Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

30th august 2004

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Posted: 30 August 2004 at 1:39pm | IP Logged

Jassi is thinking that may be Armaan would be angry on somebody else and that's why he lost his temper on her. Then she thinks " Why should I be the one who is always his target ? I do all my work and even then he loses his temper on me. I never asked for the holiday". Jassi leaves with her head high up. Armaan goes back to Bebe and Amirt. They are laughing really hard. Bebe tells Armaan that Jassi scolds them that way too. Armaan asks somebody to lead them to the studio. Then he thinks to himself " Getting angry at me completes every thing. When to tomorrow she finds out that what I have planned for her she will feel guilty and then admit her love for me". Aryan brings Malika to the boardroom. Malika asks him that why is he acting so secret. Aryan says that Armaan is up to some mischief. Malika says " what now". Aryan tells her that he found that cheque on Armaan's table. Malika points out that to make such a big fashion show he must have loaned it with somebody. She also gets angry at him and tell him that she is very busy and doesn't have the time to listen to his complains against Armaan. As he is always putting Armaan down. Malika then leaves him. Jassi is walking on the street. She wonders that who will she celebrate her birthday with. That she has fought with Nandu and Purab is not her friend any longer. She doesn't expect Armaan to remember her birthday. She thinks optimistically that at least she remembers so she can celebrate it herself.

Maddy is telling Bebe and Amrit how to walk like models. He is being very nice to them and is showering them with compliments. Bebe and Amrit are glowing with happiness. Maddy gives them a five minutes break. Armaan walks in the studio. Maddy goes and asks him that where did he find these oldies and that it is just brilliant. Armaan smiles and say that it his plan. Then the gang and everybody start practicing. They make a total mess out of it. The gang starts fighting with each other as each one wants to be the center of attention. They keep falling at each other. Maddy starts making a face. He tells Armaan then sarcastically that whose plan was it. Raj calls him and asks him what's up. Armaan tells him that show is going to be a flop. Raj says that's not possible. Armaan tells him that he hasn't seen the gang doing the ramp. Raj say it doesn't matter if the show is a flop but what counts is Jassi 's happiness.

Billu is preparing the house for Jassi's surprise. He is telling the electrician that he must make the light in such a way that even the people from the plane should be able to see it. The electrician asks him whose is coming. Billu gets angry and say " Queen Victoria from England". Then he tells the cook to make such food that people's stomach gets full but they would still want to keep eating. The cook assures him that he will make mouth-watering food. Purab gets the call from that man. He asks him if he has found out who has bought the store. The man tells him the name. (we don't get to hear the name) Purab is stunned and say " what ???"

Its late in the night. Jassi is writing in her diary. She complains to her diary that nobody has even mentioned her birthday that they have forgotten and just went to sleep. Then she thinks that may be they are planning a surprise for her like last time. And would tell her happy birthday at 12 "o" clock in the night. She sets the alarm clock for she wants to be prepared this time. She sleeps happily. Downstairs everybody is working hard for Jassi's surprise birthday. Bebe and Amrit are practicing walking while billu is planning every thing. At 12 "o" clock Jassi is awoken by the alarm clock. She gets up happily and goes toward the door. She thinks to herself that she will scare billu when he comes in. She waits for a sec or two nobody comes. She opens the door and every thing is silent. Meanwhile Amrit and bebe are both in their beds and say "Happy birthday Jassi" in their heart. Jassi opens the door and see that there is nobody. She goes to the mirror and say " May be they don't remember my birthday but I do.". She puts her right hand forward and say " Happy birthday Jassi !".Then she puts her left hand forward and shakes her left hand with her right hand. She tells herself in the mirror " May happiness keep falling on you like flowers and so soon people would start calling you "phoolo ki rani. And may you get all your dreams. But never ever get upset". Even then her mind is not ready to except the fact that her family has forgotten her birthday. She goes and checks on everybody. She is very disappointed to find everybody sleeping. Billu then thinks to himself that some time parents need to such things. She goes to her room and softly starts singing " Happy Birthday to me".

The next morning Armaan walks in. He is looking very handsome in a white suit. Maddy sees him. Maddy was wearing some kind of bright skirt. I really have no idea what it was. If anybody does plz post it down that what he was wearing. Armaans stares at his clothes. Maddy tells him to promise him that he will never ever come up with such an idea again. Armaan promises. Maddy says " I love you Armaan" and again kisses him on both his cheeks. Maddy leaves looking dead-nervous. Armaan wonders where Jassi is. Some men are hanging up a board which say " Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin collection". Malika almost sees the board. Because she asks the man to open the curtains of the baord. But then are mobile rings and she gets busy with her conversation. It's a lady from Cosmo magazine who wants to interview Armaan and her.

Jassi is getting ready . She thinks to herself that nobody would have forgotten her birthday. When she sees Billu she says nothing. Because billu acts as if he didn't remember her birthday. He tells her that bebe and Amirt have gone to some community work or something. Jassi makes a face and goes to her room. Billu again say that when she eats the kachori she will forget every thing. When Jassi enters her room. The phone bell rings. She thinks its Armaan. But discover that it is a " wrong number". She again thinks to herself loudly that she remembers her birthday and so she will celebrate it in style. And that people don't remember birthdays………….. Nandu walks in and complete her sentence " of superstars like them". Nandu comes and hugs her and wishes her happy birthday. Jassi is delighted to see him. Nandu tell her that they should join the circus .Nandu asks her if she has forgiven him and if she hasn't he will do sit-ups for her. Jassi says that it is not necessary and that he can do the sit-ups for the circus. Both of them laugh. Nandu gives her blue monkey puppet. Jassi tells him that together they will celebrate her birthday in style.

Maddy is hanging up the board. The gang are squabbling again. Natalie makes fun of Bindiya eyes while Maria makes fun of Ruby's mom dyed hair. Then ruby mom make fun of everybody by saying that she got natural beauty and does not need useless make-up. The rest of the gang jumps on her for this.Maddy sees them fighting and tell Armaan that they are fighting like super-models and are not even talking with each other. He leaves. Malika comes in the hall to check on everything . Armaan stops her at the entrance of the main hall. Malika wants to know the big secret. Armaan convinces her that it is a lovely surprise and will make everybody happy ( forgot to mention that it won't make her very happy) Malika leaves smiling. Before she leaves she tells him about the Cosmo thing. Armaan thinks to himself " Kuch karo toa maro. Kuch na karo toa phir bhbe maro. Thoa mien karo thoa kya karo" He goes to Raj and tells him his worries. Raj convinces that it doesn't matter if the collection is a failure what matter is Jassi's happiness. Armaan points out that Jassi is not even there.

Nandu and Jassi are in the beauty parlor. Jassi is surrounded by people who are doing manicure and pedicure to her. Both of them are laughing at each other. Nandu also gets his hair washed. Nandu asks Jassi that what if they really change after everything done in the beauty parlor and then nobody will recognize them. Jassi say " People don't even recognize us now." Nandu then gets triple sundae for her. Raj calls come. Nandu thinks that there fun is spoilt. But Jassi actually cuts the mobile phone. Nandu is really happy.After she is finish she shows Nandu her clean nails. Nandu say that is now as clean as her heart. He tells her that if Pari and him ever have kid he hope tht they will be like Jassi.

The last surprise is that everybody in the beauty parlor presents her with a cake and sings happy birthday to her. Jassi really happy. She cuts the cake. She tells Nandu that they don't even know her. Nandu say that its her birthday. Jassi then tells him that she can't treat people the way they treated her. Nandu doesn't want her to go to Gulmohur.

In gulomhur Armaan wonders if Purab has also planned a party for jassi. The guest has started coming. Malika has seated herself. Aryan comes and asks her what her fiance's had planned for her. Malika admits that she doesn't know. Aryan say that maybe its something for her as love makes one do crazy thing. Malika is beaming. Maddy goes and tell Armaan that satya paul has come so they need to start showing his collection. Armaan tells him that Jassi hasn't come. Maddy helplessly tell him that he can't do any thing about it. The satya paul collection gets announced and the show gets started. Armaan is still waiting for jassi. Just at right moment when satya paul collections is shown enough Jassi come in dragging Nandu who doesn't want to come. Maddy sees her. He goes to the stage and say that this time his collection is dedicated to women who are working. Who don't have BMW cars and looks but they have sharp mind and a pure heart. He opens the curtain of the board which say " Jassi Jasi koi nahin collection". He tells everybody that it is dedicated to Jassi whose birthday is today. Jassi is surprised. Then they starts showing Maddy collection. First come bebe , then Amrit and then gang one by one. Every one of them sees Jassi and waves at her. Jassi is really happy. When every thing is finished everybody applauds for the show. Somebody from the audience stands our and say that the collection will be shown with satya pauls collection as well. Maddy is really happy. He tells the audience that the credit goes to Armaan as it was his idea. Malika is burning with jealousy. Armaan avoids looking at her. Jassi is upset that Armaan didn't give her credit. But then on stage Armaan announces that Jassi was behind it all. Every body claps for her. The reporters comes and interview Armaan. Somebody asks Jassi that how does she feel about the whole thing. Jassi say she is very happy. The reporters say that that it is the understatement of the year. Malika then comes in uninvited and say that inspiration is a weird thing. Like an Artist sees the mud but he paints a flower. A poet sees poverty but he writes same thing beautiful She tells the reporters that in Armaan case it's the same thing as he got the ability to find good in the most boring ordinary employees. She asks Armaan if its true. Armaan mutters some thing. Jassi's happiness is wiped away from her face thanks to Malika. In the studio the gang make up with each other.

In the home Billu scolds somebody because the person stood in his drawers which contain the office's information. When the person gets down every thing comes out of the drawer. So does Purab's letter. Billu is about to tear the letter away when he remembers what Nandu had told him " We don't know Purab side of story". Billu opens the envelope and read every thing. He is shocked.

deadly Senior Member

Joined: 24 May 2004
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Posted: 30 August 2004 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
Guys if I have missed any part do post it below as some people don't get to see the show. And I am really sorry that the update is not that detailed as i have forgotten some of the parts.
anjuman Senior Member

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Posted: 30 August 2004 at 1:44pm | IP Logged

Thanks deadlyBig smile

gupta Newbie

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Posted: 30 August 2004 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
 still a good job, deadly.thanks a lot
current IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 August 2004 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
Thanks deadly ..it was a great updateBig smile
Morgoth IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 August 2004 at 2:30pm | IP Logged

Thanks deadly, it was very detailed..

I haven't seen the episode yet, but from what you have described, it seems that the "skirt" Maddy was wearing is a kilt.

Ashwirya Shetty Senior Member
Ashwirya Shetty
Ashwirya Shetty

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Posted: 30 August 2004 at 2:30pm | IP Logged
Thanks, deadly.
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Posted: 30 August 2004 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update Deadly. I hope Billu does the right thing now and gives the letter to Jassi.

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