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Always and Forever...updated on pg 6 and pg 7 (Page 3)

starry_eyes29 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 July 2008 at 7:49pm | IP Logged
nice story=]

HPmaniac IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 August 2008 at 10:11am | IP Logged
@djdoll2004, gaurigarg1@ , starry_eyes29 thnx a lot!HugI hope you like the next chapter keep replying.....Tongue
lol...no I'm not frm Manipal....I've been there a few times though...and do reply once you finsih reading!Tongue
exactly why i dint tell you I had posted this here...
just coz ur my best friend does NOT mean you have to lie so much! ok maybe you do...coz thats what best friends are forTongue
HPmaniac IF-Dazzler

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'….and I'm sooo happy! I still can't believe it's actually happening! I…'

Zamia was getting very irritated. She and her friends were at the canteen. Her 5 friends had got lunch for themselves and the six of them were seated around a table. Zamia was looking around and searching for Zaara…or at least she was pretending to.


'I think I'll go and wait outside the canteen for Zaara.' Zamia said loudly. Nobody paid much attention to her since they were busy listening to Krupa.


When Zaara finally reached the canteen she saw Zamia looking grumpy and deep in thought.


'Hey…what's wrong?'


'Oh…you're here. Finally! What kept you? And why are you alone?'


'There was a huge crowd! And I made new friends but most of them have brought lunch from home.'




'What's wrong with you?'


'I'll tell you later. Let's have lunch first. And be quick alright? I want to get out of here as fast as I can'




Zaara and Zamia got lunch for themselves and then joined Zamia's friends.

All of them had met Zaara before. They asked her about the lecturers, her classmates and things like that. Zamia was quiet and surprisingly she finished lunch before most of them. Usually she would be the last one.


'Zaara let's go?'


'Hey where are you guys going?' Krupa asked.


'Umm…we have to…call someone.' Zamia said not looking at her.


After sometime the two were seated under a tree.


'Ab bol.'


'Kya bolun?'


'Kya hua?'


Zamia was silent for some time and then she suddenly started singing.


'Dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gaye ….Hum wafa karke bhi
tanha reh gaye…. Dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gaye ….'


'Zamia! Please! Don't sing!'


'What should I do then?? That Krupa….'


'What did Krupa do?'


'Holidays mein…she went to a party….'


'And why should that bother you?


Zamia glared at her and Zamia kept a finger on her lips indicating that she wouldn't open her mouth again.


'She met him there…turns out he's some family friend of theirs…and now they are the best of friends.'


Zamia looked at Zaara and she stared back blankly.


'You can speak now.'


'Thank you. And whom are you talking about'


'Who do you think I'm talking about? Tanay!'


'Oooooohhhh……Oh my God!! You're lying! This cant be happening. I mean this is tragedy! I mean you've almost driven me crazy talking about him every opportunity you get. And now if he's taken by Krupa you'll go back to talking about that Prem guy…'


'Oye! Stop exaggerating. And what's wrong with my Prem?'


'Nothing… except for the fact that he's a stupid actor and plays a stupid character in an Ekta Kapoor-serial and spends half his time crying.'


'Zaara! Anyways back to the topic…Krupa obviously likes him and I'm a good friend… so time to say goodbye to Tanay.' She wiped invisible tears and sniffed dramatically.


Zaara was laughing when suddenly Zamia asked


'Hey! What about you? I mean how was your first day at college?'


Zaara stopped laughing immediately.


'Oh wait till you here.'


She told her everything from bumping into Professor Bhatia to meeting Sahil and then what happened in the hall.


'…and you actually thought I would like him? You are such a great friend!'


Zamia was laughing but she stopped immediately when Zaara glared at her.


'I'm sorry. You wait till I find him. He's going to be dead! Or better I'll tell his mum. She'll bury him alive! He should learn how to…' she stopped talking and stared ahead.




'See that guy in blue shirt? That's him'


'Who? Oh wait…That's Tanay?????'


Zamia nodded and looked at her waiting for Zaara's reaction.


'Zamia…I wish I was in Krupa's place. '


Zamia smiled.


'Me too.'


'But I'm glad I'm not in Krupa's place.' Zaara said slowly.




'Because I don't ever want to do anything that'll hurt you'


Zamia smiled at her.


'I know you won't.'


Zaara smiled and said 'Coz if I ever hurt you…you'll start singing that stupid song…and I can't tolerate that!'


Zaara acted like she was really hurt and started singing


'Dushman na kare dost ne woh kaam kiya hai
Umar bhar ka gam humen inaam diya hai…'


'Nahiiiiiin' Zaara said covering her ears and they both started laughing as people turned to look at them.


The rest of the classes got over and soon it was time to go back home. Zamia wanted to meet Sahil but it was raining and they wouldn't be able to get an auto if they were late.


'We could call someone to pick us up.' Said Zaara


'Arre baarish mein auto mein jaane ka maza hi alag hota hai'


'Hmm….I feel like having Pani Puri!'


'Tell you what… bags ghar mein chod kar lets go to have pani puri.'


Both stayed in the top floor- 8th floor. Zaara told her mother where they were going and after a lot of persuading she agreed.

Zamia on the other hand told her mother she was in Zaara's house.


And sharing an umbrella the two went to have pani puri. There was no real need of the umbrella since the two were fully wet anyways. Exactly what they wanted.


After Pani Puri they returned to their apartment and went up to the terrace. After shouting, singing, jumping and running around like little children the two decided to return back to their houses.


Zamia was wondering how she would get into the house and what her mother would do if she saw her like this. She opened the door to her flat and prayed she wouldn't be caught...but all thoughts of getting caught were left behind when she saw the person sitting on the sofa reading some book.

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djdoll2004 Groupbie

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Posted: 04 August 2008 at 4:33pm | IP Logged
omg this story is amazing i love it ,  everyone can relate with  and like prem toooooo lolz and the timing of the story is gud u...... love the story and thank u ssoooooooooooo much for, can,t wait fto read moreClapClapThumbs Up
HPmaniac IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 August 2008 at 10:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by djdoll2004

omg this story is amazing i love it ,  everyone can relate with  and like prem toooooo lolz and the timing of the story is gud u...... love the story and thank u ssoooooooooooo much for, can,t wait fto read moreClapClapThumbs Up
thnx!Smile who doesn't like premWink
thank you soo much for replying....
since ur the only one who replies everytime I updt...the next chapter is dedicated to you...lolTongueWinkSmile
HPmaniac IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 August 2008 at 10:44am | IP Logged

'Ada? Tu?'


'Hey. Finally! Kab se wait kar rahi hoon!'


'Who main paani puri…'


'ZAMIA! 'Tune kaha that tu Zaara ke ghar jaa rahi hai aur paani puri khaane chali gayi? Main tujhe bulaane wahan gayi thi toh pata chala dono baahar gaye ho. Dono baarish mein bheege honge! Ab bhukaar hoga to…'


'Uffo ammi! Aapko bata kar hi gayi thi…Aap bhool gayi hongi….Assalamalaikum uncle, aunty. Umm…main abhi change karke aati hoon'



She changed into some dry clothes and returned to the living room.


'Uncle, maine socha aap log aaj Bangalore jaa rahe ho?'


'Arre tu hi toh kal bol rahi thi, "mat jaao,kuch din rukh jaao" isiliye yahan chale aaye. Nahin aana tha kya?' Hana replied.


'Main toh bas aise hi pooch rahi thi! Chal andar chalte hain'


The two went to her bedroom.


'Wow, nice room…yeh teddy tere paas ab bhi hai?' Ada said picking up a teddy bear from Zamia's collection of soft toys.


'Haan…yaad hai Ayan aur tune saath mein gift kiya tha mere 7th b'day par!'


'Hmmm…' she said unenthusiastically.


She placed the teddy bear back where she had taken it from and continued looking around the room.


'Ada? I had to ask you something…'


Ada sighed. 'Ayan ke baare mein na? I know…tujhe ajeeb lag raha hoga. But believe me it's a good thing we broke up. Aur waise bhi we're still friends. Infact hum kal tak yahin ruk rahe hain so that we can attend Ayan's housewarming party.'


'Oh' Zamia hadn't known that they had already shifted to their new house.


'Chal tell me something about Neil.'


'Neil…well, hum jab Bangalore gaye the, ghar dekhne, tab usse mili thi. He's our neighbor. And we're in the same college too. He's wonderful! He's…'


And she went on and on and on.


'Oooohhh…looks like someone's in looove!'


Ada blushed.


'Alright this is serious. You're actually in love? In love?'


'Nah. Can't be love. He's just sooo cute. And so…'


And she went on and on and on.



7:30 PM The supermarket


Zamia and her father had been waiting at the queue for the last 20 minutes. Zamia's parents had suddenly decided that they should have a family reunion party since everyone was free and they wouldn't get such an opportunity again. So now all of her uncles, aunts, cousins and little nieces and nephews were at her house. The ladies had decided that they would all cook together and though Zamia had wanted to be with her cousins she was now stuck at the supermarket.


Zamia, who had been getting impatient waiting in the queue at the counter, had taken out her iPod from her pocket and switched it on.


Is Pal mein hoon… ya tum bhi ho
Ya dono hoke bhi na hain
Kyun ho kya ho
Ho bhi ki na ho
Ya kehna sunna mana hain


Is Pal mein hoon ya tum bhi ho
Ya dono hoke bhi na hain
Kyun ho kya ho
Ho bhi ki na ho
Ya kehna sunna mana hain


 Finally after the money was paid and everything was packed 2 of the assistant's picked up all the plastics and were led by Zamia's father to their car. Zamia noticed that one of the plastic bag containing soft drinks was left behind and picking it up she exited the market.


Tumhein dekhke yaad aai
wohi bishri kahani
Deewane ka kissa
Ya phir ek deewani

Dono sang sang rehte har dum
Esha yeh mene suna hai


She was walking back to the car parked in the basement slowly, lost in the song. Suddenly someone tapped on her shoulder. Zamia was startled and she whirled around.


Am I dreaming?


Has to be a dream.

Not real for sure


Zamia kept staring at the person standing in front of her. His hazel eyes, his smile…it was enough to convince any girl that this was a beautiful dream.


Is he saying something? Yes he is. But I can't hear a word. I can only hear…music…



Is Pal mein hoon… ya tum bhi ho…
Ya dono hoke bhi na hain
Kyun ho kya ho
Ho bhi ki na ho
Ya kehna sunna mana hain…


Fortunately some part of her brain which was still sane enough reminded her that she could hear only music because she had her iPod on. She removed the headphones immediately.


'I'm extremely sorry. I forgot…ummm…I was just…'


'It's all right. It's just that… you've taken my plastic by mistake.' He was pointing at the plastic bag in her hand.


'Huh? Oh I'm so sorry! I dint realize. Here'

She handed it to him.


He looked at her strangely.



'How can you trust someone like that? What if I was lying?'


'Umm…are you?' Zamia asked.


'No' he replied.






'Zamia! Jaldi aaja. Late ho raha hai.'


'Gotta go. Sorry again.' And she hurried off to her father's car.


Yeh mujhe kya ho gaya tha!


She sat down and again placed the headphones in her ears. Another one of her favorite song had started…


Aisi chale jab hawa
Ishq hua hi hua…


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djdoll2004 Groupbie

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Posted: 18 September 2008 at 9:20pm | IP Logged

thanks so much i feel really special that u r doing this for me thank sooooooo much Big smile

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HPmaniac IF-Dazzler

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'Zamia darwaza khol!'

'Mera hi naam yaad rehta hai… "Zamia, supermarket jaa" "Zamia darwaza khol" "Zamia yeh, Zamia who…"…' and she opened the door.

'Chachu! Ab aa rahe ho. Hum sab aapka kab se intezaar kar rahe the!' She said to her uncle and aunt. She tried to close the door but someone was trying to come in from the other side.

'Oh I'm so sorry! I dint…YOU?'

'Hey. You've forgotten that your chacha has a son too?'

'Idiot…you just wait…CHACHI!'

She went to the kitchen and Sahil followed her wondering what he had done to make her angry.

'Chachi, yeh Sahil hai na...he blamed my friend of robbing his stuff…she had found his stuff in the canteen and was taking it to the office…..woh bhi isiliye because someone at the canteen asked her to…'

'Oh hello, main wahin canteen ke bahar ma se phone pe baath kar raha tha…aise hi koi kisika saamaan utha ke le jaata hai kya?'


'Sahil chup! Bichaari tumhaari help karne ki koshish kar rahi thi aur tum….first thing tomorrow apologize to her. Understood?'


'…but main…all right.'

 He glared at Zamia.


'What? You shouldn't have blamed her.'


'Fine! I'm sorry.'


'Mujhe kyun bol rahe ho? Apologize to her.'


'Woh bhi kar doonga…Adi kahan hai?....'

'Sab room mein hain…chalo….'


Zamia had a great time with her cousins and it was late when she went to bed. But just before she fell asleep she remembered the incident at the supermarket and wondered who he was…


1:07 PM- College


Zaara was sitting outside on a bench and waiting for Zamia who had left her to buy a coke for herself. She was about to take a bite of her sandwich when…




She looked up. It was Sahil.


'Hi' she went back to her lunch.


'Ummm…I…' Zaara dint pay any attention.


'Are you busy?' Sahil asked.


'Yes. I'm very busy with my sandwich right now.'


'What's your problem?' he asked.


'There are many and your one of them. But right now I want to spend some quality time with my sandwich and you aren't allowing me to.'


'Fine.' He turned and was about to leave.


'Hey, you aren't irritated or anything right?'


'Yes I am.' He said wondering why she was asking him.


'Good. Mission accomplished.'


He turned around, frustrated, and was about to leave but Zamia was already back.


'Did you apologize to her?'


'She dint give me a chance to.'


'What do you mean? Don't give me excuses. Apologize NOW!'


'Why the hell should I do what you tell me to.' he snapped.


'Because I'm your sister. I'm elder to you. I'm your senior. I can make your life miserable. And by the way, if you don't remember, your mother asked you to apologize. If I tell her…'


'Fine!' he walked up to Zaara.


'Look Zaara, I know I was rude to you yesterday and I'm sorry. Please please please forgive me or my dearest sister (he glared at Zamia) is going to drive me mad.'


Zaara raised an eyebrow and looked at Zamia then back at Sahil.


'It's ok.'


He was surprised. He dint expect her to forgive him especially since he had said that he was only apologizing because Zamia had made him do so.


'Thanks' and he walked away.


'You forgave him? Just like that?'


'Well, he apologized.'


Zamia shook her head. Zaara was always like this. She could find something good in every person and was always ready to forgive. When she had heard Zaara talking about Sahil she had seen a difference. But Zaara was back to her normal self.


'Zamia, stop dreaming about that guy and have your lunch.'


'What? What guy?'


'The one you met yesterday at the supermarket.' Zamia had told her about the guy.


'I wasn't thinking about him' she replied making a face at her.


'What were you thinking about then?'


'Nothing. Do you think I'll ever meet him again?'


'No idea, maybe you will.'


Only time would tell….


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