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KaShaholic FF:Soul-Of-My-Heart |NOTE Page 116|10/9

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(thanks sadhvi aka kaira 4 d siggie! I love it!)

Hey dmgains! Dis is kanan. I hve been finkin 2 start a ff 4 ages, bt culdn't fnk of a concept, den I asked jia di 2 help me n jia di has helped me wid d startin n concept! So thank u jia di 4 helpin!


Riddhima Gupta played by shilpa anand (4 me no1 cn tke shilpa's place so shilpa anand will b d any1 tkin place as riddhima)
Riddhima is orphan, she was adopted by shashant, boz her parents padma gupta, sheker gupta and her big sister died in a accident and shashant ws a very gd friends wid dem. Riddhima knows the fact that she is adopted, boz her parents died when she ws 5/6 years old, so she still remembers dem very well. She is respectful, shy, full of love, nce, sweet, cute, innocent and cn believe anyfnk, bt doesn't belive love boz of her past. She is really really pretty, and Anjali (her step sister) is always jealous of her boz of dis fact. ridz is reallyintelligent, bt reallly simple and seedhi-shadhi. she is very emotional and crys evryday at nite, boz she misses her parents alot, she always feels really lonely, boz shashant is always in d hospital and has 2 go out of town n stuff alot. Anjali wuld often mkes her feel dat she is orphan, n she has mre rite den ridz. Ridz does everyfnk in d house, lke cleanin, washin up, cookin, basically everyfnk which a ideal daughter wuld do, n shashant is always proud of dis. She is always topped in d class she is really rich, as shashant is rich, bt she neva shows her richness. Riddhima has a best frend called muskaan and she tells everyfnk 2 her. ARMAAN, atul and rahul are good frends of hers 2!
riddhima is 23 years

Armaan Malik played by karan gover singh
armaan is d coolest guy in d hospital, bt only frm outside, frm inside he is very gentle, soft and kind-heart n always cares abt oders feelings. he doesn't hve any gurl frends and neva hurts any1's feelings. every1 loves him.he respects for elders and oders feelings. he truly believes in love, actually he already has his true n only love, RIDDHIMA. he loves her lke pagal(jst lke d way armaan is in love wid ridz in d serious) he cn do anyfnk 4 her. he noes dat she is orphan, and ws adopted by shashant, basically he noes d whole pst of ridz. whenever he cums 2her, he is eyes are always lookin4 her, n he always finds her in her room either studin or lookin outside d window n he always feels sos 4 her, boz anjali always bosses her around lke a servent and ridz always obeys her, dats wat annoys him d most dat ridz obeys everyfnk and whatever any1 says. he jst hates 2 see her bossed around by pple and whenever he goes 4 parties n stuff she neva cums he always asks 4 her 2 anjali , bt she wuld always say dat she is studin , he always gets pissed off, bt doesn't say anyfnk. His parents DR.karan malik and DRnandani malik are shashant's best frends and dey share sanjeevinee 2. Armaan is really rich lke shashant
armaan is 24 years old


Anjali gupta played by sunania
She is d daugther of DR. Shashant and step sister of riddhima. She has a lot of attitude and cn b mean and bossy sumtmes, bt deep dwn inside she is a every nce gurl, and misses her mother alot and hates riddhima, boz she is mre prettier den her and boc atul, her love always gives mre attention 2 ridz n nt her. Anjali is always gets shahant's attention and she gets everyfnk she asks 4 and aften trys 2 mke her jealous. She is gd frends wid armaan n rahul n muskaan. She usally goes 2 late nite party n stuff wid rahul, muskaan n armaan, bt shashant htes it n always tells her 2 tke ridz 2, bt she wuld always gve him a rude answer or sign ridz 2 say dat she doesn't wanna.
Atul malik played by pankit

Rahul khanna played by mayank

Muskaan played by dhrusti

DR.Shashant gupta played by monish

DR. Karan and nandani malik.(armaan's parents)
they are playin armaan's parents, they are very sweet n kind and loves armaan and echoder a lot. Dey r rich bt always trys 2 ast clam n stuff. Since nandani saw ridz 4 d 1st tme it ws her dream 2 mke her dere bahu, boz she noes dat ridz is a ideal daughter, bahu and everyfnk! noes ridz past. She n her husband r in d share of sanjeeveenee wid dr. Shashant.
PS- sos 4 all d mistaks!

I hpe all d readers lked it, plz pst ure honest comments, if der's any mistake or anyfnk, feel free 2 tell me! I promise i wnt feel bad!
part 1 to 8: page 1 *scroll down
part 9: page 2
Part 10 (By Swansea): page 88
Part 11: Page 91
Promo 1: page 97
Part 12: page 105
Promo 2: Page 113
Note: page 116

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Love kanan aka pwincess kanzi. Embarrassed

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hey cool concept congrts 4 ur first ff

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ayushi.piyapwincess kanzi

pwincess kanzi IF-Rockerz
pwincess kanzi
pwincess kanzi

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''-~*PART 1*~-''

You hear a back ground song....

Om ghan ganpatiye namo namah,

(then we see a mandi- ganpati bapa's mandir)

Sedi ve nayak namo namah,

(We see ganpati's murti and a priest doi d arti)

Asrat venayak  namo namah,

(We see every1's faces, bt den we see...)

Ganpati bapa moreya....

.... we see sum1's cute, beautiful eyes closed, lips movin singin god's prayer, and hands joined 2geder prayin god. After the arti ws dne, the priest ws cumin around 2 give every1 d arti....

Atlast he came 2 a beautiful, cute, sweet girl...jst as d priset saw her he said'kaise ho beti?'

Girl- mien tik ho kaka! Aap kaise hai? Aur aap mere ganu bhaya(ganesh) ka khayal toh rak rahe hai na?

Kaka laughed...'ha! mien tumhare ganu bhaya ka khayal rak raha hau! Viswas nahi hai toh apne ganu bhaiya ko hi puch lo' said while pinchin her cheeks, while the girl gave a cute innocent smile and took the arti and said 'bas bas kaka, mien aap par vhiswas karte hu dnt wory' smilein cheeky.

'Acha kaka mien chalet hu! Kal phir se aavoh gi...bye!' waving at the priest, she turned around and saw.....

'NANDANI ANTUY!' she shouted, nandani ws dwnsairts tkin her shoes out and saw d her.....

The girl and nandani started 2 walk 2 echoder.

Nandani- kaise ho riddhima?

Ridz- mien tik ho! Aap kaise hai? (huggin her)

Waise aap yaha kaise?

Nandani-voh aaj armaan ka sanjeeveeni mien 2nd year finish hone jaa raha hai isliye, voh toh kabhi ata nahi, toh maine socha mien he chal avoh! Waise tumhara bhi toh 2nd year finish hone jaraha?

Ridz- ha anty, waise bhi men roz aati yaha!  Aap akele aaye?

'nahi nah! Armaan aaya hai, gadhi mien batha hai' (laughn and giggiin a her son, ridz did d sme)

'acha toh mien chalet hu!'

'nahi riddhima, mera w8 karo, mien bas 5 mins mien aati hu, armaan tumhe drop kardenga, waise bhi voh sedha sanjeeni hi jane wala hai!'

'nahi anty its ok, mien chale javohn gi'

'riddhima' (signin her)

She simed and said- ok anty, waise bhi aapse kaun jeet sakta hai? (giggling)

Nandani giggled 2 and kept her hand on her cheek and said- mien pauch min mien aate hu! Tab tak tu gadhi mien w8 kar armaan ke saath.


We see a handsome, cute guy starin at sumfnk, lookin at sumfnk lovin, smiling at it, den we see a gurl cumin 2wards the car, in which a guy ws starin at her.

'hi armaan!' spoke riddhima, while armaan cntdnosly starin at her. Dazed by her beauty, lke always, starin at her her, goi 2 a different world, when he heard her call out her nme, he quickly spoke up in a romantic voice 'hi!' still glacin at her, into a different world, where no1 is dere accept 4 him and his love, his life. Riddhima started 2 feel a bit uncomfortable by his instent glace, she looked dwn, feelin shy and nervous. Jst den nandan came and saw armaan starin at riddhima and ridz lookin dwn, feelin navorus n shy. She knew her dream wuld fullfill sum day, she ws w8in 4 dat day 2 cum. She knew armaan always have loved riddhima, and ws really proud of her son's choice, she knew her son mite go 2 late nites party and stuff, bt deep dwn he ws a dimond. 

She looked at the tme and went and......


Armaan came out of his glace and loked dwn smiling at himself, while riddhima jst went and ws gona sit at the bak seat, when...

'armaan riddhima tum aage baith javoh'

'nahi anty its ok, mien....' armaan interrupted her sayin 'riddhima aaye baith javoh waise bhi mom ko ghar chodna hai aur phir hum sanjeeveeni chalegayen ge!'

She simlied  and moved 2 seat at the fornt seat. Sanjeeveeni...

All the interns, Atul, Anjali, Rahul, Muskaan, Armaan n Riddhima are in locker room...

All were really excited as dere 2nd year in sanjeeveeni is gona finish and a moniter in gona chose, who has dne d best performance and is gona get 2 b d moniter 4 whole 1 month! Every1 ws really excited and wishin dey culd win d trophy.

Muskaan- yaar aaj toh mien hi jitunge!

Anjali- shut up muskaan, we see who wins!

Atul- kyu tumhe jalan horahe hai?

Anjali looked at atul with a sad face n said- meine yeh toh nahi kaha atul! Mien toh......

Atul ingnored her and said- ridzy tumhe kya lagta hai kaun jeetenga?

Anjali looked at riddhima with killer looks! This ws nt unnoticed by armaan and ridz. She looked dwn, 2 stop her tears and said- mujhe kya pata atul! Waise bhi jeetenga voh jo sab se best ho!

Armaan smiled at ridz answered and agreed with her.



Dr. Kiriti- gd morin every1! Aap sab ko pata hoga ke aaj sanjeeveeni mien function hai. Aap logo ka two years finish hone ke kushe mien! And dere the moniter will be chosen, so plz be in the hall by SHARP 3! Understand?

All interns smiled with excitement and said- yes dr!

Dr kiriti- ok den! Atul- general ward.

Anjali wishpered- aaj phir se mmuhje atul se juda kar diya!

'dr. Anjali aapne kuch kaha?' givin angry look.

'no, dr! Meine kuch....mmm...nahi kaha'

'gd! Dr. Anjali aap pathlab mien.

Dr. Muskaan aur rahul, cancer ward'

RM smiled.

'aur dr. Riddhima aur dr. Ar....'

She saw armaan starin at riddhima nxt 2 her, she angrly with wide eyes said- DR. ARMAAN?' cumin out of the dazaled world said 'hmmmmm...hmmm. ha dr. Kiriti?'

'kya aap kya park mien hai?'

'nooo...nooo... i mean! I m sorry!'

'GD! Nw go bck 2 ure duties!'

SHARP at 3 all d interns headed 2wards the hall....

In the hall!

All the interns were nervous and sacred, dey all were prayin dat dey culd win, except riddhima, she didn't mind whoever won, she wuld b happy if any1 won. Armaan noticed dat and knew wat ws playin in her mind, he smiled fnkin hw cute n sweet she is, since he ws small he has been seein ridz prayin 4 oders, tkin care 4 oders, finkin only and only abt oders, even though dere r tons of pros in her lfe, she has neva asked anyfnk 4 herself, he has neva seen a gurl lke her, she's jst an angel send especially 4 me frm haven he muttered while lookin at her.

Dr. Shashant give his borin speech...blah... blah....blah! lol!

Den dr. Kiriti give her speech...blah...blah...blah! lol!

Den dr. Shashant cme agan on d stage 2 annouce d winner.........

'n the winner is.......................................................... .............................


A huge appuluse broke dwn, armaan got up really happily and jumped and shouted 'YAYYY!' every1 ws surprised by his gestured!

Riddhima ws totally surprised! She had a huge wid simle on her face, she culdn't believe she won, she didn't even except herself 2 win! All d interns went 2wards her and cheered up, while she looked at all her friends cheerin 4 her, bt den she looked at Anjali angilrly goi out of the whole.

She went on the stage 2 tke her trophy and they annoced her 2 b 1 month moniter! Every1 ws really happy abt her winnin, boz dey knew ridz natura!

All in d locker room after the d function finished!

Atul- WOW! Ridz im sooooooo happy u won!

Muskaan- ha! I knew u wuld win!

Rahul- yh congrats! Btw party kab hai?

Armaan ws jst starin at her troughout the whole fnk.

Ridz- hmmmmmmm.....guys im nt sure abt d party......i mean mujhe dad ko.........

Armaan- uncle ke chinta tum mat karo! Mien hu na!

N he winked at her, while she smile.

Dey all started 2 go home....

Riddhima ws walkin out of sanjeeveeni went sum1 called her out....

'RIDDHIMA ! ruko mien tumhe chod deta hu!'

'nahi armaan its ok! Men auto mien chale javonge'

'miene tumhe pucha nahi! Kaha, chalo ab'

He took her hand, sendin chillings dwn her spine and tkin her 2 his car, openin d door 4 her and dey went home...................

PHEW! Dis is d longest prt i hve ever written! I hpe i hve nt dissipointed any1! And i m sure i hve tons of mistakes, boz i hven't had tme 2 check it, soooooooooo im really really sorry! N plz comment all d critises 2!

Note-- I m really sorry every1 4 late update! I ws really busy wid school n stuff! Plz mujhe maaf kardo!

Thx every1 4 your lovely comments! I incredibly loved readin them!

'Part 2'

Armaan had finally convinced shashant for the party, all the interns(except Anjali) had decided the place, give invitations to everyone and almost all the party arrangements were done.

It was a day before the party, everything was done, but none of them had any clothes to wear, so they all decided to go SHOPPING!

They all decided they are going to meet at the mall! Armaan was going to pick riddhima, rahul obvisesly muskaan and atul id going to come alone.

'Basket! Hurry up! Jaldi karo! Kitne daar laga rahe ho?'

'Ha armaan! Bas abhi hi aaye'

Riddhima came wearing a pink dress, and as soon as she came, armaan couldn't stop admiring her beauty, like always, he started to stare at her intently, not able to take his eyes off her.

He quickly came out her dreamland and found her already sitting in the car, looking really cute and beautiful, like always. Before he could get lost in her again or not concentrate on driving, he took his eyes off her and started the car.

They didn't really talk much while driving as the radio was on and they were feeling the words to the song'''

Tumse milke aisa laga tumse milke armaan huve pure dil ki'

Aae meri jane waafa!

Ho teri meri teri hai yeh jaan re '

Armaan kept on stealing glaces at her, while the song was on. He felt as the song was just for him, as that's how he feels about riddhima!

Soon they came to mall.

They all split up, for shopping as it would be easier, rahul, muskaan n atul together and armaan and riddhima together.

'riddhima chalo, phele hum tumhare shopping kar dete hai'

'nahi armaan phele hum tumhare shopping karenge, waise bhi tumhe toh pata hai, mujhe yeh shopping aur yeh sab mein koi shuk nahi hai, so we r going to do your shopping first!'

'nahi riddhima, mere paas toh bhut saare kapde hai phene ke liye, boz mein normaly shop karta hu! Par tumhare paas kitne saare kapde nahi hai, boz you don't have enough money'''' armaan just relised what he just said to her by mistake. He turned his face towards her to see her reactions and saw her trying to put of a fake smile, but he knew it didn't work, as he had hurted her a lot by mistake.

Riddhima could feel her tears rising up, but somehow, she tried to stop it comein out, she knew armaan was saying the truth, he was right, she didn't have any money, because whatever money her papa give to her, for spending, Anjali always takes it, sayin she has no right to it. she didn't know why, but his words really hurted her, and made her riles like always that she was orphan and poor. Only she knew how much she missed her parents and her didi, she has no complaints from shashant or anything, but she knew shashant can still never fulfill her family's place. She wanted to cry and run away from there, but she couldn't, infact she putted a total fake simle on her face and in a low voice said 'armaan ermm'please hum tumhare shopping kar dete hai phele, mujhe nahi karne shopping''

He knew how she felt, he knew what she thinking in her mind, how much he cursed himself right now, for making her feel all this. He couldn't any more see her glowing sparkling face, instead now, her face was filled with sadness with a fake smile she put on.

They went to lots and lots of shops, to find clothes for armaan and it had almost been afternoon, finally they found a shop and started to look fr clothes for him, she had forgotten everything armaan said and stuff, armaan was happy she forgotten and he now could see her spraking and her real simle. While armaan was admiring her, he heard a voice'.

'armaan yeh kaisa hai tumhare liye?'

Armaan looked at it and said  'ermmm'..'

'acha nahi laga toh bol nahi sakte? Idot!' teased him.

While riddhima was looking stuff for armaan, he saw some sarees in the corner, so he started to search a saree for her, he found a really beautiful saree 4 her and bought it. jst then  she called him  'armaan! Yeh kaisa hai?'

Armaan came over there, looked at it and said 'amzing loved it!'

'mein pay kar deta hu! Ok?!'

'Ok! Jaldi aana'

(I m nt tellin wat clothes they bought rite nw, u ill find out afterwards!)

They went home!

Everyone were there in the party, it was huge, the hall was big and huge, it was looking absulotly fantastic.

Armaan was standing there restleass near the stairs waiting for riddhima, waiting to see her in the saree he give her, after a while she came, with muskaan wearing this--

Armaan's dress- kh-khan/263/medium/

(jst imagine a blue shirt instead of pink please)

Armaan couldn't take his eyes off her she was looking beautiful, his was sooo mesmerized by her beauty, he had never seen her in a saree, she was looking the prettiest girl from the party, she was proper glowing, she looked beautiful, he ad never seen her sooooo beautiful,  he kept his intestine glace at her, that he didn't even relised when she was actually standing right next to him, she was looking at him nearvously, blushing really bad, truing into a deeper red colour, he could sense that she was really shy and was keeping her glace on the floor, too shy to meet his, he slowly made her look at her, not relising what he was doing'..

They stared at each other, right into each others eyes, not relsiing what they were doing.

Riddhima felt really wried but, she didn't want to take her eys off her, he is looking really handsome and stunning tonight she thought blushing at her thought, she went away feeling really embarssed.

He saw he going feeling embarssed. He smiled to himself and singed and said looking at her wishpering ' god man, she is so beautiful, I jst love her, I love u riddhima, I m just waiting for the day, when u become my dulhan, jaan'

Nandani and karan heard and saw everything happened and karan said 'sayad humein shashant se baat karne padenge in dono ke rishte ki liye!'

'haa, finally mera sapna pura hone wala hai, riddhima bhut ache hai, voh mere beti jaise hi hai, in dono ki Jodi kitne achi lagte haina karan?'

'haa, just made for each other'

They both smiled

That's it, I can't write any more, I am really sorry if I have dissipointed anyone, if this part is rubbish or anything! Please comment all critieses.

I ill b wa8ing 4 ure comments!

*...Part 3...*

Everyone was enjoying the party, riddhima was talking to rahul, muskaan and atul...

Suddenly we hear someone's voice  and playing guitar, riddhima truned over to see the person and found none other then armaan, singin.....

Jab se tere naina.......

Mere naino se lage re......

The spot light was on him only, he slowly moved to her, staring at her, she blushed, unknowing what was happing to her, what effect he was making at her, she jst simply truned into deeper red colour,  

 He moved toward her and brought her with him oin the middle, and continued the song going around her and looking right into her eyes.

Tabse deewana huya......


 He nuged her wid his elbow moving her....

Sabse beegawana huya.....


He nuged her agin, until she started 2 laugh and smile.....

Rab bhi deewana lage reeeeee.....


He stood in front of her staring at her, she did the same, she didn't know what was happing to her, she was really confused, but she just listened to her heart and continued to stare at him, with intensity, he was staring at her...


she looked over at everyone dancing and enjoying the party, but she wasn't enjoying, infact she was getting bored and was feeling really uncomfortable......

she slowly moved towards the door, making sure no one is looking at her, has she didn't want to spoil anyone's party, so slowly went outside on the beach. (sorry i forgot to mention early that the party was held near the beach!)

(this is d beach! Its at night!)

She kept on walking on the beach listening to the waves, the wind kssing her skin, making her shiver, she was feeling cold so she wraped herself with her arms and continued to walk, till she heard a voice calling her....

'riddhima! Riddhima! Riddhima!'

She looked around and saw him running towards her, she looked at him and give a innocent sweet smile....

he finally approached her and stood in front of her, out of breath....

'sunai nahi deta kya?' he asked her with a face angry expression...

'waise tum yaha kya kar rahe ho? Party mien se kyu nikal aaye? Waise bhi yaha bhot andhera hai, and u know u are afraid of drak! So chalo, miss. Darpok!' teasing her of the fact that she was sacred of drak and she was actually, sacred, but she got irritated of him and said.....

'stup up armaan! I m not sacred understand!' giving him an eveil looked and started 2 walk again...

Armaan again stood in front of her, this time blocking her way, in a serious tone he said' acha baba tumhe dar nahi lagta happy? And now chalo, andar chalo!' he griped her hand in his, and tried to take her inside....

'armaan! Plase mujhe andar nahi jana...muhje bhut uncomfortable feel ho raha hai andar plz?' she looked down nervous, of what he was going to say.......

He read her mind and smiled, he knew, riddhima never feels comfortable in parties and stuff, how can i forget? he thought.

' waise mien bhi yaha bore hi ho raha ho tumhare bina, so lets walk down the beach' he said winking at her, with a cheeky smile and a flritious tone, she was shocked by his response, but then smiled and walked with him hand in hand on the beach...

They both didn't alter any words, just kept on walking on the beach, hand in hand, lost in eachother's thoughts......

Yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai? Phele toh kabhi mujhe aise aihsas nahi ho? Mujhe kyu armaan ke paas rehna, use baatein karna, useke saath aise uska haath dham ke acha lagta hai? Kyu mujhe aisa lagta hai ke mien humesa uske paas he raho? Kyu mien uske saath itna comfortable feel karte hu? i jst feel myself when i am with him, i just feel that its only me and him around the world, no one i! no! No! Ofcourse not, riddhima how cn u even think that, pyaar aur yeh sab, sirf kitabo ki, movies ke baatein hote hai, pyaar kabhi hota hi nahi haina! Waise bhi, miene jis kisise pyaar kiya voh mujhe  se humesa bhot bhot dur hojate hai, phele maa, phir, papa, phir sneha di......yeh pyaar sirf dard hi detha hai, nothing besides that......

A lone of tear escaped riddhima's eye touching her soft gentle cheeks, armaan saw it and got worried of what could have happen, he got tensed, he hold her from her shulders and asked...

'riddhima kya huva?' she noticed the concern in her voice and hugged him, she started to sob really badly, he got really worried of what happen to her, why is she crying all of a sudden, have i done anything wrong, i can't see her in this state armaan thought griping her as tight as he can, making her feel comfortable and not wantng to let go off her.....

She came out of his arms feeling a little bit better, but she was still really upset and sad.....

Armaan kept his hands on her cheeks...

'riddhima tum theek toh hona/ kya huva?' he was really worried about her....

She looked into his eyes, she saw how much he was worried for her, she felt really secure near him....

'armaan mujhe maa, papa ke bhut yaad aarahe hai! Kash voh zinda hote abhi, they would have been so happy, ki mien yeh....' tears started to swell in her eyes agin, tears started 2 come out her eys agin,  he pulled her into his arms, gripping tightly making her feel secure.

They both sat on the beach, riddhima's head and hands were resting on armaan's chest and armaan's hands were resting on her bare waist and he was starin at her, they both were lost in eachother completly they couldn't think of anything but for themselves, they thought only them two were present in this world, they were in there world of love, well for armaan, for riddhima she was just completly confused and kinda nervous and shy, but lke always riddhima listens to her heart, so she did whatever her heart told her to do.....

Slowly riddhima moved her right hand towards armaan's face, she kept her hand on her face looking into his eyes, doing whatever her heart was telling her to do, armaan moved his index figure towards her forhead, moving it to her soft cheek, he kept on moving his index figure all around her face, making her totally lose control of herself unknowingly she felt her breathing getting swalloer and swallower as she felt his figure moving towards her lips, she cloed her eyes, while he stared at her lips, only he knew how much he wanted to feel those lips with his own, how urge he was to kiss them, to taste her lips, taste her soft lips, she has everything, she is sooooo beautiful, she is so innocccent, she is caring, nce lovin, she has everything, man she is just perfect, riddhima tum sirf aur sirf meri ho! Armaan thought still looking at her lips, he was about to kiss them, when he though this wasn't the right time to kiss to her, he stopped himself unwillingly.

She opened her eyes and moved away from him, embarrassed and nervous of what she was doing, she quickly got up, not able to meet his glace, she looked at the sand on the ground. He wanted to tell her there was nothing to get  embarrassed, its ok! But he knew understood her situation, so he didn't say anything.

'armaan bhut der hogaye hai, humein chalna chahiye' she said, in a ever so low voice, heasiting .

'riddhima i am ermmm.... riddhima i am sorry, i didn't mean to....i mean...' feeling guilty of makin her feel ever so akward, but he was intrruped by her...

'armaan its ok, anyways, humein chalna chahiye, can you please drop me home?'

'yeah! Sure lets go'

They didn't alter a word in the car, they both were quite, riddhima kept on thing about the incidence happen on beach, she knew they were about to kiss, but unknowingly she felt nce, she felt happy within.


Everyone is really busy, as there has been few accidents, riddhima and armaan havn't talked to eachother since moring as they were really busy with there cases, riddhima was assisting dr. Kirti in a very critical case, she was really sacred and was hoping to save the women, all the interns were outside near that window fink, writing notes down, armaan wuld always looke at ridz and give her a engourge type look, telling her she will sucssed.

After 3 hours the opration was finished , all the interns hugged ridz and congratulated her as the opration was succssedded, armaan didn't hug her, he just shaked hands with her and smiled and winked at her.

In the afternoon dr. Kiriti was giving out duties when 3 ward boys came running with the stretcher, a man was totally bleeding with blood.....

'dr.kirit! dr.kiriti' shouted one of the ward boy, dr.kirit quickly went towards the stretcher, all the interns atul, Anjali, riddhima, armaan, muskaan and rahul followed her too, as they approached it, all the intrns and dr.kiriti were totally shocked.....

Anjali ran towards the stracheter and hugged the man, and started to cry out loudly...

'dad! Dad! Dad! Yeh dad kya huya? Dad' Anjali shouted at everyone

They took shashant into the opration theator, chances of him staying alive was impossible, as he had a huge big accident wid a drung truck driver. Dr.kirti, dr.shubankar and dr.gauri and some other nurses started to do his opration(karan is in bangolore)

 'yeh sab, iss batsurat riddhima ke bajese huva hai! Phele uske baje se uske maa, bap margaye! Aur aaj isse ke vajase mere dad.... mere dad'

She shouted at riddhima pointing at her,

'jab tak tum mere zindagi se nahi chale jante tab tak....I HATE U! MIEN TOH PHELE SE HI JANTI THI KE TUM....'


Armaan slapped her really hard , he was extremely angry




Riddhima was shocked all this time, she was just depressed, not even a tear came down her eyes, she just stayed rooted where she was and listened to Anjali, she thought she was right, she was a bad luck 4 everyone.

Every1 were shouting at Anjali, that they didn't even realise when riddhima ran!

Everyone were worried and tensed, boz no one knew where riddhima was, the opration was still going on, it has been 2 hours now, armaan wanted to go and look for her but muskaan stoped him, sayin she needs sum time alone after what happen 2day....................


  That's all! I can't type any more, i have been typin for past 1 and half hours lol! I am really sorry everyone for the late updatei tired to make it long, but i kow its not that long, actually i am kinda busy rite now with weddings and stuff so i dnt have tme, so i tried to do my best, i have worked really hard on this prt, so plz everyone do comment and criticises, plz pst honest comments. I am really really sorry if i have dissipointed anyone, i have tryed to do my best. I will try to update sumtime in nxt week.

I am really sorry everyone, if u didn't lke d prt, i hve tried my best, plz do comment if u find it worth it!


This prt is delicated to sacred shrine, as with out i wouldn't b able to update, boz of the new layout i lost the link of my ff, it wasn't wrkin and sacred shrine has been pming me to cntd and i asked her 4 d link and she gve it 2 me! If she didn't give it to me then i wuldn't hve been able to update so thank u sacred shrine, this part is delicated to u!

?...?.Part 4.?...?

It has been afternoon now; riddhima has been missing since yesterday evening. Everyone is worried about her, armaan, atul, rahul and armaan's dad karan everyone has been looking for riddhima, but no one found her. Nandani and muskaan have been waiting home, encase she comes home, but no sign. Tears just culdn't stop flowing out of nandani's eyes and muskaan had dry tears on her face. Both of them have been praying for riddhima.

All the men's have searched the whole city, but they forgot one place.....

By now armaan was heartbroken, he wasn't saying a word and fresh tears just kept on flowing from his eyes, every second, he just culdn't imagine to live without riddhima 'his' riddhima who he loved d most in dis world.

All d mean's returned home, they were all exhausted; no one has eaten since. Especially armaan he hasn't even drank a drop of water. Everyone is at armaan's house in lounge, but no one is talking everyone is lost in each other's thoughts. Armaan was sitting in the corner remembering his and his jaan's night at beach, remembering all the beautiful moments. Then suddenly a thought came in his mind. He quickly got up and went out the house in hurry, sat in his car and drove away leaving everyone shocked and worried at the sudden gesture of his. Nandani and karan both knew how much armaan loved riddhima and the thought made them worry more about their son, thinking he might do something wrong, they wanted to go after him, but something told them he was going to return with riddhima.

Anjali was crying outside OPD. Sure the operation was successful and everything, but her dad was in coma now, and no one knows when he will come out of it. She cursed and cursed riddhima again and again, she knew riddhima was nowhere found and hoped she would never come back. She only knows how much she hated her, she closed her eyes and remembered what happened when she was only 7 years old and riddhima was 5 years old, she still remembered everything, she remembered everything and that's why she hated her so much. THAT'S WHY! ..........


'Bete bass karo ab! Tum kal raat se yaha ho, b'te ab tum ghar javoh! Sab tumhare liye parishan hoge!'

'koi parishan nahi hoga kaka! Mera koi nahi hai! Sob....sob... bass mere ganu bhaiya hai! Kaka'

'Riddhima asia nahi bolte!'

'toh mien ab kya karu kaka? Mien tak gaye ho yeh benaam zindage jite jite!' she said sobbin more and more near ganpati's murti.

'riddhu b'te aisa nahi bolte, aur chalo ab chup hojavoh! Mujhe abhi jana hai. Mien do (2) ghante mien abhi aata hu!'

She simled and said bye to kaka.

She kept her head on ganpati murti, where ganpati bapa's legs are.

'ganu bhaiya ab aap hi mujhe rasta batayi ki mien kya karo? Mien tang aa gaye hu, ab.'

She cryed again and again............

A car came fast, someone parked the car outside and quickly started 2 climb the stairs to the mandir, he was really worried, but he knew he would find her here, how can i forget this place he thought cursing himself.


Riddhima looked up to see who called her.... (Yes everyone u guessed it right it's ARMAAN! Loll)

'Armaan' she whispered to herself. Tears were still flowing through her eyes.

Armaan as soon as he saw his jaan, he went and quickly hugged her and started to cry, she hugged him back.

Coming out of hug 'pagal ho gaye ho tum? Aise kaise kise ko bataye bina tum bhaag gaye! Do you know how much everyone is worried?!' he shouted at her

'toh!' she said turing her face.

'TOH!' he was fuming with anger, how can she say that! He though.

'tumhe pata hai sab kitne parishaan hai! Kisene kuch nahi khaya kal se.....'

'sob....sob' she again started to cry 'kya karu meinn armaan koi muhjse pyaar nahi karta, koi nahi kash mien m......' he kept his figure on her lips 'khabar daar jo aise baat bhi kabhi ki! Atul, rahul, muskaan, mum, dad....mein(she looked up at him) hum sab tumse pyaar karte hai! We all love u! Don't ever say that no one loves you! Understand!'

' papa kaise hai?'

Armaan truned his face around 'riddhima woh uncle....

'armaan papa ko kya hua? Please armaan bolo papa ko kya hua'

'riddhima uncle coma mien chale gaye....'

Riddhima started to cry again 'yeh....sab.....sob sob... meri...vaje se...sob sob hua hai...sob sob...' she said in top of her tears.

'nahi riddhima yeh bagwan ne likha hai unke destiny mien...tumhare koi galti nahi hai!....(pause)....ab mien kuch nahi suna cahta hu! Chalo, lets go home!'

'nahi armaan mien ghar nahi jana chahte, mien yaha mere ganu bhaiya ke saath rahna chate hu....'

'riddhima tumne kal se kuch nahi khaya, plz riddhima ab aur zid nahi chalo!'

'khaya toh tumne bhi nahi!'

'Riddhima mien kaha na, chalo!'

Has soon as she got up, she felt dizzy and fell into armaan's arms, she was conscious.

'Riddhima!' armaan tapped her face on her cheeks, he got really sacred, and he quickly picked her up in his armaan and went......

Dat's all 4 2day, i will cntd 2morrw! I am really sorry 4 late update! I was really busy and den d new layout, the link i had wasn't wrkin and stuff! As now i hve holidays i will update reguraly! Promise! Pakka! I oe dere was nofnk special about dis prt, but i had 2 do it, it is important, 4 d story ahead n epsically 4 nxt prt! I am really sorry i hve dissipointed evry1! I m not very confident about dis prt!

i hvn't pmed every1 boz i didn't hve me! so i m sorry 2 every1!


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?'?'Part 5'?'?

Riddhima was feeling much more better now, she feel unconscious because of the amount of stress she took and she has not eaten for 2 days now, has she was gaining conscious, armaan feed her food, and riddhima knowing that he must have not eaten food, she too feed him, both of them feed each other happily. Riddhima unknowing was feeling something really special inside.

She stayed down armaan's house for 2 days until they knew she was perfectly fine. After 2 days she said she has to go now.




Riddhima came downstairs with her suitcase in one hand wearing an anarkali purple dress. Nandani, karan and armaan looked at her with an confused expression, riddhima smiled looking at their confused expression and spoke up...

'uncle aapne mera kayal rakha aur mera saath diya itene dino kileye, issely thank you so much, mien nahi janti ke mien aap kaise sukriya ada karu, but thank you so much'

Riddhima looked down and continued 'mujhe maaf kardena agar meine koi galti ki hai par mien aap sab pe boj nahi rakhna cahate , issliye meine fisala kiya hai ke mien ab yaha se calte hu. Thank you appne mujhe yaha intne indo tak raha, mien aap sab ka aahsan kabhi nahi bhulunge'

'bol liya jo tumhe bolna tha?' armaan questioned her really really angry, his face was gone red 2.


'voh kya? Tum aapne aap ko samjate kya hu? Yeh sirf tumhara hi fasla hai? NO riddhima you are not going anywhere understand!'

'nahi armaan mien boj nahi....'

'nahi armaan, aise koi baat nahi hai, mien toh yeh kabhi soch bhi nahi sakte par.....'

'PAR KYA RIDDHIMA?' now he was getting really pissed off, as he looked at her he saw tears swelling up frm her eyes, it prieced thorugh his heart, he took a sign and spoke in a clamer voice ' look riddhima, u can never be a boj for us, ure really close to our hearts, and.... actually mujhe ab pata chal raha hai ki tum aisa kyu behave kar rahe hu!'

She looked down at the floor, not able to meet his eyes.

'tum ye hiss liye keh rahe ho, because whatever Anjali told u, haina?'

She just hugged him and sobbed, not able to hold anymore, she sobbed for a while and then spoke in broken voice between her sobs 'i...i...ammmm....sorry...a..r.maan! i didn't want to.....'

'Sshhhhh!' he kept his index finger on her lips, and stared at her eyes making contact, with it.

By now Nandani and karan were gone, they thought of leaving them 2 together for a while.

AR both were letting there eyes speak everything, sure we can't hear anything, but their eyes were speaking volumes of their hearts and minds.

 Looking in each other's eyes felt like they were talking to each other.

What's happing to me? I never felt this way before, kya ho raha hai mujhe? Why is it that whenever i look in his eyes, i feel lost, i feel i am going to sink in them, why do i lose control of myself whenever he touches me, why does his touch make me shiver, why does his intensely of his glace make me feel so special, what's happening to me? I never felt this way before? What's this deep feeling i have for him? I mean, why do i feel that there's....there's something more between us.......that is more than friends.......hmmmm.....nooo! What are you thinking riddhima, r u stupid?! There's nothing like that, yeh there's nothing like that, but then what's this new feeling creating inside me........?

When will you understand my love riddhima? When? I really love you, i really do so, i just can't live without you anymore, how i wish i could just take you in my arms, and comfort you, consol you, tum mere dil ke itne kareb hoke bhi, kitne door ho. I will be waiting for the day,, when you become only and only mine, i love you jaan! My angel!

 Breaking the contact he said in pleasing voice 'riddhima please, ruk jao, please don't leave us!'

Seeing his tearful eyes, she hugged him tightly unknowingly why, she did this but, she felt a cling through her heart when she saw tears in his eyes...

'i am sorry armaan, i am sorry, i didn't mean to hurt you, trust me! Mien yaha hi rahunge armaan! I am sorry!'



'riddhima! Jaldi karo! Haemin daar hojayenge!'

'ha...mein ati hi hu, just 1 mintues plz armaan!'

Just then riddhima came running out of the house, wearin green and blue cominition salwaar kamez (the normal curidar riddhima wears)

Armaan couldn't stop staring at her. Feeling his intestine glace on her, she felt really shy, and blushed hard, turning her cheeks dark red, he smiled seeing that.

'beautiful' he wishpered silently, but it was loud enough for her to hear it make her blush even deeper and deeper, looking just like an tomato.

'ar..m..aan please' feeling butterflies in her stomach she gasped as she felt him move a strand from her facing, she closed her eyes, and suddenly unknowingly feeling really really shy she hugged him tightly, as he hugged her back, knowing very well that know riddhima was started feeling something for him too, he simled, and coming out of the hug, she blushed and quickly sat in the car not able to meet his glace.


As soon as they entered the locker room, everyone quickly ran and hugged riddhima.

'riddhima are you ok?'

'haa muskaan don't worry mien tik hu, aur ab tum aapna yeh mu tik karo, and give me a smile, some please, see i am here only!'

Muskaan hugged her friend and started to cry.

'stupid, idot, aise kaise chale gaye tum? Aapne yeh dost ka bhi nahi sochca? Pata hai mien kitne akele pad gaye the tumahre bin! Plase don't do this again, mere toh jaan hi nikal gaye thi!'

Hearing that riddhima felt a lone of tear.

'i am sorry mere pagali, ab mien aisa nahi karunge!'

Everyone smiled at the two friends, and all came and hugged them, while armaan smiled.

*sabbe interns nurse station mien aaye*

All went near the nurse station quickly before they get told off by gabar.

'dr riddhima, how are you now?'

'mien tik ho dr keerti.'

'ok good... aap sab ke duties....

Dr atul and Dr Anjali OPD

(atul fowrened hearn that, but Anjali give a at atul)

Dr muskaan, Dr rahul and Dr armaan GENERAL WARD

Dr riddhima aaj ek naya case aaya hai, ek sumit karke ladka hai, unko lung cancer hai second last stage, recover ho sakata hai, but its very difficult and Dr armaan is going to handle this case with you too.

Is that ok everyone?'

'yes Dr'

Everyone went, but Dr.kiriti stoped armaan and riddhima to hand over the file.


'mummmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Mumma pleas eutheye na...please mumma....! mummaaa, aap mujhe chod ke nahi jasakte.... mumaa...please'

'yeh sab tumhare vaje se, huva hai, tumne mere mama jinle muhjse!' Said a 10 year old girl crying.

'nahi, did meine kuch nahi kiya...mera vishwas kareya, uncle aap did ko samjaye na! Aap toh jante hai na aunty aur mien ek dusre se kitna pyaar karte hai!' a little girl about 5/6 years old crying trying to persuade to someone.

Then we see a lady in the middle of the room lying, covered with white cloth, well she is dead. Her photo had a har on it!

'mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!' we hear a scream...........and then someone started to cry bitterly sobbing................


Next day in cancer ward, armaan and riddhima went to see their patient.

'hi sumit, i'm Dr armaan and this is Dr riddhima' he winked at her, as he introduced her.

'hum tumhare case ko handle kar rahe hai!'  Sumit smiled at riddhima as she said that, and kept staring at her, making riddhima feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Armaan saw how uneasy riddhima was feeling, he felt angry at sumit, but kept himself cool and said to change the topic 'so let's start to do your check up'  she looked at armaan and thanked him in sign language.

She took the clip board and started to write some notes about his case, while armaan was checking his pluse rate he noticed sumit still staring and grinning at riddhima, almost flirting with his eyes, while she was writing notes about his check up, so she didn't know. He felt like punching this guy, but stayed clam....

'riddhima pluse rate is normal'


She took her telescope out to check his lungs and heart beat, when armaan said 'i will do it' she smiled and nodded. Just then her pager went.

'Dr. Keerti! Mujhe jana hoga, armaan please saare notes tum lekh dina!'

'ok, you go!'

As she went armaan turned to sumit 'voh tumhare doctor hai, issliye batameez mat karna!'

'tumhare kya lagte hai voh? Huh? Anyways she looks hot in salwaar kameez too'

'mind your language!' he felt his temper losing, so he just went.

Shayad mujhe doctor keerti se baat karne hoge thought armaan.




'lekin Dr keerti...'

'WELL THEN DATS FINE! DR RIDDHIMA YEH CASE AKELE HANDLE KARENGE!' she was boling with angry and you can see that, it was better not to argu any more nahi toh riddhima.....

' i am sorry Dr keerti mien aur riddhima saath mien hi yeh case handle karenge' looking the the floor.

'good' giving a stern look she went.

Iss mogambo ko mien ab kaise samjavoh ke voh sumit riddhima se batameezi kar raha hai! And i just can't tolerate it!



'Kitna khubsurat hai yeh aihasas(feeling), aisa lagta hai ki ismein hi sama jao, he protects me for everyfnk, har chote chote baat ka khayal rakhta hai mera. When he looks at me, it feels like i am the luckest girl in the world, when he touches me, i feel special, i like i am going to lose control of myself, when he hugs me i feel like staying in his arms forever and ever, when he is with me, i feel like i am the happiest person in the world, when he is not with me, i miss him incraedbly, i just can't imagin leaving with out him, it feels like mere sase use suru hote hai aur use hi khatan hote hai!'

'kya...kya mujhe pyaar hogaya hai..ganu bhaiya? Kya mien sach mien armaan se pyaar karne lagi hu?'

'haa, riddhima tumhe pyaar hogaya hai!'

'muskaan!' she was schocked to see muskaan there, that means muskaan heard everything!

' kya huva riddhima?'

She hugged her and said 'kuch nahi!'


Coming out of the hug she said 'riddhima kya ab bhi tum mujhe pe vishwas nahi karte? Riddhima tum armaan se pyaar karte ho! Riddhima tum pyaar se bag nahi sakte! Mien tumhe samjh sakte hu, ke tumhare ate ke baad tum pe se pyaar ka vishwas utaar gaya, lekin tum yeh nahi taal sakte ke tum armaan se pyaar karte hu! Tum toh uske bina rah be nahi sakte, hum yaha Lonavala mien teen(3) din se aye hai, aur kya ek pal bhi hai, jab tumne uske bare mien nahi socha, ya yaad nahi kiya, ya tumne uska naam nahi liya! Riddhima tum teen din se baas armaan ke hi baat kar rahe hu! Sare bache and bau tak yeh jante hai ke tum armaan se pyaar karte hu! U love him, riddhima, u love him!'

'you are right muskaan, tum sach keh rahe hu, in do(2) mahino mien bhohat kuch hogaya! Mujhe pata he nahi chala ke kab mien armaan se pyaar karne lagi! I really lve him sapna i really do, mien uske bina nahi rah sakte, i just can't imagin leaving without him, tumhe nahi pata menie yeh teen din kaise kate! Har ek pal i miss him, i love u armaan i love u!' she smiled and hold muskaan by her shuldor and sung her aroung....happily shouting... 'muskaan mien armaan se pyaar karte hu!'

'haa haaa haa! Tum armaan se pyaar karte hu!' dey both started to laugh and hugged each other.

'i can't wait ke kab hum Mumbai ja rahe hai!'

'hum Mumbai aaj raat hi jaa rahe hai!'

'SACH!' screamed with excitement!

'lekin agar armaan muhjse pyaar nahi karta ho toh?'

'Armaan tum....'  just then there was a phone call so muskaan went and attended it.

How blessed I am that you are in my life...
Not a day goes by when I do not think of you...
You make everything so perfect...
To you I do not have to prove myself...
For you know me... It not been a second... when i haven't missed you...
I love you!!!


' oh god! I can't leave with out her a second now! Control yourself armaan, control yourself! Its not that bad, she's coming tonight, ho riddhima...i love you, when will you reliase that! Teen dino se, i havn't even heard her voice!' he forwerned and thought of ringning her.

He took his phone and dialled her number, but then disconnected it!

'mien kyu call karu? Teen dino se ek call bhi usne mujhe nahi kya, so why should i? When she comes back i am not even going to talk to her, yh! I ain't going to talk to her, karne do use jo karna hai! This time i am not going to back off! Thats it!'

'hmmm.... aur piche hanta bhi nahi!'

'mom aap!' he blushed, knowing that she heard everything.

'haa mien, kyu mien nahi as sakte yaha?'

'nahi mom not like that!'

'tu use keh kyu nahi deta?'

'kya? Aur kise?'

'bhot ban mat! Tu janta hai mien kiske baat kar rahe hu!'

'but she doesn't love me, she still hasn't relised!'

'beta meine uske aanko mien dekha, voh tumse pyaar karte hai! Kuch baate kehne ke nahi hote, kabhi kabhi humien hi samjhna padta hai! aur use phone karde!'

'nahi! Mien kyu karu? Use karna hai toh kare! Teen din se gaye hai, she hasn't even called me!'

'aur kya tune kiya?'

'agar voh nahi karte then why should i?

'voh busy hoge'

'still ek call toh kar sakte thi!'

'voh toh tune bhi nahi kiya. Kiya kya?'

'mom why do you always take her side! Just forget it!'

'nandaniiiiiiiii! Kaha ho tum?'

'jaye mom, aap ko dad bula rahe hai!' and he winked at his mom!




As they came of the bus they both both hugged rahul and atul.

'atul armaan nahi aaya?'

'actually voh busy hai, so voh tumhe pick up karne nahi as saka!'

Riddhima and muskaan were back from Lonavala, and because they had to come by bus, rahul and atul came to pick them up. A sad riddhima just give a fake smile and said 'chale'

Rahul dropped atul 1st.....then muskaan....and then atlast...riddhima and he himself when home.


*ding don*

Riddhima rang the bell of armaan's house, and She waited there outside for 10 mintues ringing the bell, but no one opened it, she was about to ring armaan when he himself opened the door!

'HI!' spoke riddhima with excitement....

'hi' he just went inside the house, without even saying anything to her.

'armaan...kya huva?' she asked getting tensed by his behaviour.

'Nothing kyu?' ingroring her again

'Anyways, kaise ho tum? Aur tum mujhe pick karne kyu nahi aaye?' said in a grumpy childish voice

'Because i was busy, anyways rahul aur atul toh aaye hi the na!'

'ha armaan lekin....'

She was cut off by him completely ignoring 'anyways bhut raat hogaye hai, i am going to sleep! Goodnight!'

He just went without even looking at her; she felt her eyes swelling up, as a lone of tear escaped her eyes, 'yeh armaan ko kya hogaya? Have i done anything wrong? Voh mujhe ignore kyu kar raha hai?

She went up to her room and started to cry......


Shayad meine kuch zayada hi acting nahi karle? Oh i am soo stupid! Idot! Thought armaan to himself.


'??Part 6??'

'armaan kya hua? Why you behaving like this with me?' she pulled him into the fire case area and asked him getting irritated.

Since yesterday he is ignoring me and won't even talk to me properly, have i done anything wrong? She questioned herself millionth time, but won't get any answer. There is surely something wrong she thought to herself.

'armaan have i done anything wrong?' she give him the cute, innocent, but hurt look, because of his behaviour, but looking at her his heart melted.

 'tumne mujhe phone kyu nahi kiya, intne dino se? Ek bar toh kar dete!' he said looking just like a kid.

Looking at him She give a cute smile. 'tumne bhi toh kaun sa mujhe phone kiya? Mien toh bhot busy thi! But atleast tum toh phone kar sakte the!'

'mien kyu karu? If u don't do it den why should i?' she laughed a loud at his childish act, she smiled and said 'toh mien bhi kyu karu, agar tum nahi karte toh?' she raised her eye brows at him and dey both burst out laughing. Armaan realised how childish and stupid he was acting, she was right he thought!

'Anyways, tumhare trip kaise thi?'

'Ache thi'

They both passed a smiled to each other.

He took few steps down the stairs and sat down there.

'betho!' he called her to sit beside him, while she passed him another cute smiled and step down to sit where he was saying but just then her leg got sprinted, she closed her eys as she felt herself falling down to sacred to open it, but she felt a hand on her waist.

'Riddhima tum tik toh ho?'she noticed he concern he had for her, by his voice. He saw a strand of hair on her face; he had an urge to move it from there as it was blocking his view, of her beautiful face. He slowly forwards his free hand. He slowly moved it and placed it behind her eyes, 1st time ever he felt how soft her skin was. Feeling a touch she opened her eyes only to be lost in his. They both stared at each other with full of passion and love they both held for each other.

This time he noticed something totally different in her eyes, he thought, still looking into her eyes.

He felt like he could confess right now to her, but he was sacred if she said no, or even worse she might would stop talking to him or something. What do i do?

Should i tell him no no! I can't do that what if....lekin agar voh keise aur se pyaar karta ho toh? But he is so caring, kind and sweet towards me! Sayad voh bhi muhjse pyaar karta hai. No! What if he doesn't, i will be totally broken, i can't stand another broken heart any more.

She stood up and tried to walk, but fall aganist his chest, she had hands on his chest, while his were on her back, he made her sit on the stair slowly making sure she was ok.

He took her sandle off and placed her right foot in his lap, while she just started at him, seeing him message her feet, to make her feel better, she smiled and continued staring at him.

'Are you ok?'

Getting no response he called her again.


He looked up to see her lost in him. he smiled, and called her name again.

'Riddhima!' she jerked up.

'Huh? Hmm...'

'Tum theek toh ho na?'

She nodded feeling really shy and embarrsed by getting caught by him.


'Anjali tumne jo kiya, voh acha nahi tha'

'Yeh aap keh rahe hai?'

'Ha mien keh raha hu, kyuki sachai kuch aur hi hai voh nahi hai jo tum soch rahe ho!'

'aap mujhe mat baaataye ki sachai kya hai! I saw everything that night!'

'tumhe galat fame bhi ho sakte hai!'

'But dad i saw it, with my own eyes!'

'i know beta, lekin jis waqt yeh hadsa hua tha, tab riddhima bhi mar sakte thi! Waise bhi voh bhut jote(little) thi tab, Anjali beta tum mujhe batao, ki agar tum uske jaga hote toh kya kar te? Us bechare ko toh kuch yaad bhi nahi hai! Voh jo bhi hua, voh sab ek aitefak(coincidence) tha! Riddhima ko toh kuch nahi pata, she was really small beta! Tum use intne saalo se nafart karte aae, ho lekin voh bevaja hai, meine tumhe phele bhi bhut bar yeh samjane ki kosish ke, but u never listen! '

Anjali was in tears by now..............


'Riddhima tumhara par (leg) ab tik haina?'

'haan haan armaan its fine now! Tum shuba se yahi pooch rahe ho! Tum bas driving par concentrate karo!'

'acha baba! Waise flight kitne baje ki hai?'

'Hmmm...It's at 9pm'

'Ok, so we still have one hour, right?'

'Right' she answered him back smiling. They were going Shimla, because there has been a major accident, and lots of people have been injured, there were fewer doctors, so doctor keerti sended them two to go.


'It's so cold here'

'i know, lekin kitna acha lagraha haina? I love snow' she had her hands open allowing the snow to feel her soft skin.

'Riddhima Jaldi se andar aajao! Tum bimar pad jaovongi!' he told her off, as he saw her standing in the balcony, even though it was snowing and it was freezing cold.

'nahi! I love this! Please armaan i don't want to miss, it waise bhi Mumbai mien but garmi(hot) hoti hai, and it never snows there!' she pounted like a kid getting off, for eating a chocolate.

He smiled seeing her totally childish behaviour. They reached Shimla just 2/3 hours ago, Dr. Kartik, the senior doctor for Shimla sanjeevinee told them to rest for today and they can come tomorrow. They were staying at armaan's flat in Shimla, but it was quite big, but everything was together. There was a huge king bed in the middle, next to it on the left side there were some sofas and behind the sofas there was a quite big balcony, and inside the balcony, you can mostly see all the hill stations and everything, it looked beautiful like heaven. On the right side of the bed there were cupboards, dressing table, and toilet door and opposite the toilet door in corner, there was a kitchen. (i hope this is a good explaination of what the house looks like! Remember living room and bedroom are together!)

 'Armaan tum bhi bahar aavo na! It's so beautiful here! Tum sab maza miss kar rahe hu!'

'nonnono! Not me! Mien bimar nahi panda cahata! Aur tumhe bhi nahi padne donga! Issliye Jaldi se andar avoh ab, nahi mien tumse baat nahi karunga! And i mean it!'

'Whatever you say, but i am not coming inside! Aur mujhe pata tum muhjse zarror baat karonge! Hanina armaan...armaan...fine den!' just then she sneezed *AACHO*

'bhut hogaya ab!' he went into the balcony, he tried to drag her inside but she won't listen, so he had no choice......he picked her up in his strong arms, and came inside.

Their faces were just an inch away, she could feel his breath warm breath on her face, making her feel warm, she was completely losing control of herself, she felt as if he can control her easily, she felt like she didn't own herself, it was armaan's.

*AACHO* she sneezed again coming out of eye lock. She was still in armaan's arms, so he went and slowly put her on the sofa and started to tell her off...

'meine tumse kaha tha na ke tum bimar ho javongi! Dekha tumhe zukham hogaya!' he was really angry at her, while she just looked down at the floor, she has never had someone to tell her off or be worried for her if she was ill or anything. She felt tears sweeling up, so she kept her eyes down not wanting armaan to see it, while he has been telling her off for 15 minutes now, showing his concern for her clearly, she did notice it. She was happy to have someone like armaan with her; she wished she could just hug him right now straight away and confess. But she was sacred if he didn't love her, or if their friendship ruined because of it, she didn't want to lose him, from by her side, she really loved him.

He show how she was trying to put a fake smile on her face, but he didn't know why? What happen to her? Did i tell her off too much?

'Riddhima!' she sat down on sofa next to her and keeping his hand on her hand, he sweezed her hand, tensed that what happen to her suddenly?

'Riddhima look at me!' he took his free hand to her chin, and made her look up 'kya hua?' he looked right into her eyes.

'kuch nahi!' she got up from there and headed towards the kitechen, but before she did armaan stood up and caught her hand.

'muhjse jhoot bol rahe ho?' he took hi free hand towards her chin making her look at him, as we saw tears running down his soft smooth cheeks, he got really tensed. 'Riddhima kya hua?'

She hugged him tightly, while he responed the hug tightly too, like they both never want to let go off each other, he knew she was crying, coming out of the hug, he heard her speak, while she was crying...

'armaan mien bhut kush naseeb hu jo mujhe tum jaisa dost mila, kisine aaj tak meri itne parva nahi ki jitani ki tum kar rahe ho, agar mien bimar hote ya agar mujhe kahi bhi lagti, mujhe kuch bhi hota, no one used to be beside me to tell me off, that i didn't take care of myself or heel my wounds. I used to heel my wounds, but there was a wound inside my heart, which was never heeled! Sure all the wounds which were physically caused were heeled with time, but the wound which were caused emotionally of having no one beside me, was never heeled. Armaan i am always incomplete, because i am alone, i have no one to love me, or anyone beside, if i ever get hurt or anything, i am all alone. Whoever I ever loved always went away from me. My life, my heart both are incomplete, i never feel complete and i never will' by now riddhima was completely broken into armaan's arms.

Armaan hugged her tightly trying to assure her he was there beside her, seeing her tears he felt a cling trough his heart, he hatred tears in her eyes.

'Ssshhhh!' coming out of the hug he cupped her face and looking straight into her eyes. 'nahi riddhima, don't say that! Tumhe pata hai jab tum muskrurate(smile) ho, tab mere bhi chehare(face) mien muskrurat hote hai, ab tum rote(cry) ho, then i feel a pierce through my heart, jab tum muhjese door hote hu, tab har pal aisa nahi gaya hota hai, jab mien tumhe  yaad na karu, tumhare bagar zindagi berang(colourless) lagti hai, lekin jab tum mere saath hote hu, tab mujhe zindagi ka asile maza aata hai. You know riddhima  if god ever tells me to choose between loving you, and breathing. I would use my last breath to say I LOVE YOU. I love you, not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I feel myself when i am around you, i don't have to pretent to be someone. I really love you riddhima, i can't leave without you. I LOVE U AND ONLY U!' he was still looking into her eyes waiting for her reaction.............

That's part 6! As you all desperately wanted confession, so here it is. I am sorry if its not how everyone expected, but i wanted it to be different. 1st i was going to do something with the jungle scene then make them confess, but that was a usual thing. Then i thought of doing it, like armaan or riddhima one them gets hurt and then, but that's a usual thing. That's what always happens, so i wanted to make it a bit different. I am really sorry if it's not how you all expected!

Please do comment and criticising. 

Happy Independence Day!

'''Part 7'''

'I HATE YOU ARMAAN!' riddhima went out of his grip, sobbing......'i hate you'

'Riddhima!' he tried to get hold of her... 'I hate you armaan! I hate you!'

'But I love you' he said helpless...... 'I hate you! Stupid! Why didn't you tell me this before?! I hate you!'

'I love you!' he whispered and they both hugged each other. They both were crying, tears of happiness. 'I LOVE YOU!' riddhima whispered. They both hugged each other tightly as they never want to let go off each other, as if they just want to be in each other's arms forever and ever. Coming out of the hug he cupped her face, and saw her still crying....

'mujhse pyaar karne ke itne badi saza hai kya, ki tum itna ro rahi ho?' (i just love kash confession scene and everything, so i hope no1 mind, coz i m kinda using the same thing!)

She kept her hand on his lips while he kissed it gently 'tum mere liye saza kabhi nahi ho sakte, tumne toh mujhe aaj phirse jaan de hai, lekin dil le liya!'

'acha?' he smiled cheekly, 'dil toh tumne bhi mera le liya!' she closed her eyes feeling his lips on her forehead, enjoying it and feeling shy.

'armaan tum sach mien mujhse pyaar karte hona? Tum mujhe sab ke tara kabhi chodke nahi joavonge na?'  She was sacred, that he might leave her too, like everyone, and if he does, den she will die, as she just can't live without him now, he is her life, her soul.

'Can anyone stay away from their soul and heart? (He looked right in her eyes) so how can i live without u, as ure the 'soul of my heart!'

'I love you armaan!'

They had a eye lock for few minutes, just then armaan's eyes trailed off to her soft, tasty juicy looking lips... he kept his figure on her chin, bringing it close to his face as he bend his face down a little, while there nose touched each other, feeling their breath on each other's face's, making her melt in his secure arms.

He was went forward to join their lips.....................


'isse bhi ab hi aana tha!' he muttered in an angry voice, while she burst out laughing....


(Next morning)

'hi boyfrend!' a voice came from a hot, sexy 13 years old gurl ran up to armaan and hugged him!

' PRIYA!!!!! Kasise ho tum?'  armaan got really and hugged priya 2, while riddhima was standing next to armaan confused of who priya was, and den she remembered....

'priya!' surprised riddhima got over excited and hugged priya 2!

'didi, aap and boyfriend tum  kaise ho?'  she kissed armaan's cheek.

'mien tik hu! Tu kaise hai? Aur tum yaha hospital mien kya kar rahe hai?'

As armaan asked that priya's face turned into a sad and tears started to up to her eyes....

'kya huva priya?' riddhima asked seeing the change in her, getting tensed...

'didi actually, mien, tara didi, kanan, sara, aur rimli yaha holiday karne aaye hai boyfriend lekin.... kanan ka accident hogaya hai!'

Priya hugged armaan again crying......

'what?' both of them got really worried!


 they all entred the genral ward.....

'riddhima didi!' rimli shouted and hugged riddhima!

Kanan was still uncounsious, and she had a bangage on her head and arm. It wasn't a major injury, but the wound was a little bit deep, on the arm.

Tara went and hugged both armaan and riddhima together 'aap yaha kab aaye!'

'voh sab jodo aur batavoh ke kanan ko kya huva? Tara tum unka kahyal nahi rah sakte thi? Tum sab se badi ho na!' riddhima spoke with an angry voice.

' didi tara di kya koi kasur nahi hai!' sara spoke defending tara.

'haa didi!' priya spoke again.

Sara went and hugged riddhima and started to cry, she and kanan were sisters and she loved her sister alot. Tara, priya, rimli, sara and kanan were best friends, since childhood. Riddhima's dad and sara and kanan's dad were brothers. Priya's mum was nandani's bestfriends, so armaan and priya got with eachother alot, so she called him her boyfriend. As tara and rimli were bestfriends of them, so they always used to go everywhere with echoder othe that's how everyone knows eachother! (lolololol! I noe the knwin summary isn't too good, BT priya i hpe ure happy ure in it! Hahahah! I thought of adding myself and sum of my kashians! I hpe none of them minded?)

Just then kanan got cousious, armaan and riddhima quickly went by her side, 'kanan tum tik toh hona?'

'didi! Aap yaha?' kanan smiled at her and looked at armaan 'armaan bhaya!'

They all talked each other and had lunch and stuff.......


  'yeh barrish (here cums kash barrish!)  bhi abhi honi thi!'

'kya armaan! It's so beautiful! I love it!' running towards the terrace to feel the rain falling on her beautiful face, as armaan tried to catch up with her...

She spreaded her arms out and started to go around and around slowly, feeling eacho and every part of rain... 'i love rain armaan!' as she looked at him, she found him staring at her with a dreamy look, as he was getting soaked wet in rain too.

She noticed the passion in his eyes, feeling shy, as she turned redder then the tomato....he moved forward to her slowly still not loosening their eye contact...

He came really close to her, they both could feel each other's breath on their faces, she closed her eyes, as she felt that she was no more in control of herself, only he could control her, she felt her knees go weak, as armaan kept his arm around her waist holding her thight, as he joined their lips, keeping his other hand on her face.............................................


Thats all! I noe it was quite short and not much in it, so i wuld lke 2 apologise to everyone! I know its really boring and everyfnk! I hope i didn't dissipoint anyone! BT next prt i promise it ill b filled with kash kash kash kash!


my skool is starting from thrusday again, and i m goin to be in yr9, so now it will b very recent that i ill update! it ill not be regural! i am really really sorry everyone, to keep everyone w8in and w8in, bt i hve no choice, i hve 2 concentrate on my studies more! Embarrassed i hpe everyone understnds me! Embarrassed

'???Part 8???'

'Armaan!' suddenly armaan came on earth again after having his nice romantic heaven trip (sos every1, no kiss! Lolololol!)


She started to laugh looking at his confused wired faces he made.

'yaha kyu khade ho? Come here and join me in rain! Please!!!!!!!' 'Come on armaan please' she went and dragged him into the rain.

She spreaded her arms out and started to go around while he just watched her, wishing his dream come true, he really did wanted to feel how soft her lips looked. Are they as soft as they look? He wondered feeling more inpatient and this huge urge went through him. Should i...ermmm.... no no no no no! I can't do that, stop it armaan if you take the step too early then she might think something wrong, yeh she might think some think wrong. We have just been together for a day now and i don't want to lose her for my stupid urge that i have for her!

Hethen just picked her up in his arms and started to go around.

'Armaan, kya kar karhe ho?'

'dekh nahi raha? I am enjoying the rain!'


'lekin kya?' he give her a wink and a cheeky, naught look.

All she did was blush going lke a tomatoa and kept sung her arms around his neck, staring into his eyes.............


'riddhima jaldi karo!'

'ha armaan mein aa rahe ho!'

She came running down, wearing a purple anakrkali and high heels. Her eyes were guled inside her pursed trying 2 search for something.

She was so engrossed in trying 2 find sumfnk in her purse that she was nearly going to trip over the rock, but armaan quickly came and saved her, holding her by her waist, sacred, that she will fall, but soon relived as she wrapped her armaan around her neck, feeling the pain.


'kya hua?'

'Armaan meri par mein moch aagaye, lagta hai! It hurts'

'kitni bar kaha hai mein ki dekh kar chala karo!' he shouted at her in anger, while she was stunned and afraid, she has never seen his anger before.

She freed herself from his hold, afraid, trying 2 walk towards the car. As the car wasn't that far she sat inside holding the car and the car door to help her sit. He just realised how stupid he was for shouting at her and started to think how to make it up for that, he knew trying 2 convince her was really hard because she will say she forgave him and put a fake smile on her face, but wouldn't forgive him from inside.


'i am sorry riddhima!' he gently held her hand in his kissing it he started to play with her fingers feeling the softness of them.

'Ure so soft!' he looked at her trying to hide the red shade forming on her face.

They were stuck in traffic jam on a way there way. They were heading back 2 Mumbai.

'riddhima i am sorry na! I was really......'

Before he could say anyfnk she kept her figure on his lips, and shyly took it off as she spoke finally in 4 hours

'hmmm.....i am sorry armaan, actually i over reacted! I am sorry i became a bit too childish!'

They both just give each other a passion tight hug. As they both broke the hug at the same time she saw him staring at her lips, she read his thoughts and knew he really did want one so she closed her eyes letting him know that she wants him to kiss her. They both still had their arms around each other, as he finally gently and smoothly finally left her lips, he was right they were indeed jucy and very soft. As the time was passion the kiss went harder and deeper, as he entered into her mouth playing with her tongue. They played with each other's touch for about 4/5 minutes den she broke the kiss getting out of breath!

She was feeling really shy so she quickly buried her head on his chest, as he wrapped his arms around her happily still licking his lips, still thinking about the juicy kiss........



'mom! Dad! We are home!' armaan said as they both entered the hall.

Nandani came and gave riddhima a hug, while karan gve armaan a hug.

'is everything fine there now armaan?'

'ha dad everything is fine!'

'so kaisa raha riddhima?' she blushed at this question remembering their kiss and confession, armaan thought the game and he gave her a cheeky grin winking.

'nandani yeh kaisa sawaal puch rahe hu? Just look at their face!'

They both giggeled while armaan riddhima blushed more.

'acha chalo ab tum dona freshen up hojavoh!' as nandani said that dey both nodded and headed upstairs.

Nandani and karan both smiled at eachother.

'mein bhut kush ho aaj! Mera sapna finally pura hone wala hai! Hum jald se jald shashant se baat karenge!'

'nandani phele humein unhe puchna padenga'

'haa aur mein toh bul he gaye shashant toh abhi coma mein hai!'

'ha voh hum kal kardenge!'


'armaan kya kar rahe ho?'

'pyaar!' he had pinned her under him to the wall, playing with her hair and blowing on her face.

'Armaan, koi dekh lega'



'haa riddhima!'


'ok ab yeh armaan armaan band karo aur give me a kiss!'

She blushed.

'armaan please muhje chodo!' she spoke in a low shy voice.

He traced his index finger over her face slowly and romantically, knowing what effects he was having on her and he just loved it. She closed her eyes, feeling her breathing going high, as his finger traced to her neck, feeling him pull her duppata bit down. He bends his head down gently and kissed her throat, but it was more like sucking it.

He looked up to see her eyes closed breathing heavily; he smiled, and gently kissed her lips.


'riddzy, muhje maaf kardo, meine..'

'di please aap aur mat ru. Aapke galte nahi hai di, shayad mere hi...'

'nahi riddzy itne salo tak mein tumhe....'

'it's ok di!'

They both hugged each other sobbing, as armaan, atul, muskaan and rahul this and were finally really happy. Anjali told all of them to come to her house, so that she can clear everything out.

riddhima was really happy today, as she got everything. She got her di and her humsafar. She looked at him smiling, as his eyes went watery too.


'aaj mein bhut kush ho armaan, aaj finally muhje sab kushi mil gaye! I am soooooooo happy! I can't believe we are finally engaged' she said looking at her dimond ring glowing in the moon light.

'i know, i am really happy too.' Riddhima head was resting on armaan's chest while his hands were wrapped around her bare waist.

After there engagement ceremony was done, armaan requested to take riddhima to beach. Riddhima's red sari was tangle and covered all over him rather than her, as she was resting her head on his chest. They both were lying near the water, as every now and then the water would splash over them.

He rolled over her pinning her under him, as he placed a kiss on her forehead, slowing rubbing his lips all over her face teasing her, as he knew she wanted a kiss on her lips, but he was in a very naughty bored so felt like teasing her as much as possible. She moved her head a bit, creasing his hair pulling him a bit more closer, as she kissed him on his lips... moving towards her neck, his wet kisses grew more passionate, he kissed all over her neck as her hands were moving on his back. He kissed his shoulders, to her neck to her shoulders. He then tightly hugged her and went to sleep on the beach itself.

As the sun light shone, as woke up to find her in his arms, she looked at him loving........... 


He looked at the sky. He was 30 years old today, it's his birthday. He remembers how she surprised him on his birthday 6 years before. But now everything was changed, because of his selfishness. Today He became one of the best surgeons in the Britain. He should be the happiest person in the world, beacuse his dream finally fulfilled, to fulfil this dream he had left everything in India, and moved to London 6 years before. He had left his family, his friends, his happiest and his LOVE. Today he was all alone. He hadn't smiled or laughed in 6 years, in this 6 years he had been all alone, living in a big house, but he was alone, no one to give him surprises, no one to love him, no one to join in his happiness, he was all alone, only him and his aloneness. In these 6 years he hadn't heard her voice, he hadn't touched her, and he hadn't taken her in his arms. He looked t his engagement ring, that was all he had of her, all he had of her was her memories, her smile, when he was there with her, her laugh when he would make silly jokes, how she was melt just in his one touch, her tears that had formed because of him, when he was living india forever. He remembers everything today. He had promised her to be with her all her life, he had promised her to never let go off her, and he had promised her to ring her every day, he had promised her that he would be back in 1 year, but he had broken all his promises, he hadn't been with her, he left her, he hadn't rang her in 6 years, he has broken all his promises, their promises!

he was missing her so much 2day and was wishing she was here. he still remebred 6th july, the day they were going to get married before 6 years, but he had left her. Yes in one month its gona be 6th july he had left her, he had left a day before their marriage, instead of being happy, and he was crying today, he regretted everything he did. He was crying......he missed her......he hated himself.......


NOTE- I am really sorry everyone, i didn't contd for a long time, because i was really busy, wid my skool homewroks and tests and everything. As i said b4 i am in year 9 now , i get tons and tons of homework, and i am hardly free. Reading this prt and how i have done everything so quickly some on u might have guessed dat i wana finish this ff asap! I am gona write 2/3 really long parts and finish it. My half trem holidays are cuming in abt 2 weeks tme and this ff is gona finish den! I am really sorry if i have dissipointed any1 with dis prt, bt i did try my best! Please do do comment everyone if u find it worth it!

thank u so much 4 ure lovely comments! i really appreticate them!


Part 9- page 2





Hey everyone! I would like to thanks everyone for all your sweet and lovely comments encouraging me to write more and more. Thank you so much for all the love ure giving me, as without it i would achive this...


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Hey Kanan i already commented on ur thread in the DMG section....but i'll comment here again! LOL

I really liek ur character sketch so far! Good job! Clap

Thanx 4 da PM n do start soon! Embarrassed   

Luv u loaaadz!   Embarrassed

*~*Marisha*~* Embarrassed

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hey,i jst luvd d intro......too gud...n karan -nandini as armaan's!! Tongue Tongue Tongue
n chooo chweet A luves R bt poor ridz......facin soo much troubles
yaar,m gettin curious 2 knw more......
plzzzzzzz update soon....
n ya,dnt b upset......m sure all ll luv it...b patient 4 comments... Smile
n dnt 4get 2 pm me...

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cool yaar...cant wait...........

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itz write it....
info me abt update...

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