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ONESHOT SHOP stories of your fav jodis two on pg 5 (Page 4)

msb20 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 September 2008 at 11:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by prernawaghray

hey priya
both were simply beautiful pieces of writing n i simply loved them
thanks so much

spln IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 September 2008 at 8:23pm | IP Logged
hey hun....u have a definite gift with with one shots....they are fab n captivating, n they tell the whole story in just that much....its incredible, n um the best one to tell u that since um never able to control my words....the stories rocked....hope u will come up with many more of them!@!!
mahi4u Goldie

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Posted: 04 September 2008 at 4:22pm | IP Logged


man dat was rellllyyyyyyyyyyy sweeeeeeeeeettttttttt n cuteeeeeeeeeeEmbarrassed

luveeddddd it

could u plzz rite a oneshot on angad n kripa

cont super sooooooooooooonnnnnnnnn
luv ya n tak care
msb20 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 September 2008 at 1:54pm | IP Logged

Kripa?s POV

?Kripa, come on,? Angad said, dragging me to the carnival ride of doom. He knew I hated them, but he was making me go on one. It was a death trap.

?But, I can?t leave mahru,? I said, trying to avoid this ride. It was never a favourite of mine. I had too many nightmares about what could go wrong.

?She?ll be fine,? Angad said, grabbing my hand, again. He started to walk towards the entrance of the ride.

?No, no. Angad please don?t,? I begged, wiggling my hand out of his grip. I was deathly scared of these. I could never handle them. Too many things could go wrong.

?Kripa, it?ll be fine,? Angad said, coming towards me. I was near getting on my knees and begging not to go on this ride. Take me on any ride BUT this one.

?No, we could be on top and it?ll break, and we'll fall to our doom. Or it?ll start spinning out of control. What if the thing goes rolling away?? I started babbling. My nightmares were becoming closer and closer to being real. I saw Angad stifle his laughter.

?None of that will happen,? Angad said, sounding very sure of himself. Says he who could conquer the world, if he tried.

?And if it does?? I asked, knowing that something bad was going to happen. I just knew it.

?You?ll be dead,? Angad said a smile on his face. I made a horrid face and smacked his arm. ?I?m just kidding. I promise nothing will happen,? Angad said, sticking out his pinkie.

?And if it does, I will personally go over to your house, and mess up all of your socks and steal all of your cereal,? I joked, linking my pinkie with his. We walked back to the entrance, pinkies linked. There was practically no line. They are smart. No one wants to go on this death trap.

?Come on Kripa,? Angad said, reaching his hand out from the little thing that took you up and up and up and in circles. I took in a deep breath and grabbed his hand. We sat down and the ticket collector closed the door. The ride jerked and I screamed, finally we were climbing on our way up.

?We?re gonna die,? I said, squeezing my eyes shut and burying them into my hands. The ride came to a stop. It was over. We were done. That hadn?t been so bad. I opened my eyes and looked around. WE WERE ON THE VERY TOP!

?Kripa breathe. Come here,? Angad said, patting the spot directly next to his thigh. I scooted over, not minding the movement of the car. He wrapped his arm over my shoulder. That simple touch sent butterflies free into my stomach.

?I?ll be fine?? I said, making my statement sound like a huge question. I wasn?t exactly sure of anything. But, I was sure that I liked Angad. A little bit more than a friend should. But, it was nothing much. I managed to keep my feelings under control.

?Kripa, you will be fine,? Angad said. I was staring at the bottom of the car. He brought his hand to my face and twisted my head, so I was staring into his large espresso colored eyes. The world stopped. I was no longer terrified of this contraption. There was no such thing as war and starving children in the world. Friends and family were non-existent. It was just me and him.

?You?re right. I?ll be fine,? I mumbled, still staring into his pools. It seemed to make everything better. Like there were no worries. We started our climb down, but we got stopped halfway there. I really didn?t mind. Some how I had gotten my hand intertwined with his.

?Kripa, you know how we tell each other everything,? Angad said. I nodded my head. We were super close, but there was one thing that I never told him. ?Well, I haven?t told you everything.?

?Neither have I,? I said, sounding almost ashamed of myself. I knew that my cheeks were quickly turning the color red, but our eyes were locked. So, he wouldn?t see the creeping blush.

?You can go first,? Angad said, sounding like he needed to not tell. He sounded as if he wasn?t sure about telling me anymore. The ride jerked and we continued descending. Normally, I would have jumped off the ride when we got to the bottom. But, now I wanted to stay on; make one more trip around with him.

?You mentioned it first,? I said, as we went up. The female ticket collector, obviously, noticed our moment and just continued the ride; possibly everyone went around twice. I finally decided not to worry about any of that.

?Fine. I like you,?  Angad said. I heard the words, but couldn?t comprehend. I knew that we liked each other; we were friends, after all.

?Of course you do, silly. Best friends,? I said, of course while staring into his dark brown eyes. I was smiling, knowing that I didn?t have that type of luck. There was no way that he liked me more than a friend should.

?No, more than that,? Angad whispered. I felt the butterflies build up. The ride jerked to a stop.

?Oh,? I said, not knowing what to say next. It was silent, not awkward, but not exactly comfortable either.

?And your secret,? Angad said, prompting for me to tell him. I didn?t know if I could do this anymore. I bit my lip and stared down at where my best friends were standing, on earth.

?You don?t have to tell me now,? Angad whispered, being more benevolent about this than he should be. He just spilled his crush on me, and I couldn?t even think about doing the same.

?I?ll tell you, I just need a minute,? I muttered. Angad nodded and stared out the side of the car. I collected my thoughts. It couldn?t be that hard to confess. He just did it, and made it seem like cake. The ride smoothly continued on its descend.

As we passed the lady, she held up her index finger. I had one more chance to tell him. I licked my lips as the ride stopped, merely six feet off the ground. I turned towards him and decided to just spill it.

?Angad,? I said, getting his attention. He turned back to me, his eyes holding sadness. ?I like?cake,? I said, then mentally smacked myself. Angad gave me a weird look.

?Thanks for sharing, Kripa,? Angad said, sounding slightly offended. I dropped my head into my hands and wanted to have a redo. It was like I had one opportunity and I completely blew it; by telling him I like cake. How stupid could I get?

The ride continued its climb to the top. We got stopped on the top again, this time my stomach was at ease. Well, except for the fact I hadn?t told him yet. I licked my lips and sighed. I tapped his shoulder. He turned towards me.

?No, what I meant to say was you,? I mumbled. Angad looked confused.

?I what?? Angad asked curious to hear what I was going to say next. I guess after my liking cake spiel, whatever came out next could be something interesting.

I took in a shaky breath. My heart was pounding out of my chest and my stomach seemed to be filled with rampaging elephants. ?I like you.?

?What?? Angad asked, as the ride jerked and started to descend. I realized that he couldn?t hear me.

?I said, that I like you,? I said, my voice cracking on the word like. I was nervous, and that?s what happens when I filled with nerves; not the good kind of nerves either.

?Best friends,? Angad said, sounding almost depressed. I shook my head, knowing that talking was no longer an option. Seeing as my heart seemed to be throbbing in my throat. The ride stopped, just before where the ride attendant was.

Angad cupped my face, with his guitar calloused hands. I focused on his espresso colored pools. He dipped his head down and placed his soft, warm lips on mine. I could hear the cheering from our friends coming from behind us. But, again, I blocked out the world and focused all of my attention into this one moment Angad.

Okay, so that was a pretty bad ending, well not bad, just very cliched. I really liked the general idea. Did you like it? Did you hate it? Do you have any thoughts on it? Please tell me.

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A way of Love

           There was once this guy who is very much in love with his girl. This
romantic guy folded 1,000 pieces of paper-cranes as a gift to his girl.
 Although, at that time he was just a small fry in his company, his future
doesn't seemed too bright, they were very happy together.
           Until one day, his girl told him she was going to Paris and will never come back. She also told him that she couldn't visualize any future for the both of them, so let's go their own ways there and then ...Heartbroken, the guy agreed. But when he regains his confidence, he worked hard day and night, slogging his body and mind just to make something out of him.

           Finally with all the hard work and the help of friends, this guy had set up his own company. You never fail until you stop trying.
          One rainy day, while this guy was driving; he saw an elderly couple sharing an umbrella in the rain walking to some destination. Even with the umbrella, they were still drenched. It didn't take him long to realize those were his girl's parents. With a heart in getting back at them, he droved slowly beside the couple, wanting them to spot him in his luxury sedan.

        He wanted them to know that he wasn't the same anymore; he had his own company, car, comfort etc. He made it! Before the guy can realize, the couple was walking towards a cemetery, he got out of his car and followed.... And he saw his girl, a photograph of her smiling sweetly as ever at him from her tombstone... And he saw his paper cranes beside her.
       Find time to realize that there is one person who means so much to you, for you might wake up one morning losing that person who you thought meant nothing to you Her parents saw him. He asks them why had this happened. They explained, she did not leave for France at all. She was ill with cancer. She had believed that he will make it someday, but she did not want to be his obstacle ..... Therefore she had chosen to leave him ... Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have she had wanted her parents to put his paper cranes beside her, because, if the day comes when fate brings him to her again he can take some of those back with him ... Once you have loved, you will always love. For what's in your mind may escape but what's in your heart will remain forever
The guy just wept ..... The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting
right beside them knowing you can't have them.
sweet honey Goldie
sweet honey
sweet honey

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Posted: 09 September 2008 at 11:14am | IP Logged
hey...u cum up wit reli great short stories....cnt wait tu read mree
mahi4u Goldie

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Posted: 09 September 2008 at 2:49pm | IP Logged


dat was cho cho sweeeeettttttttttttt n cuteeeeeeeeeeEmbarrassed

luvedddddddddddd  itClap

luv ya n tak care
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Posted: 10 September 2008 at 10:35am | IP Logged
tickling turns to love(requested)
?No, I?m going to beat you?, Kripa screamed while playing Guitar hero with her best friend and crush, Angad.

?Yeah right, Kripa, you wish.? Angad retorted even though he knew he wasn?t good at Guitar Hero.

?Bam. Who won? I won?? Kripa exclaimed after the TV screen started saying ?Player 1 wins?.

?Who won the last three times? Oh that?s right, me.? Angad retorted again.

?Psh...well...your face!?

?Is beautiful I know.?

?You keep thinking that, Angad.? Kripa smirked.

?Excuse me?? Angad mockingly asked,

?Um...nothing. Me say something? I don?t think so.? Kripa giggled nervously.

?Really because I thought I heard you say something.? Angad said walking closer as Kripa took steps backward and made a thud sound hitting the wall. He walked next to her, put his arm on her shoulder, and started tickling her.

?Angad...stop...please.? Kripa gasped as he continued to tickle her.

?What did I tell you to say?? Angad smirked

?Never! Never ever will I say that, Angad!? Kripa tried to get out of his grasp but he kept her in arms reach.

?Well then I guess I?ll have to tickle you you-know-where.?

?Fine!? Kripa exclaimed,? Angad what?s- ya- name is the hottest, sexiest, most irresistible man on the face of the earth. You are an evil meanie? She pushed him backwards and he fell pulling her with him. There faces were very close together and Kripa had the urge to kiss him. Right then, Angad?s girlfriend, Rachel, walked in.

?!? Rachel screamed.

? my fault? Kripa got up.

?Isn?t it always? Angad, you have to choose. Me or her? the way Rachel said her was the kind of way you talk about a gooey dead bug.

?He doesn?t have to choose between us,? Kripa defended Angad

?Oh, shut up Kripa,? Rachel screamed,? You know that you?re in love with him. Well newsflash, only a loser would want to date you. So Angad...choose. Kripa, the loser, or me, the beautiful girl.?

?You?re really making me choose?? Angad asked as Rachel nodded. ?Well then you aren?t the girl I thought you were. First of all, any guy would be lucky to have Kripa. I know I am. We are OVER. Peace. Goodbye?

?What? Angad. Come on. I love you.? Rachel pleaded.

?Get the heck out? Angad said calmly as Rachel reluctantly walked out.

?So...? Angad whispered as he walked to Kripa.

?Did you mean it?? Kripa quietly asked while looking at her shoes.

?Mean what??


?Kripa look at me. I meant everything about being in love with you. Any guy would love to be with you.?

?Wow...I?m in love with you too. Gosh this feels so sappy.?

?I know it feels like we?re in one of those love movies.?

?Do you know what they do at the end of those movies?? Kripa mischievously asked.

?This?? Nick whispered as he crashed his lips into hers.

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