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loves me! loves me not! #1 parts 1 to 11

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Hi Smile
This is my attempt to tell a story i had in mind. The characters names are taken from DMG so that its easy to relate to them but the story is different from DMG. I have not read many ffs, so not sure if i have to follow any rules. plz guide me if i miss anything.

There is no introduction to characters, you will discover them slowly as the story goes forward. The story progresses mostly through the parts will be lengthy, i will try my best to make them interesting...but watever u see in these brackets [ ] are the thoughts of that person. So, lets dive in Wink

2nd thread: "loves me! loves me not! - 2"


9pm, Dining table:
Ridhima: Ma, we'll go for shopping tomorrow...pleaaasee
Padma: why? Wat do u want to buy?
Ridhima: A new salwar suit for first day of my college next week
Padma: ok
Ridhima: (enthusiastically) And new shoes also
Padma: (smiles) ok, granted
Ridhima: Papa, plz take me to optician, i want a new pair of glasses
Shashank: Why, wats wrong wid the ones u r wearing now?
Ridhima:They r very big
Shashank: but they look good on you beta
Ridhima: (with a complaining face) nooo, i want a smaller it is mamma wont let me cut my long hair, With this glasses i look like champu...and i have also put on some weight in these holidays..
Padma: ridzy, You look cute now
Ridhima: ahh, nooo...plz glasses
Shashank: OK, we'll buy a new one
Ridhima: thanks papa [yippeee, i m going to get all new things]

Next day in shopping mall:
Ridhima: (holding a suit) Ma, howz dis one
Padma: No way ridzy, not a pink one again
Ridhima: but dis is so nice, its my favorite color
Padma: i know, but u already have 3 suits of that color
Ridhima: ma plz plz, dis one is last..n see the pattern is different from those
Padma: ridzyyy
Ridhima: maaaa
Padma: ok, i know you wont listen
Ridhima: hehehe..thank you

Ridhima: Ma, howz dis one
Padma: no high heels ridzy, u know u cant walk in them
Ridhima: but let me try dis time, i will get used soon
Padma: no beta, u'll fall n hurt ur leg, its risky, choose anyone from these flat models
Ridhima: plzzz
Padma: noooo
Ridhima: (disappointed) ok
(looking at the gals wearing short skirts n high heels)[will i ever look so trendy n modern??]

The day before the college starts,Ridhima in her room:
Checked her dress, shoes, bag, books, papers...set everything ready for next day..switched off the light..jumped onto the bed..[new college, new classroom, new subjects, new friends..hopefully atleast one guy dis time, never got a chance to know how boys are...dis college has a very big, can read so many books,i never get tired of exciting but a bit nervous too ]..closed her eyes..smiling and holding her big teddy bear tight..


Breakfast time:
Shashank: So, ridzy..excited or nervous?
Ridhima: both
Padma: hehe..relax beta
Ridhima: (smiles)
Shashank: I will drop you at the college
Ridhima: (putting down the emptied juice glass) no..i will go in the college bus
Shashank: (worried) But ridzy, today is ur first day in college, how will u manage?
Ridhima: I will manage papa
Shashank: but..
Ridhima: (seriously) I will never learn to do things on my own if u come with me everytime
Padma: Its ok, let her go, dont worry
Shashank: ok, i will drop in the busstop then, is that ok?
Ridhima: ok

(Ridhima is ready to go, wearing the new light pink suit, pearldrop earrings, white shoes, sling bag, glasses, long straight hair left loose with a small pin on the left side)
Ridhima: Am i looking ok?
Padma: yes my angel
Ridhima: (kisses her mom) Bye ma
Padma: Bye, all the best
(the car drove to the busstop)
Shashank: ok, so here we are, all the best n be careful
Ridhima:(hugs him) ya dad, bye

In the busstop:
(Ridhima sees a girl in jeans and a simple plain white kurta, she walks up to her)
Ridhima:(hesitantly) excuse me, do u know if SPCollege bus has left?
Girl:(smiles) not yet, I am waiting for the same
Ridhima: (smiles) ok
Girl:first year?
Ridhima: yes
Girl: which branch?
Ridhima: computers
Girl: oh, i m in the same class, Hi.. I am Sapna
Ridhima: Hi...Ridhima
Sapna: nice name
Ridhima: (smiles) thanks
(Bus comes n they get in..reach the college)

(Ridhima while entering the college, at the gate) [wow!! dis is so nice, God, please be with me to fulfil my n my parents dreams n become the kind of person i always wanted to be...independent, strong and a confident individual]

Ridhima and Sapna walking in the corridor:
Sapna: The college looks good na
Ridhima: yeah
Sapna: Hey, i need to look for a professor who is my dad's friend. I will see you in the class. I guess its the last one in this row, not sure though
Ridhima: ok (She walks slowly in to the last room, looking hesitantly if its the right one..she sees "welcome to freshers" (computers branch)..she looks for a place to sit..settles down in the first bench beside a modern looking girl)

In the classroom:
Madam: Welcome boys n gals, good morning
Class: Good morning ma'm
Madam: Since today is ur first day, your permanent roll numbers r not yet ready, i will take attendance according to ur enrollment list.
Madam: Anjali Sharma
Anjali: ya ma'm (replied the girl sitting beside ridhima)
(Ridhima looked at her n smiled, she smiled back)
(blah blah..calling out other names)
Madam: Atul Joshi
Atul: present ma'm
Madam: Ridhima Gupta
Ridhima: yes ma'm
(blah blah..other names)
Madam: Rahul Garewal
Rahul: (sitting on the bench just beside ridhima) yes ma'm
(Ridhima turned to look at him..aww, he is so good looking with a sweet smile)
Madam: Sapna Shah
Sapna: yes ma'm
Madam: Armaan Malik
Armaan: yes ma'm (came a deep voice from behind)
(Ridhima who was busy searching her bag for a pen lifted her head unwittingly on hearing the voice n turned back...she saw a guy sitting in the last bench with right leg stretched out, leaning back to the wall, relaxed, setting his hair with a naughty grin on his face)


Madam: Ok students...
(Ridhima turned to the board)
Madam: Introduce yourselves to the class
(All the students tell their names one by one...Some introduction classes n the day ends)

Ridhima at home:
Padma: how was ur first day in college?
Ridhima: good
Shashank: did u find it difficult to handle anything?
Ridhima: no papa

(One week passes by..Ridhima is busy coping with the college atmosphere and studies...meanwhile she grew slightly close to sapna and anjali...going to the college together, sharing lunch,discussing about the professors, classmates,subjects...)

Madam: Students, we need to choose a monitor for your class...generally the class topper is given that responsibility but since u r in the first year we can have the one who has the best rank in the entrance test...let me check the list
(checks the list)
Madam: hmmm...ok, so who is Ridhima Gupta?
Class:ohhh... [who is she??]
Ridhima:(gets up) yes mam [i know the whole class is looking at me...ughhh]
Madam:So, u will be the monitor
Ridhima:(confused, frightened and hesitant) mam..i dont want to be..
Madam: r u sure?
Ridhima:(still confused) hmm...yes mam, i m sure
Madam:ahh..okay, then we can look for the next top ranker..(checks the list again)..who is Rahul Garewal?
(no answer)
Madam: is he not in today? ok..Ridhima, u can talk to him if he wants to take the responsibility n let me know tomorrow..if he doesnt agree, then u have no choice..
Ridhima: ok mam
(sits down relieved) [but i need to talk to that guy...hmm....i hope he agrees]

Padma: Howz ur college ridzy? made any friends?
Ridhima: its good ma..friends...hmmm...not yet...but i know anjali n sapna...u know sapna's house is just 2 streets away from ours..
Padma: ok...n how about studies?
Ridhima: ya ma, going good...i want to top in college also..but i dont like it when...
Padma: when??
Ridhima: when...hmmm...actually, today i was given a chance to be a monitor but i refused
Padma: ridzy...when will u shed your fears beta...u need to learn to speak freely..dont be so shy...
Ridhima: i know ma...but i donno..i get tensed when i see many faces looking at me at once...n the tension shows on my i get more tensed that people will make fun of me...wat to do ma...(disappointed and sad)
Padma:(comes near her) its ok beta..relax..u will learn..u just need to put some effort...
Ridhima:(hugs her) hmmm

Next day:
(Ridhima sees Rahul standing in the corridor outside the class...walks up to him)
Ridhima: ahem...excuse me(hesitantly)
Rahul: (turns to her) ya
(Ridhima is dumbstruck...[Awww....this guy is so handsome...and he is looking at me right now....hey ridzy, come out of trance..stop gazing to him]
Ridhima: (with a small jerk) ya..actually...
Rahul:(with no expression) ya
Ridhima: ah..actually i am ridhima
[huh!! wat did i say? "actually i am ridhima" wah ridzy wah...wat kind of a stupid statement is that?? so dumb!!]
Rahul:(smiles) hi
Ridhima: hi..i need a help..
Rahul: ya, tell me
Ridhima: Do you want to be the monitor of our class?
Rahul:(surprised) wat?
Ridhima: actually, i am the top, ma'm asked me but i am scared, if u r ready to take it then i can escape
Rahul: ok, no problem
Ridhima: thanks
(Rahul smiles sweetly n turns back to talk to someone)
Ridhima:(walking slowly) [O God, wat is dis new feeling?..never felt like dis before..i feel like going back to see his face again]

(Applied Physics class)
Sir: Write down the problem while i dictate..lets see who answers are not allowed to use calculators in the first 2 months...we encourage manual calculations bcoz later on you will anyway use the calculators..ok?
Class:(noisy) ok sir
Sir:(reads out the problem from book) wat is the relative speed of the object?
("57" pat came an answer from the back bench just a second after sir completed the question)
Class:(silent..everyone looked back in awe..including ridhima)
Sir:(angrily) i told you not to use calculators..wats ur name?
("Armaan" came a reply)
Armaan: and i dont have a calculator
(sir goes to armaan n checked if he really dint use a calculator)
Sir: well...good job...
Ridhima:[he seems to be very smart..hmm]

Next week, in the library:
Librarian:No, we dont have an extra copy of that book, there is only one and its already issued.
Ridhima: oh, when can i get it?
Librarian: depends on when that person returns it
Ridhima:oh ok, can u tell me the issued date?
Librarian: today morning, someone from your class took it
Ridhima: (peeps into the register with curiosity) Armaan Malik..oh ok
Sapna:you can try to borrow it for a day if he agrees
Ridhima:ya, u r right, but will he give? he took it just today
Sapna: wats wrong in trying
Ridhima: ya, i really want to solve the challenging question sir gave today..

Lunch hour, classroom with few students:
(Armaan standing there..laughing along with Atul, Ridhima walks to him)
Ridhima: excuse me
(Armaan turns around...first thing ridhima noticed is his eyes...hazel straight into her eyes...his hair falling on the forehead)
Armaan: ya
Ridhima:(feeling uneasy with his deep stare) hi, i am..
Armaan:(interrupts her)..Ridhima..i know
Ridhima:(surprised) ah...hmm..ya...did u take the reference book on algorithms from the library?
Armaan: ya
Ridhima: Do you need it?
Armaan:(with a straight face) No..i took it just for tear the pages and make kites..u know kites..i will fly them in the college cricket ground...
Ridhima: (shocked, stares at him with mouth open)
Armaan:(cheekily) ofcourse i need it..thats y i took it..wat a stupid question?
Ridhima: huhhh !!!!???
Armaan:(with a naughty smile) by the way, y did u ask such a stupid question?
Ridhima: (still in shock) ah..bcoz..hmm..i wanted to ask if i can borrow it for some time..but..
Armaan: ok, take it (swiftly puts the book forward) want to crack the question... right?
Ridhima: ya but dont need it?
Armaan: no..i mean..i really mean "no"...u can take it..i m done with that question anyway..
Ridhima: ok
(ridhima takes the book and turns to leave..thinking about his kite statement) [fly kites??!!!]
Armaan: yo chasmish !! ..thanks tho bolo na
(Ridhima turns to see him...with a frown...Armaan giggles)
Ridhima:(shakes her head in disbelief) huhhhh!!!??? (with a bit of stammer)
(ridhima walking back to her place)
[watttt??? chasmish?????!!! wat the hell does he think himself as?? this is the first time i am speaking to him n he is talking as if he knows me from much arrogant, so annoying, battameez, besharam, be...ughh..i dont even know more words...huh!! disgusting!!!]


Ridhima's mobile phone is ringing...she sees "keerti calling", her face lightens up..with a broad smile she answers the call)
Ridhima: helloooo darling, when did u come back?
Keerti: hi yaar, 3days ago
Ridhima: wattt??
(she disconnects the call rings again..ridhima is not picking it up)
Padma: ridzy, y r u not picking it?
Ridhima: no, i wont
(she mutes the ringtone...The landline is ringing..padma picks it)
Padma: haan beta, how r u? ya ya 1 min
Ridhima: i dont want to talk to her
Padma: ridzyyy, baat karo na
(Ridhima takes the phone)
Ridhima: kya hain??
Keerti: baap re..itna gussaaa...listen to me first
Ridhima: ok tell me... u r calling me 3days after u came back..shameless creature...
Keerti: arey relatives had come back with me from the village..was they went back..
Ridhima: not even a call?
Keerti: sorry baba
Ridhima: ok..maaf kiya..i want to tell u so many things...shall i come or will u come to my house?
Keerti: i'll come...hmm..after 1 hr?
Ridhima: (smiles) ok

(keerti comes..ridhima goes n they hug each other)
Keerti: so, howz ur college?
Ridhima: bataati hoon, lets go in first
(in ridhima's room)
Keerti: tho..howz life?
Ridhima: good yaar
Keerti: so wats new in these 3 weeks?
Ridhima: is good...i know some classmates but dont think abt them yet as friends..u know na i take time to make friends..i m very choosy...
Keerti: ya, i know
Ridhima: i m close to 2 girls, anjali n sapna
Keerti: ok...n wat abt guys, dont tell me u r avoiding talking to them now also..
Ridhima: hehe..well..not avoiding..talked to a few..
Keerti: hmm, not bad
Ridhima: one guy is very handsome.. Rahul...he is from our class
Keerti: is it?
Ridhima: ya, n i spoke to one more guy, Armaan, he really shocked me..
Keerti: why?
Ridhima: i went to ask for a book n he started kidding..he said he took that book to tear pages n make kites..can u imagine such an answer?
Keerti(laughing): O God!
Ridhima: i forgot to thank him and he demanded a thanks calling me chasmish...gosh...can u believe it?
Keerti: wat??? he called u chasmish? did u know him before?
Ridhima: thats wat is the shock, i met him for first irritating
Keerti: haha..he might have misunderstood that u are as innocent as you look...poor guy...he doesnt know wat u did to that guy in school who misbehaved with you? u slapped him so hard..bechara
Ridhima: wat bechara...he deserved it...i donno from where i got so much courage suddenly..
Keerti: its in you..u hide it unless u dont need to wat did u do to that Armaan?
Ridhima: nothing
Keerti: why, u shud have atleast said something?
Ridhima: i donno y but i cudnt say anything on his face..anyway i dint feel he misbehaved..i think he is just overconfident..
Keerti: does he look?
Ridhima: looks..hmm..he is handsome...i cud only notice his eyes bcoz they r of my favorite eye color...
Keerti: hazel eyes..
Ridhima: yaaa...a mix of brown n golden yellow..u know na i m so particular abt eyes..isi liye tho main shahrukh ki fan hoon...
Keerti: so one guy impressed you n the other irritated you
Ridhima: ya
Keerti: but did u notice one thing?
Ridhima: wat?
Keerti: you are talking more about the one who made a bad impression on you than the one who made a good impression..
Ridhima(thinking): when is ur college starting?
Keerti: next month..i wish we were in the same college..
Ridhima: kaise madam, u want to be a doctor n i m interested in computers..
Keerti: hmm...but we wont be together the whole day like we were in school...
Ridhima: ya, will miss u...
Keerti: me too..but we'll meet whenever we find the way are the seniors ragging you?
(for those who donno..ragging is something done by seniors to the juniors to put them at ease in the new college atmosphere..just to get familiar with each other..which sometimes goes overboard and causes fights, complaints,ego clashes etc..)
Ridhima: ya but not too much..just asking name, demanding to sing a song or dance..i dint face any serious ones yet..some people were complaining that they r troubled a bit..
Keerti: ok
Ridhima: anyway i m not that noted in the i can relax..hey wat abt other friends? wat r they doing?
Keerti:(blah blah)
(general discussion)

Next week in College canteen, coffee break:
Anjali: hey, u know i spoke to a very handsome guy yesterday, he is from our class
Sapna: whoz he?
Anjali: Armaan
Ridhima: that calculator wala?
Anjali: ya, very sharp na...he answered so fast..he was very interesting..
Ridhima:(surprised) interesting?? i found him very annoying
Anjali: hey when did u meet him?
Ridhima: last week..borrowed a book from him
Anjali: so..wat did he do to annoy you?
Ridhima:(with a pout) he called me chasmish
Anjali: (a bit sarcastically) sahi tho kaha hain !!
Ridhima: ya..but can u imagine someone teasing a person in the first meeting irritating..
Sapna: hey chill
Anjali: i guess you are going to be irritated again now
Ridhima: why???
Anjali: i invited him to join us for the coffee now and see here he comes...
Ridhima: no way, i am going then
(she gets up to go)
Armaan: hey..u can sit..i know u stood up in respect...but its ok..sit n have ur coffee
(Sapna and Anjali are staring at him)
Ridhima: dint i tell you he is annoying..
Armaan: already told them..then i need to work harder to impress them..right anjali?
Anjali: ya..hey, dis is sapna
Sapna: hi
Armaan: have beautiful hair..
Sapna: thanks
Armaan: hey, where r u going?
Ridhima: away from you
Armaan: wow, i dint know its so easy to annoy you, see i succeeded
Ridhima(sitting in the chair): no..u dint succeed
(Armaan smiles naughtily)
Atul: Hey, can i join you guys?
Sapna: ya sure
Armaan: haan haan aaja
(Atul introduces himself to everyone)
Armaan: i will go n get my coffee, atul wat do u want?
Atul: tea
(Armaan goes n stands near the counter when the girl standing before him suddenly turns n stamps him on the leg)
Armaan: ouch !!!
Girl: oh, i m so sorry
(Armaan looks at her, a beautiful girl dressed modern)
Armaan: its ok, my leg doesnt complain much when stamped by beautiful girls
Girl:(blushing) thanks but sorry again
Armaan: never mind..i m fine
(Ridhima sees all this conversation)
Ridhima:[ wat a flirt !! ]

College busstop:
(Ridhima is waiting for the bus.."Excuse me" came a voice from behind..Ridhima turned)
Guy: May I know your name?..actually the seniors have sent me..its a part of the ragging
Ridhima: ok...Ridhima
Guy: thanks..i am vicky
Ridhima: hi
Vicky: hi.. ok..bye
Ridhima: (with a sweet smile) bye
(Vicky turned again to see her n smiled)

Next day, in the classroom, professor hasnt come in yet:
(Armaan just entered the class saying hi to everyone)
Anjali: isnt Armaan very charming?
Sapns: ya, he is
Ridhima: I think Rahul is more handsome
Anjali: ya, he is handsome but if u consider the whole personality, i think armaan scores more
Sapna: i agree
Ridhima: may be..i dint observe much
(professor comes in n the class starts)

(a week pass by...armaan and atul regularly join the girls for coffee...ridhima is also comfortable with them.. armaan keeps teasing everyone on something or the other but his frequent target is ridhima)
Coffee break:
(All of them r in the canteen talking something when rahul comes in..ridhima is looking at him)
Armaan:(looking at rahul) he shows too much attitude, always tries to dominate everyone
Ridhima: ya, but it suits him
Armaan: by the way...its all bcoz of you
Ridhima: me???
Armaan: yes chasmish, wasnt it you who stepped back from being the monitor and gave him the chance..cant blame him actually...who would lose a chance to boss around the whole class..
Ridhima: hmmmfff...big deal..i was anyway not interested...
Armaan: i wont give anyone this chance next year..i am going to top the exams...
Ridhima: lets see who tops
(Sapna gets an sms..she gets visibly upset by reading it)
Armaam: wat happened?
Sapna: i donno who this is..keeps sending me all nonsense sms..
Armaan: show me the msg (immediately realising thats not appropriate)..sorry sorry..give me the number from which you got the sms
(sapna tells the number n armaan saves it in his mobile)
Armaan: chasmish... tumhe koi aise thang nahi karta kya??
Ridhima: no
Armaan: anyway...koi andha hi tumhare peeche padega..woh bhi tumhari tarah chasmish hoga...a chasmish jodi..
Ridhima: wat did u sayyyy??
(Ridhima gets really irritated and starts beating armaan...armaan is laughing and trying to stop her when suddenly they hold each other's hands..fingers locked..ridhima realises this n looks at armaan...he is looking straight into her eyes..ridhima loosens the grip n takes her hands back..both remain silent for a while)


Next day:
(Ridhima is explaining a problem to her classmate..lunch hour)
Anjali: hey ridz..not coming for lunch?
Ridhima: will join u in 10mins..u carry on
Armaan: hey, wats up
Anjali: she will join us later..lets go
(Armaan smiles at ridhima n all move towards canteen)

Computer lab:
(Armaan n Ridhima are discussing about a program when vicky comes in)
Vicky: hi ridhima
Ridhima: hi...u are?
Vicky: u dont remember me? i m vicky..i met u in busstop last week...
Ridhima: oh ya..hi
Vicky: how r u?
Ridhima: i m fine
Vicky:(stood there for few seconds) ok then bye take care
Ridhima: bye
Armaan: who is he?
Ridhima: vicky..seniors sent him to ask my name last week..
Armaan: oh ok...looks like he is smitten by you chasmish
Ridhima: nah !! i dont think so..
Armaan: i could see it in the way he was looking at you..
Ridhima: ok leave it
(they continue their discussion about the program)

Coffee break:
(general discussion going on..Armaan's phone rings)
Armaan: haan bol..oh ok..wats his name? ok thanks bye
(disconnects the call)
Armaan: u know anyone named vivek?
Sapna: vivek?
Armaan: ya..vivek mishra
Sapna:(thinking) vivek..ya..he is my neighbour..y??
Armaan: he is the one sending you those sms
Sapna: wat??? r u sure?
Armaan: yes..sure
Ridhima: how do u know?
Armaan: y do u want that? information is correct..i m sure abt that
Sapna:hmm..actually he proposed to me..but i rejected..not known as a good person..
Armaan: hmm..i will help you in handling him
Sapna: thanks armaan..but my brother will take care of it..dont worry..
Armaan: sure?
Sapna: ya sure..never expected that he would come back to trouble me..thank you armaan
Armaan: hey..welcome (smiles)

(days pass by...its been 2months since college started...atul,armaan,sapna,anjali and ridhima have become friends...they start discovering each other's character as they grow close...getting over the first impressions)

In the Canteen:
Sapna: hey guys..i want all of you to come for dinner at my house tomorrow..
Atul:wow..anything special?
Sapna: birthday
Armaan: hey cool, we'll come
(everyone says ya ya)

Next day,Ridhima's home:
Padma: When will you come back ridzy?
Ridhima: in 3hrs ma
Padma: ok, shall i come to drop you?
Padma: ma..her house is so near..i'll be fine..dont worry
Padma: ok, but it will be night when u r done..i'll come n pick u
Ridhima: ok

Sapna's house:
Ridhima: Many many happy returns of the day
Sapna: thanks
Ridhima: hey where r others?
Sapna: anji said she'll be late..still getting ready..i think she spends half her day doing makeup n hair..
Ridhima: hehe..right
Sapna: atul n armaan are on the way..hey my dad got a new swing..its in the balcony of my room..wanna see?
Ridhima: ya, i love swings
Sapna: go then..u know my room right?
Ridhima: ya
(Ridhima goes in, gets onto the swing...starts swinging slowly..fresh evening breeze blowing gently on her face..removes her glasses and places them on the chair beside the swing..she tucks away the hair falling on her face and closes her eyes..after sometime she slowly opens her eyes...she sees armaan in a white shirt standing infront of her..with folded hands..leaning to the pillar and staring at her..thinking its a trance, she closes her eyes again but realises its not a trance...opens her eyes again..this time wide...armaan is staring at her with a pleasant smile)
Ridhima: is it really you?
Armaan: no, i m not here..u r seeing my ghost..(laughing) ofcourse its me..oh, i know.. u cant see people when u dont wear glasses
(ridhima who was about to pick her spects from the chair stops)
Ridhima:(angrily) no..i can see
(he comes near her)
Armaan: move that side...gimme some place to sit
(Ridhima moves n he sits close to her..she feels something different but she is comfortable)
Ridhima:[ may be becoz i never had any guy friend]
Armaan: wat r u thinking?
Ridhima:(coming out of her thoughts) nothing
Armaan: nice weather na
(saying this he leans back n stretches his hands on the swing making his left hand go behind her...Ridhima is trying to cope with his sudden move)
Armaan: Ridhima, wat will u do if a guy comes to you and suddenly says "I love you"???


(Ridhima is taken aback by armaan's question..she turned to look at figure out if he is making fun of her..but he is just staring at her)
Ridhima: i will ask him if he is sure....hehe..just kidding...well, it depends on who is saying that to me..[ wat a strange question?]
Armaan: hmmm
Ridhima: if i am in love with that guy then i will jump and say that i love him else i would take some time to decide
Armaan: hmm..if he is handsome, then?
Ridhima: its easy to get attracted to good looking people but love...i donno...i m not sure..i should know the person first..for me love is not about just looks..i should like him as a person..[ ahh!! y is he so curious to know my views?? and y is he looking at me like that??!!..his eyes..something is different about them today]
Sapna: kya baat horaha hain?
Armaan: we were just discussing about love
Atul: wow!! abt love?
Armaan: ya, just general talk
Ridhima:[huh?!! general talk!! he asks my personal views n says general !!!]
Sapna: so wat do u know abt it? did u ever fall in love?
Armaan: yes
(everyone is surprised by his answer...all of them are looking at him curiously)
Armaan:(looking at every face) ya..i fell in love..(paused)..many times...everytime i see a beautiful girl, i fall in love..
(eh!! oh!! hehe!! came all kinds of exclamatory sounds)
Armaan:(giggling) seriously
Sapna: if u fall so many times..its not love ok?..u can call it crush or attraction
Armaan: exactly bcoz there is nothing called love..its all nonsense...
Ridhima: you will say this until u fall in love one day
Sapna: yaaa..n thats y they say "fall" in love...u cant plan or organise or arrange or even avoid it..u just fall
Armaan: only fools fall in love or shud i say they think they fell in love..and i m not one of them
Atul: i dont think so...i think its a beautiful feeling..
Armaan: ya ya, beautiful only when it starts..then starts the restrictions, demands, fights...y to get urself into all these troubles...better be alone n stay happy
Ridhima: that means u dont want get married someday?
Armaan: no way...commitment, kids, responsibilties...woah! i dont have so much patience
Sapna: well..its a personal choice but u will change your mind when u meet ur girl
Ridhima: ya..we'll see wat he says then [ he is so he the same person who asked me those intriguing questions..if wat he said now is true he must have found my answers very filmy..gosh!!..but why did he ask me...huh!! so confusing!! or may be i am overanalysing]
(Anjali comes..looking beautiful)
Anjali: hi everyone...sorry i m late...hey sapna..many happy returns of the day..
Sapna: thanks anji...hey...lets go, the food is ready

After the dinner,padma comes to take ridz:
Ridhima: ma, these are my friends
(she introduces them to padma)
Padma: ridz keeps telling about you all
Ridhima: ma chale?
Padma: ok take care bye
On their way back:
Padma: ridz, good to see that you have made friends so fast
Ridhima: (smiles)
Ridhima: ma, dad n u dont mind na if have guy friends
Padma: no are free to do wat u want..bcoz we know u wont misuse your freedom
Ridhima: hmm

Next day evening, in the busstop:
Girl: excuse me, the seniors are calling you
Ridhima: me?
Girl: ya..they r in the canteen there
Ridhima:(very tensed) [ o my God!! wat are they going to do now?]
(Ridhima enters the canteen hesitantly praying that they wont be harsh on her)
Senior: come in miss topper
Senior: ya, come n sit here
(they pointed her to a plastic stool at the centre..ridhima went n sat there..she looked around..she saw 10 people sitting around and looking at her)
Ridhima: [O Good Lord]
Senior: so, u r the top ranker in ur class
Ridhima: yes
Senior: can figure out looking ur glasses that u r a bookworm
Ridhima: (irritated) ahhh!! i m not a bookworm
Senior: oh, u mean u r intelligent enough to remember everything without reading?
Ridhima: (confused) no, its not like that
Senior: then?
Ridhima: i mean..hmm...[ gosh, wat to talk now, they seem to be scrutinising everything i say]
Senior: ok, how much is your eye sight?
Ridhima: 1.5
Senior: can u see anything without spects?
Ridhima: yes
Senior: why do wear them then?
Ridhima: bcoz my head aches if i dont wear them for long time
Senior: u know how to dance?
Ridhima: (shocked) huh!! dance!!! no
Senior: its ok, u can try now..
Ridhima:(tensed a lot) no...i mean..i donno how to
Senior: its an order, u have to
(Suddenly armaan comes)
Armaan: excuse me, whose bike is that parked on the way? can u remove it
Senior: wait for 10mins
Armaan: (arrogantly) no, i cant, i need to go
Senior: abbey, itni bhi kya zaldi hain? come n sit here...u get up (they signal ridhima)
(she gets up n moves aside..armaan comes near her)
Armaan: (in a low voice) get away from here...i will manage
Ridhima: huh?! hmm..can i bus is leaving
Seniors: ok, go
Ridhima: thanks
(she looks at armaan n gives a thankful smile)
Ridhima:[ i hope they dont trouble him much]

Ridhima's home:
(Ridhima is looking worried)
Padma: ridzy kya hua?
Ridhima: woh ma, aaj meri wajah se armaan phas gaya tha
Shashank: kaise?
Ridhima: he tried to save me from ragging n got himself in a fix instead
Padma: ohh..
Ridhima: i m worried for him, his mobile is switched off
Shashank: do u know his landline number?
Ridhima: no...(thinking)..ya, i can try asking atul
(she calls atul)
Ridhima: hello atul, ya hi..ridhima u have armaan's home number?
Atul: ya, note down
(Ridhima calls at that number)
Ridhima: hello, can i talk to armaan...(pause)..hi armaan, how r u?
Armaan: i m fine, y
Ridhima: i was so worried, did the seniors trouble you much?
Armaan: hey, thats ok, i m used to it...infact i have faced harder ones before..
Ridhima:(sigh of relief) thank God..i was so worried...y was ur mobile switched off..i was even more tensed bcoz of that..
Armaan:oh, that!! i forgot to switch it on after the class
Ridhima: tum bhi na..dumbo..daraa diya
Armaan: relax chasmish...i m fine
Ridhima: ok then, c u tomorrow
Armaan: bye
(ridhima cuts the call n smiles)

(After 2months, the seniors have arranged fresher's party...some of the juniors are busy planning the event while others are just waiting for the day bcoz seniors wont rag them after that day)
On the day of party:
(Ridz is confused wat to wear..she hovers a lot n finally decides to wear a white salwar kameez with a matching set of earrings n a chain..looking pretty simple)
Shashank: (dropping her at the venue) ok beta, when shall i come to pick you?
Ridhima: i m not sure how long it takes
Shashank: me when the party is over
Ridhima: anyway sapna will also be with me..we can come together dad..dont worry..
Shashank: ok be careful
Ridhima: ok

(Ridhima walked into the party...she saw sapna...went n sat beside her)
Ridhima: hey, where is anji?
Sapna: did u ever see her coming early..
Ridhima: hehe...where r the guys?
Sapna: must be here somewhere..organising some games
Ridhima: ok
(the senior who is hosting the event comes on to the stage)
host: welcome juniors..
(he gives a welcome speech n tells about the programs and contests for the day)
Anjali: hi ridz, hi sapna
Ridz: hi...u r looking very nice
Anjali: thanks
(the host tells about the rose queen contest)
host: each boy is given a rose when they enter this, every boy has to give his rose to the girl whom he thinks is the most beautiful in the class...ok? when everyone is done we'll count how many roses each girl has got n the one with the highest number of roses is the rose queen
Boys: hey we need more roses, difficult to decide man! so many gals are beautiful
Host: thats wat is the trick, u need to decide who is the most beautiful n give ur rose to her
Anjali: I hope i win
(Ridhima looks at anji n smiles)
(After 5mins, all the guys n gals are scattered over the hall...Ridhima got 2 roses...she is more than happy with two..she is looking at them when a hand comes forward to give her the 3rd one..She smiles n lifts her head to see who it is)


Ridz: Armaan !!! [ the person who teases me the most, who never leaves a chance to comment on me thinks i am the most beautiful in the class??!! i cant believe this!!]
(armaan was in a white tshirt n jeans with denim jacket)
Ridz: thanks
Armi:(smiles) welcome...
(Ridz is looking at him...surprised)
Armi: oh, u already have 2 roses..i dint know there are two blind people in our class who like this chasmish..
Ridz: 3...including you
Armi: me?? i thought no one would give you, i just wanted to lift your mood
Ridz: oh reallyy!! take it back mood is fine
Armi: no diya na..rakhlo...hehe..just kidding..its for you
(The contest is over...some other girl wins the contest..anjali misses it by just one rose..)
Anji: ohh!!! i lost it by just one rose...hey, whom did armaan give his rose?
Ridz: me
Sap: (smiles) wow, thats cool
Anji:(surprised) you? i thought he would give it to me
Ridz: who did Rahul give his rose to?
Anji: muskaan
Sap: i think they r childhood friends
Anji: ya, n may be chidlhood sweethearts also..heard so
Ridz: oh, is it? [ why am i not feeling bad? i was finding rahul handsome n interesting, then y dont i feel anything now?? strange !!]
(after some programs n dinner..the party ends..ridhima is searching for sapna..she cant find her)
Ridz: Anji, did u see sapna?
Anji: not seen her from long time..ask the boys..i m going...bye
Ridz: bye
(Ridz goes to armi)
Ridz: Armaan, did u see sapna?
Armi: oh ya, she left some time ago..she was searching for you but you were involved in some game..she told me to tell you that she remembered some important work, so she left suddenly..sorry, i forgot to tell you
Ridz: Armaan!! u idiot...i m stuck now...i dint even call my dad..i thought i will go with sapna..see, everyone is leaving now, i will look like a watchman for this hall..anyways i will call him now..
Ridz: no??
Armi: i mean its my fault, i forgot to tell will drop u
Ridz: no..its ok..thanks
Armi: r u sure..i mean i can drop u...i have no problem..y do want to trouble ur dad now..
Ridz: no..its alright [ u may not have but i will have a problem sitting behind a guy]
Armi: ok as u wish..i will stay with u till he comes
Ridz: thanks
(she calls her dad, he says he will be there in 15mins)

Armaan n ridhima are walking on the lawn outside the hall:
Armi: are you feeling cold? take my jacket
Ridz: no...i m fine..u look good in it
Armi: thanks
Ridz: the party was good na
Armi: ya..thankfully no ragging from today
Ridz: hey, actually i never thanked u for that day..thanks armaan
Armi: never mind...seniors have made me do tougher things..that day was just normal
Ridz: really, wat did they make you do?
Armi: many yaar... once they made me dance like a snake..u know that naagin dance...gosh!
Ridz: (laughing)
Armi: u laugh like a kid..without any inhibitions
(Ridhima looked at him...armaan is staring at her)
Ridz: [ again!! the same look that he gave on sapna's birthday, wat does that mean?? probably nothing..dont think too much ridzy]
Ridz: thanks..and..wat else did u do?
Armi:once they asked me to sing in a girl's voice..talking is ok yaar but singing like a girl..n they made me repeat it so many times pointing out some or the other fault in it...
Ridz: how do u manage to do all this without losing ur temper?
Armi: its simple..u cant escape, so njoy wat u do..thats
Ridz: u make everything sound simple..but i get very nervous in such situations
Armi: hmm..(pause for few seconds) u know wat u r wearing my favorite color..
Ridz: oh..white??
Armi: ya
Ridz: my favorite is light pink...isnt it a nice color?
Armi: ya but very girly...looks good on you..
Ridz: lagta hain aaj kuch hone wala hain..earthquake or floods or something...u r being so nice to me..(giggles)
Armi: arey nahi yaar..just like that...
Ridz: u know i used to hate u in the starting
Armi: oh!! that means u love me now?? (with a naughty smile)
Ridz: huhhh??!! i mean i dont hate u now...not my fault ok..u were very annoying
Armi: its fun to irritate you..
Ridz: (makes a pout and smiles)
Armi: so wat else r u good at other than being irritated easily
Ridz: i used to play tennis in school..was pretty good at it
Armi: oh wow, do u play now?
Ridz: no, i stopped after i started wearing glasses in my 12th standard..i miss the game a lot
Armi: hey, if u miss it so much u can go for lenses right? u can wear them atleast when u r playing
Ridz: no, i m scared of putting anything in my eyes
Armi: u dumbo...try them first
Ridz: no...i m scared
Armi: i m wearing them from 2 years..
Ridz(fully surprised): wattt??? u wear lenses???
Armi: ya, had to...i was the football team captain in my school...couldnt leave it just for glasses..
Ridz: Oh my God!! u urself use lenses and u call me chasmish.. eh no, i dont believe u..must be kidding
Armi: no..seriously..i m wearing them now..see
(Ridz moves closer to see..she cant see the she moves further)
Ridz: i cant see them
(now she is very near to his face..she sees his eyes...of her favorite color..looking straight into hers)
Ridz: [ gorgeous eyes!!]
(she feels his breath on her cheeks...realises she is too close n moves back)
Armi: did u see?
Ridz: wat??
Armi: lens
Ridz: no (innocently)
Ridz: huh!! u r such a devil armaan!! u made a fool out of me?
Armi: no need to make..u r already a fool..
Ridz: ughhh !! go to hell !!
(saying this she starts walking away from him..armaan holds her hand n stops)
Armi: hey..dont go that side..its dark it is u cant see in normal light..
Ridz: ughhhh !!! u r impossible !!
(she tries to go away again but armaan is still holding her hand tight)
Ridz: ok, i wont go, leave my hand now
(armaan leaves her hand)
Armi: hehe...i was the football team captain..thats true hun!!..n ya my friend wears lenses..she says they r comfortable...
Ridz: i will think
Armi: but u look good in glasses...waise bhi if u dont wear glasses whom will i call chasmish
Ridz: acha !!?
(Ridz mobile rings, shashank is there)
Ridz: ok armaan, i need to go
Armi: let me come with u till the gate..its late night
Ridz: ok
(they walk till the gate)
Ridz: papa, this is armaan
Armi: namaste uncle
Shash: namaste..thanks for being with her
Armi: not a problem uncle
Shash: ridzy chale?
Ridz: haan, bye armaan, good night
Armi: bye..bye uncle
(ridz sits in the car n peeps out to wave to armaan..he is standing there smiling)
Ridz: [ ahh!! i dont feel like going home]

(after a month...the internal exams have started..there will be 3exams best 2 are taken n average is added to the final exam marks..its the day of first internal exam)
Ridz: sapna, prepared well?
Sap: ya.. kind of
Examination hall:
(the bell rings..armaan is about to switch off his phone when it rings)
Armi: hello...wat? ohh...i m coming
(Armaan is rushing out of the hall)
Ridz: hey kya hua
Armi: my friend met with an accident..i have to go
Atul: but exam
Armi: its ok, i'll cover up in next two
Anji: his family will take care..dont miss the exam
Armi: no, his family is not here..i need to go

Next day, ridz sees armaan as she enters the college:
Ridz: howz ur friend?
Armi: he is fine now..thankfully i was on time...they were about to take him for operation..
Ridz: thank God
Armi: i was so tensed till he came out of operation theatre..
Ridz: hmm..i understand [wat a friend i am gifted with!! ]
Armi: his parents arrived early morning today
Ridz: were u there till they came...u look tired
Armi: ya, slept for 2 hrs only
Ridz: ohh..will u be able to write the exam today
Armi: have to..already missed one yesterday
Ridz: hmm

Ridz meets keerti that weekend:
Ridz: howz ur college?
Keerti: good yaar...par bahut ragging horaha hain..
Ridz: hamara khatam hogaya
Keerti: did anyone trouble u?
Ridz: i was so badly fixed one day..thankfully armaan came n helped me out
Keerti: armaan??!! is he the same guy who called u chasmish
Ridz: ya, same guy..but he is good..we r friends now..
Keerti: u dint tell me all these days?
Ridz: u know na i wont accept anyone as a friend so soon
Keerti:, now u accepted?
Ridz: ya, he is completely different from inside...i mean he comes across as a very arrogant guy but actually very good hearted n helping...u wont know that unless u become close to him...opposite of wat he projects himself as ..donno y he does that
Keerti: everyone has a different attitude
Ridz: hmmm...he doesnt say anything but its tacit that u can go to him anytime for help n he will be there for you..
Keerti: trustworthy..hun?
Ridz: ya..but he is very naughty..irritates me a lot..though i dont get offended now
Keerti: hmmm

(its been 7months since the college started, all five have become a close group of friends)
A day before valentines day:
Sap: hey guys wats the program tomorrow?
Armi: tomorrow?
Ridz: valentines day dumbo
Armi: actually april 1st should be celebrated as lovers day..
Ridz: shut up.. u monkey
Anji: kuch celebration hona chahiye yaar
Atul: ya, i agree with anji
Sap: ok, tomorrow is sunday..shall we meet in the evening?
Armi: ya.. done
Atul: abbey tu kyu itna excited hain? pyar vyaar sab bakwaas hain na tere liye...
Armi: haan but just like that..i know u'll be bored without me..i m coming for u guys
Ridz: nautanki
Sap: i have a surprise for u ppl tomorrow
Anji: oh wow!!
Ridz: kya hain surprise?
Armi: yo chasmish..apne dimak par bhi chasma daal...surprise hain...kaise bataayegi
Ridz: oh ok ok..just got overexcited


Valentines day:
(Ridz is waiting outside the restaurant..she sees none of her friends around)
(armaan comes from behind and whispers in her ear "happy valentines day"...which sent a chill down her spine...she could listen her heart beating fast)
Ridz: hahhh!! you??
Armi: darr gayee??
Ridz: (pretending) nahi daree [ was i scared or something else...i felt so different!! his still echoing inside!!]
Armi: u r looking good
Ridz: thanks [ again that look!! koi mujhe batao wat it means!!]
Armi: wat r u thinking...dont tell me you have come prepared to propose to me today
Ridz: huh!!?? u wacko...i will kill u
(she starts beating him..but he blocks her every move...she gets tired)
Armi: thak gayee??
Ridz: haan but i wont leave you ( she starts messing his hair)
Armi: hey, dont touch my hair..i get irritated
Ridz: wow!! after so many days i know something that irritates u n u expect me to leave u now??
Armi: (with crossed fingers) ok sorry sorry
(Atul comes in)
Atul: hi guys, happy valentines day
Ridz n armi: hi, happy valentines day
(anji comes)
Three: hey anji, happy valentines day
Anji: happy valentines day to u too
(all of them go in)
Anji: arey yaar, ye sapna ka surprise kya hain?
Atul: lets she comes..who is the guy with her?
Sapna: hi guys..happy valentines day
(everyone say hi and wish her for valentines...all of them have a question mark on their face)
Sapna: here is my surprise...he is my boyfriend Amit
All: ohhh!!
Armi: nahiiii !! (putting his fist on his forehead..head a old hindi heroine)
(everyone is shocked)
Atul: isko kya hua?
(armaan opens his eyes slightly to make sure that everyone is looking at him)
Armi: ye tu ne kya kiya sapna!! ek bechaara bebas masoom insaan ko pyaar ke kue(well) mein dakhel diya??!!
Ridz: oy, dramebaazi bandh kar
Armi: ok (n sits straight)
(everyone laughs..sapna introduces them to amit)
Anji: hey sapna, tell us ur love story
Armi: ya, tell us
Ridz: y do u want? u dont believe in all this right?
Armi: ya, but they r interesting to film stories
Ridz: (looking at amit) dont mind him hun! he is a nutcase..tell us ur story
Sap: well, its a simple one yaar..we are friends from many years..donno when we started loving each day he proposed n i accepted..thats it...
Ridz: so sweet
Anji: ya
Armi: boring yaar...koi twist nahi hain?
Sap: abbey bandar! meri life mein tujhe twists chahiye?
Armi: yaar..good that u r happy..
Ridz: ya, we r happy for u
(they have dinner..say bye to each other n leave...sapna left with amit...ridz is waiting outside for anji to get her scooty from parking area..anji will drop her at home)
Armaan: waiting for me??
Ridz: no, for anji
Armaan: this is for you
(arman gives a chocolate)
Ridz:(with wide eyes) chocolate!!! thanks..i love chocolates
(she opens it n starts eating hastily like a kid)
Armi: woah !! just a chocolate makes u so happy??
Ridz: ya (with mouth full of chocolate)
(she makes a kiddish sign which means asking do u want?)
Armi: no, u njoy
(Ridz is holding helmet in one hand and chocolate in other hand...her hair is falling on her face bcoz of light wind..she tries to set them with her arm...arman notices this n moves forward and delicately tucks away a strand of hair from her face n put it behind her ear..his fingers touched her cheek when he took his hand back)
Ridz: thanks [his touch!! y is it so different!! may be its normal between a boy n gal when they r friends]
(Anji comes n they go home)

(vicky keeps trying to talk to ridz..she is not so interested but courteous enough to day armaan sees her talking to him in the corridor before going to canteen)
In the canteen:
(armaan is sitting with leg stretched out in the way and ridz comes in)
Ridz: yo monkey...payr hataa
(armaan moves his leg n she comes in..armaan thinks for a few seconds)
Armi: ridhima, i strongly feel vicky is falling for you
Ridz: no armaan..nothing like that
Armi: hah!! as if u can read everyone's mind
Ridz: i dont think he feels that way...wont i know if someone likes me
Armi: (in a serious tone) no..u dont know
(Ridz looked at him..confused..trying to figure out wat he meant...he is just looking at her..without any expression)
Ridz: but..
Armi: i just told u wat i felt
Ridz: hmmm

(after a month..College annual function is announced...everyone is busy preparing for the event..arman is in the organising committee)
Anji: hows the preparation going armaan?
Armi: far its good...
Sap: when does it start? is it ok if we come by 7
Armi: ya 7 shud be ok but it will be late when the function in over..u gals be careful
Ridz: ok...hey gals shall we decide on a dress code
Armi: dress code??!!
Sap: ya...for a change
Armi: tum ladkiyan bhi na
Ridz:, wat to wear..skirt?
Anji: no way, i wear it regularly
Ridz: hmm..jeans?
Sap: wats so special in jeans ridz, its casual..but i never saw u wearing it, y?
Ridz: donno...will try some day
Atul: hi guys
Armi: thank God tu aagaya, these gals have almost forgot that i am a guy and i am sitting here with them, made me listen to their girly talk (with a irritated face)
Atul: haha...tho kya discussion horaha tha?
Sap: nothing yaar, we were just discussing wat to wear for annual function
Atul: hmm
Armi: how abt saree?
Ridz: arey, just now u were irritated n now giving ideas?
Atul: ya, atul came n saved me, i m ok now (giggles)
Anji: waise idea tho acha diya usne
Sap: yup
Ridz: but i never wore a saree
Anji: its ok, first time for me too
Ridz: ok done

Ridz getting ready to go to the college function:
Ridz: ma, not so low, pin it up
Padma: ridzy, it wont look good, old ppl wear like this
Ridz: no no, its ok, i wont be comfortable with so much skin exposed
Padma: this is not exposure ok, saree is meant to be worn like this
Ridz: ok, slightly low then...ya, this is fine
Padma: ok
(after sometime ridz is ready with her blue saree, a set of small necklace n tops)
Ridz: ma, i wont wear glasses today, i will look like aunty with saree
Padma: but ur head may ache, soch lo
Ridz: its ok, i can manage for one day
Padma: r u sure u want to leave ur hair open, u may have problem managing the saree n loose hair, first time right?
Ridz: (thinking) hmmm...can u do a french plait quickly?
Padma: ok

(Shashank dropped ridz at the college..she entered inside..her eyes searching for her friends...cant see anyone...she slowly walked further in her 'never worn before' outfit..holding the pallu with one hand and pleats with the other...faltering)
Ridz:(talking to herself in a low voice) dint anyone come yet?
("BOOO"...came a voice from behind..ridz, who was already struggling with her saree got scared with the sudden sound and tries to turn back fast stepping on her own saree creating commotion...looses her balance and trips)
Ridz: (screams) aaaahhhh
(her hand is searching for something to hold...eyes closed in fright...just when she thought she fell on the ground...she realises she dint fall...someone is holding the waist...and she got something to cling her hand...sure that she is safe now, she opened her see who saved her)
Ridz: Armaaaan !!!
(Her hand holding his shirt collar...armaan is staring at her...she stands taking his help for balance...his hand is still on her open waist...she takes away her hand releasing his collar...armaan loosens his grip n takes his hand back slowly...the trailing touch of his hand sent a shiver all over her body)
Ridz: thanks (looking uncomfortable) [O my God! that touch!! ridzy, dont ponder..that part is sensitive, u would feel that way if anyone touches there]
Armi: u r welcome
Ridz: hey wait, wasnt it you who scared me in the first place
Armi: (smiling naughtily)
Ridz: youu monkey...ughhh...i take back my thanks..
Armi: (laughs)
Ridz: (irritated) stop laughing
Armi: ok ok...u know wat..u r looking like a girl today
Ridz: wat do u mean by "looking"... i AM a girl
Armi: hehe...u dint wear glasses today?
Ridz: no..dint feel like wearing them
Armi: hmm..come, i will show you something..can u see that tree?
Ridz: (curiously) yes
Armi: the light hanging on it
Ridz: yes
Armi: the guy walking under it
Ridz: yes
Armi: what is his shirt color?
Ridz: yellow
Armi: r u sure?
Ridz: ya...why?
(she looked at armaan..confused with his questions)
Armi: wow, u can see without glasses...thats great (laughing)
Ridz: huh??!! armaan, u r dead now
(starts beating him n messing his hair)
Armi: ok ok..sorry
Ridz: hmm
Armi: ok last one hun!..we will check the near objects many fingers are these? (showing three fingers)
Ridz: go to hell
(she starts walking away)
Armi: Ridhima..wait
Ridz: no
Armi: (in a serious tone) please stop


(Ridhima stopped...wondering y he sounds so serious...he comes near her...very near...Ridhima turns back)
Armi: no, dont turn
Ridz: why??
Armi: first turn that side
(ridz turned..her back facing him)
Armi: (in a low voice, bends his head to make sure she hears his voice) to tell..ur blouse hooks....first 2 are open
Ridz: wat??
(she turns her head to see..but cant see them)
Armi: i know u cant see, thats y m telling you
(thinking its again one of his pranks..she refuses to believe)
Ridz: armaan, not again hun!
Armi: (angrily) huh!! r u mad or u think i m joking?
Ridz: yes
(she turned back to look at him)
Armi: (angrily) i told u to remain like that
(he held her shoulders n turned her)
Armi: ok, u want proof that this is not a prank? listen then...u r wearing a black (paused)
(ridz immediately realised wat he is refering to)
Ridz: ohhh shit!!! armaan, wat to do now?
(she moved back n held his hand nervously)
Armi: ok...dont panic
(he took her pallu n passed it to her from other side covering her back)
Armi: can u walk till the ladies washroom, u might see any girl there
Ridz: hmmm [ Oh God, 2 out of 4 are open, i hope no one noticed]
Armi: ok..relax..
(ridz started walking and was amazed to see armaan walking beside her..observing the surroundings to see if anyone noticed them...ridz went into the washroom, asked her classmate to hook them and came out..she saw armaan waiting outside)
Armi: (tensed) done?
Ridz: yes..(paused)...armaan, thanks!
Armi: (angry n serious) and u thought it was a prank
(ridz is seeing armaan angry for the first time)
Ridz: (with head lowered) woh..maine socha ki tum hamesha...
Armi: hamesha mazaak karta hoon.. right? how could u even think that i will play such a prank?
Ridz: i m sorry [ his anger !!! so frightening!! i m scared to even look at him]
(armaan is looking at her angrily)
Ridz: (with head lowered n eyes lifted) bola na..i m sorry
Armi: look ridhima... i know the limits for being naughty..n such a prank is definitely out of my limits
Ridz: sorryyy
Armi: ok, chalo ab
Ridz: hmmm
(they r walking silently..ridz is tensed, sad n guilty)
Ridz: [should i talk or not? he still looks angry]
Armi: sapna nahi aayi?
Ridz: woh...usko kuch kaam tha..wahi se directly ayegi yaha pe
Armi: acha... wat is this hairstyle?
Ridz: yeh... this is called french plait
Armi: woah, fanciful name, acha hain...dont tell me anji n sapna r also going to appear in the same hairstyle
Ridz: wat???
Armi: kya dresscode u might have decided on some haircode also, band wale ki tarah (giggles)
Ridz: band wale?? God u r smiling again
Armi: hmm
Ridz: u r scary when u r angry
Armi: hmm
(Ridz sees that he is wearing a formal pant n shirt tucked in with a tie)
Ridz: u r looking very decent, in formals
Armi: thanks
Ridz: u like formals?
Armi: nah!! i had to wear today...princy's order...will be on stage for quite some time..thats y
Ridz: hmm...but tie is not set properly
Armi: where?
(arman tries to see but he cant)
Ridz: hehe..u can u see ur own tie without a mirror?..wait i will help u
(she is setting his collar n the tie...he is staring at her...she lifts her head to see him...she notices that he is observing her face)
Ridz: ok, its set now...u donno how to wear a tie also??(mockingly)
Armi: hello madam, i wore it properly, it was disturbed when u were holding my collar n doing gymnastics a while ago..
Ridz: gymnastics!! huh!!
(Anji comes n meets them, sapna joins later...gals r together for the rest of the day..armaan is busy handling the events.. impressing the audience and especially the gals with his witty talks)
Ridz:(looking at him on the stage)[ahh!! he is so adorable, just cant take eyes off]
(armaan made an announcement..the lights are off for a show..ridz is standing a bit away from the stage..her eyes unknowingly searching for him in the dark..armaan comes from a side and whispers)
Armi: mujhe doond rahi ho?
Ridz: ha!! nahi..bas aise hi [but y was i searching for him??]
(ridz went n sat with the anji n sapna...armaan n atul were checking now n then if the gals were ok... the function is over...ridz n shashank dropped anji n sapna at their houses n went home)

Next day in canteen:
Sap: hey armaan, u did really well yesterday, u were awesome on the stage
Armi:(smiles) thanks
Atul: tu tho cha gaya yaar kal, very good hun!
Anji: yup, even i heard gals talking about u today, they r going ga-ga over you
Armi:(becomes alert) oh wow! who r they?
Sap: so excited??
Armi: ya, i will see if i can have a short affair with any of them(winks)
Ridz: so shamelss!
Anji: hehehe..but it will be hard to choose armaan, there r many
Atul: really??!! arey yaar, tere tho bahut fans hogaye...tell them to form a fan club or something
Sap: hehe..armaan fan club !!
Armi: u r my true friends yaar!! wow, kya naam hain...armaan fan club!! anji, anyone from our class?
Anji: hain na...neetu
Armi: nah, not interesting
Anji: priya
Armi: nah
Ridz:[ohh!! so many gals liked him yesterday, then its ok, i was not the only one...he was charming indeed..nothing abnormal with me, good good..but no, i m not a member of that stupid fan club..wat nonsense!!]
Armi: chasmish
Ridz:(on hearing him call her) haan??!!
Armi: kya soch rahi ho? do u wanna join my fanclub?
Ridz: huh??!! wat rubbish?? sabke sab ladkiyan andhe hogaye, how can anyone like this monkey?? yuck!!
Armi: why, why cant they like me..when u can like someone like rahul
Ridz: rahul??!! when did i tell that i like rahul?? but i dont hate him the way you do, thats it
Armi: hmm...anji, continue with ur list
Anji: oh ya...then there was Anu
Armi: hmm..she is quite beautiful
Sap: haha...thats all makeup
Armi: really??!!
Ridz: even i dint know
Anji: ridz, u know nothing!! cant u see how big her eyelashes are, they r fake or she uses heavy mascara
Ridz: really?? wat is mascara?
Sap: it is used to make ur lashes look thicker and u can get extensions also in
Armi:(interrupting her) ok hold on...atul, lets jump out of this place before these gals go deep into their girly discussion
Atul: true man!! lets go
Armi: u gals carry on...we'll see u later
Sap: hey wait, shall we go for a movie tomorrow?
(everyone says yes)
Armi: but which one?
(sapna tells some name)
Armi: i've already seen it
Atul: its ok, come again with us
Armi: ok

Movie hall:
(Armaan is sitting beside ridz)
Armi: hey ridz, story bolu kya?
Ridz: shut up armaan, i will kill u if u leak the story now
(the movie starts)
Armi: i will just tell who the murderer is
Ridz: (slaps him on shoulder) armaan, if u keep irritating i wont sit beside u
Armi: ok ok, nahi bolunga
(they continue seeing...fighting who wants to rest their arm on the common chair handle..but everytime arman touches her, she feels something inside but then brushes off her own thoughts)
Ridz: [ may be it is a common feeling when someone from opposite sex touches you, its just that u r not used to it..he is just ur friend..hmm...a very good friend, dont spoil ur brain ridzy]
(armaan tells her something but she cant hear bcoz of high volume in the theatre..she moves closer)
Ridz: wat??
Armi: the heroine's friend is the murderer
(Ridz looks at him..fuming...armaan is calmly looking at the screen)
Ridz: ughh!! why r u like this?
Armi: (giggles) donno
Ridz: main tumhe baad mein dekhloongi
Armi: all the best
(the movie is over, they r coming out of the hall)
Ridz: hey, y did u misguide me, she was not the murderer
Armi: you dint want to be guided, so i misguided
Ridz: ahh!! all the time i was thinking that she did it
Armi: (laughing loudly)
Ridz: i will never sit beside u in a movie
(they go home)

After some days:
(Ridz is walking in to the canteen)
Armi: atul, i sometimes feel so bad for girls yaar
Atul: why?
Armi: bahut na-insaafi hua hain unke saath
Atul: wat na-insaafi??
Armi: haan..God sent them on earth without fitting brain into their body
Ridz: wat nonsense!!
Armi: u know, their IQ is good but slightly less than human beings
Anji: shut up, gals r intelligent
Armi: yes, they just lack common many ever times u tell them something, they dont understand
Sap: wats ur problem man!
Ridz: ya monkey, why r u gibbering?
Armi: dint i tell u that vicky is falling for u
Ridz: ya but thats just ur imagination..nothing like that
Armi: ya imagination..huh! u know wat..i met a friend yesterday after a long gap..i dint know that he is vicky's friend also..he told me that vicky is getting serious about you...n he wants me to help tell me miss ridhima gupta how can i help vicky to woo you??
Ridz: wat?? i dont believe this
Anji: cool ridz, finally u have someone who fell for you..njoy
Ridz: armaan, r u serious?
Armi: yes
(Ridz thinks for a while)
Ridz: (in a firm tone) ok..armaan u r going to help..not vicky but me
Armi: whatt??
Ridz: yes, tell me how can i make him understand that i m not interested in him
Anji: y do u want to do that? he dint propose to u yet
Ridz: i dont want him to propose..i dont want him to get more serious about me to the extent of proposing n then face my will be too hard for him..he is a nice guy, i dont want to hurt him
Anji: huh?? u've gone mad ridz...someone is interested in you...instead of enjoying the attention..u r trying to ward him off..
Ridz: shut up anji..i dont want any unnecessary attention..that too if it causes pain to someone later..
(Everyone is staring at awe)
Armi: ok..we have to do something then
Sapna: but wat can we do
Armi: she can tell him indirectly that she has a boyfriend
Ridz: boyfriend?? who? i dont have any
Armi: u can say my name


Sap: have u lost it armaan? how can she say that?
Armi: its just to make him stop thinking about her, wats wrong in that?
Anji: huh! its not that simple..the whole college will start talking about u two
Atul: yes armaan, anji is right..wats wrong with u dude?
Armi: let them talk, i have no problem
Ridz: but i have..i m not so cool with these affairs n acting stuff
Sap: armaan, zyada hindi filmein dekhoge tho aise ideas hi ayenge..hehe...u need a reality check man!
Ridz: this wont work, gimme another idea
Armi: this was a pretty simple one, u just had to let him know that u r attached
Ridz: huh!! simple?? [ acting like a boyfriend girlfriend is simple?? he is so mysterious sometimes!! should i thank him for the idea or scold him for its stupidity!]
Armi: ya, incase he is very serious about you and any problem arises it would come upon me, i would have handled it..
Ridz: hmmm [he is right in a way but going around like a pair??!! no no, no way!]
Armi: but since u dont want to do that...lemme think then...hmmm...stop talking to him
Ridz: wat?? how will that work?
Sap: i get wat he is saying..if a gal avoids talking to a guy, thats a clear signal that she is not interested
Ridz: hmm..but he will feel bad if i avoid him
Armi: its up to u to choose, if u want to make him feel bad now or hurt him later
Ridz: hmm..first one is better i think..but avoiding a person is quite difficult for me..its so unlike me
Anji: ridz, everything is difficult for you..u dont want to hurt n u dont want to avoid
Armi: if u dont want to encourage him further, u need to do this
Ridz: hmm..ok then, i'll try to avoid

A week later, coffee break:
Atul: hi guys, hey ridz did u see the notice board?
Ridz: y wats in there?
Atul: there is an inter-college seminar next week on operating systems..thats ur area of interest right?
Ridz: really?? i will go n check
(she comes back after 5mins...disappointed)
Anji: wat happened?
Ridz: it looks interesting but only for those who participate
Sap: so wat, u have one week to prepare
Anji: we will help u to write the papers
Ridz: i can write the papers but
Armi: but?
Ridz: i cant participate..i cant face so many people standing on the stage
Armi: ahh!! u r crazy ridz..
Ridz: its easy for u to say...but very difficult for me to overcome that stage fear
Armi: (thinking) hmmm
Sap: i m sure u gave up the chance of being a monitor bcoz of the same reason
Ridz: yes
Armi: n she wont get the chance this time bcoz i will top the exams
Ridz: eh hello..hold on..i m going to top
Armi: sorry, better luck next time..
Ridz: hah! day dreaming !!
Armi: lets have a bet then?
Ridz: done..wats the bet?
Armi: jo tum kaho
Ridz: soch lo
Armi: i need not think.. i am confident...tum soch lo...ladki ho...
Ridz: ladki hoon..tho?
Armi: can u do watever i say?
Ridz: yes, i m not scared [bcoz i trust you !! i know u wont tell me to do anything improper!]

(Final exams time, everyone is busy studying..practical exams going on)
Day of the computers practical exam:
(All of them reached the college, waiting outside the lab..a peon comes in n pastes something on the notice board..someone rushes to see wat it is)
Guy: ohhh noo!!!
(everyone moves towards the notice board)
Guy: the exam is postponed, there is some technical problem in the lab
Everyone: ohh
Sap: when is it then?
Guy: after all the theory exams
Armi: hey, wats everyone doing here
Ridz: practical exam is postponed to the end
Armi: ohhh.. good chasmish u'll get more time to TRY to win the bet
Ridz: boss..not TRY...i WILL...ok?
Armi:(smiles) lets see

(the exams are over, just one postponed practical left)
A day before the practical:
(ridz phone rings)
Ridz: hi armaan
Armi: hi..kya kar rahi ho chasmish?...pad padke chasme ka number badaa rahi ho kya?
Ridz: no, i m very computer is down with some problem, donno how i will practise now..
Armi: oh shit
Ridz: u must be happy now....i will score less than you tomorrow
Armi: shut up duffer, did u try to call at the showroom for service, they may send someone to fix it
Ridz: ya tried, they dont have anyone right now
Armi: shall i come n try?
Ridz: u? r u sure..i mean its a timewaste for you
Armi: its ok, i m coming
Ridz: ok

(Armaan comes to ridz house..padma opens the door)
Armi: hello aunty
Padma: r u?
Armi: fine aunty, aap kaise ho?
Padma: good..ridz is waiting for u..she is so nervous from morning..was in a very bad mood until she got ur call
Armi:(smiles) where is she?
Ridz: in her room upstairs..this way..
(ridz is in a tshirt n tied up..she cleaned her room before armaan comes to put her girly things out of sight)
Ridz: hi armaan
Armi: hi, where is ur PC?
Ridz: here
(armaan works on it for sometime asking for some cds, passwords)
Armi: ahh! finally!! i m reinstalling windows...will take sometime...
Ridz: (relieved) thanks armaan
Armi: relax chasmish...look at ur if u lost some war..
(Armaan is free now..looks around her room observing the things)
Armi: ur room is nice
Ridz:[he doesnt know that i cleaned it just before he came..hehe]
(he looks at her soft toys..lifts the big teddy bear)
Armi: (mockingly) wats this?
Ridz: this is bear friend
Armi: pintu !!?? hehe..tum ladkiyan bhi na...names for toys also !!??
Ridz: ey..he's not a toy, he is my friend
(grabs the teddy from his hands n hugs it..smiles with a blink)
Armi: (smiles) cute
Ridz: wat?
Armi: ur friend..he is cute
(arman looks at the big poster of shahrukh khan on the wall)
Armi: shahrukh khan !!!??
Ridz: ya, my favorite
Armi: i donno y so many gals like him
Ridz: he is so romantic !! look at his eyes..they r so mesmerising...can spend hours looking at them..and the way he looks at his heroines
Armi:(interrupts) like this?
(Ridz turned to see armaan...he is looking straight into her eyes..the same mysterious look she has been struggling to find the meaning for..the enigmatic stare which confused her all these days)
Ridz:[ O my God! wat does this mean now?? does that mean he has been giving me romantic looks all these days? is this wat people call passionate eyes?? but y am i unable to move my eyes away from them..i thought this happens only in movies]
(The computer made a startup sound)
Ridz: (with a jerk as if coming out of the spell) haan
(armaan turned towards computer giving a smile)
Ridz: [now wat does that smile mean??]
Armi: ok, ur system is fixed now
Ridz: haan?? ok..thanks
Armi: you are welcome.. i will leave now
Ridz: ok
(both went downstairs)
Armi: bye aunty bye uncle
Padma n shash: bye
(ridz accompanied him..both of them r standing at the gate)
Ridz: bye armaan, good night
Armi: (smiles) good night
(she stood there as he started his bike n drove off...looking at him till he disappeared at the end of road)


(Ridhima stood at the gate looking at the empty road..lost in her thoughts..)
Ridz:[ he loves me? is that wat his eyes r trying to say? but...he says he doesnt believe in love...then??]
Padma: ridzy, andar ao na, wahan kya kar rahi ho?
Ridz:(coming out of her thought process)haan..aa rahi hoon
(she went into her room n sat on her bed...his face, his eyes, that smile..fllashing in her mind)
Padma: ridzy, is your computer ok now?
Ridz: haan?..yes mom
Padma: then y do u look so tensed, nervous about exam?
Ridz: exam?? ...ya ya, exam tension
Padma: relax ok, dont strain urself too much
Ridz: hmm
(padma left the room)
Ridz:[ ridzy, dont think about anything now, concentrate on studies, u need to top the exams, forgot the bet with armaan?...hmm...ya...armaan...his behavior...his intense eyes...ok stop..dont think abt him now]
(she shakes her head, decides to continue with her preparation for the exam)

(the next day...before entering the computer lab...she sees armaan...coming towards her)
Ridz:[ wat should i do now? dont disturb urself ridzy, concentrate on exam]
Armi: hi chasmish
Ridz: hi
Armi: did u practise well?
Ridz: ya
Armi: anyway u will lose the bet but still all the best
Ridz: hah!! dream on! all the best to u too [he sounds so normal now, but yesterday??!!]
Sap: hey, time is up, lets go in

(The exam is finished...everyone came out...ridz is searching for armaan)
Ridz: anji, did u see armaan?
Anji: no, i think he left already
Ridz: ohhh ok
Anji: y, u had some work?
Ridz: wanted to discuss some thing about the exam..
Sap: exam or result?
Ridz: hehe..exam
Sap: lets go home...need to sleep like a donkey..very stressed
Ridz: ya..chalo

(there are holidays for 2 weeks before the next semester starts...its been a week since holidays one has called up ridz..she is sitting in her room..missing her friends)
Ridz:[does anyone remember me?? no call no sms!! hmmm may be busy with their own work..but everyone is busy?? and armaan, he also doesnt remember me!]
(she remembers his looks on the day he came to her house)
Ridz: [ i want to meet him, talk to him but he dint call from one week...should i call or not??]
(thinks for a while)
Ridz:[no, lets see when he remembers me..i will meet keerti, long time dint speak liesurely with her]

At keerti's house:
Keerti: toh, how was ur exams?
Ridz: good, i think i did well
Keerti: hmm..n how r ur friends?
Ridz: they r fine
Keerti: and armaan?
Ridz: y r u specific abt him
Keerti: just like that, he used to irritate u na
Ridz: woh tho he can never stop
Keerti: (smiles) hmm
Ridz: he fixed my computer a day before the exam, i wud have been lost without him..he is very nice but
Keerti: but??
Ridz: i donno if its my imagination or if its real but his behavior is very different
Keerti: different??
Ridz: ya, i donno wat it means but the way he looks at me...i donno..its very confusing
Keerti: how is he with others?
Ridz: others?
Keeri: i mean with anjali n sapna
Ridz: donno..never observed
Keerti: probably its just his normal behavior but may be u r finding it different
Ridz: hmm...may be
Keerti: so wat did u plan for birthday?
Ridz: nothing yaar
Keerti: wat did u buy?
Ridz: nothing yet, shall we go for shopping now?
Keerti: ok chalo

In the shopping mall:
Keerti: ridzy, u r not bored of salwars? i m tired of seeing u in them, y dont u try jeans now?
Ridz: no yaar, it wont go with my long hair
Keerti: first try it, we'll think abt ur hair later
(Ridz comes out of trial room wearing jeans n a nice top)
Keerti: wow ridzy, u r looking very second thoughts,u r going to buy this
Ridz: but my hair?
Keerti: its looking good, u just need to know how to carry it off..hmm..lets try if aunty agrees for a haircut, u can get a nice style done for your birthday
Ridz: hmm, ok..lets try

At ridhima's house:
Ridz: ma please
Padma: no
Ridz: i m bored of the same hairstyle..i need to cut it a bit for better hairstyle
Padma: kitne acha baal hain beta, kyu kaatna chahti hain
Ridz: (making a sad face) i just have to stick to salwars bcoz of this long hair
(after some cajoling padma agrees)
Padma: ok, but not shorter than this (strictly showing the length)
Ridz:(kisses her) ok.. thank u so much
(Keerti n ridz go n get a nice layered hair cut done)
Keerti: wow ridz, u have changed completely..looking very pretty
Ridz: (smiles) i m so excited

On ridhima's birthday:
(7am..she is sleeping in her room...she feels something tingling her ear..brushes it off with her hand..back to sleep..tingling again..she is half awake now...suddenly she hears many voices.. shouting at once "happy birthday"..she springs up on her bed..confused..eyes wide open..jaw dropped)
Everyone: surprise!!
Ridz: aaahhhh!!!
(she sees all her friends standing infront of her)
Ridz: tum log? yahaan??
Anji: tumhe kya lagaa? hum tumhe bhool gaye?
Ridz: haan
Sap: well, we wanted u to think like that
Atul: thats y we dint call u all these days
Anji: we remember u n ur birthday
Ridz: (smiles)
(her eyes took a quick glance of the surroundings..secretly looking for armaan..he is standing at the end..smiling...everyone come n wish her seperately)
Armi: happy birthday chasmish!!
Ridz: thanks
Armi: this is from all of us
(he said passing over a big teddy bear)
Ridz: awwww!! mere liye?? its so cute!!!
Anji: u liked it?
Ridz: ya, very much, thank u!! O my God, ye sab kya horaha hain subah subah!!
Sap: its ur birthday darling, it has to be special na
Armi: actually hua ye ki, yesterday pintu called up n told us that he is feeling lonely when u r not at home..he wanted a girlfriend, so we brought this for pintu, its not for u ok?
Ridz: hehehe..tho iska naam kya hain?
Armi: oh no, hum shopwale se iska naam poochna bhool gaye...stupid, jo chahe rakhlo, naam kya hain it seems
Ridz: hmmmmff...main hi rakhti hoon...hmmm...dimpy??
Armi: dimpy??!!! watever..tum kuch alag dikh rahi ho aaj
Anji: she got a haircut
Atul: its nice
Ridz: ab tum log bahar wait karo plz..mujhe fresh hona hain
Sap: abbey, itni kya jaldi hain, cake kaat le
Ridz: wat?? i dint even brush my teeth!!
Armi: koi baat nahi, bed cake samajh ke kha lena
Ridz: bed cake??
Armi: ya, like bed coffee
Ridz: no no, plz mujhe tayaar ho ne do
Anji: ok, hey lets go
(everyone is moving out...ridz is looking at her gift..she turns her head n sees armaan..still in the room..smiling at her...ridz smiles back)
Armi: i knew u will like it
(he is looking at her with the same intensity)
Ridz: hmm [ahhh!! these eyes!!]
Sap:(shouting from outside) armaan!!
Armi: ya, coming...jaldi aana
Ridz: ok

(ridhima got ready, wore her jeans...went out...observed armaan's stare for a second...happy that he noticed her)
Armi: who is this girl? she looks like our ridhima na..r u ridhima's sister?
Ridz: dikta nahi hain? mera chasma doo kya??
Sap: wow ridz, wats this makeover?
Anji: looking nice yaar
Ridz: thanks
Atul: ab vicky ka kya hoga? bechara, he will fall for u again!!
Ridz: ssshhh!! mere ghar mein ho bewakoof!!
Atul:(biting his tongue) sorry sorry
Armi: ok, now cake cutting session
(they get the cake, ridz cuts it..they sing for her..she feeds the cake to her parents first n then to everyone..armaan licked her finger along with the cake with a naughty smile in his eyes)
Ridz:[O God! wat is he doing?]
Anji: khana bahut hogaya, ab cake ke saath kuch aur kare??!! (she said winking at others)
Atul: ya ya why not
(sapna took a piece of cake n started coming towards ridz...ridz understood wat they r planning to do...gets alert immediately)
Ridz: no way...i took a shower just sapna.. no
(saying this she is looking for a route to escape from there)
Anji: catch her
(ridz scurries from there...everyone is running behind her..trying to catch her from every direction possible...jumping in n out of sofa..hiding behind her parents..running all over the house..finally armaan caught her)
Ridz: armaan, plz chodo mujhe
Armi: just last makeup to complete ur birthday getup
(he held her from behind...holding her two hands in his one hand...she is jumping..atul is taking pictures)
Ridz: ahh!! leave me!!
Armi: jaldi ao yaar
(sapna is trying to put cake on ridz face..ridz trying to escape..jumping here n there)
Sap: armaan, teekh se pakdo yaar
(armaan grabbed her towards him..putting his other hand across her neck...she cant move now..but shouting)
Anji: ab aayi oont pahad ke neeche
(everyone is putting cake on her...she is tilting her head to escape...rubbing her face on his shirt)
Armi: my turn now
(he said this n let her go..taking his hand off gently..softly touching her bare neck..ridhima's heart skipped a beat...stopped shouting)
Armi: (searching for a clean place on her face n then looking into her eyes) u r looking gorgeous now!
(she is dumbstruck...the intensity of his eyes has captured her)
Atul: someone take this camera yaar
(sapna took it)
Atul: kya hua ridz, u dont want to run?
Anji: she understood its no point struggling now..
(everyone is laughing..the laughter awakened her)
Ridz: u will pay for this
(she ran after everyone n messed up their faces with the cake left..they took group pictures at the end..washed their faces)
Sap: we'll go now
Padma: have lunch n go beta, i've already started cooking
Ridz: good idea, i will call keerti also
Anji: ya, u keep telling abt her but never met

(keerti comes to ridz house..she introduces her to all)
Ridz: this is armaan
Keerti: hi
Armi: hey wonder she never let us meet till now
Keerti: (surprised smile)
Ridz: (angrily) stop flirting with my friend
Armi: she is my friend now, right keerti?
Keerti: (smiles) right
Armi: and you..stop getting jealous (pushing her with his finger on her nose)
Ridz: huh!! jealous??!! bhaad mein jao dono
(they have lunch n leave..keerti is still with ridz..they r looking at the pictures in the cam)
Keerti: i noticed
Ridz: wat?
Keerti: that he behaves differently with u
Ridz: really? when did u see?
Keerti: i was just observing him..he never leaves a chance to come near u or touch u..he is not the same with others..but very smart hun, he makes it look normal, i could see bcoz u already told me...and look at this (pointing to a picture)
(she showed a picture when they had the eyelock)
Ridz: hey, this is wat i was telling u that day, he looks at me like this
Keerti: u r so dumb ridz, dont u know the meaning of this look
Ridz: but he always says he dont believe in love
Keerti: oh is it, he must be saying that just for the sake of it
Ridz: (confused face) n he flirts with so many girls
Keerti: hehe..i know, i saw that today
Ridz: (smiles) ya, may be he is flirting with me too, i mean serious flirting
Keerti: do u think he will flirt with a friend like u?
Ridz: may not be or may be, donno..
Keerti: ok, forget that...tell me, wat do u feel for him?
Ridz: me? i like him, infact i like him a lot, more than my other friends
Keerti: like or love?
Ridz: donno, i cant figure out anything now..he is special but he is the first guy i m so close to...may be just a crush...and i dont want to jump into conclusions...bcoz for me, love is a very sacred thing...let me wait n see wat my heart says


(Ridz is lying on her bed...recollecting the lovely moments of the her friends surprised her...the fun she had with the dim light she saw the gift they gave her..grabbed it.."dimpy" she said..then she remembered how armaan made fun of that name..his gaze..that touch on her he licked her finger..that mischievous look in his eyes)
Ridz: Armaan!! (she uttered his name without her knowledge..but immediately realises)
Ridz: [y did i say his name?!! but i really feel like talking to him]
(picks her mobile..looks at the time just before pressing the speed dial)
Ridz: [ ahh!! its so late..he must be sleeping...hmm..will call tomorrow]
(she tries to sleep, but cant..she closes her eyes, she sees him...opens her eyes, still sees him...then she remembers keerti's words)
Ridz: [that means it was not my imagination..but that may also mean he is flirting...he knows i m dumb in these matters...may be he is just playing around to confuse heart says he cant flirt with me..but mind says he can..whom to listen?!]
(she keeps thinking..rolling on her bed...falls asleep after a while)

Next day:
(ridz is getting bored..she calls up armaan, his phone is switched off..she calls at his landline n his mom says he has gone to a his granny's place for one week)
Ridz:[one week!! then i can meet him only after college starts]
(she calls up sapna n goes to her house..they talk about some things n in the course sapna talks about amit)
Ridz: sapna, shall i ask u something?
Sap: haan, pooch na
Ridz: u n amit were friends right? then how did u fall in love? i mean when did u start feeling that way?
Sap: that even i donno ridz..i just knew it
Ridz: how did u know?
Sap: u feel the difference when he touches you, when he looks at you, when he is near you..when he is not around, u miss him, u just want to be with him all day n night
Ridz: hmm..sounds like heaven if u have him..
Sap: ya..u dont feel that way for other guys or other friends
Ridz:(smiles) so u just know..hmm [but how will i know, i donno any other guys to compare..hey no..i have...atul..yess..i will see how is it different..hmm...good idea..wah ridz, u r so intelligent!! shabaash!!]

(college starts...ridz is waiting to see armaan..she enters the class...professor is already in..sits in her place..turns back to see armaan..suprisingly, he is looking at her...they exchange smiles)
Ridz: [ oh! he is also looking at me]
(lecture is over..attendance time..ridz is waiting for armaan's roll number..hears his voice..smiles to herself)
Ridz:[ye sab kya ho raha hain? y am i smiling?]

(coffee break time..ridz is walking in to the canteen..first she goes towards armaan)
Ridz:[no..i will sit beside atul n see today]
(she goes n sits near atul..looks at armaan..he is slightly surprised)
Armi: chasmish, did u call up at my home?
Ridz: ya
Armi: why
(armaan has a subtle naughty look on his face)
Ridz: wat do u mean by why? just like that..bcoz ur mobile was off
Armi: oh ok
(ridz feels nothing when she is near atul and when he touches her accidentally)

After one week:
(ridz n anji r walking in the corridor..she sees vicky at some distance..she knows he is walking towards her..drags anji in different direction)
Anji: where r u taking me? i need to go to washroom
(she turns to go)
Ridz: (pulls her back) dont go
Anji: (frowning) what???
Ridz: i mean, dont go to the one on this floor, we'll go downstairs
Anji: but why
Ridz: vicky is coming..he will definitely try to talk to me..we'll take this staircase
Anji: ahh!! tu bhi na..usne dekha kya?
Ridz: haan, he has to know that i'm avoiding him
Anji: ughh!!! OKAY!! u r crazy

In the canteen:
Atul: tho ridz..wat happened to ur mission "dont hurt vicky"?
Anji: it is in "avoid talking to him" stage
Armi: i saw how u both were running away from him (coming in and laughing)
Ridz: nothing to laugh, ok
Armi: kyu chasmish, bura laga apne aashiq par comment sunke??
(he said this n dragged a chair close to her to sit)
Ridz: shut up, he is not my aashiq
Armi: (smiles) lets see wat ur mission results in
Ridz: i just want to make him understand the reality, thats it

(A week later..rahul invites ridz, anji, sapna for his bday party..they r in the canteen..armaan walks in)
Ridz: hey, where is atul?
Armi: he is in library, will join us in, wats going on girls?
Sap: we were just talking abt rahul, its his birthday today
Armi: (with a straight face) i know
Anji: he has invited us to the party..i think he invited everyone in the class
Armi: not everyone
Ridz:(surprised) dint he invite u??
Armi: no
Anji: ohh!!
Armi: and...i wont allow u ppl to go
(everyone is shocked)
Anji: allow??!! r u passing an order?
Sap: wats that armaan? its our wish if we want to go or not
Ridz: yes, u cant dictate..and its just a party, y r u so fussy?
Armi: yes, i m fussy, i dont want any of my friends to go
Sap: is this a kind of gang war or wat?
Armi: i donno wat it is, but u r not going...thats it
Anji: i hate this domination armaan, i will go
Sap: me too
Ridz: u r so egoistic!!
Armi:(seriously) ok, ur wish, choose me or him
Sap: i cant believe this..our friendship is at stake just bcoz of a party?
Armi: yes
Ridz: u r overreacting armaan
Anji: u have seriously lost ur mind, we'll talk later
(saying this she gets up to go)
Ridz: [ Oh no! this is getting serious!!]
Armi:(angrily) not later..never talk to me again
Sap: happy with ur foolish ego
(both anji n sapna walk away from there)
Ridz: [hey bhagwan, ab main kya karoon, yeh atul kaha marr gaya..gussa tho main bhi hoon par unke saath jaao ya ruk jaoo??]
(she looked at armaan..he is extremely angry n upset...looking in some other direction)
Ridz: [no! if i also walk out, this will become more serious..and...i cant leave him alone here!]
Ridz: armaan
Armi: what?? (he said in a furious voice..looking at her with storming eyes)
(after the college annual function, she never saw him angry...but this time..she is not scared)
Armi: y dint u go with them?
Ridz: (in a soft voice) armaan, i know you are angry but you r more important to us than rahul..after we knew that he dint invite u, none of us would have gone to the party, but the way u ordered us, dont u think it was rude?
(armaan is thinking)
Armi: hmm
(Atul comes in..seeing both of them serious, he is confused)
Atul: kya hua yaar, aur anji, sapna kaha hain?
Ridz: they will come, u sit
(anji n sapna r back after 2 mins..came n silently sat in the chairs..armaan looked at them..with guilt n relief..they looked at him n smiled..he smiled back..everyone is silent and smiling except atul)
Atul: is there a smiling competition going on here, koi mujhe batayega kya ho raha hain?
Ridz: these three had a fight 5 mins ago n they patched up just now
Atul: kyaaa?? kab?? kaise?? kyu??
Armi: abbey question box, they were going to attend rahul's party, i just overreacted, they were angry n walked out n came back now..(a small pause).. thankfully (sighs at the end and looks at ridhima..she smiles)
Atul: ohhh!!
Sap: acha hua tum yahi ruki ridz
Anji: ya, it wud have turned in to ego problem if everyone who has to make the first move
Armi: yup
Ridz: (smiles sweetly)

Next day:
(the last two classes are cancelled for the day)
Anji: hey, ghar jaake kya karenge..i'll get bored..shall we go n watch some movie?
Ridz: i m ready
Sap: me too
Anji: i'll ask armaan n atul also
(everyone agrees)
Anji: the theatre is near my house, lets go to my house first

At anjali's house:
(anji is getting ready, atul n sapna r browsing the net for a gift for amit, armaan n ridz r watching TV)
Ridz: anji, jaldi karo
Anji:(from inside) ok
(armaan is browsing the channels..stops at a wrestling program)
Ridz: (frowning) ugghh!! i hate this show...switch to a different channel
Armi: i like it
Ridz: (making faces) they fight like freaking psychos..yuck!! how can u like it
Armi: its so much fun, just see once
Ridz: disgusting show..i cant even look at it (blocking her vision with hand)
Armi: arrey, dekho tho sahi, every guy watches this
Ridz: all guys r sick then, change the channel first
Armi: no
Ridz: armaan
Armi: no
Ridz: i will change then
(she tries to grab the remote from his hand..he holds it away from her..she keeps use)
Ridz: i know wat to do
(she starts messing his hair)
Armi: dont touch my hair
Ridz: (giggling)
Armi: stop it
(he gets up )
Ridz: it
(she grabs the remote n runs..he starts chasing her...after running around the hall..he gets hold of her)
Armi: gimme the remote
Ridz: no
(hides it behind her n messes his hair again...with an irritated face he holds her hand n bends it backward...she tries to get her other hand to the front...he bends it back coming very close to her..looking deeply with passionate eyes...her heart is beating fast..knees going weak)
Ridz: [armaan, y do u look at me like this?!! y dont u say something?!!]
(armaan gently blows away the hair falling on her face..she closes her eyes with a small cringe...suddenly, he releases her...leaving her speechless)
Armi: remote
(Ridz silently gives him the remote control)

(Ridz meets keerti over the weekend)
Keerti: hey, i heard riya and varun broke up
Ridz:(shocked) kyaaa??? howz that possible? they were so much in love from like almost 2 years
Keerti: they are going around with someone else now
Ridz: O my God, these break ups r so scary, how can they just move away like that after loving a person?
Keerti: who knows..if it was love or something else
Ridz: something else?
Keerti: they say attraction looks like love in our age..which just fades away after some days
Ridz: hmm [wat is my feeling towards armaan? attraction or love??]

(at night..ridz is lying on her bed..listening to a song..a love song...enjoying the music n lyrics...closes her eyes..she remembers armaan..the song is reminding her of armaan...she is trying to relate to every line...the song is over..she realises wat she has been doing)
Ridz: [y am i doing this? y am i always thinking about him? do i love him??]
(suddenly..she remembers wat keerti told her..about attraction)
Ridz: [wat if i m just attracted to his charms?]
(she remembers his looks, touches, words n how she feels everytime she is with him)
Ridz: [no, i think it is love!]
(then she remembers how he flirts with the gals)
Ridz: [may be they also think the same abt he flirting with me too??]
(gets if she decided something)
Ridz: OK, decided..he is flirting n i m attracted to him..thats it..everything will be over in a few days
(relieved..she lies down on the bed)
Ridz: [hmmm..may be not, but how to find out? i really need to test myself...if the feeling remains.. it is love, else it is attraction...ok, done...i need to wait n see...but how long?? hmm..until i m sure..i hope this feeling is love, its so beautiful !!]

2nd thread: "loves me! loves me not! - 2"

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itz kewl do continue!!!
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Do continue....i really liek da way u wrote dis part!

Please PM me wen u upd8! Gud job once again!

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haila!! LOL ....ridhimaa's character is just like me! LOL LOL LOL well i have long i mean very long hair...and my parents don't alow me to cut it Confused Confused ....then i have specs but i don't wear them all the time...and i love pink my mum gets angry of buying the same coulor again and again LOL
but that was ages ago though... LOL

luv the intro because ridz character reminds of me Embarrassed
do continue soon Tongue

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Thank you all for liking it...hehe..manny, u r like me then..i wear glasses when i work on computer, my fav color is pink n i used to have very long will PM you all when i post the 1st part..luv u all.. Smile

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LOL LOL you too?...ok ji i'll wait for your pm Embarrassed Embarrassed
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aww very cute
updte sooon

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