYING!!


"Honey it be ok!"  Armaan placed his arm around her.


"Don't touch me you creep!" *Sob sob Sob*


"I would but you huggin me sobbing!" Man she so cute and that berry smell in her hair….. what the heck?!


*sniff sniff* Riddhima let go of him wiping her tears


"I hate you!"


"Good I hate you tooooo!"


"I hate you more!"




"FINE!" Oh don't stomp you're foot at me….


Grabbing her arm in anger he pulled her close to him and kissed her hard….


*10 min still KISSING*


Releasing her looking at each other panting….




"How dare you?" hey you never complaint?


"Hit me again and I …."  I what?…. man that kisss…..awww my poor cheek


"You threatening me?" THIS GUY GOT SOME CHEEK!!




Pulling her hard towards him…… She is kissing me?


*10 min still KISSING*


*25 min still KISSING*


*YawnConfused they still kissing?*


"Now we are even!" she said pushing him away with his eyes still closed……..HUH!!


"FINE!" he shouted in a daze… I'm a sucker for such punishment…


"Joker swipe your face you're covered in smear lip stick…and fusion picks so not you're colour…." WHO THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS!! I sure showed him


"And here you're carrying my BAG!" WHAT?


"No I am not!…. You're bag you carry it!"  Armaan shoves the black in front of her




"FINE! But after then we stopped you are carrying both bags! UFF WOMEN!" ….ok where she going now?  Bushes


"What you doin?" Following you….


"Ummm ladies fool!" OH right??


"Yeah well this bush right the Mens right here….." He would not!! OMG….. Look away…


"You're disgusting!"  Uff


"yeah it take one to know one!" Man she looking so scared…. Run in them bushes ….


*10 minutes?*


"Ok why you taking ages? MUSKHAN!" Armaan shouted walking into the bushes to be amazed by the sight before him in a daze his feet walked over and stop…. Dropping the bags he smiled taking off his jacket….


Riddhima smiled as she felt the cool water of the waterfall on her hot sweaty skin….as she splashed the water on her face ….




Looking into the water she spotted him coming up for air and looked at him smiling at her as she stepped into the swallow enter of the water and sat down on the bank…..


"Hey come on in it beautiful!" he shouted while placing his arm behind him as he floated on the water…


Shaking her head she sat on the side taking in the beauty of the placed…. Locked away on the tree…a medium size oval blue lagoon as a very small fountain above the cliff ….and the other side of the bank she saw the small steam of water flowing away…


Feeling a wet hand on her shoulder she looked at him take a seat next to her….


"It's breath taking don't you think!" she looked at him as he stared at the surrounding….feeling his hand slowly on top of her she looked at him


What the heck is that frown….moments ago we where kissing? She removed her hand and looked at him


"Look just call you dad and tell him I have dumped ya!" he looked at her stunned


"DUMPED ME!!" Wow no woman has dumped me ARMAAN MALIK!! He looked at her getting up and wiping her face with her dupputa as she walked away the gust of wind blew the end of her dupputta on his wet face as he closed his eyes as the white chiffon material stuck to his face.


"HEY!" opening his eyes he looked at her frowning.


"Where are the BAGS?" he looked at her shaking his head…


"They were there?" he said getting up goin over to the spot


"Where?" What the heck? I need my bag…


"Here! Seee" he picked up the bags looking at her as she looked scared…..


"WHAT NOW?"  what is this woman doing?….Kneeling on the floor


"Hai Nag Devta…please forgive us!! We did not mean to disturb you… OM Namashiva!! OM NAMASHIVA!" What the heckkkkk….  Looking back at the spot he saw the cobra looking at him and froze on the spot!!


Riddhima got up moved slowly chanting and took hold of Armaan's arms as he stood there…Feeling her slowly moving him back he looked at her and then the snake as he moved back…


"Put your hands together?" looking at her he put his hands together….copying her…. He looked at her chanting something he never heard before as the Snake lowered it self from its striking position and slide away into the tree….


"Muskhan thanks!" she looked at him as he hugged her….feeling her arms around him he never that the snake has scared them both.


"Get off me you're getting me wet!! And for god sake get some clothes on this is not America!"  feeling his lips on her cheek he looked at her grinning.


She so cute and back to her normal obnoxious self! He looked at her wiping her cheek cursing under her breath….




"You don't happen to have something to eat in you're bag?"  Why cant you shut up!! BLAH BLAH…. And get bloody dressed it embarrassing….walking with you in that tight black t-shirt muscles bulging and those length jeans bloody tourist.


"Muskhan I'm starving!" we been walking for an hour and she just marching up the goddame road!! OK why she stopped …..OK A truck!! …..what she doing…standing in the middle of the road….


Armaan stared as she put her hands together and the truck slowed down…


"Puttar what's the matter?" Riddhima smiled looking at the dark turban beard man smiling at her….


"Chalo I'm not going in that direction but I take you to the dhabba not far from here…."


"Thank you PappaJi!" Taking Armaan's hand she lead him to the passengers side and got in the truck…


"He is you're brother?" WHAT NOOO DUDE !! YOU BLIND


"No PappaJi he the driver! We broke down!" NOW HANG ON A MINUTE!!


"Actually im the future husband!" feeling the elbow in his ribs he grinned looking at her.


"Balle balle…. Heer Rangha!" HUH WHOOOOO Dude Armaan n Muskhan!! Elllo Rahul  ….yeah that duffus!!


"No Pappaji! I will not marry him….have you seen his face!" WHAT?


"Hmmm I understand puttar but beggars cant be chooser we can be all bless with good looks like Puppu Singh can we!" OMG DUDE YOU LOOK LIKE YOU DON'T BATHE!!…. the truck smells like someone died!!


"I know! Its sad!" HEY WHAT SHE TALKING ABOUT im a good looking boy ….aint I?


"Puttar I have seen you somewhere I can't remember where?"  Dame please don't mention my modelling?


"On TV or a large screen? I can not remember?"  MUST BE INDIA MOST WANTED!! MUSKHAN HERE STAND CLEAR!! …..


"My father is clothing merchant ….so you may have seen our Ads!" OMG Pappa Ji don't mention Miss Sunshine Riddhima


"Ok that must be it Puttar…."  PHEW close shave Ridz..


OK what is with this guy and the radio? Can he ever stop messing about..


"Puttar its broken….i can sing my wife say I sing better then Daler menhi…" WHO?


"Really Pappa ji!"  OK I have to watch this Armaan get ready


"Maein Nikla, O Gaddi Leke
O Raste Par, O Sadak Mein
Ek Modh Aaya, Maein Utthe Dil Chhod Aaya...

Rab Jaane Kab Guzra, Amritsar, O Kab Jaane
Lahore Aaya, Maein Utthe Dil Chhod Aaya
Ek Modh Aaya, Maein Utthe Dil Chhod Aaya..." OMG he cant sing!!....Is this Pop Idol?


"Waah Waah Pappa ji!" OMG you like this?? ….


*30mins of the same song*


"OK Puttar here that Dabba!" Great im starving….


"I cant eat here?" OMG CREEP! It just food!


"Fine Rahul Starve for all I care!" Omg woman you not heard of hygiene ...there flys everywhere?


Ok well im going to eat right in front of you and ….


"Mmmmmm this is so good!" Stop it woman!!


Riddhima looked at his puppy face grabbing the roti and dhal before he looked aways she placed it in his mouth…Seeing the smile appear as he chewed he looked at her frowning as he grabbed the roti from her hand and dug into the food…


"Hey Mr America calm down!" Hmmmm


"But is good seriously!" OMG? He is a pig!!


"Don't speak with you're mouth full is disgusting ….Uff?" Uff kya khaana hai




Meanwhile in Mumbai Airport


"Sorry due to technical difficulty's this Flight AI371 to Goa is delayed" Great just Super dupper…. Does anything in this country go on time and …Man poor Armaan…


"Excuse me is this seat taken?" Huh Wooooow


"No Please!  Sorry …I just move my bag!"  OMG this flight delay…. I rushed to get here and it's delayed.


Ok now say something creative and witty and be charming….


Oh god this guy is going to say something to me ….just open you're handbag and getting a magazine out…. Muskhan he is kind of cute and those hazel eyes…


"Delays… if it's not one thing or another…!" how lame is that Rahul?


She not reacting at all?  Man I suck at these things? Man I am sweating?


"Would you like a gum?" Hey she spoke


Muskhan what are you doing? Man I so bored and I might as well talk to this guy….man look at the smile on his face he kind of cute!


"Hi my name is…..Armaan!" Yeah I use that if I say Rahul this whole plan will get ruined…


"M….My name is Riddhima!" If dad finds out im here and not Goa Im dead!


Moving her hand forward she took his hand and looked at him smiling….




"Wow she hot!" Frowning Armaan looked over at the three guys sitting on the round plastic table near him and Muskhan.


"Look at you….you're a mess! I can't take you anywhere…." Awww she wiping my face…. Man she cute and those frown lines…


This guys seriously he cant eat I mean look at him


"Hey baby why don't you wipe my face!" Armaan looked over at the table and back at Muskhan as she sigh shaking her head at him moving his chin back to him.


"I've not eaten food like since Mom, I lived on Fast food with Dad!" he looked at her opening up the bottle of water.


"Mom?" she looked at his eyes sadden and look down at his plate.


"My Mom past away since I was small….Dad raised me…and" OMG what am I doing…. Telling him?


"Me too…. But I know if she was still in my life I would have been different person!" OMG dude what are you doing?


"Hey baby!" Armaan looked at her getting up….


"I'll be back…" Armaan nodded his head.




Clenching his fist he locked his jaw in anger and closed his eyes….




Looking up he looked at her walking past the table where they sat…there grinning and looked at her not even complaining or reacting as she walked past him and sat down….


"There is a bus coming in the morning….and there is a hotel about 10 km from here…" He looked at her collecting her things in her bag


"How did you?" he looked at her looking over at the lady in the open kitchen cooking and smiled…. Man she so smart and….


"So if you're finished stuffing you're face….can we go?" Hmmm sure!


"I pay the bill…." She looked at him digging into his pocket


"Uff Men! I paid already can we go now it's getting dark!" WHAT THE HELL IS THAT LOOK HE GIVING ME


"How much did it cost!" Jeez I never let a girl pay before? But she is loaded that not the point


"Put you're money away! I paid already…" What an Idiot?


"Look I don't now the customs here but I am the man so I pay!" WHAT?


"You're the Man? What that suppose to mean?" what her problem.


"It means Rahul pays so how much did it cost?" I don't take out handouts


"Look I told you I paid so put you're money away!"


"I have always paid my own way ….i don't take handouts! So take this!" he shoved the notes in her hand and she looked at him frowning.


"You're such an idiot …..fine you don't want my friendship….so get lost!" he looked at her getting up and walking away ….


"Friendship?" Picking up the bags he ran up to her….

"hey Muskhan!"


"I hate you!" Wow she makes me laugh


"Fine!" she looked over at him grinning as they walked up to the road….


Looking back Armaan saw the table where the guys had gone opening up a beer bottle and laughing out loud…..He had a feeling something did not seem right…as if there was someone watchin him…shaking of his feeling he looked at her rubbing her arms against the cold wind….. Taking off his leather jacket he placed it around her shoulder.


"I don't wear cows!" URGGGGG Leather get it off me


"It cold wear it!"


"I would rather freeze thank you…." Man what her problem she one of those hippys


"Fine freeze for all I care!" She looked at him placing his jacket on as he looked at her shaking her head.


"You know what we don't get on….have the same tastes and …I don't like you!" he looked at her and grinned


"So call you're papa and tell him that and I can go home to America where the women are women!" WTF Does he think he is?


"Yeah well I'm not having a fun time either….i could be shopping and with my friends…" He makes me so MAD!!


"Uff Women!"  He looked at her walking forward much faster mumbling..




Back in Mumbai


"Wow we have the same taste!" Muskhan said looking at him smiling


She is really nice and beautiful as well….


He quiet charming and I cant get over for the past 5 hours we been talking about everything….


"Flight AI371 to Goa is now boarding at Gate 9!" hearing the announcement both of them got up.


"Hey Riddhima don't tell me you going to Goa?" he looked at her getting up and nodding…. Wow I cant believe my luck


"Me too! I am meeting a friend!"


"Me too!" Shit I got to get to Ridz and tell her what is cooking here?




I hate you Muskhan I stuck in a room with this guys again as the stupid guy on the desk has given us the worst decorated room in the world!!


Wow what a big bed and the guy was winking at him when I paid for the room… and she not looking happy….ok it's!! as all the  room where booked


"Ok since there no sofa …we sharing the bed!" YOU WISH!!


"I take the floor!" HUH what? What she doing now?


"Look is a king side bed and ….Seriously you're not my type I would not touch a women like you!" WHAT DID HE CALL MY UGLY!!


Ok there that dirty look again!


"Fine since I don't find you attractive either ….." Ok what she doing putting the pillows down the middle side of the bed…


"Which side you want?" Ok ….he taking the left


"Don't even think about come over my side of the bed!"


"As if you remotely turn me on!" HUH I DON'T? Man Ridz you are losing the touch…hand on a sec what am I sayin?


"Yeah well you don't turn me on either…" OK WHY HE TAKING HIS TOP OFF!….man he so smooth and buff in the right places....not a single ounce of fat and he so hot!! Bloody show off!


Ok what she doing ….ok she goin into the bathroom….


WOW ARMAAN YOU GOING TO DIE >>>>>>>>>>> SHE SO HAWT!! He looked at her in a small silky top and matching hot pants…. He looked at her getting into the bed and turning off the night….


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~~Part 4~~


OMG Armaan you are a disgrace? I mean stop staring at her ?.white milk thighs and every curve of her body as she asleep in the bed next to you? Your Pathetic man you never slept with a woman and this god dame pillows in the middle of the bed ?. Uff Rahul I can just kill you as now I have to sleep with a woman and not in that way?. Man I am aroused to the max? I need a cold shower? OK close your eyes remember she the Devil and you hate her!! ? OK Full volume

?Ice Ice Baby Vanilla, Ice Ice Baby Vanilla
Ice Ice Baby Vanilla, Ice Ice Baby Vanilla

Take heed, 'cause I'm a lyrical poet
Miami's on the scene just in case you didn't know it
My town, that created all the bass sound
Enough to shake and kick holes in the ground
'Cause my style's like a chemical spill
Feasible rhymes that you can vision and feel
Conducted and formed, This is a hell of a concept
We make it hype and you want to step with this
Shay plays on the fade, slice like a ninja
Cut like a razor blade so fast, Other DJs say, "damn"
If my rhyme was a drug, I'd sell it by the gram
Keep my composure when it's time to get loose
Magnetized by the mic while I kick my juice
If there was a problem, Yo - I'll solve it!
Check out the hook while Dj revolves it.

Ice Ice Baby Vanilla, Ice Ice Baby Vanilla
Ice Ice Baby Vanilla, Ice Ice Baby Vanilla? Man dude get out of the bed she making me melt?..


As he looked over at her she got up out of bed as she turned to look at him? OMG does she know I am having dirty thoughts about her? he looked at her coming towards him and took in a deep breath?.Omg she going to knock me out cold!! ? Now I cant even get out of the bed?ok close you?re eyes?I cant keeping one eye opened he looked at her as she was so close to him and could feel her breath on his face?


?GO TO SLEEP!?  He looked at her with his mouth open as she narrowed her eyes at him.


?If you say another word and for got sake stop moving about!!? What she can read my horny thoughts?Man?


He looked over at her rolling back to her side of the bed and fall asleep?man she an monster 24/7?


Go to sleep before Muskhan spirit gets up again?. Closing his eyes he pulled his side of the blanket up?




?Sumit where are they?? Nani asked holding the phone to his ear.


?There in a cheap hotel ?I paid the hotel guy to lie that the rooms where full?. I hired 3 guys to name call her but it did not bother him at all? I was surprise instead they fought over the bill??  Sumit said looking at the door of the hut they where staying in.


?Hmm this is bad?does he not feel anything for her? I mean this guy blind as bat or GAY?? Nana said shaking his head?


?Well something better happen in the hut I put them in other wise it?s we have to got with the plan b?. Kidnapping!? Sumit said with a sigh.


?No wait lets them get to the Don Paula Bay ?I am curious why Ms Chadda wants to visit that place?? Nani said curiously?


?Hmm ok boss? I just watch them and call you with an update..?


?Yeah Sumit as the boss has not called yet and he goin to want a progress report?


Meanwhile on the Plane


?So Riddhima what do you do?? Riddhima? OH Right he means you stupid!!


?I model!? Yeah right? Shut up?man he got the most amazing eyes.


Oh man what luck?im here with Miss India while poor Armaan is with Miss Jackie Chan?


?Wow I cant believe it? I mean you are very beautiful??  Wow what a recovery?Ok relax and act cool?. While Armaan is dumping Muskhan I could take this fine catch home to daddy? Man she smell s good as will.


?Stop it you making me blush!? OK now u really have to stop blushing and grinning and for god sake don?t laugh that hideous laugh will put him off..


?No I am serious?you are very beautiful ? Is modelling what you want to do?? It?s maybe not good if dad found out like he old school god know why he want to retire in Hindustan?? America has everything ?India still catching up? Him and his traditions?


?No not really I want to see the world and get into global marketing..? Wow beauty with brains..


?If papa lets me?? OMG I have said to much as Riddhima want to be a model and im telling him what I want?Hey chill not like you?re seeing him again? But he sweet yaar..


?Papa?? Oh great now what you going to say


?My fathers a doctor and so my sister?He not happy with what I am doing?I am goin to have to prove myself to him?? Man my father does give a dame what I do?making money is more important Ridz does not know how lucky she is!!


?hey you ok?? she looks really sad?ok just take hold of her hand.


?Yeah?I uhh? I am tired!? Girl you are getting senti?


?Sure baby ?we get to Goa as soon as we take off ?Why don?t you get to sleep I get you a blanket ?I wake you when we arrive..? Awww how sweet is he I mean he just got up to get me a blanket?


?Here you go a pillow and a blanket for my fair maiden!? Ok was that to much?Cool Rahul or you blow it?


?Thank you Armaan!? HUH?? ARMAAN???.OK RIGHT SHE MEANS ME




?HEY GET UP AND GET ME BREAKFAST!? HUH ?what?  Ok why she on my side of the bed what happen to the pillows?


?Go back to sleep darling? Armaan is tired!?


?Armaan?? SHIT!! DUDE WAKE UP!!


?I mean Armaan as in you?re desire wants to sleep!?  He looked at her scratching his head yawing.


?Armaan ?My Foot! Get me breakfast!? Bloody show of I mean who does he think he is some Calvin Kline model in those boxer short? man Ridz he is so fit!! Not a ouch of fat and pure muscle and MUSKHAN a fool to let this specimen get away? Dame Ridz he is rich, amazing good looking and look at him getting up and scratching his bum goin to the bathroom? OBOY STOP IT!!


?Hey you used up all the hot water!?  Dame Its cold!


?What hot water? Just hurry up I?m hungry!? Man she has appetite of a bear and where does she put it away and mean she so fit! No fat?


?Keep you?re knickers on I?m not you?re slave!?


?NO You?re the god dame Driver!? I hate you RAHUL?.


He looked at her as she gave him another dirty look the dinning room was completely empty and the waitress told her the hotel was not booked at all.


?Don?t look at me like that?? man she scaring me know


?You Liar! You want to have sex!? she looked at him choking on his toast?


?Nooooo! not at all?I told you I don?t find you attractive in that sense!? OK sure last night I was randy like hell but you scared he pants off me!

?Liar ?just be honesty you wanted to make out and I put a stop to it seriously I do not touch the hired help!?.? man this is the limit!


Idiot what the hell does he think of himself? I don?t now his games.


?I am not you hired help ..Now listen to me you spoilt wretch? Once I drop you off at Don Paula Bay we will part our ways? I have better things to do and if you think I?m so desperate to have sex ?then seriously baby I have paid for better looking and sexy women?? that put her in her place..


?Sir! The bill!? he looked at her grabbing her purse.


?DON?T MESS WITH ME WOMAN!? She looked at him getting up and throwing the money on the table?


What the hell! No one has ever talked to me like that!! Right now?Admit it Ridz he sweet and never tried anything last night and even now he mad but he ?. Shut up!! The man is a jerk?. Ok fine I giving him the deadly silence treatment?


?Thanks man!? Wow they fixed the car like they said at the Dabba?


?No worried it was missing distributor cables? all replaced and the spark plugs turned all good!?  Hmmm I thought as much but who would? Man Armaan there something fishy goin on here?


**beep beep**


?Hi Armaan just landed @ hotel! Nice placed! Where u @?? Rahul thank god he can have this cow?I?ll text him back?.


**beep beep**


?Ok fine! Wait for you to come back? enjoy!? ENJOY what the worse 3 days of my life?


?Muskhan where the hell are you?? Riddhima said holding the phone.


?I am in Don Paula Bay? where the heck are you?? Muskhan sighed


?I be there in an hour?not long?this guys a jerk! You can met him!? Riddhima said packing her bag.


?No Way! I don?t want to see his face?look just get here quick Ok! I told the gang there in on the plan?. You just come to the caf?. Everything set!?


?Cool the quicker he out the door the better I can breath!? she said looking at him coming in?


?No darling?I am on my way?. God I am missing you like crazy!? 

?OMG he is there right!? muskhan giggled


?I love you too!? 


?Ridz I love you baby?.ok now hurry up?.bye?  Call disconnected


?I have missed my honey bunny for 3 days now?.I am sure Rahul will understand? Bye baby see you soon!?  Ok start acting Ridz?


?We ready to go!? he said picking up his bag.


He looked at her walk past him and heading for the car?..


OK what with the silent treatment?. Ok why you asking??man I scared when she opens her trap and when she keeps it closed?I?m not liking it!


?Rahul!? OMG here we go


?I am in love with someone else and??  Wow she crying?


?This whole thing is a mess papa will not let me marry him ?.because he wants me to marry you and I have been a cow to you??? Man she can seriously cry??


OK Riddhima just cry like Muskhan! Man I?m glad I got the bottle the actors use in the shows to cry in my make up kit!?


?So you love this guy!? Huh oh yeah


?Yeah and I wanted to tell papa but he threaten to throw me out?if I don?t say yes to you?? Man what is with these fathers? Rahul?s the same


?Hmmm I guess we in the same boat!? HUH WHAT


?My fathers saying the same thing? I tell him I refuse the marriage once I see this guy!? OK Armaan Rahul will kill you? Not if I clip a picture on the phone as evidence she with someone else?.


?Ok you can meet my boyfriend!? Wow I have him packed and in America by tonight?


?OH CHRIAG BABY!? Armaan looked over at her running towards him as he smiled hugging her back?


?Bye Muskhan!? Spinning the car around he drove away??




?What she has a boyfriend?? Rishi Gerwal said stunned on the phone


?Yes Sir!? Nani answered looking over at Rahul entering the hotel


?Ok tell Rahul to call me I am goin to turn down this proposal and find someone else??




?I love you Ridz!? Muskhan shouted giving her a hi five!


?Yeah never ask me to do that again he was a complete JERK!? Liar he kissed well and was hot? Shut up


?Hey Ritu! Thanks for loaning you husband!? they all giggled looking over at Chriag teaching the guy kids wind surfing?




?Thanks a lot Armaan! Dad just called I told him but it was like he already knew!? Rahul smiled handing him over a beer in the hotel room


?That poor guys will suffer with a witch like her?Man she kicked you? I cant get over that!? Rahul looked at him staring into space.


?Yeah she torturing some poor guy!? Hey what to you care? Man her kisses! Man you been in a mood since you got here?Look at Rahul enjoying himself on the phone to some girl?..Forget her you have a date in Anjali room remember?..

~~Part 5~~


"Dude what is wrong with you?" Rahul looked at him as he sat on the floor of the room drinking…


"I was with a woman…Anjali something and she kept popping in my head!" he shouted looking at Rahul looking confused as it was midnight and he was drinking..


Rahul looked at the empty beer bottle and the half drunk Bacardi bottle on the table…taking a seat next to him on the floor he opened a beer bottle.


"Yeah you know I am getting the same feeling that girl at the airport it like where ever I look she there?" Rahul said looking at him.


"You too I look at that bedroom door and she there rocking to my guitar and I don't want to touch the god dame guitar as it remembers me of her dancing around the room with her nightie on…" Rahul looked at him shocked and gulped the beer…


"Man you saw her in a nightie….don't tell me you kissed her?" Rahul looked at him pulling out his lips and nod his head as he looked at him


"She was fantastic and she dumped me for some pony tail creep!!" Armaan shouted looking at him as he grabbed Rahuls beer bottle and placed it to his lips… Rahul looked at him drink the bottle within second and slam it on the table.


"Man you got it bad!" Rahul looked at him shaking his head.


"You don't know the half of it I slept with her…" Rahul looked at him shocked..


"I ARMAAN SLEPT WITH HER!" Rahul winked at him and patted him on the back…


"No you idiot as in sleep no god dame SEX!!" Rahul looked at him as he was clearly upset about the thing.


"I slept with her Rahul…." He mumbled…opening another bottle of beer.


"You want her badly hey…" Rahul asked see him place the beer bottle to his mouth.


"I want revenge no-one Turns ARMAAN DOWN!" he said looking at him


"I am going to go back there tomorrow and give her a piece of my mind…she dumped Armaan yaaar ….ARMAAN Super stud babe magnet I snap my fingers like this …" Rahul looked at him trying to snap his finger but couldn't as he was too drunk..


"Like this and girls come running…." Rahul looked at him and it was true he was a stud everyone girl lust after him but he was selective…Only white girls and blondes and this was his first desi girl …


"Armaan you can't go…" he looked at him frowning at him


"You going to stop me??" Armaan placed his finger hard on his chest and jabbed him hard


"Awww …that going to bruise..No I will not stop you…" he said a little scared rubbing his chest…Even drunk he was strong…


"I thought not…papa's boy can't even tell papa I don't want to get married …but I want revenge Rahul…she said no to Big Armaan…Big Armaan!…" Rahul looked at him he was plastered and not understanding what he was say.


"Armaan time for bed!" he said looking at him as he frowned at him.


"You're not a man…this drinking and women are for us really man…You could not even face Muskhan and I have…she beautiful and sexy and she got a hot body and lips…Whimp GO TO BED…!" Armaan chuckled looking at him


"Maein Nikla, O Gaddi Leke
O Raste Par, O Sadak Mein
Ek Modh Aaya, Maein Utthe Dil Chhod Aaya...

Rab Jaane Kab Guzra, Amritsar, O Kab Jaane
Lahore Aaya, Maein Utthe Dil Chhod Aaya
Ek Modh Aaya, Maein Utthe Dil Chhod Aaya..." he sang off key looking at Rahul leaving the room




"I need a car!" Nana looked over at Armaan at the hotel desk


"Yes Rahul Sir!" Armaan frowned looking at him


"I am not…"


"Hey Rahul there you are?" Armaan looked over at Rahul place his arm around him as he frowned


"Armaan sir the car is ready.." Armaan smiled as Nana placed the key in Rahuls hand as Armaan looked at him angrily…as he quickly moved his arm around him a little scared by his growl..


"Sorry Armaan ….we switching places again I met this girl and booked a suite in you're name here and…I told everyone I am Armaan Malik…" Armaan looked at Rahul frowning as he sat at the bar.




On the beach


"OH NO YOU DID NOT!" Riddhima screamed looking over at Muskhan


"Yeah sorry ….look he phone this morning and I said we go sightseeing with him…he said he has a friend and I kind off…"


"BLIND DATE!" Muskhan looked at her throwing her head back.


"WTF Muskhan…I want to relax!! no more and that Rahul guy was bad enough…" Muskhan looked at her frowning and folding her arms at her. All day yesterday she had been in a fowl mood and she thought this would be a distraction for Riddhima.


"Come on yaar it be fun this guy's really nice and we have a lot in common controlling fathers…" she said looking dreamy like …


Blooody hell I have to spend 2 days with a topless freak and now a blind date…. Man? Riddhima though looking at her…


"Oh there something else?….i kind of told him I am Riddhima Gupta!" seeing her open her eyes pop open in anger she looked over at Riddhima walking back into the bungalow …as Muskhan chased her.


"NO! WAY Muskhan …."


In the car


"Look you go find you're chick have fun but I am not going to some blind date …I pick my own women…Thank you very much" Rahul looked at him and sighed


"Please yaar!"


"NO!" I want to find that Muskhan girl and give her hell…Armaan though placing his headphones on…


Rahul looked at him closing his eyes and looked at the road ahead…


In Bungalow


"PLEASE!" Riddhima looked at Muskhan on her knees…looking at her with puppy eyes


"NO! END OF DISCCUSION!…I am going out with Ritu and Chriag …we going clubbing and meeting some old friends.." Riddhima said slamming the door to her bedroom


Dame it Muskhan ….I liked Rahul and Shit why did I just think that? And why is his ugly face popping in my head? UFF… picking up the pillow she threw it at the door..


At the car park several hours later


"Ok I see you around! …I check this club and see if I can find that ponytail creep…that petrol pump guy did say this was the number on club in the area and everyone is here…I'll ask around for Muskhan Chadda.." Rahul looked at him getting into out of the car..


"What you going to say?" Rahul looked at him nervously


"The truth!…Why are you freaking out I mean you fathers call her father and cancelled the proposal and she fair game right?" Armaan looked at him


"She got a boyfriend and wants to marry him…"


"She will NOT once she see ARMAAN MALIK!" he winked looking at him

"Man I hope…"


"Look chill I tell her about our deal and make sure nothing happens…anyway I am going to get her to fall in love with me and dump her ASS…No one dump Me…" Rahul looked at him walking away mumbling.


Outside the Club in a car off road


"Nana he entering the club.." Sumit said looking at Armaan while on the mobile in the car across the way.


"Hmm he wants to let of some stream…boss did say he's moody! And to keep an eyes on him"


"OMG Nana….that Muskhan girl just got out of the car with her boyfriend and some friends.." Sumit looked at her with her arms around some girl smiling.


"What do I do?" Sumit asked…


Midnight Fancy beach restaurant


"Riddhima I need to tell you something?" she looked at him looking nervous and leaning forward. MUSKHAN!! OMG he going to tell me he likes me.. ok when he does tell him you're real name.


"Well it's like been 48 hours since we meet and…" he leaned forward and took hold of her hand… man this date so far been awesome and I going to tell her who I am…


"Armaan.." it's Rahul


***RING RING*** Frowning they looked at there phones as they rang at the same time…and looked at each other as they picked up the mobiles …whispering sorry to each other over the candle light dinner


"WHAT POLICE STATION?" They both shouted getting up and looking at each other…..


Please comment or click the thank u button aboveEmbarrassed

Love Kat

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Part 6
One Year Later


?Come on Armaan?.you got to come to my wedding!? Rahul held the phone and looked over at Muskhan shaking his head.


?Rahul! I?m over the moon but I don?t think it be a good idea I am there ok?especially after what happen ?..? Armaan looked over his mother and sighed


?I?ll think about it ok!? Armaan put the phone down and looked over at him mother.

?Why don?t you go beta? I can manage things here?? Nandini looked over at him as he sat on the sofa.


?Mom its like complicated and if like she there I just?.? He looked over at her as she looked at him shaking her head.


?You like that girl right so?? mum you just don?t understand?


?Hmm look no matter how hard it gets? You can explain it was just a misunderstanding and all?.Baloo?? she looked at him smiling cheekily


?MOM?? he looked over at her laughing?


?How you watch jungle book like a million times?I knew it word from word! And there you copied Baloo so well?.hehe!? he chuckled looking at her.


He used the money to find his mom and sister and Rahul had already found them as they turned up for his graduation? he was so ecstatic looking at her thinking it was a dream? His mother was a famous play writer in India and she was secretly paying for his fees?  Thou he thought it was a internship but the truth was she was paying for everything and knew how he was progressing?.. when he asked her why? She just said she was waiting for the right time and was scared?. Thou she never fully explained herself she just told him to come home?. Radika his sister was waiting for him she was 10 years old and so it too gadgets and smart ?


?Armaan was that the last box?? she looked at him with his eyes closed and smiled placin her hand in his head as he smiled looking at her.


?Yep last box we have moved in?. place is nice mom?? he said looking at large house? Unsure why they moved but the place was big and the neighbourhood nice?the drive to the house and the other house built in the similar way? he sighed.


?Ok mom I go check my room?? Nandini looked at him getting up? why would the boy not share what was troubling? hitting the back of her head she sighed?. Like me keep things locked up?


Heading to his new room he saw how big it was and smiled? placing the box on the floor hearing the music ?.he opened the windows?


Seeing the back of the girl in the window dancing he smiled?.


?Nice! View!? he stared at her bending over touching her toes from behind and grinned


?View like this I will be at home every morning?hmmm baby work it?? he grinned looking at her dressed in black sport kit jumping side to side ?he looked over at her grooving to the music?


I'm spinning around
Move out of my way
I know you're feelin' me 'cuz you like
it like this
I'm breakin' it down
I'm not the same
I know you're feelin' me 'cuz you like it
Mistakes that I made givin' me
the strength
To really believe
And no matter how I take it
There's no way i'm gonna fake it
'cuz it's gotta be real
I've got nothin' left to hide
No reason left to fight
'Cuz the truth's given me a new
freedom inside
Gettin' rid of my desire
Do you like what you see?


Man she is FIT?. U spin honey!! He thought moving to the music looking at her as she stood to her back to the window working out?.

I'm spinning around
Move out of my way
I know you're feelin' me 'cuz you like
it like this
I'm breakin' it down
I'm not the same
I know you're feelin' me 'cuz you like
it like this


?OMG!? he said looked at her ?.staring back at him as she caught him?.


?YOU!!!!!? they both screamed as they saw each other???.hearing the music not turned off?. He looked at her grinning?.Man she was a sight for saw eyes?. One year seriously how did he survive?


?YOU PREV!!? he looked at her screaming and winked at her to see her going red


?YOU THEIF ?.I AM CALLING THE POLICE!? he looked at her screaming at him as he pointed downstairs at the gate?.


He looked at her all red faced staring at him as she walked over towards him as he stood? wearing ? jeans and a white vest ?with his hands in his pocket and designer sunglasses?.looking at her the nerve of this guy?


?What you doing in Uncle Sajay?s house??  she said looking at him?as he waved his hand back at her asking her to move back?


?You looking over at the new owner?.Armaan Malik?? he said taking over his sunglasses..


?YOU CHORI?I am calling the police and??


?Yeah I was thinking the same?.i need to get security from Jackie Chan avatar?? he said glaring at her as she looked like she was going to kill him.


?You fraud and prev?? she hissed as she looked at him.


?huh Miss look in the mirror first before you call me names ?.? He hissed back...


?YOU!?.YOU!? he moved forward towards her as she looked like him ?stomping her foot he looked at her turn and walk away?


He turned and looked at the new house smiling as she turned to looked at him walking away cursing and turned back?.As he turned to look back and looked at her?.


?God tussi great ho?.now I will have my revenge ?.? He smiled seeing her disappear?..




Armaan looked over at his sister storm into the house crying and looking upset as she ran straight for him and hugged him?. hearing her sob just made feel like something was broken inside?


He kneeled down at her as he looked at her eyes wiping her tears? moving his hands at her he signed at her?.


?What happen?? he asked moving his hands signalling at her ?


?I?.hate?.it hear!? she signed back at him and hugged him as he looked over at his mother?


Radika was partially deaf?. She had been by the specialist and had some surgery and was recovering slowly?.. and could hear with the aid? but she was so used to sign language and with her brother she felt connected and he would encourage her to be independent thou mom was so protective.


?Look at me?? Armaan signed at her and looked at her


?What is wrong?? he said looking at her as she signed.

 ?No speak to me?? he encouraged her as she looked at him

?The boy next door told the kids not to play with me?.and ?? he looked at her grabbing her hand


Radika looked at him banging on the door of the house next door to see it open by her?.




?Where your brother?? Armaan shouted looking at her as she stared at him.


?Arma?? she looked over at him holding his hand at her face.


?Your brother?!? he said firmly?


Riddhima looked over at him and the young girl crying and sighed


?GUPPU!? she shouted as Armaan saw a young boy in jeans and t-shirt come forward and look at him.


?NOW LISTEN TO ME ?.. I know bad manners and stupidity runs in your family?.but leave my sister alone!?  Armaan looked over at the scared boy and back at his sister just looking at her with her mouth open?.as he turned and looked at Radika?


?NOW HANG ON A MINUTE!? he ignored her and carried on walking as she caught up to him? as he carried on walking?


?HEY YOU! WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE AND?..? she looked at him stop and look at her?.holding up his finger at her angrily?. As she stopped?.seeing him looking at the young girl?


?Princess you go home?..i be in ?in a while!? Riddhima looked totally stunned as he hand signed and spoke so gentle at his sister and looked at him watch her walk inside?.As she cursed guppu not know what he done.


?Look Riddhima we?.keep this between you and me?. Leave my family out of this?? she looked at him walking away?.


?GUPPU!? she screamed as he ran away knowing she was pissed as she marched into the house?..


?GET YOUR BUTT HERE!? she shouted running after him??


*Knock knock* Armaan opened the door and looked at her standing there with her brother?.


?Can we speak to Radika?? she asked looking at him smiling


?Hmmm?? Armaan looked at her and nodded as he let them into the house?


Riddhima kneeled on the floor and looked at Radika?


?Hi I am Riddhima? we sorry!? Armaan stared in amazement as she signed to Radika who looked over at her brother in wow?


?Guppu?.is very sorry?. Friends!? she sign as she spoke looking at the young girl and put Guppu?s hand forward.


Armaan looked at her as she headed for the door with Guppu?. ?Man I love this chick?? he mumbled looking at his sister looking up at him smiling?

~~Part 7~~


"Why the dame!! is he playing that SONG???" Grabbing the pillow she placed it on her ears blocking it out… For like 3 days now he been playing that dame song…


If I wrote you a symphony,
Just to say how much you mean to me (what would you do?)
If I told you you were beautiful
Would you date me on the regular (tell me, would you?)
Well, baby I've been around the world
But I ain't seen myself another girl (like you)
This ring here represents my heart
But there's just one thing I need from you (say "I do")


It reminded her of the day in the club as he was blasting that song every afternoon driving her mad!!


Yeah, because
I can see us holding hands
Walking on the beach, our toes in the sand
I can see us on the countryside
Sitting on the grass, laying side by side
You could be my baby, let me make you my lady
Girl, you amaze me
Ain't gotta do nothing crazy
See, all I want you to do is be my love
(So don't give away) My love
(So don't give away) My love
(So don't give away) Ain't another woman that can take your spot, my love
(So don't give away) My love
(So don't give away) My love
(So don't give away) Ain't another woman that can take your spot, my love

Ooooh, girl
My love
My love


"Right enough is enough" getting up she opened the door leaving the house….and marched over to his house to see him playing basketball in the drive with the boys in his neighbourhood… Omg he got the song playing upstairs and he playing…..marching of she looked at the basket ball and saw the young boy going to pass the ball and intercepted the pass…


"DI!" they all screamed as she hugged the ball.


He looked at her as the kids tried to get the ball out her grip as he stood there and walked over the hoop picking up the bottle of water… She stared at him holding the water bottle above his lips as he drunk the water…. Man he was hot and knew it as well she though seeing the droplets of water running down his neck…he stopped looked at her seeing her turn away as he was watching her giving him the mother of all dirty looks and smirked as she headed towards him.


"Rahul… I mean Armaan or what ever you calling yourself now days!" he looked at her as she looked at him.


"Armaan!" he replied as she looked at him as she was going to eat him alive…which he did not mind.


"Yeah will why you playing that song!" she asked looking at him….




"You know!!" yeah darling I do but you got to tell me…


"That Justin track!" what a JERK! Making me say it?




"That one!" she pointed to the house…


I can see us holding hands
Walking on the beach, our toes in the sand
I can see us on the countryside
Sitting on the grass, laying side by side
You could be my baby, let me make you my lady
Girl, you amaze me
Ain't gotta do nothing crazy
See, all I want you to do is be my love
(Love) My love
(Love) My love
(Love) Ain't another woman that can take your spot, my love
(Love) My love
(Love) My love


"Oh I like that song…reminds me of a girl I like!" OMG WTF ….he suck a UFF


"yeah well play it to her …I don't want to hear it…" she said looking at him as he stepped closer….as she looked like she was going to explode in a second…she new this song he dance to it …just for her in the club and she was asking him….like she had no clue.


"If I wrote you a symphony, Just to say how much you mean to me……"  OMG SHUTUP!!….he took the ball of her and span it on his finger looking at her as the kids cheered at him… she looked at him throw the basket ball to the kids as she turned to walk away he took hold of her hand pulling her back to me…


"Why did you come over?" he asked seeing her dirty look again…as he smiled.


"I am tryin to study and the music is…" she pulled her hand away from him as he looked at her.


"OK! I turn it off ….when you tell me you missed me!" he said looking at her as she raised her eyebrows at him


"Like Hell I have…you cheat!"


"Awww baby you missed me that much….i am touched!" OMG THE CHEEK OF THIS GUY!!….thinking he all bad dressed in shorts?!


"MY FOOT!" he looked at her stomp her foot and walk away as he stared at her….


"My love…" he whispered seeing the ball come his way….




"Radhika happy today….told me she made a new friend!" Armaan looked over at his mother as he worked on his laptop.


"Yeah she meet a few young people in the colony…and there nice kids…" he said looking at her enter his study.


"You know you could work in an office and all…" she looked at him and in the study… computer magazines on the floor and the computer systems behind him…


"I like working from home and I missed not being in a home…so I guess I can build my company from here…" he said looking at her as she smiled placing the cup of milk and marshmallow on the desk.


"Huh….so you goin to tell me about Riddhima as Radhika will not stop talking about her…and I saw you and her on the drive….looked heated…" he looked at his mom and blushed as she stared at him and giggled.


"Its nothing mum I would tell you if it was and…."


"She is the same girl on your mobile?" he looked up surprised and grinned


"woh ugh...well"

"Armaan don't leave it to long beta…what every it is say it!" he looked at her and nodded… he was trying to but that Jackie Chan puttar was biting back…


"Oh btw…that song on repeat has to stop honey… Radhika has something for you from Riddhima its on your bedroom!" he looked at her as she giggled and left the room.


"hmmmm…." He looked down at the laptop and frowned seein the comments on the feedback page.


Looking up at the clock it was 1am …yawning he got up and went to his bedroom to see the sliver small wrapped parcel on the bed… he smiled and looked over at him window…as he picked up the parcel …he head to the window…moving the curtain away to see her lamp on he smiled….unwrapping the parcel he looked at the gift and smiled.


"Ipod?" he mumbled looking over at her window.


"No message?" he said shaking his head…


"Ok now I have like one already why she?…. oh the my love Justin track!" …picking on the remote he turned on the song…with the volume just right as he knew everyone was asleep….opening the window he looked over at her window… looking for a glimpse of her he smiled looking up at the moon in the sky…..




Armaan stared at the cars driving past his house and stopping at the Gupta house…and they all looked very important as he threw the basketball in the hoop…seeing the children head over towards the house he signalled at the kids.


"What's happening?" he asked looking over at them looking at the car.


"Some rich business man come to see TRiddhima Di for marriage!" they shouted as they ran past..


"We'll get Guppu to get his mummy samao's …" they said leaving Armaan looking blank


"Suitor for Jackie Chan?" ….heading back into the house he stopped ….


"NO WAY!" running into the Gupta house…….

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  First of all a pat on my back for being first again!!!Cool
was first on krazzy too but missed kiss.............LOLLOL but here i am this time!!!

OMGGGGG am so very very thrilled today!!!! Another one on DMG by you?????? Trust me you left me smiling and grinning lke an idiot!!!LOLLOLSillySillySillySilly

 I mean ............u know me na??? ok cuming back to ff.......LOLLOL OMG another stunner??? Fell in love with both the guys straightaway as usual!!EmbarrassedLOLLOL

"Rahul looked over at Armaan heading over to the table with the three attractive girls… he was the University stud he never went anywhere without a female group… Boxing champion and his talents in every subject was impressive… but Armaan had a weakness Money"

Wow a sixer in first line itself??? ok that was like too good. Weakness?? Money?? Armaan??? Started on my patience!!LOLLOL
ok and on the other we have blackmail of Miss Sunshine??? Can this get any better??? One week in Goa???

Ok shown u enough of my excitement!!LOLLOL Before u think u mite write an ff now called Krazzy Jia..........LOLLOL i stop...LOLLOL

Will be waiting as usual as i wait in desperation!!! Reserved my ticket to Goa.......vis Kat airways that is........LOLLOL

Feeling like hugging u tight for this.........Hug
PS: Managing 3??? sum tips wud do !!!LOL


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de intro sounds interesting.. Clap Clap
nuts123 Goldie

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omg kat... another one??? ...YAY!!!Party

what yaar, i wanted 2 b the 1st 2 anywayz, reserving this... being 3rds still goodLOL


kk read it... how d'u do this Kat... another gr8 intro... but i wonder how u manage 2 get tym 2 update... LOL... mayb u have special powers or something... hmmm... it reli makes u wonderDay Dreaming *sigh*

anywayz... omg both the teams have the same plan... so armi is going 2 india, pretending 2 b rahul... nd ridz pretending 2 b muski.. LOVED it... sounds reli gr8.. and confusing... hmmm... can't wait till armi gets attracted 2 'muski' aka ridz and vice versa... nd u never knw.... they may even fall in *gasp* love

ok.. tht was my lame try of being somewht funny... nd by the sounds of it, i haven't succeededConfusedLOL...lolLOLLOLLOL
pm me when u update



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LOL awesome start!!!lets see wht happens when they meet! i remember u telling me this story line, long back!glad u decided to write it! Big smile

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