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adonis Goldie

Joined: 07 March 2007
Posts: 1478

Posted: 07 June 2008 at 11:58pm | IP Logged

Hello Everybody,



I don't take any initiative of opening any posts on IF until and unless that person is special in my life or I feel like making a MINT CHUTNEY of the person just for the sheer fun of it.Wink



In this case, it is definately the former and I respect this person from the CORE of my HEART. He is a great guy, a simply amazing guy, who cheers you up when you are sad and is always there to lend a helping hand. Thumbs Up He is one person on Dev Team  with the MOST AFFABLE PERSONALITY and I am sure everybody will agree to me. He is the only people's person and is as COOL as CUCUMBER Clapon the DEV TEAM and we all know that. Big smile 



He is more of a giving person and does not ask anything from anybody. (Except from a few members like  me and VIP persons to stop making potshot remarks at sadela members and stars. But we all know the saying, OLD HABITS DIE HARD is made for members like us. Kya kare Wink)



Anyways coming back to this post, this person  is a real fun loving person (what little I have seen of him in one year on IF), he loves music (not my kind definitely LOLCry). He is a great fan of Rajeev Khandelwal and Amna Sheriff (Idhar bhi mera naam ha ha LOL). And the best quality I admire in him, is he a very well educated guy from the elite university.Clap Extremely proud to be associated with him. ApproveWe both love debates and we have one every other week thro PM service.Tongue Our views differ in a lot of ways, yet we have a great healthy discussions be it a single line or a single paragraph. At times I use him as a punching bag to vent out my frustrations and he simply laughs away and after that I feel extremely sheepish about the entire thing. CryCry



He has amazing patience in convincing me to certain points and me being an adamant person  succumbs to it.Disapprove OH, BTW, did I forget to mention, he has a crazy sense of humor and that is one important thing which has clicked between us.Wink And one more thing, he has a lot on his plate, inspite of that he makes it a point to always answer PMs or include Moderators Box on unwanted posts like MINE. Clap ClapHe is one person who has a "Mind like a Steel Trap" and very few members are like that on IF.  I applaud that quality in him. Clap



You guys and gals must be really wondering who Im talking about. It is none other than our very own loving, the most admired, the charishmatic  "THAKUR SAAB" aka "BHASKAR T".Thumbs Up I just want to dedicate this post to him and make him feel 'EXTRA SPECIAL". He has a lot of awesome positive qualities in him which I cant list all of them here, it will run into pages you see. Wink



Anytime you need a good friend or a listener, I am always there for you Thakur Saab. I am not as bad as girls on IF have painted meCry, I have got a pretty good head on my shoulders, trust me. WinkEmbarrassed



Last but not the least,  YOU ARE OUR VERY OWN UDHI BABA Hugand thanks for opening the OTHER FORUMS for all of us and being the GM of this forums, so we goondas and goondis could have a MAST TIME in and out be it bashing, making fun of or eating sogged PANI PURIS. LOLLOLI hope you get what I am trying to get here. Wink



PS : This post is not me maskafying him at all. I don't get anything out of it, frankly speaking.  I just wanted to put my thoughts on this forum and share with you all what a great guy he is. And the last few personal PMs I shared with him, I just wanted him to know everything will be allright in life , time is a good healer and I will be a good kid where he is concerned.  WinkEmbarrassed



Thanks for always being there for us and we love you from the bottom of our heart. As I part I would like to play few songs for you, my all time favorites and make you feel extra especial. Big smileWink



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JR0NZqu6igg&feature=relat ed  --- Bill Withers Lean on Me



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTQfERb9HVk&feature=relat ed  --- Lee Ann Womack --- I hope you dance



And a few funky songs just for you, so shake your booty and dance away Dancing



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FW-6A6ahISs  --- Ricky Martin Livin La Vida LocaWink



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHrWnfDdjuo&feature=relat ed  ---  Dangerous – Akon

(Beware of all girls esp on Other Forums on IF Thakur Saab. All are dangerous Wink)



http://youtube.com/watch?v=ta45_LFIQp0&feature=related --- I love the way Gabriel Antonio (Sing with your special gal Wink)



God Bless you Thakur Saab now and always. YOU SIMPLY ROCK ClapClap

Sheriff Bhai Hug



So members what are you waiting for, jump in and make Thakur Saab feel a very special person.Thumbs UpTongue



Various ways to make him feel special and loved. Wink


1. Your write ups all about him

2. Poems appreciating him

3. Siggies and VMs

4. Play songs for him

5. Roast him to the hilt

6. Share jokes or instances where he was a part.

7. Or any other meansWink



PS : Thakur Saab, no warnings for this post, I know you are really tired of giving me warnings to a SPOILT BRAT like ME. Cry

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sudhirm_2007 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 30 April 2007
Posts: 5860

Posted: 08 June 2008 at 12:10am | IP Logged

Great post adonis.. I respect Bhaskar bhai a lot ..He is our  friend, philosopher guide .. Bhaskar Bhai you ROCK.. And your Fav hero Rocks also.He did wonderful wonderful job In his First movie ''Amir'' .. Clap This is for you...................................

http://ww.smashits.com/music/oldies/play/songs/584/JUNGLEE/1 0216/Ehsaan-Tera-Hoga-Male.html

Edited by sudhirm_2007 - 08 June 2008 at 4:32am
maurader4evr Goldie

Joined: 27 September 2006
Posts: 1288

Posted: 08 June 2008 at 12:14am | IP Logged
Amazinnnggg post Sheriff! You're really good at this u know?Big smile

anyways wow coool! I pm'd him earlier to tell him he was doing an Ah-Mazing job on the forums and now you made this post? Lots of Love for Bhaskarr bhaiya todayEmbarrassed

Kay Bhai, honestly out of the many many many mods that I have had the pleasure of talking and arguing with, you are definetely my FAV!Big smile

Your way of understanding (and making others understand), your open mind, sincerity, sweetness, and humor helps you reach through internet mazes and straight into everyone's heart.And I admire the way you are soo awesome and cope with everything despite the many hurdles in life.This is no attempt to butter you up by the way, I don't give fake tareefs...and well even if I do, they don't turn out so good..loll.promise!WinkEmbarrassed

Bottom line is...YOU ROCK! (and yes I am yelling that) !!!!!Big smile

(1) tell us something about yourself that we possibly don't know...Tongue
(2) at least 5 negative/positive characteristics about sheriff,myself,Jen,Jake,Anku,andd um whoever you want to includeBig smile
(3) whats your biggest pet peeve
(4) describe your perfect girlEmbarrassed
(5) one very embarrassing moment in your lifeLOL

one of my favs no matter how many times I hear it..hope you like it too!Embarrassed

I'm out for the night but thanks for the post Sheriff.Def a good thing to read and a good person to post all these nice and true things for before heading to bed.Big smileClapEmbarrassed


Edited by maurader4evr - 08 June 2008 at 8:01pm
pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 10 May 2007
Posts: 28023

Posted: 08 June 2008 at 1:59am | IP Logged

Wonderful post, Sheriff Bhai! This was much needed! Clap Clap

A BIG THANKS and APPLAUSE TO BHASKAR BHAI Clap ....for being so patient, understanding, FAIR, JUST, reasonable and rational! etc etc. Embarrassed

How I fervently wish he had moderated KYPH section in 2005=2006 Cry Then many of us wouldnt have left IF and enjoyed KYPH more!
Anyways thats all old water under the bridge.

I want to thank Bhaskar Bhai from the bottom of my heart for always being there,for lending an ear to our complaints and troubles, our grievances and problems.....for being a sincere moderator! Embarrassed

For being my online brother! Big smile .....and for choosing me as his partner for the Amazing Race. He won the game with his amazing intelligence and perseverance!

He has the sharpest intellect and a great sense of humor! Big smile
Hes honest, sensitive and yet logical!
He handles so many sections and fights, we might call him Superman of IF! LOL God knows how he does it!
Hats off to his talent!

I want to dedicate this song to him:


ye lamhe, ye pal hum barso yaad karenge,
ye mausam chale gaye tho hum fariyaad karenge.

in sapno ki tasveero se,
in yaadon ki zanjeero se,
apne dill ko kaise hum azaad karenge,
ye mausam chale gaye tho hum fariyaad karenge,
ye lamhe, ye pal hum barso yaad karenge.

ye lamhe tho hai bohath haseen,
in lamho par kuch likha nahi,
ye abaad karenge, ya barbaad karenge,
ye mausam chale gaye tho hum fariyaad karenge,
ye lamhe, ye pal hum barso yaad karenge.

ye lamhe, ye pal hum barso yaad karenge,
ye mausam chale gaye tho hum fariyaad karengey!

And here is a poem for Bhai:

Ek tha Thakur Ramgarh ka
Gabbar ka jaani dushman
Ek hai Thakur IF ke
Har Forum ka Superman! Big smile

Thakur Saab ne Ramgadh se
Gabbar ka khauf hata diya
Iss Thakur ne IF mein
Naa-insaafi ghataa diya!

Aisey hi tum kartey raho
Har forum ki rakhwali
Yeh baagh hai tumhara
Aur yahan ke tum maali!

Big smile Big smile Big smile

I know its a pathetic attempt but its 3 am and this is the best I could do! LOL LOL

And now for some Roasting! Hehehe now we got our chance, guys and Gals, dont spare him! LOL

Bhaskar Bhai/ Thakur Saab:

When is ur Birthday?
Ur Place of Birth?
Your mother-tongue?
How many brothers and sisters?

What kind of books do u like to read?
In movies, do u like action thrillers, mysteries, comedies or romantic flicks?
Ur fav actor/actress on TV apart from Rajeev/Amna?
Ur Fav Bollywood actor/actress?
Ur fav car make/model ?
Favorite food:
Fav. color:
Fav. festival?

The best memory:
The funniest thing that happened to you:
How many hours do u spend online or at IF?

Seaside or mountains?
Tea or Coffee?
Winter or summer?

Music of 60s, 70s or 80s or 90s or recent?
Fav singer male and female?
What do u think of plagiarism in art or music or literature as Pritam has been accused of plagiarism?

I will be back with more. Plz answer my questions if u can! Big smile


Edited by pallavi25 - 08 June 2008 at 2:02am
-aditi- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 May 2005
Posts: 10440

Posted: 08 June 2008 at 7:03am | IP Logged
sheriff bhai great post....it was really neededClap you highlighted everything about bhaiya...
bhaskar bhaiya is reallllllllllllllllllllllyyyy soooo friendly and a great person....he's sooo understanding and sooo helpful!HugHugHuga bigggggggg bigggg bigggg apaulse for himClap
pallavi di good q'sEmbarrassedTongue

Edited by aditisilawat - 08 June 2008 at 7:05am
monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 June 2005
Posts: 23365

Posted: 08 June 2008 at 7:09am | IP Logged

Wonderful post  bhai Clap .Clap

THANKS To BHASKAR JEE From my heart . Smile


Edited by monikaseth - 09 June 2008 at 9:44am
Naughty_n_nice IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 August 2005
Posts: 9041

Posted: 08 June 2008 at 7:09am | IP Logged

LOL I don't get why this is here, but YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Dancing

I "could" dedicate a song to you, but trust me, no one but Bhaskar would know HOW horrible my attempts at singing are LOL LOL

Thank you for being such an amazing and patient mentor, and a great friend!! Hug

*Dakoo_Minzy* IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 October 2006
Posts: 15524

Posted: 08 June 2008 at 7:10am | IP Logged

Bhaskar bhaiya! Big smile Hug Hezz myyy besstt brother here on IF!!... Big smile frm the dayyyyy i knoww him hezz got the same Avatar!!!Big smile LOLSeein tat makess me get the wish to run n givvvvvv myyy bro a hugHug

I kneww him frm KTH n LRL days....but was tooo scared to approach!! LOL

erm...wen did i meet him? Ermm...yesshhh...tat post!!..tere was an abusiv post by sum memb'r....i cudnt find a better person to report than BB! Big smile (main reason is i am scared of all others) LOL (n i kneww iske zariya chattin bhi ho jaaye) LOL

thn...he dealt tat matter so well! Embarrassed..i accepted a PM in return but i didnt get Cry ...After tat i was alwayyzz findin stuffss to PM BB!....Donno i alwayysss luubbbb to send him PM!!!! Big smile LOL

thn..came tat Holi hungamma!!... LOLawww! Tongue tere!!! tat post.....Splashh ur frndss!!!....i send myyyy pm to BB!!.... LOL

without makin me wait long....he replied! Tongue n...meri khushi ki tikaana nahi tha.....we did go on chattin....haha!!! i was like surprised 'Goshhh Modss also chat khulam khulam' LOL ROFL I vudnt blivvv i was actuallyy chattin thru PM's to BB whom i was reallyy scared offf!!! LOL

thn...howw to forget tat time!!... LOL Donnyy n Me were khulam khulam chattin in RK FC!!...n tere came BB as a CID!! ROFL clues ikkatta karke ekdam mast topic post ki! LOLiske baad i had to givv Donnyy ilaaj frm her Amnesia!!... ROFLtat too special Dakooi ilaaj! LOL

awww! last but not the least!!! Big smile I respect BB a lot! Sum1 reallyyy a PERSON!!!! Hug aww! soon' u'll get another PM frm me!!..BEWARE!!!.... LOL
U rokk!! bro!!.. Big smile

U n Rajeev are myy bro's.....isliye Aamna sirf meri bhaiya' ki..... LOL Blushing Day Dreaming (competition between my bro's....who will win the battle??.. Ermm)

Lottzz oflovvv n lukkkkkkkkkkkkk
Dakoo Minzy! Big smile Hug

Edited by *Dakoo_Minzy* - 09 June 2008 at 7:55am

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