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Pyaar (Ak & KA) (completed)

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Character Sketch

The Khanna Family

 Angad Khanna

He is a twenty one year old, decent man, who's in his last year of university, studying music, with career plans to be a famous singer. He is a tall, handsome, muscular man, who is very childish at times, but a very caring at the same time. Music is his passion and he wants to achieve something in the industry in his future life. Being a handsome young man, many girls find him attractive; however, being a decent, loyal man, he doesn't look at any girl in a shameless way.

 Mihir Khanna & Tulsi Khanna

He is the father of Angad Khanna. Mihir went to collage with tulsi fell in love and married her. From her friends he gained two very good friends, Om and Ravi. Mihir is a business minded person, devoted to his work and successful. He is a well built man, tall, muscular and fit at the age of 55. He is caring and loving towards his family, being the head of his family. Tulsi is the mother of Angad Khanna. Angad is Tulsi's middle child, her youngest Anjali and oldest Karan. Tulsi at her own times had a circle of friendship, which became everlasting friendship with Nitya and Parvati. Tulsi had always had a dream of becoming relatives with her friends, which in Nitya's case has been fulfilled by Nandini as her daughter in law. Tulsi is a tall, traditional, round woman, at the age of 54. She is kind loving and caring.

 Karan Khanna & Nandini Khanna

He is the eldest child of Tulsi and Mihir. He grew up with his wife, Nandini, knowing her, loving her for what she is. Being a 26 year old, he is quite successful in the consuming industry, gaining fame at such young age. His values come from his parents, making him kind, loving and caring, however he is short tempered at times. Nandini is the supportive wife of Karan Khanna. She is a successful woman, who is career minded at the age of 24 but handles her little work within Karan's company at home, in privacy. She has been proven a good daughter in law and is in a very close relationship with her brother, brother in law and sister in law.

 Anjali Khanna 

She is the smallest child of Mihir and tulsi, being the only sister of the two brothers. They are very protective about her. However, Angad being the middle child has great fun teasing her with his best pal Kavya. She is a bubbly and sweet person, who is motivated in her studies at the age of 20. She is studying in the second year of university. Like her siblings, she is well disciplined, but her bubbly character makes her the naughty one.

The Sharma Family

Kripa Sharma

She is a lively girl, who is very talkative. She has recently turned 21 and is soon to be married off to her father's associate's son Raj Chopra. Almost all her life she has lived in Delhi. She is devoted to her studies but her marriage date disappoints her studies, however circumstances are such, she has to cope with them. Kripa is a sweet, beautiful girl, with a petite figure. She also studies music since she enjoys it; having no particular career plans for the future.

 Om Sharma & Parvati Sharma

He is Kripa Sharma's father. He is very loving towards his daughter. She is his angel. He owns a chain of hotels within India, living in Delhi due to personal and professional circumstances. He is still in contact with his old friends, Ravi and Mihir. Om is a devoted father at the age 56 who has taught his children manners. He loves his daughter to bits whilst he is very proud of his son Sujal. Parvati is the mother of Kripa Sharma and Sujal Sharma. She is a loving caring mother of 54, who takes care of the domestic labour. She has taught her children norms and values and wishes them a good future. She misses her childhood friends, Nitya and tulsi, but fate bought her to Delhi, where she lives, peacefully and enjoying her children and grandchild's presence in her life.

 Sujal Sharma & Kashish Sharma

He is Om and Parvati's only son, with kripa being his only sister. He is very protective for his sister, since she is the liveliness of the house. Her presence makes the house bright and cheerful. Other than that, he is a successful businessman at the age of 28, married to the love of his life, Kashish, with a son named Aditya. Kashish is Sujal's wife. Being at the age of 26 she is a young mother, but caring and protective towards her son. She has a great bond with her sister in law kripa, who she shares small things with her. She is a devoted daughter in law, who fell in love at a young age and soon was married and has a 7 year old.

 Aditya Sharma

He is the 7 year old son of Sujal and Kashish being kripa's best friend, helping her. He is a clever boy and his Bua i.e. kripa is great help to him when he studies. They both share a special bond. Kripa loves him a lot, and there bond is very strong.

he Nanda Family

Kavya Nanda

 He is Angad Khanna's best friend. He studies business at the age of 21 and is to soon graduate; to follow his family business linage. He loves to annoy Anjali; it gives him sweet pleasure, whilst Angad gives his side teasing his sister. He shares everything with Angad, whilst Angad shares his heart with him. He is a sweet, intelligent, well built man, who is kind, compassionate and caring.
Ravi Nanda & Nitya Nanda
 He is the father of Kavya and Nandini. He is still in contact with his dear friend Om, professionally and personally. He loves his children a lot, showering them with love and affection. He also is a business man who deals with import and export of cars abroad. Like Nitya, his wife, he also believes in modernity and follows the norms, looking younger than his age of 55. Nitya is the mother of Kavya and Nandini. A very sweet lady who loves her children from her heart. She remembers her friend Parvati a lot, since tulsi is almost always with her. She is a modern woman who follows the norms of the generation but keeps her traditional values in mind. At the old age of 53 she has kept quite a look, satisfying her enough. 
The Chopra Family

 Raj Chopra

Raj is a 21 year old man, who lived most of his life in London. He was born Indian, but he was sent to London for boarding school. He is very proud of his red passport and his British attitude makes kripa uncomfortable. He is Kripa's fianc and very possessive about his fianc, although he's been around with many girls before. He is an aggressive man, who gains what he wants and plans to continue his victory.

ther Characters


He is a very aggressive person, he has an attitude problem, and he dislikes Angad and is a complete flirt. He has a habit of getting every girl he wants; He has circle of friends who are almost the same as him. Manthan goes to the same university as Angad and plans on being a rock star.

 Akshat & Charu

They are good friends with Angad; they both are attracted to each other and like each other but have yet to convey. They are members of the circle of friends Kavya and Angad have made.

 Josh & Minakshi

They are also very good friends with Angad; a couple at present and have fully intentions of being the better half of the other. They are both romantic at heart and love there friends just as much.

 Laksh & Shabbir

They are friends with Angad. Laksh being the smallest amongst all the boys is teased many times but they love him just as much. Shabbir is also part of the friendship group; he is a clever man who is very good and devoted towards his studies.

 Bhoomi & Pia

They are part of the friendship group as well; they became part of the group when friendship blossomed with Anjali. They are quite girly which is quite repelled. However are sweet at heart and participate in all group activities.

 Krishna Tulsi & Rano

They are friends of kripa in Delhi; they are moving to Mumbai whilst kripa is getting married. Krishna tulsi is commonly known as Kt is a sweet girl and very good friends with kripa. Rano on the other hand is a book bug; she is very educated and wants to be educated to no extreme but can be fun at times.


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Angad Khanna is a decent man, studying at Mumbai university in music, since his music had become his passion. He never looked at a woman with a bad eye, always respected them.

He has a circle of friends, which include many families but it was always to friendship, never further. Although he was decent, he was childish, naughty.

He is best friends with Kavya Nanda, his sister in laws only brother. They had known each other since childhood, becoming the best of friends. For some odd reason Kavya loves to annoy Anjali, Angad's only sister.

Everything changes for Angad Khanna, when he meets Kripa Sharma, the girl, he'd been looking for, the woman of his dreams, his Miss perfect, but Things couldn't go as he wanted, since she was getting married.

Kripa was the daughter of Om and Parvati, long lost friends of the Khanna and Nanda family. They had always kept contact; however they never got the chance to meet in the last eighteen years.

In the midst of the eighteen years Om and Parfait's elder son Sujal was married to Kashish, who know have a seven year old son, Aditya.

Karan, Mihir and Tulsi's elder son, got married to Nandini, Kavya's sister. They've been married for almost three years.

Kripa Sharma herself is a talkative personality, at the young age of twenty one she is to get married. She was supposed to be married to Raj six weeks after her graduation, but circumstances occurred that her marriage would happen a few weeks before graduation.

Her marriage was arranged, she was happy because her family was happy, but her marriageā€¦ To find out read this journey of Angad and Kripa.


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yay ur postin diss....was lukin 4ward to readin dis ff..... Big smile
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Chapter One

The morning sun shone in the horizon, welcoming the chilly summer, with peachy orange colours of sunrise. Below the translucent clouds, many houses lay lined up, looking like small square boxes, above.

Moving towards the west, the city Mumbai lay. The city of dreams, the Hollywood of India, Mumbai.

Juhu, a high class area of Mumbai, lay with many big bungalows spread across. Going to one of the main gates, it read Khanna House.

Inside, a tall, well built man, walked down the stairs with a grey fcuk t-shirt stuck to him like second skin, revealing his muscular, lean body; leading him into a big room, with a dining table set towards the far right,  the left side providing, big, soft black couches with a LCD screen Television. In the middle, near the far right, an Indian temple was made, where the statue of the Indian god ganesh lay.

The man walked down, missing stairs in between, putting his arms around an elderly woman. "Good morning mom" he spoke, with his husky voice.

"Hmm, good morning" the round lady replied. The lady was tall but round, with her Gujarati styled sari making her look rounder.

"Hmm, the food smells good" he commented "what's for breakfast?"

"Your favourite, aloo ke parathe"

He kissed his mother's fleshy cheek "thanks"

"But before that, go and wake your sister up" she demanded

"Ughh, not again"

"Go on, wake her up, or she'll complain she was late because I didn't wake her up"

"Hmm, ok, I bet you, she'll be fighting with someone in her dreams, that's all she does" he turned on his feet, grabbing an apple and left to wake up his dear sister.

Meanwhile, in another room, a tall, thin lady stood in front of the mirror, taking out her husband's things. "Hmm, Karan" she called for her husband.

"Yes" he answered, busy with his tie.

"I need to tell you something?"

"Hmm, go ahead" the thin, but muscular man replied

"I'm pregnant" she spoke, pink colour defusing in her cheeks, her eyes lowering with shy.

"Ok" he replied straight. He took his bag from his wife, kissing her on the cheek, then left the room.

His wife looked at the door in disappointment clearly evident, her lowered eyes filled with tears realizing he didn't care.

Her eyes met his, once she heard him panting. She looked at him worried "Karan, what's wrong, why are you panting?"

"I'm going to be a father" he asked, a smile forming on his face.

She lowered her eyes, the timidity emerging once again "yes, we're going to be parents" she whispered.

Karan took her into his arms "Oh, I'm so happy Nandini" he kissed her temple we're going to be parents".

Whilst they embraced in joy of there offspring, the man walked upstairs, opening the doors to a light pink room, with one wall painted a creamy yellow.

The room was beautifully decorated with pine wood furniture, opening to the sunshine, hidden behind her cream curtains. The man opened the curtains, revealing the huge glass windows, letting the sun penetrate into her sleep, but it all went in vain, after seeing her moan, then covering her head with a blanket.

He moved forward to shake her but revenge struck his mind. Instead he moved towards the bathroom, coming out with a glass of ice cold water.

He pulled the blanket off his sister beautiful face, replacing it with the cold water in his hands.

The girl shrieked at the feel of cold water on her skin. She immediately sat up, her horrified expression turning into an angry glare, watching her older brother grin shamelessly. "Bhai, I'm going to kill you so you better start running"

He stood there still looking at his sister with a smirk wiped across his face "says who Anjali, I'm older than you, so don't even think about it"

"Older my foot Bhai, look you soaked me to skin and now I'm freezing"

He turned around, speaking "see if I care"

All of a sudden he felt weight on his back with his sisters arms around his neck "now do you care?" she asked wickedly, her legs wrapped around his waist.

"Anjali" he screamed, her wet clothes making his wet whilst her arms practically strangled him. He rushed downstairs with her hanging on his back knowing she wouldn't let go unless her parents told her too. "Mom" he screamed coming down the stairs.

"What is it Angad?" she asked, serving her husband. She looked up to find Anjali hanging on Angad, her arms crossing his neck. Her mouth parted slightly as she rushed to her children "Anjali, what is this? Get off your brother right now" she commanded whilst her husband simply continued with his breakfast, knowing what will happen "What is this, huh, tell me?" she shouted "is this a way to behave, Oh god please do something. At least give them the sense to not act like kids"

"but mom, Bhai soaked me in the morning with water, look" she showed her wet top "it's all wet and sticky" she complained.

"Angad, what's this? I told you to wake her up, not soak her"

"but mom, she wouldn't wake up any other way, I mean, I opened the curtains and she just put the blanket on her face, then I took the blanket off but still no answer" he clarified

"Ughh, you kids are impossible"

"but you didn't shake me, you just put water straight on my face, liar"

"liar, your calling me a liar. Is this a way to speak to your older brother?"

"Well, well, Mr older brother, there no need to tell me, just because your older doesn't mean you freeze me to death first thing in the morning"

"really, how come you're not dead?"

"Bhai, I'm not dying that soon, I need to piss you off to the roots"

"yea that's all you do piss me off and then--"

they were interrupted by the voice of there older brother, Karan "will you two shut up, all you do is fight, please we need to work"

"Really? but Karan bhaiya eating isn't work" Angad replied

Karan sighed "Nandini, can I ask for a little help here"

"Bhabi, come on, you wont shout at me will you, after all I'm your only brother in law.

Nandini smiled "and my only brother in law and sister in law will listen to me wont they?" she asked

"Bhabi, you always have it your way" he said sitting at the breakfast table, ready to dig into his tasty paratha's.

Anjali sighed watching her brother dig in to the heavily spread aloo paratha's whilst she turned back to the stairs to get ready for university.

"Anjali, come on have breakfast" Tulsi called before she went upstairs.

"Mom, the paratha is too heavy, please make me something lighter, until then I'll get ready" and she left for her room.

Whilst Angad sighed "girls and there stupid dieting" he reached for another paratha when Nandini spoke.

"Angad don't overeat, you'll get sick like last time"

"Chill Bhabi" he answered, with his mouth half full. 

"Mom, me and Nandini have news for you" Karan spoke, once everyone was present at the dining table.

"news, what news" Tulsi asked

"mom, you see, I'm having a baby" he informed with a smile

"really, Oh my god, Nandini thank you so much for such good news" Tulsi exclaimed almost in tears holding  her hands.

"Mom, why are you asking Nandini Bhabi, how she is?" everyone looked at Angad with questions "I mean bhaiya said he's having a baby but bhaiya, I don't see you pregnant from any angle I mean did men ever get pregnant?" he questioned.

As soon as everyone realized what he said he stood up running for the stairs, hearing his name shouted "Angad, get back here" Karan called

"Angad, listen to your brother" Mihir demanded

But he still ran, when he was caught by his mother from the ear "aaoow, mom, leave my ear, it hurts"

"hmm, you are getting naughtier day by day, even worse than Anjali" she sighed, leaving his ear.

"Mom" Anjali shouted across the room "You just called me naughty. Bhai did everything then why does my name come in it"

"because sweetheart" Angad pinched her cheek "You taught me all this"

Anjali's mouth parted "liar, you taught it to me, your the bigger one"

"So, now a days smaller ones teach the bigger ones"

"Yeah right"

"True, you did glad you admitted" and he escaped before she exploded.

He moved towards Karan and Nandini "sorry bhaiya" Angad said his hands holding his ears.

"Its alright, and that only because I'm really happy" he patted his back, kissed nandini's cheek and left out of the door with his father for work

"Hmm, Bhabi, what have you and bhaiya been doing?" Angad asked, his eyebrows raised, a naughty glint in his eyes.

"Shame on you Angad" Nandini exclaimed mortified "have some shame, I already feel sorry for your future wife"

"Which wont be till another few years"

Anjali sighed "Bhai, I wonder will there ever be a wife or will it be a husband"

"of course not Anju" and then he realized what she said "Anjali" he screamed, when he saw her run holding her mother "get back here, I'm no way gay"

"yes you are"

"I so am not"

"really, then why haven't you ever had a girlfriend"

"because I don't want to, now get over here and apologize" he walked side to side in front of his mother.

"No way"

"Anju I said--"

They were interrupted by the sound of the telephone. They opened there mouths to fight again but were cut off "don't say a word" Tulsi commanded and picked the phone up "hello"

"hello Tulsi, how are you"

"Parvati, what a surprise?" her frown formed into a smile "I'm fine and you, how are you? You totally forgot us"

"I'm fine as well, and no I haven't forgotten you, I've just been very busy lately, how are your kids?"

"They are fine, as normal always fighting"

"mom" Angad bawled

"Shhhhh, what did I say" Tulsi replied watching him frown

"what happened?" Parvati questioned

"nothing, Angad's being a pain" she said watching his frown turn bigger "how are your children?"

"absolutely great, actually that's why I phoned, my youngest daughter Kripa is getting married in four weeks time and I want you here two weeks before, I even told Nitya and she agreed"

"really, kripa's getting married?" she asked disappointed


"but she's so young, why are you getting her married now?"

"There are a few circumstances, I'll tell you when you come and please come with your family this time, you always come alone, even on Sujal's wedding"

"hmm, ok, I'll see" Tulsi replied

"not see, your coming, otherwise I wont talk to you"

"ok, I'll come"

"yea, I'll talk to you later, Om is calling me"

"ok, bye"


"mom, what's this?" Angad spoke once she put the phone down "why were you embarrassing me in front of Parvati aunty.

"Oh god, Angad I was telling the truth"

"What was aunty saying?" Anjali questioned

"hmm, Kripa is getting married"

"Kripa, who's that?" Angad asked, lost.

"Her youngest daughter, she's in between your and Anjali's age"

"how come I haven't seen her then or know her, I know Sujal bhaiya"

"well, she's never been to Mumbai and you've never been to Delhi"

"are we going to the wedding mom" Nandini asked

"of course, Angad go and book the flights for two weeks after"

"but mom, I'm going to be damn bored"

"Angad, Kavya is going as well"

"Really?" he asked eyes raised

"Yes" she pushed him towards the stairs "now go and get the passports from my room and then drop them to the travel agent"

"Huh, ok mom, after all if Kavya's going then I wont regret the trip"

"I sure will" Anjali whispered, flicking her hair with a frown

Whilst Angad and Anjali teased there sister in law, a handsome young man arrived. His hair was cut perfectly complimenting his face and fair complexion. His muscular body was covered in baggy jeans and a white shirt clinging to him. He spun his keys in his fingers whilst his mouth chewed on his fresh mint gum.

"Bhabi, what do you want first?" Angad questioned

"a boy"

"But I'm not talking about the baby, I'm talking about who you want first, Karan bhaiya or the baby"

Nandini lowered her eyes mortified "Angad your becoming bashful"

"proud to be Bhabi"

"hey, how come I didn't know about  your pregnancy" the man asked

"Your not important" Anjali replied

"shut up, no one's asking you"

"how dare you tell me to shut up?"

"I didn't dare, I told you" he simply replied

"Ughh, you are so--"

"we know Anjali" Angad sighed, when were these two going to be nice to each other " hey Kavya" he greeted, embracing him.

"hey, but tell me, why wasn't I informed?" he asked

"well, we found out this morning"

"hmm, ok, then your forgiven sis" he said embracing her "congratulations" he kissed her cheek " did you tell mama, she'll be really happy when she finds out"

"oh, thanks for the reminder, now go to university or you'll be late"

"hmm, ok see you later" Kavya kissed her cheek and left with Angad and Anjali.

Meanwhile, under the same sky, far away in Delhi, there were again many houses, moving to a certain area of Delhi, a single house stood at a distance from the louder areas of Delhi, where greenery spread across the land with the one house in between.

Inside, a small, cute seven year old sat with his mother, who was tying his laces. His mother was a beautiful woman, tall, thin, with long hair. Her complexion matched her chestnut brown hair enhancing her beauty.

"Mom" the boy asked "Where is Bua?"

"I think she's still asleep" she looked towards the clock "I'll go and wake her up in five minutes or she's going to be late again"

"when isn't she late" the boy replied cheekily


He sighed "Adi mom, not Aditya that sounds all old"

"Ok Adi, better" she questioned.

"very, mom, I'll go and wake Bua up today" he stated and ran towards the stairs

"Adi" his mother shouted "don't do anything cheeky"

"I won't mom, I'm a good boy"

"yeah" she sighed "we all know how good of a boy you are" she mumbled.

"Shut up you monkey" Anjali yelled "I'm going to die if I listen to another word of yours"

Angad, Kavya and Anjali sat in the car on there way to the university camp "Oh really? tell me when your dead then" he replied sarcastically.

"Kavya you better keep that mouth shut of yours because it's nothing but"

"sexy I know, no need to tell me Anju" he grinned

"Ughh, who are you calling sexy?" she asked

"my mouth actually, why only my mouth? I'm an entire sexy package"

Angad chuckled whilst Anjali shook her head in astonishment

"Oh please" Anjali mumbled

"please for what, Oh you want to touch me, you want to see my sexiness" he asked

"no way" she spoke

"Oh come on Anjali" he move his head towards the back putting his hands forward "touch me, I know you want to"

"eek, Kavya keep the hands away"

"what, I know you want me"

"please, in your dreams"

Immediately he moved his hands back "forget it, I don't want to dirty my sexy hands anyways"

Anjali looked at him blankly, then after seconds she registered his words "Kavya" she screamed as Angad and Kavya laughed at Anjali's uncool behaviour.

In the meantime, Aditya crept upstairs with a hot cup of tea he grabbed from the kitchen, which was supposedly his father's tea. He opened the wooden doors to his Bua's room, displaying a rich cream room with brown streaks on one wall. Her bedroom was interiored in shades of crme and brown with small sponge cushioned chairs in the colour of brown, next to her large oval shaped dressing table. Her bed was covered with rich cream colours, whilst her carpet was a simple brown.

In between the blanket and bed lay a petite, beautiful girl. Her closed eyelids displayed her long lashes. The girl possessed her fair complexion from her father, whilst her features came from her mother. Her lips were parted as she breathed lightly in a deep sleep.

The alarm went off disturbing her precious sleep; she was in no mood of getting up today so she simply looked for her phone clicking the left button, turning it off.

Adi sighed, when was his Bua going to grow up, she still slept like a baby.

He placed the cup on the side table, then climbed on the bed, on top of the girl. The girl sensed the weight and spoke in between her sleep "hmm, let me sleep, I'm tired"

"Bua, moms calling you, your going to be late again"

"Adi, later I'm sleepy"

"Bua, get up"

"hmm, yea" and she dozed off again

"Kripa Bua, earth to Bua, Oh god" He took her hand then climbing off her he dipped her index finger in the freshly brewed tea.

The girl woke up shrieking, blowing her finger ever so innocently, hoping it would stop burning.


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Chapter Two

Kripa sat up, surrounded by cushions, childishly blowing onto her finger, wanting the burning to escape, but her attempts went in vain.

Minutes later, she realized Adi had dipped her finger in the tea to wake her up. Her face flushed with anger as she saw him run for the door "Adi, get back here"

"catch me if you can" he shouted

"Adi, that hurt, that wasn't nice, I was only sleeping" she yelled behind him in her pyjamas

"So I only wanted to wake you up for your class or you'd be late again, god I already feel sorry for your husband"

"Adi, come back here"

"Am I stupid to---" he stopped as he bumped into a well built handsome man. His facial features were strong and dominant, showing his disciplined norms and values.

"Adi, what have you done now?" he scolded seeing Kripa run behind him

"Actually, you see dad I went to wake up Bua from her sleep because she would get late and I feel bad when Bua is shouted at by her teacher so I woke her up and now she's angry" he explained excluding the tea incident.

Kripa stood behind Adi watching him in amazement "you liar" she exclaimed "Sujal bhaiya he forgot to add that he burnt my finger with tea but where did he get the tea from?"

"Adi" Sujal caught him by the ear "what's this? your disturbing my sister again"

"Dad, I was only waking Bua up"

"Is this a way to wake someone up and I was already wondering why my tea wasn't ready"

"but dad" he sighed "forget it, there's no use of arguing with you, your going to give Bua's side anyways" he looked around and saw his mother "Mom" he shouted

HIs mother rushed towards him "now what has he done Sujal?" she questioned seeing his ear caught by his father

"Mom, I haven't done anything, I only went to wake Bua up an--"

"quiet" Sujal hushed him "he burnt kripa's finger in the morning, that too with my morning tea" he explained.

"Adi, you are getting naughtier day by day, what kind of behaviour is this huh" she scolded "Why did you take your dads tea and then burn kripa's finger, she's older than you"

"but mom, I was only--"

"listen to Kashish" Sujal demanded "you need to learn manners Adi"

Adi struggled out of Sujal's hold and ran towards his grandmother and grandfather who were having there breakfast at the dining table "Dadi, Dadu, no ones listening to me, everyone's saying I'm wrong for waking Bua up?"

"Also burning her finger in the process" Sujal spoke from behind

"And using your dad's tea" Kashish added

"Adi, aren't you becoming naughty, say sorry" his grandfather ordered

"But Dadu--"

"Don't argue Adi and your not allowed to play on the play station for a week, you need to learn manners" Kashish ordered

"yes Adi, your mothers right" Sujal approved "apologize to Kripa"

"no, your always giving Bua's side, no one loves me everyone loves Bua" he complained in tears.

Kripa couldn't resist his tears and hugged him "leave my baby alone, I forgive him and please Bhabi don't punish him, please"

"but Kripa--"


everyone sighed and then chuckled "ok" Kashish replied.

Kripa left for her room, whilst Adi went to get his school bag.

"Adi and Kripa will never part even if there angry with each other " Parvati commented.

"yeah" Om replied " when Kripa leaves all the house will become quiet"

"yeah, I'm going to miss her" Parvati said becoming a little sentimental "I don't want to send her away from us Om"

"so don't I" he replied in tears

Seeing his parents in tears Sujal went forward consoling his parents that Kripa would be a happy women after her marriage as he shed tears himself.

On the other hand Angad, Kavya and Anjali reached there destination. Anjali walked a different direction, whilst Angad and Kavya walked towards there some circle friends with girls turning around to see them every two seconds, a few greeting whilst Angad simply ignored the girls and walked towards his friends busy on the phone.

"yeah, um, thanks, yeah, for Delhi, yep, umm, ok, Book the one next week, yeah, thanks, I'll drop the passports at four o clock then I'll collect the tickets tomorrow, yep, that's fine with me, thanks, bye" and Angad put the phone down.

"hey, where are you going?" a tall muscular friend asked

"Well, not only me Kavya's going as well josh, we're going for my moms friends daughters wedding" he informed "so what's going on"

"Nothing really, we were waiting for you and thought to play a prank on someone but This Laksh" he hit his head "he ruins everything

"hey what did I do" Laksh asked rubbing his head

"nothing, your so innocent, you never do anything" josh commented sarcastically.

"Chill guys" Kavya interrupted "lets go or you'll be late" and they set off in different directions for there classes.


Kripa rushed her breakfast, then she drove to collage and as usual she was late again.

She knocked on the door twice and came in "may I come in" she asked, her head bowed in respect.

"of course you can, as I see you decided to come in yourself and again Miss Sharma you're late, what's the excuse this time?" the professor questioned, cross.

She was a very nice teacher, but when it came to lateness and attendance she was very strict, well that's what Mrs Nagda was like "sorry, my alarm clock didn't go off"

"It didn't go off or you couldn't be bothered to wake up Kripa"

"Kripa's eyes lowered "sorry Mrs Nagda"

"It's alright, sit down and attend the class after all its your last class so I wouldn't want to disappoint you by excluding you from the class" she smiled " we're going to miss late comers" she taunted.

"Sorry and thank you Mrs Nagda"

It was kripa's last day in the university campus. She was leaving four weeks before because of certain preparations. She would continue her studies elsewhere after marriage as she told by her in laws.

The day went smoothly as Kripa met her teachers, friends, the librarian, everyone to bid goodbye to them, also inviting them to her wedding.

"we're going to miss you so much Kripa" her friend exclaimed

"me too" she sobbed "I'm going to miss everyone and everything"

"Aliyah and Krishna tulsi are going to move to Mumbai soon because of there fathers promotion, before they were going to graduate here but now they've decided to go to Mumbai so they couldn't come"

"oh, umm, but tell them they cant miss my wedding" Kripa exclaimed.

A week went by very fast. The Khanna and Sharma family had a flight to catch for Delhi, but it seemed they were no where near prepared to catch the flight, everyone was in havoc.

"Bhai hurry up and bring my suitcase down on your way" Anjali shouted

"I'm coming Anju wait and get your suitcase yourself"

"Bhai, just bring it, its too heavy"

"ok, wait I'm coming, give my 5 minutes"

"you've been saying that for the past half an hour"

"I said wait"

"oh god" she mumbled "help him"

"Hey Anju" Kavya greeted

"Oh god" she mumbled under her breathe "hey"

"umm, where's Angad?"

"God knows, I've been calling him for the past half hour and he's still upstairs getting ready" she sighed "I mean he's worse than a girl"

"hey chill, does that mean you admit girls take too much time?" he asked

"of course" and when she registered his words she replied "I don't"

"Of course you do, come on, admit it"

"I so do not agree"

"Why are you lying?"

"I'm not"

"yes you are"

"no I'm not"

They were interrupted by tulsi "Anjali, where's Angad, he needs to put the bags in the car and Kavya what are you doing, go and start with the luggage"

"Mom, Bhai's been upstairs getting ready for god knows how long"

"Oh god, Go and call him" she commanded as she heard Mihir shout for her. "tell him we're not going for a fashion show"

"don't worry aunty, I'll make sure of that" Kavya replied.

"Please do and hurry up, we're going to miss our flight" and she left to the service of her husband.

Minutes later Kavya descended down the stairs with Angad beside him "Lets go" Anjali said, once they were downstairs with the luggage.

"Chill Anju, there's no dogs behind us that we have to hurry"

"well, just in case you don't know, we've got a flight to catch" she retorted

"It can wait"

"Ughh, lets go"

"Ughh, lets go" he imitated

"did you just--"

"did you just" he continued imitating

"stop that"

"stop that"

"Bhai tell him"

Bhai tell him"

"Kavya, quit it. One Anjali is enough, we don't need another one" he interrupted.

"Yeah Kavya, so mind your own business" then Anjali registered his words "Bhai, Ughh, forget it, if you want to come then come, I'm not bothered" and she walked out angry as ever, whilst Kavya and Angad laughed.

The two families finally reached the airport on time to catch there flight, after Angad and Kavya put the luggage in the cars. All of them waited to arrive at Delhi airport

Om and Parvati waited patiently for the two families to arrive. In the past eighteen years they had met several times, but never had the younger generation visited Delhi or their children visited Mumbai.

Adi had come along with them, excited to go to the airport to see the dozens of aeroplanes. "Dadi, I cant see any aeroplanes" Adi complained, looking around to see the many cars

"Adi, the airplanes are on the other side, when we leave then you can see them from the window"

"But I want to see them now"

"come on Adi, listen to Dadi" Om replied

"but Dadu"

"Adi, do you want to get in trouble again, your mom will be-- Oh there they are Parvati" Om exclaimed pointing towards tulsi, Nitya, Nandini and Anjali then he frowned "where are the rest of them?"

"Om wait, they might be checking out" and she walked towards the ladies "welcome to Delhi" Parvati greeted, embracing each one of them.

"Thank you" Nitya replied" who's this little one?" she asked

"This is Adi" Parvati answered "My grandson"

"Oh, he looks bigger than a seven year old" tulsi intervened "The last time I saw Kripa she was only 12 and now she's getting married"

"yea, she had to go one day" she replied sadly "Oh, I'm so sorry, I forgot about you. how are you Nandini and Anjali?"

"We're great" Anjali replied embracing Parvati once again "It feels so good to travel across the country"

"yea, it's a nice experience" Nandini added

"Oh congratulations Nandini, I forgot, I'm getting old" Parvati was interrupted when Om cleared his throat.

"Om, how are you?" tulsi greeted.

"I'm very much fine, where are my two friends, didn't they come"

"Oh there on there way, there collecting the luggage with Angad, Karan and Kavya"

"and here we are" Ravi said

The men greeted each other with friendly hugs and handshakes.

"The kids have grown up so much, look at them all, they all so beautiful" Parvati complimented.

"Dadi, who are these people?" Adi asked

"Oh, I'm sorry, this is tulsi Dadi" she pointed towards tulsi, then further introduced all of them to her grandson"and this is Angad, and kids, this is Aditya, my grandson"

"Adi, not Aditya Dadi, that's an old name"

She sighed "Adi, my grandson" she moved aside, talking to her long lost friends.

"I like your attitude" Angad said

"Yeah, very boy like" Kavya added

"I think he's cute" Anjali exclaimed

"did anyone ask you?" Kavya asked sardonically

"shut up" she retorted

"You shut up"

"Kavya you wanker, keep that mouth shut before I--"

"Oh god, another stubborn women" Adi mumbled.

"Really" Angad asked "Who's the first one after my sister of course"


"Bua, who's Bua?" he questioned, looking around

"My Bua"

"oh the one who's getting married"

"yeah, she's so stubborn and she still acts so childishly, I told her she's going to get married soon but she still acts childish" he complained

Angad was taken aback, the boy had some kind of logic, he thought.

Om and Parvati bought there Black eight seater with them, along with Sujal's five seater Porsche. Sujal had dropped the car off, but being the workaholic man he was he went to work with a taxi.

The elders along with Nandini took the eight seater, whilst Karan drove the five seater on request and followed the other car.

Within the car, Angad and Kavya were busy teasing, irritating Anjali, whilst Aditya watched in amazement, comparing Anjali to his Bua, whereas Karan simply shook his head at there childish behaviour.

Midway Karan's phone rang. "Angad, attend my phone, I'm driving"

Angad did as told "hello"

"hello, Angad"

"mom, what's wrong? Your cars in front of us are we going the wrong way" he asked.

"no, I just phone to tell you to stop in front of the temple, where we stop, or you'll get lost"

"temple, but why?"

"Its good son, you take gods name on arrival, now tell Karan to stop at the temple"

"Ughh, ok, fine" and he cut the line "Bhaiya mom said to stop the car at the temple and not wonder off"

"ok" and he simply continued his task.

"Oh gosh, the temple is such a boring place, too quite and it smells of smoke all the time" Angad complained.

"Bhai, the temple is a good place, it's so peaceful, graceful. your not supposed to complain, and anyways you think all the good places are boring"

"Anju, stop answering me back"

"yea Anju, Angad's right"

"Kavya, forget explaining to you, your never going to learn, your not supposed to agree with Bhai's bad qualities"

"Anjali, just zip your mouth, it's my belief and I can"

He was interrupted by Adi " Kavya uncle, Anjali aunty is right, you shouldn't complain about going to spiritual places like the temple, even Bua says you get everything in god's house, it's very bad to complain about the house of god"

Angad sighed "Adi, from when we've met, you've been talking about your Bua continuously, what the hell is your Bua, a teacher, everything you say starts with her and ends with her"

"My Bua is like that, no matter how annoying she is, everyone loves her to bits"

"hmm, I can guarantee one thing" Kavya said "Angad wont love her, he doesn't love a single girl" Kavya commented sarcastically.

"shut up Kavya"

"But I can guarantee you, everyone loves my Bua"

"hmm, I really have to see who your Bua is now" Angad replied, trying to imagine Aditya's Bua.


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Chapter Three

Kripa stood in front of the sacred statues of ram and sita, along with Kashish. She had a habit of going to the temple every Sunday morning with Adi, but Adi wanted to see the aeroplanes so he went with her parents. Not wanting to go alone, she grabbed Kashish along with her; after all she should visit the holy temple once in a while.

She whispered sacred words then prayed to god "oh god, keep my parents happy, keep my maternal family prosperous and blessed and give them a happy life. I still wish I could get the prince charming of my dreams, but maybe Raj is the prince charming but not so perfect, I just wish that I get the right person for my self" she bowed her head onto her hands, then kissed her hands finishing her prayer.

Once she finished praying, she looked besides her where Kashish stood finishing her prayer. She looked towards Kripa and nodded, signalling she finished her prayer. They went forward, took blessings of the priest and collected the holy Prasad and turned to leave.

As they reached the entrance of the temple, they found Om and Parvati coming towards them, with a few other people. They went forward to greet them all "mom, dad, what are you doing here?" Kripa questioned.

"Hmm, Kripa, did you recognize these people?" Parvati questioned

"of course I do mom" she went forward with Kashish taking the elders blessings and greeted Nandini.

"Parvati your daughter is so beautiful, she's grown so big" tulsi exclaimed

Kripa's eyes lowered with shy, whilst everyone chuckled.

"mom, where's Adi" Kashish questioned

"He's coming with the rest of them" she informed

"rest of them, who else is coming" Kashish inquired

"Their children" Om answered "now are you ladies going to stand here all day or are you going to the temple"

"yeah, come on, Kripa, Kashish do you want to come?" Parvati asked

"I'll stay mom, I'm with papa" Kripa answered

"I'll come" Kashish followed the ladies, introducing herself to Nandini.

Kripa turned back to her father "Where's Sujal bhaiya, I thought he went to the airport with you" Kripa asked

"you know your brother" he sighed "he left for office"

"papa, he's not going to office until my wedding, if he loves me he'll stay" she said with a frown then she realized Ravi and Mihir's presence "Oh, I'm so sorry, I forgot your here" she apologized

"Its alright, we didn't mind? Did we Mihir?"

"of course not" he turned towards Om "Om, she's so young, why are you getting her married now?" he questioned

"I'll tell you later, if it was in my hands I would never get her married now" he squeezed her shoulder, embracing her "she's my darling daughter, she's the life of our house"

Mihir figured the sentimental moment and changed the topic "so Kripa, what are you studying right now?"

"I'm studying music, its fun, it changes sadistic moods to jovial"

"really, Angad studies the same" Ravi intervened

"Angad, who Angad?"

"He's my youngest son" Mihir replied

"Have you got a daughter "Kripa asked

"yeah, she's the youngest of the three" he spoke

"and you, Ravi uncle"

"I've got a daughter, Nandini, who you just met, she's happily married to Karan, Mihir's son"

"woo, complicated relationships" she mumbled "I'd really want to meet your daughter" she spoke to Mihir"

"Why not my son's?"

"There both older than me, more likely and there likely to be boring"

"really am I a boring man" Om asked

"man, your a old man" she teased her father.

"No I'm not, I'm still young and healthy" he replied proud

"The only one who you may call young here is Ravi uncle, your a old man papa" she replied with naughtiness in her eyes.

"Thank you" Ravi answered, giving Kripa a side hug "see even she thinks I look young" he bragged.

"No need to show off Ravi" Mihir said

"why, jealous"

"Ravi" Mihir and Om exclaimed in unison

"what?" he asked dramatically "your just jealous that I'm so handsome" he mumbled. They sighed, whilst Kripa and Ravi laughed.

"Uncle, your too much" she said in between giggles

"well, whatever I am, I'm the best"

"yeah, yeah" Om retorted "Kripa, go and get my water bottle from the car, I'm thirsty, it's getting really hot"

"ok papa" she put her hand forward as he handled her the car keys "I'll be back" and she walked out of the temple to collect the bottle from the car.

Meanwhile, the rest of them reached the temple. Anjali and Adi ran forward in excitement, whilst Karan casually walked behind. Angad and Kavya had very much decided to stay outside, they didn't really like going to the temple.

The heat was rising, summer had started, it was an early may, the sun was blazing in the street. Angad and Kavya couldn't resist the heat inside the car so they decided to stand outside instead.

As they came out of the car, Kavya's eyes fell on the eight seater car, where a girl was taking something out "Angad, look over there" he pointed.

Angad turned to look in his direction, then at his fingers direction to find a girl taking something out of the car, She was beautiful, with her long brown waist length hair framing her face, the blue salwar kameez complimenting her "She's beautiful" he whispered.

Kavya looked back at him" Angad she's stealing from Om uncle's car" he exclaimed "and your here saying she's beautiful"

"She looks so decent and innocent"

"let's go and stop her" Kavya walked ahead, whilst Angad followed behind memorized, but disappointed.

On the other hand Kripa finally found the bottle she was looking for, then her eyes fell on a gold locket. She picked it up, wondering who it belonged to. She shut the door and turned around to find two muscular men in front of her.

"Uh, yes, can I help you?" she asked

"What were you doing in the car?" Angad asked

"well, please mind your own business" she exclaimed annoyed at the question

"Don't talk back, answer the question" Kavya retorted

"I have the full right to, now please excuse me" and she moved to walk when they came in her way, she moved to the other side , but again they blocked the way. "Will you move out the way or not?" she asked

"no" Angad replied

"well then I'll just scream"

"yeah go ahead and you'll say what"

"That you were assaulting me; now move out the way"

"no, I'm not moving" Angad replied

Kripa sighed, then looking at the two, she suddenly opened her mouth to scream but before she realized Angad had his hand pressed to her soft lips, whilst her back was pressed into his broad but muscular chest.

Kripa stood with her back still pressed into Angad's as she was extremely annoyed and irritated. She struggled in his grip, but his muscular body was too strong for her petite one.

"Don't you have shame" she heard him speak "you look so innocent and here your stealing?" he asked as Kavya pulled the gold chain and the water bottle out of her hands.

"This belongs to my mom" Kavya exclaimed "you thief, what will you get out of stealing"

"yea, you are so beautiful, descent, innocent and you still steal, why don't you just get a decent job?" Angad continued.

"Yeah and that to in front of a temple, I mean I don't believe in going to the temple a lot and all but still the temple is sacred" Kavya commented

Angad turned Kripa around, his hand still pressing her mouth, as she struggled continuously. She glared at him in between struggles "don't glare at me, you shouldn't be doing this in the first place"

She tried to speak but Angad's hands practically crushed her luscious lips, her words left muffled

"What?" he asked as she tried to speak

"Angad, how can she speak? you've covered her mouth"

"She's going to scream if I let go" he replied

Kripa's annoyance increased, the man wouldn't let go off her, accusing her to steal from her own property and how the hell did the chain belong to his mother she thought. He's probably the thief, Ughh, what should I do? She thought.

Another thing that bothered her within was the closeness. She'd never shared this closeness with Raj. She'd never been close to a man to this extent, physically. Although she was to be married to Raj in few weeks, she never let I'm close. She felt insecure, unprotected in his hands, but strangely she didn't get the feeling with the stranger holding her. She never let Raj closer than a hug and this man had her pressed against his chest, his skin sticking to hers. It sent shivers down her spine.

Out of frustration, she jammed her elbow into his ribs and bit his palm releasing herself from his grip, whilst he held his stomach and moved his hand hoping the pain would leave. The woman was sure strong, he thought.

Being bold, Kripa snatched the gold chain from Kavya's hand, with the bottle and turned to leave when Angad caught hold of her hand this time. "Where do you think your going?" he questioned

"yeah, where are you going?" Kavya repeated

"leave me alone, ok, it's non of your business and what the hell was all that, I'm no thief" she turned towards Kavya "and you, how dare you snatch my things from my hands, huh, tell me, all you've been doing is repeating what your friend says"

"listen women, that chains my mothers" Kavya retorted

"no it's not, you thief"

"hey" Angad stranded her hand, pulling her closer "we're not thief's, stop blaming your doings on us, you weren't supposed to be in the car in the first place, its not yours"

"it belongs to me, I have proof"

"no it doesn't, your just saying it to save your self"

"if you let go of my hands, I might be able to show you"

"huh, so you can run away" Angad exclaimed "am I that stupid"

"yes, your the stupidest person I've met, now let go of me"

"who the hell do you think your calling stupid?"

"will you just let go of me" she yelled, struggling

"give us the things back" Angad retorted

Kripa sighed, how was she meant to prove herself if this man was being stubborn "listen just leave me"


To her fortune, she caught sight of Adi and she called his name "Adi" she screamed.

"What the" Kavya spoke

"lady your not supposed to--Adi?" he questioned. He looked forward to find Adi running towards them with a frown on his face.

"what are you doing?" he questioned

"you know her" Angad questioned back

"of course I do, she's my --"

He was interrupted "Adi, how do you know these people, why are talking to strangers?" she asked

"these are guests from Mumbai"

"hang on a minute" Kavya said "who is she?"

"she's my Bua"

"Oh my god" Angad exclaimed, leaving her hands at once "I'm so sorry"

"Thank you Adi" she kissed his temple, then turned towards Angad and Kavya "and you people haven't had a very good impression, learn to learn the truth before trapping"

"hey, it was an accident" Angad exclaimed

"yeah, you didn't even bother to ask me who I am at first and just caught me, blaming me"

"But that chains still my mothers" Kavya complained, and when she glared he said "ok, sorry about that"

"you better be, otherwise next time there will be no one worse than me"

"I've never seen anyone worse than you" Kavya mumbled.

Kripa sighed "please just stay away from me, you haven't given a very good impression"  and she walked away with Adi questioning her.

"She' beautiful" Angad whispered watching her leave.

Kavya put a hand on his shoulder "Angad, she's going to get married" he reminded

"yeah, how could I forget, she's getting married"

"are you alright?" Kavya asked, Angad simply nodded "but congratulations buddy, you finally looked at a girl with different views, its a starter"

"yeah, but next time it may be someone who's married, I mean I can still get her, she's not married"

"Angad, she's getting married, you wont cause a problem, ok, and she's worse than Anjali"

"yeah, but she's nice" he sighed "ok, I'm just being stupid" he exclaimed "but I can still have fun, I mean enjoy her last days of being single"

"Angad trust me, she wont let you"

"what ever, I'm going to the temple, it's been long enough we haven't been" he walked to the temple leaving a confused Kavya.

Meanwhile, Kripa entered the temple, a little frustrated. She handed the bottle to Om and stood there with Adi besides her "Kripa, what happened? Why are you so angry?" her father questioned

"nothing papa, leave it" she forced a smile.

Om smiled back knowing his daughter was stubborn "ok, forget that meet him, he's Karan, Mihir's older son, and this is Anjali his younger daughter"

"hi" Kripa put a hand forward. She returned the chain to Ravi. A few minutes after Anjali and Kripa stood to a side chatting like silly teenagers "I know, I find zac so cute"

"me too, I think zac is good looking, hmm, if only I weren't to be married" Kripa sighed.

"Why are you getting married so early in the first place?"

"There's circumstances, I mean I don't believe in all that stuff, but for my parents , I want to go forward and"

She was cut off with Anjali shrieking "Oh my god, what are you two doing here?"

Kripa turned around to find the same men who accused her of robbery.

"It's a temple anyone can come her" Angad retorted

"really" Anjali walked up to him "and since when have you started coming to a temple"

"well madam" Kavya intruded "it doesn't have your name, so it's up to us"

"shut up Kavya"

"shut up Kavya" he intimidated


"Ughh" she gave him a dirty look, whilst he returned it with a smirk and walked away.

"So annoying" she mumbled

"who are they?" Kripa asked

"the tall one's my brother, and the other one's Nitya aunty's son, my bhabi's brother"

"Oh, you know, I don't get how you tolerate them"


"outside, they accused me of robbing my own car, they wouldn't let me go" she sighed

"really, bad impression huh"

"very, that short one, he was just repeating what your brother said, I mean , it was like a parrot repeating"

"well, he's a pain in the neck from the start, Bhai is fine, but sometimes in Kavya's influence he goes over the board"

On the other hand, Angad kept and glancing at kripa's beautiful face, as she complained about him. She looked so innocent, if only she weren't getting married.

Kavya noticed and nudged Angad "stop that Angad, it looks bad and I told you, she's getting married"

"I can't help myself" he replied

"chill man, she's going to be married" and he patted his back

Soon Om informed Kripa, they were leaving "come on, I think we should leave, you lot must be tired"

"yeah, lets go, Kripa why don't you come with us" Mihir asked.

"no uncle, I've bought my car and I'm sure you'll need more space"

"ok" he kissed her forehead "have a safe drive"

"papa, I'm going with her"


"Uncle, there's no space left, can we go with Kripa, I mean Adi and Kashish Bhabi and Nandini Bhabi are joining Karan bhaiya, and there's only one seat left in both cars, I want to sit with Kavya"

"go ahead son, of course you can"


"shall we leave Kripa" Angad asked with a naughty grin

"huh, yeah, follow me" and they all left for Sharma house, not knowing what was destined after the arrival of the Khanna's


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Chapter Four

Kripa was rather annoyed with the intrusion. Angad and Kavya had an idea of how in particular she felt about them, but they still decided to barge in, ignorant idiots, she thought.

Kripa opened the door to her five seater and was just about to take her seat, when Angad caught hold of her hand. "What is it now?"

"Umm, can I drive?"


"but why?"

"I've already seen that you don't use your eyes, I don't trust your driving" and she pulled her hand out of his and sat down in the driver's seat.
She lowered her window "are you going to sit down or not?"

"listen, I'll feel better if I drive"

"you don't use your eyes well enough and you don't know the ways in Delhi"

"listen, I do use my eyes, it was only a mistake"

"yeah, and you didn't bother to take in the appearance, there's a difference in between a thief and a decent civilian"

"well, its not my fault you look like a thief" he mumbled giving her a side glance.

"I so do not, if you want to go home; apologize"

"for what?"

"For the nasty and unwanted comment"


"fine, bye" she looked towards Kavya "do you want to go home or not Kavya?"

He looked towards Angad, then Kripa "yeah, I'm coming"

He moved forward to sit, but was pulled back by Angad "where are you going? Your not going without me, your suppose to support me"

"Angad, I want to go home" and then he mumbled "and she's worse than Anju"

"you can stay back to Kavya, since you tend to mumble a little too much" Anjali said

"what?" he exclaimed "what have I done now?"

Kripa honked "Are you coming or shall we go?"

"I'm coming" Kavya went forward

Angad pulled him back "your not going

"Angad I'm going"

"your not Kavya"

"Angad, I said I'm going"

"Well, I said your not, so your not"

"Cut it out will you" Kripa yelled "yes or no Kavya"

"yes,  I guess" and he sat down, Angad glaring at him.

"And you, have you decided to say sorry yet?" Kripa asked

"come on" he said "I don't have to, Do I?" he looked at them " fine"

"so, I'm waiting"

"sorry but I still want to drive, it's awkward having a women drive me"

"Do you want to go home or not because your no where near it if you continue this way"

He sighed "I guess I'm going to have to listen" and he sat down, without another word.

Kripa drove on the traffic lagged roads of Delhi, stuck in traffic. She hated this time of the day, there was always traffic. As she waited for the signal to turn green, she turned to Anjali "so what else do you do? I mean, future plans"

"I'm very much sure I wan to be a lawyer"

They heard giggles from the back "anything funny?" Kripa asked

"last month Anju said she was very much sure she wanted to be a doctor, and before that she said a psychiatrist, what happening Anju? You sure this is your final decision" Kavya teased

Anjali looked away embarrassed in front of Kripa "well at least she lives in the post modern society, unlike you, in the modern society, still backward" and she continued driving as the signal changed.

Anjali smiled as Kripa stood up for her, how she wished she could always be there to back her up. Whilst Angad was amazed and proud, she was an excellent women, she stood up for the right.

A while after Kavya moaned "if you two keep talking like that we'll be dead, please put some music on.

Not wanting to argue, Kripa switched the radio on, which made it no worse with an old Indian song on. Angad and Kavya groaned, whilst Kripa laughed.

"Turn this off, it was better before" Angad spoke

"I don't want to" she continued driving, she put the volume higher.

"Kripa" Anjali asked "you like this song"

"no, but it's fun teasing them, why shouldn't we, they tease us"

"yeah, true" she looked outside to find greenery "wow, this place is beautiful, how long have we got to your house"

"just a few minutes, we're close by"

"Thank god" Angad sighed, whilst the girls laughed.

"Kripa, your house is beautiful" Anjali exclaimed, seeing the greenery far spread, with a flower garden, the house was made of stone, with wood and classy stylish furniture.

"Thanks" she walked forward, showing each one there rooms, because of the lack of space Anjali decided to share the room with Kripa.

Kashish and Kripa stood in the kitchen making dinner. Kripa may have been young, but she was a very good cook and knew how to handle a house. Anjali sat on the counter, watching Kashish and Kripa in astonishment "how can you cook, isn't it difficult?" Anjali questioned.

"No, If you put your mind to it, it's easy" Kripa replied

"hmm, really?" Sujal said

Kripa looked at the door to find Sujal; she walked towards him, giving him a quick side hug "bhaiya, what is this? you said your not going to office from today till my wedding but you went" she asked

"I had a lot of work Kripa, I needed to sign a contract and I had a meeting for the coming tender"

"So I'm not important for you?" Kripa asked.

"no, that's not he case, ok, I wont go from tomorrow promise"

"you said that last time"

"Come on, you can punish me if I go"

"What do you say Bhabi?"

"I say yes" she smiled, took Sujal's bag "ok, now go and  freshen, then you can meet everyone, Anjali's here, if you want to see her"

Soon Sujal was introduced to everyone, and not so surprisingly, him and Karan became fast friends leading to there boring business talks.

On the dinner table, everyone was jovial, chatting, laughing, enjoying. Angad and Kavya couldn't stop praising the food "hmmm, this is so tasty, I could eat all night" Angad exclaimed, his mouthful, whilst Kripa and Anjali watched in disgust

"yeah, Kashish Bhabi, your a really good cook"

"I only prepared the salad, Kripa made the rest" she informed.

"No wonder" Angad said choking "its so chilli"

"I need to go to the bathroom?" Kavya added and then they both burst out laughing, whilst Kripa fumed and Anjali gave them a disgusted look.

"god, Anjali your brothers a pain in the neck"

"I know, He's never been so naughty"

"god, if it was that chilly why was he eating it with his mouth full, pig"

"you know, you can teach them a lesson" Adi spoke watching them

"Adi, you wont understand" Kripa said

"of course I will, why don't you go and ask them what they want for tea, then I'll tell you"

Kripa sighed, "ok" and she left to ask everyone for tea.

It was old habit of the old friends to sit and have tea after dinner, at least once a week. After a union of the friends, like always they sat in the living room scattered into smaller groups of interest,  recalling there old days, whilst there children simply prepared for there everlasting friendships.

Kripa went to the oldest group out of respect first. Her father sat with his best friends, sharing a conversation, remembering there early days of marriage. Kripa blushed as she head them speak of love, passion, but they stopped as they saw her approaching. "hmm, why have you lot stopped talking?" she asked

"nothing, there talks of the elders Kripa"

"ok, I agree, now tell me, do you want a warm drink?"

"of course, why don't you make us your special ginger tea" he turned to Mihir and Ravi "you'll love it"

"really, that's good, it's been long since I've had ginger tea" Mihir said

"Ok, in a few minutes, you'll have your tea" she kissed her fathers cheek and went towards her mother's small group.

Her mother was talking about the kitchen and life as a housewife. Typical lady's topic, Kripa thought.

"mama, have you had your medicines?" she asked

"umm, well, I kind of"

"forgot" she completed "how many times have I told you to take your medicines on time? anyways, now tell me, do you want a hot drink?" she asked them all

"A hot cup of coffee for me" Nitya said

" umm, I'll have tea" tulsi added

"and I'll have"

"I know, you'll have your lemon tea, right?"

"Right" she smiled at her daughter affectionately "what would I do without you?"

"Hmm, nothing but be in a mess" Kripa replied, then chuckled "if I weren't there then you would have someone else, isn't there Kashish Bhabi" she said hugging her neck.

Angad watched from a distance, the way Kripa swiftly moved onto each group turn by turn, oh, how adorable she looked when she hugged her mother, it was so sweet watching her. Oh how he wished she didn't get married.

"ok Bhabi, I'll make sure Karan and Sujal bhaiya don't have coffee and Nandini Bhabi, your milk will be here in a few minutes" and she walked towards her brother.

"Sujal bhaiya, what were you talking about?" she asked taking a seat besides him

"Oh, I was just discussing the tender to be filled for mehra textiles, you know Karan is one of Mr mehra's--"

he was cut off "please bhaiya, why are you always talking about business"

"but business is good, I mean it's a way of income and enjoyable as you compete with others" Karan pointed.

"please, business is so boring, something like music is fun, peaceful, joyful, it has all emotions hidden in it"

Karan sighed "music, that is not my thing"

"we'll debate on that later, tell me, do you want steaming cups of tea"

"why tea, lets have coffee today" Sujal suggested

"no bhaiya, I've been sent special orders to not give you two coffee"

Sujal and Karan sighed "guess we missed our chance, get us two cups of cappuccino"

"ok, as you wish, it will be ready in a while" and she moved towards the kitchen.

"Kripa, you apparently forgot us" Angad called from behind

"what do you want now?" Kripa asked irritated

"two black coffee's"

"no way" and she turned to leave

"fine you asked for it" he looked at her as she turned to look back with a dirty look "Uncle--"

he was cut off "ok, ok, I'll make it, but don't get your hopes high" and she left whilst Angad and Kavya laughed heartily

"god, that was funny" Kavya exclaimed as tears of mirth spilled from his eyes.

"yeah, it felt good and authoritive"

"man, if she wasn't getting married, I'd definitely tell aunty to get you married to her, you two would make a perfect couple"

"if only she wasn't getting married, my attraction is just increasing, I don't know how I'm going to attend her wedding"

"if your meant to be together you will get her" he sighed "love is beautiful you know, attraction can form love and if its love, you'll have her beside you"

"I wish" he sighed "my, my Kavya, you know a lot about love, what's going on"

"nothing, I--I just said what came to mind"

Angad's mouth parted "there's a girl, who is it?" he demanded

"ok, there is a girl but she's unaware and mind it, she wouldn't want to know now"

"you can tell me"

"I'll tell you, I promise, you'll be the first one, but not now"

Meanwhile, Kripa entered the kitchen, while, Adi and Anjali stared at her "so?" Anjali asked

"two black coffee's"

"Eeek" they shrieked in unison, whilst Adi looked at them as if they were aliens.

"ok" Kripa started "there's six cups of tea, one lemon tea, two coffee and two black coffee's" Kripa memorized "there's something missing, ah , milk, oh and two cappucino's"

"wow, how do you remember that, forget remembering, how the hell do you manage to do all this cooking and making things?" Anjali questioned

"It's easy Anjali, it's part of everyday life and I believe if you cook for the family then it just increases love in the family" Kripa replied pouring the milk into the pan, then putting the stove on

"wow, such good beliefs"

"well, thank you" she  mixed the tea mixture in one pan, whilst she mixed the coffee mixture in the other "another thing is that I'm use to it" she boiled the water "I mean I loved to do all this, it's a way to keep yourself busy"

"I want to learn as well"

"The few days your here , I'll teach you minor things, after that you'll have to ask someone else" she replied as she poured the tea and coffee in the cups and set them in the tray.

"Thank you so much, you're the best" she gave her a side hug "hey what are you going to do with Bhai and Kavya's coffee?" Anjali asked

"well, here it goes" she replied. She separated the boiled water and squeezed lemon into it, then adding the tea powder and rinsing it out she placed her mother's tea in the tray. After that she separated the remaining boiled water into two cups, added five spoons of coffee to each, then she added salt to there coffee and thereafter with a few spoons of red chilli powder, also adding Jamaal gota. "how is it?" she asked, looking at Anjali

"great, you have to show me that at least, I can make that for Bhai and Kavya often, it would be real fun"

"yeah, I'll see you upstairs, you and Adi go and sit upstairs in my room, I'll be back with our Hot chocolate's"

"ok, see you in a bit, have fun"

"I sure will" and she left to serve

Kripa went and presented everyone's hot drinks for them. They took it one by one, praising the taste and her cooking, which they tasted earlier. Nandini made faces whilst drinking the milk, but Kashish being the experienced one forced her telling her the benefits for the child. Karan and Sujal were disappointed as they missed a chance of coffee, whilst tulsi continuously praised Kripa for her domestic labour, wishing she would be married in her family.

Kripa bent down to offer the coffee to Angad and Kavya, turn by turn they picked there cups up "no thanks" Angad said

"I don't need your thanks" she replied coldly as she watched him and Kavya sip on to there coffee's.

There smirks converted. They put there cups aside and choked. "What happened?" Kripa asked innocently

"what the hell is this?" Angad asked

"your coffee" she looked at them with a mischievous glint in her eyes "papa" she called

Om stood up, whilst Mihir and Ravi simply watched "what happened Kripa?"

"Papa, Angad and Kavya are complaining that the coffee is to bland, but they don't let me put the sugar in it"

"what's wrong" Om asked looking at Angad and Kavya concerned

"nothing uncle, it's just that we don't feel like having it anymore" Angad said, but in response got a glare from his father "but it's alright"

"Oh, Kripa add some more sugar, they might feel better"

"no uncle it's fine"

"come on Angad, there's no need for formality"

Kripa grinned and added more sugar, which was replaced by salt. She mixed it for them, winked at them "have a nice time" and she left to the kitchen to make three hot chocolates, whilst Om sat by Angad and Kavya talking to them about there life in Mumbai, which was joined by Mihir and Ravi later.

Angad and Kavya sat there sipping on there coffee's time after time, wanting the bitter taste to go away. They eagerly waited for the elders to leave, but to there misfortune, they sat there observing until they didn't finish the bitter liquid.

In the meantime, Kripa went upstairs to enjoy a hot chocolate with Adi and Anjali with there topic to laugh, Angad and Kavya.

"Seriously Kripa, I wanted to be there, but I know Bhai, if he even caught a glimpse of me, I would be so dead"

"I wish I had a camera, it was so funny and then I called dad as well and then I thought I saw your father glare at Angad for his stupid comments" she giggled as she revealed the experience.

"god if there like this now then what will they be like later"

"what do you mean" Kripa asked, confused

"of course in the toilet" Adi interrupted, as they laughed heartily, imagining the state of Angad and Kavya.

Kavya walked out of the bathroom, falling on Angad's bed, then looked at Angad, who held his stomach, whilst taking tablets.

"Seriously Angad, you did all the talking and I got punished" Kavya said

"chill" Angad's stomach made a noise and he rushed to the bathroom. Minutes later he came out holding his stomach.

"Really Angad, she's even worse than Anjali"

"Anjali was involved, she was in the kitchen, when Kripa made it"

"I thought so" Kavya replied

"Both of them will get payback, I'll make sure they learn not to mess with me"

"what will you do" Kavya asked

"just wait and watch" Angad said rubbing his hands together, as a plan cooked in his mind.


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Chapter Five

Kripa and Anjali lay on the bed, there voices getting heavy from sleep. They still laughed at the previous incident. Oh boy, Angad and Kavya were a good laugh. Adi had left a while back.

Kripa and Anjali continued talking "so Kripa, how do you feel about this marriage"

"tell you the truth I'm scared, Raj isn't a very, how shall it put it; basically he isn't the ideal" she replied

"why is that?"

"I don't know, his attitude, everything, it's just so different. He was born in India, but lived most of his life in London. He's a little too proud about his red passport and it gets on my nerves, god, the man is very annoying once he starts talking about how great London is, comparing it to India. You know he's a little too possessive and that scares me, he makes me uncomfortable around him, I've never felt" she yawned "comfortable or protected around him"

"then why are you marrying him? it's not necessary"

"I have my own reasons Anjali"

"do you mind me asking the reasons, I mean, I don't want to be nosy, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to"

In response she heard the soft breathing of Kripa, as she slept in a deep slumber.

Maybe she was tired; after all she had a long tiring day, Anjali thought and within minutes was asleep.

Hours later, Kripa woke up hearing the sound of something fall outside. She looked to her side to find Anjali asleep. She pulled the covers off her body and moved towards her balcony, removing he curtains to see who was outside. She saw a cat and sighed. The cat must have dropped something.

She walked towards the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror and wondered what it would be like to look at herself in the mirror on her wedding day. Shaking her head, she opened the tap, she splashed water on her face, then slowly realized, the waters colour changing. It was turning pink, no red. Red! She thought. Oh my god, blood.

"Anjali" she shrieked out of fright.

"What happened Kripa" Anjali said as she walked into the bathroom, rubbing her eyes.

"Anjali, look, the tap, it's got, it's got blood flowing from there" Kripa stuttered

"what rubbish Kripa" she turned towards the taps to notice, Kripa was right.

"Oh my god Kripa, are you sure" Anjali asked

"I don't know but it's red"

They heard something drop on the floor. They leFt the bathroom, going to the bedroom and looked around "there's' nothing here, what dropped" Anjali asked

"It's probably a cat from the balcony"

"they heard something bounce this time "now it doesn't happen more than once, cats cant bounce ball's can they?"

"Oh come on Anjali" she pulled her towards the balcony, this time opening the doors and led her out. "see, there's nothing, it was probably a cat"

"It was my cat" they heard a voice behind them. They turned to look in horror to find two zombie like people coming towards them.

"Oh my god, Kripa, I told you there was something"

"but, it's never happened, I'm going to call someone" she said looking back.

"Kripa, it's almost impossible, let's make a runner"

"your right, ready, 1, 2, 3, run" theY began to run, but the zombie like creatures caught hold of them.

The zombie like creatures had scruffy green hands, with green faces, for some odd reason reminding Kripa of the hulk. The one that held onto Kripa pressed his hand to her moth, reminding her of the morning incident. Oh god, she realized, it was Angad. She struggled in his grip as his hands pulled her body closer, sending a current down her spine.

Anjali struggled in the other zombie's arms. God, would this thing get a slap she thought as he pulled her closer, pressing his hand to her mouth, eek a disgusting hand and it smelled of paint.

"Hmm, you enjoy laughing a lot don't you" kripa's zombie spoke, as he grazed his hand down her waist.

"You can laugh as much as you want, after your death" Anjali's zombie replied.

Anjali raised her leg and kicked the zombie where it hurt. He fell to the floor holding the place, to suppress his pain, whilst his mask slipped off.

"Kavya" Anjali exclaimed

"well, thank you, that really hurt you know" he said getting up

"you dog, fool, donkey, gorilla, what were you thinking you cow"

"hey chill, quit the name calling"

"And let me guess, Bhai, of course that's you"

"well, obviously, your guess was right because that stupid Kavya ruined the plan"

"O boy, Bhai leave Kripa, she'll suffocate"

"she wont, she didn't suffocate this morning and if I let go, she's going to start barking"

"Bhai, it's not a good idea to mess with Kripa right now, leave her"

"fine" he sighed and released her, taking his mask off at the same time.

Kripa was furious, he said she barked and he held her close the second tiMe today, this man was surely asking for his death.

"Angad, get right back here" Kripa yelled as he rushed towards kripa's room

"Goodnight girls"

"right now Angad"

"Ughh, ok, fine, what?" he asked

"what the hell is wrong with you?" she screamed "all day you've been teasing me in some way or the other" she placed her hands on her hips "all day, and that too the first time we meet, cant you just keep away and not disturb, it wasn't nice you know"

"yeah, and what you did to us was very nice wasn't it?" he replied sarcastically

"you deserved it" she looked away and then looked into his eyes" say sorry"

"me, no way, you should apologize for what you did"

"I wont, you just did things to deserve it"

"well I don't care then, I'm not apologizing" Angad walked to the other side of the balcony "but I have to admit, you and Anjali looked really scared with all that freaky stuff"


"Bhai, but there is red water or should I say blood coming out of the tap, what's that?"

"Simple" Kavya came forward "I injected red ink into the water which spread into the coming water.

"Oh god, and the masks, where did they come from?" Anjali inquired

"Oh, I found them in Adi's room"

"god, you two are so stupid" Anjali said "go away and let us sleep" and they walked to the room, locking the balcony door.

Two weeks flowed by swiftly; Angad and Kavya teased Kripa and Anjali often, playing small pranks. It was fun, teasing, playing around, It gave relief to Angad. At least he could spend her remaining unmarried weeks with her, teasing her, watching her lovely face. She was so cute. He found himself falling for her more, every minute.

One morning, as usual, Kripa and Kashish were in the kitchen making lunch. They were making salad sandwiches. Kripa made the sandwiches, whilst Kashish cut the salad and shredded the cheese.

As a normal routine, everyone sat in the living room in there smaller groups talking teasing, playing games. Sujal sat with Angad, Kavya and Anjali, giving Karan and Nandini there time alone, whilst all the elders sat together discussing the wedding plans.

Kripa and Kashish set the table up, setting the lunch in the middle, when the door bell rang. "I'll see it" Kripa said before Kashish left to open the door.

Kripa ran towards the door, a smile spread across her face, as her cheeks were red from all the pampering from the three families. She opened the door to reveal a tall fit man. His dark brown hair laying on his forehead, whilst his lips played a smirk. Her smile faded away, realizing who it was.

"Hi Kripa" the man said

whilst Kripa simply whispered "Raj"

Kripa felt her self numb. This was unexpected. She was so happy and he came back. Why? Why couldn't she bear his presence, why was she so uncomfortable in his presence.

She felt the happiness, excitement leave her soul, whilst the discomfort and the unprotected feeling veiled her. She felt his piercing eyes fixed on her, whilst she fiddled with her fingers uneasily, her smile still not coming on her face.

"What happened?" Raj asked, the grin still playing on his face "not happy to see me"

"no, it's nothing like that, I, I was just, um, It was unexpected"

"unexpected?" he questioned, as his eyes looked at her head to toe

"umm, come in" she said, trying to avoid the topic and gave him way.

He brushed past her, brushing his arm with hers, giving her a grin, while his eyes shined with mischief, saying, your only mine.

Raj was warmly greeted by kripa's family, who hosted him perfectly. Sujal moved to talk to Raj, whilst Om sat with Mihir and Ravi, also talking to Raj, whilst Kashish and Parvati hosted him, serving him. Kripa stood to a corner, quiet, whilst the rest of the family chattered with him. Soon Raj was introduced to the rest of the youngsters, who found him too prideful and weird for some reason.

Amongst the crowd, Angad, Kavya and Anjali noticed how silent Kripa had suddenly become. Her eyes looked at Raj in fear, not love or shyness. It was strange. Anjali still understood, but what about Angad and Kavya, they knew something was wrong.

Kripa had never been so quiet, so silent, since there arrival. She was chirpy, loud, cheerful. He'd never seen her look sad, depressed, stressed. He never saw her so lonesome, so fearful. But Raj's presence made a difference wasn't she happy with the marriage, Angad thought.

Soon, Kashish distracted the others, taking them to the living room, whilst she left Raj and Kripa alone in the garden, giving them time alone. Kripa stood in front of him, nervous. She was playing with her fingers, looking down.

Raj gave he her a mysterious smile. His smile's always scared her. It was so impure, so devilish. It felt evil.

"so Kripa" he started, as walked around her, eying her top to bottom "how's everything been going"

"umm, fine" she answered, now fiddling with the ends of her scarf.

"Come on Kripa, why are you standing so far? I wont eat you" he said, bringing his face closer to hers "not for now at least" he whispered

"umm do you want something Raj?" she asked, avoiding his gaze

"Kripa, stop avoiding me, we're going to be married in a few days, nothing's wrong"

"Umm, I'll get you some coffee" she started to walk away, when Raj caught hold of her wrist, jabbing his nails into her delicate skin.

"What's your problem, huh?" he yelled "your running away again, I warned you before going that I won't tolerate this. You know very well not to get me angry, don't you"

"Raj, leave my wrist, it hurts" she cried in pain

"you really want me to get angry, don't you?"

"Raj please" she struggled "please leave me" she struggled again, but managed to escape. She quickly ran towards the house in tears.

As she left, he smirked "run how much you want Kripa, you'll be mine in the end" his smile became bigger and he walked towards the house, following her, just to be caught by Om who started a conversation.

In the meantime, Angad balled his fist, whilst Kavya held onto it tight. Angad looked towards Kavya, then pulling his hand out of his grip, he huffed and went to his room.

On the other hand, Anjali noticed, Kavya and Angad spying on Raj and Kripa, not like she didn't, but she had a reason. First she thought , they had some mischief up there sleeve, but Angad's flaring fist and red face, evidently showed his anger, showed something else, whilst Kavya simply held onto the fist, stopping him. What was up with Bhai, she thought.

For the time being, Kripa sat in her room, her legs pulled to her chest, whilst she sobbed in her arms. She hated it when she visited Raj. He didn't support her or help her, but made it even worse. God knows why she had even said yes in the first place, but then again there was a week and a half to her wedding. She couldn't refuse now.

Anjali walked into the room, knowing Kripa would be crying. She walked to her, after closing the door, then took her into her arms, letting her cry her heart out.

"Kripa, don't marry Raj" Anjali whispered as she consoled.

"It's too late Anjali, there's only a week and a half to the wedding, I'll just disgrace my family. I don't want them to have there heads lowered because of me"

"but why are you marrying him in the first place, you deserve much better"

"Anjali, I would never get married now in the first place, if it weren't for my parents"

"your parent's but why would they want to marry you off to a person like Raj" she questioned confused.

"they don't want my bad Anjali, but there a little superstitious" she wiped her tears and sat up straight " They believe in all the family priest and all that who tells you about your future"

"and what has that got to do with your marriage"

"the priest told my parent's that before I turned twenty two they had to marry me off or I would never live happily, I would live as a widow" she said quietly

"what rubbish"

"but I cant say that to my parents, its there belief and even if it weren't true, my parents only wanted my well being so they started looking for marriage proposals, many came, but they were too old, or less educated, they wanted the best for me" she sighed.

"and Raj isn't the best Kripa, he's probably the worst"

"he wasn't then" she looked at Anjali "I've known him from my childhood, yes he was prideful, but he wasn't possessive, he didn't scare me like he does now"

"Kripa, think about it, would you rather live a life happily with your parents or live in hell with Raj"

"It's too late now, there's a week and a half, everything is at stake, all the money my parents spent, there happiness, business everything"

"trust me Kripa, you wouldn't want to live like this" come on wipe the tears, and remember, god's there and what he will do will be for your good"

"thanks Anjali" Kripa hugged her "I needed that" she wiped her tears "your a good friend".

Angad paced around his room, what was wrong? Why was she marrying Raj if he was so evil? He was so confused. Kavya sat on the bed, watch Angad go back and forth.

"Ok, that's it" Kavya exclaimed.

Angad looked at him confused "what?"

"stop pacing, I know your worried but I'm going to feel dizzy if you continue"

"but Kavya, you saw what he did"

"yes, but there getting married, you shouldn't invade there privacy"

"but Kavya, you saw how badly he behaved, almost as if assaulting her, and she was so scared, I don't think she's happy with this marriage"

"If she weren't happy she wouldn't say yes"

"Kavya, there might be a reason, I just wish this marriage doesn't happen, I mean, she's going to die if she lives with that man" he sighed and sat down "he's too smitten and prideful"

Kavya placed a hand on Angad's shoulder "come on buddy, calm down, it's all up to god"

"Then I pray to god for her happiness"

Later that evening, Raj left after gaining the hospitality of his in laws and scaring Kripa a little. For some reason he enjoyed, it was insane but seeing Kripa fearful made him feel dominated.

The family started to make preparations for the sangeet ceremony, which was held four days ahead. They organized the interior exterior, catering, everything.

Meanwhile Kripa stood on the terrace all alone, recalling Anjali's words. Was she really supposed to refuse, but then again, her parents self respect and status was at stake, she couldn't refuse now. Tears fell down her cheek as she imagined her future life.

Angad saw Kripa on the terrace, standing so lonesome, so quiet. There was definitely something wrong and he was going to fix it.

He walked forward, placing a hand on her shoulder "Kripa"

She turned back, jerking. Then surprised she said "Angad"


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Author: xarmaanx   Replies: 193   Views: 42511

xarmaanx 193 42511 04 September 2009 at 2:03pm by crazy_4_karan
Michi FF: Puppy Love [Completed] (27/12)

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Author: book.worm   Replies: 79   Views: 12256

book.worm 79 12256 01 February 2009 at 8:53am by book.worm

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