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KaShaholic FF:Soul-Of-My-Heart |NOTE Page 116|10/9 (Page 2)

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Posted: 13 June 2008 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
nice intro.....but still pm whenever u update...thankc....

pwincess kanzi IF-Rockerz
pwincess kanzi
pwincess kanzi

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''Part 9''

He breathed in as he stepped out of Mumbai airport. Finally after 6 long years he is in India. Finally he can meet his family now; he can finally meet his love riddhima. He looked around to find no one there. He got really upset finding no one there, but he knew everyone must be really angry at him. He signed. He was finally going to meet riddhima. Sure she will be angry with him, for not being in contact with her for 6 years, but he will convince her. He will explain her everything. He knew she will not be able to stay angry with him for long. He quickly catches a taxi and smiles......


"aab kyu aaya hai tu yaha?"

"mom aap aisa kyu bol rahe hai?"  nandani came and slapped armaan on his face.

"tum kush hogaye us ladki ke zindagi barbat karke? 6 years armaan! 6 years! Do even know want has she been going through? Do you even know a bit? Armaan she left Mumbai 5 years ago! She used to wait for you day and night! She used to sit in the garden, waiting for you to come back, but you didn't you never did! Har rooz raat ko tumhare liye tadap te the voh.  Armaan voh tere interzaar karte karte, yeh ghar chod ke chale gaye!" nandani broke into tears, sitting onto the sofa, she cried holding her son.

"mom where did she go? Please tell me!" he was shocked, he just can't believe it.

"muhje nahi pata! Armaan kise ko nahi pata! She left a letter"

They went into nanani's bedroom, she opened her cupbored taking the letter out.


Dear, nandani aunty and karan uncle


Main jaa rahe ho. Aap dono ne mere liye jo kuch bhi kiya uske liye thank you so much. No one has ever done so much for me, as much as you have. Armaan ke jane ke baad aap dono ne mera bhot khal rakha. You both supported me in everything. I really do appricate it. Lekin ab muhje jana chahiye! So I am going! Please don't try to look for me. Mein jaha bhi ho I am safe. I will miss both of you a lot. Main nahi janti mera armaan kab vaapas aayenga, lekin jab voh aaye, toh use kehna ki main uske liye bhut kush ho. Shayad armaan muhje bol gaya hai, isiliye is ek saal mein usne ek baar bhi muhje phone nahi kiya. I don't want to be burden for you both, that's why i am going. Mera bas ek hi sapna tha ke main armaan ke hoke, iss ghar ke beti banu aur aap dono ko maa aur papa bulavoh, lekin shayad mere nasib mein yeh kushi likhi hi nahi hai. There are too many armaan's memories in this house, and whenever I think about it makes me cry. Where ever i go uske yaadeni mera peecha hi nahi chod te. If I go away from Mumbai, this house, away from armaan's memories, then I will probably be ok. Mere khayal se ab armaan ke zindagi mein koi aur aagay hai, isliye voh muhje bol gaya hai. Waise bhi muhje mein hai kya? Uncle aur aunty mein  aap dono ko kabhi bhi nahi bolongi. I don't how to own you back, for everything you both have done for me, because I have nothing. Ab mere paas pyaar bhi nahi hai jo main aap dono ko de sakte ho, kyuki, mere paas jo kuch bhi tha maine armaan ko de diya hai, lekin shayad, mera pyaar kitna majbut nahi tha isliye aaj mein bhilkol akele ho. I have no one and nothing besides me. Please i request you both to never look for me and i am safe wherever I am......

Main aap dono ko humesa pyaar karungi....


Aapki, Riddhima


"rahul voh aisa kaise kar sakte hai? Voh muhje chod kar kaise jaa sakte hai?" he was crying rahul's shoulder. Atul and rahul both came to visit armaan, as soon as they found out that armaan's back.

"armaan tu ro maat!" atul said patting on his shoulder.

"armaan humne riddhima ko duneki bhut kousi ke lekin...."

"rahul and atul, we will try to find her again. I want her back!"

"ek baat kaho armaan?"

"ha bol atul?"

"jab tu usko chod kar chala gaya, tum dono ke shaadi ek sirf ek din phele toh kya voh tujhe chod kar nahi jaa sakte?"

"mein manta ho ke maine galte ki lekin ab...."

"it's ok i understand let's look for her...."



Armaan was down anjali and muskaan's house. After riddhima left, muskaan shifted to anjali's house. Shashant came out of coma and he was fine, but after all the misunderstandings were cleared between riddhima and anjali he died. He got another heart stroke, this time it was a major.

"armaan I don't think we should look for riddhima anymore. It's been one month now! I am sure wherever she is, she is safe and fine"

"YOU SAYING THAT! HOW COULD YOU MUSKAAN? TUM USKE BEST FREND OH!" armaan shouted at muskaan. She was trying to persuade him for past one hour to stop looking for riddhima. I just can't believe muskaan was saying this to him. As more she is trying to persuade him, more he is feeling suspicious. He was having this feeling that muskaan knows where riddhima is. But I m sure she would tell me he thought to himself. Riddhima might have said no to her, not to tell me then, i am sure she won't tell me. I just don't understand anything. I think i will just ask her straight away...thats if i ask her, she will just make some excuse. I am going to have to keep an eye on her.

"armaan dekho muhje samaj ne ke koshis karo....."

"muhje ab kuch nahi suna. If you don't want to help me then it's ok, mein riddhima ko akele dunduga" he interrupped muskaan and stormed off.



"riddhima voh toh samaj hi nahi raha" muskaan spoke on the phone, sitting on the sofa, legs crossed.

"muskaan tu kuch bhi kar lekin voh yaha nahi aana chahiye. Meri zindagi mein armaan naam ka chapter band oh chukka hai, and i don't want to open it now."

"riddhima yeh tub hi jante hai aur mein bhi ki use abhi bhi pyaar karte hai."

"nahi muskaan mein armaan ko ab nahi chahte!"

"it's his right to know where you are. He really loves you!"

"tu kis pyaar ki baat kar rahe hai? Us pyaar ko jo voh muhje meri shaadhi ek din phele chod ke chala gaya?" us pyaar ko jo usne maar diya? That love which he forgot and he was having affair with...."

"armaan....." muskaan started at armaan in shocked.

"use kuch mat bata na muskaan please.." riddhima spoke on the phone and put it down.

Muskaan started at armaan who was frustrated and pain was written on his face....



"riddhima mujhse milna nahi chahte...."

He was on his terrace, looking at the moon at night, it was about 12:00. I wish I could explain you riddhima that Maya trapped me. Nothing happened between us that night. Whatever Maya told you on the phone that day, when you rang me, 5 years before were all lie. I wish I could clarify everything. 6 years before I left you, but now you left me and that too forever. How will I be able to live without you riddhima? It's my entire fault. I was a jerk. I was stupid! I let my ego and mind take over me. I ruined everything. I ruined your life. The pain I am getting right now is nothing compared to the pain I gave you 6 years ago. i wish i knew where you were, I really love you and miss you riddhima. I really do.

He was crying.....


The moon shinning, looking beautiful at night. It was way past midnight. It was about 12:00 at night. Dark at night everyone sleeps, but there was someone swinging on the swing in her garden. She was wearing a plain pink sari, beautifully wrapped around her. The wind was howling. Her beautiful dark green eyes covered with tears, slowing making its way down her cheeks. She remembered 6 years before what happen, breaking her down completely. She was sobbing and crying, as though it will never end. This wasn't anything new, she has been crying like this every night. She hasn't smiled or laughed in these 6 years. If she did smile, then it would be simply totally faked smiled. She has been dying each and every second passing by. She was never lucky about anything. She never got what she wanted in her life. God would always and always take away the person she loved the most. She had even convinced herself that love doesn't exist, but he had to come in her life. She started to believe in love again. She started to feel that there is someone who loves her; there is someone who lives for her. BUT! It was all faked. She didn't even know why she was living know? There is no one by her side now. When he came into her life, she thought it was the end of her pain, but NO! It was only the start, as he gives her 3 times more pain then she already had, he made her life into hell. She hated him! But she knew somewhere in her heart she still loved him, she was still waiting for the day for him to come back, even though all her hopes already have died, there was still something? She had left Mumbai 5 years back. Now she lives here with all the kids and children, in lonavala. She works in the sanjeevinee orphan here and even lives here. She hasn't visited Mumbai for past 5 years, in fact she hasn't been anywhere out of the orphanage.

"riddhima didi! Riddhima didi!" she quickly wiped her tears and turned around to see a little cute girl about the age of 5/6 years, standing there, with a angry look on her face.

"ha, Minnie bolo?"

"aap phir se yaha ro rahe ho? us gadhe ke liye aap apne aasu kyu kharab krati hai?" She sat beside riddhima.

"Minnie! Aisa nahi bolte!"

"kyu nahi? He gave you so much pain" she replied with her hands crossed her chest. "aap abhi bhi us se pyaar karte haina? Maine kitne bar aapko kaha hai, ke bul jao us ko, voh aapke kabil nahi hai didi!"

"Minnie! Aisa nahi bolte and i don't love him! Understand? Anyways why didn't you sleep till now?"

"didi aap baat ghoomane ki khosis mat karo!"

"go to sleep now Minnie!"

"acha baba acha! Mein ja rahe ho!"

Just then her phone rang....


No answer...

"hello who's speaking?....."

Still no answer...there was silence everywhere............


There was silence for about 10 minutes....


"armaan?" she whispered feeling his presence on the other line, as a lone of tear came running down her cheeks.

"riddhima, where are you?"

No answer.....

She put the phone down and ran inside into her room crying.

What does he want now? I am away from his life. I have left him. Isn't that what he wanted? Why can't he just leave me alone? I am happy, without him. I don't want him in my life anymore. Just the way he trashed me out of his life like some garbage. I don't want him anymore too. Armaan's name of chapter in my life is closed! And i never want it to open. Why are you doing this to me god? Why? Why is it that no matter how much i try, i can never forget him? Why? Why? I can still remember everything freshly. All the wounds are still fresh. They are still FRESH..... She can still feel the pain and hurt, like it all happened just yesterday.....



"didi dekho na yeh kitna cute teddy bear hai"

A girl showed riddhima a cute white teddy bear.

"yeh tumhe kisne diya sneha?"

"voh ek handsome sa ladka Mumbai se aaya hai. Pata hai div oh yaha sabke liye gifts laya hai."

Hearing Mumbai her heart started to pound fast. She closed her eyes.

"Ha didi! Aap bhi chal ye na!" Minnie came to tell riddhima the same thing.

Minnie and sneha both pulled riddhima more like dragged her near the gate.

"armaan" she whispered in a frightened and scared voice. She didn't want to face him. She was scared and nervous. Just then armaan's eyes meet her eyes. he gave her a cute smile. She quickly turned her face other side and went inside without even glazing back at him. He was hurt.....


he went inside her room and hugged her from behind tightly. "riddhima sweetheart how are you? I missed you so much"

riddhima pushed him away from her and slapped him hard across his face. She gave him a furiously, cold look..........


NOTE- i am really sorry everyone for the late update once again! I promised everyone to update yesterday, my cousin brother cme down my house! he was using my comp and by mistake he studiedly deleted the 25 pages prt i wrote so i had to wake up in the Moring and had to write the prt again.  then my mum was telling me off, so i had to do all the house work cooking and stuff! if i try 2 write 25 pages again, den i will probably be able to post the prt next week, because my school is starting on Monday and i hve diwali so diwali cooking decorating and stuff! 222 busy! I am really sorry to disappoint everyone. I know this part is boring and rubbish, because it has not got any kash scenes. The prt i wrote before the 25 pages one, did have kash scenes and in there a lot of stuff was happinin, but my idot stupid cousin brother deleted it. I feel like smaking him right now, even though i did when he told me he has deleted it and even from recycle bin. You guys must be finkin that i am just making excuses, but please do trust me. I want to give everyone a prt too. I want to cntd asap too, but i am just so busy and when i get to contd it, my cousins come and delet it by mistake1 i am really sorry everyone! Had jod ke maafi magte hu mein! This prt is only 5/6 pages long, so i am really sorry, it's not up to ure aspects. I will be w8in 4 everyone's ersious comments! Please do comment! If you don't like it den please do tell i ill try 2 mke it better next tme!




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Originally posted by coolvini4u

hey,i jst luvd d intro......too gud...n karan -nandini as armaan's!! Tongue Tongue Tongue
n chooo chweet A luves R bt poor ridz......facin soo much troubles
yaar,m gettin curious 2 knw more......
plzzzzzzz update soon....
n ya,dnt b upset......m sure all ll luv it...b patient 4 comments... Smile
n dnt 4get 2 pm me...

thx dear n ill pm u!Embarrassed

pwincess kanzi IF-Rockerz
pwincess kanzi
pwincess kanzi

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Originally posted by coolmimz

cool yaar...cant wait...........


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pwincess kanzi
pwincess kanzi

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Originally posted by star_fan

itz write it....
info me abt update...

thx . i ill pm u when it's dne!Embarrassed

pwincess kanzi IF-Rockerz
pwincess kanzi
pwincess kanzi

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Originally posted by .:.MONA.:.

nice intro.....but still pm whenever u update...thankc....

thx  mona! i ill pm u dnt wory!

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Posted: 14 June 2008 at 12:32am | IP Logged

Well i commented on DmG forum but i'll comment here also!LOLLOL

Great Start KananClapClap!..Glad u started ur own FF!Embarrassed
Luved the characters!.Embarrassed

Continue soon!..Thanks for the PM & do PM next time!Big smile


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Posted: 14 June 2008 at 12:42am | IP Logged
hey kanan wow u hv strtd new ff thts realy grt yaar.............
wow vryyy intrestng yaar i lv 2 read
nce concept full of lv..........kind heartd wow.........
ar lv ridz lke pagal nd his family wntd 2 mke her bahu
grt yaar...........plz cont nd pm me......bcz i am goi tdy is my exm........
oh god yaar.wsh me lck yaar......wll be bck in evening .........
luv u

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