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RaKa (Jatin/Shubhangi)Paradise (Page 2)

Ms.GoodMorning IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 January 2007
Posts: 26679

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 1:45am | IP Logged

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3 angels IF-Rockerz
3 angels
3 angels

Joined: 14 October 2005
Posts: 5374

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 1:52am | IP Logged
thank you sooooooo much shagun for this new paradise.. Smile ..

love the revamped look/beautiful layout..great job.. Clap Clap Clap ..

definitely this brings us all down memory lane..we can only say "why ,why" theyruined such a beautiful couple.."sighs"..

anyways congrats to all for this 6th paradise.. Clap Clap Clap ..

i'm sure we all old/new members will rock it as usual.. Big smile ...

@mona..yeh kya another hubby of yours dating someone else.. Confused

listen to mehwish..sudhar jha jaldee se.. chor do in illegal hubbies ko...LOL ...
May1902 Senior Member

Joined: 08 April 2007
Posts: 681

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 1:55am | IP Logged
Mona dear I haven't watched the epis for Kasturi yet, just finished watching KDMHMD's epis. Read my last post at the old paradise

I read about Yasir-Nasreen but it wasn't confirmed then but now it seems its true. Though totally unexpected ...........  Mona dear ur losing ur touchLOLLOL


Edited by May1902 - 04 June 2008 at 1:56am
k-ekta fan IF-Rockerz
k-ekta fan
k-ekta fan

Joined: 03 December 2006
Posts: 8656

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 1:56am | IP Logged

kully ju r feelin wow...

I was like wht goin on wid all mine hubbies dey all r leaving me. in dis month only LOL LOL I thnk i m 2 hatw dat dey nt hve more heat in dis summer... LOL LOL

khytee yes thx 4 shagz dat she hve gven us wonderful thread. n dat is y v all r 2day frnbdz n share our talk..

nt sure yaar. but he might b dating her... he said dat he is gud frndz but grl said dat dey r dating... i can understand her feelin as after seieng such a hottie hw can any1 ignore dis fact Wink

*Edited after seeing khytee post*

mehwish it's better ju dun watch d shw. as it was nt wrth at all... also 4 Jatu.. as jatu was just shwn 4 1 sec. only 1 sec dat is also smirking wala.. rets all.

better nt watch..

i did read ur comments yet. as I m ryt nw in 143 page. i will relpy 2 it by 1 hr

Edited by k-ekta fan - 04 June 2008 at 2:13am
k-ekta fan IF-Rockerz
k-ekta fan
k-ekta fan

Joined: 03 December 2006
Posts: 8656

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 1:58am | IP Logged

Khytee yaah I m going wid mix emotion s seeing all mine hubbies n deir Gf in mine Sig box. But I m luving it. I m promoting deir luv stry

Dat is wht yaar. Mine bhaiyu jayu is 2 gud…


Sweety it was an awesum siggy yaar. Jatu was lukin so hawt n pri hppy.


Dr. Lubna Ma'am I agree wid ju if  dey will shw totally negative. Den it wil b total chock 2 all raka fanz… n I will surely luk out dat I stop watching dis shw. But 4 JS gosh. Hw can I stop…

Yaah all thx 4 sweety 4 gven 2 Jatu. 1 4 pri n another 4 me. I m 2 lucky.. hahahaha


Kully ju chup kar. Mere pati ki ju r callin as jaan..  kuch toh sharam karle yaar..


Khytee no 1 can win wid me. If it cum 2 mine hottie talk…


Kully so wht he is ruling mine sig box also whhc is reminder 2 ju dat all r mine.. nt only jatu but all…


Mehwish yes kully also behind mine jatu. But I m stub born I won't let mien hubby 2 go wid ju… ju n khytee fail 2 convince me.. n so kully will also.. mehwish but in dat shw gharwali n bharawali . d cast was ali n sara but jatu n shalu I thnk so..

Mehwish even I m misisn jatu n shalu jodi dat si y tryin 4 dme 2 cum up 2gther but dun feel in near future…as in kggk dey r makin tannu killed. So d stry will revolve around who is d killer..


Oh khytee stop it. Dere will nt a day will cum ven I will say I dun luv jatu/araunak/ adi. Instead I m fallin 4 him more n more day by day. So stop dreaming dat 1 day I will accept defeat n will gve ju n mehwish mine jatu..

kully i m waiting 4 d day ven I need 2 vote 4 mine jatu dancing skill. but d fact is day in dat shw.. ali-sara is also dere na. n 4 whch of mine hubbies i need 2 vote. n if shalu n mahesh also cum. gosh...  i will b mad as shalu is chweethrt n mahesh luv her a loads. i chat wid him.. many tym. n even veer he cjhat wid me. he chat abt shalu only... god bles all d couple yaar

Originally posted by Insanity

Main bhi kab se koshish kar rahi hoon lakin abhi tak kamjaab nahi huyi.. LOL

@Khyatee and May: Look at her siggy box. She's got her sautens in there too. She's become the illegal wife. LOLLOL

p.s. she'll be mad when she sees this. LOL

but kully ju won win wid me. as jatu luv me n i luv him...Embarrassed. oye chup kar illegal wifey kya hai yeh. i m legal wife. dun ju knw. I said i married 2 dem b4 deir dis GF cme in deir life...

gosh mad. i m gettin mad seeing all mine hubbies wid deir GF... but i lub ju all. dat mean i m so famous 4 luving jatu here n sushi n harshu in kis des mein...

Originally posted by 3 angels

@kully..dont worry mehwish and i are trying hard to make mona see the reality and to leave him.. Smile

she is too possessive will take time but our mission is still on we wont accept defeat... LOL

it will come the day mona will say ok i want to get rid of him...woah wat a day it will be mona no more in love with her jatu/raunak... LOL ..

i know mona will be saying you devils conspiracy against me and my love... LOL ..no way i leave my jatu woh mere dil mein hein aur sirf mera hein... LOL

yaah i m 2 possessive 4 dem dear. n dis is wht will b mine reaction dear if ju all will ask me 2 leave jatu....

yaah ju all r devil. n vamp in mine n jatu luv stryLOL. yes he live in mine hrt. whtever ju do i can't day i dun luv him any more.....

Edited by k-ekta fan - 04 June 2008 at 2:21am
nightangel IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 May 2005
Posts: 11469

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 2:36am | IP Logged

oye hoyee... I m in new paradize... aliha.. PartyPartyParty

actully I find d old one but dhn Geek  d new one is already developed.. well gr8 news 4 gr8 angels.. Thumbs UpThumbs Up

I can't believe my self dht me & khytee r still here @ d new journey of Raka...6. ClownClownClown

M so happy 4 all of u d way we rocks.. despite raka & d serial is already finished.Dead 

as 4 me.. khytee tries very hard dht I m interact with d show but I lost d grip.. & not intend to come back to d show.. I m sorry but..I really really miss u guys all.. Khytee I miss our day to day convo.. Cry Ouch

well..welcome all d new angels...Hug we r old buddies of here...


aree dear wat suppose to i do dht u r coming b/h me.. seems u r most happy dht I comment jatin as kiddo & U r as...........HugWink LOL


Original is orignal.. DMG is finished.. so does AR.. new one is failed to make mark dht shilpu did... but any way.. as u know I never go b/h actors.. I like characters & dhr 4 I watch d show...


to talk with shilpu is our "majboori..." becoz I love my collouges & friends lots rather dhn shilpu.. dhough first we had tough time with her.. but newayz she is quite familiar with us..Smile as per talk she is good  & ambitious girl.. nothing rong wat she is doing rite now... becoz I myself rite now passing dhrough exectly d same raga as she is going in her profession... Ouch


hello... jatin ki jaan... kaisee ho ?? wow.. u gonna damn fast with ur show.. anyway if u remember or not but I told u 4m d day one dht massi is not ma-ssi d way dhy show.. if..if... she will come out d real planner dhn I Hate myself lots rather dhn anyone.. becoz if d viewers know 4m d day one.. wat u gonna show us.. dhn whr d creative's part is coming.. wish some one unknown person also belongs with her...AngryDead


welcome so u watch d epic.. good..going.. sorry to say but I can't comment anydhing ...I already left so long ago.. really heart broken d way dhy kill Raunak in pieces on daily it's much better dhy kill him on d spot..AngryDead


hye dear DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LOLWink howdy... see I rite perfectly... LOL Wink

@kully, nice siggy of dht newcomers.. wat he is trying to see his "SIX PACKS..."""" WinkLOL


Sorry 4 late replying of ur PM... we will send some articles about DMG in "HT" soon... rest go dhrough PM..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Edited by nightangel - 04 June 2008 at 8:33am
kuli01 Senior Member

Joined: 04 February 2008
Posts: 282

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 2:55am | IP Logged
hi guys congrats for paradise 6. Big smile

@mona: u need to control ur hubbies man put them on a leash and tell them to behave u cant have them going off with other girls wht will happen to u.

and hey whts going on why all of a suddden r they with other girls r u not taking care of them properly. if u cant cope ask us we r here to take care of them for u LOL
k-ekta fan IF-Rockerz
k-ekta fan
k-ekta fan

Joined: 03 December 2006
Posts: 8656

Posted: 04 June 2008 at 3:00am | IP Logged

Mehwish dat is y mine all darling n pati luv me a loads..  I understand dem n understand deir feelin n accepted deir illegal affair also. Dekha hw much I luv dem…


Kully I m hppy dat mine hubby thought abt me n brought sautens 4 me.. yaah I m damn sure jatu will put his all.. 2 get d best dance step. N mein huoon na till NB4 start I will make him perfect 2 dance in d shw….


Mehwish ju understand me so well na dat I luv mine sauten. Den y dun ju get I will nt leave my hubbies 4 ju all. Ju want hussain. I want hitu 2 anchor dis shw.  Mine all hottie in d same shw.. I hope still den Harshu n additi also declare as couple n so yasir n nasreen dat wuld b might best 2 watch all d hottie 2gther. But I will b sure in dilemma dat 4 whom shuld I vote..


Khytee ma'am control jee control. Mere pati ke bare mein itni tariff . 4 1 sec I felt jatu is nt mien but ur hubby… yes I hope ekta gve him lead role..as ali is getting den y nt jatu also… n I hope in dat shw dey dun mislead wid his track or make him as side track as dey did 2 mine bhaiyu neevu..


Sweety wait… dun gve mine rauank 2 khytee or mehwish. As I made mine mind 2 handle bth d raunak.. evil /devil… yaah gud..  I b'cum more selfish nw n I want bth of dem as mine hubby.

Wow wht a gud statement ju said. Men need women in deir life…


Mehwish nahi yaar. I din hve dem much. I want dem more. So I will take away rauank 4m khytee also. N dey bth will b wid me.. khytee nt ju n mehwish it's me n only me… ju r out nw..

Mehwish just gve a bog kiss n tight hug 2 ur cousin yaar. Chalo koi toh hai. Who thought dat rauank is bechara n kasturi is devil who is gonna 2 eat him.  but khytee ur post on dat kisnap raunak n vampire was 2 gud. Ju knw. Sidra made 1 siggy referring jatu as vampire as he was in blck coat n red shirt… he was d latest vampire who was so hawt. N new don whom I luv


Kully yaah it is another pair of aamir-sanji.. but  I like sanji. She is frnk but pri. She is reserved I thnk so…


Khytee hw can ju say dat dear I wcth d epi 4 mine hubby jatu…khytee  felt d same she dun want 2 hurt rauank.wass goin on I m mad at dis..


Originally posted by nightangel


aap bhi jatin ke Race mein ho... haaaaaaaa....kuch zayda nahi ho gaya..LOL Wink I mean he is kiddo & u r ...........................Wink nahi just random dhought.. Big smile. sweety a berry gud thought. so mehwish chalo.. sweety ki baat mano. dun luk at mine rauank/jtu knw. leave it 4 meLOL

@ mona:-

u know now m really confoosed.. actually I didn't know anydhing about ur 3 photos.. d first one, 2nd one....?? hmm... "aap ko pahlee bhi kahi dekha hai...LOL Wink ok.. 2nd one I know but rest of d photos.. who r dhy ?? Ouch Confused.

1st is mine hubby lai n his GF sara

2nd is introduction toh ho gaya hai naa inkaLOL

3rd is mine another n latest hubby harshu n addtie . he is d guys who play prem in kis des mein. n dat is grl who is heer opp him. all r behind mine dis hubby also... but i won't leave him..

4rd is yasir n mitika..dey wrk in khwiash shw as jeeju n saali..

i hope ju get 2 knw mine hubbies berry welll

yaar... kamse kam Intro to karvooo... pacca mujee in mein se kisee mein bhi interest nahi hai...Big smile. better ju nt get intrest in mien hubbies. otherwise ju saw na wht mien rauank is doin nw-a-days. it's me who gve him traning. so beware of me. mujhe gussa nahi dilanaLOLAngry

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