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Rajeev khandelwal : Future Bollystar

nidhi2013 IF-Sizzlerz

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Rajeev Khandelwal Embarrassed,a name that needs No introductions......,for us rajeev is a success storyTongue......,living life on his own terms, not compromising on his ethics and ever soo humble inspite of all the success and star-status that he has attainedTongue........

After completing 8 acting projects in television he finally stepped in the Bollywood.
His debutant Film Aamir ...A film which any debutant actor from television would dare to choose as his first movie.But this man chose to follow his heart and finally now Rajeev is going to be seen on 6th of june on the silver screen as "Aamir".

"I have never seen his work but i saw an interview of his on MTV......I knew then Rajeev was the man we were looking for.The remaining doubts which were n't too many got sorted out when we met each other"says Anurag Kashyap ...his creative producer about him.He said further"Rajeev is a star...he is meant for bigger things"

The film was entirely shot with hidden cameras everywhere . "The city was our canvas an we wanted to capture it in all its starkness"says alphonse roy ...the cinematographer.


"If someone wants a breather from the mindless and senseless films that are in the industry nowadays, I would say that the person would really like 'Aamir'."Said by the director Rajkumar Gupta.

"Films like AAMIR reinforce your faith in the new talent that's surfacing in Bollywood. The entrants -- Rajkumar Gupta and Rajeev Khandelwal -- have taken a giant leap in their very first film attempt. Kudos! " Said by critic Taran Aadarsh.

So the film is all ready to be get the verdict of the audience on 6th of June 2008.Lets hope the best for the film and wish Rajeev a very best of luck for his very first film "Aamir"


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nidhi2013 IF-Sizzlerz

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Kya Haadsaa Kya Haqeeqat!!!!!

Not many actors would love to start their career as a BAD MAN, especially in TV where ppl literally worship the agyakaari Beta and bahupatni vratasta (man with many wives lol) pati and curse those Bad Men who never leave a chance to hurt these god men!!!!

But this man, not just had the guts to take a risk, but also had the talent to prove his choice right!!!!

His well scripted negative act in KHKH made him win several hearts and a golden character SUJAL!!!!



Kahiin Toh Hoga!!!!!

How should UR Dream Man Be?

Tall, Dark, Handsome, sweet, caring, one who knows to give anything n everything for LOVE!!!! 

And here we had one man—short,  fair, hmm handsome—adamant, rude---possessive---would take away anything n everything to gain his love----This character was scripted to be a Bad Man—but soon became a dream man of many many yong girls, aunties and mummys too!!!!!

Its easy to play a boy next door, but hard to be an arrogant LOVER----I guess this was the reason why Sujal became a household name –to an extent that HE still lives in every house—in spite of the fact that the serial KTH went off air a year bak!!!!!



Time Bomb

"Its Hard to be versatile in a industry like TV"---Some actor has said dis once!!!!

That might be true—just for others!!!!

I guess normally we love to stick to what we R best at or are famous for—but this oh so unique actor was desperate to shed his romantic image—wanted to try something different—I guess that's exactly how a versatile actor is born—haan toh our hero Rajeev quit KTH—which gave hm utmost name n fame----took a offbeat series—time bomb—whch was a critical hit—but not a popular one—nevertheless Rajeev was successful in shedding his good man-bad man image n emerged as the new Angry Young Man of TV!!!!


Sun LeyNa

Rajeev and Aamna kii jodi KTH mein itni famous hogayi thi kii unhe wapaas dekhne ke liye sab log betaab hii betaab the—toh just for them was this cute love story made---

Again this pair created their magic n aaj tak who magic kam nahiin hua n shayad kabhi nahiin hoga!!!!!Sun liya?? hehehe


Deal Ya No Deal and CID

Phir Humaare Logic Master ko phir kuch naya try karne ko soocha—aur kya—HOSTING!!!!!

DYND---is game show ke anchor bane—lekin sirf kuchi episodes ke liye---HIT ya FLOP –alag baat hain—koshish acchi aur sacchi thi jo dikhtii thi---versatality ka ek aur nazaara tha yeh!!!!

CID—Ek chota sa role—ek powerful performance—Koi sirf 2 ya 3 episodes se kisiko apna deewaana bana sakta hain?? Haan haan yeh banda kar sakta hain—I've seen many ppl who became Rajeevians after seeing him in CID!!!

Seek?? Role chahe bada ho ya chota—dedication hamesha 100% honi chahiye---then success will surely follow U in one or the other way!!!!



Left Right Left

Zindagi left, right jaake wapas Left pe aagayi!!!!

Pehle negative role, then romantic gray shaded role, angry young man, anchoring, cameo—ab bacha kyat ha???

A right combination of all these roles!!!!

Thus was born Captain.Rajveer Singh Shekawat

A fine army officer, a GR8 mentor, a GR8 friend , a GR8 lover n  A Gr8 Human Being!!!

Hain naa perfect combination of Raj, Sujal, Varun n Rajeev!!!

His performance in LRL was the best of the lot n this character made him truly truly the asli BAADSHAH of Television!!!!!

Critics n junta had made up their mind that RA ke sooper chemistry ke baad Raj kisi ke saath bhi  chemistry create nahiin kar paayega—lekin galat galat—is janaab ne kiya!!

His Chemistry with Priyanka Bassi worked right from the first episode and the jodi was a BIG HIT—

His chemistry with the villain of LRL Shwetha Salve, although seen for a short period hit well!!!

Rajeev proved that he can create chemistry not just with the leading Lady but also with the villain!!!!lol

This serial got him new fans , new FCs, new fame n a new role!!!!


Isse pehle us naye role ke bare mein bole pehle zaraa is successful ride ke zaraa cute moments dekhlo!!!!


    Best actor - Gold awards 2007
    Best television actor-Sansui 2007
    MTV award for the most stylish host-2006
    Best Cameo-Sony 2006
    Best television personality-ITA 2005
    Most stylish actor -MTV 2005
    Best television personality-ITA 2004
    Best Fresh Face -ITA 2004
    Best Jodi - ITA 2004 (with Aamna)
  • Best jodi -Star Parivaar awards


i would like to thank saheli kirandi n nehu for helping me Smile

thanx pari di for helping regarding bgBig smile

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nidhi2013 IF-Sizzlerz

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page 27 articles on aamir

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~~~Congratulations for the new FC Rajeevians~~~

will edit this sooon

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Congrats everybody the new RK FC MASHALLAH Clap Big smile Embarrassed

WOWWW MASHALLAH, Wonderful work Nidhoooo Clap Big smile Embarrassed


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The episode of CID (Pics)




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hey every1...congo on the new FC... Clap Clap Clap

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