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RaKa (Jatin/Shubhangi)Paradise (Page 3)

3 angels IF-Rockerz
3 angels
3 angels

Joined: 14 October 2005
Posts: 5374

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 3:32am | IP Logged
@sweety..akhir aap ki darshan milee aur DMG se waqt nikhala.. Wink

yes so happy we get our 6th paradise.. Big smile

oh cant forget these days sweety..

to think of it we have completed 5 threads of raka paradise..we have discussed the show, jatin, raunak, kasturi..

we have made so many friends..sharing jokes,had a good laugh on certain scenes,share our analysis,felt bad to see the butchering of our fav character ,getting exasperated with the track but still we are here as the bonding we have cant be broken..cant stay away from the paradise..

thats why i feel its so unique the paradise.. Smile

haiiiiiiiiiiii "jatin ki jaan'...aap ka famous line "dil garden garden ho gayaa"...oh rite now on cloud nine..dil jho kush kar diyaa aap ne... Embarrassed LOL LOL .... 

mehwish bhi..jatin ki jaan hein.. Embarrassed

sweety "shhhhhhhhh"mona out ho gayee hein ..race haar rahee hein... LOL

yes i remember see even yesterday "brij" kas so called second dad talks in riddle to kaushi..i want to tell kas wat i saw in hospital and he takes only raunak's name..we do know there was a second person on spot there..so may be maasi...you know esp the pious aura thats surrounds her and the b.music playing on her gives different vibes.

yes thats the bugging part we do know ra is the #1 enemy..so he is exposed where is the suspense ?..the real planner someone else maasi or?????...

i'm not saying this cos of jatin and dont want to accept he is negative but why i feel ra is playing double game too..evil but somewhere there must be a twist in the story..there are so many loopholes and the revenge reason of his is totally absurd..lets see..

@kuli..you too in the race for jatin.. Smile

awwwwwwwwww mona you need tissue boxes..you are losing your jatu dear... you cant compete with us all now... LOL ...

chor do chor do mona..zid nahin karte... Wink

Edited by 3 angels - 04 June 2008 at 3:44am

kuli01 Senior Member

Joined: 04 February 2008
Posts: 282

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 4:11am | IP Logged
we should all kidnap mona and hide her somewhere and then we can all have whichever man we want LOL

im having jatin as i thought of this idea LOL
citygirl Groupbie

Joined: 04 May 2005
Posts: 169

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 4:30am | IP Logged

All angels, this is for reaching raka p. 6 Hug

am so happy that we are still here rocking the paradise. And congrats also to all our new friends we have made along the way EmbarrassedClap .

Agree with khytee and lubna, we wished for raunak/jatin to come back in p. 5 Wink , we got that wish Embarrassed . Now all of us wish that he returns as a positive raunak once again. The sweet natured and caring character comes back to us Big smile .
Hope de-creatives will listen to us and grant us this wish Big smile.

Fab povs as usual… Clap Clap dear don't ever let that optimist side of u go at all Embarrassed ….its what keeps all of us with this show….the hope that a twist is on its way (and a good one too LOL ) and for jatin's character to be redeemed and for another character instead to turn negative Wink .

About the paradise, completely agree Embarrassed ….that was what pushed me to start making posts here, to stop being a silent member Embarrassed . And I have never regretted doing that…there is this limitless ability for affection here in this paradise with every angel…its so easy to interact with everyone and make more friends in the process Embarrassed .

Its funny that this thread was created for raka, now that raka are not here…even now, its still as much a success as it was at the beginning Smile .

Raka p. 6, a new edition is major proof of the success, thanks shagun for this new tread..great work Clap .

Yaar, I know nothing to smile about or even impress us with this storyline… Dead .just please come and visit here from time to time…oh yeah don't forget to bring your emoticons too LOL Wink …have missed them a lot Cry .

Jatin, jatin, jatin, is all we seem to talk about so lets be positive and be patient that he will bring us some good news soon Embarrassed Embarrassed

Please tell us he will bring good news Wink …don't think I can bare it if he doesn't Confused . anyways I still have 2 small requests for jatin, please ask him about them Embarrassed
1.when will he come and visit his fans here at raka p and also AM niche at kggk and has he been reading all of our posts about the injustice at the hands of BT production house? Smile

2.he is due for another tellybuzz interview… Wink LOL has he got any plans for that.? Embarrassed

all in all i hope this torture that is kasturi will end soon...there is not even any sign a new twist is coming Angry .

but with the updates i have read massi does seem like the character who will be shown as the biggest game player of them all. Angry ..then we will get to see where raunak's real loyalties lie and to whom.. i just hope its good news Wink

@ khytee and kuli

is jatin already taken? Cry,  but my choice is only jatin LOL Embarrassed...so i am joing in too, but u know what will end this race quickly...me joining in at the last minute and taking the ultimate prize jatin..LOL LOL Wink. u leave him for me...u wont mind if i take him for myself...mona hope u are reading this too LOL.

Edited by citygirl - 04 June 2008 at 5:04am
coolfattin Senior Member

Joined: 19 April 2008
Posts: 400

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 4:43am | IP Logged
ppl congrates on ur new paradise Clap .
but now this of no news i think .can anyone tell me how 2 make siggies.atleast i will i will make bt them n make myself happy!!!
Shwetha! IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 July 2007
Posts: 10459

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 4:50am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.
k-ekta fan IF-Rockerz
k-ekta fan
k-ekta fan

Joined: 03 December 2006
Posts: 8656

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 4:54am | IP Logged
@coolfattin ..Even I m mad at ht dey all r showng but wht can v all do yaar…wait n watch dat is all

yah khytee kuch toh hain n dat is wht I also observe more den exposing him … she was protectiong him. n ju said perfect wht a tyming.

Kuli dat part was nt shwn only dat raunk mom hve hear all...

Shwetha di gud 2 c ju bck. Di 4 of dem hve got Gf but dey still care 4 me…Di but I like new riddhima
di. wow a kissin 2 ur son 4m me gve him..

di it was a bore epi. Yaha I thnk maasi was only d lady brij saw in hosp
di thx 4 info abt y rauank loose all his money.

Lubna wht is dis I m seeing ju also premeer avy gr8 yaar.. no yaar I was havin mine hubby 4m 1st only. But nw I started 2 expose dat I m hvin more hubbies..

Shwetha di wht is dis 1st ju were promtion rauank. Den jatu n den raka para. N nw want 2 play games, contest.. really I thnk jatu tricks is wrking here…

Khytee ju 2 4 premeer. I thnk all Raka angu r fallin 4 Premeer.. by d way khytee.. keep ur eyes away 4m mine shirtless hubby harshu ok… dat ryt is mine only 2 c him like dat

Shwetah di n khytee even I feel d same. Maasi is d real plan maker n wht

Lubna muahha. Yaah ur wish cme true dat raunak wuld b bck. N ur nxt wish is dat only raunk turn +ive bck as b4. lubna I m dere wid ju 4 beauty contest… n 1 more game dat si d most important 1. rauank kis ka pati…

Oye kully gr8 intro man.. as much I rmbr I din intro myself like dis. Nw I m feelin jealous of ju.. haha ju like sallu I like Srk.. n in telly it was hitu only. Dat tym I hve made uo mine mind also I won't fall 4 any1 except dis 2… but dis dil want more yara. N c 2day I hve 11 hubbies in tellywood. Thx god I dun watch movi otherwise pata nahi bolly mein hw much I might hve n in telly also I watch only ekta shw much. Dat is y only 11..

Khytee I dun knw wht is dey all r doin. But 1 thnk is sure mine hubby raunak is faking…

Mehwish even I entered 4m 2nd para oftenly. But use 2 v silent readers at 1st raka par. Dere all old memory till fresh in mine mind..yday hi mujhe kuch yaad aaya..of raka old scene..
Mehwish d kids r really adorable… I thnk ur cousin r d 1st eprosn who want 2 c d shw 4 kasturi. Nt like us watching only 4 jatu…. Again kissin 2 dem…god bless dem n shwetah di kids.. n … sweetyji.. bless….
I won't ever change myself. I m d best like I m 2day n dat is y dey all luv me… I was feeln uncom4tabel wid all d hubby dat si y I said kuch tym ke liye kuch replacement dhoon lo.. so dey all choose d grl who r in my sis box box..

guys shwetha tym is up 4 pormotion so it is mien tym 4 promotion nw abt mine hubby...

guys dere is Jatin Fc also. plz join dere... made by our none other den latest sauten kully... Angry LOL Tongue

dis is d link....

Jatin Shah FC

plz jatu fanz join in. his legal wife is tellin ju all 2 join LOL LOL

wil relpy 2 all new raka para thread widthin 15 min
3 angels IF-Rockerz
3 angels
3 angels

Joined: 14 October 2005
Posts: 5374

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 5:57am | IP Logged

@kuli..wat an idea kidnap mona.. LOL LOL ..

but the only problem we all want jatin here not interested in others... LOL

@abi...great post.. Clap Clap

yes we will rock this one too.. Big smile

abi my optimism oh yes this is one of the second reason i keep up with this show..

you know we must "never say never" esp with "BT" as they are so unpredictable..when and how they change a script / kill a character and make another one negative you never know....btw this is how if no turn in ra character i see maasi as the next big hurdle in kas life..

i think this is wat is called a serial..lots of tracks and dont ask about sub plots like the chawla's here..they cant end it in 2 hrs like a movie so to keep the serial go on for yrs they need this kind of strategy..characters keep going /coming / dead/alive positive /negative etc..

just imagine ra is exposed and lots of drama..he is out of kas life..ok ro/kas reunite /happy but wat will kasturi do..you know pratishod/mission/playing detective thats wat lead heroines do in ekta shows..interfere in others life and starts bashaan..

so i will not be surprised if after a leap i watch raunak back in kas life..this is the circle ..

abi dont cry..you too come..we must be united against mona.. Wink

11 hubbies and she dont let anyone go.. LOL

wat say we tell mona keep the 10 ones we are not interested just leave jatin for us..good idea nah..we will take good care of him.. Embarrassed

@coolfattin..i dont know how to make siggy .mona may be can be of help cos there is a link where you can follow the steps how to make it..

mona can you help her please.. Smile

@swhetha..hey great idea.. Smile

looking at the first pg all the memories come back..

1. How we landed up on Raka Paradise..

how i landed on raka paradise..i did not know about this surprise and one day i saw raka paradise in the sticky topic..this was a real treat esp as a raka fan.. Embarrassedfrom that day on raka paradise is like my second home as i have made so many charming and loveable friends.in other words my other family.. Big smile

2. Were we silent members for a while or decided to post straightaway.
hmm i posted straightaway..i remember it was a post about jatin.. Embarrassed

this i cant forget sweety came afterwards..next started our daily analysis of the show..talks on raka..then we were so happy reaching the 2nd paradise so many join us in the fun and today we have become a family..Smile i'm so happy now so many new angels are coming. to rock this place.Smile

3. What is so special about this place.

i will second abi's words here...

"there is this limitless ability for affection here in this paradise with every angel…its so easy to interact with everyone and make more friends in the process"

thats the truth.. let the serial wat is more important is the communication/interaction with each other..the sense of humour/fun we have is just great.. we can joke /pulling leg but we never hurt any friend in the process..in the paradise we dont make our fanship the priority but our friendship.. Big smile

so for me as i said before its really unique the paradise.... Smile

so thats about me how i landed and how i feel about the paradise.. Smile

hope we get more silent members joining us here and believe me you all will love it here. Smile

Edited by 3 angels - 04 June 2008 at 6:34am
qau24 Senior Member

Joined: 08 October 2007
Posts: 561

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 6:15am | IP Logged
yayyy ...welcome to the paradise VI .... Party....  Party  Party ..thanks a lot shagun for this wonderful paradise....

wowwwww ..... now this is called na competition ... sweety u know make a siggy with ...mmmm ..yeah 5 jatins ...  Wink  LOL  LOL ....

Originally posted by sp79

Before i begin replying to the posts, this is what we all are going to do, a trip down the memory lane: ClapClap

All of us will write about the following:

1. How we landed up on Raka Paradise..... WE??? ...I know how "I" landed ..can i take a guess how u landed ???.. LOL.... ok i know i know what u want ..
Once upon a time a serial called kasturi started .. i being the laziest and the most intelligent personLOL .. i thght chalo jee new drama pakrain .... but musibat us nay humain aisa pakra kay akhir main paradise main hi a kar direct landing maari ...LOL... ok joke apart ... i started liking the raka jodi ... and lo jee jis dabbay main raka likha hota tha it was a must for me to read that postLOLLOL .. so paradise ka dabba zara ziyada bada tha....toh hum nay yahan ana shrou kar diya .. itna kafi hai kay kuch aur bhi likhoon ... LOL ... aur tumhain kiya laga tha kay main nay plane say landing ki ....na na ....LOLLOL

2. Were we silent members for a while or decided to post straightaway. .... ok phir WE Big smile....LOL ... dear main ik hi hoon pakka Wink.. ok i m a very silent member i just like to write ..Wink ..ok i mean i was a record silent member on this forum .. but then what happened and how i ended up posting ..well that is a very very long story ...LOL .. ok i try to summarize it in words .. i just wanted to improve my typing skills ...LOLLOL... nahin nahin people might think this way .... i posted coz i was upset of ra swimming skills ,kasturi screaming skills .... and if you want to know what was my first post about then plz contact shwetha who apparently knows what it was about .. LOLLOL ...

3. What is so special about this place. ME ...Big smile ...LOLLOL .. ok joke apart ... i think so the members .whoever come here makes it special ... i luvv the way we use this platform to enjoy,have fun ,discuss and now specially when raka is not the same way .... so much regarding the story has changed but i think so we are still the same .. we still adore raka ... we still come and enjoy the serial ... even thgh some traitors are not watching the show and still writing posts after posts as if they are the ones bearing the torture ... plz if u have anyones name in mind..inform me ...LOLLOL ... ok i really apologize from my part ....Embarrassed ..

P.S. - Silent members the not so silent ones please do feel free to join usBig smile ..
sooooo sweet ... u specially adressed me ...LOLLOL ..

Hey all, do write on ur journey on raka p. And here is some homework to all (yup including me). This being the awards month, here is what we will do:
if you do this work before time will we get a star Big smile...Star  Star

I nominate myself for ............... award. ... oway i m nominated kise nay mujhay bataya hi nahin ...LOL ....

teacher teacher ..are we supposed to submit the homework here or ..............Big smile

yup this the blank for you to fill......LOL


Edited by qau24 - 04 June 2008 at 6:24am

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