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RaKa (Jatin/Shubhangi)Paradise (Page 4)

Shwetha! IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 July 2007
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Posted: 04 June 2008 at 6:31am | IP Logged

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3 angels IF-Rockerz
3 angels
3 angels

Joined: 14 October 2005
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Posted: 04 June 2008 at 6:47am | IP Logged
@lubna..this is wat i loveeeeee on raka.p..the sense of humour..my god i cant stop laughing.. LOL LOL LOL ..

ahhhhhhha i know a name..who dont watch but still write long post... LOL ..isharaa mil gaya ke nahin... Wink

oh lubna always stay the same ...the tish pashing miss it btw..have always enjoy reading your post..so keep it rocking lubna. Clap Clap ..

@ swhetha..oh you remember and i did not forget too .you replied to me saying its your first PM and you thought you getting a warning. Smile

see this is special we dont forget anything..yes me too coming here always bring a smile on my face esp after a hectic day..

today i'm glad you decided to not be a silent member and now as a family we rock this place.. Big smile

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kuli01 Senior Member

Joined: 04 February 2008
Posts: 282

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 7:03am | IP Logged

ok guys we can take mona and here other 10 hubbies on to an island leave them there and we all can share jatin LOL

or we can trick her and get someone get his platic surgery done so he looks just like jatin and leave him with her too that way we can all be happy LOL

or the third option we can bang mona on the head so she loses her memory so she wont know who her hubbies r and we can take jatin. LOL


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coolfattin Senior Member

Joined: 19 April 2008
Posts: 400

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 7:05am | IP Logged
u ppl r great!!!
k-ekta fan IF-Rockerz
k-ekta fan
k-ekta fan

Joined: 03 December 2006
Posts: 8656

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 7:09am | IP Logged
Kully ju knw knw I m was watching Adi confession scene + nw raka scene 2 man it was all so wonderful scene. Missin AM n sweet rauank…

Khytee n mehwish ju want me 2 leave mine hubby 4 ju. No I won't do dis.. ju all want me 2 sudhar jaao. Taaki I will b like "BT" heroine who will sacrifice her luv all d tym. N cry herself. But den also try 2 pretend 2 b hppy . N ur all wish will cme true 2 b wid mine hubby. Oh. No way I m gonna 2 b "BT" heroine Ever. Instead I will b like mine hubby prem.. aag laga dogi saare dhuniya mein …. Agar any1 try 2 get mine hubby wid me…gosh I sound like total possessive luver…

No mehwish I m nt loosin mine tuch wid mine hubby. C dis all snap r taken by me only.. ven dey were wid deir Gf.. I use 2 kept eyes on dem…

Sweety I m hppy dat ju spoke 2 her n understand her prob . haila.. sweety yeh kab hua. Kuch bhi mat bolo yaar. I was abt 2 fight wid jatu 4 dis. But thx god . jatu said me he luv me a loads.. got confuse . I was talking abt dat comments ju wrote 4 khytee. Jatin ki jaan. Hello ma'am. Jatin ki jaan mein hoon nt khytee... N mere jaan jatin hai.. .. by d way dat kully ka jo six pack wala person hai na who bhi mera latest hubby hai. Dun luk at him. he is feeling ashamed.. dat instead of his wife all r lukin at him…

Kuli ju 2. khytee, mehwish n den kully. N nw ju. I dun believe dis. Ju want mine hubby.. who said I dun care dem . I care so much dat dey r nt leaving me at all n ju can understand naa mona handling 11 hubby dat mean wht. Khaana kaaa chezz nahi hai naaa… dey all r felein jealous of each other. So I thought y nt makin dem bejee wid other grl. So I hire all dis grl 2 make dem bejee n meee relief so dat I can stop droolin on dem n concentrate on IF

No khytee I won't eever accept defeat…as I in mine dictionary dis defeat wrd is nt dere only. Rmbr dis dailo. Bikram.. 1st scene. 1st wrd..
No khytee I won't chor do chor do. I wil do zid… as mine hubby said me 2 do dis.. I dun care hw much competitor I hve 2 jatu. But jatu is all mine dat I knw . I dun knw. But khytee ju sound dat ju hve fallen badly 4 jatu charm. I was dere but ju 2..

Kuli I m gonna 2 kill ju. Rukh rukh mein aati hoon tere pass. Ju r planning me 2 kidnap.. hubby darlin cum n rescue me… otherwise kya pata mere bhi , dubale, patala body se khoon nikhal de. N go 2 jatu shwn she is nt human.. hahaha.. mine hubby also went wid kidnap n I will will go wid kidnap in future. Pati dev got 2 knw dat dey all r vamp in mine n ur luv stry. So cme lets us ran in d speed of marathon ran n go bck 2 Malaysia truly asia. Only ju n me…

Abi I dun believe dis ju 2 behind jatu… I mean all… all.. waah waah .. ju r cuming last n want d prize dat is jatu. Accha ju thnk dat mona will let ju get jatu. No way.. he is all mine. N dear ju can hope dat I m reading ur post….as I dun leave a single chance 2 read anybody post in raka para. I was famous due 2 dis n nw 4 mien hubby… I never knw I was so possessive 4 jatu n famous 4 been illegal wife. Whch I m nt .I m legal actually…but made me so famous. Hubby darling jatu I lub ju…

@coolfattin I hve already said dat method in jatin app thread yaar. Ok dear I will PM ju hw 2 get sig in sig box ok…

shwetha di yaha sure v will discuss abt jatu new shw here sumtym. If allowed den all tym. Di. Carrot scene man it was so chweet scene. I luved it.. di.. ju started 2 gve tips abt bene a mom… I thnk more den mehwish. Sum1 else needed.. is I m ryt. Sum1 heraing n getting clue..
di… b4 I call. All mine hubby like cme 2 mine rescue.as dey all luv me a loads

khytee but I won't let jatu also..plan goin on against me… but jatu is mine. Ok. I want all 11 ….

Lubna ji ju were 2 gud wid ur landing up stry dear… ju made me larf like crazly.

Shwethaji I will relpy 2 ur post 2morow peace..zzz

Pyaar mein kissi ka bas nahi chalta n aab toh bahut darr ho chuki hai…

Mera kya hoga aab. haa haan mera pagal pan destiny ban chukka hai..so guys beware of me. i m mad 4 jatu

Mere eyes mein nahi dekh sakti ki mein tum se inta pyaar karta hoon… jatu said 2 me.. LOL LOL
but i said dem abt ju can go wid raka frndz if ju want
Ju r hurting me… again he said 2 me. ven i said if ju wnat ju can go 2 khytee n mehwish

Mohabatt ka jadoo chalta hai yaah fir mohabatt karne wala ka jadoo sher(head) par chal kar bol tha hai..haila. mere pati itna romantic hai I neva thought. he really luv me a loads....he said dis 2 me. nw guys bck off...

Le gaya ge la gaya ge..DDLJ ..dis is wht jatu said 2 me as ju all r tellin me as his illgeal wife na.

Raja ki aayege barat . rangelli hogi raat. Magan or magar mein nachugi. . di is said by me…. As it's mine wedding day wid jatu naaaa

Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche har zuwan par. Sab ko malum hai or sab ko khabar hi gayi. Adi was dancing wid me. In saashi kapoor style. I m gving him traning dat hw 2 dance.. sry if d name is rong.. so he is ready 4 NB 4...... LOL LOL
citygirl Groupbie

Joined: 04 May 2005
Posts: 169

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 7:51am | IP Logged
the first page brings back soo many happy memories of our sweet jodi...i wish there could have been more but am happy there is something to remind us of them rather than nothing at all Embarrassed

now to shwetha's questions Wink

1. How we landed up on Raka Paradise.
i heard of this show called kasturi, there wasnt anything much else to watch so i decided what have i got to loose, i will watch it. first epi i watched, and that was it.LOL..didnt watch it anymore....for me ro/ka didnt excite me, they werent my cup of tea LOL...so did not watch any epis again.
but i think it was an accidental meeting for me and raka p Embarrassed. after months of not watching the show, i heard rumour that original raunak was getting replaced. i wanted to know more about new actor playing raunak (jatin)Embarrassed, cause after seeing him in one of the epis, i thought he was fab Clap. i felt raunak and kasturi shared an awesome chemistry together, i watched the show more regularly from then on...and when raka went on their honeymoon,  i found raka p Embarrassed....didnt dare go to roka place cause i knew most people in the general forum did not take too kindly to raka so i just visited raka p only Embarrassed

2. Were we silent members for a while or decided to post straightaway.
oh yes, i was a silent member for a long time before i decided to post. i still remember that day very clearly. raunak had just died in the show, read jatin's interview on tellybuzz that same day. i could not stop my self, my emotions was running high. then i thought, what better place to share your emotions than raka p...cause everyone was feeling the same as u are....thats what pushed me to post and i did not look back after that. it was relief that i finally did it...i wished i had done so sooner LOL Wink.
3. What is so special about this place.
everything and anything. its everything for us raka fans to have a place to discuss them, the actors playing them, to have a deeper appreciation for jatin and his work Embarrassed.
its anything that is important to u, u can share anything u want here and its so easy to make friends too. everyone has a great sense of humour and make everyone feel welcomed always. that is why raka p. is very special for me, and because it is so special, it will be forever remembered Embarrassed.

P.S. - Silent members the not so silent ones please do feel free to join usBig smile
i agree with shwetha, please come and join us...discuss whatever u like, and dont forget that u are always welcomed at the paradise when u decide to drop being a silent member and want to start making posts. believe me it is fun Embarrassed

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May1902 Senior Member

Joined: 08 April 2007
Posts: 681

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 9:06am | IP Logged
Mona dear me have nothing else to say to besides give up now, there's too many to compete with dekho na Abi aur Kuli bhi agayi jatin ko mangnay kay liye. Kuli's new......u should listen to her warna ooska dil toot jayega and woh kya sochi gi....socho zara sa na? Confused Don't listen to Sweety...... she's a bit confused, she's forgotten whose side she 's on *nudges Sweety * Evil Smile

@Abi: Hello again dearHug Hug

Ok moving on
I'll answer this before shweta di starts running after me with Dandas LOL (Thats why Lubna already answered before....kaam chor Lubna LOL)

Originally posted by sp79

1. How we landed up on Raka Paradise.
We????? ErmErmm *thinks* erm.................  Oh I know Big smile
When Raka had just gotten married due to erm some special circumstances LOL Ok ok sorry touchy subject.........  no it was indeed due to the fact that Raka got married, many believed they made a such sweet and cute couple(me being one of themEmbarrassed) So thats why  Raka paradise was formed. Ab aur kya kahoon?? Oh yeah I landed up the paradise by chance actually cos I'd become a fan of Raka around the time the first paradise was formed.... so came and read all the posts about Raka on the paradise which were a treat to readSmile

2. Were we silent members for a while or decided to post straightaway.

Yeh phir we agayaConfusedLOL I was a silent reader for the first paradise, then started posting during the second half of the paradise thanks to the encouragement of Khyatee and Sweety *hugs them bothHug*

3. What is so special about this place.
Definitely not Lubna!!!!LOLLOL *sees Lubna coming with a danda*    Ok ok the most special thing about this place is the indeed the friendship all angels share as Shweta di already saidSmile. Raka was the main reason why I came here, though now its all u angelsHug that keeps me coming here cos Raka.... who knows where they're going to end upConfused But definetely the the paradise is special because of all u wonderful angelsEmbarrassed

P.S. - Silent members the not so silent ones please do feel free to join us

Already having the Silent member experience taught me to "Give in to ur consciouses taunt "Post.... u know u want to" Wink Seriously pleases do come and post....we're very friendly people... we don't bite as wellLOL and besides we need more angels in our fight to save Jatin from Monalisa evil clutches *love u mona dearEmbarrassed*

@ all angels
Lets see wat tonight's epi has in store for us.... I wonder Ermm Geek more madness perhaps LOL


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nightangel IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 May 2005
Posts: 11469

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 9:55am | IP Logged

ahaaa.... now it my turn 4 vishesh tipnee.. Wink *cough*

sweta mem present with homework...feel like u treat us as ur kiddddoooooo LOL Ouch

ok on serious note  first of all I congrats sweta 4 giving such unique dhinking..Clap  never dhink be4 dhis much about dhis place...so thnx a lots to get me back on pavilion of Raka.p...SmileSmileSmile

1. How we landed up on Raka Paradise.

hmm.. not get exect idea.. how I pop up here...  may be I surfing here & dhr , might be open dhis dhread... saw khytee's post.. read it.. really enjoy a lots.. dhink dhis girl is really tremendous sort of power on riting side.. aweee with her.. if m not 4get I dhink I reply her post first... dhn d "silsila goes on " I started to watch kasturi hmm.. may be in july not exect idea.. & ended in feb or march....LOLDead

2. Were we silent members for a while or decided to post straightaway.
me & silent.. LOL  NO..no..  I m very  outspoken girl.. I never b'comz silent in any circumstance.. watever I feel I spot express it on d time.. kya pata "Kal ho na ho..."""  so 4 me.. I m not in d list of silent..  Wink

3. What is so special about this place.

hmmm speical..love, talks, views, learn how to patient on some zovicee circumstance occur...gradually it's all lead me in to one strong bond... called Friendship..  I got so many friends , some of r really..really close to my heart.. till my life end I never 4get dhm... dhy all r part of my life.. newayz I miss all of dhm sooooooooo much.. Cry Ouch

P.S. - Silent members the not so silent ones please do feel free to join us

now here I can't comment anydhing becoz I know so many members who wanna share lots of dhings... but dhr r certain facts which is not suit dhm so after one stage I stop my self to push dhm.. & happy with dhm via PM only....SmileSmile

aldhough I wish now d air is changed & hope dhy come out very easily.... Big smile

Edited by nightangel - 04 June 2008 at 9:08pm

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