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AR FF"The painful side of love" [ENDED]

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Hey guys.........i hv been a silent reader but now i hv decided to start my own FF and since its my first attempt so i hope u guys like it....


Armaan read and re-read the documents. He finally threw the file on the table and started pacing his cabin. Is this the same Riddhima? He had to know.

He went to the head's cabin, too impatient to knock and once inside he said it all in one breath, "Who is this Riddhima gupta we are hiring?" Shubhankar got up from his seat and came face to face with Armaan with a questioning look on his face. Armaan took a deep breath and said with great bitterness in his voice, "Are you hiring the Riddhima gupta who recently got divorced and has been blamed of adultery or to be frank , 'sleeping with her husband's friends'?" Now Shubhankar understood why Armaan was so worried afterall Armaan was a great doctor and highly dedicated to Sanjeevani. Shubhankar placed his hand on Armaan's shoulder and said in an assuring voice,"I know about her divorce and stuff Armaan but along with that she is a great doctor and we need her. Don't worry she won't be allowed alone with the patients and will be constantly observed." " But i can't let her work here." said Armaan with a hardened expression on his face. "She has the permission of one of the trustees, infact one of the most important trustees Armaan and also has a great professional record as one of the best cardiologist of USA. Just give her sometime Armaan and i am sure she'll prove herself.Don't worry everything will be fine."

With that Armaan left the cabin and said to himself,"No shubhankar nothing will be fine once she's here. I have to know whats cooking in her mind now and what game is she planning to play"


Riddhima was standing outside the airport with her luggage. She was wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans along with her black shades. 4 years ago Riddhima had left the country as a newly wedded bride with shattered dreams and apprehensions as to what her future is going to be like and that too in another country with somebody she barely knew, as her husband. Her heart was broken in a million pieces as she was about to leave the love of her life or to be precise her very life- Armaan behind. She knew that when he'll come to know about her marriage he'll hate her forever but she'll have to live with it. But today Riddhima was a very different person from what she was then.

4 years back she was a bubbly, exuberant gal who loved and cared about everyone around her and especially Armaan who she was madly in love with. She was adored by one and all, everyone's favourite that's what she was but today Riddhima had no emotions left in her. She never trusted anybody anymore and kept her relations to everyone in a limit. She had divorced her husband-Vivek or rather he had divorced her blaming her of adultery for which his friends had attested. Due to it her reputation was badly destroyed and the hospital that she was working for had thrown her out besides her being the best cardiologist but thanks to Dr.Shashank Sinha for trusting her and giving her a place in the very prestigious Sanjeevani. He was a father figure for her and she respected him and loved him as well as his wife Padma Sinha and they were the only ones who knew about her past. They had assured her that nobody in Sanjeevani would know about her past except the head and one of the doctors who could be trusted with the information. She was very''''her chain of thoughts was broken by a man who came and said in a very loud voice 'Arrrrre kya aap he hain Dr.Riddhiiiiima' 'Jee' replied riddhima 'chaliye ye to bahut acha hua'''.vaise main hoin Omar bhai Sanjeevani se'''mujhe Dr.Shubhankar ne aapko lene bheja hai' with that he moved toward a black car and Riddhima followed him. He opened the door for her and kept her luggage inside the car. Once they were seated inside Omar bhai started again 'Vaise humne suna hai ki aap ek bahut achi cardiologist hain' but before riddhima could reply he started again 'Vaise vo to aap hongi he akhir Bahar se aai hai USA se''.aap ke ghar mein kaun kaun hai''..pati, bache ya fir'''' Riddhima couldn't take it anymore and said in a very poisonous voice 'Aapko mujhe lene bheja tha meri history pata karne nhi to agar aap apne kaam se kaam rakhenge to acha hoga' with that she turned her face towards the window while Omar bhai was absolutely shocked and then thought 'Arre hume kya pata that itni pyari surat ke peeche itna gussa hai'.

Well that was how Riddhima was now. 4 years back Riddhima would have happily replied to Omar bhai's questions but today she was somebody entirely different and didn't believe in unnecessarily talking to people or having any kind of relation that wasn't professional. She was a person who kept to herself and had with great efforts built an iron wall around herself which showed her as a highly arrogant, confident and a short tempered person. Riddhima hated 99% people out of 100% infact she hated herself for letting herself go through all the things that she had went through in these 4years.

But now she will begin her life all over again though for whom she is doing this beginning she didn't know because Riddhima had nobody to share her life with as her father had disowned her.

Riddhima gupta was ABSOLUTELY ALONE in the whole world but she was happy to be just that and didn't want anybody to ever come in her life.

Part 2

Riddhima wore a gray skirt and a white shirt to Sanjeevani emphasizing her curves perfectly''''She had given up her simple salwar kameez 6 months back along with the innocence of Riddhima gupta which was lost once she became Mrs.Riddhima vivek khanna.

She was well aware of how beautiful her body was and had no fears in flaunting it though that very curvaceous beautiful body of hers had been the cause of all her troubles in the past.

Now as she parked her car outside Sanjeevani'''..she took a glance at the building and just for a second she had the same old innocent smile playing on her lips but it vanished as soon as it had appeared. She got out of her car and walked towards Sanjeevani stopping people in their track to see who the beautiful lady was. When Riddhima had entered the hospital she stopped and took in her surroundings which she heartily approved because Sanjeevani had improved a lot and was now an even better built and equipped hospital infact the best Mumbai had.

Just the way Riddhima was observing Sanjeevani, she too was being observed by a group of doctors out of which only two knew about her past - at least whatever information the documents held- Dr.Shubhankar and Dr.Armaan. Along with them there were two other doctors Dr.Rahul and Dr.Anjali. Dr.Rahul was absolutely spellbound by the beauty they were observing.

Riddhima's slender body had lines that were long and exaggerated and she looked like a stylized drawing of a woman and made a normal being appear heavy and ugly beside her. She looked strangely elegant in her well tailored suit. She had grey eyes that were edged by parallel lines of lashes. She had an air of coldness around her and a beautifully vicious mouth.

She made people realize what it was that artists spoke about when they spoke of beauty.

While Dr.Rahul was absolutely mesmerized by her beauty , Dr.Armaan was shocked beyond belief; he couldn't believe that this woman was the same Riddhima he had been in love with. His Riddhima was a very simple girl and had the innocence of a child whereas the women they were observing along with being beautiful was somebody cold and menacing.

When they heard a knock on the door Dr.Shubhankar quickly switched off the T.V which was connected to the camera in corridor. As Shubhankar allowed the person to come in they saw Riddhima entering the cabin and once again Dr.Rahul was amazed by her beauty and Dr.Anjali was equally impressed but Dr.Armaan was obviously shocked. Dr.Shubhankar guessed that the decision made by the trustees was indeed correct.

It was now Riddhima's turn to be shocked as she saw Armaan standing there. She had completely forgotten him in the last 3years and the fact that they had once been interns at that very place but as she was a master at faking expressions she within no time managed to get the same cold smile back on her lips and very elegantly moved towards the man sitting in a black leather chair at the head of the table whom she correctly deduced must be the head of Sanjeevani. She extended her hand toward him and said, 'Dr.Riddhima gupta' with great elegance and style. Dr.shubhankar introduced himself and started introducing the rest of the team, 'Dr.Riddhima these are the beat doctors of Sanjeevani- Dr.Armaan'.'

Riddhima bowed gravely and moved her eyes to the next person- Armaan noticed that her eyes were contemptuous but they left him with a cold sense of cruelty. He replied with an equally grave bow. Rahul extended his hand towards Riddhima which she accepted with a lot of grace and the same contempt and then she was introduced to Dr.Anjali whom she met with a smile. Just when the introduction was done Dr.Shubhankar's pager buzzed and he asked Dr.Anjali and Dr.Rahul to follow him leaving Dr.Riddhima with Dr.Armaan to know her duties.

For the first time after 4years Armaan and Riddhima were left alone and while Armaan had a huge number of questions that he wanted to ask her, Riddhima was coolly waiting for her duties to be assigned.


Armaan took a few steps towards Riddhima and he was face to face with her. He looked into Riddhima's cold and contemptuous eyes while his eyes said it all''..that he still loved her'''.he was hurt''''and was trying his best to hate her. Armaan wanted to be angry on her, wanted to shout on her but he knew he couldn't. Instead he touched her left cheek and felt the same sensation that he used to get when they were together and finally Armaan lost control'''..his tears started to flow and he hugged Riddhima tightly'''the hug was one of love and passion but that passionate hug failed to arouse any feelings in Riddhima but when Armaan kissed her hair, she harshly pushed him back and said in a highly poisonous voice, 'Don't you ever dare touch me' but once again she calmed herself down and said in a level voice, 'Dr.Armaan I am waiting to start my work here so if you don't mind I would like you to quickly give me my duties'

Armaan was shocked and his anger returned. He clutched her elbow and pulled her towards himself and asked her, 'Why?' his voice choked and finally he left her elbow and got his breath back and said in a painful voice, 'Did you never love me Riddhim? Was that all just a game? A big bluff? How could you forget our love and marry that Vivek? Was it because of his money?'

When Riddhima didn't reply Armaan pushed her and pinned her against the wall and said in a menacing voice, 'answer me damn it or I swear to god I'll kill you' but even this didn't change Riddhima's expression and she said in the same normal tone, 'Look Armaan what we had was past and I wouldn't deny that it was fun'''infact I had a really good time with you but I have forgotten all that and Riddhima Gupta doesn't believe in digging the past' She got out of his grip and strolled in the office with the same cold poise and confidence.

Now Armaan was deeply hurt and in return wanted to insult her so he said in a cool voice, 'Alright Dr.Riddhima gupta you don't want to dwell on the past we won't'''' lets talk about what other fun you had, apart from me of course, in USA. I mean I read your file and it was very interesting. Your divorce really intrigues me'''.Was it fun cheating on your husband and sleeping around with his friends.' he expected anger but instead she turned around and said in a very normal way, 'Well Dr.Armaan as I just said lets not talk about the past and anyways you have read the file about my divorce. I have been accused of sleeping with my husband's friends and it has been proved so I don't think there is anything left to be discussed about it and as for fun'..well you can guess it yourself. And now I would really request you to not waste my time any further and assign me my duties.'

She spoke as if she was absolutely indifferent to the accusations and Armaan himself and this indifference of hers pierced Armaan's heart but before he could respond Dr.Shubhankar was back with a file which he handed over to Riddhima and explained her duties and when Riddhima was about to leave he said in a very low voice with his head bent, 'Dr.Riddhima'.uh'.I don't mean to embarrass you'..uh in any way but just so that you know your secret is safe with me and Dr.Armaan' she nodded and left the cabin.

The moment she came out Dr.Rahul came in front of her and introduced himself all over again to which Riddhima simply smirked and said, 'Well Dr.Rahul I think we have already met but if you still want me to introduce myself again I'll''.' but before she could continue any further Rahul said in a very embarrassed tone, 'Oh am so sorry but its just that I am so pleased to meet you that I totally forgot and I have heard you are one of the best Cardiologist of USA. You are simply awesome and''..' but this time Rahul was cut off by Riddhima's highly arrogant remark which she gave in a very innocent voice, 'Please Dr.Rahul don't say that I am the most beautiful women you have ever seen in your life and you fear that you are already in love with me. You'll say it eventually but for now lets postpone it and apart from it I think we'll get along very nicely. I'll see you later' and with that Riddhima left a dumbstruck Rahul standing in the corridor but he still wasn't fazed and was determined to impress her.

Riddhima was given her lab coat and her pager and had 3patients to attend to out of which one of them was a small girl who was very stubborn. So Riddhima decided that she'll have to deal with her differently so she left the case for the next day. Just when she was coming out of the ward her pager buzzed and she was summoned to the confrence room where she had to introduce herself and talk about her experience in USA, especially about one of the social camps that her hospital had organized to help the poor and treat them for free'''

'I have to talk about my experience at the camp''''..Well I hated it badly because we didn't make any money out it and I don't think those people were worth saving from the disease because there life is a living hell and now if they wont die from the disease they'll die from hunger and poverty.' She knew that the people sitting there were probably going to hate her for the rest of their lives but she didn't care. She knew the world was full of hypocrites and so she continued absolutely unperturbed. 'One of the families had 9 children, supported by the parish and the tenth one was on its way and already those 9 kids were starving'''..I honestly think that these people more then treatment needed to be educated because anyways this illiteracy is going to kill them someday.' When she finished there were a few claps of angry applause so she raised her hand and said, 'You don't have to applaud. I don't expect it'

With that the conference was over and once again Rahul made his way towards Riddhima in order to praise her speech which Riddhima very well knew wasn't liked by anyone. He said to her, 'Dr.Riddhima I am very impressed by your speech and I think it was very good that you spoke your mind.' Riddhima knew what Rahul was trying to do so she leaned toward him and said, 'Look what you just said is exactly the right thing to say but not to me. That's exactly what I would expect you to say and I don't like people who say what I expect them to say. I would have liked it if u would have said that 'what I said in the speech was highly rude and I am a very selfish person and you don't appreciate that and am not worth being a doctor'' 'Is that what you think' asked Rahul to which Riddhima flatly replied, 'No, but I don't like people to say what they think I think.'

Armaan , who had heard Riddhima's speech and also her conversation with Rahul, was deeply disturbed and needed to think so he took the day off and went back home. The moment he reached his home he closed the door and with his back against it he slid down to the floor and started staring at the carpet in front of him as if it would come to life and give him all his answers.

He was hurt, angry and more than anything confused.

He slowly got up and walked to the table in front of him and placed both his hands over it and slowly, almost in a whisper, repeated the question in his mind, 'why? Why? WHY????????' he started screaming the question into the thin air and threw the vase on the table with all his might''. 'Why is she behaving like this? Why did she leave me? Why did she marry that b******? Why wouldn't she explain? Why is she doing this to me?' he sobbed and shouted like a maniac. He picked up the mirror and broke it into a million pieces'''he picked all the things and threw them on the floor in just one go'''and then he himself fell on his knees and onto the glass pieces'''..they pierced his skin but he didn't feel the pain he was busy sobbing for the love that he had lost and was now after 4 years back to destroy him once again. Armaan saw the blood coming out of his hands''.he raised his hands to his face and started laughing loudly and said in a very high, almost shouting voice, answering his own questions 'She left me because of his money. She slept with his friends. She never loved me'''.she never loved me'''.she cheated me''..she fooled me'''.I hate her'''..I hate her'''..I love her'''.' and with that Armaan collapsed on the floor and kept crying the whole night.

While Riddhima was also very tired studying the little girl's case'' she decided to leave and knew that she won't be at peace tonight'''..when she was inside her house she threw her bag on the chair in the dining space and pulled her hand through her hair''..she tucked her hair behind her ear and sat down on the chair at the head of the table'''.the whole day's events went through her mind and then she saw her reflection in the glass of the table. She touched her left cheek where Armaan had touched her and felt what he had felt then. She had changed so much and knew there's no going back'''.She still cared for him but knew it can never be the same'..she can never love him or anyone for that matter.

Her mind was irrevocably set. She knew that now she'll have to face him everyday but she had promised herself that she wouldn't let him know about the past''..she walked towards the window in her room and kept looking towards the moon wondering what her future held for her but before her mind could wander back to the past she picked up a file and once again started working on the little girls case which for her now was

the goal of her life.


'It is no surprise to me that hardly anyone tells the truth about how they feel. The smart ones keep themselves to themselves for good reason. Why would you want to tell anyone anything that's dear to you? Even when you like them and want nothing more than to be closer than close to them? It's so painful to be next to someone you feel strongly about and know you can't say the things you want to.'

As Riddhima again and again read the thought written on the board she felt a strange sensation creeping through her'''she felt as if somebody had purposely written it on the board for her to read it'''.but before the thought could envelope her she was summoned in by Dr.Mishra.

Dr.Mishra was the doctor who had been taking care of the little girl but as her disease had grown and gone out of control she was admitted in Sanjeevani and Riddhima was there to discuss with him about that very case. This little girl in question was actually the finance minister's daughter Ayna so a lot depended on her operation and that is why it was really important for Riddhima to succeed at it.

Riddhima's patients and her profession meant a lot to her because it was the only thing where there were no pretensions and Riddhima could be just herself and this very profession of hers had provided her peace and escape in those painful years''..the only that always gave her genuine happiness.

Riddhima had a lengthy meeting with Dr.Mishra after which they both left for Sanjeevani. Ayna had her final operation that day.

The moment they entered in Sanjeevani a number of cameras flashed at them'''.a lot of media had gathered for the operation''''.Questions were whirled at Riddhima''''She simply raised her hand with the same poise that came naturally to her and said, 'Gentlemen, please. The operation is going to begin in half an hour and will go on for 3hours and I assure you the results will be positive. Now please excuse me I have a lot of arrangements to make.' With that she left the camera men appreciating her guts and confidence. Dr.Mishra was rooted to his spot and was relieving from the shock that Dr.Riddhima had just given him. How could she say that? He wondered because the chances of the operation being a success were very slim but she had very confidently told the press that everything will be fine.

'The woman's crazy' muttered Dr.Mishra under his breath.

The same shock had struck Dr.Shubhankar, Dr.Anjali, Dr.Rahul and Dr.Armaan who had heard Riddhima's last comment.

Dr.Rahul like always was impressed. Dr.Anjali thought that the new cardiologist was highly arrogant and she didn't approve of it. Dr.Shubhankar was a nervous wreck. While Armaan was once again wondering what had gotten into her'''.She was never overconfident infact she was always extra careful when it came to her profession. He knew he had to talk to her.

'Dr.Shashank, Dr.Riddhima has told the press that she will save Ayna but the chances are very slim sir. She should not have said that. We are already in a tough situation but this comment of hers had made it even worse for us. What are we going to do?'

Shubhankar said it all in a single breath wiping the sweat from his forehead. Dr.Shashank had heard everything very calmly and was now considering everything that might happen if Riddhima's statement does not come out to be true.

'Arrrreee hume to pehle se he pata tha ki ye doctor sahiba hamare Sanjeevani ke liye thik nahi hai''''.bahut ghamandi or gusse vaali hai''''us din hum par bhi baras pati thi''''bhala humse bhi koi is tarah baat karta hai kya?' commented Omar bhai to his fellow peon who nodded in agreement and after a while said, 'jo bhi ho bhai'''.dikhti bahut badhiya hai' and they both burst out laughing forgetting the crisis at hand.

'What the hell does she think of herself''''.how could she just claim that the results will be in her favour and that too without consulting the senior doctors. Its highly irresponsible of her' said a pissed of Anjali but Dr.Rahul was looking at the situation with a different perspective and had a different thing to say, 'Anjali we should not underestimate her''''.she's one of the best cardiologist'''She knows what she is doing. We should trust and support her' 'oh! Rahul you are too naive. Fine, she is the best cardiologists but still she should not have said that'''what if she fails?' but Rahul would not budge from his belief because he had noticed something different in her eyes which had compelled him to believe her.

So he simply smiled when he heard Anjali expressing her disagreement towards the whole issue.

While everyone was busy wondering what's going to happen''..Armaan was standing behind Riddhima who had not even noticed his presence and was busy preparing for the operation. He saw the dedication and sincerity in her eyes which filled him with warmth reminding him of his Riddhima but when Riddhima lifted her face from the file, she was reading and saw Armaan standing there her eyes again went cold.

She raised her eyebrow asking him the reason for the uncalled intrusion''''.. He said in a haughty voice, 'You do think everything's a game out here don't you?' When Riddhima did not answer him he moved closer to her and said in an almost angry voice 'do you realize we have Sanjeevanis reputation at stake. Just because of that comment of yours it looks like Sanjeevani is sure of its success, which is almost impossible, and takes the responsibility of the consequences' Riddhima lifted the left side of her lips in an arrogant smile and said, 'Oh! Dr.Armaan when will you stop interfering into things which don't concern you?' Armaan raised his finger towards her face and said in a cold and harsh voice, 'Listen Dr.Riddhima I have been working here for last 6 years. Sanjeevani is my life and I would not let you mess with it'

Riddhima replied in a level voice, 'save your breath Dr.Armaan. Wait for the operation to get over and then we'll definitely talk'''..for now I have to leave.'

Riddhima was standing outside the operation theater facing all the doctors. No one wished her luck because they saw no use in doing that but Dr.Rahul came forward and clasped her hand and said in a warm voice, 'Best of luck. Be calm. I'll be right here to congratulate you once the operation gets over.' Riddhima was touched by his level of faith in her so she for a change gave him a genuine smile and left for the operation.

3hours later Riddhima stepped out of the OT covered in sweat. All the doctors stood up to hear the much dreaded news but Riddhima did not utter a word. She was biting her lower lip and finally said in a very low voice, 'I am sorry to disappoint you guys. I should not have made the comment at press meet. I was at fault'


'I did not know that being the head cardiologist also does not give me the right to release statements in press. However now I am aware of the rules. I have done my work successfully but the bleeding was profuse, sugar level was high due to which BP fluctuated so now we will have to wait for the final results and see if her body responds properly.'

But before Riddhima could move Armaan blocked her way and said in a menacing voice, 'what if her body responds negatively and we loose her life in the process? You should not have made the statement in the press'

'Dr.Armaan I don't know why I have this feeling that you don't want me to succeed, maybe so that you can laugh in my face but whatever it may be I can't care less. Anyways it doesn't concern you.' and then she turned around and addressed all the doctors present there, 'I promise you people whatever the consequences may be you won't have to face the press I'll do the talking and I'll also take the entire responsibility. So know I request you to wait for the results.'

Riddhima was just as nervous as the others were because she too had started to doubt her decision. Anjali had passed a number of nasty comments. The only two people who were observing everything silently were Dr.Armaan and Dr.Rahul- former because of his utter disbelief in Riddhima's conduct while the latter because of his immense faith in Riddhima's decision.

Finally the wait was over'''.Riddhima went inside to check on Ayna and returned with a blank expression. She approached Armaan and threw the words at his face, 'Guess you should learn to trust your colleagues' and then addressing everyone she said, 'Ayna is absolutely fine but needs to rest'. This time Riddhima's way was blocked by Dr.Rahul who came to congratulate her. Riddhima was very happy so she tightly clasped his hand and with gratitude in her eyes said, 'Thank you so much for trusting me. Your words before the operation gave me a lot of peace.' At that moment Rahul felt like a star''''He was on cloud number 9 while Armaan watched all that with a hurt look so he decided to apologise, 'Riddhima I am sorry. I should have trusted you. Its just that''well ! I have no excuses. I know I have hurt you but''' but before Armaan could complete his sentence Riddhima said very coolly, 'You didn't hurt me Dr.Armaan'''everybody out here doubted me so I just wanted to prove myself and that I did. You don't have to feel sorry.' Anyone might have found her words completely normal, in fact forgiving but Armaan knew that was indifference'''.she was trying to show that his doubting her didn't hurt her'''Armaan was really hurt.

'Dr.Riddhima' Riddhima stopped in her track when she heard dr.Shubhankar calling her. 'Dr.Riddhima we are throwing a party to celebrate this very prestigious success of yours. All the significant people are going to be there. You have to meet them. We are proud to have you working in our hospital. Its in your honour so you have to join us. Its at 8:30pm at Hotel Hayat.' Riddhima agreed.

The hall where the party was held was lavishly decorated. Riddhima stood at the door and observed the surroundings as one of her habits. She needed to know everything about the territory she was venturing in.

Everyone there was happy and gay'''.Riddhima could not continue her observation because the minister had noticed her and had called her. He introduced her to everyone, thanked her and complimented her about her appearance. The entire crowd applauded for her. The party was in full swing now. Armaan noticed Riddhima standing in a corner. She was wearing a black evening gown. Its bodice was falling on one arm and shoulder leaving the other one naked. She was, Armaan noticed, the most beautiful women present in that hall.

Armaan was trying to lessen the distance between them so he walked a little towards her and that is when he heard two people talking, 'Oh! But her comment at the press still shows her as an over confident person. I have heard that she is a very cold women. She is a workaholic and work is the only thing she is good at. Did you hear her speech about the social work camp? She has no soul'''..just an insensitive robot.' Armaan didn't want to hear more so he moved back to his previous spot and settled his eyes once again on Riddhima.

The party almost stopped as everyone saw Cameron Monroe entering the party. The hall was filled with his presence. His tall and slender figure filled everyone with awe and admiration. His body was very well sculpted. His features were very fine as if god had been extra careful with it. His hair were black brown and were swept back. His eyes were deep blue. He had the looks of a Hollywood star but he wasn't one. He was one of the most successful industrialist and owned a few companies in India too.

He walked into the crowd as if he owned the place. Heads turned to watch him.

Riddhima stood still when she saw him approaching. He bowed to her and smiled. He did not stop but had stopped the moment in his mind. He exchanged pleasantries with everyone present there and complimented every next women. Finally he settled in a corner to observe everyone.

Rahul came and stood next to Riddhima. She smiled at him, 'You look stunningly gorgeous.' Rahul complemented her with awe and admiration. She smiled at him and thanked him without any trace of arrogance. 'Isn't this place beautiful.' She said looking at the room but Rahul wasn't looking at the room instead he was looking at the shadows forming on her naked shoulder. Somebody summoned Riddhima so she left in that direction but three pairs of eyes were constantly following her every movement- Armaan, Cameron and Rahul.

Riddhima was highly bored by the party so she settled near the staircase where no one would notice her but unfortunately for her somebody did and she saw Cameron Monroe approaching her.


He came and stood next to her and was staring at her intently when she turned around and glared at him and this made him chuckle. Riddhima asked him in an irritated voice, 'What do you find so amusing?'
'Cam will you please leave me alone?'
Riddhima was highly irritated partially because of his constant stares and partially because of his stupid remarks.
'Why do you keep staring at me?' she finally asked.
'Its just one of my ways of having a good time. Besides you are the only woman worth watching.'
He moved a little closer to her and whispered in her ear, 'What a magnificent waste Riddhima!'
She blushed profusely and made a move to escape. Camerone always did that to her. He was one man whom she truly cherished having in her life. She had met him in USA and he had helped her a lot and they had built a strong friendship. But their friendship wasn't the type in which they had normal and direct conversations in fact it was just the opposite. They irritated each other as much as possible. Riddhima could be her true self with him, without any pretensions because he knew everything about her past.

Now almost everyone was on the dance floor. Rahul requested Riddhima to dance with him and she couldn't refuse him. But as luck would have it the moment they stepped onto the dance floor the DJ started playing an intensely slow romantic number. Rahul nervously extended his hand towards Riddhima which she graciously accepted and placed her other hand on his shoulder.
Armaan was standing on the bar when he saw Riddhima dancing with Rahul. He ordered himself a drink and kept his eyes on them. He saw them talking and then Rahul whispered something in Riddhima's ear which made her laugh and for a moment Armaan's heart skipped a beat. He had seen Riddhima laugh like that after 4years but again his mind swarmed with jealousy as he realized that it was because of Rahul and not him that she was laughing. He already had 9 shots of vodka and was still drinking but when he saw getting Rahul get a little more closer to Riddhima he couldn't take it any more and moved towards the dance floor. He grabbed Riddhima's elbow and pulled her to himself. She crashed into Armaan's chest. Rahul was really confused but then he had no other option but to leave the dance floor.
'Seems like Dr.Riddhima was having a lot of FUN'
'Are you drunk?' Riddhima went numb when this realization struck her.
'Why do you care? I have been drinking like this from last 4years when you were probably sleeping with a different man everyday.'
Riddhima looked into Armaan's eyes and a smile crept over her face and she hissed, 'Don't tell me you are going to start that all over again.'
He grabbed her elbow and took her outside the hall. Riddhima had no option but to walk with him because she knew if she wouldn't he'll probably drag her and that would create a scene which she didn't want so she quietly followed him. What Riddhima wasn't expecting was to be pushed into a huge laundry room but that was what Armaan did. When she turned around and looked at Armaan she saw murder in his eyes and she felt that she wasn't with Armaan''''whom she saw was an entirely different man.
While Armaan was moving towards Riddhima, she was moving backwards but before she could take another step backwards he grabbed her arms and pulled her towards himself and said in a murderous voice, '4 years is a very very long time Riddhima. I died a new death everyday. The very thought of imaging you with that slime ball Vivek killed me. I kept asking myself 'what did I do that you left me all alone after promising me upteenth time to never leave me'. Today I need answers.'
'Look Armaan its no use alright besides'..
'Shut up! Today I need answers and I am going to get them somehow.
Okay tell me did you have a good time in USA' When Riddhima didn't answer Armaan pushed her onto the floor and removing his jacket said, 'Seems like you didn't. So how about if I give the high and mighty Dr.Riddhima a very fun time' he pounced on Riddhima while Riddhima just froze. She couldn't believe that the man she had almost worshipped was doing this to her. Her eyes widened. He lowered himself down, as if paused in a mid push up.
'Armaan do you even know what you are doing? You are going to regret this.' Riddhima said in a painful voice trying to get out if his grip.
'I didn't know that whores like you could be scared. This is not new to you Riddhima' When Armaan was bringing his face closer to Riddhima he was pulled back and was given a really hard punch on his face. Blood came gushing out of his nose and then he heard Camerone Monroe saying to Riddhima with great concern in his voice, 'Riddhima are you all right. Cummon baby get up.' He helped Riddhima up and then said to Armaan, 'You son of a ***** do you have any idea what you were about to do. She sacrificed her life for you and you''
'Cam' He was cut off by Riddhima's sharp voice. She grabbed his hand and dragged him out of there. Armaan stood there for a while and then Cam's words came rushing back to him she sacrificed her life because of you'' she sacrificed her life because of you''..she scarificed her life because of you. Armaan dashed out to find him. He saw him in the parking lot waving good bye to Riddhima's car. Armaan saw the anger return to his face when he saw him. Armaan rushed to him and asked him immediately, 'Why did Riddhima marry Vivek?'

Camerone looked at him and the anger came rushing back to him. He moved toward Armaan and grabbed his collar and pushed him against the door of his car and said in the coldest voice possible, 'Because she loved you.' With that he left Armaan's collar and punched him in his abdomen. Armaan doubled with pain. Cam pulled him upwards and smacked him hard across the face. Armaan was lying on the floor. Satisfied Cam made a move towards his car but Armaan grabbed his leg and said almost begging, 'please tell me the truth or just kill me.' Cam's anger melted. He helped Armaan on his feet and started, 'Do you remember 4years back you were suffering with brain tumour and had no money for the operation but then out of the blue somebody gave the money for it. Do you know who did that?'
Armaan had no idea where the conversation was headed but he answered nonetheless, 'Ya, one of my patients had sent it to thank me for saving his life during an operation but '..
Before Armaan could continue Camerone said 'And Riddhima told you that didn't she?' When Armaan nodded in agreement he continued 'She lied to you. Vivek had given that money to her in return of her agreeing to marry him. She married him to save your life Armaan. You needed to get the operation done urgently. She might have waited but she loved you way too much to do that. She sacrificed herself to see you safe and happy.'
Armaan's world came crashing down a second time. He felt dizzy and before he know he collapsed onto the floor.


Armaan finally opened his eyes and found himself in a hospital bed with Camerone Monroe standing outside the ward talking to the doctor.
He once again closed his eyes and remembered all that had happened today and 4 years back.
'How could she be so foolish? She married that filthy man to arrange money for my operation.'
'True, after all she loved you and we are all fools in love.' Camerone came inside the ward and sat next to Armaan.
'But you don't understand Mr.Monroe she could have waited and we would have told the hospital authorities and they would have gladly paid the expenses'
'I know but they would have charged it from your services then. You would have been deprived of your salary for quite some time and Riddhima told me that you had a little sister to take care of. Your parents had died in a car crash. Cummon Armaan, face it man she did all this for you. She loved you too much to think of any consequences. She did what her heart told her to do.'
Armaan sighed heavily. He now knew the truth but still had a lot of questions in his mind. He knew he had to apologies to Riddhima so he said, 'I am going to apologies to Riddhima and'''
'Oh no dude! You can't let her know that you know the truth because then she'll figure out that it's me who told you the truth and then I'll be dead in no time. Please buddy don't let her know that you know the truth and anyways your apologizing is no good.'
Cam said all that with a worried expression on his face. He had promised Riddhima to never tell anyone the truth and he didn't want to loose her trust.
'But Mr.Monroe how do you and Riddhima know each other?'
'Oh that! We guys met in USA and since then have been best of friends.'
Armaan was amazed. Camerone Monroe- the biggest industrialist and a big time Casanova was friends with his sweet, innocent Riddhima. But he chose to ignore that thought and do what was right at the moment.
'I hope you have forgiven me for my conduct Mr.Monroe.' Armaan had a hopeful expression on his face.
'Well! Not exactly. What you did with Riddhima is unpardonable but then I guess you were really broken and also highly drunk. So in a way you are forgiven but I am not sorry for beating the crap out of you and I'll do that again if I see you hurting Riddhima ever again or'
'Or?' asked a really nervous Armaan
'Or if you call me Mr.Monroe again. It makes me feel like a 60year old. It's Camerone for you.'
Armaan smiled after a long time and shook hands with Camerone.
Riddhima was reading a case file when she heard the doorbell. Keeping the files down she moved to open the door. She saw Camerone standing outside with his back towards her.
'Ahhhhhhhhhh''''.'Camerone turned to face Riddhima and screamed looking at her and taking a few steps backwards.
'Oh my god Riddhima how many times do I have to tell you to please keep your make-up on when I come visiting. My poor heart.' Camerone said in a scared voice placing a hand over his chest.
'Now please go and do something to your damaged face and prepare something for me to eat.'
He pushed Riddhima aside and moved inside but when he saw Riddhima still standing near the gate with her hands on her hips and an irritated expression on her face. He said, 'What? Look I am really tired alright. So hurry up.' With that he moved towards the dining table and settled down on the chair. Riddhima went towards him and stood facing him and then said, 'Did Armaan beat you up and banged your head against the wall.Is that why you are behaving like a total nut.' Camerone stood up and looked at Riddhima and started laughing and finally managed, 'Do you really think that lover boy of yours could even touch me let alone beat me up? I am CAMERONE MONROE for god sake.'
'I am CAMERONE MONROE for god sake' she mimicked him and left with an angry expression. He followed her and with a solemn expression and placing his hand on her shoulders asked her, 'Riddhima are you alright after all that happened there?'
'Oh ya I am absolutely fine. Just forget it. Thanks for being '''
But before she could complete her sentence he placed a finger on her lips and said, 'You don't have to thank me baby. I'll be always there with you but tell me will you ever be able to forgive Armaan?'
'I don't hold any grudges against him its not his fault but what he did today made me feel that he too is just like every other man. I don't think I can ever trust him again but it doesn't matter because I don't love him anymore so it doesn't hurt. Go freshen up and I'll place the dinner on the table.'
When Riddhima left Camerone said to himself, 'Armaan my boy you are in for a real challenge.'
Riddhima was standing next to Rahul outside the general ward when he saw her. They were discussing something, probably some case Armaan thought. He told himself not to get jealous especially now when he knew the truth and knew that Riddhima loved him. Then he remembered her cold behavior but he assured himself that if she didn't love him anymore then he'll make her fall in love with him all over again. He cleared his mind of all negative thoughts when he saw her coming in his direction. He smiled towards her and she smiled right back. 'Damn it! Why the hell she is so calm when she should be yelling at me but just now she passed a smile at me as if everything is normal.' he swore pungently under his breath and moved towards her cabin.
When she allowed he went inside and stood in front of her on the other side of the table with his head bent and hands gripping the chair. He was nervous like hell. Riddhima waited for him to speak for 5 seconds but when he didn't she got back to her work. 'I am sorry Riddhima' he finally said 'I am really very sorry' Armaan's voice choked and Riddhima noticed it and quickly said 'It's okay Dr.Armaan you are forgiven so now please'
But she was cut off by Armaan's angry voice 'No, it's not okay damn it. Why the hell don't you yell and shout at me? Why the hell aren't you angry at me? Oh god! I almost raped you last night Riddhima.' Armaan had moved closer to her and was gripping the arms of her chair and was staring straight into her eyes. Riddhima got up from her chair and very calmly folded her hands in front of her chest and said in an equally calm voice, 'The fact is Dr.Armaan you didn't rape me so I have nothing to be angry about.' Armaan placed his hands on her shoulder and then gripped them tightly. 'Riddhima why don't you tell me why you married him?' Riddhima jerked his hands away and her eyes went as cold as steel 'Oh! So that's why you are here, not to apologise but to know the reason why I left you. Why do you care Armaan? Nothing can be changed now. I know your ego is wounded badly that I left you for some other man or maybe for money. Your ego made you do all that last night and your ego brought you here. For heavens sake, please leave me alone.' Riddhima was shocked when Armaan fell down to his knees and starting sobbing with his head in his hands. She didn't know what to do. Her hands went sweaty and she felt helpless. She wanted to comfort him but knew she couldn't. She moved her hand to place it on his shoulder but when he moved his head she quickly took her hand back. Armaan stood up. He was looking at Riddhima. His tears were still flowing when he said to her 'You really think that I want to know the truth so that I can nurse my wounded ego? No Riddhima I love you and want to share your pains with you. I want you back in my life. I'll die without you.' Riddhima looked at the bruises on Armaan's face and her stomach churned. Wiping his tears he managed to smile and clasping her face he said, 'You don't want to tell me the truth, fine I'll never ask you again. But let's forget the past and start all over again.' Riddhima was shocked and touched. She couldn't believe it that Armaan was so cool and calm about it. She was divorced and blamed of adultery and he still wanted her back in his life. She was overwhelmed and forgetting everything she touched the scar on his jaw line but within seconds she realized what she was doing, she took a step backwards and with her head bent low she left the cabin. Armaan stood there for a while and then smiled to himself and said in a husky whisper, 'I know you still love me and very soon I'll make you confess it as well.'

After attending to all her cases Riddhima was walking in the corridor pondering over everything that had happened between her and Armaan. Then she remembered the bruises she had seen on Armaan's face and wondered if Camerone had beaten him up later. But that thought was dismissed when his words rung in her head and she wondered if he still loved her. Riddhima's head was hurting badly with all the work and the thinking. She placed two fingers on her temple and started massaging it wondering if she should go to the caf' and grab a coffee and just then a mug appeared in front of her with hot brewing coffee inside and without waiting she took the mug and after taking a sip she turned towards the person who gave it to her with a smile but when she didn't see anybody there she turned back to see if she can find someone and saw Armaan walking in the opposite direction with his face towards her taking reverse steps and a huge grin on his face. He gave her a flying kiss and just when he was about to turn he banged into a stretcher and fell down on his back. Riddhima couldn't help it and started laughing but when she saw Armaan staring at her with a lovey dovey look she brought back the cold look and walked away but as soon as she turned she smiled again and kept sipping the coffee.

Riddhima came back and opened the door of her house and stepped inside and saw Camerone reading some files. She threw her hand bag on a chair and went to him and with a serious look asked him, "Did you beat Armaan after i left fron the party yesterday?" Camerone looked up towards her and said in a teasing voice, "So you do care huh?" She narrowed her eyes at him and with a shrug said in a tired voice, "Why would I care?When are you leving for USA?" "You want me to leave? ooooooo I got it you want to invite your lover boy home huh?" Riddhima banged her hand over the table and shouted in anger, "You know it as well as I do that I and Armaan can never get back together. No matter how hard he try I am not going to fall in love again. Do you get it?"
With that she left and Camerone shouted back, "Just so that you know I am leaving tonight. I have to be back tomorrow."

'Let me go!!!! Leave me please!!!!!!!! Please leave me!!!!!'
'Oh! Cummon babe you can't keep running like this forever''..' He tore the cloth on her back'''her top was badly torn, she had hardly anything covering her body and she was ashamed of her self. She was in tears now. She tried getting out of the man's grip but every time she did it would last only for a few seconds and she'll be again in his arms''''.struggling for her dear life.
'Stop it you damn bitch.' He shouted on her when she pierced the skin on his hands with her teeths. He slapped her hard on her face and blood came gushing out of her mouth but she didn't give up and kept screaming 'HELP!!!!! HELP!!!!!! HELP!!!!'''''..

'Riddhima!! Riddhima open your eyes''''get up Riddhima.' Riddhima finally opened her eyes and noticed that she was drenched in sweat even with the air conditioner maintaining the room temperature at 19 degrees. She saw Camerone sitting across her with a worried expression. She gave him a smile to tell him that she was fine. He came and sat next to her moving his hand up and down her back 'Did you see that same nightmare again?' Before she could reply her eyes landed on the wall clock and she quickly looked at Camerone who in reply just chuckled and then said, 'Chill'. I cancelled the flight. I am going on a date tomorrow with a supermodel. You know I just realized that Indian gals are real hot. I doubted that some time back.'
'Knowing that you are an Indian anybody would.'
Riddhima smiled for a second and then picking up the bed side lamp she ran behind Camerone to beat him up. After fighting for nearly 2-3 hours they were exhausted and fell asleep in the living room, Camerone on the floor and Riddhima near the table in a sitting position.

Next morning Riddhima left for Sanjeevani in a cream skirt and pink shirt. She was running late so she left in a great hurry. She had a conference to attend after 3hours but before that she had to go through a number of reports. It took her ' hour to reach Sanjeevani and once she was there she ran through the corridor towards her cabin and in the way she bumped into someone, twisting her foot and breaking the heel of one of her sandal. She didn't see the person who she had bumped into because she was busy examining her sandals. When she remembered her reports she picked up her sandals and ran towards her cabin. 'I have exactly 2hrs 20mins to read these reports. I better hurry.' She mumbled to herself once she was settled on her chair.
After reading all her reports she relaxed and checked the time she still had 30mins for the conference and then she remembered her broken sandals and felt the throbbing pain in her ankle. She can't just go into the conference like that and now that she had noticed the pain she knew she wouldn't be able to focus. She got up to get a spray for the pain and something to fix her sandals for the time being. But the moment she stepped out of her cabin she saw a box lying outside. She picked it and came inside and when she opened it she saw a spray and a beautiful pair of sandals inside. She quickly applied the spray to her ankle and felt the pain lessening. She picked up the sandals'.they were very delicate with a bow in front and were pink in color. When she tried them on they were a perfect fit and were also very comfortable. She saw a note inside the box:
'I hope you like the shoes. They don't have any heel and its better because you are always in a hurry and I would hate it if you hurt yourself once more so please next time walk slowly and try avoiding heels.
Hope the spray helps.'

Riddhima, in no time identified that the hand writing belonged to Armaan and despite herself she smiled thinking that he still remembered the size of her foot. She got up and walked towards his cabin.

'You didn't have to do all this.' Armaan turned around the moment he heard Riddhima's voice. He knew she'll come.
'Oh Its okay and anyways it was my fault that you broke your sandals.'
'Oh! So you were the one I bumped into. Well''um'.. I am sorry I guess. Thanks a lot for the sandals and also the spray'''it helped.'
'You'll have to thank me properly.' Riddhima raised her eyebrow and waited for him to continue. 'You'll have to come with me to the cafeteria and have a cup of coffee with me.' When Riddhima did not reply he said with mock irritation, 'Oh! Cummon I am not gonna bite you.' He did not wait for her to reply and simply grabbed her hand and dragged her to the cafeteria.

When they were seated there he started chatting while she politely replied to all her questions'''he was getting irritated with her answers because they were so formal that he felt like an absolute stranger with her. When he couldn't take it any more he placed his hand on hers and said in a very soft voice, 'Riddhima can't you please forget the past and behave at least like a friend with me?' They both were looking into each others eyes and when Riddhima felt herself drowning into his eyes she jerked her hand out his grip and stood up and said in a very cold voice, 'I think we should leave for the conference Dr.Armaan.' She didn't wait for him and simply walked out while he was too shocked to react and when he came back to his senses he banged his hand on the table, spilling the coffee and left for the conference.


After the conference got over Riddhima went and stood outside
Sanjeevani, she was waiting for Camerone as they both had decided to go out for dinner and have some fun'''Riddhima knew exactly what Camerone meant by fun, he'll irritate her the whole time. Riddhima and Camerone were good friends and she was thankful to god for sending him in her life but there were times when Riddhima felt a bit weird with him as if it wasn't just friendship that he wanted but something more but Riddhima like always dismissed the thought thinking its just her apprehensions as now she has developed the habit of doubting everyone around her. Riddhima was walking in the parking lot of Sanjeevani, lost in her thoughts when she suddenly bumped into someone and when she raised her head she saw Armaan standing there. He grinned at her and asked her what she was doing there.
'I am waiting for someone.' Armaan didn't like it''..he wondered if she was dating someone but then the thought of the cold 'bandit queen- Riddhima' dating someone didn't click much and thinking this he chuckled to himself. 'What's so funny?'
'Oh nothing. Who are you waiting for?'
'Camerone' Armaan knew they were friends but then the thought of CAMERONE MONROE being JUST friends with a women was hard to digest. The whole world knew that he was a real playboy''..Armaan quickly dismissed the thought as he knew that his Riddhima won't do anything like that. He knew that she was still as pure as she was 4years back but then what about the allegations of adultery raised against her'..armaan frowned but he thought that maybe they were faked by Vivek and his Riddhima can make anybody be friends with her and Camerone was just one of them after all she loved him and only him''Armaan smiled at his thoughts and Riddhima saw him smiling and in a very irritated tone said, 'Dr.Armaan, will you please tell me what's wrong with you? You have being smiling like this for the past 2mins but you won't tell me about it. Don't you think it's a bit rude and besides''
But before Riddhima could complete her sentence she heard the horn of a car and when she turned around she saw Camerone sitting in the car with a driver since he did not have an Indian driving license. He came out of the car and walked towards them and shook hands with Armaan with a smile on his face. Riddhima was really shocked by his behavior towards Armaan''..he knew that he had tried to rape her but he was behaving as if they were long lost friends. As if Camerone had read her thoughts he said, 'Oh! Don't worry we are friends now. You asked me if I had beaten him later'''.well I did. When I had beaten him to my heart's content I forgave him putting the blame on his drunken condition and then we resolved our issues and became friends with each other.' They both smiled and gave each other a side hug as if convincing Riddhima of their friendship. She just smiled but that too vanished from her face when she heard Camerone ask Armaan, 'So what are your plans for the evening?'
'Nothing' I guess I'll just go home and cook something for myself and go to sleep.' when Armaan ended his answer Camerone quickly smiled and said, 'Oh am sorry to ruin your wonderful evening and tarnish your plans but now you are coming with us for dinner. Hope you don't have a problem.' but he didn't wait for an answer from Armaan and just dragged him towards the car and they both were settled in the car while Riddhima was standing at her place like and idiot and when the whole thing registered she cursed Camerone because she knew he had done this deliberately to irritate her but knowing there was no way to escape she quietly went and sat in the car.

They reached the hotel after 15mins and the ride was very quiet with Riddhima giving Camerone murderous looks while he kept grinning like an idiot. When they reached the hotel they got out of the car and the public looked at the three of them'''..well to be precise the ladies around looked at Armaan and Camerone swooning at their good looks. All of them had instantly identified the big industrialist and big time playboy Camerone Monroe. They both ignored the looks while Riddhima was irritated with the attention they both were getting and as if they sensed her irritation Camerone turned around and said to Riddhima 'I know you are feeling out of place with handsome hunks like us but sweety don't make it so obvious. I mean everyone around here is probably thinking that your are our assistant or something.' While both the guys were busy laughing at the comment Riddhima walked away in a huff but the moment she opened the restaurant door she bumped into a guy and she lost balance but before she could fall the guy grasped her waist and helped her up. Riddhima stood up straight but the guy still did not remove his hands from her waist and was lost into her gray eyes''.. Camerone and Armaan who were seeing all this from a distance instantly stopped laughing and walked towards Riddhima and Armaan immediately removed the guy's hand form Riddhima's waist and Camerone pushed him lightly and placing his hand on Riddhima's back motioned her and Armaan to move inside.
The moment they stepped inside the beautiful restaurant, the manager came rushing to their side and said in an admiring voice, 'Mr.Monroe its such a pleasure to have you here sir.' he slightly nodded at the manager who then moved towards a table at one of the corners in the hall, the beach was well visible from there. When they were seated at the table the manager said, 'Hope you guys enjoy your dinner. I'll just send a waiter to your table.' With that he left. Armaan said with a cheeky grin, 'You have quite and influence over people out here. We got such a good place to sit. You must enjoy all the attention.'
'Of course he does and specially the attention that he gets from the dumb women around him.' Riddhima replied to Armaan in an irritated tone.
'I don't get that kind of attention because of my position its because of my amazingly hot looks, something that only me and Armaan would understand and you won't. Right Armaan?' Armaan smiled and hi-fifed with him. Riddhima gave them both a cold look but before she could say anything the waiter was there to take their order. They all placed their order and when the food arrived they both stopped talking and focused on the food because they were absolutely famished. Midway through the meal Riddhima's cell rang and her face instantly lit up she placed the cell against her ear and said in a real cheerful voice, 'Hey! Rahul. Whats up?' Armaan's head jerked up while Camerone raised his eyebrow and Riddhima sensing the change in her companions excused herself and when she left Camerone instantly asked Armaan, 'Whose Rahul?'
'He's one of the doctors at Sanjeevani.' Armaan replied quickly. They both were looking at each other when Armaan continued 'He's quite besotted by Riddhima. Riddhima too has developed some kind of liking for him.'
'I can see that because she never replies so joyfully to anybody.' They both were really uneasy with the thought and when Riddhima came back and sat down on her seat they both kept looking at her, waiting for her to clarify their doubt and Riddhima knew why they both were looking at her and finally she gave up and said that 'Rahul has invited all of us to a party tomorrow.'
'But you won't go right?' Camerone's question made Riddhima feel really weird and Armaan too was puzzled by his tone and question''.I mean he also wanted to know Riddhima's answer but that was because he was in love with her and didn't want anyone coming closer to her but why was Camerone so interested when he was JUST a friend.

Armaan was standing at the window of his room, gazing towards the beautiful moon in the sky but his thoughts were way too busy to notice mother nature. He was once again wondering about the relationship Camerone and Riddhima shared. Camerone had told him that he and Riddhima were just friends but remembering how angry he had got when he had tried to rape Riddhima and even today after Riddhima had told them that she wanted to go to Rahul's party he reacted in just the way a FRIEND wouldn't. He still remembered the whole conversation:

'Hmmmm''..well yes I am going to his party.' Riddhima replied to Camerone's question but Camerone wasn't satisfied and he moved his chair closer to Riddhima and said with a hardened expression on his face 'Buy you don't like parties then what's so special about this party?'
'Theres nothing special about the party but Rahul wants me to be there so I'll go. He has been a great friend and support for me. I can express my gratitude by being a part of his happiness and just so that you know it's his birthday and so it's definitely special.'
'But how do you know that he is a good guy and he is not trying to get closer to you through this party.' To Riddhima Camerone's questions were not making any sense. She was in fact kind of disgusted with the way he was thinking and she was feeling really weird. She looked towards Armaan who was sitting with a huge question mark on his face. She sighed and said 'Camerone I don't know what you are driving at but I think there is nothing wrong with attending a party and he has invited you and Armaan as well so stop worrying as you are going to be with me there. You can see it yourself then and even if he is trying to come closer to me then I am a big girl and can very well handle my problems.' She got up from her chair and left the place. While Camerone was visibly embarrassed and worried as well while Armaan was just puzzled.

And now standing near the window he was trying to understand the whole situation. He thought that maybe he liked Riddhima while Riddhima considered him just a friend. To him nothing was making any sense so he simply turned off the lights and went to sleep.
Riddhima was also pretty much lost in the same thought when Camerone came in her room and stood beside her. Riddhima knew he was there but still she did not react while Camerone kept gazing at her face and admired her beauty. Finally he said, 'I know what you are thinking about.' Riddhima turned around with a questioning look on her face probing him to go on but instead of saying anything he hugged her and said in a low voice which was barely audible, 'Riddhima I am just worried about you baby. I don't think I can see you getting hurt all over again. I just want you to be happy.' His voice got really low and that's when Riddhima hugged him back and said 'Its ok Cam but Rahul is a nice guy and I am not going to fall in love with him so chill.'
He broke the hug and looked straight into her eyes and said, 'Are you in love with Armaan?' Riddhima gave him a sharp look and said in a stern voice 'No Camerone I am not. Nobody can bring those dead emotions to life but I thought that Armaan will always hate me for what I did to him after all he doesn't know the truth but he still cares and this fact shakes my resolve of not falling in love with him but I have a grip on my emotions and I will make sure that history doesn't repeat itself.'
'Armaan is a nice guy. I just want to see you happy.' He kissed her forehead and left after saying good night to her. When he left her room she was relaxed and once again assured of his feelings towards her. She smiled and hit the back of her head for doubting Camerone's friendship.
Camerone closed the door of Riddhima's room and stood outside leaning against the door when a tear rolled down his eye, wiping it away with his finger he smiled a painful smile and wondered if he did the right thing by telling Armaan the truth but then he reproached himself for thinking that way and mumbled under his breath 'Nobody can love Riddhima more then Armaan and they both deserve each other.' He was also confused as to why he was behaving like that but he too dismissed the thought and went to sleep.

Riddhima was standing at the nurse station when she saw Dr.Shubhankar coming towards her along with a girl in a lab coat. She was nearly as tall as Riddhima and was wearing a perfect fitting black shirt with a blue denim skirt. Her hair were straight and touched her shoulders. She came and stood face to face with Riddhima.
'Dr.Riddhima this is our intern Dr.Sim. She is going to be your special student for next 7days. We want out interns to work under you for some days as you are one of the most disciplined and dedicated doctor here and we want them to learn specifically these qualities from you. So I'll leave her to you now. Excuse me.' With that Dr.Shubhankar left and Riddhima turned to Sim who was busy noticing Riddhima's looks and was highly impressed.
'If you are done scrutinizing me may I please know what you are planning to specialize in?' Riddhima asked Sim who was slightly embarrassed on being caught but she was determined to impress this doctor who had every one around her in awe and admiration and Sim was now realizing why. 'I am hoping to become a gynecologist after completing my internship. I know you are a cardiologist but
Dr.Shubhankar wants us to learn other qualities of being a doctor from you.' Riddhima gave her a curt smile and said in a stern voice 'Next time just answer what I have asked and avoid talking unnecessarily. Today I have a surgery coming up so I want you to assist me. I'll get to know about your confidence level. Follow me.'
They reached the OT and were preparing themselves for the surgery when Armaan came there and wished them luck 'I know Riddhima you don't need this but good luck just the same.'
'Thank you Dr.Armaan.' Riddhima gave him a small and cold smile and resumed her preparations for the operation but her concentration was disturbed when she saw Armaan talking to the intern.
'So Dr.Sim you are the one to assist Dr.Riddhima. Well best of luck and make sure you don't disappoint her.' He was expecting a thank you from Dr.Sim but instead she kept staring at him in a dreamy way and this didn't go unnoticed by Riddhima who was standing right behind Armaan.
'Dr.Sim you alright.' Armaan said placing a hand on Sim's shoulder which made her quickly come out of her trance and she replied in a stuttering voice 'Uh'. Oh ya Dr.Armaan I am fine.' When Armaan was about to leave she said 'Dr.Armaan I hope you don't mind my saying that you are really a very handsome doctor''.actually too handsome to be a doctor.' She blushed giving him this compliment which made Riddhima raise her eyebrow in a disgusted way at an intern flirting with a doctor or to be true some girl flirting with Armaan but to her utter shock Armaan did not discourage her and simply said 'You too are very beautiful Dr.Sim' he winked at her and left the place shocking Riddhima. She turned to Dr.Sim and told her in a menacing voice, 'Dr.Sim please check your behaviour and now if you don't mind can we please proceed with the operation.' Sim quickly nodded her head and followed Riddhim and Armaan who had seen the whole thing from a corner smirked to himself.

Camerone was waiting for Riddhima to come out as they had to leave for Rahul's party. He was wearing black trousers fitting his long legs and a white shirt which flaunted the muscular abs of his. He looked very handsome even in those very simple clothes. He could make any women go weak in their knees with no effort at all. But his looks had never effected Riddhima nor had his money and that was exactly why they were best of friends. He respected Riddhima for that and knew that she is a women of substance and deserves every happiness but he also knew that she wasn't happy and if anybody could make her genuinely happy its only Armaan. He saw Armaan's car come and stop in front of him. He switched off the head lights and came out of the car and at the same moment Riddhima was closing the window of her room when her eyes fell over him. She had a sharp intake of breath and she noticed that Armaan had become even more handsome. He was wearing a black shirt which was half unbuttoned and anybody could notice that the chest underneath it was as hard as iron and very well chiselled. He was wearing blue jeans and his hair were shining under the moonlight and were properly gelled with some spiked up while some were falling over his forehead. Riddhima had an urge to walk upto him and remove those few strands of hair from his forehead but she knew she can't and she won't. He and Camerone were equally hansome but Camerone was taller and slightly better built while Armaan had beautiful grey black eyes which had made her fall in love with him. Finally Riddhima closed the window and came outside to where the two men were standing. Both of them were stunned when they saw Riddhima. She looked amazingly beautiful, in fact it was a gross understatement. She was wearing a little black mini dress which exposed her midriff with a cut out sequin trimmed bodice. She had straps on her shoulders and her back was bare with the dress ending way above her knees. Both the man noticed that she was so beautiful and elegant that she could sway the earth with her and cause a storm in any man's life. Armaan felt that she was stunningly gorgeous but at the same time he also felt that Riddhima, the one in plain salwaar kameez looked way more beautiful at least to him she did. The Riddhima standing in fromt of him also belonged to him no matter what kind of clothes she wore. Riddhima noticed Armaan looking at her and knew that it was not a glance but an act of ownership which made her shiver slightly. When none of them moved she went and sat in the back seat of Armaan's car because she knew he was taking them to the party. Finally they both came and settled in the car and left for the party.

Camerone was feeling even more weird now after getting all kinds of strange feeling once he placed his eyes on Riddhima while Armaan was planning to use the party to his full advantage and bring Riddhima close to him.

The club was lavishly decorated. Riddhima saw the whole floor was covered with red heart shaped balloons and looking at them brought a smile on her face which went all the way to her eyes. Armaan noticed the beautiful smile on her face and he knew the reason why it was there. He still remembered when Riddhima had told him''''.

You know what Armaan when we get married I want a very simple wedding''. nothing fancy but one thing that has to be there are loads and loads of red heart shaped balloons.' She had the sweetest smile on her face and the expression in her eyes was so pure and beautiful that it touched Armaan's heart and he said in a loving way hugging Riddhima from the back, 'I didn't know that my angel loves balloons.'
Riddhima clapped her hands in joy and said 'Oh! Yes Armaan I am totally in love with them. I have always loved having balloons around me and papa used to get a lot of them for me whenever I'll be mad at him. They always bring a smile on my face.'
'Good so now I know how to pacify you when you are mad at me.' Armaan replied in a cheesy voice.

Armaan got out of his thoughts and noticed a tear trickle down Riddhima's eye and then he too tasted something salty on his lips and noticed that he too had tears in his eyes. They both looked at each other and at the moment time stopped for them. Riddhima at that moment knew that Armaan was remembering the same moment when she had told him about her love for balloons and all of a sudden her heart wanted to forget everything and start a new life but she knew she can't. Her thought were broken by Camerone's voice who was calling both of them and was standing next to Rahul. He walked towards Riddhima and placing an arm around her shoulder said 'This Rahul guy is too much of a bore to make you fall in love with him but he is nice just the same.' Riddhima gave him a dirty look and moved towards Rahul. She hugged him and handed him his present wishing him a very happy birthday followed by Armaan who did the same. They then moved inside and saw the whole Sanjeevani was there along with some other people that they didn't know. Camerone, Armaan and Riddhima were standing in a corner and Armaan and Camerone were engaged in a conversation when Sim came towards them and gave Armaan a hug and said 'Hey'.I hope we can behave like friends off duty' Armaan simply nodded. She turned towards Riddhima but before she could say anything her eyes fell on the extremely handsome man standing next to Riddhima and she gasped when she saw The CAMERONE MONROE standing there. She felt her feet wobbling and she kept staring at him'Camerone was enjoying the effect he was having and Armaan was chuckling to himself and Riddhima was totally disgusted. Camerone finally broke the spell and extended his hand towards Sim and said in his sexy voice, 'Camerone Monroe' Sim finally came out of her trance and shook hands with him and said 'I am Sim. I am an intern at Sanjeevani. I didn't know you were friends with Dr.Rahul. He is so lucky.' Camerone smirked and said 'Well I am not exactly friends with Dr.Rahul since we just met and I am here with Dr.Riddhima with whom I am really good friends with.' Sim just nodded and envied Riddhima.
'You are really very handsome.' She finally blurted out, Armaan couldn't stop himself and said 'Who do you think is more handsome amongst the two of us'.. Me or Camerone since you gave me the same compliment today morning.'
Sim was really embarrassed but then a guy came to her rescue by asking for a dance to which she readily agreed.
'This girl has no shame at all.' Riddhima said in a disgusted voice. Camerone just to irritate Riddhima further once again asked the same question to her which Armaan had just asked Sim to which Riddhima gladly replied, 'I know what you are trying to do Cam but since you have asked me that I am not going to back out and will tell you the truth straight from heart which is that I don't think any of you is even close to handsome. According to me there is only one handsome man present in this hall and that is Rahul.' saying that she walked towards Rahul and was soon engaged in an animated conversation with him. Camerone noticed the uneasy expression on Armaan's face and in order to put him at ease he placed a hand on his shoulder and said 'Don't worry Armaan Rahul is absolutely harmless. Riddhima loves you and only you but you'll have to make her confess it.' Armaan wanted to ask Camerone if he too was in love with Riddhima but he was not sure if he'll like and he didn't want to come across as ungrateful because he was the one who had helped him clear all his misunderstanding so Armaan gave him a smile.
After sometime they were all called to the center so that the cake could be cut. Armaan went and stood next to Rahul since he was the one Rahul was closest to, on the other side stood Anjali while Riddhima was in front of the table along with Camerone. He cut the cake while rest of them cheered for him. He gave the first piece to Armaan and then to Anjali and next he came to Riddhima and Camerone. After it was done he clapped his hands to get every one's attention and when he was sure that everyone was listening he called Armaan and placing a hand on his shoulder he said 'Armaan dude I want you to sing a song today.' then addressing every one else he said 'Ladies and gentlemen as most of you know that Armaan is a wonderful singer so I want him to make this evening special with his melodious voice.' Everyone cheered for him. Armaan knew that Rahul would ask him to sing and he was waiting for exactly that opportunity. So he gladly obliged but before beginning the song he said addressing everyone but speaking to Riddhima in particular through his intense gaze

'Guys this song is very special for me and is for an even more special person. I am sure that person will understand and all of you will enjoy it equally.'
He spoke the first lines:
Baby I know your hurting
Right now you feel like you could never love again
Now all I ask is for a chance
To prove that I love you

He started the song:
From the first day
That I saw your smiling face
Honey, I knew that we would be together forever
Ooh when I asked you out
You said no but I found out
Darling that you'd been hurt
You felt that you'd never love again
I deserve a try honey just once
Give me a chance and I'll prove this all wrong
You walked in you were so quick to judge
But honey he's nothing like me

I'll never break your heart
I'll never make you cry
I'd rather die than live without you
I'll give you all of me
Honey that's no lie

As time goes by
you will get to know me
A little more better
Girl that's the way love goes
And I know you're afraid (Know your afraid)
To let you're feelings show (feelings show)
And I understand
But girl it's time to let go
I deserve a try honey
Just once
Give me a chance and I'll prove this all wrong
You walked in you were so quick to judge
But honey he's nothing like me
Darling why can't you see
No way, no how I'll never make you cry

With that Armaan ended the song his voice slightly breaking. Through out the song he kept his eyes absolutely fixed on Riddhima. He knew she was feeling every word he sang but when he ended the song and made his way towards her she quickly slipped out of the hall. Nobody noticed as they were all busy cheering, Camerone did but he did not follow her because he knew that it was Armaan who should be with Riddhima so he waited for him to go and Armaan did after 5mins.
He went out and saw Riddhima in a distance sitting on a bench in a secluded corner. She was crying and hugging herself. Armaan hated to see tears in her eyes but today he was glad that she was crying because her tears were way better then the cold silence that she had maintained. It was time that she cried and poured her heart out. Armaan waited for a few more minutes and then approached her. He sat next to her on the bench and she turned her face towards him'.. she quickly got up and was about to leave when Armaan grabbed her hand and turned her around but before he could say anything she slapped him hard on his face.


She slapped him hard across his face expecting him to be rude and angry at her but to her immense shock he did nothing of the sort instead he cupped her face and kept looking into her eyes and when she saw a lone tear roll down his eye Riddhima couldn't control her self and hugged him. Her hands were around his waist while he was moving his hands up and down her back to soothe and calm her. After crying for a long time she broke the hug and looked at Armaan. When she wasn't unable to take his intense gaze she turned her head to the other side and said in a painful voice 'Armaan why you doing this? Knowing that I had once betrayed your trust'''.why do you want me back in your life Armaan?' Armaan gripped her shoulders and said in a voice that held all the pain he had been through in those 4years 'Riddhima I love you and I can't imagine my life without you. I don't have to tell you how much I love you Riddhima and now you can please drop the act because I know you never betrayed my trust'''you did all that to help me'''.get me money for my operation and I know those allegations are all false'.
But before Armaan could speak any further Riddhima slapped him once again and this time she had no love or pain in her eyes it held a storm in it waiting to be unleashed. She grabbed his collar and barked in her face 'I was so wrong. All this time I was thinking how much you love me that even after me betraying your trust and marrying Vivek you want me in your life. I thought you loved me unconditionally.' She let go of his collar and pushed him and said in an angry voice 'Dr.Armaan the fact is that you don't love me. When you raped me you were taking revenge for your hurt ego and now you are doing all this to get rid of guilt. You know want I don't need this. I don't need your love in my life.' She folded her hands in front of him and said in a pleading voice 'Please stay away from me and my life.' She turned to leave but after walking a few steps she turned around and said in the same cold voice 'Those allegations that were raised against me at the time of my divorce are not false. They were all true. I have nothing left in me to offer you. I am destroyed. I have not just destroyed my body but soul as well. I have no love to offer you. I am sorry.' With that she left. Armaan kept standing there for a few seconds and then he slid down on his knees on the ground, his head in his hands. He felt like somebody had put in a million glass pieces through his body. Her words rung in his head about the allegations being true, his ego and guilt. He was sure as hell that he was not guilty because he had never really doubted her love and had waited for her to return and that was exactly why he had hugged her the moment he had been alone with her. He was sitting on the ground as still as a corpse. He felt somebody shaking him and then he saw Camerone kneeling next to him. Camerone raised him to his feet and made him sit on the bench and waiting for him to speak. He had seen Riddhima come back in the party and looking at the cold look on her face he had understood that nothing had changed between them and Riddhima was still all cold and indifferent.
Finally Armaan spoke 'She thinks I am doing all this because I am guilty and I am doing this to get rid of my guilt.' Armaan's voice was hurt but he was not crying.
Then a couple of minutes later Camerone asked him 'Dude I don't want to sound selfish or anything but I hope you didn't tell her that I told you the truth. She'll never see my face and she needs me right now though I am pretty sure she'll figure out eventually that I told you all this. I don't know what I am going to do.' he said running a hand in his hair. Armaan all of a sudden gripped Camerone's hands and asked him in a hopeful voice 'Camerone please tell me that the allegations raised against Riddhima are not true.' Armaan saw anger flash in Camerone's face and he shoved Armaan's hands aside and said in a murderous voice 'I thought you loved her and wouldn't care about anything but your future with her and would be least perturbed about her past but I can see how wrong I was. You are just like any other man. You don't really love her. You are just lusting for her.'
But before Camerone could continue any further Armaan raised his hand towards Camerone's face and said in a sharp voice 'Stop it. Don't ever dare abuse my love for Riddhima. I don't care one bit for her body. I love the innocence that she held, the purity in her eyes but now all I see is a hate and venom in her eyes for everyone including me around her.' Camerone having gained his composure now placed his arm around Armaan and said in a motherly tone 'Armaan I know Riddhima inside out. I have been with her during the worst period of her life. She has no pretensions with me and that is why I can tell you that the innocence, purity and love is still there inside her. The fact is that she has locked it in some deep dark corner of her heart and is afraid to unlock it but you can and you will unlock it for her. Teach her to live Armaan. Its only you who can do that. You have to touch her soul and bring out your real Riddhima from the grip of this broken and cold Riddhima. Won't you do that for her Armaan? Won't you give yourself and your love a new life?' Camerone was looking at Armaan with hope burning like fire in his eyes. Armaan turned to his and said with a smile 'You love her don't you?' It was more of a statement then a question. Camerone shook his head and said 'I don't know if I love her'..maybe I do but presently I care about just one thing and that is her happiness and I know that if anybody can make her happy its only you.' Camerone did not wait for any answer he got up and left for the party.
Armaan stood up and smiled to himself. He knew that the next few days are going to be tough for him but he will fight and he'll win Riddhima and her love.

When he reached back to the party he saw Camerone looking all lost and when he asked him what the matter was he told him that Riddhima had left the party. They too left the party after wishing Rahul once again. Armaan dropped Camerone at home but didn't come inside because he somehow knew that it was not a good idea to be facing Riddhima at that moment. Camerone came inside and the moment he entered he saw Riddhima sitting in the huge brown chair across the hall still in her party dress. He walked upto her bracing himself for the worst. She stood up and facing him she said 'So you just like others betrayed my trust. You told Armaan what the truth is when you had promised me never to tell anyone about it. How could you do this Camerone? How could you?' She stood up and Camerone spat the words in her face 'Because he deserved to know the truth. He has full right to know why his you whom he loved so much left him 4 years back. He loves you Riddhima.' Riddhima started laughing and after a minute she said 'He doesn't love me.... its just guilt.' Camerone gripped her shoulder, his finger hurting where he held her. He said through clenched teeths 'You can't act in front of me. You know as well as I do that you can't lie to me. That one song of his stirred so many emotions inside you and you are telling me that you don't love him. You are so selfish Riddhima. Thinking that he might hurt you''you are running away from him and hurting him in the process. How can you do this to him and yourself huh? Can't you see the love in his eyes?' Riddhima said in a helpless voice 'I know that he loves me but I don't deserve him and I don't think that I can ever behave normally again. Its just too much for me.' She threw herself in Camerone's arms and started sobbing violently. He ran his hand up and down her hair and in a soothing voice said 'Let him decide whether he deserves you or not. Please Riddhima give him a chance. He deserves to be happy and his happiness lies with you.' 'I'll try' He was relieved when he heard that from Riddhima. Breaking from the hug he said 'Common lets have dinner.' He walked towards the door and to Riddhima's utter shock he opened the door and called Armaan in. Riddhima and Armaan both stood there not knowing what to do. Camerone stood between them and said 'Oh! I am so sorry. I forgot to introduce you guys. Armaan this is my best friend Riddima and Riddhima this is Armaan my new friend.' He then took their hands and made them shake hands.

All three sat in the living room and had an informal, fun filled dinner. Camerone made sure that situation never got awkward between Armaan and Riddhima and kept talking about something or the other. Finally when they were done he asked Armaan to stay back as it was very late.
'Um'.no it's ok Camerone. I'll manage and being a doctor I am used to driving back home late at night. So don't worry.' He picked up his car keys and was about to leave when Riddhima said 'Armaan'.um I wanted to talk to you.' Camerone understood the situation and excused himself. Riddhima took a step towards Armaan and said 'I am really sorry Armaan for whatever''.
Armaan didn't let her continue and placed a finger on her lips to silence her and after a couple of seconds spoke 'Riddhima I don't know what you feel but I know I love you and for me our relationship is everything. I worship you Riddhima and you don't ever have to apologize. You own me in every way.' Riddhima was deeply touched. She could see the truth of his words in his eyes. She didn't know what to do or say so she simply said 'Please you don't have to go. You can stay back for the night. I'll appreciate it. You can sleep in Cam's room. Its there.' She directed him towards the room and he silently walked towards it but the moment he was about to enter the room she slowly said 'Armaan you are a wonderful singer. I loved your song.' She didn't give him a chance to reply and simply left the place. Armaan was delighted and he smiled to himself but the moment he turned towards the door he saw a smiling Camerone standing there with his eyebrows raised . They both chuckled and hi-fived each other.

Next morning Riddhima was drying her hair in her room when she heard a knock on the door. 'Come in' she said and kept drying her hair, looking out the window. When nobody spoke for a long time she turned around and saw Armaan standing near the door looking really handsome with his hair wet from the shower and his borrowed T-shirt clinging to his macho chest. Armaan smiled and gave her the coffee that he had brought her. She smiled and he spoke 'We'll leave for Sanjeevani together. We'll go to my place and I'll change and then we'll leave.' She wanted to protest but noticing the authoritative note in his voice made her stop. It felt like old days Armaan bossing and commanding her. Her heart warmed with pleasure. While she was smiling to her self Armaan glanced at her clothes and frowned. Finally after mustering a lot of courage he asked her 'You don't wear Salwaar Kameez anymore?' She flatly replied 'I am not the same anymore. Not just my dressing sense but a lot many things have changed about me. Anyways, when do we leave?' She conveniently changed the topic but the pain didn't go unnoticed by Armaan.
All three had their break fast and left for their respective destinations.

Riddhima and Armaan reached his house. Armaan had all the luxuries at his disposal. Working at Sanjeevani as a senior doctor meant a fat pay package and a lavish lifestyle. Riddhima was really impressed by Armaan's home but she was stunned the moment she entered it. It was built exactly the way Riddhima had wanted her and Armaan's house to be. She looked at Armaan with a tear glistening in her eye while Armaan just gave her a sheepish smile and signaled her to sit down. He left to go and change. She was siting in the drawing room which was fairly large just the way she had wanted. In fact all the furniture and paint was of her taste. Riddhima was for the first time feeling the pain that Armaan must have gone through all these years. She had forgotten him and their love in those years but now it all came rushing back. She was examining everything when her cell rang. Shubhanker wanted her to come to Sanjeevani immediately because they had called an urgent meeting. They needed all the doctors there. Shubhankar, as usual was panicking and in that state he told Riddhima that Armaan was unreachable so Riddhima calmed him down and assured him that she'll be there in next 15mins along with Armaan. She hung up and sighed. She had to find Armaan and tell him to hurry up. She moved towards his room and knocked but nobody answered. She assumed that he must be in the washroom so she quietly walked in and the moment she stepped into the room she was shocked out of her wits. It was a large room. On the wall opposite to the door was a huge photo frame which had her and Armaan's photograph taken on their first official date. Under it was a brown bed, the one that she had selected for their room. She glanced on the left side and was again shocked when she saw 3 huge frames all having her photographs in it. In one of those she was smiling with a little ice-cream on her nose, the other was taken when she was on a slide with a huge idiotic grin on her face and the third one was of a garden at night where she and Armaan had sat and discussed their future. On the other wall also there were a number of photographs and all belonged to her. Riddhima kept staring at them. She, for the first time, felt Armaan's love for her. All these years he hadn't forgotten her for even a minute. Her house was everything that would remind him of her. Her knees gave way and she fell on the floor. She wasn't crying. She was too shocked to react. Armaan came out of his washroom and was shocked to see Riddhima there and in that condition though he knew what had caused that. He walked towards her and called her name but when she didn't respond he gathered her in his arms. Her head was against his chest and after a few moments she calmed down and finally spoke 'Why Armaan? Why did you wait for me all these years?' Armaan looked at her as if she was crazy and he said with a sigh 'I thought that life in USA might have grown some sense in you but nope nothing of the sort happened.' he chuckled and then cupping her face he said 'Riddhima I told you I loved you and always will. These memories of yours helped me live.'
'But Armaan I have nothing to offer you.' she said through her tears to which Armaan replied 'You don't have to offer anything Riddhima. You have to take what I am offering you. I want you to be happy and feel my love always with you. I will not let anything separate us now. I will help you forget your past and start a new life.'
'Armaan its not as easy as you think it is.'
'I know its not easy Riddhima bit I am with you and we'll fight it together and our love will help us win. Have faith in me.' Armaan didn't wait for her reply and quickly stood up and extended his hand towards her which she gladly accepted. He wiped her tears and told her to freshen up to leave and that is when she remembered about Dr.Shubhankar's call. Remembering how panicky he was it won't be a shock if he is found sprawled on the corridor floor, thought Riddhima. She quickly grabbed Armaan;s hand and rushed out for Sanjeevani.

They both left for Sanjeevani. While Riddhima was wondering about what could be the cause of Dr.Shubhankar's panicky state Armaan was lost in his own la la land and had a real sweet smile on his face which could tell even a stranger that he was truly happy today. Riddhima saw the smile and was happy for him but was scared that she might again cause him pain. They reached Sanjeevani and went to the conference room and sensed tension in the area. When they were seated Dr.Shashank Sinha stated the problem and said, 'An inspection committee is coming tomorrow and will be here for a whole week to check if all the doctors are working properly or not. We have to be really careful. They should find everything perfect here otherwise a lot of damage will be done.' Dr.Sinha was himself very tensed. Armaan was absolutely oblivious to the tension and was still in his dream land when Dr.Sinha turned to him and said, 'Dr.Armaan'..Dr.Armaan'..DR.ARMAAN' after being called for 3times Armaan heard Dr.Sinha and finally responded 'yes sir?'
'What's with the smile on your face? We are discussing a serious topic here and you just can't stop smiling.' Before Armaan could say anything Riddhima replied with an arrogant smirk on her face 'What's so serious about this issue? So what if the inspection committee is coming. According to me Sanjeevani is doing a pretty good job and I don't see why they would have any complains. All the patients are being treated very nicely. I don't think there is any reason to be so panicky.' She ended with the same smirk on her face. Other doctors in the hall were quite shocked but Dr.Shashank Sinha smiled to himself because he knew that nothing could ever make Riddhima nervous and he was proud of her for always being cool and calm. He smiled and said 'Well I am happy that you have full faith in yourself and your fellow doctors. So I have decided to hand over the responsibilities to you and Dr.Armaan who I hope will soon be normal and will stop smiling.' The other doctors chuckled while Armaan was visibly embarrassed. Dr.Sinha continued, 'I want the two of you to meet the committee and check all the departments and see if any patient has any kind of complain. You also have to prepare a report on the over all working of Sanjeevani. That's it. Now you all can go back to your duties. Dr.Armaan please when the committee reaches here, you talk to them and don't just stand there and grin to yourself.' Armaan wiped the idiotic grin from his face and made a serious face while Riddhima smiled to herself. They all left to get back to their duties except Armaan and Riddhima. Riddhima asked Armaan 'Armaan we have to prepare the report today itself so that we can submit it tomorrow. So what do you suggest how we go about it?' Armaan thought for a couple of seconds and then said 'Right now we have duties to attend to so after that we can go to your place, have dinner and then work on the report.' Riddhima thought about it for a few seconds. She knew Armaan was trying to get their relationship back to where it was 4 years back and she was afraid to hurt him and really wanted to refuse but instead she said 'Sure why not.' Armaan smiled while Riddhima was wondering what made her say that. They also got back to their duties.
Riddhima was engrossed in her cases but Armaan was waiting for the duties to get over so that he could spend some time alone with Riddhima with the excuse of the reports. Finally after a long hectic day his wish was granted and they both met in the corridor to leave. They were about to reach for the door when they heard a voice call them from behind 'Dr.Armaan' Armaan and Riddhima turned around to see Sim running towards them. She reached them and stopped for some time to catch her breath. Finally she said 'Dr.Armaan if you don't mind can you please drop me home. My car is at a garage and its too late so if you please don't mind can I have a lift.' Armaan being a gentleman couldn't refuse so all three of them walked towards Armaan's car. Sim turned to Riddhima and said 'Dr.Armaan is dropping you also?' She had a smirk on her face which made Riddhima want to slap her hard on her face but instead she just said 'Yes, I and Dr.Armaan have some important things to discuss.' She was in a haughty tone.
They reached the car and before Armaan or Riddhima could react Sim went and sat in the front seat. Riddhima just rolled her eyes and sat in the back seat while Armaan smirked and quietly sat in the driver's seat. Sim gave him her house address and soon they were driving towards her house when Sim turned on the music system and played the CD of her choice, the song being was a fast paced party number. After a few seconds Armaan switched off the music player and when Sim looked at him he shrugged and said 'I don't like this kind of music' he turned his attention towards the road while Riddhima smiled to herself because she knew that Armaan had turned off the music player because she didn't like that kind of music. It made her feel good.

After 15mins of drive they reached Sim's place. Armaan stopped the car in front of her house and Sim got out and thanking him she stepped out of the car. Without looking straight she kept walking towards her house waving to Armaan when she tripped and fell down. Armaan and Riddhima both got out of the car and walked towards her. She whined 'Oh! Armaan my foots hurting badly. Can you please help me up?' Armaan helped her stand but she once again slipped and in a complaining tone said 'Oh! God I don't think I can walk. Can you please take me to my house? Please.' Armaan had no other option so he picked her up in his arms taking the keys in his hand while Riddhima kept frowning to herself. He opened the door and took her to her room and laid her down on her bed. He was about to leave when Sim caught his wrist and sat up in her bed. Armaan turned around and she asked him if he could fix her pillow for her. He bent down to fix her pillow when she grabbed his face and within a second locked her lips with his. Armaan was too shocked to react. Sim kept kissing him and wouldn't let go, fully knowing that Riddhima was standing at the threshold of the room. She was shocked and to Armaan's misfortune she had come there when Sim had already locked her lips with his and didn't know that it was Sim who had forcefully done that.
Finally after a 15sec long kiss she let go of his collar which she had grabbed when he was trying to pull away. Armaan straightened and heard clicking of heels and he instantly knew that Riddhima had seen them. Without wasting another second he rushed out to clarify any misunderstanding that might have occurred while Sim smirked to herself and was also disappointed by the fact that Armaan didn't kiss her back.
When he came out he saw Riddhima sitting in the car flipping through the Cds. After checking a few of them she played a CD in the player and closed her eyes enjoying the music. Armaan was highly surprised by her behaviour and was afraid that she might be back to her same cold behavior pretending to be absolutely indifferent to what he did because he was quite sure that she had seen them kissing inside but he was proved wrong when she rolled down the window of her side and said 'Why are you standing there? We don't have much time so common hurry up and the next song is your favourite so you can hear it while driving.' She once again closed her eyes with a slight smile on her face while Armaan came and settled in the passenger seat. He turned off the music due to which Riddhima instantly opened her eyes and looked at him, after a couple of seconds before Armaan could say anything she said in a level voice 'I know you want to talk about the scene that I saw b/w you and Sim but I don't want to hear anything about it. Its your personal life and I don't want to intefere into it. Sharing a kiss with someone is absolutely normal. I have shared a lot more than a kiss with more than one man so forget it and drive back home.' Armaan's hand tightened on the steering wheel when she said that''.she had told him that the allegation raised against her during her divorce are true but he refused to believe them because as far as he knew she could never do anything like that but now he had started to believe it. He started driving towards her place fearing that he might loose control and hurt her or himself. Finally they reached her place and she got out of the car signaling him to follow her. He got out of the car and stood against it, he got his control back assuring himself that he was only interested in her present and not in her past.

Riddhima made two cups of coffee and they both settled down to work on the report. They were almost done when they heard the door opening and saw Camerone coming in. He was surprised to see the two together. He came and settled down next to Riddhima facing Armaan.
'What are you guys down? Its so late.' He glanced at the reports and understood that they were working on one of the boring reports. He didn't wait for any answers and went into his room. Both Armaan and Riddhima were puzzled with his behaviour and then they were shocked to see him carrying a suitcase and placing it against the door he turned towards them and told them that he had to catch a flight back to USA.
'Oh! But when will you come back?' Riddhima asked him. He walked towards her and placing an arm around her shoulders he told them 'I'll come back whenever I have time or just call me when you need me.' then in a very serious voice he said 'Riddhima I don't think you should be staying alone here. Why don't you go and stay with Armaan?' Rriddhima turned towards him and said in an amused voice 'You talk as if I am a 5year old baby. Don't worry I'll be fine and now I have to live here forever and I can't stay with Armaan forever so its better I develop a habit of living alone.'
'Well I am not sure if you two will really have to stay alone forever.' He winked at Armaan and then giving him a hug and placing a kiss on Riddhima's forehead he moved towards the door with Armaan and Riddhima following him. When he was standing next to the car Armaan stopped him and gave him a final hug and whispered in his ear 'Thanks a lot for everything. Don't worry I'll take care of her.' Cam said in a low voice 'You don't have to thank me for anything I did what I had to.' He sat in the car and left. While Armaan said to himself 'I didn't thank you for telling me the truth but for sacrificing your love for Riddhima for my sake. Thanks dude.'

He went inside and they were once again back to work. They worked till 2:30am and then both got up and stretched and left to sleep. Armaan went to sleep in Camerone's room while Riddhima went to her own room.

Next morning they reached Sanjeevani nurse station and were waiting for the committee to arrive when they saw Sim walking towards them with a slight limp. Armaan frowned while Riddhima smiled to herself. She came and stood in font of Riddhima and said 'Ma'am I came to know my duties.'
'Rectal exams.'
'Whatttttttttt???' Sim was shocked when she heard that. While Riddhima continued in a level voice 'Keep your voice low intern. Everytime you come late you will have to perform rectal exams and today you are exactly 12minutes and 19 seconds late so take care next time. After completing the rectal exams prepare a detailed report on all the patients whose name I have written here.' She handed Sim a paper which she took with a shocked expression on her face while Armaan was speechless and finally he smirked and said 'wait intern''.since you are preparing a report on these patients please do it for my patients also.' Sim left in a shocked state. Armaan and Riddhima both looked at each other and burst out laughing. Finally she said 'Now she'll understand what it means to forcefully kiss a senior doctor.' She again burst out laughing while Armaan suddenly stopped and looked at her with a puzzled expression trying to figure out how she knew all that when riddhima finally answered 'I am not a little kid Armaan. I could make out from her grip she had on your collar that the kiss wasn't mutual. I was just trying to give you a hard time.' She moved towards him and ruffled his hair. When Armaan understood the whole thing he smiled warmly'''..happy about the fact that everything was normal and she did trust him and that day isn't far when everything will be like old days.

Armaan felt like punching the man sitting across him and god alone knew how he had controlled that urge in him because the way that man was staring at Riddhima's legs was driving him crazy while Riddhima was totally engrossed in explaining the reports.

When she had finally finished explaining them the reports she sat back on her chair and waited for their response''.the conference room was absolutely quite for next couple of minutes''.everyone was completely impressed with the way Riddhima had conducted herself. The women were a little envious by the attention and the looks that she was getting from all the men while the men were totally smitten by her looks and charm. Armaan, Shubhankar, Rahul, Anjali and Dr.Shashank sinha were mighty proud of her. Very soon the hall was booming with appreciative applause for both the report and the lady who had presented it. When they all had gotten up to leave Riddhima went and stood next to the door shaking hands with all of them not with a grateful smile but with an arrogant one. She knew the kind of effect she had on people around her especially the tall and well built man walking towards her. He was strikingly handsome with a fair complexion and hair a little curly but at the same time he was a pervert and Riddhima knew it just by the way he was staring at her legs and curves while she was busy with the report. He came and stood in front of her with a bright smile on his face with his hand dangling in front of her''. Riddhima being the graceful and poised women that she was, elegantly placed her soft hand in his'
'You were brilliant. I am impressed.' the man complimented her while Riddhima gave him a cold look and shrugging her shoulders very arrogantly said 'I know.' The man was shocked by her overconfidence but instead of being pissed he was even more 'interested' in her as according to him it was pretty natural for sexy women to be arrogant. So he continued 'I am sahil bose.'
'Dr.Riddhima gupta. Glad to meet you Mr.Bose.' she replied in a cold and distant manner which was totally lost on him. He was staring intently at her when he felt a hand on his shoulder and so he turned around letting go of Riddhima's hand. He saw Dr.Shashank sinha in front of him and was very soon taken into a conversation. Riddhima slipped out of the conference hall after shaking hands with the rest of the team.

She was sitting in the caf' having her coffee when Armaan and Rahul came inside and sat next to her. She noticed that Armaan was lost somewhere with his jaw rigidly set and his nostrils flaring in anger while Rahul had a mighty happy and proud grin on his face. He turned to her and clasping her hand said 'Oh god! You were marvelous there. We are so proud to have you with us.' Riddhima thanked him and suddenly his pager went off and he reluctantly left. Riddhima now turned towards Armaan and placing her soft hand on his shoulder asked him 'What is that matter Armaan? You seem to be really disturbed. Is it because of the way Mr.Bose was staring at me in the hall? She saw the change in his face from an angry one to a completely shocked one. He instantly lifted his head and gaped at her wondering how she could see right through him. She simply smiled and squeezed his shoulder and said in an assuring way 'Relax Armaan. I can take care of myself. That guy cannot harm me in anyway'..let him stare as much as he wants. I can handle perverts like him.' Armaan knew that Riddhima was different now''..she wasn't the meek, gentle, sweet and innocent girl that she once was. She was a woman who was shrewd and smart as hell and could read men like an open book. Instead of being proud he felt bad'..he wanted Riddhima to be the way she was. He wanted to take care of her just the way he once did but he finally smiled at her and they both left to attend to their duties.

'Hey Riddhima wait.' She heard Armaan's voice from the parking lot and turned around. 'How are you going home?' he asked her.
'I'll take a cab'
'You don't have to. Come I'll drop you.' He took her hand firmly and opening the passenger seat for her sat down in the driver's seat and turning his face towards her said in a sweet voice with a huge childish grin 'We'll have dinner together at my favorite restaurant.' She didn't say anything just nodded her head''..she suddenly felt warm and wanted when she noticed how Armaan was trying to make her comfortable with him just the way they were 4 years back. Armaan knew exactly what she was thinking and he wanted just that, though he was well aware of the fact that it will take him a long time to make Riddhima forget her past but he was ready to wait.
After a 15minutes long drive they reached home. They had taken dinner at an Italian restaurant and had behaved like best friends with Armaan taking special care that Riddhima's past wasn't mentioned even once.
Finally they reached her home and he opened the car door for her and the moment she stepped out they both heard a loud thunder and in no time it started to rain heavily. Riddhima grasped Armaan's hand and took him inside the house after struggling with the lock for 2minutes and those 2minutes were enough for them to be completely drenched. When they were inside Riddhima closed all the doors and windows trying to block the sound of thunder in vain. She came and slumped on the couch next to Armaan. They both were completely wet and were grinning like fools at each other. Riddhima got up and said 'Armaan go and change. You can wear Cam's clothes''ll definitely find some in his closet. I'll also go and change and once we are done we can sit and have coffee because there is no way I am letting you go in this weather.' she left to go and change while Armaan did the same.

She quickly took a shower and changed into a loose T-shirt and shorts. Tying her hair in a loose bun and placing stick in it she went to the kitchen and was busy making coffee for herself and Armaan when she heard the soft music coming from the living room. It was some hindi song but she wasn't sure which one. She took the coffee and went into the living room to find a very sexy Armaan in a body hugging red T-shirt and black pyjamawalking towards her. He took the coffee mugs from her hand and placed them on the small coffee table in the corner and asked her for a dance to which Riddhima agreed with slight reluctance. He took her to the middle of the room.He took her hands in his and placed one of it on his shoulder and took the other one in his hand, entwining her fingers with his and placed his other hand on her waist''.he noticed her body get stiff but soon she relaxed and smiled at him. The song was everything that Armaan wanted to tell Riddhima and had thus chosen it carefully. Riddhima heard the lyrics :
Aankhen band kar loo jo mein
dekhu bas tumhe
khwabo mein hi keh sakta hoon
apna tumhe
rehne de mera yeh vehm pe hi yakeen
naa ja abhi
pyar ki yeh raat hain
ab na jaa
chotti si ek baat hain
ab na jaa
tumhhi se hain meri neende
naa bhi ho to kya
tumhi see hain meri battein
naa bhi ho to kya
kehne do taaro ko kahani ankahi
na jaa abhi
pyar ki yeh raat hain
ab na jaa
chotti si ek baat hain
ab na jaa
pal do pal ka saath hain
ab na jaa
jadoo si yeh raat hain
ab na jaa
ab na jaa
She looked into Armaan's eyes and saw the whirlpool of emotions in them. Armaan wanted to hug her but was afraid that she might not reciprocate but the next instant he didn't even realize when Riddhima had hugged him tightly. He felt a surge of emotions go through him .He hugged her with equal passion. When she finally broke the hug after 5 long minutes they kept looking into each others eyes and then Armaan looked down to her soft pink lips and his heart skipped a beat and he lost all control. He pressed his lips against hers. Initially the kiss was soft and slow but very soon the pent up emotions in him took control and the kiss got rough and demanding which made Riddhima open her eyes with a jerk and some images flashed in front of her eyes she pushed him back. Armaan wasn't expecting this and so he was confused but he didn't want to ruin whatever he had achieved so far with her so he grasped her shoulder and surprisingly she didn't protest. He pressed his forehead against her and he was about to apologize when he suddenly went back in time and remembered something:

Armaan saw Riddhima standing in a beautiful red sari. She was looking breathtakingly beautiful and he desperately wanted to take her in his arms and that is exactly what he did. He walked towards her and pulled her towards himself. She came crashing on his chest with her body completely pressed against his. She was shocked and scared but she trusted him completely. She lifted her face and saw desire in his eyes but before she could do anything she found her lips sealed with his. His hand slid on her bare waist, sending chills down her spine'.. She paced her hands against his strong broad chest. Armaan intensified the kiss by slipping his tounge between her teeths trying to eplore firther and then reality hit her. She quickly but softly pushed him back and he too was instantly aware of what he was doing. He felt guilty and without giving it a second thought said in husky whisper 'Riddhima I am really sorry. I didn't'''..
But before he continue any further Riddhima stepped forward and placed her finger on his lips and said 'Never. Never ever apologize for expressing your love Armaan. When you apologize to someone you love you insult their love. I am all yours Armaan ' have all rights over me. I am not ready yet but I assure you what we just did was not wrong.' They both smiled at each other and hugged forgetting what just happened.

Armaan came back to reality. His forehead was still pressed against hers. He mumbled softly 'Riddhima I know you are not ready but its just that I want to feel that you are actually here in my arms. Those four years were really painful sweetheart. I really love you baby and I don't know what's coming in your way and stopping you but I know one thing that you are the only woman who could ever be a part of my life and so I am ready to wait for you till my last breath.' Riddhima was touched but now that she was calm and composed she retorted back in her trademark arrogant tone 'What makes you feel that I am not over you.' Armaan was quite taken aback but he understood her intensions and smirked and said copying her tone 'Oh common babe! Its Armaan Malik we are talking about. It ain't that easy getting over me' they both chuckled and then suddenly a loud thunder was heard which made Riddhima almost jump out of her skin. She unknowingly pressed her body closer to Armaan's who was now finding it really hard to keep his desires in control. Finally when he knew he might loose control he moved back and said 'I think we should go to sleep.' when Riddhima didn't respond he chuckled to himself and said 'I don't believe this. RIDDHIMA GUPTA the ultimate cold, confident and not-to-be messed with cardiologist is scared of lightening. Seriously what are you 4?' He was now laughing loudly but when he saw the hardened look on Riddhima's face he stopped and finally heard her say in her same cold distant tone 'Goodnight. I am going to sleep.' But before she could leave Armaan caught her wrist and said 'Hey don't be so cold'.I didn't mean to hurt you.' Armaan relaxed when Riddhima gave him a sweet smile. He too went to sleep hoping that very soon things would get back to normal.

Riddhima came running to the kitchen when she heard Armaan shout in pain. She rushed to his side and noticed that he had burnt his finger. She went to the refrigerator and took out an ice cube and started rubbing it on the burnt area of his finger while Armaan was touched by the concern in her eyes and kept staring at her beautiful face with her forehead creased with concern and worry. She took out a first aid box from a cabinet and after applying an ointment over it she bandaged it. When she was satisfied with her work she grabbed Armaan's collar and dragged him outside the kitchen and rudely pushed him into a chair. He quietly sat down without any protest while Riddhima stared at him with fury clear in her eyes. She ran a hand through her hair and finally said 'What were you thinking? I told you not to cook''''but no you would always do exactly what I ask you not to. Were you day dreaming in there? Now listen and listen good''.keep sitting here and I'll be back with breakfast. You are not allowed to enter the kitchen.' She turned around to leave when Armaan caught her wrist and turned her around placing his one hand on her waist and with the other hand he massaged her temple trying to ease away the creases from there. After a few seconds he stopped and placed his hands on her shoulders and said in a light whisper 'Why you doing this? This little burn on my finger hurt you so much but when my heart broke into a million pieces 4 years back you never came to nurse it and even now when you are here you don't show any concern for it and keep rejecting my love. It hurts a lot Riddhima more than this little burn ever can or any physical injury ever can. Why don't you tell me you love me Riddhima?'Riddhima removed his hands from her shoulder lightly and went into the kitchen and Armaan once again felt defeated but he still had hope so he quietly sat down. After 15minutes Riddhima came out with hot and yummy Pasta. Armaan jumped up in delight and hastily took the plates from her hand while Riddhima laughed on his childishness. They had a quick break fast and left for Sanjeevani.

Riddhima saw Sim at the nurse station. She was before time today and Riddhima liked it. She decided to be easy on her but the next moment she changed her mind when she heard Sim's words to Armaan''''.

'Hi Armaan'.I mean dr.Armaan. You look really hot in this red and black shirt and your hairstyle is just perfect.' she gave him a flirtatious smile and slightly leaned towards him. From the corner of his eyes Armaan saw a totally disgusted and enraged Riddhima and that is when he decided to have some fun. He placed his arm around Sim's shoulder and said in his sexy voice 'Thanks Sim but you yourself are no less. There is nobody in this entire hospital that can compete you in looks. In fact'..

'INTERN' he was interrupted by Riddhima who had rudely shoved a file in Sim's hands and said 'This is your new case. Just go through the file and report to me after an hour.' Sim quickly left sensing immense anger in Riddhima's voice. When Sim had left Riddhima turned towards Armaan and giving him a dirty look she moved towards her cabin with Armaan following her closely. Once inside the cabin Armaan grabbed her waist and turned her around, his body pressing against hers. She struggled to get out of his grip but Armaan tightened his grip around her and that is when she lost her temper and punched Armaan hard on his face. Armaan quickly left her waist and took a few steps back, clutching his jaw which was hurting due to the punch he had just received from the hands he had assumed to be amazingly soft but he was still grateful that there was no blood. When Armaan slumped down on the couch and his face twisted in pain Riddhima realized what she had done. She quickly rushed to him and taking his face in her hands examined his jaw. She said 'Armaan I am soooooooooo sorry''''''I just didn't realize what I was doing. I am really sorry to have hurt you.' Armaan placed a finger on her lips and taking her hands in his asked her in an amused tone 'Don't tell me you learned some boxing in USA.' Riddhima didn't reply and kept looking at Armaan's jaw and before he knew it she bent down and placed a kiss on his jaw arousing all kinds of desires in him but he knew he had to keep his control. She once again apologized but Armaan stopped her and said in a very dreamy voice 'Don't worry sweetheart I am fine now. What you just did erased all the pain.' Riddhima lowered her eyes and then she immediately realized that she was supposed to be angry on him for flirting with Sim so she quickly got up and Armaan too was on his feet giving her a questioning look. 'I now doubt if  Sim had really forced that kiss on you that day. I don't know why but I have this feeling that it was perfectly mutual.' She turned her back towards him with anger all over her face. Armaan chuckled and said in a teasing tone 'I don't believe that you are jealous Riddhima.' Then he stopped chuckling and took her face in his hands and said in a deadly serious tone 'I am sorry hun. Please forgive me and trust me that there is no one more important to me then you and the compliment that I gave her was so fake. I think Sister Lovely too is way more prettier then she is.' Riddhima couldn't help and before she knew it she broke into a smile. She shook her head and ruffling his hair said 'I think I should go check on my patients. Will see you later.' When she was on the door she heard Armaan say 'Just so that you know for me you are the most beautiful women not just in Sanjeevani but in the whole wide world both inside out.' He winked at her and she gave him a smile and left. Armaan hit the back of his head and smiling he told himself 'Dude she loves you but never mess with her again coz you never know next time you actually might end up breaking your jaw.' he smiled and left for his duties.

'Hey gorgeous' Riddhima turned around to find Sahil bose standing in front of her with the same stupid smirk on his face. She smiled at him and said a cold hello.                            'Want to go out for dinner with me tonight?' Riddhima smiled and very politely declined his offer but being the stuck up jerk he was he didn't leave and said 'Oh common. I promise I won't bore you. Please.' Riddhima was about to say something but stopped when she felt a hand around her waist and without even turning around she knew it was Armaan and then she heard him say 'I am extremely sorry Mr. Bose but Riddhima is going out for dinner with me. She promised me.' Sahil wasn't very pleased with the answer and nor did he like the possessive grip Armaan around Riddhima's waist. He left saying a polite goodbye to Riddhima and giving an icy cold glare to Armaan. The moment he left they both burst out laughing and Riddhima finally said to Armaan 'So now whose jealous?' She had a cute smirk on her face to which Armaan replied in a serious tone clutching Riddhima's elbows tightly and bringing her closer to him 'I am not jealous but plain possessive. I would not have any man coming near you because you are all mine. Your smile, love, kisses and everything else belongs to me alone. And as far as Sahil bose is concerned he is a pervert and can harm you but as long as I am alive I wouldn't let anyone even touch you. I know you don't believe me because I disappointed you four years back but now'''

Riddhima stopped him when she saw a tear trickle down his eyes. She wiped it off and smiling said 'Armaan I know you really love me but it will take some time for me to reciprocate that.' She gave him a quick hug and was about to part when Armaan's grip tightened around her. They were standing in the corridor and she didn't want anyone to notice them so she struggled to get out of his grip and finally he said 'I'll let you go only on one condition.' She didn't want to agree but when she heard someone's footsteps she quickly agreed and Armaan let go of her. They both pretended that they were discussing some case when they saw a ward boy approaching them. He handed over a file to Riddhima and left. Riddhima was in no time engrossed in the file but after a few minutes Armaan snatched the file from her hands and said with an evil smile on his face 'Now you have to fulfill my one wish.' Riddhima looked at him sacred about his 'WISH'. She knew there was no escape so she reluctantly nodded her head and he said 'From today onwards you won't live alone''''''ll move in with me in my house which is everything that you always wanted. So its more yours then mine.'

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Riddhima didn't know what to say. She too wanted to be close to him but didn't know if it would be right for them to be to staying in the same house. She didn't want to spoil anything. She also knew that Armaan wouldn't take no for an answer so she agreed and said 'Pick me up at 9:30 today. I'll complete my packing till then.' Armaan jumped up in joy and shouted 'Yippee' Riddhima laughed at him and ruffling his hair, which was her favorite thing to do, she left for her duties.

They both were in the general ward, talking to their respective patients when Rahul came up to Riddhima and handed her a bouquet of Roses. Riddhima was confused and then Rahul spoke 'Ayna, your patient has sent these flowers for you. She wanted to thank you. She is having a few problems but she has resumed her normal life and is coping with it quite well.' Riddhima smiled and Rahul felt himself stare at her beautiful face and mustering a lot of courage he asked her 'Riddhima would you like to go out for dinner with me?' Riddhima was a little surprised with what he said and wondered why all of a sudden everyone was trying to take her out for dinner. She didn't want to break Rahul's heart so she took his hand in hers and said 'Rahul can we go to cafeteria and have a cup of coffee together. I need to talk to you.' She knew Armaan was watching her from a corner while Rahul was nodding his head in agreement. She decided to talk to Armaan later and left with a very nervous Rahul towards the cafeteria.

She was seated across Rahul in the cafeteria when there coffee arrived and she decided to be honest and frank. She placed her hand on Rahul's hand and said 'Rahul I really don't want to hurt you so I'll come straight to the point. Rahul I know what you feel for me but I really'''um'''.you are a really good friend and I don't know what I would have done if you wouldn't have supported me on the day of Ayna's operation and I am really grateful for that'''.but'..beyond friendship there is nothing in my heart for you. You are a great guy Rahul and am sure that some day you'll get the girl of your dreams, the one who will love you from the core of her heart because I know that you don't love me and its just plain attraction which will defiantly end someday and then you'll live happily ever after with the princess of your heart.'

Rahul didn't say anything and kept staring at the coffee mug in front of her and seeing no reaction made Riddhima shift in her seat uncomfortably. She was hoping that he doesn't cry otherwise she won't be able to forgive herself.

'Rahul am really sorry. Please forgive me. I had no intentions of hurting you.'

Rahul finally looked up with a smile on his lips and squeezed her hand and said 'Its okay Riddhima. You don't have to feel sorry and thanks a lot for being so considerate. I hope we can remain friends always. I would hate to loose a friend like you. You are everything that a man would want his women to be''' are extremely beautiful, smart, intelligent'''you are perfect. I anyways don't deserve you but since you mentioned it I would like it if you find me a girl who would love me with all her heart.' Riddhima broke into a smile and getting up from her chair gave him a friendly hug and said 'Thanks a lot Rahul for understanding me. Don't worry we'll always be friends and I'll also find a girl for you who'll be way better then me.'

Rahul smiled and after assuring her that he is fine he left to attend to his duties.

The moment he left the cafeteria Riddhima saw Armaan coming in and frustrated she hit her head with her hand knowing fully well that now she'll have to answer a series of questions. He came and sat across her and eyeing the bouquet asked her 'Who gave you this?'

Riddhima started 'Rahul gave this to me'''..

But before Riddhima could say anything further he stood up and said 'How dare he. He needs to know that you are mine and he should stay away from you unless of course he wants to get his bones broken which I'll gladly break in no time.' He was about to leave to get Rahul but he stopped when he heard Riddhima laugh. He instantly turned around and looked at Riddhima who after controlling her laughter with great effort said 'Rahul just brought these to me but they are actually from Ayna.'

Armaan was confused and banging his hand on the table he said 'Oh god! I always knew that the entire male population is after you but I had no idea that these little girls too have their eyes on you.' Riddhima chuckled when she heard that and then he asked her 'What were you and Rahul talking about all this time?'

'He asked me out for dinner so I decided to clear things out and I told him that we can never be more then friends which he took in his stride.' Riddhima saw Armaan smile in a cheesy way and his smile just got bigger and bigger and then he said 'Good that you did that. He is a nice guy and I would have hated to hurt him so good that everything is fine now. But I really don't know how am I going to keep all these men away from you'''.why the hell are you so beautiful and perfect.' Riddhima laughed and gave him a sweet smile and without saying anything she left and heard Armaan shout after her 'Be ready at 9:30. I'll come pick you up.'

She was standing in the parking lot next to her car when her cell rang. She stopped and took out the cell from her handbag. She didn't see the name and simply received the call.

'Yes.' she answered

'Oh god, the ice princess' Hearing his voice she froze on her spot as she realized that On the other line was her ex-husband Vivek khanna.

'Hey babe''.common Riddhima don't tell me you are scared even to answer me on the phone.' She decided not to let him subdue her this time and so she answered in a firm but cold voice. 'What do you want?'

'I am in India and want to meet you.' Riddhima felt her hands tremble and she knew that this can't be good but remembering her resolve she answered back 'Fine I am coming.' She knew where she has to meet him. She hastily sat down in the car but what she didn't know was that Armaan had been watching her and he knew that she was in trouble so he decided to follow her.

Riddhima was almost there when she felt somebody was following her but she mentally told herself to stop being paranoid and that she'll be fine. She reached the deserted road and saw Vivek standing there. She stepped out of her car and went and stood in front of him and was about to speak something when a car stopped behind hers and turning around she was shocked to see Armaan standing there.


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Riddhima was almost there when she felt somebody was following her but she mentally told herself to stop being paranoid and that she'll be fine. She reached the deserted road and saw Vivek standing there. She stepped out of her car and went and stood in front of him and was about to speak something when a car stopped behind hers and turning around she was shocked to see Armaan standing there.

Then she heard Vivek say 'Oh man I don't believe this. Don't tell me that you still love her. Don't you know that she is a second hand, damaged piece now and no man in his'''

But he couldn't say anything further because Armaan had punched him hard on his face and he was lying on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth. Armaan picked him up and punched him in his abdomen. He banged his head against his car. Vivek was too weak to do anything in front of Armaan who was a boxing champion and way more muscular then Vivek. He had beaten him pretty badly and now he had aimed at his crotch and before Riddhima could do anything he kicked him hard there and Vivek fell down on the road screaming in pain.

She heard Armaan say 'I had been wanting to do this from a long long time and now that I have done it, I am mighty happy and satisfied. I don't just love Riddhima but worship her and no fact can lessen my love for her. You succeeded in separating us and stealing her from me four years back but I won't even let god separate us this time and I promise you I'll make sure I wipe off every dirty memory of yours from her mind and heart. I wouldn't let you ruin my future and get another thing straight that you dare come near her and I'll kill you.' he turned around and grabbing Riddhima's hand dragged her to his car and shoved her harshly inside and himself sat on the passenger seat and started the ignition. Riddhima had never seen him this angry. She wanted to remind him of her car still being there but she stayed quite fearing that he might just blast on her. They reached home and Armaan immediately got out of the car and went inside completely ignoring Riddhima while Riddhima was really confused with this behavior of his. She was overwhelmed with the words he had said to Vivek but now his cold behavior was confusing her. She finally went inside his house and found him in his huge room standing in front of the open window with his hands resting against the frame of the window. She went closer and placed her hand on his shoulder and he quickly spun around and when Riddhima saw his face she gasped and took a few steps backwards. She was really scared seeing the murder in his completely red eyes with the rest of the face twisted in hatred. He gripped her wrist tightly with his nails piercing her skin but she didn't make a single sound nor did she made a move to loosen his grip. He finally spoke more like barked 'WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THAT HE WAS HERE'''HOW COULD YOU JUST GO AND MEET HIM LIKE THAT''''''.HE MIGHT HAVE HARMED YOU''''''''.. DO YOU EVEN REALIZE THAT?' he left her wrist and pushed her with such force that she fell on the ground but Armaan didn't make a move to help her instead he just continued 'I would have died this time if he would have as much as laid a finger on you. I cannot afford to loose you Riddhima.' He came forward and made her stand up and then holding her shoulders with an angry grip said 'Just get this thing straight that from today onwards you will tell me each and everything and will never ever face that man without me by your side.' He finally softened a little and pulled her in a hug and rubbing her back said in a painful voice 'Riddhima believe me when I say that I'll die without you. I won't let that man anywhere near you. But tell me something don't you trust me?'

Riddhima broke the hug and looked at him with tears in her eyes and said in a weak voice 'I didn't till now but now I know I can trust you with my very life and soul forever. I am sorry Armaan but I promise from now on I'll do whatever you'll ask me to.' He felt happiness rush through his body. He had never been this happy before. He wiped her tears and said 'I love you baby and now that you promise to obey all my commands''''..the first thing is that from now on we'll be living together and the second one is that now we'll go and have dinner.' Riddhima smiled and they went downstairs to have dinner but were shocked to see police standing at the doorstep.

Riddhima tightened her grip on Armaan's arm and they both walked towards the police inspector hand in hand. Armaan spoke 'Yes?'

'Are you Armaan Malik?' the inspector asked Armaan to which Armaan confidently replied 'Yes, I am officer but what is the prolem?'

'I am afraid Mr.Malik but we'll have to arrest you. Mr.Vivek khanna has launched a complaint against you for beating him up quiet badly.' Armaan was about to say something but Riddhima interrupted him and said 'Any man would have reacted the same way Armaan did if he would seen his friend getting harassed. Mr.Vivek khanna is my ex-husband and he had called me up to meet me but when I went there he abused me which Armaan couldn't tolerate and hit him pretty badly. If you want I am ready to talk to the commissioner. He knows all about Mr.Vivek and me.' The inspector didn't say anything so Riddhima called Camerone and told him everything and in return got scolded pretty badly for going to meet him and he abruptly hung up. The inspector got a call after 15minutes from the commissioner who gave him strict instructions to not take any action against Armaan and Riddhima. That was the kind of influence Camerone had and Riddhima thanked god for that.

Armaan turned towards Riddhima and asked her 'How did you manage that? The commissioner I mean. You have quite an influence.' Riddhima shook her head negatively and smiling said 'Camerone asked the commissioner to call him and he is going to be here soon.'

'What?' Armaan was shocked to hear that. 'I know but now that he knows Vivek is here he is not going to rest in peace till he makes sure that I am safe.' Armaan wasn't surprised to hear that since he knew how much Camerone loved her but he was afraid that things might go wrong because of this. He saw Riddhima setting dinner on the table and smiling to himself he reminded himself to get back on mission 'Win Riddhima'. They both sat down and had a sweet, romantic dinner.

After dinner Armaan took Riddhima to one of the rooms which was right next to his room. When he opened the room Riddhima was shocked. The room was in lavender color and had her and Armaan's photographs all around it. There were nearly 20 teddy bears in the room and a huge dressing table in the corner with her favorite perfumes on it. Riddhima turned towards Armaan with an eyebrow raised while Armaan chuckled and said 'I know what you thinking but I knew that you'll love it after all its just the way your room was as a kid except that its slightly bigger.' Riddhima hugged him and thanked him to which he shrugged and kissing her forehead bid her goodnight and then left for his room. For Riddhima the surprise wasn't over yet because when she walked into the dressing room , she saw the cupboard filled with Salwaar kameez and a lot of other dresses. The next shelf had a number of sandals but none of them had heels to it and she knew why. She smiled to herself and took a night dress and after changing went to sleep.

She slept peacefully and Armaan too had a smile on his face. The radiance on his face said it all that he had never been more happy in his life.

Next morning Armaan came back from his jog and saw Riddhima sitting on the dining table sipping her coffee. He walked upto her and placed a kiss on her cheek but was shocked when Riddhima suddenly stiffened but soon she got control of herself and smiled.

They were both having there brakfast when they saw Vivek entering the house'''his face was pretty bruised. Armaan and Riddhima stood up. Armaan's face was once again red with anger and hatered. He came and stood in front of Riddhima and faced Vivek when he finally spoke, 'Chillax dude. I have done everything I wanted to with her.Its too late to protect her. I think she hasn't told you the truth about her divorce and all the charges raised against her. She slept with my friends.' Armaan was about to punch the man again when Riddhima gripped his arm tightly. Vivek turned to Riddhima when he saw her gripping Armaan's hand and continued 'Good that you held him back. You know what I am not surprised that he still wants you back after all I too was once on the same track'''.you are one hell of a women'''how about we once again''''.

But before he could say anything further somebody turned him around and punched him hard on his face. Vivek was once again on the floor and this time his jaw had broken badly. He lifted his head and saw Camerone standing in front of him. Vivek was soon lifted in the air and punched and kicked in his abdomen. This time when Vivek finally fell on the floor he was in a pool of blood and had passed out completely. Camerone signalled to two huge black men standing outside and they came inside and picked Vivek up.

'Make sure that he is on the first flight back to USA and when he is in USA make sure that he suffers enough to never come back to India.' the men nodded and left.Armaan and Riddhima were both shocked.


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Armaan was surprised after seeing the anger in Camerone's eyes. He was well aware of the fact that Cam was in love with Riddhima but It was today that he finally realized how intense the love was''''maybe way more than he loved Riddhima. Armaan was really confused now and scared of loosing his love all over again.

While Riddhima on the other hand too was scared but because of a different reason'''..she was scared of what was awaiting her but she knew she'll have to face it so she walked upto Cam and tried hugging him but he held her back by her shoulders and stayed quiet for almost a minute and then he sighed and said 'Why do you keep troubling me like that? I don't get it Riddhima. Why did you go alone to meet him''''in fact why did you even bother to meet him?' Riddhima could sense the anger and anxiety in his voice and was deeply touched by it. She didn't know what to say or do so she simply held her ears and mumbled an apology, seeing which his heart melted and he finally gave her a hug. Then he turned towards Armaan and shook hands with him and said 'Thanks a lot Armaan for following this stupid girl that day''''she is a handful.' Riddhima glared at him while he simply chuckled.

'I think you are hungry come have some breakfast.' she sat down to have her breakfast and Cam seated himself next to her while Armaan just stood where he was.

Cam had just thanked him for protecting Riddhima''''the girl HE loved so he should be the one thanking Cam for helping them and not the other way round''''''.today he realized to what extent Cam loved Riddhima and that fact really made him uneasy. The only saving factor was that Riddhima isn't in love with Cam or maybe she is. Armaan shuddered at the thought and also reproached himself for doubting her love.

'Armaan' he heard Riddhima calling him so he turned around with a smile on his face and joined them on the table.

'So you finally moved in with him?' Cam asked Riddhima to which Riddhima replied 'Yup I did and am glad that I took this decision. He really loves me Cam but I am scared that I might hurt him again. Now that I am able to feel the love coming back to me I feel so happy and complete but with that comes the haunting fact of loosing him again which I don't think I'll be able to bear all over again.' Riddhima's eyes were burning with unshed tears threatening to fall anytime. Cam walked towards Riddhima and hugged her'''''.Riddhima placed her head on his chest and sobbed silently. While Cam was busy soothing Riddhima and moving his hand up and down on her hair, Armaan stood in a corner watching them with the same insecurity gripping him once again. Once they got out of the hug Armaan walked towards them and informed Riddhima, who had now stopped crying and her tears had all gone now, that they have to leave for Sanjeevani.

'What will you do today?' Riddhima asked Camerone.

'I guess I'll also go to work.' Camerone had a few industries in India also so he decided to go and check them.

All three left for their work. Armaan and Riddhima drove towards Sanjeevani. He parked the car in the parking lot and was about to get out when Riddhima held his hand without looking at him. He stopped and closed the door. Riddhima turned towards him and cupping his face she looked deep into his eyes and Armaan saw the love and trust once again intact in those beautiful eyes. Finally she spoke in a husky voice 'Armaan I want to thank you for everything that you have done for me. You have always been there for me and even when I left you 4 years back you never stopped loving me. You built our dream house and without loosing hope waited for me all these years. I don't know how to express my feelings'''''

Armaan placed a finger on her lips and silenced her. He took her chin between his fingers and said 'You don't have to thank me Riddhima ''''.. I did all that for myself because life without you is nothing but a dark doom. I lived like a dead body all these years but when you came back you brought my life back with you. I tried hating you all this time but every time I tried I fell deeper and deeper in love with you. Just promise me that you won't leave me ever again.' he held out his hand towards Riddhima which Riddhima accepted with a huge smile and then placed a kiss on Armaan's cheek and immediately got out of the car. Armaan stayed in the car and placing his hand on the cheek that she had kissed him on, smiled to himself.

They both were busy with their duties the whole day. After 9 long hours of work they finally left to go home where the servant had cooked a delicious meal for them and he also informed them that Camerone would not be joining them that night and was staying with some other friend.

After that Armaan dismissed the servant and they both sat down to have dinner. Riddhima took off her coat and Armaan saw her cream shirt tighten on her chest making her curves even more obvious. He licked his dry lips and bent his down to focus on the food instead of Riddhima's tempting body. They both were having a silent dinner when suddenly Riddhima started coughing violently due to the spicy food '''Armaan took a glass of water and moving his chair closer to her handed it to her. Riddhima took the glass immideately and placed it against her lips and drank its contents with equal force spilling some of the drops on her chin and lips. Armaan saw the drops and felt himself aroused. When Riddhima placed the glass down, he bent forward and sucked the drops from her chin and then placed his lips against hers. She was startled for a moment but gradually relaxed when Armaan's hands started to caress her back. The kiss started off as a gentle and loving one but soon it turned into a violent hunger''''..Riddhima placed her arms around Armaan's neck and moved her fingers into his hair''..he forced his tounge into her mouth, making the kiss deeper''''a moan escaped Riddhima's lips and she felt breathless but Armaan didn't stop. His hands moved all over her body'''he moved his hands inside her shirt and he felt her silky soft skin and moving his hand upwards he caressed her nipples making Riddhima moan loudly. He finally let go off her mouth and moved his lips down her neck leaving a trail of wet kisses. He picked her up in his arms and carried her to his room'''.. placing her on the bed he covered her body with his''''Riddhima saw the hunger and lust in his eyes and tried moving away but he grabbed her thigh and pinned her under him and once again sealed her lips with his and this time the kiss was burning with passion and was rough and possesive. He took off her shirt and getting up a little took his off as well and then he bent down and sucked at her throat making it burn with heat'''.she gripped his hair with one hand and dug the other one in the bed. He moved her bra straps down and kissed her shoulders and then he kissed her belly moving down to her navel''..he unhooked her bra and threw it off. He kissed her breast making her shiver in delight and then sucked at them. His hands moved down to her skirt and moving his hand inside it he rubbed it next to her sensitive organ but instead of arousing her she suddenly stiffened and called out Armaan's name. He was busy kissing her totally oblivious to the fact that Riddhima was responding negatively now. She dug her nails into his shoulders and shouted his name making him snap out of his erotic world. He looked up at her and saw her totally terrified face. He stopped and rose on his one elbow and was face to face with her'''.he got really scared when he saw a tear escape her eye and started to speak something when Riddhima said in a low voice 'Armaan please leave me alone. I'll be fine. Just please leave me alone.' Armaan silently got up and left the room with his shirt in his hand.


He stood near the window in the drawing room trying to figure out if what he did was wrong'''..she responded positively initially but then she all of a sudden turned cold and stiff. Armaan knew if he'll ask her she wouldn't tell him anything'''.he couldn't help but think about the past 4 years that she had spent with Vivek and the divorce allegations came back to his mind''''he again imagined her in Vivek's arms and that made him ball his fist''''he didn't know what to make of it. Why can't she tell him anything? He knew that something was disturbing her terribly but he didn't know what'''.he could live without touching her but imagining her to be in some extreme distress wrenched his heart. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and saw Riddhima standing in front of him with her clothes in their proper place but eyes slightly red and swollen. Armaan moved his hand towards her but she took a step backwards and turned her face away''.Armaan felt as if somebody had slapped him hard across his face.


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Armaan felt as if someone had slapped him hard across his face. Tears welled up in his eyes and he turned his face away. Seeing the pain on his face and knowing that it was because of her broke her heart into a million pieces'''.she fell on her knees and started crying violently. Armaan jerked out of his depressing thoughts and saw Riddhima on her knees and he forgot all the hurt and bent down to calm her but was surprised when she hugged him and placing her head on his chest continued to cry for a long time. Finally she stopped and getting out of his arms wiped her tears and they both stood up facing each other'''.Armaan didn't make a move afraid that she might reject him a second time'''.

Riddhima finally broke the silence and said 'Armaan i am really sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you but I still have not forgotten my past and need a little time. Please Armaan.' She couldn't help it and the tears started to flow a second time. Armaan placed his hands on her cheeks and placed a kiss on her forehead and was glad when she didn't move back. He took her hands in his and said 'You remember Riddhima you once told me never to apologize to the one you love. Its like insulting your love and its not even your fault because it was me who acted like an idiot and a desperate moron'''''.no actually wait' are right its all your fault.' He paused and Riddhima raised her eyebrows at him probing him to continue and so he said in a mock irritated tone 'What? Don't look at me like that and don't act as if you don't know what I am talking about. Its all your fault''..nothing of the sort would have happened if you wouldn't have been this beautiful'''.beautiful enough to turn any sane man into a maniac.' Armaan chuckled but Riddhima didn't. The grim look still on her face and seeing that Armaan sighed and said 'Riddhima just forget everything that happened alright. I don't want to spoil everything between us because of a weak moment and I promise you that it won't happen again until you want it. Common lets have dinner which I think we'll have to heat up.' They both moved towards the table and sat down to have their dinner. They ate the dinner silently and then retired to their rooms.


'Its time we warm up the ice maiden.' They laughed loudly looking at Riddhima sobbing on the floor. One of the men moved towards her and grabbed her leg when she tried to run away. He tore her salwaar and pinned her body under his. Riddhima kept struggling and shouting 'Let me go''please let me go. Vivek please do something. You said you love me please stop him. Helppppppp''''.'

The man slapped her hard on her face and tore the rest of her clothing but she managed to push him off and ran around the house without any clothes on her. She heard them laughing and was terrified when she heard the footsteps again. There was no escape so she closed her eyes and opened them when she saw somebody shaking her violently and saw Armaan in front of her.

She rubbed her eyes and then touched Armaan to see if he was really there and when he didn't disappear she jumped up and hugged him. He caressed her back to get her out of her nightmare but stopped when he noticed that she she was now crying badly. He picked her and placed her in his lap and sat down resting his head against the board of the bed. When Riddhima didn't stop crying he spoke 'Riddhima whats the matter? What did you dream about?' When she heard his concerned and loving voice she sat up and looked into his eyes''''still under the effect of the nightmare she started speaking in her broken voice as she hadn't stopped crying 'Armaan I was raped.'

Armaan felt his body go numb and cold. He felt his world turn upside down. Oblovious to the change in Armaan, she continued to speak 'Armaan when Vivek took me to his home in USA he told me he loved me and tried coming closer to me but when I refused he said he'll wait but one day he again tried coming closer and this time when I resisted he slapped me and tried forcing himself on me but I struggled and ran out of his room. I locked myself up in a room and didn't come out of it till I was sure he was not at home. I ate my breakfast and decided that I'll leave for India and for that i started packing but when I searched for my passport I didn't find it. I knew I couldn't come back to India so I decide to go somewhere else but the moment I stepped out of the house I saw Vivek standing there. He was drunk and that night'''.' Riddhima cried harder but then continued 'that night he raped me Armaan. I kept shouting your name and every time I took your name he slapped me and after he was done raping me he took out his leather belt and started hitting me badly. He was angry on me for protesting the whole night and not satisfying him properly. After an hour of beating me up he left for his work. I was bleeding all over Armaan''''..I was hurting and I was pinning for you but you never came.' Armaan's blood was boiling and his face was twisted in hatered and murder was written all over it. He wanted to kill that slime ball but when he heard Riddhima say 'YOU NEVER CAME' he felt like he was responsible for all her pain and in that one moment he hated himself more then he hated Vivek. He heard Riddhima speak 'Armaan I couldn't get up from my bed. The maid used to leave the food in my room but I never ate it and after 12 long days when I had finally recovered from my injuries he gave me a bugger shock. I was sitting in my room trying to figure out a way to escape but that night I saw a man entering my room along with Vivek. Vivek left the room and the man who was completely drunk moved towards me. He had won me from Vivek in a game of poker. He did the same what Vivek did''''.he raped me''.I was raped a second time Armaan and this time I didn't shout your name because I knew you wouldn't come. I did protest but he just like Vivek slapped me and didn't stop even for a moment. I was broken and after a few days Vivek came upto me to apologize but I was too scared to say or do anything'''.he asked me to accompany him to a party and I agreed because I was really scared but when we reached the venue there was no party'''..there were just 5 drunk men playing poker. Vivek dragged me inside and threw me on the floor and those men tore my clothes and made me run around begging for help but I got none. They again raped me and all this continued for a long time till I had lost the power to protest''''after that whoever used to come to me would use me as a body because I never struggled nor did I respond. They took some pictures as well and those were the pictures presented at the time of divorce. The men kept using my body for complete 3years and I never protested but one day while those men were at home Vivek had a visitor''''''his brother Atul who saw me sitting with those men like a dead body'''.he tried to stop them but was thrown out of the house. He worked with me in the hospital.' Armaan's blood was at the highest of temperature and he really wanted to kill those men and then shoot himself but then he saw Riddhima smile and her tears which had soaked his shirt stopped for a moment. She sat up and looked into his eyes 'You know what Armaan the only good thing in USA was my job as a cardiologist. Vivek had not stopped me from working and had even opened an account for me.' her eyes darkened 'Initially I thought that he really did love me but now I know that he did all that to just win my trust thinking that I would forget you and would surrender myself to him. Even in the those days when my body was being used I would go to the hospital trying to escape atleast for sometime but I guess Atul who was a good friend figured out that something was amiss and that is why came visiting but was thrown out of the house. Vivek didn't let me go to the hospital from that day onwards so one day Atul again came but this time he wasn't alone'''''he came with the richest and most influential man in USA'''''.Camerone Monroe. Atul had operated Cam's father so Cam was under his debt and to repay him he agreed to help me. He had a long fight with Vivek which I couldn't hear since Vivek had locked me in the washroom but I knew they fought. Atul helped me out of the washroom and took all my stuff and I was made to sit in a car which took me to Camerone's home. Next day Vivek filed for a divorce and presented those pictures that he had taken as an evidence against me. Cam wanted to stop him but didn't when Vivek blackmailed to give those pics to the press all over the world. The divorce took place and I did not try to defend myself because I was glad that I was atleast getting my freedom back. I stayed with Cam for one year and he transformed me from a weak defeated woman to a strong cold fighter.' Riddhima's voice got lower and her tears had stopped. He again placed her head on Armaan's chest. Her eyes were swollen and red and before he knew it Riddhima had fallen asleep with her arms around her waist and her body resting against his. Armaan rewinded her words in his mind and now he understood everything''''''her behaviour towards everyone when she had come back'''''how she had forgotten him as well''''.her lack of trust in people around her especially men''''..the cold and rude attitude but the confidence and the fighting spirit in her'''''..her scared reaction on the dance floor when she came to know that Armaan was drunk and today when she suddenly turned stiff. Armaan hated himself for not being there when she needed him the most and giving her a hard time when she came back and also for believing in those divorce allegations. He felt that he was no better then Vivek. Cursing himself and all the other men involved he too went to sleep placing his hand on Riddhima's back and hugging her protectively.

Do comments guys and I really hope the part doesn't cause any wrong reaction.

Prt 23-pg 58
Prt 24-pg 63
Prt 25-pg 69
Prt 26-pg 76
Prt 27-pg 82
Prt 28-pg 88
Prt 29-pg 92
Prt 30-pg 99
Prt 31-pg 105
Prt 32-pg 107

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hey its awsum...pzzzzzzzzzz pm me the nxt part..waitin eagerly!!!
love ur concept...but is she rilly that bad??i mean adultery???? LOL LOL
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hey,it sounds interestin.....plzzzz continue soon......wanna knw y all dis is happenin??? Cry Cry Cry
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amazin sweety
plzzzzzzzzzz continue soon
plz pm me the next part
luv swanz
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Ooooo.. Ridz playing games eh? can't wait for more!
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nice one please continue it
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hey guys m waiting for ur if u like or don't plsssssssssss do leave a comment Smile
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that ws awesome cont..

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