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~*Meenal Jain’s B’day Interview *~ (Page 4)

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why am i not active here Ouch i cudnt even cum on her budday Ouch ahhh Ouch

but rajbro im going to chk out the interview right now! Big smile thankuuu sooooooo much for thiss! Big smile
yayy Embarrassed

edit : OMG OMG OMG..!!All I needed to cheer my mood! ahh her voice hasnt changed a bit!! Shes such a sweet person ever!!! && im going to listen to it againnnnnn!

and thankuuu for remembering me in the wishes tooHug

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Written Updates Of Meenal's Interview

Rajnish Jee:Hello Meenal Jee

Meenal:Haaan boliye

Rajnish jee:How r u?

Meenal:I m fine absolutely

Rajnish jee:Okkkk

First Of All a very Happy birthday to on behalf of all Meenalarians

Meenal:Thankkkkkkk youuu Sooo muchhhh,I m really happy aaj subah se muje kafi saray msgs bhi milay but theres is some problem receive horahe hain msgs but when I m sending it back toh ja nahin rahe …Tooh Alishba,Aaiina sab k msgs aye Maya Ersa Every body…

Rajnish jee:Acha cha yaya we all r contiously in touch with each other

We All Meenalarians decided to do something different in this birthday & then Alishba came with this Interview idea,She was going to take ur itreview but thn she had some problems ..So I m taking it on behalf of entire mjfc at India-forums

Meenal: Ohh kkkk

Rajnish jee:toh shaal we start


Rajnish jee:Ohhkkk

toh Meenal jee let me start with ur Birthday wishes

Meenal:Thankk youu…in advance

Rajnish jee:Why in advance…b4 reading the names

Meenal:ya coz b4reading the names I m sure kis kis ka naam anay wala hai Laraib ka phone bhi aya tha I was so happy to receive his call

Rajnish jee:yaya after that call he called me also
Ohkk let me tell ur b day wisehs

Alishba, Aaiina ,Maya Rusul & Laraib from Pakistan,
Amrita Dayeeta(Dayu's name was there ..) & Sumesh from India
& also shubhi di n ankit jain
Sanah From Australia, Ashma from UAE
Huzaifa from Tanzania
Lima & Maryam from Afghanistan,Tangina From Bangladesh
Jharna & Sahil Bhatia ffrom London
Ersa, Zarqa & Last but not least Ifra they all wish u a very happy b day

Meenal:Thanxx aloottt to everyyy bodyyyyy

Rajnish jee:then they wanna say

They wanna say
If each leaf of a tree is your Smile then we promise you that we'll water it through out our life with our prayers & wishes to see your Evergreen SMILE Forever

Meenal:Thank u sooo muchhh

Rajnish jee: Ohkkk toh I think we shud start interview now

Lets start with Qs rlated to ur birthday

first Q by Sumesh,Sanah -How does it feel to turn another year older and what are the plans for today?

Meenal :Well it feels great & lil more responsible as I turn 1 yr older n I m happy the way my career is taking shape .. ya it is slow .. but its steady.. n I think jitna jaldi aap agay barhtay ho utna jaldi neechay atay ho… eke k step jo mein le rahi hoon us eke k step ko pakka karma chahti hoon So if I want to go in anchoring then I will make sure that I m good in it & people don't point out at me tht u are r wrong n noot good in it
I definitely think abt all my fans who are supporting me blindly with their love & support & their trust in tht I m a good artist… I have to fulfill it I have to keep working hard … I m working out on different things in my life

Rajnish jee Thank u soo much for those sweet words… we are always with u & our wishes are always with u

Meenal:Thank you dear

Rajnish jee :So 2nd Question this Question is posted by me & zarqa Your childhood memories of Bday?if u wanna share

Meenal child hood memories umm ohkkk I wud say I m very lucky person I always gt pampered by my parents because of them I m here …every body know me … u know me .. My Fan Club know me its all coz of my parents they were so hardworking & supportive for my career & they have always celbrated my birthday in a good way…abhi jitn abari horahi hoon pahle bohot excitmnet hoota tha bachpan mein ..Aray birthday araha hai yeh karma hai who karma hai ….j se j se bari horahi horahi excitement kam horahai .. Aray birthday hai .. chalo its fine…. Wese I m happy every body called me .. peple whom I m not in touch with they called me n wished me feels great…nothing like memory   I wud say my all birthdays are memorable I m 23 yr old so I m quiet happy 23 yrs meri zindaghi k bohot achay guzray

Rajnish jee:Oh that's great n we hope comigs of ur life will be better than those

Meenal:thank uu … & I luvd last yrs birthday when I got a b day surprise from my wud be husband .. I mean than time he was wud be husband now he is my husband …he threw a party for me … it was a surprise party I didn't know abt it … All my peoples were there whom I love ….it was a big partyyy & I luvd it

Rajnish jee:Oh what a surprise

Rajnish jee :so next Question …. Meenal so many people want to ask so many Qs.. we have selected from thousands of Qs Alishba & I wud like to mention maya they have done the whole hard work of selecting Qs n sorting them out & thts why rite now I have script In my hand… it is prepared mostly by them ....

And questions are posted by all the members..n for the last one week.we've been collecting qs for u
Meenu di: aww so sweet
Rajnish bhai: n aap ko pata hai..aaj din bhar hum net pe bhi thai..mein office bhi gaya tha…wahaan se bhi aaya tu…sab ke dil main aik hi baat pata nahin interview ho paye ga…nahin ho paye ho raha nahin hora hai..matlab.inna confusion interview hum cumplt kar bhi paiyen ge ya nahin…but ulitamately it ok ok…its fine..we're running out of time

Meenu di: no no its ok

Rajneesh: ok so the next qs is…this is also posted by Aaina…she asked that…Who gave you the name 'Meenal'??

Meenal di: aawww…how cutee..My mom n dad both…they gave me my name Meenal..n even my sis' name is so it wuz a rhyming name…Meenal n Sonal sounds gud…so that's how I got my name..u know Sonal n Meenal

Rajnish bro: oh ok ok..thats very nice..sooo Sonal didi ne bhi aap ko wish kiya hoga..

Meenu di: hm arrayy definitely…she has wished me about 20 times by now

Rajnish bro: yea yea we can understand…cuz shez ur onli sis…or onli real sis I must say

Meenu di: yea shez a wonderful wonderful person

Rajnish bro: okay…so next qs..this is also by Huzaifa..achli even last time wen ur intv wuz being taken…he asked a qs…but I'd like to jis ne bhi aap ka intv ne usai ladki samjha…but he's achli a guy..from Tanzania..

Meenal di: oh ok

(Both laff)

Rajnish: so he has asked that..When are you gonna perform in Tanzania again??

Meenal di: hmm in Tanzania…I don't happen to get a call from there..i mean u know the organizers..dere approachers

Rajnish bro: yea yea

Meenal di: so ab tak tu kuch program bana nahin hai..but wenever its there…I'll make sure I put it on net..thru that he can come and attend my program

Rajnish bro: Okayy so the next qs…this wuz posted by me once again..that have u ever been scolded by your teacher for not doing ur homework or sumthing like that??

Meenal di: (laffs) yea I but I wuz a gud child..n a gud student also..but I mean my career started a lil bit my life…wen we came to Mumbai…n so that's wen my career startd…sumtimes I use to not cumplt my work..n my teacher use to like…

Rajnish bro: yea but I don't think..bcuz jis tarha se aap inni intelligent ho..esp aap ki jo handwriting ke tu hum sab deewaane hain…infact ur handwriting self reflects ke aap kinni intelligent rahi houn gi bachpan main..aur abhi bhi

Meenu di: thank you

Rajnish bro: yea so next qs…this qs is posted by ALishba n Maya also..they wanted to ask that..who was more pamprd Sonal or Meenal?

Meenu di: ek min ek min

Rajnish: yea sure sure..
(she tlks to other ppl)

Meenu di: haan Rajnish jee boliye

Rajnish jee: ok..kaun hai wo peechay

Meenu di: wo mera bhateeja hai….( n then she tlks to sum1)…

Meenu di: so sorry

Rajnish bro: no no its the nxt qs Maya n ALishba…that who is more pamprd..Meenal or Sonal??

Meenu di: I am…

Rajnish bro: yea...cuz ur younger than her na

Meenu di: yea infct m also pamprd by her also na..

Rajnish bro: one more qs…which is asked by Aaina n Alishba also…that wut is the secret of ur sweetness??

Meenu di: oh aww..i dunno u all found me sweet..thats so sweet of u actually..

Rajinsh bro: nahinn…acha theek hai..bcuz actually nobody knows that God aap ke upper inna meherbaan hai…iss liye aap ko inna sweet banaaya hai

Meenu di: (laffs)nahin nahin

Rajnish: ok now sum qs related to Indian Idol

Meenu di: oh definitely..

Rajnish bro: ok Ersa n Maya hav askd..that wut r ur views on a 'guy becoming an Indian idol everytime'??

Meenu di: umm…there r no views achli…its more about voting…who ppl vote more all depends on the ppl's votes…i mean aap log kinni bhi koshish kar lijiye…mostly kia hota hai..ladkiyan jo hain wo ladkoun ke liye vote karti hain…aur issi liye hamesha aik ladka hi Indian idol…indian idol nahin aap koi bhi reality show dekh lijiye…Superstar main…Prajakta 2 baar ayee..3 baar ayee….teeno baar out ho that is the case…its juzz that…ladkiyan jo hain wo reality showz main iss liye nahin jeet-teen hain cuz they don't get enuff votes..ab agar aap mujhe 1 lakh votes karein ge..aap log mil kar ladka hai..jin ke ziyada fanz hain…ya jo bhi hai…tuuu they'll vote them more..I mean aik aik ladki…agar 15 15 karay gi tu aisa kar ke sochiye calculation kinna hai…nahin its more of that…

Rajnish bro: achli I think that girls keep on watching this Saas-Bahu type serialz…n etc

Meenu di: no no no no no no….its not like that..not like that at all..jinni bhi ye young ladkiyan hain they keep on watching reality shows.. n they vote for dere favs..

Rajnish bro: ya ya ok…so the next qs…is by Amrita n everybody…that…with whom r u in touch wid..from Indian Idol 2??..n whoz ur best friend??

Meenu di: m in touch wid EVERYBODY…n rite now m mostly in touch wid Antara..

Rajnish bro: acha

Meenu di: yea shez a real swthrt..

Rajnish bro: ANTARA!!

Meenu di: yea Antara..ppl use to think u know…

Rajnish bro: no no its not that
Meenu di: yea shez not like that at all..shez a very cute m mostly in touch wid her…

Rajnish bro: yea…we all…bcuz we hav actually one parallel…actually sum of ur fans..

Meenu di: ya ya…but m in touch wid everybody m in touch wid Neha, then Yashashree, thennn…everybody..sooo umm Saagar hai..Karunya hai..Amey Date…then Ravi Tripathi

Rajnish bro: yeaa…Ravi bhai se aik baar meri baat hui thi n wo..

Meenu di: im not juzz in touch wid Anuj bhaiyya..Anuj bhaiyya ka pata nahin kahan hain wo…but otherwise m in touch wid everybody..mostly u know every 2nd day or 3rd day baat hoti hai…that is Antara, Karunya, sumtimes Date saab…n from idol 1 its especially Prajakta…almost every day we talk.

Raj bro: yea u know day I scrapped Prajakta..n Prajakta also scrappd me bak..n wen she told me that thnx a lot for supporting Meenal n shez like my sister..and shez a very sweet person..i wuz so happy that cant tell u…bcuz she said that ur like her sister

Meenu di: yea…ya so Aditi n Praju both girls from Indian idol 1…

Rajnish bro: ok so lets move on to the next qs…sooo…Ersa has asked..that..Wut is the craziest thing ur fan has ever done for u..which u'll never forget…if u rem. one thing

Meenu di: craziest??...i think all my fans r crazy bcoz they like me..

Raj bro: yea all r mad for Meenal

Meenu di: yea so wenever I come..u've come n dropped in things for me…that is crazee for me…n then I remember the first time I got a gift from Ifra she sent me all these perfumes n everything..i wuz really reallliiii touched….and everybody..i mean ppl that don't even know me..n u know ppl asking me how are you…wen is ur new venture cuming up…its all crazee..because they are my fans…so they have to b crazeee..

Rajnish bro: yea…sure…bcuz m on net almost everyday..n I feel that..u hav the most number of fans…I think on net…n we all are working to increase this number

Meenu di: aw..m really happy

Raj bro: ok so next qs fromm..Laraib..and..actually there are 3 or 4 more qs…

Meenu di: ya ok…jaldi jaldi khatam karte hain..n yea..ok…aik aur cheez…my bro in lawz gonna sing today…in Junoon..he wuz…he is as a…aap log Junoon dekhte hain na??

Raj bro: haan haan dekhte hain..

Meenu di: ask ppl to mail…I'll giv u the email addrss…that y he has been voted out…bcuz…he I don't think deserves to b voted out..n I really want this to bcome a big thing

Raj bro: oh ok

Meenu di: yuu can do that for me..rite??
Raj bro: ya ya sure…
Meenu di: I'll juzz giv u the email addrss..n keep mailing them
Raj bro: ya ya sure sure…bcuz its been happnd a lot..that a gud singer gets voted out
Meenu di: yea…thank you
Raj bro: so now the qs wuz that whoz ur fav actor??
Meenu di: my fav actor…my husband
Raj bro: ur husband is an actor??
Meenu di: no no..hez not an actor..but hez my
Raj bro: oh ok ok…that's so nice of u…ok..nxt…umm whoz ur fav actress?
Meenu di: kajol n Juhi Chawla..
Raj bro: ok therez a few song reqs…ppl want u to hear u sing a song or 2 in ur voice…so the first req. is by me…juzz sing 1 or 2 lines of Kabhi Shaam Dhaley
Meenu di: I rem the first line..but do u rem the 2nd line??
Raj bro: yea yea…magar aana is tarha tum ke yahan se phir na jaana
Meenu di: (sings 2 lines)
Rajinsh bro: OMG..soo one more song…actually juzz one more fav by one of ur fan..its Oh yaara silli silli birha ke raat ka jalna
Meenu di: (…sings…)
Raj bro: WOWW..i juzz cant believe it..mujhe rishwaas nahin ho raha..first time aap ne jo hai..matlab gaa rahi hain..humaare fav songs..tu..
Meenu di..Thank uuu
Rajnish bro: thank u so much for singing this song…actually songs tu aur bhi thai..but we don't hav much time…so I'll ask a few other qs..ok so I must ask sum rapid fire qs…uhh..ok Meenal's fav color??
Meenu di: my fav color is blue
Raj bro: ok…fav food?
Meenu di: anything Indian n vegetarian..
Raj bro: ok fav song??
Meenu di: lotss of them
Raj bro: ok..thennn..u hav to choose between the two..andd..u hav the option to choose onli ONE out of the two..n u cant give diplomatic BOTH..or NONE..ok??
Meenu di: ok
Raj bro: ok ice-cream or chocolates?
Meenu di: cream
Raj bro: AR Rehman or Nadeem
Meenu di: AR Rehman
Raj bro: okay..Meenal's performance in Saas Bahu..or K4 Kishore??
Meenu di: K4 Kishore
Raj bro: okay Antara Mitra or Prajakta Shukre??
Meenu di: sorry but both
Raj bro: okay..its ok iss baar maaf kar detay hain…so umm..Mehram or Deepawali Ayee Re??
Meenu di: Mehram
Raj bro: Mehram or Teri Jogan?
Meenu di: ummmm…(laffs)
Raj bro: boliye Teri Jogan…cuz that's my fav
Meenu di: ok Teri Jogan…
Raj bro: ohhh thank u so much..ok serials or reality shows??
Meenu di: reality showz
Raj bro: cell phone or computer??
Meenu di: Cell phone
Raj bro: Anu Malik jee or Anu Kapoor jee??
Meenu di: Malik Kapoor
Raj bro: ohh…that's so intelligent of u..ok umm desi food or continental?
Meenu di: desi
Raj bro: reading books or lsning to music?
Meenal di: lsning to music
Raj bro: or no shopping??
Meenal di: in between cuz m not really a shopoholic
Raj bro: okay..Sonu Nigam or Kishore Kumar??
Meenu di: therez no comparison
Rajnish bhai: Kishore Kumar or Muhd Rafi?
Meenal di: no comparison at all

Raj bro: ok now u need to fill in the blanks…I wuz very embarrassed when____
Meenal di: ummm…recently…I wuz very fat earlier…I mean…earlier than even indian idol..i wuz very fat…really plumpy a child…n I gave my passport's copy at a bank…n they're beta mama ka nahin aap ka chahiye…n I wuz quite embarrassed
Raj bro: (laffs) that's very funny…okay soo moving on…ur first crush…n don't lie that it wuz Harpreet jee
Meenu di: no no…I wuz always like a tomboy…sooo no first crush
Raj bro: Bryan Adams or sumthing??
Meenu di: no no …I like him as a singer..hez juzz my fav singer
Raj bro: oh okay…on ur bday u'll luv to receive?
Meenu di: loads n loads of flowers..different n beautiful flowers
Raj bro: oh okay..
Meenu di: n I luuvvv to receive gifts btw…
Raj bro: oh ok that's nice..okayy…so u'd die to sing for??
Meenal di: I wud die to sing for…uhmm…r u asking for a music director??
Raj bro: director..i think…
Meenal di: ok if Music director..then m dying to sing for everybody rite now
Rajnish bhaiyya: ok we hope that…sab ke saath gaaney ka moka milay aap ko
Meenal di: thank you
Raj bro: ok..if not a singer u'd be??
Meenal di: nobody
Raj bro: OMG…thank God ur a gud singer…ok Maya ke kuch fuzool se qs hain..i don't think its related to u..but lemme ask
Meenu di: nahin nahin theek hai
Raj bro: okay…who came first murgi or anda??
Meenal di: well obv murgi
Raj bro: okay..baarish kiun hoti hai??
Meenal di: baarish iss liye hoti hai..takai hum sab acha acha khaana kha sakein,,,jaisa ke pakoray n garam garam coffee
Raj bro: OMG..aap ne barsaat ke mausam ki yaad dila di…abhi wahan pe baarish ho rahi hai kia??
Meenal didi: bohut achi..acha mausam hai…n if u hav a gf or a bf…u can always be romantic wid them
Raj bro: ofcourse…waise mein 26 ko Mumbai aa raha hoon…mera aik intv hai
Meenu di: array plz do call me
Rajnish bro: ya m juzz telling u..n agar koi kaam ho..tu plz bataiye ga
Meenal di: jee zaroor zaroor..
Raj bro: n sum more qs as an achor who do u like better..Mini, Aman or Hussain?
Meenal di: Mini n Aman n Hussain
Raj bro: okay…as a judge: Javed Akhtar, Farah, Sonu Nigam, or Anu Malik??

abhi inna hi update kar saki hoon...its 1:30 am here..n kal job pe jaana hai..n i gotta wake up at 6LOL..but i thot ke Alish di aaiyen gi..n she'll think ke hum se koi nahin kar paaya i thot of doing it Big smile ...newyz i'll do the end soon as i cum bak from work...n also if i've made any mistakes...i'll try to fix them Embarrassed

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Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.........ERSA my luv...u rockkkkkkkk
thanxx a lot for the update...and thanxx a lot to the angry young women alishba..for starting the writen update Smile
adityasahu1 Newbie

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Thanks for posting the interview. It was really nice hearing Meenal after a year's time from now.

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Posted: 28 June 2008 at 3:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by adityasahu1

Thanks for posting the interview. It was really nice hearing Meenal after a year's time from now.
Thanxx a lot adiSmile Waisey adi when did u join I-F???Smile

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