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~~Delicate Tangles~~ (a Raj-Pri fic)

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hey all... here i go with my other fic, Delicate Tangles... also been posted at Orkut... i hope that it will gain the same response here as well, as it has at Orkut forum...

this is not an RN fanfic, though the main roles are played by Rajeev Khandelwal and Priyanka Bassi... it has characters from other famous TV shows as well... more of that in my characters info...

like itz been suggested to me on Orkut, that the starcast is not too familiar with my readers... so itz a request to all that just because of the starcast, dont abandon my fic!!Wink

and now more about the fic... itz a bit of the suspense thriller genre with tints of romance and tons of masti majaak n drama... actually when i started off with this, i didnt actually had plans to make it a nautanki one, but i changed the plans in middle!! he he...

so here i go...

well... first the characters info for you...!!

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Simran Bedi - Arora(Priyanka Bassi)…a prominent name in the textile industry all over the word… the leading business-woman… owner of 'Contemporary Fashion House'… biggest name in the textile industry…most successful businesswomen in India and overseas… winner of the 'Best Business Personality – 2006'…the brands from her company leading the market… shares reaching sky-high at the current moment…



Nishaad Arora (Rajeev Khandelwal)… first of all, loyal employee of 'Contemporary Fashion House' and then husband of Simran Arora… for him, service comes first and then his personal life… like it is said so widely – work at work and rest at nest!



Deep Bedi (Shweta Gulati)… Simran's real sister, fashion designer by profession. Works as fashion designer in 'Contemporary Fashion House'. Her designs are recognized worldwide… She had always been a supporting bone for Simran in all her work. The main inspiration behind her success is Deep. Deep is just like Simran's shadow, helping her out in each and every situation she had came across…



Saavi Mitra (Sagarika Ghatge) – college friend of Simran. May be her best friend also… 'may be' because Simran considers her as her best friend but Saavi is not sure that she feels the same way about Simran…



Soha Iraani (Prachi Desai) – Just a girl-next-door. Her position in the fiction will be exposed soon after the fiction has started properly...



Anvi Shah (Neha Bamb) – Anvi is Nishaad's friend. School-mate, to be precise. They never had any relation except friendship. A very jolly personality. They do like each other, but only as friends… they are really very close friends and share deepest of their secrets with each other… and Simran is not at all jealous with Anvi, she adores their friendship…



Awani Shah (Vidya Malvade) – Awani and Anvi are twin sisters. Simran and Anvi – Awani met only after Nishaad introduced them to each other, but all three of them feel like they've known each other for a long time. Like Simran, they belong to a very rich high class family. But none of them show any kind of attitude to the people who are less rich to them… Awani is very kind at heart and being elder to Simran, sometimes, she guides her to take right decisions in her personal as well as professional life...



Vishwamitra Roy aka Vish (Iqbal Khan) – Vish is Saavi's best-cum-boy friend… he is a believer that a good boy friend should always be the best friend… other things are supposed to be revealed during the fiction…



Aryan Ghosh (Vivan Bhatena) Aryan… a boy-next-door. There is something between him and Soha… but much of that later…



Dr. Amar Desai (Vikas Manaktala) – now, this is something interesting… surgeon by profession, has interests in Fashion and jewels… big supporter of Harry Potter and Robert Langdon ('The Da Vinci Code' and 'Angles and Demons' and cont..)… always related everything in his life to their life… thinks himself as the hero of Bollywood… in short, very similar to our very own Cadet Amardeep Huda but much… different….



Ved Shukla (Hussain Kuwajerwala) – it's a name that most of the people fear talking of… he's not  like The Underworld Don or something like that, but very possessive about his relatives and friends… very?? That's an understatement…extremely… he likes to be alone… likes to spend all his leisure in his room and at the most, in his office cabin… a man with odd nature…



Abhimaan Sinha aka Abhi (Karan Singh) – Abhi is a colleague of Simran and Nishaad…works in 'Contemporary Fashion House' on the post of CFO… and he is soon expecting his promotion due to his loyal service to the company… he is also a family friend of Simran and Nishaad…



Okay everyone…these are the character sketches of 'Delicate Tangles'. A few may add up to this, if that's the requirement of the fiction at that time. Although I intend make this fiction a little unromantic and with some grey shades, I am not sure whether I can do it properly since I've got affinity to write comedy scenes rather than these serious ones! But still, I can try for that… so here comes your first ever update of 'Delicate Tangles'….

Sparkling_Saie Newbie

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Posted: 31 May 2008 at 12:50am | IP Logged

Delicate Tangles…



City… Mumbai

Time… 6 30 am

Venue… Dreamland Mansion, Juhu…



An alarm clock was placed on the bedside table. As soon as the minute hand struck 6, the clock stated ringing loudly. A hand of a person covered under piles of bed covers came out of it and approached the clock. 'SHUT UP, you fool…keep quite…' A man's voice came, followed by a female.


'Nish, wake up… its 6 30…do you have any idea that you are getting late already?', Simran told Nishaad quite sleepily.


'Simi, you know that –', Nishaad started his answer or rather his defense, emerging from the bed covers, sitting erect, but it got completed by Simran, who pushed him to the bed again. '- that you like to sleep till late. Right, dear?'


'Completely right.' 'Now if you please get up, Sir?' Simi made a dramatic face turning to Nish. Nish followed obediently, muttering, 'someone had said it right… it really doesn't matter how often a married man changes his job, he ends up with the same boss – his wife!'


'You said something?' Simi enquired.


'ohh no…not at all… I didn't…why? You heard something?'


'yeah, I thought so… never mind…'


Nish sighed in relief, 'Good… never mind anything at all…and all will be…fine…'


Simi got off the bed and slipped her slippers through her feet, arranged her dressing gown properly. 'So what are you doing today, Nish?', Simi asked again.


'ummm…let me check…' He looked for his diary planner, which was buried somewhere in their bed covers. Nishad searched for it under them, over them and here and there… finally grabbing it with his hand, sitting in tangled bed sheets all around him, opening it…


'Well Simi, today, 8 30 am, I've got a meeting with my boss and 11 o'clock, Fashion designers are going to display their designs for the CFH Winter-Autumn Collection two-o-o-seven and then at 3 00, I am supposed to take a few interviews for new employees. And after that at 5 30, there's another meeting with a client at 'The Orchids' and then… ohh…that's it. Finished at last…otherwise, I had really begun to think that it may even continue for a few more pages…'


Simi smiled at his words. 'Seems that you are extremely busy today, aren't you?'


'And what do you mean by 'seems that', Simi? It is not only 'seeming' to me, it 'is' like that… in real…'


'Well I guess then that you have to get up properly then and get ready in an hour. Otherwise – '


'Otherwise I'll be late for work again… yeah yeah yeah…I am really tired of listening to your same dialogue everyday.'


'And I think that if I don't play the same tape everyday then seriously one day you are going to be late and your boss wont spare you for that. Because, whatever I've heard about your boss from you, she's strict.'


Nishad frowned. 'You know a lot about my 'boss', Simi dear…'


'I do, Nishaad… you get ready while I'll see the arrangements for your breakfast.'


'Sure… I'll be down in half an hour.'




City… New Delhi

Time… 7 00 am

Venue… New Delhi Domestic Airport…



'All passengers traveling from Jet Airways Airbus 2300 from Delhi to Guwahati are requested to pass though gate no. 5. Jet Airways wish them happy journey. Fly safe from Jet Airways. Thank You!'


'Amar, listen to me…'


'What is left to be – '


'Loads of… If you please listen to me, just once…'


'Kripaya dhyaan de… Jet Airways ke Airbus 2300 se Delhi se Guwahati jane wale sabhi yaatriyon se nivedan hain ki ve dwar paanch mein se apne vimaan ki or prasthaan kare. Jet Airways unhe apni yaatra ke liye shubh kamanaye deta hain. Jet Airways se surakshit or nischint prawaas kijiye. Dhanyawad!'


'I think I've already had enough of your bull-shit.'


'That is NOT at all … what you call as 'my bull-shit'. Amar, try and understand. You are going to Mumbai and – '


'I know perfectly well where I am going, Ma, I don't need you to tell me this.'


'Amar, please… you are a doctor… your patients need you not your job in some fashion company…'


'Ma, I have already told you this for thousand times and telling you this for one thousand oneth time – I HAVE ALREADY TAKEN CARE OF MY PATIENTS. Dr. Gupta is going to manage them. I've handed over all the cases to him, and now I hold no responsibility to them whatsoever. Is that clear, Ma?'


'But Amar, being a doctor was a dream – '


'"was" Ma, it was… not any more…'


'But Amar – '


'No buts Ma. I've taken my decision fair enough. And that's what is going to happen now onwards. Now crystals, sequins, clothes, fashion shows is my life, not blood, glucose and hospitals and patients. I have chosen my way that way I want. I don't want to be a dependant on anybody anymore.'


'Amar, you were never depended on anyone.'


'I was Ma. I am sure that not you, not any of my friends will ever understand me and my dreams…'


Amar turned his head away from his mother, who was looking very concerned about her son. Dr Amar Desai, famous neurosurgeon from one of Delhi's biggest hospitals, having a huge income in addition to the money earned from every successful operation he did for the last 7 years of his service. Ohh…don't think that 7 years of service means that he was old… he was 31… yes…just 31… an intelligent surgeon… single, unmarried… but none knew what had happened to him all of sudden that he developed interest in fashion and related things… everything happened so quickly that none even understand what was happening in front of them. Dr Amar Desai… now, who was he? A doctor devoted to medical science…or… a jewel designer, an arts expert??


'Your attention please… Passengers traveling from Kingfisher Airlines KF 4355 from Delhi to Mumbai are requested to pass through gate number 8 towards their aircraft. Kingfisher Airlines wishes all its passengers happy journey in their flight. Have good time with us. Thank you!'


Amar heard the announcement. He looked at his watch. It was 7: 19 am… and 23 seconds…now 24….25… it meant that the flight was on time. He got up from his seat, threw his empty coffee glass in the dust bin beside him and straightened his tie and suit and grabbed his hand bag and laptop in his hands.


'Amar – ', His mother called out his name softly.


'Ma, I know that for past few days my behavior is bothering you a lot, but Ma, believe me, whatever I am doing or going to do is of my choice. To become a famous surgeon was my dream and I have already achieved it. You know that I am not going to stop in my life just by achieving a single dream like many people do. Robert Langdon never stopped on one adventure, and I also, am not going to. I want to live my life, and achieve new ambitions. Just promise me to look after yourself. You will, wont you?


'Sure son… is it all you want?'


'No Ma… I want many things…' Amar grew silent as soon as these words escaped from his mouth. But unfortunately, the silence that was clearly written on Amar's face went unnoticed by his mother as she was trying to lock her tears in her eyes. 'I want many things…' He repeated.


'This is the last call for the passengers traveling from Kingfisher Airlines KF 4355 Delhi to Mumbai. Kingfisher KF 4355 passengers are requested to check in on this call. Thank You!'


'Ma, I think I should take your leave now… do you want anything from me when I return to Delhi Ma? Should I buy you something from Mumbai?'


Amar's mother wiped her escaping tear near her eye before answering his question. 'No beta. Just take care of yourself. And don't worry about me… I'll be safe… call me as soon as you land on Mumbai Airport. I'll be waiting for your call…'


Amar hugged his mother, kissed her forehead. 'Sure Ma… don't worry about me…'

He bent down and touched his mother's feet.


'Happy Journey, Amar… be happy… stay safe…' His mother was no longer capable of hiding her feelings, her worries away from her son. It wasn't the first time her son was going away from her. But the conditions before this were under control. Then, Amar wasn't passing through any emotional dilemma. This time, however, was completely different… all the motherly worries, fears were in action.


Amar turned his head away from her and passed through the registration counter for Kingfisher Airlines. 'I am sorry Ma… I couldn't tell you the real reason I am going to Mumbai… but when I'll return, I'll be happy, you'll be happy and… and… and everyone would be happy… love you very much Ma…', he muttered.


Amar looked in the mirror hung just before the security check. A confident young man scanned him through it as if saying – All the best!




City… Mumbai

Time… 8 12 am

Venue… 'Contemporary Fashion House', Chairperson's office, 17th floor…



'Mr. Rai, I have ordered that file 15 minutes ago. What the hell are you doing? If you usually take 15 minutes to get a single file from the store room, then I fear that there is no place for people like you in my office.' Simran was shouting on a person standing in front of her desk, and that person was looking down at the floor.


'Sorry Ma'am. I'll take care of it next time.' Even he didn't know how he managed arrange these few words in a sentence let alone to speak them aloud to Ms Simran Arora… an angry young woman… real angry…


'What sorry? People here are just like – 'Simran banged another file on her desk with such a force that anybody would have thought that the file must have been grinded into a fine powder due to the collision…


The door of the office opened and Nishaad entered on the right time to save poor Mr. Rai from the hands of the chairperson. The scene in front of him wasn't at all new to him…


'Simi… cool down babes…he hasn't done anything serious that you should go on accusing him about such things…', said Nishaad.


'Mr. Arora, what do you think you are doing here, in my office, without my permission? Don't you have simple manners to knock the door before entering?', Simran shouted at Nishaad.


'Sorry Ma'am… but when I saw you like – '


'Does it really matter how I looked to you, Mr. Arora?'


'It does, Ma'am… it matters to me more than anyth-'


'I don't want any more of your usual crap, Mr. Arora. Mr. Rai, will you now please go and take me that file? It is very important for my meeting with Mr. Arora today morning.'


'I'll be back in a minute, Ma'am.', Mr. Rai told Simran, who just nodded angrily at his words. Mr. Rai went out of the door practically running. The red alert was declared in the office… Ms Arora was angry… for sure, some people were bound to lose their jobs today, if they don't behave up to 'Ms Arora's' mark…


'Simi, what happened to you dear? Why you shouted at poor Mr. Rai?', Nishaad asked as soon as Mr. Rai went out of the sight..


'Mr. Aro – '


'its me… Nish, Simi, not your Mr. Arora.', Nishaad interrupted.


'Mr. Aror – '


'see…again… I told you, I am asking you that question as your friend, your husband Simi, not as the managing director of your company. So I expect you to the answer it the same way, not as my colleague… Simi, I need to know why you are loosing your temper every now and then these days?'


Simran was silent. She sat on her chair behind her table, moved her hand towards the water glass, removed the lead on it and picked it up.


Nishaad moved closer to chair. 'Simi, you alright?' Nishaad was concerned… once again… once again, it had happened… he didn't want it to repeat one more time… but it wasn't going to ask for his permission… he feared… he was really very afraid… afraid of what he had done all in his hands to stop it from resurfacing again…  but it was resurfacing… returning back to their lives…


Nishaad looked at the chair and then at Simran. 'Can I?', he asked Simran's permission to have a sit on the chair. He pulled the chair away from the desk and sat on it at Simran's nod.


'Simi, you haven't answered my question…'


Simran kept the glass on the desk, without drinking the water and buried her face in her hands. 'I… I… I really… really don't know… don't know, Nish… I don't know… what to… do…'


'Simi, remember what Dr Khan had suggested? You have to keep you-'


'I DO REMEMBER WELL…', shouted Simran, standing up from her chair, banging her fists on the top.


Nishaad got up from his chair too, and walked behind Simran. He gently put both of his hands on her shoulders and made her sit down. 'sshhh… listen to me, Simi… you have to control yourself… you know that only "you" can stop that…', he added. Nishaad now moved to one side of the chair, and putting one hand on the back of the chair and one on the table, he leant closer to Simran. 'only you can…', he whispered near her ears. A warm breeze passed Simran's ears that made her to take a deep breath and close her eyes… Nishaad noticed the change of expressions on Simran's face. A small smile appeared on his lips.


'Can you hear me, Simi?', Nishaad's voice was dropped down well below a whisper. Simran nodded her head… 'Good… now do what I say, will you?' Another nod came from Simran as her answer. 'now, slowly… slowly, open your eyes when I say'


Nishaad removed his hand from the back of the chair and put it lightly on Simran's eyes. 'concentrate, Simi… concentrate with all your might… force yourself to concentrate on your breathing…' He could feel warm air touch and go away from his hand with each of her exhaled breathes…


'Feeling quieter than before?', he asked her after a minute or so. 'Feeling lighter?'


Simran didn't answer at once. Nishaad's hand still covered her eyes completely to block all the light out of her sight. That made her to rethink of her recent actions… to think of them and to analyze them…  She was certainly feeling lighter than what she was feeling before… true, that she shouldn't have lost her temper unnecessary on Mr. Rai… also true, that she even shouldn't have risen her volume to Nishaad, who had helped her so much in her life… again true, that Nishaad's simple breathing and calming techniques were really working on her…


Finally, she nodded… once again, Nishaad smiled. 'now, open your eyes…', he told her softly while removing his hands from her eyes. Simran opened her eyes very slowly… her office came into her view, well lit with lights, filling colors to the darkness in front of her eyes. At first, she couldn't take the brightness of the light directly, she barred the sudden bright light with a hand… but then, she managed. She looked up, at one side of her chair, where Nishaad was standing, smiling at her, before blinking her eyes again.


'So Ma'am, you alright now?', Nishaad asked her cheerily.


'Yeah…better now… thanks a lot, Nish… I really don't know how I should have managed it witho-'


'Don't say that Simi… don't thank me… whatever I did was for me only. If you don't feel good, then how am I going to feel good?'


Simran grinned. 'So shall we?'


'So shall we what?', asked Nishaad, raising his eyebrows.


'I mean, shall we start with today's meeting, Mr. Arora?', Simran asked as a matter-of-factly.


'ohh sure, Ma'am… but hang on – ' Nishaad exclaimed as if remembering something important… 'What?', Simran looked at him questioningly.


'Mr. Rai'


'Mr. Rai? Nish, what are you talking about?'


'Mr. Rai… that file… Ring any bells??', Nish asked her sarcastically.


'oh my God! I completely forgot about that!' Simran exclaimed like she don't believe herself. 'Sorry… just a sec…' she picked up the phone. 'Tanisha, send Mr. Rai to my office immediately. And yeah, ask the canteen guy to send two cups of coffee. Don't disturb me for an hour and so. No phone call, no appointments. I and Mr. Arora are in an important meeting. Fine?... Thank you…' she hung up the line.


'Okay then Mr. Arora, where were we last time?', asked Simran to Nishaad returning to her usual cheery, confident form….



City… Mumbai

Time… 9 45 am

Venue… Canteen, CFH, 5th floor…


The canteen was very crowded today. Don't know the real reason behind it… but it was… today, there was nothing special around… just the regular things and decors… large banners of the new CFH winter-autumn collections were arranged neatly on the walls behind… the tables were arranged all over the place. Many people were having their breakfast while enjoying chats with each other, sitting around the tables… Our focus zooms to a particular table… a few people were sitting around it enjoying their breakfast like god knows, how many others! Let's have a look at the people around it…


'Vish, you never told me that before', a girl in a blue denim knee length skirt and a simple while button-up top with a scarf tied around her neck, told a damn cute guy in formal clothing sitting besides her.


'You know that I wont do anything like that without your permission…', he answered her back making dramatic serious facial expressions.


'But, that's not fair, Vish… if I would've known that you can do anything like that, then I wouldn't have left you alone…'


'Vish, Saavi was hurt. At least you should have informed her'


'hmm… I told her "sorry"…'


'Is that all you can do?'


'What else, you think, can I do?', he counter-questioned her.


'Is anybody interested to let me know what the hell you both are talking about?', another man interrupted.


'That is', Deep told the other man, 'none of your business, Abhi.'


'and how did you figure out that, Deep?', Abhi flared back, clearly disappointed that neither Deep nor Vish were interested to tell him what was the thing they were making such a fuss of... and that too, so early in the morning, when he wasn't used to witness time-pass gossips about people…


'That's because I know what We Are Talking About, And That You Don't, Mr. Abhimaan Sinha.', said Deep, almost shouting.


'Chill babes… calm down…' Vish told Deep, rolling his clean hand on her back. 'c'mon, have your breakfast', he added, offering her a bit of her own sandwich.


'THANKS A LOT, VISH..', Deep groaned.


'Dear friend Vish,' Abhi nudged him under the table, talking in low voice so that no one could hear what they were talking about, 'tell me one thing… what's the problem with these girls? I mean half of the time; they don't know themselves what they are doing and half of the time they think as … well… umm… leave it. By the way, do 'you' have any idea what's the great thing 'you' have done that Deep is not stopping firing questions at you?'


'Well… I think I know', Vish replied.


'And what is that?' asked Abhi, sounding curious.


'I missed Saavi's concert yesterday.' said Vish seriously.




'What so… that's it… I've only missed her concert yesterday… and this Deep is-'


'Alright… alright… I got it… missed a concert, right?' said Abhi urgently, to stop him from saying anything further.


'Not 'a' concert, Abhi… it's 'her' concert, she's talking about since yesterday night. And she's not even finding another topic to discuss about', Vish complained.


'ohhh….', muttered Abhi, apparently not able to find anything else to say. 'Well Deep, haven't you completed your sandwich yet?', he asked Deep to change the seemingly boring topic of 'missing-not-'a'-but-'her'-concert'…


'Nearly…' came the reply.


'Good…', said Abhi.


'Why?', Deep asked him.                                                                          


'umm… because, Vish told me that… you…umm… were going to present your designs for the collection.', Abhi joined a few words together to make a meaningful sentence out of it, as he again, failed to decide what to say next. These were real rare occasions when Abhi wasn't able to find something to say, but whenever they occurred… well… it created many problems for him.


'Yeah… I am… but only after Simi Di calls me up, you know, she and Jiju are having an important meeting', said Deep, missing out all the hurries and worries that were written clearly in Abhi's previous sentence.


'What meeting?', Abhi asked, this time, confident about what he was saying.


'Don't know… Di never leaks such stuff, does she?'


'Neah… she doesn't', said Abhi.


'You are coming too?', asked Deep.


'umm… I was thinking of coming… I have to discuss a few more things with Simi. I mean, this collection, as she said, is going to be costlier… compared to the others… I heard that this time you are also using some fabric… something crape wool of higher quality or something… am I right, Deep?', said Abhi.


'Yeah, I am… I accept that it's a bit expensive but you should also look at the quality. Quality matters more than the cost. What say?'


'hmm… you are right.'


'And if we can afford expensive materials then why shouldn't we take the advantage of that?'


'Well, right again.'


'You know, I can't wait to see your new designs!' exclaimed Vish.


'Really? I don't think I remember you being so excited for Saavi's concert yesterday' asked Deep, sarcastically.


'Please Deep, don't make me feel embarrassed… I told you I forgot –'


'dozed off…' Deep corrected.


'Alright… I dozed off… but it was by accident… I didn't have any intentions to miss it purposely…' Vish argued.


'And these are called lies…'


'These aren't… these are called… ummm…. These are called… called…-'


'called what?'


'umm…well…hmm… you  know Deep, I would always have attended the concert if I was awake yesterday night… but-', Vish started, but got cut by Abhi.


'Ohh, will you two please stop it? I am extremely bored by this. Now, both of you are going to listen to me. Deep, Vish had already said "sorry" to you as well as Saavi. He regrets that he couldn't attend the concert. Alright? Now please, if we can go to the Recreation Hall… Simi and Nish must be waiting there for you us.'


'What's the time?' Deep asked Abhi suddenly, as if waking from a loooong sleep.


'Five past ten'


'WHAT???? The appointment was scheduled at 10. Di and Jiju are going to kill me for sure…', she said and rushed out of the canteen, leaving her sandwich half-eaten.


'Oh c'mon now, you stupid! OPEN UP… NOW!!!', she shouted at the elevator door, leaving other people around her stare at her suspiciously as if she had gone berserk. As soon as the door opened, she stepped inside the shaft and pressed the button 15…



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Posted: 31 May 2008 at 12:57am | IP Logged
so thats all for today...

it u like this fic and want me to continue with it, please do inform me... if u find any flaws in it, i'll be there to hear them and improve my writing accordingly..

see you at the next update...

Ta Daa..

*Rajeevian* IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 May 2008 at 4:26am | IP Logged
interesting ud.cont soon.....
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Posted: 31 May 2008 at 5:33am | IP Logged
v.nice.plz continue
-Yaz- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2008 at 10:24am | IP Logged
woopie you've updated here as well i actually really love this fic as i have read it in orkut, and i think i'll keep on reading it in orkut but i'll post my comments here because i am silent reader there lol anyways first part was amazingly good i remember when i read it in orkut all i had to say was wow! because this is totaly different to what i usually read i mean nishaad being and employee of simi and husband as well, all i have to say now is that can you please update it in orkut as i want to read more about they're college days Embarrassed

anyways once again a brilliant update Clap Clap Clap

take care Big smile
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fanatic 21
fanatic 21

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thnk u for starting dis fic here.......its awesome.......

waitin to read ahead


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