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scorpiorule Goldie

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Posted: 02 June 2008 at 2:23pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by smile41

So 1st Discussion on Vineet;

Where will he go next? What will his new character image be?

I say he will not be on Zee, but maybe on StarOne and have a role as a negative character.

What say you all?

Well my pick is negative as well and maybe back with Zee.

scorpiorule Goldie

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Posted: 02 June 2008 at 2:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by preeti_saarrthi

Originally posted by bhavana02

Heyy..first discussion!

Hmm..well, he has a film and the dance show, so will it be a while before we see him in a serial? Considering serials require around the clock shooting?

And I dunno, was it Zee who ruined Maayka or was Veer's death a decision by the Maayka team? Because Zee have the only decent serials on TV right now, perhaps he might do a Zee serial if it was good enough...Star One is also a possibility, but their serials are a bit over the top Confused...better than Star Plus though! I only hope some serial doesn't try and typecast him in a nice, Veer-type role...

Ooh, a negative character would be GREAT, as long as it wasn't petty like Cherry. Problem with negative characters is they tend to get boring after a while, it's like same old hate, same old revenge...it had better be one hell of a villain...

i dont think he'll take up a zee show.........he's had enough with the channel........villian..........hmmm.....cant imagine him to be one...wouldnt mind a hero with grey character like that of sujal in KTHEmbarrassed

Bhavana it was the channel who decided to end Veer. So I think it would have to be a great offer by Zee to bring him back. Also I vote for negative as well. But the hero sounds promising to. So mnay ways to see him in. Vineet at his best in all.

scorpiorule Goldie

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Posted: 02 June 2008 at 2:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by smile41

pics found of Vineet-My PrinceEmbarrassed


True Prince.Embarrassed

scorpiorule Goldie

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Posted: 02 June 2008 at 2:40pm | IP Logged

Part 1:

"Snore…. Snore…. Snore… OUCH!!!" Soni got up from her deep sleep and felt the back of her head. Someone, and she had a good idea who, had just hit the back of her head. She looked back angrily at Veer, "What the hell Veer, U know I don't care about this stupid class why the hell do u have to wake me up."

Veer looked at Soni hopelessly from his rimless glasses and shook his head slightly, "ahem" a voice came from the front. Soni looked around .Everyone including the teacher was staring at her, she felt herself go red with embarrassment. "Thanks Mr. Khurana for bringing one of our students back from her dream world. And Ms. Malhotra I don't care if u think this class is the most boring class on the planet. U r still going to stay awake. And if u want to sleep next time plzz try not to disturb others with ur loud snores."

"Yes Sir" Soni said, her voice small and her face redder than a tomato. She hated calculus and it just had to be the first period when sleep was ready to take over. She didn't see the point of staying awake. Its not like she understood Mr. Rock's math language. He might as well have been speaking in Russian and she wouldn't have known. The bell rang dismissing them to go to their next class.

"Was I really snoring?" Soni asked Veer.

"Mmhmm" Veer said nodding his head, trying to stop himself from laughing

"Was I too loud?"

Veer couldn't handle it, he burst out almost chocking on his words, "No, not too loud, just enough to wake up the whole city."

"You are mean. You know how much I hate that class and it has to be the first one in the morning."

"Then why did u take it?"

"Because u took it!! You know we pick the exact same classes every year."

"I love that class. Its actually challenging and not rubbish like English."

"What else can I expect from a nerd like u. ok ok shut up Jeet is coming this way." Soni pulled out her mirror and adjusted her hair and put on some makeup, "I look good don't I?"

"Huh." Veer looked at Soni, "Ya, u look good, where is Jeet?"

"See over there" Soni said pointing at the corridor and sure enough Jeet turned to the corner now coming down the same hall as them.

"But how did u know?"

"Hey"Jeet called out . Soni stopped, her heart rate increasing, he was coming right towards them, "excuse me please" Jeet said, Veer moved out of the way as Jeet went right past them to the girl behind. He gave her a tight hug.

"Soni lets go." Veer took her by her arm and dragged her away from Jeet. Soni looked heart broken, "Why are u so upset Soni?"

"how can u ask me that after…"

"Oh u r upset about that girl." Veer laughed, "I know her. she is like Jeet's second cousin"

"Really??" Soni said smiling.

"Uhhnn…." Veer said feeling slightly guilty for lying to her

"I knew it!!" Soni said more confidently

"Hey Soni can I ask u something??"


"Were u by any chance a dog last birth"


"Yes because u have the most strongest nose in the world."


"if u don't then how did u know Jeet was coming even before u could see him."

"Its love darling u wouldn't know."

"ya ya whatever…anyways u are coming over to my house today aren't u? it's a long weekend, we are off even on Monday. Shabd and Mahi are coming too, so we can like party."

"And I suppose ur parents are not going to be home again."

"Ya they are not, but better for us."

"Veer all I have ever seen of ur family is their pictures, and I know u for 6 years!!"

"I told u they are always out for business."


"Drop it Soni. And besides I have a feeling that something spicy is going to be going on. I have a feeling there is something going on b/w Shabd and Mahi."

"Oh my god!! U better not be just spreading rumors Veer, Shabd has a girlfriend and Mahi also has a boyfriend, that they will be coming with."

"ya but guess what?" Veer said smiling


"Mahi just broke up with her boyfriend."

"No! Mahi would have told me if something like that would have happened!!"

"She will tell u eventually, Shabd told me. He was so happy that I thought it was his birthday. It will be fun to watch them together."

"Ya but Shabd still has a girlfriend."

Veer shrugged, "U never know"

"I hope I can come." Soni said sadly

"What do u mean u hope...... u have to come!!"

"I ll see, have to ask my parents."

"Oh u have to ask. I guess I should blow off this whole idea, Jeet was going to be there but I'll have to tell him no too."

Soni screamed, "What!!" ppl turned to look at her.

"Yup, but since u r not sure…"

Veer was grinning enjoying the effect of his words.

"I'll be there." Soni turned to go down her corridor, but she turned back, ran to Veer and gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek, "I love u for doing this for me."

Veer went red and rubbed his cheeks, "thanks."  

............................................................ .......

~* Pooja *~Embarrassed



Part 2

Veer breathed a sigh of relief as he watched Soni leave. He was glad he hadn't gotten into an argument with her about his family. If Soni knew that the house that she had thought to be his home was only a beach house that his parents had gifted to him on his 17th birthday she would hate him for life.  That was the reason she had never met his parents, because, he knew how were u supposed to tell ur mom and dad that they were supposed to act middleclass, just because his friend hated rich people. And he knew even if he managed to explain that to them, they would never be able to convice them. What with his dad's expensive watches and expensive suits and his mom's designer clothes and jewellery.

But Veer was proud of himself. No one in the school except for Jeet knew that he was rich. With his baggy clothes purposefully bought from Kohl's, rather then being designed. And his glasses to give him a nerdy look, no one could suspect that he was rich nor the fact that he had muscles from every day of exercising in his personal gym. Middle class and nerdy, there was no way he could get popular. He didn't know how Jeet could handle with all those girls roaming around him all day, trying to impress him. He was happy with his life,friends that actually cared about him, rather then love him for his popularity. He had the most perfect parents in the world.

The only thing missing from his life was a brother or a sister. He wanted someone so badly. He didn't understand how Soni could hate Sim, Som. If he had brothers or sisters he would love them beyond anything. But he didn't mind, Soni's brother and sister were like his brother and sister.  The bell rang indicating the start of the class, Veer looked at the watch , he had 45 minutes of hell in English.

"Ok class today we are doing poetry and Mr. Khurana is going to be the first one to recite a poem for us that u guys were suppose to do for homework."

Veer groaned and slammed his head against the desk pulling out the poem that Soni had written for him, in exchange for letting her cheat off of him in calculus.

************************************************************ *********************************


Veer walked home with Soni since she lived near by. He would have offered her to go with him in his car but it would have arisen weird questions like how could he afford a Ferrari, when his parents "cough… cough" worked in a bank, "Soni are u sure I should come with u to ur house? what if ur parents don't allow u because I am a guy."

"Are u crazy! my parents love u more than me, they would adopt u as a son if u didn't have parents. And its not like I am going to tell them there is a party, just that there is a sleep over at ur house and every one is coming."

"Are Sim Som home?" Veer asked hopefully

"Please Veer don't spoil my mood."

"U have like the funniest brother sister in the world. I would love it if…"

"Please… u can have them whenever u want. I'll even home deliver them to ur house but with a charge of $10, u know for shipping and handling. And no, they are not home. Probably gone somewhere with their stupid annoying freshmen friends." 

"Hey we were freshmen too once."

"Ya... well there was no way we could have been that annoying." Soni said turning to a shabby old house. Her mom opened the door for her, "Hey mom,"

"Come in beta. Oh Veer u came, wow, haven't seen u for a week now, where have u been?"

"Oh I was just busy, aunty could Soni come over to my house today, please."

"At ur house hmm…"

"Everyone is going to be there Mama, Mahi, Shabd."

"Well I would normally ask Soni's dad, but I know he wont refuse especially if she is only going at ur house."

"Thanks mom."

"Thanks aunty."

"no problem, bye, have fun."

Soni and Veer left, happy at their success, "See I told u, it would work if u came with me."

"Ya..... well hun u have to help me organize the party too."

"What!! Nooo." Soni groaned, "Is it at ur house? u know the one by the beach."

"Ya, how many other houses do I haveWink,"

"how are we going to get there though?"

"In a Ferrari." Veer said pointing at the car.

"Where did u get a Ferrari from?" Soni asked suspiciously

"Oh.... borrowed it from my uncle, he is rich."

"I didn't know u had a rich uncle."

"Well u know now."

"Wow amazing!!! But Veer, I cant sit in there..... my shoes are muddy." Soni said showing him the soles of her shoes.

"Oh don't worry, he has a hundred cars. He wont mind if I crash this car and it explodes into a million pieces."

"Wow can I drive then."

Veer looked at her uneasily, "umm… Soni.... no offence, but when u drive the mortality of passengers increases a 100%"

"Oh come on I don't drive that bad, u know I haven't hit a single stop sign in a week."

"er… ok" Veer said sitting in the car knowing that his Ferrari was definitely trashed but why did he care his parents had enough money to buy him many more Ferraris.

............................................................ ........ 

k guys.......plz dont mind the stuff i've written abt their financial status.......like they say "any resemblance is purely and entirely un-intentional"Big smile.

~* Pooja *~Embarrassed

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scorpiorule Goldie

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Part 3

"hey Veer what happened to ur car?" Shabd asked looking at the trashed Ferrari.

"Shut up!!" Veer whispered, looking around, "What if Soni heard u?"

"Oh she is inside talking with Mahi about her breakup with her boyfriend." Shabd said happily

"And where is ur girlfriend?" Veer said putting up his eyebrow, "Or did u break up too."

"I am planning to eventually."

"What are u waiting for then?"

"Oh u'll see" Shabd said smiling, "is Jeet coming?"

"Ya he said he would, said he had nothing to do over the weekend so he might as well, I hope he does because Soni will eat me alive if he doesn't."

"I never thought Soni would like a guy like Jeet."

"Whatever....... u know girls....... Popular, hot, good looking…"

"ya I know. But Veer..... tell me something...... haven't u ever liked any girl before?"

"well… I never felt that I needed someone in my life. I just think its point less, all a big show off. Tell some one u love them and then dump them after a month."


"It made me so mad!!!" Mahi said flaring up with anger, "how dare he say such a thing!!"

"what did he say Mahi?"Soni said looking curious.

"He said that I was having an affair with Shabd. I was just talking to him in the hall and then he came out of no where and started accusing me."

"What did u do?"

"I got pissed, I slapped him and then went off."

"that's good that u were the one doing the slapping, and I don't think he was lying."

"What do u mean? U think I have an affair with…"

"Ofcourse not but u have to admit that u like him."

"Shabd is just a friend Soni."

"that's what they all say."

"oh yeah what about u and Veer?"

"me and Veer?? Don't even go there darling."

"It is clear that Veer will never have a girlfriend as long as he lives and I am in love with Jeet."

"Ya sure that's what they all say." Mahi said smiling .Soni rolled her eyes. The door to the room opened, Soni's heart stopped, it was JEET!!!

"uhh… opps sorry wrong room. Have u seen Veer anywhere by any chance."

Mahi nudged Soni to her side, trying to get her to close her drooling mouth, "oh he is outside, by the trashed ferrari."

"Oh ok thanks… umm is ur friend ok??" Jeet said looking at Soni who looked even more still than a statue.

Soni swallowed, "Iamfine." She said in one breath.

Jeet gave her a weird look and then left. Giving a small smile to Mahi.

Next part: JUST A KISS. And Soni and Jeet are not going to be the ones kissing.Wink


Part 4


"I swear man I am going to kill him!!!"


"Chill out Shabd, we don't even know for sure whether there is anything going on b/w them." Veer said, hiding his smile, "and I mean u have a girlfriend don't u?"


"Veer shut up or I am going to kill u too. U know how much I love Mahi."


"Then why don't u tell her that."


"Well me versus Jeet, u don't have to be a genius to know which one Mahi is going to choose." Soni entered and both of them stopped talking instantly.


"Hey guys what's up."


"Nothing!!" Veer and Shabd said together.


"Ya sure whatever, u guys can tell me, I won't tell anyone promise."




"No Shabd u better not!!"


"I think Soni can help us Veer."


"No Shabd....."


"Shut up Veer, tell me Shabd."


"We think that there is something going on b/w Mahi and Jeet."


Soni looked really mad, "What!! Come on guys this is not funny."


"Yes this was a joke. Shabd is only joking, don't believe him." Veer said.


Soni ignored Veer, "Why do u think that?"


"Well because Veer saw Mahi and Jeet... well ........together. Don't ask me Soni, I cant be more descriptive than that."


"I don't believe u!!"


Veer came closer to her and put his hand on her shoulder, "Soni…" Soni pushed off his hand from her shoulders and walked angrily out of the door. She was going to tear Mahi in half , how dare she!! Veer ran after her, "Soni stop!!" Veer caught her around the waist. She hit her hands on his hand struggling against him.


"Let go Veer!!! I am going to kill her."


"Chill woman!! And quit hitting me." Jeet was coming down the hall, Soni could tell, she always could, it was time for drastic action.


"Veer I know u r going to hate me for this but…" Soni pulled his face closer to her and kissed him on his lips.


Veer was shocked at what the hell was going on, when he realized what was going on, he tried to pull away from Soni but she held on tight. Jeet passed them, thinking this was bound to happen ,2 nerds that hung out together would obviously end up together.


Soni only let go when Jeet had passed, "What the freaking hell was that Soni!!"


"It was only a kiss."


"I had to make Jeet jealous."


"U know what Soni, I never wanted to tell u this, but u are just STUPID, big capital letters stupid. Jeet has never liked u , he has never even looked at u, he doesn't even know that u exist!! And he never ever will like u because he has many other girls around him that are better looking than u. Why don't u find someone that will like u. Someone that is as stupid as u are. So at least u don't have to go around kissing ME just to make them jealous!!"


Soni was in tears by now but Veer was too angry, to stop or feel bad about what he was doing, "U know why I became friends with u Soni? because I thought u were different, not like those other girls who only love guys for their popularity or money. But no !!I was wrong, u are just like all of them!!" He stormed off towards his room. Soni ran off to her room crying her eyes out.


how's this one??Embarrassed

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Originally posted by preeti_saarrthi



"U know why I became friends with u Soni? because I though u were different, not like those other girls who only love guys for their popularity or money. But no I was wrong, u are just like all of them!!" He stormed off towards his room. Soni ran off to her room crying her eyes out.

Damn her, damn jeet, damn the stupid world, what the hell was that!! about how could she do that. He wouldn't have really cared if she had kissed him because she liked him but no she did for Jeet, to make him jealous. Well he didn't really care. he had a lot of friends he did not need her. That was one thing he could not take and it was being used, the main reason why he never wanted anyone to find out he was rich. Veer sat down on the bed, stubbornly crossing his arms.

Soni left Veer's house, after she was able to get a hold of her self. She didn't know what she was more upset about - what Veer had said or the way he had said it. But what he said couldn't have been true ,there was just no way. So what if she had seen Mahi and Jeet in each other's arms, on the beach while going to her car. How she had thought of this weekend, how she had dreamed about and all it had done was take away her best friend. And endanger losing the love of her life. But that did not matter; she would just forget it and move on.  Then why couldn't she forget it, even as she sat in her calculus, she was relieving the horrible events of last night. Her test lay untouched, she knew she was going to fail, but that did not seem to matter right now. Veer was sitting in front of her, his test clearly visible from where she was sitting. But she was too mad at him to except any help from him even if it meant getting a big fat 0 in calculus.

Soni had not touched her test at all Veer could tell or he would have heard the scratching of her pen on paper. He wasn't ofcourse helping her because he cared for her or anything it was just he owed her for writing the poem for him. Why the heck wasn't she writing anything though, she was going to fail if she didn't start writing soon.

The bell rang and the class was dismissed, Veer gave up, if she didn't want to copy then there was nothing he could do. He turned his test in, he turned back to look hoping that he could talk to Soni. No no ,not hoping to talk to her just… aaa… trying to see if… she changed or not. But she was gone. No, why did he care it wasn't his business what Soni did, she could like who ever she wanted.


Mahi and Jeet were sitting against a tree, their hands intertwined, Mahi was a bit uncomfortable, maybe her plan was going a bit too far. Ok she wanted to make Shabd jealous, and make him dump his stupid girlfriend, but wasn't this a little too much. Oh well u have to lose something to gain something, "u know what Jeet, Mahi used to like u."

"Oh really, she did? Hmm… that's why she was acting so weird when I saw her. Well that's too bad because I am in love with u. Wait... are u sure she likes me?"

"Umm…ya she told me herself. Why?"

"Well..... I saw Veer and Soni kissing."

 Mahi got up so fast that she almost tumbled, and fell, "WHAT!!!" 

"Ya, I did."

"That's impossible they are just good friends."

"Well that's what I saw"

"Oh my god I am so excited, they would be like the best couple ever!!"

"No not really," Jeet got up and put his hands around her waist, "its not possible for them to be a better couple than both of us." Mahi was about to pull away from him, but Shabd passed them at the exact time with his girl friend both of them holding hands. Instead of letting go of Jeet she put her head on his chest. Enjoying the jealous expression on Shabd's face.  She was feeling much better now. Now that she knew Veer and Soni were a couple, she didn't have to worry about hurting Soni by being with Jeet.

 "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!" Soni was standing at the threshold of her brother and sister's room. They both were apparently having the time of their lives having a pillow fight covered with feathers. But they were making too much noise. And Soni, whose temper was at the exploding point now days was getting really pissed off. Even after telling them for the hundredth time they still had not listened to her, and Soni was only one step away from strangling both of them with her hands.

"What di? We are not even allowed to have fun now." Sim said smiling.

"No u r not"

"Sis, don't be so mean to Soni, she is probably upset because she fought with her boyfriend or something."

"I don't have a boyfriend!!! For ur kind information."

"And for ur kind information, we are not dumb!!" Sim said

"Yes ....we know the most recent gossip in highschool before anyone. And the subject of the most recent gossip is u and Veer."

"What do u mean?" Soni said scrowling.

Som cleared his throat making his voice like a reporter trying to sound formal, "According to a very reliable source, u were found smooching Veer, very recently, like this weekend."

"Wait! as far as I remember, weren't u at Veer's house this weekend di?" Sim said grinning annoyingly, "Oooooo Di has a boyfriend."

Som joined her ,chanting with her, "Di has a boyfriend… Di has a boyfriend….Di has a boyfriend…"      

"SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!" Soni slammed the door so hard that it could be heard even down the street


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LOL LOL Oh dear...Soni has to get over Jeet fast and then she and Veer need to fall for each other fast!!!! Tongue Tongue

Thanks, love this...arguments are so sweet and so sad at the same time Smile, bless them...Soni is so stubborn Tongue...if only she'd waited one moment after that exam Veer would hve caught her...
anyalolita Goldie

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Hey members..It's June, and I'd like your suggestions on new MOTM! Please PM me! Big smile

Tongue I like the princely pic as well...where's it from, Preeti?

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