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khel khel mein...Part 3 on pg 5~~~~~ (Page 5)

iqbals4ever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 June 2008 at 6:25pm | IP Logged
awesome part cont soon plz!!!!!!!! Clap

AngelsHeaven IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2008 at 9:15am | IP Logged
nice part
the plan seems gr8...
hope it will make kripa a human again...
contine soon
nuts123 Goldie

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Posted: 27 June 2008 at 10:12am | IP Logged

omg love this ff... just caught up with part 1, and must say a reli interesting concept

so glad 4 once kripa's the rich one whilst angad's middle class LOL

hmmm... so angad's applied 4 CEO.. he sure is VERY confident... Kripa is sure very fast, alredy proposed 2 him 4 the marriage?? LOL i wonder whats the reason behind it... looks like arjun's words have came true... but angad had sed he'd NEVER marry Kripa... it seems he'll have 2 change his decision as he wants 2 become rich and earn alot of money 4 his mum... hmmm, Kripa sure is a snob, as he phrased her... but i'm sure angad wud change her soonEmbarrassed

plz pm me when u update...if u can



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roshaa IF-Dazzler

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amAzINGGGG F-fff !!
coNTINUEeee SsOONNn Big smile
MS-meghasharma IF-Sizzlerz

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great part
-ArohaAngel- IF-Sizzlerz

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intresting i wonder what other million!! gr8 job!!
AKForever Goldie

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Posted: 07 July 2008 at 7:03am | IP Logged
hey great part... continue soon.. Clap
desiigirl19 Goldie

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 "Welcome!!" Sangeeta greeted everyone who entered the doors of the Sharma Mansion. She made sure that everyone settled down and felt like it was their home. It was her daughters engagement party. Ofcourse Kripa was her daughter too and she made sure she never differentiated between Esha and Kripa, her stepdaughter. But she was a mother and a human being. Somehow Esha was more of a concern than Kripa even if it was unintentionally. It was something that no one but Kripa realized yet she never made an issue of it. Sangeeta was the only mother known to Kripa anyway.

Esha sat in front of her mirror and looked at herself all dressed up in a saree and them smiled herself a sad smile. Then she heard the door crack open and saw Kripa walk in. "Kripa..hi. What are you doing here? Everyones having fun downstairs. Go enjoy!"

"Oh come on Esha." Kripa sat down in front of Esha, leaning against the dresser. "You know I dont really care about these parties. Besides its your day, you should be the one having fun. So why are you upstairs here? Its your party dude!"

"I know...but..."

"But what?" Esha looked down and then took a deep breath. "Kripa...I'm really sorry for everything I have done. I know I hurt you a lot and seriously if I could go back and take everything back I could...."

"Shut up Esha! Never regret anything in life. Whatever happened was meant to be. You are supposed to marry Danny and so it will happen. Forget the past okay? Go have fun. Tonights your night baby." Esha smiled and nodded her head.

"So you're coming downstairs with me right?" Esha got up to leave. "Yeah you go ahead, I'll be right there." Kripa smiled back and Esha left.

Kripa smirked when Esha left and then looked at the dresser table. There lay the photo Album of Esha and Danny a.k.a. Danish Singhal. She looked at a photo of them. Standing together with the Brooklyn Bridge behind them. Danish and Esha had met in New York where Esha was studying abroad for a year. It looked so beautiful, she thought. Lights in the background, both of them standing at the bridge holding hands. SO perfect together...then in a fit of anger she ripped the photo into pieces and then threw them in the garbage can. "I hate you Esha. I hate you" Kripa said to herself and then walked out of the room.

"Oh hey Angad!" Sangeeta saw Angad Khanna at her doorstep and walked upto him to welcome him inside. "I'm glad you could come tonight on such short notice."

"Anything for your family Mrs. Sharma. After all Esha is Kripa's little sister. And thanks a lot for the invite. Its my pleasure to be here Mrs. Sharma."

"Haha! You know how to charm everyone Angad. No wonder you charmed Kripa as well. Nahi to woh kisi se bhi itni friendship nahi karti." Angad blushed and lowered his gaze but then looked up and around again. "By the way, where is Kripa?"

"Hm..I dont know. I think she was in Esha's room before. She'll be on her way down here. But first you come in and have a drink or something. The night has just begun. Theres more fun coming along haha." Sangeeta patted his shoulder and walked away.

Angad walked into the party and looked around. SO this was how these rich parties were. "Angad Khanna." Angad looked behind him when he heard his name. "Arjun?? Hey bro!" Angad and Arjun exchanged their usual handshakes. "Wat you doin here bro? At a Sharma party?"

"Long story man! I'll tell you sometime but what you doin here? I thought you hated these parties."

"Haha. Yeah I still do. But nahh Sangeeta Sharma throws some good parties dude. Theres booze and hot chicks all dressed up. What else can you ask for?" Angad and Arjun both cracked up and turned around when they heard someone's voice. "Whats so funny boys?"

"Yo Danny!!" Arjun walked upto him and did the handshake again. "Whats up man! I heard you were gettin engaged to Esha and I was like whoaa Danny boy finally settling down! haha" Angad just stood there, he didnt know Danny. But Arjun turned around and looked at Angad.

"Okay dude this is Danny. or Danish Singhal. He's the dude of the night! But seriously man. I didnt see you for a whole year and all of a sudden I'm like Danny is getting married? Danny Singhal? The Danny I know was a playa man. Where did you come from?"

"Nah bro I'm tellin you. When you fall in love you forget everything you've done in the past."

"Love eh?" Angad joined into their convo. "Dint think that crap existed anymore man."

"Thats what I thought too but Esha changed every bit of that thought."

"And there she is!" Arjun exclaimed, making Danny and Angad look towards the stairs. They watched Esha walk down the stairs as all the guests looked at her. She looked truly beautiful, even Angad couldnt stop looking.

Gracefully, Esha came downstairs and stood next to Danny as the party resumed. "Hi baby" Danny kissed her cheek and then looked at Arjun and Angad. "Okay boys this is my Esha. And Esha you know Arjun and this is..." Danny realized that Arjun hadnt introduced Angad to him yet. But Angad introduced himself. "I'm Angad. Angad Khanna. I'm Kripa's boyfriend." All three of them stopped what they were doing, thinking and looked at Angad. Kripa's boyfriend?

"I heard my name" Everyone looked at Kripa stand next to them. Esha walked upto Kripa and held her hand. "What am I hearing Kripa? Angad...your boyfriend. And I dont know a thing about this huh? come on come on tell us sis...wassupp?" Esha teased Kripa as she just stood there staring Angad down. Then suddenly she smiled and looked at Esha. "Angad wishes he was my boyfriend.." Then she walked upto him. "Keep wishing boy coz you aint getting it!" Saying this she walked away as Angad stood there with everyone around him screaming "ohhhhh", joking around dissing him out. Angad stood there smirking, he knew Kripa was mad at him but this was his chance to show the world that this Angad Khanna loved Kripa Sharma no matter how untrue that was.

"Pehli nazar mein kaisa jadoo kar diya
Tera ban baita hai mera jiya...."

Kripa stopped walking when she heard Angad's voice singing to her. What the hell?!? she thought to herself and turned around as all the guests at the party turned their attention towards them as well.

"Pehli nazar mein kaisa jadoo kar diya
Tera ban baita hai mera jiya
jaane kya hoga kya hoga kya pata
iss pal ko milke aa jee le zara"

Angad walked upto Kripa and took her hands in his and stared into her eyes as intensely. For a moment Kripa felt her heartbeat skip.

"Mein hoon yahan
tu hain yahan
meri baahon mein aa
aa bhi jaa
O janejaan dono jahan
meri baahon mein aa
bhool jaa"

Kripa pushed him away and turned around to walk away but heard Angad again and this time, she couldnt walk anymore.

"Baby i love u,

Kripa turned around again to look at him. Angad walked upto her, still singing and leaned in to kiss her and she closed her eyes, holding her breath. Angad and kissed her forehead. When she opened her eyes, he continued singing.

"baby i love you, baby i love you, baby i love you … so..
Baby i love u
Oh i love u
I love u
I love u so
Baby i love u..."

Kripa suddenly placed her hand on Angad's lips and nodded her head to stop him from singing. "Please Angad. stop.." She whispered to him so no one would notice. He didnt even hear her but he saw her lips move. And he did stop. He didnt know why all of a sudden Kripa wanted him to stop pretending. Afterall all this was another act to show the world that Kripa and Angad were in love so why now?  Kripa saw the questions in his eyes and then suddenly smiled and hugged him, looking around to see that everyone was staring at them.

"Kripa? Whats going on?" Sangeeta came forward and looked at both of them, in each other arms. Kripa suddenly let go of Angad and stuttered. "mom woh..." She looked down. All fake. "Kripa tumhe kuch kehne ki zaroorat nahi hai Kripa." Angad spoke and Kripa looked at him, shocked.

"Mrs. Sharma."

"Nahi Angad. Please dont say anything." Kripa held his hand to stop him but Angad grasped his other hand around hers making a fist. "Dont worry Kripa. Let me talk"

"Mrs. Sharma. Kripa and I love each other. And we want to get married." All of a sudden hell broke loose in the party. Everyone started murmurring about what they had just heard. Kripa and Angad? Marriage? All of a sudden. No one could stop talking about it.

Angad took Kripa's hand and walked her towards Sangeeta. "Sangeeta ji. Aaj Kripa aur mein aapse ashirwaad lena chahte hain. We want to get married." Angad and Kripa bent down in front of Sangeeta to touch and feet and reluctantly Sangeeta held her hand on their heads. "Live long." Angad and Kripa stood up again and looked at each other with a loving smile.

Danish stood in the balcony of the mansion smoking his cigarette. "Hello!" Esha wrapped her arms around his shoulder. He turned his head slightly to look at her then looked away again, staring into the darkness. "Whats my lover doing here all alone when his engagement party is going on inside?"

"Our engagement party? Its more like Kripa and Angad's engagement party." Esha let go of Danish and walked around him to face him now. "What do you mean Danny?" He saw that she was a little annoyed by his comment. He threw his finished cigarette on the floor and stepped on it. "Forget it Esha. Lets go in."

He turned around to leave but she grasped his risk. "This isnt fair Danny. I refuse to live in my sister's shadow. You cant just do and say these things from time to time."

"Me?" Danny turned around and grabbed her by the shoulders. "What did I do Esha? What did I do? Dont you see right through Kripa yet? She doesnt care about anyone but herself! She doesnt love Angad. Shes just doing this because..."

"I dont care Danny! I dont care why she's doing this. Whether she loves Angad or not. I dont care. If she wants to marry him she has the right to. I love you and thats all I care about. And I dont want to live the rest of my life knowing that you are biased about my own sister. Leave her alone for God's sake."

Danny was angry, she saw that on his face but she didnt bend. "Okay. Fine. Lets not talk about her again and ruin our day. After all its our engagement party too right?" Danny held Esha's face and kissed her cheek. "I'm sorry Esha. I didnt mean to ruin your mood. Sorry?" Esha looked at him for a moment and then smiled. She really did love him. Danny hugged her but still thought about whatever Kripa just pulled at THEIR engagement party. He knew there was something behind all this. He was going to find out.

"Oh Kripa" Angad wrapped his arms around Kripa's waist and exhaled with a smile on his face. Kripa stood there, rolled her eyes and pushed him off her. "Pleasee Angad!"

"Whoa chill. why you mad at me? I just made your plan successful dude. I deserve props."

"Youre right." Kripa turned around and stood facing Angad, closer to him. "Thanks Angad. But I'm still mad at what you said this morning." She folded her hands and looked away. Angad felt bad and pouted his lips. He held her chin with his fingers, still pouting his lips. "Sorry?"
She still didnt budge, forcing him to hold her face. "Eyy Kripa. Forgive me, please. I didnt mean to hurt you."

She looked into his eyes and saw a sincere apology and somehow it made her smile. Suddenly, she hugged Angad tightly and started weeping. He froze. What the hell?? He thought. Not knowing what to do he held her but she stood still. Her body didnt move anymore. She wasnt shivering. She was just there, in his arms, leaving him confused. "Uhh Kripa.." She still didnt move. Still holding onto her, he picked her up a little as he moved towards her bed and then lay her down there. Her arms around still around his neck so she pulled him down with her. He pulled back a bit to look at her. He felt like the world was slowing down around him. He gave her a long hard look. Her eyes were shut tightly as if she was scared of facing him. "Kripa...." He whispered in her ears. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at him. He watched her eyes study his face, he was so confused. 

"Uhm Uhm" They both heard someone at the door. It was Esha. Angad and Kripa quickly let go of each other and stood far away from each other. Kripa couldnt look at Esha or Angad. She quickly grabbed the dupatta of her salwar kameez and stormed out of the room.

"Arrey Kripa!" Esha saw her walk by and smiled. She looked at Angad and walked into the room. "Hi...jiju!"

"Just Angad please. Mujhe yeh jiju vagera acha nahi lagta." Esha smiled and nodded her head. "okay okay. A N G A D! What did you do to Kripa that she ran away from here huh?" She nudged Angad playfully. "Ha! I dont even know myself....sighh I guess I'm just a natural!"

"Oh? Acha? Must check that out!" Angad and Esha cracked up and then Angad saw that Esha had a tear in her eyes. "Ey? Whats wrong?"

"Nothing. Woh bas...Angad, please Kripa ka dil kabhi mat dukhana. She's been through a lot lately and I just dont want her to get even hurt......after everything thats happened..." Esha muttered under her breath. What happened? Angad thought to himself but didnt ask. Esha gave him a smile and then left. Angad just stood there wondering what just happened. This life of the Rich and Famous wasnt what he expected it to be. Oh so complicated. Step mothers, step sisters, business politics, weddings, parties, wills, lawyers. He loved it! 

Kripa stood in the balcony, shivering as she hugged herself for warmth. "Hi Kripa." She froze again when she heard his voice. "What are you doing here Danish?" He walked to her with his drink in his hand. He stood to her side as she looked straight forward, not at him. He studied her face. "I just....came to see how you were doing...Kripa."

"I'm fine, thanks." Danish smirked and just stood there. "Why are you doing this Kripa?"

"Doing what?" She sounded so cold.

"This game youre playing. Its dangerous." He whispered, closer into her ears.

"What. game.?"

"Don't play innocent Kripa. This whole I'm-in-love-with-Angad game. Who do you think youre cheating?" Kripa snapped her head and looked at him. "Cheating? Me? Ha! Youre just jealous Danish. Just jealous."

"Oh? So is that the game youre playing? To make me jealous so I wouldnt marry Esha?"

"Oh shut up Danish! If you think that I'm still stuck on you then youre just kidding yourself. I dont love you anymore. WHatever we shared in the past is long. gone."

"Okay. so then why are you doing this?"

"I'm not doing ANYTHING. just leave me alone." Kripa turned to leave when Danish grabbed her arm tightly. "Dont walk away from me Kripa."

"Ahh..youre hurting me Danny. Let go of my arm."

"Tell me why youre doing this!" Kripa felt his fingers dig into her arms and she tried to suck in the pain. "Kripa..." Danish let go of her arm when both of them heard Angad calling out her name.

"Kripa..." Angad looked around for her and then finally reached the balcony. He looked at Danish and Kripa standing together. "Tum yaha ho!" He quickly walked towards them and stood next to Kripa. "Hi Danish. Kripa..tum yaha kya kar rahi ho. Mein..." Kripa looked at Danish strongly and then turned towards Angad. He looked at her, stunned. Why was she looking at him that way. She quickly grabbed Angad's face and kissed him. Danish just stood there, shocked, watching both of them. Kripa let go of Angad and hugged him. "I love you Angad. I love you..." Angad just stood there with his mouth left hanging. Did she just kiss him? He couldnt move. Kripa looked at Danish as she still hugged a shocked Angad. Danish looked down and then walked away from them. Kripa smirked and then let go of Angad. Angad still stood there in shock. Kripa looked at him for a moment and then realized what she just did.

"Angad mein...." He held his hand in front of her face and nodded his head in disbelief. "Kuch mat kehna...whoaa." Angad turned around and walked away. Kripa grinded her teeth and sighed. Oh God, she thought. This one game was making her do so much.

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