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'Tum! Tum abhi takh yaha ho' besharam''crash 'bhuda''smash 'haathi kahe ke' bang the endless curses rolled off Ridz's tongue like the water rushing to the edge of a cliff to form a waterfall while the sound effects of a building being demolished continued in the background as she hurled weapon after weapon at Armaan who tactfully managed to dodge everything while still being able to continue his laughter taunting Ridz of her childishness which only infuriated her further.
Ridz: 'Saala bhuda hasna bandh karo warna by god tumhare kasam aaj mein tummhe jaan se mardungi' picking up yet another cushion with blood shot eyes Ridz chucked it at Armaan
Armaan: 'Hey babes, stop, lagta hai cutey' mocking her yet further'
Ridz: 'Aaaaaaaaaa!' picking up her hair dryer Ridz chased Armaan around the huge bed shouting like Tarzan, ready to kill him the moment she got her hands on him 'Don't call me that you ape!' yelling at the top of her voice
Abruptly turning around Armaan swiftly covered Ridz's soft lips with one hand while he restrained the other hand holding the hair dryer, 'Shhhh honey, yeh tumhare jungle like ghar nahi hai joh tum itna chilla rahi ho'
Taken by surprise Ridz was shocked for a split second as she stared into his eyes, the movement of his eyes searching hers brought her back to reality, stamping on his foot as hard as she could catching him off guard Ridz managed to get herself free from his hold and quickly lunged on the bed to grab yet another cushion to savagely attack Armaan with
Ridz: 'Never' touch' me' again!' pausing in between each word to take her moment to aim and hit a laughing insane man
Armaan: 'Okay baba, im sorry chill mein jaraha hu, tum bhi jaldi se bahar ajao, sab ke saath breakfast karna hai na cutey' winking around the corner of the door he just managed to pop the last remark in before safely moving out of the way as another vase hit the closing door behind him
Heaving a sigh of relief Ridz slumped next to the post of the bed and closed her eyes momentarily as she examined the chaos she had caused in 5 minutes. 'Abh mujhe hi sab kuch saaf karna padega, saala bhuda, duffer kahi ke humesha aakar mood karaabh kardeta hai' getting up from the floor Ridz quickly started tiding away the chaos, the only way to get over a bad mood was either to sleep or tidy up, and considering she had only woken up less then 1 hour ago that was completely out of the question, 'hai bagwan mujhe mardo warna uss bhude ko marne ki shakti dedo mujhe please' looking up at the ceiling and sighed as her prayers fell on silent ears again. No-one had been listening to her for months now and now that she had committed to the longest prison sentence ever created, marriage, god was still unwilling to cut her some slack.
Walking out of the hotel room wearing her flip flops, a pair of khaki combats and white 3 quarter length linen shirt to go over her superman vest top, Ridz casually tied her hair into a messy bun leaving more then half her hair coming out all over the place, 'you don't get more un-lady like then this' smiling at her accomplishment of outdoing even her own comfort levels Ridz walked towards the lift planning on how to get divorced before Armaan even realized they were married.


Part 1


'Tum aise kapre pehnoge yaha par' the lift was packed as it was thanks to the overweight uncle and aunty ji who had to get this lift, and with Armaan edging closer and constantly whispering in her ear it was making it difficult to breath


Ridz: 'Armaan, mujhe waise bhi saas nahi le jaraha aur tum ho ki mere personal space ko violate karne par tulle hue ho, motaji aap ki uss taraf bohot jaga hai, move!' whispering harshly back at Armaan Ridz roughly pushed him to the other side of the lift, making him fall slightly on the aunty ji


Armaan: 'Oh I'm sorry aunty ji, aap ko toh lagi nahi' winking at the aunty Armaan had an ability to flirt with any woman and make them blush regardless of their age and the company around


Uncle: 'Ahem' the uncle gave Armaan a stern look and as soon as the doors opened dragged his wife out scolding her down the lobby, leaving only Armaan and Ridz in the lift


Armaan: 'Abh toh yaha koi nahi hai, abh koi problem nahi hai na?' moving back over towards Ridz side of the lift. Sensing his movements, Ridz went to the other without even looking at him. Smiling at her rebellious behaviour Armaan ran his hand through his hair as he once again reminded himself that his actually married to her, Ridhimma Gupta now. 'Ha toh mein kya kehraha ta' oh yes, kya tum aise hi kapre pehnoge iss trip par?'


Looking up to examine his expression Ridz was satisfied to see Armaan looking slightly worried and frowning, 'Kyun, tummhe acha nahi laga'mein toh aise hi kapre pehnti hu' watching his expression turn from a frown to a huge grin Ridz now became worried' 'Iski neeyat toh teekh hai na' getting ready to kick him again Ridz stood on guard


Laughing uncontrollably again at her reaction Armaan couldn't control himself, 'Tum humesha larna kiliye tayar kyun rehte ho?' looking at her up and down looking like a cat ready to pounce and scratch you senseless 'mein toh aise hi pooch raha ta, waise I think you look hot when you dress casual, mein toh bas yeh soch raha ta ki agar casual mein itni sexy laghti ho toh sari mein toh mujhe mardoge beautiful'


The lift doors opened just in time and Armaan ran out of the lift before his wife got the chance to kill him.  Smiling at passers by Ridz motioned to the people in the lobby that she didn't know Armaan and walked away towards the beach' breakfast really wasn't her kind of thing' taking a few steps out of the hotel doors a waft of freshly made waffles engulfed her senses, closing her eyes, she blindly walked towards the hotel dining area at sat down on what she thought was a chair.


Armaan: 'Honey agar itni jaldi ti toh room se nikala kyun mujhe' Armaan winked as he wrapped his arms securely around Ridz's waist


Letting out a yelp Ridz jumped out of Armaan's lap coming to her senses, knocking the table in the process,


Armaan: 'Arre samal kar' Armaan tried to steady Ridz but the more he tried to help the more jumpy she got knocking things over left right and center' before you knew it all the contents of what was the breakfast table till now was spread across the floor with the other customers just staring at Ridz like she was mad.


Turning red in the face Ridz ran out of the dining area, avoiding eye contact with everyone on her way.


Armaan: 'Yeh larki bhi na, jaha bhi jaati hai toofan ki tarra sab kuch bigaar deti hai' par hai bari pyari' he mumbled to himself as watched her leave in a rush.




Lying on the beach Ridz watched the ever changing streaks of colour in the sky as the sun set for another day into the depths of the sea, the birds danced rejoicing in the colours that couldn't be captured, and only felt as the final rays of sunlight gave way to the new colours of the night. Spending all day playing games with the children on the beach, building sand castles and getting annoyed when it got washed away, creating pictures in the sand with shells and anything she could find on the beach, Ridz had pretty much tired herself out, yawning as the stars started to appear in the darkening sky Ridz got from the sand and dusted herself down


'Aaaaaaaaaaa...' Ridz screamed closing her eyes for a second before remembering exactly what was there, opening her eyes again she saw Armaan sitting there quietly on a deck chair under an umbrella with huge shades on. Looking around at her surrounding Ridz burst out laughing as she heard Armaan let out a loud snore


Ridz: 'Hmm toh janab ko raath mein shades pehenkar beach par sonne ki hobby hai' Riddy jaani isse behtar mauka nahi milne wali tujhe' subah ki badla le le putar' Ridz let out a evil quiet laugh as wicked ideas started streaming into her head


Running back into the hotel Ridz bribed her way to 'borrowing' some green food colour from a kitchen staff member kitchen and borrow a bucket, on the pretence that she needed to hand wash some clothes as they were delicate. Rushing back to the beach Ridz found Armaan still sleeping soundly like a baby


Ridz: 'Such a shame, jab sotte hai toh sab bhi itna masoom aur cute lagte hai, par jab yeh aaken kolte hai tab inme sirf shaitani bari hai' yeh aankein mujhe dedo jaani yeh aankein mujhe dedo' stifling a laughter Ridz got down to business armed with her trusty bag, bucket and the ultimate weapon, green food dye.




Ridz: 'Armaan tum kaha ho? Raath ki 12 baje hai aur tum abhi takh nahi aye' if your not here in the next 10 minute then I'm locking the doors and you can sleep in the lobby today' samjhe' Ridz hung up the phone with the most evil grin on her face. Pulling out the camcorder her sister had so 'lovingly' gifted them, NOT a voice screamed in her head, she snuck down the stairs towards the lobby and hid around the corner so she could get a proper view of Armaan walking in.


Ridz: 'and here is the beast my parents think is soo perfect, I can see why actually, dekhne mein itna bura toh nahi laghta' hai na'' turning the camera away from her Ridz pointed the camera at Armaan walking into the hotel


Everything would have been fine if it wasn't for the green face with red lipstick circles on his cheeks and surrounding his mouth, the lack of eyebrows added the icing to the cake, Ridz silently thanked the inventors of hair removal cream, no pain no fuss, the jingle of the advert played in her head as she continued to tape Armaan walking into the hotel looking slightly uncomfortable by the fact that everyone around him was whispering and staring at him strangely. 'Bechara bhuda doesn't know what his gotten himself into' laughing evily into the camera she switched it off before racing up to her room for phase two of make Armaan's life a nightmare today


Ridz carefully placed the camera in the bathroom well hidden from view and jumped back into bed seconds before Armaan rushed in


Armaan: 'Jaan look at me'


Hearing him address as her as anything nice boiled her blood more, 'Jaan ki bache you are so dead' she muttered under her breath before looking up and nearly cracking up laughing herself, she knew she was good but this good' never, standing there with his hands on his hips Armaan looked like Shreks wife with his green face and the red hot lipstick lipstick


Ridz: 'What do you want bhudaji? Kuch kaam hai toh khud karlo, I'm not in the mood and I'm kind of tired'


Armaan: 'Is there something wrong with me?' Armaan asked matter factly as he put his hands up as he started twirling around showing her all his angles


Ridz: 'What the hell bhudaji? You want me to check you out' no chance, I'd rather poke my eyeballs out, or better yours' she retorted while holding a straight face 'Oh god this guy is too much, how the hell did mum and dad think he'd be perfect for me again' oh yeh because Anjie said so' kamini kahi ki' she thought to herself while watching Armaan try to figure out whats wrong. 'Im not even going to bother asking what bought all this on, as that would mean I care' just go wash up, I need to turn the lights out to go to sleep'. Putting the book down on the side table Ridz slid under the covers and turned to her side pretending to go to sleep.


Hearing Armaan scream like a girl in the bathroom Ridz burst out laughing falling out of bed in the process, Armaan came charging out furious to the core, to find Ridz in hysterics


Armaan: 'You did this' pointing to his face he demanded with his booming voice


Still on the floor gasping for air between her laughter 'And' so' what'if'i'did' another burst of hysterics erupted filling the room with her dancing voice. Seeing Armaan turning to leave for the bathroom again Ridz jumped up from the floor and ran into the bathroom


Armaan: 'Hey open the door' mujhe apna chehra ko dona hai'


Ridz: 'Kyun' Ridz giggled behind the bathroom door as she quickly to remove the camcorder and conceal under her pyjamas 'I think your face looks better like this' you should keep it' opening the door as abruptly as she had shut in his face Ridz marched back to the bed and went to sleep


Hearing the bathroom door close Ridz couldn't help but congratulate herself, 'Honeymoon geya baar mein MR Armaan Malik, this is going to be your worst nightmare abh toh sirf chehra green hai, abh toh aur bhi rang laana hai jaise ki tamatar jaise laal, phir talak wooohoo' smiling at herself Ridz chucked the extra pillow on the sofa and chucked a blanket and went to sleep diagonally on the bed with all her favourite coloured cushions surrounding her

Part 2
Wrapped in a towel Ridz walked out of the shower to select her next horrendous outfit for the trip, opening the closet she found it completely empty, pulling open the drawers in the closet Ridz freaked not finding any of her clothes,
Armaan: 'I threw it all away honey bun' Armaan called from the balcony
Ridz: 'WHAT!?!?!' Ridz stormed out to the balcony with her hands on her hips, 'WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN?' she yelled burning with fury. Ridz eyes almost popped out when she found Armaan sitting cooly on the chair with a face mask on and cucumbers covering his eyes' 'And what the hell are you doing? Yeh sab kya laga raha hai? Aek din kya lipstick pehen liya abh poora make over karne ki kayal hai kya?'
Armaan: 'Sweety, mujhe laga tumhe feminine mard zyada pasand hai issilye mein yeh sab karaha hu' for you sugar lumps'
Ridz: 'Stop calling me those things before I shove the entire face pack down your mouth! Be fiminine, what the hell do I care, mere kapre kaha hai?' remembering the reason why she was standing wrapped only in a towel on a 5th floor balcony with some freaky make up loving man. Getting slightly concious Ridz moved back inside the hotel room and went on the hunt for some clothes, pulling open Armaan's cupboard Ridz threw Armaan's clothes all over the floor in search of any of her clothes. Finding a neatly wrapped box Ridz stared at it unsure if she should open it or not
Armaan: 'Kya soch rehe ho, it's for you, open it' Armaan stood inches behind Ridz and whispered into her ear, blowing slightly to watch the goosebumps appear on her soft and slightly wet skin
Ridz jumped as she heard his voice so close to her, jumping back a little hitting Armaan hard on the chest, turning around abruptly Ridz was face to face with the green faced monster' before she got a chance to scream or swear which was more likely Armaan immediately covered her mouth with one hand and wrapped the other around her waist securely. Ridz stood shocked and slightly flustered by their proximity
Armaan: 'Honey, you stole my eyebrows last night, I wonder what I can steal of yours today' Armaan winked as his hand on her mouth started caressing her cheek softly
Stamping on his foot to get free again Ridz ended up slipping thanks to the water that had fallen from her hair onto the floor, feeling her towel come loose Ridz gasped in horror as she tried to clutch onto it' reaching to hold the towel her hands met with Armaan's who too had noticed what was about to happen. Holding onto the towel securely Armaan helped Ridz stand straight' their hands were still holding each other and onto the towel, time had frozen it seemed as they stared into each others eyes. Coming out of the trance Ridz looked away feeling the colour rising in her cheeks' never had she been so close to a man before and that too in such attire.
Sensing her uneasiness Armaan handed the towel securely back into Ridz hands and stepped back out into the balcony with his face pack still intact. Stopping momentarily at the doorway to the balcony Armaan looked over his shoulders to see Ridz still standing blushing from head to toe 'Woh package tumhare liye hai, I chucked all your clothes out last night while you were sleeping as payback' honey' closing the doors behind him Armaan went and sat down on the chair with his medicated face pack, absolutely over the moon with the way things were heading between him and Ridz. Unknown to Ridz Armaan was allergic to any kind of food dye, usually when consumed his face would just swell up a llittle bit, but thanks to the external application his face had swollen out of control as it turned a horrible shade of red.
Sitting on the bed Ridz struggled with her thoughts, blushing while remembering what just happened Ridz tingled all over feeling his arms around her waist, the way their hands fitted into each others'. 'Get a hold of yourself Riddy' his a filthy guy Anjie Di recommended and you hate her for that' and him for that matter'.
Remembering Anjie's words before the engagement ceremony Ridz remembered exactly why she was so against this whole marriage 'stop your moping around' it's not like you could get a better guy even if you tried' shukar maano Armaan agreed to marry you, otherwise I was worried you'd sit at home all your life by yourself', the words shukar maan Armaan agreed made Ridz even more bitter about getting married to Armaan, any chances of giving him a chance flew out of the window with those words. She was against marriage anyways, the whole idea of having to cook, clean and pick up after someone other then yourself just reminded her of a maid' and Ridz was not going to be made a maid when she had so much to give the world.
Ridz was in her final years of becoming of a doctor, all she had to was go and complete her internship' exams were around the corner and that kamini kahi ki Anji had to pop the idea of Ridz getting married into her parents head. As much as they loved Ridz and let her do what she wanted, Shashank and Padma were slightly backwards thinking, especially her mother' according to her mother girls should be at home, they should be the best cooks in the world, the greatest mothers' love to stay at home and serve her parents to start with and in-laws later in life' but working and having an education was not something that was given high regards to.
Ridz dreams were shattered as she under emotional pressure from her family agreed to get married to this stranger, the only condition was after they were married her family would have no say in her relationship. That was when Ridz decided she would have to get divorced as soon as the wedding was over, but so as not to bring shame on the family it had to be Armaan who wanted to leave her, not the other way round.



Ridz laughed down the phone talking to her best friend Muskaan telling her all about what had happened the night before


Muskaan: 'Oh my god, Ridz your so mean, bechara ka poora chehra green kardiya? Where do you get this stuff from' she laughed uncontrollably on the other end 'Bohot gussa hua hoga na woh' did he shout at you or anything?'


Ridz: 'Muskaan, yeh mein hu, logh mujhse nazre milakar baat karne se darta hai, yeh saand bilkul waisa hi hai' mein kuch bhi karlo woh na kuch kehta hai, na karta hai' joh karta hai mere peet peeche karta hai' you know while I was sleeping last night the haathi kahi ka chucked all my clothes out' kamina saala and then he gives me this stupid saree to wear' I don't think he liked my ripped jeans very much' laughing non-stop Ridz walked into another store on the hunt for some clothes


Muskaan: 'What, usne tumhare saari kapre pekh diya? I swear if Rahul did anything like that to me, then I'd chuck him out with the trash. So what are you wearing know if his chucked all your clothes out?'


Ridz: 'Aur kya, wohi stupid saree, pata nahi mama kaise pehenti hai yeh sab' I swear its falling off all over the place grrr. Acha aek minute hold ha, let me quickly buy these things, I don't think I can wear this saree much longer'


Muskaan: 'Okay, waise tera woh saandh hai kaha? Saath mein nahi hai kya?'


Ridz: 'No ways! His sitting in the hotel room sulking about his non-existant eyebrows'. Both girls burst into another fit of laughter




Armaan: 'Dude what am I supposed to do? No matter what I do or say she has this thing where she has to hate me and torture me'


Rahul burst out laughing at the other end of the phone 'Oh man Armaan you've got it bad for her'


Armaan: 'Chup bandar, if I didn't have feelings for her why the hell would I get married to her' to enjoy the daily torture? Saala kamina, your supposed to be helping me, not laughing at me'


Rahul: 'acha chill dude, isme itna barakh ne ki kya bhaat hai, lets see erm eyebrows kiliye' Muskaan always draws her's on, why don't you try that till yours grow back' Rahul burst out laughing picturing Armaan with perfectly shaped eyebrows


Armaan: 'ha ha hasle, aek bar milto le, kasam meri missing eyebrows ki tere bhi mein yahi haal karunga'


Rahul: 'HAHAHA ooo acha karlena' abh bata teri junglee billi jaisi biwi kaha hai?'


Armaan: 'Oi zabaan samal kar... warna I'll set her on you samjhe'


Rahul: 'Acha teekh hai, teri pyari si boli si phool jaise patni kaha hai abh? Mujhe bhi baat karwa'


Armaan: 'she's taken my card and gone shopping dude'


Rahul: 'WHAT??? Armaan tu pagal hogeya hai kya, you let her take your card and go shopping, yaar if you were in that much of a rush to become bankrupt mujhe tera card kyun nahi dedeta' she's going to rob you blind' day light robbery HAHAHAHAHAHA tu geya Armaan Malik, tu geya'




Walking through the shopping center Ridz came across a little pet store, outside hanging was little white bird cage intriquetly designed with two little birds in it, one blue and the other green' beautiful as they were something seemed to be missing' the birds didn't look as chirpy as birds should' looking at the two birds huddled in one corner of the cage Ridz felt a corner of her heart cry for them


Walking out of the store holding the cage in her hands Ridz walked out of the mall looking rather smug with herself, well she had reason to be, after lecturing the shop keeper for well over an hour the shop keeper had given Ridz the birds just so she could leave, her lectures where scaring other customers away


Walking to the nearest park Ridz set her shopping bags down on one of the benches' sitting down on the bench she set the cage on her lap and spoke softly to the two birds 'tummhe abh yaha nahi rehna parega', you can fly away and be free' the birds looked at her cocking their heads appearing to understood what she was saying. Opening the cage door Ridz helped the birds out of the cage'


Watching them fly away together Ridz let a small tear of joy for the birds and a tear for her sadness escape 'shayed mein bhi aek din aise hi mukt hosaku' letting the moment of sadness wash away almost as instantly as it had come Ridz got up from her seat with a huge smile on her face and walked back towards the hotel to torture Armaan again


Armaan watched from behind the trees as Ridz let the birds go' he was too far to hear what she was saying but the sadness was evident in her eyes' 'Yeh itni udaas kyun hai'' the thoughts were shortlived as the next moment Armaan saw her expression change from sad to happy then to mischivieous' 'Yeh phir se kuch karegi abh' hai baghwan mujhe bachalo'



Walking into the hotel Ridz found Armaan missing again 'He went out without eyebrows' raising her own eyebrows 'Bhuda mein dam hain' maana parega' talking to herself Ridz started setting up her next trap' opening her shopping bags she took out a bottle of eyedrops' 'Isse bachkar dekhao Mr kharoos bhuda' mwuhahaha'


Dressing up in her new outfit, an off the shoulder floral summer dress Ridz sprayed double the amount of perfume on and payed extra attention to her makeup. 'Aaj Bhudaji aap kissi kaam ki layak nahi rahenge' the mischief sparkled in her eyes as Ridz put the final touches on her make-up


Walking in cautiously Armaan noticed the ambience of the room had completely changed since the morning, the sun was setting outside making the entire room glow, there were little chains of mirrors hanging from the balcony entrance, glittering and dancing as the cool breeze moved them in the sunlight. He could hear a sweet humming noise wafting through the air drifting towards him, taking him into a trance


Armaan: 'Im dreaming' hmmm' and I love it' yeh awaz kiski hai' closing his eyes Armaan completely forgot to be cautious walking into the room, the sweet humming noise was coming from the balcony, quietly walking towards the balcony Armaan stopped in his steps'.


There standing with her hair dancing in the wind was Ridz, eyes closed looking out into the sun set, she hummed away so sweetly that it took Armaan a moment to register it was actually her. Drifting closer to Ridz Armaan didn't realise how or when she had stopped humming and was just standing their feeling the sun leave its warm caress on her face for the last time that day. Opening her eyes slowly Ridz jumped seeing Armaan standing there


Ridz: 'What the hell!  Aise kya goorh goorh kar dekhrehe ho' mein koi kaane ki cheeze nahi joh aap kacha chaba jao, bloody bhudaji hatto' she tried to push him out of the way to get pass but Armaan simply blocked her way' 'Abh yeh kya batameezi hai, bhudaji saamne se haat jao warna issi balcony se pekh dungi aapko'


Armaan: 'Nahi pehle tum mujhe apne sawalo ki jawab chahiye'


Ridz: 'Kaise sawal'


Armaan: 'tum mujhse itne nafrat kyun karte ho' agar tumhe yeh shaadi manzoor nahi ta toh kiya kyun?'



Part 3 - Page 8

Part 4 - Page 12

Part 5 - Page 16
Part 6 - Page 19

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Bollywood_chic IF-Rockerz

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lubna u have a new FF!!!


Lubna!! amazing.... it was funnnnny.... i can't wait for u to cont.........

plz dooo soooon...


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wow what is this!!!!!!!!!!!

lolz... LOL
heezy Goldie

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lol Sonia, timpy, I only posted this lil while ago LOL LOL LOL

Yes Sonia, seeing as DKB is finishing soon, I thought i better start a new one, so happy you liked the new way of my writing, less mushy and more comedy, more my kind of thing Embarrassed

Lubna Embarrassed

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Veiledbeauty IF-Dazzler

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Haha.. ROFL

TOOOOOOOO funny! Omg..! you had me in splits... ahh.. They're married huh? And she wants a divorce Ouch Kyun? Aur yeh bhuda bhuda.. haha.. Armaan budha dikhai deta hai kya? Ladki needs glasses ROFLROFLROFL

Continue soon!

Zenny Alien Babes

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Nyc intro di!

Sounds gud too...i luv comedy ffs! LOL

Do start soon!
ami_princess IF-Dazzler

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it is funny! LOL budda LOL LOL LOL aur woh bhi armaan! NAAAAA1

seriously cant wait to read more!
meow23 IF-Rockerz

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wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was soooooo funny......................
armaan n budda.hehe
really gr88888888888888888888888 prt.luvd it. waitng 2 read more...plzz update soon Smile Smile Smile

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