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RaKa (Jatin/Shubhangi)Paradise (Page 6)

3 angels IF-Rockerz
3 angels
3 angels

Joined: 14 October 2005
Posts: 5374

Posted: 05 June 2008 at 1:42am | IP Logged
@mona...i watched the epi without jatin.. Smile

yeah it was a very very boring epi..no jatin .no smirk or killing smile or no planning..gosh since his entry he is making plans on plans... LOL

but one thing seems this track is nearing its end..good for us..its too pathetic the story..

so many confusion..anita taking care of kasturi..maasi dont say anything..robbie asking for forgiveness for not trusting her or better believing her..

oh yes kasturi my guess is faking this madness..her eyes expression says it all..

brij something bad will happen and very heart wrenching..

so its either kasturi does something drastic esp to raunak or something happens to kasturi..

i just hope after that this serial is not for another yrs leap..plastic surgery..loss memory ..or worst reincarnation..

k-ekta fan IF-Rockerz
k-ekta fan
k-ekta fan

Joined: 03 December 2006
Posts: 8656

Posted: 05 June 2008 at 2:24am | IP Logged
guys i got d news ryt nw dat jayu mine bro was gven d offer by ekta 2 play d role of sahadev.

dat mean jatu is nt dere as sahadev or he is 2nd choice.

wht d terms n fact jayu gve here in dis below I m really impress wid mine bro.

kully n khytee ju were ryt sahadev role is nt much apprecaited role... n it is shrt stry only...c I hve made my jayu bhaiyu so intelligent. nw i must tell dat mine hubby jatu nt 2 accept d role. c dat jayu bro hve written d details abt sahadev role...

sowwie mods i knw jayu bro is nt d part of d shw kggk but i d just puttin dis artcile as it was related 2 jatu 4 only 1 reason dat is sahadev role...

if ju feel i did rong thnf tell me i will edit it

qau24 Senior Member

Joined: 08 October 2007
Posts: 561

Posted: 05 June 2008 at 3:16am | IP Logged
thanks a lot for update regarding the epi ... now i think so whatever is goin on is pointing towards one thing that is... ra is gonna get exposed really soon .... but then what??
if jatin says he still busy with kasturi .. have they shown that ra has acquired property papers and everything ???? ... if yes ...then may be we will see that typical villain throwing everyone out of the house story.... Confused .. but if this doesnot take place then what else u could see regarding ra character ???.... i m still hoping for this wild imagination of ra being used as a scapegoat ... Embarrassed .

by the way congrats yaara ..ik nahin do nahin 3 proposals .. ClapClap ..kiya baath hai ..... so what have u decided ..ya ik sath hi 3 proposals accept karnay ka irada hai ....Smile


Edited by qau24 - 05 June 2008 at 3:19am
3 angels IF-Rockerz
3 angels
3 angels

Joined: 14 October 2005
Posts: 5374

Posted: 05 June 2008 at 3:19am | IP Logged

@mona..thanks for the article..well this is wat jatin should do refuse such kind of roles..minor roles or negative roles..

he deserves strong and full-fledge roles now..meaning lead roles only ...

i'm impressed by jay if he is not comfortable in a role so why do so..this is why i'm not be able to digest how jatin's accepted they kill such a beautiful character as raunak after so much popularity of the character to a horrible one..

like jay ..jatin should learn to say a big NO to ekta and such roles..he should stop underestimating him..

i do hope he does not accept to play sahadev..given this character i think he will be in a few mins scenes in some random episodes ..so better jatin say no to it..

mona you send him the msg we dont want him as sahadev or any minor roles or negative ones..

btw mona ahhhhhha jatin was never your hubby... LOL

now he is proposing to you...hmmmm cheating... LOL hum bhi dekhete hein kaise propose karta hein..he has a longgggggggg list of dewanees... Embarrassed

@lubna..dear since day one mona is saying my hubby jatu..how come he is proposing now.?..mona dear is having such a nice dream..this rose is for all his dewanees here on raka.p ...Wink

mona accept hiten's one as we are not interested ..we want only jatinnnnnnn..LOL...

oh yes lubna i'm wishing its over now..raunak exposed ..yes this should be given a thought wat will be his role...wat in store for him?...i think there must more cos he refused vivah for kasturi..

hmmm  raunak as the scapegoat..dont know my observation says there is someone else who is the real masterplanner..

you know from the beginning they showed ra as the evil one ..so no suspense or thrill if he is exposed..actually we all want this as a viewer..

so it should be surprising/shocking someone we never expected..so it brings the twist/turn in the story..

for sure my wish in the end raunak's character turns positive but this is  in the hands of "BT"..

Edited by 3 angels - 05 June 2008 at 3:34am
k-ekta fan IF-Rockerz
k-ekta fan
k-ekta fan

Joined: 03 December 2006
Posts: 8656

Posted: 05 June 2008 at 4:33am | IP Logged

LOL@coolfattin dat was r me na. Dat I m gr8. I knw hw much I m..


abi so ju were inpress wid jatu as rauank. Gr8 2 knw dat mine hubby is 2 gud as replacement..


Mehwish I m so selfish dat I dun thnk abt any1… dat si y I won't listen kuli. But I m hppy dat at last 1 competitor is defeated…  I mean 4m sauten list. Aarey baab if ju want jatu bolo naaaa… Pri will gve ju.. but I won't..

Oye ju want silent members 2 join raka para only 2 get jatu 4m Mona Lisa. No way dis won't hppen ever… as he is in mine hrt


Yah sweety haye. Kis cheez ka naam ju hve taken. Dil ke kissi corner mein yeh tha. N ju taken his name. . oye dun get confuse I m talking abt saaha . kill me. Parvati……….. aunty….


Kuli. Ju knw d wrd …Expr…  I hve dat. Nt only here but in every forum where mine hubby is dere I fight like dis only. N believe me it's fun n enjoyment..

Kuli… muahahah. Lub ju a loads..  but dun thnk I m goona 2 gev ju mine hubby… so ju joined it after I send ju abt dis. Dun tell me. B'coz I dun rmbr as I hve shrt memory naaa buit I m glad ju cme here. N wht will keep ju glue here is d best ppl around here. Dey all r d best… dat is y I often cme here n If I dun cme as I hve 2 fight 4 mien hubby all over d forum…so I make a point dat I reda all d relpy said by all. N den post my tish pashing on dem..


Khytee thx so much yaar… but yse I m gr8 deewani n I thnk biggest deewani of jatu. But d credit must go 2 khushi 4 dat. I use 2 like jatu but enever said b4. but 1 day I join jatu/ adi AT… n dere were only 3 members dying 4 jatu n I joined dere. N 4m dere I started 2 claim jatu as mine.. nt only jatu but all mine hubbies. Otherwise I use 2 quite crazy fanz… dat thred chnge mine life n 2day I hve d staus of hvin 11 hubbies…


Kully .. hppy family teri toh.. he is mine ok..


Lubna I hope ju might hve nt watch epi. It was d wrst. As said by khytee no smrik., no killing smile.. no kurta designer shw..

Thanchu so much dear. I hve accepted all d 3 proposal…


Khytee it wa superb views of urs…. Yaah sumthng big will hppen dis tym.. raunk will b expose or he will turn out 2 b dark evil villain..

Jatu is a gr8 frndz of jayu, ali n fasial… n jayu n ali r getting lead role in k-shw whch is mostly in pipeline. Den y jatu is doin dis.

Khytee dey all r mine hubby…. D snap was 4m d tym ven dey propose me.. n nw I m deri wifey dat mean I hve accepted d offer…


Originally posted by sp79


EmbarrassedCongrats on the Sixth ParadiseEmbarrassed

same 2 ju di n all in raka para... including mine hubby jatu also*ishhhhhhh*Wink
Before i begin replying to the posts, this is what we all are going to do, a trip down the memory lane:

All of us will write about the following:

1. How we landed up on Raka Paradise.
V... no di hw I landed up i will tell ju.. actually I was a gr8 fanz of jatin shah. n even I saw jatu as rauank. I can't stop myself. but 2 luk out all d topic related 2 jatu. as i was nt knwing at raunak kasturi  was kwn as raka....n as been bejee I fightng wid other 4 mine other hubbies I dun cme here. but 1 day I jezz saw a topic raka paradise. n I was attracted 2 dis name paradise. n cme 2 c wht is dis.... n still rmbr mine safar started 4m dere. but I still rmbr ju all guys were so fats n many where dere n many r misin dem of nw..... dey use 2 write 5 or 6 apge in 1 day n i was like wht shuld I relpy b4 reading. but kya kya read karo here raka,kzkz mein HH. n many.. but still i hve khytee, shgz, sweety, maleka all d 1st relpy wid me save in mine computer... I read all dat over nite n thought 2 relpy dne at last....uff. bhashan finish nw 

2. Were we silent members for a while or decided to post straightaway.

No i directly land up here n relpied i read all of d relpy on 1 nite n relpy dat i 2 wanna join here. but din cme 4 sum days n den I cme n saw 2nd raka wid already 40pages. n dn thought 2 read all dat n relpy bck....raka old angu hve bear a loads 4m me.as I use 2 write a long post...LOL

3. What is so special about this place.

everythng mean everythng yaar... i can't thnk myself widout raka nw... it is imposible 2 avoid raka para. mine main motto 2 join dis para was raunak. n kasturi jodi. but nw I cum 2 read all of ur POV, humour post. predtcions... suggestion.. n 2 chat wid dem... v share a loads of thnk nw... i got here a DI ... who really understand me a loads n try 2 amke me alos understand.... lubna, abi, zoya . who all r full of humous in deir line. dey all r liner .. sumtym i thnk I can b also try 2 joke. whch i fail actually.. khytee, sweety. never 2 4get dem. dey made me post here actually.. while reading dere POV i thought even I thnk same like di ssumtym... I must post. jo hota hai ho jaane do...anu, maleka ka rasgulla... sidra, sammie dey all r memebrs whom i miss... kully, mehwish, alina, nw kuli..dey all r mine new sauten nw.... I luv deir humour line n POV.... m I myself..... I  enjoy been reading every1 post. n relpy 2 deir post. n dun take much effort 2 relpy of mine nw....  b'coz of lajee natureLOL

P.S. - Silent members the not so silent ones please do feel free to join usBig smile
I won't pressurise ju guys.. but if possible try 2 post . as ju will get lit bit confident 2 talk 2 other n mostly fast typing skill...whch i really got 4m hereLOL n ju can jelaous other wid it denLOL

Ok i hope jatu might b also d silent memebr. jatu if ju r dere den peacez. cum out n start 2 post here at least 4 ur fanz.. hrtLOL.... dis is ur wifey is demanding juLOL. nope nt priya but MonaLOLEmbarrassedWink.
Shwetha di i hve taken such a big risk at challgening jatu openly.. i hope his self condident open ho gaye.... n he cum in fornt of me so dat he can kill me. n I can c himLOL. I hope ur suggesstion will wrk out here....LOLWink
but jatu if ju register here.. den peacez PM me 1st ok. dun make me 2 PM Ju. wid threatning PM LOL....
can ju tell me y ju nt registering here as many actor hve regsiter here can I list d long name of actor I knw hwo hve register here n dye r relpying 2 all. spl mridul, jayu bro.  n ali n yasir 2 register den y nt ju..as ju hve more fan floowing den dem.. yaah i knw all r mine hubbies abve all but den also. patni ki baat maan lo. thik hai..LOL. dekho iwrote id sin red letter. . it is of luv n . samaj gayeLOL

Hey all, do write on ur journey on raka p. And here is some homework to all (yup including me). This being the awards month, here is what we will do:

I nominate myself for ............... award.
I dat mean Me. Ms . Mona Lisa. opps I mnea Me Mrs. Jatin Shah, Mrs. Harhsu shopda, Mrs. Sushant Rajpur... nominate myself for  best Patni award.
I nominate the names of the members (u have to give atleast one award for each member though the number can go up if u like) for .................. awards.

i gve d award 2 all 4 makin a mission 2 kidnap me n try 2 brain wash me agianst mine hubby stating again n again dat mine all hubbies r dicthing me..LOL



ok guys we can take mona and here other 10 hubbies on to an island leave them there and we all can share jatin LOL .... chal be chal.. 10 hubbies se muhj ko khush karne ki soch rahai hai. I can't b hhpy untill n unless io get mine 11 hubby n send ju can send me in any island ju want. so dat I can b wid dem n no 1 elese ok....LOL

or we can trick her and get someone get his platic surgery done so he looks just like jatin and leave him with her too that way we can all be happy LOL wht do ju thnk dat i m a kiddo dat I can't guess who mine hubby is. jatu ko mere core tak basa hai. ki i can sense dat is jatu or ntWink

or the third option we can bang mona on the head so she loses her memory so she wont know who her hubbies r and we can take jatin. LOL.. so smart idea.. but do ju hve seen kayamath.. if nt watch it. michi lost his memory but den also

Edited by k-ekta fan - 05 June 2008 at 6:07am
citygirl Groupbie

Joined: 04 May 2005
Posts: 169

Posted: 05 June 2008 at 5:00am | IP Logged

@khytee and shwetha
Thanks for update on the epi…did not watch epi but well done khytee, even without jatin in it, u still watched it....a lot of patience u have yaar LOL Wink .

Already without jatin in the epi, we knew the epi would be mega boring, and I think that's the consensus here at the paradise.

First…a message to BT people ….. Enough of this so called drama which is all about how many ways u can torture us….end it now Angry .

Like u, I am also hoping the track will come to an end today and I think kasturi will be saved from madness…but someone will sacrifice their life for it to happen…u think raunak khytee…as much as I want that so jatin can actually move forward from this disaster into a show of his own as a lead….i don't think that will happen Confused.

As lubna says, jatin already turned down vivah for kasturi so it suggests there is much more for raunak to do…..how I wish he will be redeemed soooo much….i don't see that happening which really sucks Dead.

Back to the epi, I think the person who will sacrifice his life may be brij….he already is the one who senses something bad will happen…his character really hasn't done much, only to come out and say raunak is bad and try to reveal massi's truth but always gets shut down about it...so we havent really heard what he has had to say about massi...and this way, he finally gets a chance to before he dies Confused

so I think de-creatives will look to end this character soon to bring the twist in the sotry... there just hasn't been much for him to do…then we get to 'who killed him bit'…what if in this end of track…we know who is really evil…massi may be the one to kill brij…I don't know…maybe that way it may be revealed to us who is evil and who is positive Wink .

I don't have good opinions about any of them even kasturi…again de-creatives are trying to push this to us that she is this poor defenceless woman…throw it right at our faces, that we are suppose to believe it….i am not sure I believe it…kasturi has never striked me as one of k' heroines who gives up on what she believes in…this may be another dramatic way of her to bring the truth about raunak…the other question is what truth of raunak will it be?....will it be one we don't know already???? Wink

I think raunak/jatin not being there yest as been done purposely….to give the end of this track more suspense. The fact that raunak is not here to see all that is going on gives the impression, someone else is there with raunak who is in the background but is someone in that house already….happy to see all of this going on….its not anita cause lets face it, the girl has got only money for brains LOL …but she may be working with the other person too….my thinking is not just raunak, 2 other people are involved in this…one of them who is the ring-leader Confused .

I mean what other way can de-creatives create that shock value which they obviously crave from their audience LOL Wink

But this is in de-creatives hands which is essentially bad luck for us LOL …cause what we think may happen usually never does Angry .


i know yaar, there is still that little part of me who wants all this to be raka plan....to bring the real evil culprit out...that would really be something no one would expect. definately someone else is there who is pulling all the strings Confused


thanks for the article yaar...i know if jay bhaiyya can do it then why cant jatin...i so hope he turns down that role, we want him in a new show which will be great cause he will be in it...in a positive role too Embarrassed.

look mona, u already have a lot of husbands all doing their own thing, see even kully is there to stake her claim on jatin.LOL...we wont let u go away with him yaar...we are here to fight for him LOL LOL LOL

Edited by citygirl - 05 June 2008 at 5:31am
Shwetha! IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 July 2007
Posts: 10459

Posted: 05 June 2008 at 5:11am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.
kasturi's fan Groupbie
kasturi's fan
kasturi's fan

Joined: 23 December 2007
Posts: 117

Posted: 05 June 2008 at 5:18am | IP Logged
thx of the article!
anywayz if raunak is not leavin kasturi serial so he wil continue da serial becomin kasturi's on screen +ve husband again?
or shivani wil come bk 2 da serial?
plz do discuss on dis topic also! Big smile

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