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HBD Kaju! (AKA Kajal or sharad’s fit)

*Eva* IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 May 2008 at 8:11am | IP Logged

OMG! Guess what today is! Yes, I know it's May 31st, but today is the most special day of my life for sure. Today is the birthday  of someone who's my best friend on IF and one of the very few I can trust blindfolded. Somebody who I can tell absolutely anything to! She cheers me up when I'm sad, she encourages me, she can't stop praising me! I first met her on my birthday last year. She was the only one to PM me to wish me! Ever since, we have been the best of friends. She is one of my fav. siggy makers on IF! You got it now? FINALLY! Alrighty, without further a do, let me have the honour to announce the bday girl! YES! It's Kajal (sharad's fit), AKA Kaju! Sorry for the long intro yaar! It's just that, I have soo much to say, but I'll say it ALL (Warning-You will be reading it for a few days!) Okay, well lets start with some of the messages your dear ones have wrote on this VERY VERY VERY special day:

This is from Deep (~Deep~)

Happy birthday Kajal! Wishing you all the best for today and every day to come!  I don't know you that well but I know you're a very talented sigmaker and a very talented sigmaker and a diehard PD fan! Keep making great sigs!
Love Deep..

This is from Navs (Mrs. SIR)

Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday to you..  Happy birthday Dear Kajal..Happy Birthday to you..  ok sorry about the crappy singing (well.. not singing but u know wat i mean).. cuz there's only SO many ways one can wish a friend online  and im not creative.. so im just singing happy birthday.. ahem anyway.. wish all your hopes and dreams come true.. hope u enjoy ur bday.. partyy hard  don't forget to fedex me some cake, samosas, ice cream.. u know a bit of everything  really glad to have met you on IF.. how did we exactly meet though  chalo chodo.. all i know is.. i love ur beautiful sigs.. so keep making 'em..  and keep rooting for ur Jay/Prachi.. as i don't know anyone who admires them soo much.. aside from im done with my paragraph.. hope you enjoy ur birthday.. have a gr8888 day!-Navs

This is from Shumi:

Happy Birthday to u! Happy birhtday to u!happy birthday dear kaju,happy birhtday to u!ROFL 

So my pyaari old r u now?15?or are you 19 like Prachi? Hehe...if u r then go ahead n fly to india to meet her,youll make gr8 sistersLOL

Shumi will order a cake for u! Choco or ice~cream? Or choco ice~cream?lol...

Have a superb day on ur bday...wat did u wish for?a pony?haha...u get to make 15 wishes since ur 15!

Wats tht?Shumis not invited to ur party?LOLif im not invited thn no presents for u!lol! Here is ur present frm Shumi!

Open it now! IiiiiiiitssssA cake!LOL! i payed for tht with my own money so u bettr eat it! Sry if its to girly...either tht or Digimon cakesLOLLOLLOL

Okii enough foolin aroun'^_^ Hope u have d best best birthday evr n be happy alwaysEmbarrassedIf ur cryin then ill tickle u to deathLOL 

Luv u more thn choco!


This is from Sam (brown3y3db3auti)

Hey Kajal! Happy Birthdayy! I hope you have a great day and I love you!

I know ive never met you but after talking to you a lot I take you as a really good friend. Hope you have a great Birthday!  -Sam

This is from Vicky (vicky91)

Hai Kajal',

Smiles and laughter,joy and cheer

New happiness that stays throughout the year

Hope your birthday brings all these and more

Filling life with suprise and joys galoreSmile..


This is from Naila (noor 18)

Happy Birthday Kajal

Many Many Happy Returns of the day. Hope all your dreams & wishes comes true and May God bless u with lots of love, happiness and success in life... You are one the sweetest and talented girl I have come across on IF. Thank you for all the beautiful siggi's u have made.Wink

Wish you a very very Happy Birthday !  May you have many many more.

Have a great birthday.  Smile 

Naila (noor18) Hug

This is from Vedo

Heya Kajal,

Happy 15th Birthday! Hug
I wish you lots of happiness and good things in life! God bless you.


This is from Preet (coolgurl_2005)

Hey Kajal,Smile

wishing you many many happy returns of this day.May you have an amazing daySmile and even better year ahead of you.Big smile Kajal you are very sweet girl, always remain like this.Tongue I want to wish you all the happiness and success in the world.May god grant all your wishes.TongueEmbarrassed Have loads of fun with your loved one.Smile

Cheers, preetEmbarrassed

This is from Aarushi

A candle for your talents,friend,and for your wit and style,a candle for your generous heart and for your shining smile.......And the icing on the cake is "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"       Dear Kajal,I will never forget that you were the first person on IF to reply to my first post and the first one to help.I hope that our friendship gets more stronger and you get more happiness on your this birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!    Aarushi

This is from Huma (sxcdevil)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAJAL!!!hope u have a fantabulistic day and all ur wishes come true cos im sure one of ur wishes is that ur dreams come true and you deserve that!Big smilei  first met you on the JDJ forum where you first fell in love with prachi..then jai and then the jai prachi jodi!!!u r a bubbly girl full of life and cho chweet... you are one amazing siggy maker carry on doing a fantabulous job!!and i hope and pray that this year will be even more better than the last!

lots and tots of love

This is from Tropa (moonlitnight)

Once a year I get the chance
To wish you birthday cheer.
It pleases me no end to say,
I wish you another great year.

So happy birthday to you Kajal,
From the bottom of my heart.
And may your good times multiply,
Till they're flying off the chart!

By Karl Fuchs

( edited by Tropa )

Our 1st ever convo was I am in dire need of a siggy, that too in a very short notice. But you helped me.

May you get all the good wishes, blessing from people around you. May you achieve everything you want to in life.

But remember one thing. Never change yourself. You are one of the sweetest girls I have met. You are a very helpful and cheerful girl. Be how are you now and never change with time.

Be a good person, have a successful life







This is from nir_jaanu
hey kajal..
although we dont know each other that well, i would like to say many many happy returns of the day.. may god bless u with everything that is out there for u.. may god give u all this happiness that is out in this beautiful world. Live every year, like a new start.. Happy birthday onces again..

have loads of fun

This is from Tiff:
Hope u have a smashin, blessed and generous day ahead of you...and i pray that u are on the receiving end of all the blessings, goodies, presents, cake, ice cream, PRESENTS,....presents..and more presents! LOL!
now in Tiffy Tradition- your own special version of Happy Birthday, CORNY, but all in love for u jaan! WinkLOLLOL
Happy Birthday to you
You belong to da zoo
here with pyaare, mohan, shumi and the rest of MKP too
happy birthday my kaju

This is from Rosie (rose12):
Kajal you are a wonderful friend and i appriciate what you have done to keep this forum up to date. You are just like your idol Prachi Desai sweet, cute and bubbly. You always put everyone in good mood's when they are done and that makes us feel great. I wish you a very happy birthday. I will PM you for a surprise. -*rosie

This is from Laura (NYC_gurl_17):
Happy Birthday Kajal! I hope this day brings you a lot of happiness and prosperity. May all your wishes come true, you deserve it! Your the best siggy maker and one of the nicest person that i know! Hope you have a blast Party

This is from Priya (cute_priya):

Tum Jiya hazaro saal yeh hain meri arzo

Happy Birthday ...Happy birthday ....

happy brithday to Dear KajuTongue


This is from Shireen:

Hey Nanaji! Tongue


So you finally turned 51! It took you long enough! JK LOLWink


You are special to me for many reasons that will take me forever to list, but here are some reasons why I think you are a very special person in my life. I can talk to you about anything and you will listen to everything I have to say. You cheer me up when I'm down or just not in a good mood and that's what I like the most about you. You make me feel better when I'm not and cheer me up when I need it. So today I'm gonna try and cheer you up with some of these...

Aloo Parathas Wink


Your Fav Choco Tongue


A Teddy Bear For My Teddy Embarrassed Hug


The Best For Last WinkEmbarrassedDay Dreaming



I always tell you that I'm serious around you, and it's true to some extent, but when I am not serious, I tend to get a little bit annoying and so that's why I'm serious most of the time. It's not because you're boring, but because that's the way I am around most people. When I first started talking to you, I knew that you were the person that would make me less and less serious with each passing day and I'm thankful to you for that, because I take a lot of things seriously and many things to heart, but after meeting you and everyone else here, I've changed a lot, and I owe it all to you.


You have a really important place in my life. At school I'm thinking that when I go home, I'll tell Kajal this and that which I do and it's cause I consider you an important person in my life. I tell you stuff that I've never been able to tell anyone, and that's what makes you a really special person.


Even though we have never met, and might not ever meet, you are one of the people that I can trust the most. I don't trust a lot of people that I know, not even my friends at school, but for some reason I know I can trust you. You are always there for me when I need you. Maybe not physically, but emotionally you are as a friend and it really does feel like you are here with me even though you aren't.


I know a lot of people here where I live and IF, but am only friends with a few and I'm glad that you're one of them. I get along with most people, but not like I get along with you. I think of you as my bestest friend and sister since I don't have anyone. I'm being honest and telling you that I've never had a true friend in my life. I have/had friends before, but none were as good, kind, helpful, loving and caring as you are.


I hope that we stay friends forever even though we might not ever meet. I told a friend at school that you are my best friend and she's like why, you haven't even met her. I'm just thinking that it's so true that I haven't met you, but you have so much importance in my life.


I'm so used to talking to you everyday now, and when I don't talk to you for even 1 day, I start to miss you. I go from talking to everyday to like once a week sometimes. I never talk to anyone as much as I talk to you cause you're a really fun person to be around (well to talk with, but whatever), even though some of our conversations have weird silences, but other than that, it's all cool.


You always say not to say thank you to you, but today on your birthday, I want to say thank you for all of the times that you have helped me out, right from making me a sig (which are awesome) to helping me with personal matters, and advising me.


I might not say this as often as I should, I do love you and I mean when I say it


Lots of Love Hug

Dadaji Cool



Here's the letter I promised you but honestly, the stuff that you just read up there was supposed to be your letter, and what I wrote down below was supposed to be your message, but when you read what is below, you'll understand yourself why I switched it around.



Dear Kajal


I still feel very bad about what happened the other day. I was just having an off day and said stuff I shouldn't have said. I'm really sorry if I upset you in any way, cause after I read what I wrote again, I realized that it was totally out of line and it wasn't a good thing to say. Sorry again. I told you that I would write the worst letter that you've ever gotten in your life, but it's kinda hard to do that when you can't think of anything bad to write.


Anyways, I hope your 15th birthday is turning out to be as special as you wanted it to be. I have a lot to say to you, maybe not as much as Eva Di but about the same amount. After everything the Eva Di had said about you, there is really nothing, left for me to say. Remember how I told you that I couldn't think of anything to write. Well I knew what to write, but I couldn't put it down in words because however many words of praise I say about you, it won't be enough. You might not have been one of my first friends on IF, but you are definitely the best friend that I have here on IF. We met in a really weird way. You PMed me about a Jai and Prachi fan club, and I usually ignore stuff like that cause I don't care, but I did join for some weird reason. I actually have no clue why I even replied back to your PM, but I guess that it was just meant to be. Ever since that day we've been talking everyday (well mostly) and we share everything (I think) with each other.


I actually never planned on telling you this cause I didn't think that it sounded reasonable and you'd think that I was weird for being having so much concern and an actual friendship with someone that I've never met. The thing is that you are actually the first person who I actually considered a friend, and I don't just mean someone that I talk to for the hell of it, but an actual friend. You are my first friend that I've ever had in my entire life. I have never been good at making friends with anyone. Things happen in life that make you not able to trust anyone and not even yourself. I guess that maybe because I'm an only child and my parents were always busy with their own things that they never had time for me when I was little, so I guess I that I started to isolated my self and not talk to anyone, which is why I wasn't able to make friends with any people at school.


When I first joined IF, I didn't do anything for like a year or two, but then I later became more active and started to post more often. I only started to make friends about like 6 or 7 months ago or so. I didn't meet you until about 2 months or so later and then you PMed me. That is one day that I'll never be able to forget cause it was the day that I met you. After we talked for a few days, and then later on yahoo, and I started to feel like I actually belong somewhere and that I wasn't alone. I have met many people that always talk about how they have their best friend and how they do everything together, and I always got upset since I never had anybody to talk to let alone call my friend. My mom always said that chatting online isn't good since you don't know who you are talking to you, and I listened to her a lot. My mom always said that nobody is a friend and everyone has a motive to being a friend which is another reason I never managed to get a friend. That day you PMed me changed my whole life and perspective completely.


You and I are at home most of the time, but you have your friends to go out with and have your bro to bug but I'm so used to being alone that it's hard for me to even step out of my house and let people be apart of my life since it's really complicated. When we were talking on yahoo for the first time, our conversation lasted a really long time and we had so much to say to each other, but I could never tell you how much you and this friendship that we share means to me. You have done so much for me like making sigs and talking to me and all that, but the biggest thing that you have done for me is that you've been a friend and helped me come out of my tiny world and taught me how to be a real friend, and what it means to have a friend not just for talking and all that, but an actual friend who I can talk to, and have fun with. You are one of the very few people that I can talk to about anything and that I trust the most in the whole world. It's hard to believe all this since we've never met, but it feels like we have. You, Eva Di, Jas, Shumi, Tiffy, Dil, etc, have helped me so much without even knowing it. You all have brought me out of my isolation and taught me how to interact with others and how to have an actual friendship with others. Eva Di said that you are perfect and that you are an angel, and for me at least it is a fact of my life. Without you I might not be the person that I am today. I have changed so much because of you. Whatever I am today is all because of you and you only and I give you full credit for it.


I might be funny and make you laugh a lot, but I do that so I can make myself laugh since I don't do that as much as I should be. It's harder for me to express my actual feelings to people who mean a lot to me. I also have never written this much for anyone or anything (school not included), not even my parents, but I can write non stop about how you are such a good person from the inside and out. You have nothing to hide from anyone. Not everyone is perfect, but I think you are if you can give me so much happiness and change me like nobody ever has. You are an angel who has come into my life and changed it forever, and when we fight, it hurts me a lot since I don't ever want to lose you, otherwise I'll be back to my old self which was pretty much a stone hearted person from the start. I am grateful to God who has sent you to me and too many others, and because of you, you have given so many people happiness in way that you can't even imagine.


I don't know if I mean as much to you as you do to me, which is hard to say, but it's the best I can do for only 1 letter. I can't tell you how much you mean to me and how much of an impact you have in my life. I have changed a lot because of you and now also Eva Di and you both mean so much to me. I want to thank you both for all you have done for me, and I hope that this friendship continues on for years to come.


I would like to wish you a very happy birthday, and I hope that God showers all of his love on you for many more years to come. Only people who manage to do good deeds without expecting anything in return are the people who have the cleanest hearts in the world and you are one of those many few out there. I hope that you are happy for the rest of your life whether I am in it or not, but I want you to stay happy and keep everyone as happy as you can, since that is what you are good at.


Once again, wishing you a very happy birthday, and I hope that all of your wishes come true in life. Happy Birthday Kajal...


Your friend,



I don't know if you actually believe that this is how I feel or not, but it is, and it took me a little while to write this part of the letter, cause I was about the cry on some parts. I'm not used to talking about my life and my childhood with anyone, but it's your birthday and I wanted you to know how much you actually mean to me. These aren't just words that came into my head, but they actually came from my heart and since I won't be here for a few months, I don't want you to think that I might not miss you as much as you would miss me, but I'm telling you now that I'll miss you a lot more than you will miss me. I hope you have the best birthday of your life and I hope that you get whatever you ask for in life.


These are the songs that I found for you. You already heard one of them cause since I'm moving and I won't be around for a little while, I gave you this song, but here it is again cause with this letter, it has a lot of meaning in it and for me as well. I'm gonna miss you when i'm not around for about 3 months CryHug Don't forget about me Wink


Here's also another song about friendship of 2 people and there is one thing that we have to do together if we ever meet, and you'll understand when you see it. If you still don't get it, wait until it around 3 minutes and then you'll get it. If you still can't, then I'll actually believe that you are getting older and need serious treatment. Silly


This last song I found and I just liked it and it's about friendship (some of it at least) so yeah...LOL

And last but def. not least, yours truly-ME!:

Kaju, trust me, this is a never ending message. It'll take you at least 15-20 minutes to read this! It's the longest one. i think it is at least. So, should I start. Okay, I'll start now (Sorry for the long intro, too much to say about you)

Dear my pyaari Kaju,

What can I say about you? There's loads of stuff to say about you and I'm gonna express it it my message! Alrighty, so first I'm gonna talk about our first meeting. You remember na? LOL! Yeah, I think you do, For those of you who don't know, I'll tell you. Okay, well it was my bday and I posted it in JDJ forum (i think) and then I was going to the Bollywood forum when "You have 1 new Private Message" popped up! I'm like "okay then...", and I go to my inbox. I ee the PM title as "~*Happy Birthday*~" or something from sharad's fir. I'm like "OMG". I opened it and I see this:

Heya...I'd thought to wish u a Happy BirthdayEmbarrassed Hope u have a great day and hope to see many more.....Tongue

Seen ur posts in JDJ2 and saw it was ur Bday so Pmed u...I dont even know u but dunno y i wanted to pm u anyways....U r probz thinking wot a strange girlLOLLOLLOL

Anyways See ya.....Luv Kajal xx

LOL! You should've seen my reaction! I swear, my mouth was wide open! I'm like "OMG! I must be dreaming". I replied back faster than a race car! I was soo deeply touched! I didn't now how to react! It was the best moment ever! The meeting between two best friends! The convo is still going on after more than 6 months we still chat through PM, we have gone through so much! I asked her a random question one day about Archie Comics, and ever since, we talk like theres no tomorrow, on IF and MSN! Shes like god to me! And thats not a joke! We've been through loads together, thats why I've been planning this bash for more than a month! This msg will be long, but it'll express how I feel about you. Kaju, I can trust you blindfolded and you're like one of the few which i can! Whenever you're not here, I feel soo lonely! Whenever you're here, there's this glow on my face, which doesnt appear much! Everytime I ask you for something, you NEVER say no. You always agree!  Its like I'm talking to an angel! I've never met anyone as perfect as you! NEVER! Because not too many people like you exist! Because of you, I've become friends with a lot of people through you because of the MKP thread! That includes Shumi, Shir, Tiffy and loads more! I've changed soo much because of you! Before I used to get spaz over every little thing but now I barely ever get angry, and when I do, i think of you, and all my anger vanishes! Its like magic! You're my good luck charm! Because of you I'm soo addicted to IF! I can' stop now! There was a time I never used to go on IF, I just joined for the sake of it! But now, you should see me, right after work, time for IF! When you leave IF for a while, I get soo depressed, I'm soo lonely, I quit IF until you come back! It's like you're my only support! When I'm upset, i tell you! And then you cheer me up! LOL! I know this may seem boring to a few, but trust me, if you were me, you would know how I feel! Take Shir for instance, I think she knows how I feel! Kaju and her are also really good friends! Shir, you now how I feel na?  LOL! Now I'm gonna talk about her siggies. First word is WOW when you see them! They're out of this world! She can make anything! You name it, be it Prachi, Ram, Ram-Prachi, Hussain, Jay...etc! ANYTHING! She's my fav. siggy maker! At first, I didn't even know that she made them! But one day, I was at KS avi and siggy shop, and I saw her post some of her mindblowing stuff! I'm like "WHAT? She makes siggies? What can't she do?"She kept getting better and better, and she still is! Yes well, maybe she doesnt have a shop yet, but dont worry. Shir and I are gonna make her one day! HEY! Don't I deserve soemthing for organizing this? Maybe Kaju can open a shop for me! LOL! Just kidding, but that would be nice! I'll even help you! I think Shir will force you anyways! When you weren't here a few weeks back, I was so worried! I was missing you like hell! No PMs nothing! You just disappeared! I'm always dying for your PM to read it, sorry if it takees me a long time to reply, I'm kinda lazy as you know, but I read them right away! People PM me for avi shops and to request, but I ignore, because I'm really waiting for your PM!  When it was April 11th, I realized that your bday was coming, so im liek YES!! And i started preparing by asking people to write msgs! Shir was the one who replied the fastest and requested some siggies for you as you can see below, I also did. I think theres like 6-7 from me, and a few from her! Use the ones you like! If you're still reading, then remember that I'm always there for you, no matter what! I LOVE YOU LOADS! If I had to choose between my school friends and you guys, you guys would win! I wanted to take this chance to wish you the happiest birthday ever! I hope you become huge in the future! Don't kill me but I'm still not done! Hahaha! LOL! You're one of my best buddies! My brothers like "Why are you becoming friends with IFians", I'm like "Well, I can trust them more than my uni and school friends". Yeah, brothers are weird! Are you still reading this? LOL! Imagine your reply to my msg, it should take you about an hour. LOL! But seriously, in my POV, you're perfect! You have no faults, flaws, nothing! Maybe you were an angel in the last janam! Seems like it! Oh yeah, I haven't done ANYTHING for my bros bday, because I don't wanna, you're like WAY more important to me, than stinky brothers! Do you remember when i started calling you Kaju? It was around a month or two ago! It's soo cute! Tell me yaar, what was the best part of our convo soo far? Its been soo long! LOL! The day you leave IF will be my last day too, what am I gonna do here then? Anyways, I hope we never stop talking! NEVER! Oh yeah, sorry for the crappy layout for the bash! As you know, its my first time organizing an IF birthday bash, but I'm glad that the first bash I organized was yours! I tried my best! Organizing it was soo much fun though! I really enjoyed gathering msgs and posting them! I tried to PM all your dear ones on IF, sorry if I forgot to include you! You know what would be my dream. If we met! We would go crazy, talk about Archie Comics and PD and all that! LOL! But you live soo far yaar! Come to Canada and live with me, no necessary cost! LOL! Okay, I'm getting off topic here! Anyways, again HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you see all these messages for you! This proves how much we love you! I wont be on at 6 PM (Canada time) or 11 PM (UK time) because my parents are taking my bro out for dinner and I have to tag along even though I wanna stay with you! So, while, I'm  gone (I will be back), Shir will be your host! She will manage everything while I am away! Hope everything goes well (I know it will be). Thanks Shir for taking this responsibility for me! Btw Kaju, don't kill me for making you read soo much! It's how I really feel about you! It's "Eva Unplugged". Hahaha! Kaju, expect loads more next year because by then I'll be an expert at this stuff! I think this is the most I've ever written, but I'm glad i wrote it for you! Remember, I LOVE YOU LOADS AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAAR! Hope all your wishes come true! I will def. do this again next year, no matter what! I really won't be surprised if you dont do this for me on my bday, because I know how long it takes to reply to all these msgs, especially mine and Shir's! For the last time, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And now I hope all you KSians will join me for celebrating the most special day of my life, my Kaju's bday! Thanks to all who contributed with their gorgeous msgs! Thanks to Shir for the siggies! Thanks to you KSians who will wish her! Thanks to Shumi with her amazing editing! And last but def. not least, thanks to you Kaju, for making my life so special!Hug

Love your pal,


Here are a few siggies that Shir and I requested for you:

Thanks to all who had the time to write a msg for Kaju! I really appreciate it! Again, happy birthday Kaju! Remember, we all love you! In your sorrow lies my sorrow, in your happiness lies my happiness. Don't forget! Please join us in Kaju's birthday Bash by posting below! Again. thanks to all and Happy Birthday Kaju! If we reach at least 10 pages, then all of you will receive something special! To find out, keep posting!


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Hey Kaju Big smile

I've been waiting for this day for a long time! You did something really special for my b-day, and now you've got something even better Big smile I'm so happy for oyu, and I hope your day turns out just the way you wanted it to be Smile 

May God fulfill all of your wishes throughout life and have a blast today Smile

Love you Hug

Shireen Embarrassed

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Hahaha! I'll reserve my spot too! LOL
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAJU! Did u faint yet? lmao...gud luck with reading all tht :P luv u looooads n loads>>>>Shumi<3
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Originally posted by Shumi<3

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAJU! Did u faint yet? lmao...gud luck with reading all tht :P luv u looooads n loads>>>>Shumi<3

Hahaha! YAY! Thanks Shir and Shumi! Please join us in the bash!Big smile
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Originally posted by *Eva*

Originally posted by Shumi<3

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAJU! Did u faint yet? lmao...gud luck with reading all tht :P luv u looooads n loads>>>>Shumi<3

Hahaha! YAY! Thanks Shir and Shumi! Please join us in the bash!Big smile

Wooot dont wry Shumi is here to stay alll day n shes gona partay like nevr b4!!!LOL We'll dance n eat cake n dance n eat cakeLOLLOLLOL

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Originally posted by Shumi<3

Originally posted by *Eva*

Originally posted by Shumi<3

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAJU! Did u faint yet? lmao...gud luck with reading all tht :P luv u looooads n loads>>>>Shumi<3

Hahaha! YAY! Thanks Shir and Shumi! Please join us in the bash!Big smile

Wooot dont wry Shumi is here to stay alll day n shes gona partay like nevr b4!!!LOL We'll dance n eat cake n dance n eat cakeLOLLOLLOL

Don't step on my feet Jaanu! You're evill!! I WANT CAKE TOO!LOLLOL
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Originally posted by *Eva*

Originally posted by Shumi<3

Originally posted by *Eva*

Originally posted by Shumi<3

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAJU! Did u faint yet? lmao...gud luck with reading all tht :P luv u looooads n loads>>>>Shumi<3

Hahaha! YAY! Thanks Shir and Shumi! Please join us in the bash!Big smile

Wooot dont wry Shumi is here to stay alll day n shes gona partay like nevr b4!!!LOL We'll dance n eat cake n dance n eat cakeLOLLOLLOL

Don't step on my feet Jaanu! You're evill!! I WANT CAKE TOO!LOLLOL

What?!?! Step on ur feet?AngryLOL... ur d one with 2 left feet n u insult SHUMI??! LMAO ur gona pay now *STOMP*TongueLOL And im wearin 4inch heels so u bettr b screaming with pain!MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Now quietly give me 100$ and i promise to stop steppin on ur footLOL   Give 100$ now or ill push u in to d cake!HEHEHEHEEEEEEELOL

JkTongue ur my eva-di n shumi wuvs u so ur off d hook...u only owe me 5$ now :P


-ShumiiiiiiiiiiBig smile

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