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Always and Forever...updated on pg 6 and pg 7

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'Umm?Zaara? What?'


'Why? Zamia, why! Why did I have to get a good percentage? Why did I have to pass the entrance test? Why do I have to go to College?? That too that college!'

 Zaara had finished her 10th grade and after answering an entrance test she had got admission in the best pre-university college in the city. Zamia, though she was the same age as Zaara, was in her 2nd year in the same college.

Zaara and Zamia were in Zamia's room. Zamia was lying on the bed, hugging her teddy bear and Zaara was sitting on the floor, leaning against the bed. Like always Zaara had switched off the lights when she had entered Zamia's room. 'I like it this way' she always said.

 They had been silent for the past 15 minutes when Zaara started complaining, for what seemed like the 1000th time to Zamia, about going to college.


'Zaara, it isn't that bad. The lecturers are good. And it's not like you're going to be alone there? like I was last year. I'll be there for you.'


'But you're my senior!!! And why did you join school one year early anyways??? You are just one month older to me!'


'I'm one-month-one-day older than you.'


Zaara rolled her eyes. 'Whatever. That college is filled with nerds!!!! What will I do there??? I won't know anyone in my own class!'


'You'll make new friends Zaara, stop worrying!'


This was how the conversation always ended. But then Zamia remembered something that made her sit bolt right up on her bed and switch on the lights.

Zaara asked 'What happened?' And then she shouted 'Zamia switch off the light!' as she tried to shield her eyes from the light.


Zamia said 'Zaara shut up and listen to me, will you?' and when Zaara finally stopped shouting she went on excitedly 'I've been dying to tell you ever since I found out?I don't know how I could forget!!! Zaara you're not going to be alone in your class, there'll be someone whom you will know?'


'I knew it! You failed right?' Zaara interrupted.


'Ha ha ha, very funny. Now don't interrupt me. My father's cousin has a son. I forgot his name. But anyways, Abba said that he'll be joining our college too! And he's taking the same subjects as you. I don't exactly know him but they'll be coming to Sana didi's engagement so I'll meet him there. Ammi told me that he's 1 day younger to me and when I was about 3 he and I used to be best friends, we even had our birthday party together, but then they moved to some other place? Isn't that great?'


'Yeah, great! Your bachpan ka dost, whom I've never met, is going to be my classmate. Wow! I couldn't ask for anything more'


'Oh Zaara, stop being so cranky! At least you'll know someone from your class now. And by the way, haven't you been telling me for like forever to ask my parents if I have a really cute brother, hidden somewhere in Switzerland for some reason, so that you could marry him? Well, I know he's my cousin, but he's still my brother! And he's not from Switzerland but Shimla is just as good. Maybe he's exactly like my non-existent brother you keep dreaming abo?Ouch! Zaara!'


Zaara had hit her with a pillow hard on the head. What happened next was that they had a pillow fight and at the end both were lying down on the floor hugging their pillows and laughing.

Sometime later Zaara asked seriously 'You'll be there for me right? When I need you. Because that's the only thought that keeps me going.'

Zamia smiled 'Always and forever'

There was a knock on the door.

'Zamia? Adi is awake; he wants to play with his maashi.' Mahi was waiting outside Zamia's room with her son.

 Zamia ran to the door.

'My favorite nephew!' she said taking him in her arms and tickling him lightly which made him laugh.

'You have only one nephew' Mahi said.

'So what didi? That doesn't stop him from being my favorite!'


Mahi smiled and went inside to her room while Zaara after giving Adi a kiss on his cheek opened the fridge and took out a bottle of water.


'Arre! Look at the time. Mera serial shuru ho gaya! Today Adi and his maasi will watch TV!  Adi, want to see your mausaji?...'


Zaara spit out half of the water she had been drinking and started choking. She gave Zamia an exasperated look and started lecturing her 'Bacche ko toh baksh do! Seriously Zamia, you're not actually going to get married to him, you know that right? He doesn't even know you exist! What will you do when he gets married?'


Zamia switched on the TV 'Kisi aur ko dhoond loongi, aur kya? Anyways have you seen that guy from that new serial in ??'


'Tera kuch nahin ho sakta' Zaara said shaking her head and laughing.


'Hum toh bhai jaise hain waise rahenge?.' Zamia started singing and dancing around with Adi who was giggling. Zaara ran inside to Zamia's room. She took the camera kept on the table and came back to the living room, still laughing, and started recording as Zamia continued dancing.


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it is so gud i can,t wait to know what will happen next Clap Clap Clap
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Smile thnx.........a lot!
I'm updating now!
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Valley View Hotel Manipal 7:30 PM


'…don't shout, don't run around like a kid, behave yourself and…are you even listening to me?'


'Yes Ma' replied Zamia who dint need to listen to her mother to know what she was on about. She had heard these lectures enough times to have it by hearted by now.

Zamia, her parents, sister and Adi had just entered the Engagement Hall. They were greeted at the door by Sana's elder brother and then her parents went on to talk to Sana's parents. Mahi and Zamia with Adi in her arms went towards the center of the Hall where Sana was surrounded by her other cousins.

'Sana!!!!! You look gorgeous!' Mahi said and hugged her. Sana looked a bit nervous.




'Absolutely, Iisliye toh Jeeju can't take his eyes off you, dekho wahan se aapko dekh rahe hain' Zamia said pointing towards her hone-waale jeeju.


Just then Sana's parents announced that they would start the ring-exchanging ceremony now. Zamia got busy clicking snaps and talking to her cousins. She loved taking pictures of everyone. She was about to take a picture of her parents who were talking to some relatives when suddenly someone came and stood in front of the camera. Zamia looked up from the screen, annoyed, but when she saw the person standing in front of her, her face broke into a smile.


It was Ada-her cousin. Cool, Confident and beautiful Ada.


'Ada! When did you come from Bangalore? You look stunning! Where are uncle and aunty?... you've got your results right? Congrats! I heard you've got a seat in an engineering coll… '


'Zamia stop! You haven't changed at all!!! Now, come with me, I have so many things to tell you! Arre photo baad mein le lena. Come!'


'Lagta hai sabne khaana shuru kar diya hai…hum bhi chale?'


The dinner was being served on the lawn outside where small round tables with 4 chairs each were placed. Ada and Zamia, with their plates filled, sat down and Ada immediately started talking about her new house in Bangalore, her new friends and then, about her new boy friend.


Zamia was so shocked that she just kept staring at Ada with her mouth hanging half-open. Ada laughed on the look on Zamia's face.


'But...but...Ayan? I mean…what about…Ayan?'


Ada looked a bit uncomfortable. 'Well, Ayan's history now. Now, it's just me and Neil… Zamia, why do you have to eat so slowly? I'm going to get some ice cream for both of us, Ok?'


Zamia nodded mutely not really listening. She was thinking about Ada and Ayan.

Ada and Ayan's dads had been good friends from the time they were in college. They had both got jobs in Mumbai and spent the past 16 years there. Ada and Ayan had been inseparable.

Zamia remembered only too well that night when Ada had called up telling Zamia, very excitedly, about how Ayan had asked her out. It was a year back. Zamia had been happy for Ada. She had always thought they made a cute couple.


'Well, Ayan's history now. Now, it's just me and Neil…'


Zamia couldn't believe Ada. The way she said it…as if she dint care at all!


Two weeks back Ada's parents had shifted to Bangalore and Ayan's parents would be shifting to Manipal, where Zamia stayed. Zamia had been very surprised to know that they would be staying in different cities.


'Maybe, since they are staying in different cities now, they decided to breakup…' Zamia thought not believing a word of it. Something must have happened. A fight…they might have had a fight. But all those years of friendship…dint that matter to Ada anymore? Or maybe they're still friends.


'Why dint I know about any of this?'


Zamia was feeling guilty.

Ayan-he must have been the first friend she ever had. Shy and quiet, she had been sitting with her mother in a party  in Ada's house and getting bored when Ayan came up to her and asked if she wanted to play with him and Ada. Ada dint care for anyone else as long as she had Ayan to play with. But once they had started playing Ada and Zamia and become very good friends. Zamia was 4 years old then. In the last few years Zamia and Ada had just talked on the phone a few times and met in some parties. Zamia hadn't tried much to keep in touch with her. And Ayan…she couldn't even remember when she had met him the last time.


'Hmmm…Zamia, aaj idhar hi rukhne ka iraada hai kya? Why aren't you eating' Zamia hadn't noticed when Mahi had come and sat across from her. Zamia's plate was still half-full.


'Di, actually I'm full. Ada's gone to get ice-cream. Where is Adi?' Just then she saw Ada talking on her mobile with a big smile on her face.


'Adi is with Ammi. And why are you looking depressed? Did anyone tell anything to you?'


'No didi, nothing like that…' she smiled and continued 'It's just that they are no cute guys around here.'

'Oh, no cute guys huh? Abhi tere liye bhi koi accha ladka dhoondke teri bhi shaadi karwa de?'


'Chiiii didi, I was joking….'


Mahi suddenly remembered something and said, 'Zami, did you meet Sahil? He's going to join your college this year. See, he's talking to Dad.'


Zamia turned around and saw an extremely good-looking guy talking to her father.


Lucky Zaara


'O...K. So he is Sahil.  Interesting' Zamia said with an amused smile on her lip. She couldn't wait for Zaara to meet him.


'I met him earlier. He's a good guy. And very smart too. Chachi was telling that they should have made him join school a year earlier, like you. He would be your classmate then.'  Mahi said.


'Is he taking Science?' Zamia asked quickly. Zamia had taken up science but Zaara had chosen arts. She wanted to become an interior decorator.


'Oh, I forgot about that. No, he's taking Commerce. I guess he wants to become a chartered accountant.'


'Oh…' Zamia was disappointed.


'What happened?'




Mahi looked at her curiously but Zamia just smiled.


'Dad's calling us. Let's go…' They got up and started heading towards where their parents were standing with Sahil and his parents. She enjoyed talking to him and thinking how perfect he was for Zaara. After sometime Zamia saw Ada still talking on her mobile and her earlier thoughts returned to her. Well, it wasn't like she could do anything. It wasn't even really related to her.


'I don't have to worry about all this' she thought.


How wrong she was…


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thank u so much for updating , the story is so gud and very interesting great job Clap Big smile can,t wait for her to actually start college...............
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Thank you so much for replying........will try to update sooner next time!Tongue

'Ok. So I'm either going to wear blue or white. Now which one looks better?' Zaara asked her sister. She couldn't decide what to wear the next day-her first day in college.
'Actually, I think the pink one is better.' Riya replied.

'PINK??? Why? But you said the blue salwar is better. Riya…'

Riya was laughing. 'Zaara wear whatever you like! Stop panicking!'


'Fine. Ask Mummy. Or Zamia.' And she went away to watch TV.

'Ma! What should I wear??? I have nothing to wear! I'm going to look lousy tomorrow. They'll all hate me and…'

'Zaara wear the white one.' Her mother interrupted.

'White? Ok. But I think I look a bit fat in white.'

'No you don't hun. It looks good on you. You should definitely wear that one. By the way, what time will you be back?'

'I love you Ma! And I'm not sure about the timings…'

'Ask Zamia now'

'She's gone to her cousin's engagement party but I think she said we'll be there till 4.'


'Ummm…Ma? Could I use the computer? Just for some time? Pleeeease?'


'I won't stay long! Promise' she gave her mother her best puppy dog look.

'Ok, but not for long. You don't want to be late for your first day at college'

'I love you ma!'

Zaara switched on the computer and went online.
Salika was online.

sal_mell: hey
zaara khan: hiiiiii?
sal_mell: so…
zaara khan: so what?
sal_mell: you must be really happy
zaara khan: you mean abt going to college? yeah well…at least I have zaima
sal_mell: stop pretending…you know what I mean
zaara khan: actually I don't :p
sal_mell: you dint know that Brian is going to the same college?
zaara khan: haha very funny
sal_mell: I'm not joking

sal_mell: you der?
sal_mell: BUZZ!!!

zaara khan is now offline.

'Ma. I'm not going there.'

'What's wrong with you now?'

'I'M NOT GOING THERE! Please, please I don't want to go there!'

'What's wrong love?'

'He…ma…he…I don't want to go there. That's all'

Her mother sighed. 'Zaara I don't know what's wrong with you. But I'm sure you'll be all right… Now go and sleep.'

She had been ready to go. She was actually looking forward to it. And now… She wouldn't go. She WOULD NOT go. They couldn't force her. And if they tried to…
They wouldn't know what hit them!

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Hey Zuman! Lovely story I must say!! LOL... Zara is so paranoid about going to college LOL Can't wait to read more..
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June 1st:


'Zamia?Zamia, wake up. It's 7?'

'It's just 7??? I have to leave at 8:30?wake me an hour later'

'ZAMIA! You had told me to wake you up at 7?you told me you have to meet Zaara remember?'

'Oh, Yeah' Zamia got up rubbing her eyes. It had been late when they came back from the engagement party. She brushed her teeth and then went to Zaara's house.


Zaara's bedroom:

'Zaara wake up.'

'Ma, I'm not feeling well.' Zaara said trying to make her voice sound weak.


Her mother sighed. She, of course, knew nothing was wrong with Zaara. Just then Zamia entered the room, looking very sleepy.


'Zaara, see Zamia is here. I'll be back in 2 minutes. I have to wake up

Riya too.'


'Zamia, I'm not going'

'Not again!'

'No you don't understand. He's going to be there. Please I can't go'

'Eh? Who he? Ok, so you're not going? Good. I'm not going either.'

And Zamia got into the bed and pulled the blanket. She fell asleep and Zaara sighed.


When Zaara's mother came in she burst out laughing. Zamia was sleeping and Zaara was looking grumpy. Zaara looked at her mother and frowned.


'Zaara wake her up. And get ready. No excuses'


Zaara sighed and tried to wake Zamia.

Zamia mumbled something. Zaara knew she wouldn't get up that easily. She got water from the bathroom and sprinkled it on Zamia.


'Oye! What are you doing? Let me sleep'

'Zamia! Brian is going to the same college'


'So? What should I?..WHAT?'


Now she was wide awake staring at Zaara.


'Salika told me yesterday.'


'Maybe she's joking?'

'I don't know'

'It's ok Zaara. He must've taken Science!'

'It doesn't matter. I'm not going.'

'Oh Zaara, you can't not go just because of that freak. Why are you scared about going to college?'

'You were the one who wanted to run away from home last year because you did not want to go to college!'

'You know very well that was a joke.'

'Yes but I'm feeling the same way as you were, plus now I know that Brian is also going'

'But Zaara it is going to much better for you'

'And how's that happening?'

'Three reasons: 1-If you are confused or if you don't understand anything, you'll have me. No problem there.


'2- if Brian ever irritates you then that'll be his last day in the college. Our Principal is very strict about stuff like that. All the lecturers are too.'

'I hope they throw him out on the first day itself. I know I shouldn't be saying that. But you know I hate him! I just hope he's not in the same batch!'

'He will not be. My sixth sense is saying so.'

'3- I saw Sahil yesterday. He's cute, smart and he has read most of the books which you like!!!!  And he's a Harry Potter fan too!!!!'


'So you've got a new friend for yourself. Not that you don't have enough friends already. But now you can be assured of having at least two friends in the college.'


Zaara smiled. Talking to Zamia always helped.


'Now can I go back to sleep?'

'Zamia! It's 7:35. Go get ready.'


Zamia went away grumbling.

 Zaara was at Zamia's house at 8:25. Zamia had slept till 8:05 and woken up finally when Mahi and Adi had started pulling her hair. Now she was eating her breakfast as her mother combed her hair.


Zaara's driver dropped them to the college.

The college had 2 buildings-One for the Science students and the other for Commerce and Arts. They checked the notice board.

All the first year students had to go to the main hall. They checked to see if Brian's name was on the list and both were relieved when they found his name on the list of students who had taken Commerce.  At least he wasn't her classmate.


 Zamia led Zaara to the college hall telling Zaara how she had been searching for the hall for 15 minutes on the wrong floor last year.


'All the best. And don't worry. You'll be absolutely fine. Bye'

'Thanks. Bye.'


Zaara watched Zamia go. Then taking a deep breath she turned to take her first step into the classroom ?and bumped right into someone.

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