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Tera Mera Rishta-AR Part 16 Pg.80 | 11/30/08

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Hi everyone..I have read soo many wonderful ff's that I got inspired to write one of my own...please bear with me as this is my first one and I really hope everyone enjoys reading it..if anyone has any questions please feel free to pm me..Smile

please leave me comments-negative or positive please..thank you..

here it goes..hope you all love the first part...Smile Here's a brief character sketch..

Riddhima Gupta- 22 year old who has big dreams and aspirations. Her parents are Padma and Shashank Gupta and her sister is Anjali. She wishes to be a top class doctor and work to the best of her ability. Believes in love at first sight.


Armaan Mallik- 23 year old; also an intern doctor. More of a brother to Atul than a friend. Takes life as an adventure'He enjoys himself with whatever he does and makes friends everywhere he goes. Never believed in love at first sight until he met'..


Anjali Joshi- 23 year old; older sister of Riddhima and is about to get married to her love Atul. Also intern doctor at Saanjevani Mumbai.


Atul Joshi- 23 year old; brother to Armaan..Getting married to Anjali, the love of his life'Intern doctor at Sanjeevani Mumbai.


 Other Characters will be introduced later on'


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'Flight 265 from Delhi to Bombay has been delayed due to bad weather', the flight official announced.



'OH NO,' thought Riddhima' 'Di is really going to kill me if I don't reach on time.' She quickly took an empty seat at the boarding area of the flight. She knew that Anjali would erupt with anger if she didn't make it on time to her sangeet. Anjali constantly reminded her to buy her ticket early, however Riddhima, being the lady she was, was too occupied with managing her duties as an intern at Sanjeevani Hospital in Delhi. She was so involved in her work that she always forgot something or the other. But now that all would end, since she was transferring to the Sanjeevani branch in Mumbai'so she would be able to be with her family. She didn't expect that her happiness to go back home would be marked with a mishap like this.


Riddhima paced up and down the boarding area thinking about how to call her sister up and tell her about the delay in flight. She wasn't even sure how long the flight would be delayed. 'Bad weather ko aabi hi anna tha,' she thought in her head. Riddhima was too occupied thinking of what Anjali's reaction would be when she would tell her that she failed to realize that she was on the verge of bumping into someone.


His strong, muscular body grabbed hold her of skinny figure as she fell back in the opposite direction. He released the cup of coffee from his grasp which ultimately landed on his shirt while he made the attempt to save the lady from falling.  He looked into her mesmerizing green eyes and couldn't seem to have gotten enough of them. Her beautiful eyes seemed to distract him from the fact that he had coffee spilled on top of him. Riddhima also couldn't stop looking into his sparkling blue eyes. They both finally came back to reality and the guy asked her in a sweet manner 'Are you okay?'


'Yeah, I'm fine,' she replied back while getting out of his arms.

'Are you positive you are okay? You seem to be kind of lost'' he asked her.

'No'no I'm fine,' she quickly managed to retort back. 'I'm just kind of frustrated with the fact that the flight to Mumbai is delayed.' 'My sister is going to kill me.'


In that moment, she realized that his coffee was splattered all over his shirt.


'Oh my god! Because of me your coffee has gone to waste and your shirt is completely ruined.' Embarrassed, she quickly took out a napkin from her purse and tried to wipe it off, however, it was of no use. He couldn't stop looking at her while she was desperately trying to take the stain off his shirt.


'I'm really sorry,' she stated apologetically.

'It's OK', he stated really calmly. 'No need for you to get worried.' 'You see I have that effect on women,' he said in a flirting type of way.


Riddhima realized that he was flirting, however, she didn't mind it. She couldn't stop gazing at his handsome self ever since he caught her.


She started laughing at his comment, 'Well, actually the fact is that my sister is getting married and today is the sangeet ceremony and if I don't reach on time, then I'm surely dead.' 'I was just so nervous on how I should break the news to her that I completely dazed off into my own world,' she added.


'Oh I see,' he replied. 'It's ok'I'm sure your sister will understand you because sometimes circumstances are beyond our control and as they all say everything happens for a good reason, and who knows, this delay in the flight can have something good in store for the both of us,' he added smilingly.


'Yeah, you are right. I'll call her up in a while and tell her.' She added on saying 'You're going to Mumbai also?'


He replied, 'Yeah' It's my best friends wedding, but he is more like a brother to me.' 'And I got to get back to work, I was just in Delhi for vacation.' As a friendly gesture, Armaan asked 'By the way, now that our flight is delayed, would you like to go get a cup of coffee in the airport lounge Miss'.'


'Riddhima, Riddhima Gupta.' She stated.

'Would you like to get a cup of coffee Miss Riddhima?' 'By the way, my name is Armaan, Armaan Malik.'

'Sure, why not Mr. Armaan,' she responded back confidently. She was kind of happy that she was going to go have coffee with a handsome man.


'But first let me go change my shirt,' he said with a smile. 'He took another shirt out of his handbag and went to the restroom to change. 'I'll be back.' 'Just watch over my handbag if you can.'


'No problem.. Don't worry about it,' she responded. He left to the restroom to change.


 She started blushing as he left to the restroom. Riddhima didn't know why but she now started feeling as if her flight delay indeed did happen for a good reason'



He came out wearing a black shirt'Riddhima dazed off in her own world and started to admire him, however, she refused to let those feelings show.


'Chale,' he said.

'Chalein' she replied.


'Two cups of coffee please,' Armaan requested from the waiter.

'So have you told your sister of the delay yet? I suppose you should, you don't want her getting too worried about you.'

'Waise, let me tell you, as long as I'm with you'there's no need to get worried,' Armaan said with a smile on his face.


Riddhima blushed slightly inside. Just then, her cell started ringing.

'Tring Tring'. 'Oh wow, Anjali Di is calling me'


'Looks like she's gonna live a long life,' Armaan stated.

'That's right,' she said. 'And I'm gonna live a short one once she finds about the delay, she stated jokingly. Armaan laughed a little at that response.


She picked up the phone. 'Hi Di.'

'Riddhima, I got really worried about you after hearing about the flight delays on the news,' Anjali said.

' Don't worry Di, I'm absolutely fine'

'That's good to hear. I'm upset with you Riddhima! I had told you to come a few weeks earlier and now that you're coming last minute, this bad weather comes in between my happiness,' Anjali said in a depressed manner.

'Di, I should have listened to you, but I guess this was written in my fate'Aap parishan nahi ho..mein appni puri koshish karongi ke mein sangeet mein pohonch jaaon.'

'Ok'Take care and call me as soon as you get any news of your flight.'

'Ji haan..mein phone kardongi'bye Di.'


The whole time Riddhima was talking to Anjali, Armaan couldn't help but notice Riddhima's simplicity. He stared closely at her facial expressions and was mesmerized by the innocence she held.


'Thank God., Di didn't kill me' Riddhima stated. Armaan came back to reality.

'See, I told you. Your sister would understand.'


Their coffee arrived in the mean time'


'It looks like you and your sister love each other very much' Armaan said while drinking his coffee.

'Yeah we love each other to death' we can't live without each other' When I had to come to Delhi, we both were devastated for a while then we got used to it.'

'But now, I'm officially shifting back to Mumbai,' Riddhima stated while sipping her coffee.


Right when Armaan was going to ask her about why she came to Delhi, an announcement was made.




'I guess that's our call,' Armaan said.

'Thank God, at least there is a ray of hope kay main sangeet pe poonch jaaongi,' Ridhimma said.


'Let me get your bags,' Armaan said sweetly.

''s ok'I'll do it myself,' she answered uncomfortably.

'It's no problem for me..please let me do the honor.' 'Waise, I'm a strong man..i'm sure I can manage it,' Armaan said with a huge smile on his face.

Riddhima smiled back at him, 'Sure, here you go.' She gave him her bag.


'I'm paying for the coffee,' Riddhima said.

' No, you aren't since I asked you to come with me to have coffee,' Armaan retorted back to her.

'No Armaan, it was because of me that your coffee I owe you'



Both of them felt through the argument that they had known each other for ages.


Armaan finally broke the silence' 'Fine Riddhima, aapka hukoom sar aankhon par.'


Riddhima smiled and went to pay for the coffee.


As they went to sit in the plane, they realized that their seats were right next to each other..


'Well, now we won't have to sit with strangers' they both stated at the same time.


Somehow it felt as they had known each other for ages indeed. They weren't strangers for each other anymore'Life was taking another turn for them'

 ______________________________________________________ _______


PLEASE leave comments..hope yall enjoyed the first part! I tried to make it as long as I could.






Armaan took their handbags and started putting them in the compartment above their seats. Riddhima was on her way to sit at her window seat when a sudden force made her fall straight on top of the seats. She let out a scream. A man accidentally pushed against Armaan while he was putting their luggage up, causing him to lose his balance, and fall directly on Riddhima. His strong muscular body lay directly on top of her fragile body. His gaze was fixated upon her extremely beautiful face. Her eyes were tightly shut due to the impact of the fall. She was breathing heavily. Lose tendrils of her hair were on top of her face'Armaan, too mesmerized by her the innocence she held, began to tuck the lose tendrils of hair behind her ear.  Armaan didn't really know what was happening to him. He never felt this way with anyone. 'What's happening to you Armaan. Take a hold on yourself.' he thought. Riddhima, feeling someone's touch on her face, opened her eyes slowly to see Armaan on top of her. He looked into her green eyes, not being able to get enough of them. Riddhima lowered her gaze.


'A-aaa-rman,' Riddhima hesitantly stated, in attempt to get up.

Armaan quickly came back from his world of thoughts and began to get up.

'Oh....I'm really sorry.' 'This man accidentally pushed me and'.'

'It's ok'' Riddhima interrupted. 'It's not your fault,' she said while fixing her posture in her seat.


A throbbing pain took hold of Riddhima's head. Riddhima quickly moved her hand and put it on her head, at the place she felt the pain. 'Ouchh,'she cried.

Armaan looked in her direction to see the intense expression of pain on her face.

'What happened,' he said worriedly.

'I think that my head crashed into the window as I fell,' Riddhima cried while holding her head as tight as she could to relieve the pain.

'Oh my God, I'm so sorry.' Armaan quickly took his hands and began examining her head. He started massaging it in attempt to relieve some of the pain.


He remembered that he had painkillers in his bag. He quickly got up his seat, and opened up the compartment and started searching endlessly through his bag until he finally found them.


'Don't worry,' he said in an attempt to pacify her.

'Take these,' he handed her two painkillers and gave her his water bottle to drink from.

Riddhima not being able to take the pain quickly took the medicine and drank the water.


Armaan kept massaging her head in the mean time.

After a while, Riddhima started feeling a little at ease.


'Thanks a lot,' she said' 'If it weren't for you, then god knows what would've happ---

'You should never say things like that,' he interrupted. 'And I'm really sorry, it was due to me that all this happened.'

'No, wasn't your fault at all..' 'In fact, if it wasn't for you'and don't interrupt me this time..if it wasn't for you, then I seriously would have died with the pain'so thanks a lot.'

Armaan looked at her in a concerned manner. She made him feel as if he was her savior.

'No problem,' he retorted back.

Riddhima smiled'

'By the way, ' she said' Armaan looked at her.

'You give pretty good massages'where did you learn this from'and on how many girls have you tried this?' Riddhima asked jokingly.

Armaan blushed and laughed' ' Well'you see.. I was born with this talent' I didn't learn it was gifted to me by God,' Armaan said in a joking manner.

Riddhima chucked. ' Oh really,' she added sarcastically.

'And including you, I have used my talent on at least 60-70 girls by now,' he added.

Riddhima opened her mouth in shock.

Something made Riddhima hit Armaan on his chest.

'Ouch'that hurts,' Armaan responded to her. Riddhima realized what she was doing and quickly moved her hands back.

'I was only joking,' Armaan chuckled.


Riddhima looked down embarrassed. Oh my God' what did I do? I can't believe I just did that. How did I just start feeling so possessive about him, as if he was my own and no one else's? Am I getting attracted to him? Waise' he's not bad at all' he's quite charming indeed.  She couldn't stop thinking about how caring he was and how he helped her out with the pain she was having. He actually found me some painkillers and gave me HIS water bottle to drink from. And on top of that he gave me a massage.  Am I really falling in love? Millions of questions were flowing through Riddhima's mind.


Same thing was happening with Armaan. Why do I feel as if I've known her my whole life? Is this just attraction or is it something else? NO, it HAS to be attraction' I have never fell in love and nor do I believe in love at first sight' I have gone out with a lot of girls in my life, however, there is something different about this one. What is it that is pulling me so close to her? Why did I get affected when she was having pain?


Questions were occupying both of their minds'


Right then, the airhostess brought them lunch.

'Thanks,' they both said to the airhostess as she gave them their food.


They talked generally while they ate their food, and afterwards Armaan fell asleep for a bit while Riddhima was dazing off while reading her book. Sleep took complete control over her and her book fell out of her hands and into her lap while her eyes closed steadily.


As time past by, their sleep was disrupted by an announcement




Riddhima opened her eyes slowly hearing the announcement. She didn't feel like waking up---somehow she had gotten a good nap. She somehow wanted to sleep a little more. She moved her head a little to slowly get herself to wake up completely. Armaan woke up at that moment and saw Riddhima's head on his shoulder. He looked at her admiringly. Upon moving her head, Riddhima figured that she was sleeping on top of Armaan's shoulder. Riddhima quickly got up. Armaan and Riddhima both then noticed that her arm was entangled in his arm. Armaan looked at Riddhima and Riddhima looked at Armaan. Riddhima then nervously moved her arm out of his. 'I-I-I'm sorry' it's just that I have a habit of sleeping with a stuffed animal and that's why my arm'.'  She was surprised. 'Is that the reason why I was enjoying my sleep?' she thought. 'Was I enjoying it due to Armaan?'


Armaan understood what she was trying to say. 'It's ok'no worries,' he said with a smile on his face.

Riddhima took a sigh of relief.

He decided to play around with her. 'Waise, kya tum indirectly mujhe yeh kehne ki kosish kar rahi ho keh meh ek 'stuffed animal' ke tara dikhta hoon?' Armaan asked saracastically.

'Nahi nahi..mein to yeh kehne ki koshish kar rahi thi keh''

Armaan interrupted her, 'Tum yehi kehne ki koshish kar rahi thi ke mein 'stuffed animal' ke tara dikhta hoon.'

'Arre..mujhe bolne to do,' Riddhima said. 'Haan fine..tum ek stuffed animal ho..'

'lekin ek bohot hi cute stuffed animal,' she finished saying..

'Well, Thank You.' Armaan said smilingly.


The flight finally landed and all passengers were instructed to depart the plane. Armaan picked up his hangbag and Riddhima's handbag and helped Riddhima get up from her seat by offering his hand.


Riddhima put her hand in his and got up.

'Thank you,' she said.

'My Pleasure,' he responded.


They walked together to the baggage claim area and put their baggage in their respective carts.  Armaan put Riddhima's handbag in her cart.


As they walked outside the airport, Armaan and Riddhima went over their good-byes.


'Well, I guess it's time to go now,' said Armaan as he signaled a taxi for Riddhima.

'Yeah, it is'I'm glad that I made it home in time for the sangeet,' replied Riddhima.

Armaan put Riddhima's baggage in the taxi with the help of the driver.

'Thanks a lot for all of the help, Armaan.' Riddhima said

'No problem at all.' Armaan said with a smile. 'Thank you for giving me company,' Armaan said.

Riddhima blushed slightly, 'It was my pleasure. If the coffee hadn't fallen because of me, we wouldn't have met.'

'That's true,' replied Armaan.


He opened the door of the taxi for Riddhima. She went in. They exchanged numbers.


'Here's my number' you never know when you might need my assistance ever again,' Armaan said.

Riddhima started laughing, 'Thanks. Here's mine.' She gave him her number.

'If I ever need a massage, I'll be sure to call you.'

Armaan started laughing'

'Bye' they both said to one another.


They both went their separate ways.


As Riddhima sat in the taxi, thoughts occupied her mind. We both met, and we both went our separate ways, to our destination. God knows whether we'll meet again in the future. Well at least I have his number, she thought as she looked at the piece of paper with his number on it. She quickly added the number on her cell so in case if she ever lost it, she would have it on her cell'


Are Armaan and Riddhima going to meet again? You'll have to wait till part 3 to find out..


Promo: Anjali's sangeet..

Hope yall enjoyed second part!



Note: I'm really really sorry that I didn't update fast, but since school ended a week ago and vacations officially started, there were a lot of graduation parties I had to go i'm very sorry...This part is a compensation for all the days I didn't write ---it may not be good since I haven't gotten to the sangeet part yet, but next update I promise i'll have the sangeet portion done..

Riddhima's House


'RIDDHIMA,' screamed Anjali upon opening the door to the house.

'Di,' Riddhima excitedly screamed back. They both embraced each other into a warm hug.

'I'm so happy that you made it home in time for the sangeet,' Anjali exclaimed.

'I'm happy, too'After all, how was I too miss it'my one and only sister is getting married'I have to be a part of her happiness,' Riddhima responded.

Anjali smiled.

'Beta, tum agayi'Kaisi thi tumhari flight?' her mom, Padma, asked while coming towards her.

'Achi thi maa,' Riddhima responded while giving her mom a hug.

'Maine appko bohout miss kiya tha,' Riddhima said while still embraced in the hug.

'Maine bhi'aab tum aagi ho na'.mein tumhe jaane nahi doongi.' Padma said in between sobs.

'Aap phikar maat karen'ab to main idhaar hi rahoongi'maine transfer le liya idhar ke sanjeevani mein.'

Padma was ecstatic. 'Saach'

'Saach' replied Riddhima.

They were interrupted by the voice of a man.

'Ji haan Padma, humari beti Riddhima aab idhar kaam karegi.' Shashank, her father, announced.

'Papa,' Riddhima screamed while running towards him for a hug.

'I missed you a lot beta,' he said while opening his arms for a hug.


Riddhima ran into his arms. She had missed both of her parents and her sister a lot while living in Delhi, but the situation back then had demanded her to get away from the city of Mumbai for a while. She needed to be free and alone at that time. It was a bad phase of her life. It was her choice to move to Delhi and it was again her choice to come back to Mumbai. But, she was glad to be back in Mumbai---she was glad to be back to her family, she had finally moved on in life.


'I'm not going to leave you all ever again,' Riddhima said while sobbing as she clutched on to her dad.

'I'm never going to let you go anywhere,' he said while comforting Riddhima by patting her head. 'Except when you get married,' he jokingly added to arouse her mood.

'PAPA,' she yelled.


Padma, sensing the situation that was arising, changed the topic. 'Shashank, aab choro yeh sab baatein aur chalein' aabhi bhi bohot sara kaam hai karne ko sangeet se pehle,' Padma interrupted.' 'Riddhima ko aaram karne do zara.'

'Ji, haan.' Shashank replied' 'Go get fresh Riddhima,' he added.

'Ridzi, come on'You have to get me ready and you have to get ready as well too.'

'I already told kaka to bring your luggage to your room,' Anjali added on.

'Yeah, lets go' Riddhima replied.

Anjali grabbed Riddhimas arm and dragged her upstairs to their room.



Armaan's House


'MOM, I'm home,' Armaan yelled as he opened the door to the house.

'Armaan beta, tum finally agaye ho,' Keerti replied as she walked over to hug him.

'Yes, mom'actually the flight got delayed a bit and so'he said while hugging his mom.


The love Armaan had for his mother was very evident. He would always do what she said without any objections.


'Do you know how many times Atul has called me asking whether you're here or not,' she informed him. 'Is your phone off?'


'Oh man! Yeah it is off because I remember that I had turned it off before getting on to the plane.' Armaan said while taking his phone out the front pocket of his jeans.


'Beta, go get fresh and call Atul immediately'Bechara pareshan ho raha hai shaadi ko lekar.' Keerti said while laughing. 'Shaadi to kal hai, pareshan aaj se hora hai.'


Armaan started laughing. 'Atul over reacts on everything.'


'And beta, go get dressed also'we have to reach on time since were from the baarat'


'Yes mom'I know'I'll go and call Atul.'


He ran upstairs to his room while Keerti looked at him. 'And beta, tell Atul to calm down and not be so nervous'aaj to sirf sangeet hai.'


Armaan opened the door to his bedroom and dialed Atul's number.

As soon as the first bell went through, Atul picked up the phone.


'Arre yaar, main kabse tujhe phone karne ki koshish kar raha tha'kahan tha tu? Kya tujhe koi parwa nahi hai meri.' Atul said in one breath without letting Armaan interrupt him.

'Arre'mujhe bolne ka moka toh do mere bhai.' Agar ese express train ki tarah bolta raha, toh main tumhe kya bol paaon ga? Armaan stated.

'Baat to sahi keh raha hai tu' acha bol'

'Bas yaar' flight delay ho gayi thi aur mene phone off kiya tha. Bas abhi ghar mein maine kadam rakhe hain aur tu kaise batein kar raha hai'Mujhe teri phikar hai, tu to mere bhai jaisa hai na!

'Sorry yaar, who baat yeh hai keh mein bohot..'

'Bohot nervous ho'mujhe pata hai.' Armaan interrupted Atul.

'Arre, tujhe kaise pata mere dil ki baat'Tune kya mere ghar mein camera to nahi lagaye hain?

' CHAMP!'Armaan yelled into the cell.

'I know, I know'tu mera bhai hai is liye tu janta hai'main bas aise hi tujhe chirhane ki koshish kar raha tha.'Atul said jokingly.

'Acha champ, aab jokes band karo. Mein tumhari problem solve kar ne aaya hoon'

'Haan. Armaan tu pata'mein kya karoon...mujhe bohot pasine choot rahe hain,' Atul said while wiping the sweat on his face with  a handkerchief.

'Follow my advice champ and be calm, OK! Just relax, even maa is telling me to tell you this..JUST RELAX'aaj sirf sangeet hai, shaadi to kal hai.' Armaan said in an attempt to get rid of Atul's nervousness.

'I'll try''

'Take a deep breath, ok. Everything is going to go smoothly tonight.' Armaan said. 'Listen Champ, I have to get ready for the sangeet. Maa and I will come pick you up in about 30 minutes and we'll go to the Sangeet venue, ok?

'Ok Armaan. Bye.'

'Bye' Armaan said.


As soon as Armaan hung up the phone, he knew that Atul would probably be taking deep breaths in and out continuously. Armaan went to his closet, got a pair of traditional male salwar kameez out, and headed inside the bathroom for a shower, while praying to God that Atul calms down.


Next Part- Sangeet ceremony


____________________________________________________________ ______




I worked really hard on this part and put in a lot of effort in it and I hope you all like it! I made it extra long, to make up for timeSmile.  Please leave comments and suggestions as always!



'Armaan beta, jaldi karo'we are getting late and we need to go pick up Atul on the way,' Keerti yelled as she sat on the sofa waiting for her son to come down. Keerti laughed as she thought to herself, 'uffo'mujhe lagta tha keh ladkiyan bohot time leti hain teyar hone main, lekin yahan to baat ulta hai.' 'Mujhe to us din ka intezar hai jab koi achi ladki  mere bete ki zindagi mein aake, usko sudhar sake,' Keerti sighed.



 Armaan had just stepped out of the shower wearing a cr'me colored salwar kameez. Armaan listened to his mother scream at him to hurry up. 'Maa bhi na itni jaldi kar waati hain,' he thought to himself. He hurriedly took a towel and wiped his hair with it and grabbed a comb from his dresser and combed his hair. He squirted some gel into his hand and put it in his hair to stay in place. He grabbed his cologne from the dresser and sprayed some on him. Armaan, being his conceited self thought to himself, 'Armaan, you will surely kill someone with your looks tonight at the sangeet.' It was a fact though'girls were crazy over Armaan's killer looks and personality. Armaan ran downstairs after he got ready.


'Let's go mom,' Armaan said as he set foot downstairs. Keerti got up and turned around to see her son looking dashing. 'Kitna acha lag raha hai mera beta,' she said as she touched his face. 'Mom, main hoon handsome,' Armaan said confidently. Keerti smiled, 'Kisi ki buri nazar nahi lage mere beta par,' she said as she gave him a hug.

'Mom, meri shaadi nahin Atul ki hai aaj,' Armaan stated humorly as they pulled themselves from the hug. 'Janti hoon, phir bhi keh rahi hoon,' Keerti stated. 'Kaash mera beta bhi shaadi karne ke liye ek HAAN keh de,' Keerti sighed. Armaan glanced towards his mom with that look he always gave her when she talked about him settling down in life. 'Mom, we've been over this topic hundreds of times' I want to enjoy my life right now and focus on my career,' he stated. 'Armaan' you can focus on your career along with marriage,' Keerti always replied to her son's statement with this one.  'Anyways, let's go'ab late nahi ho rahe hain kya,' Armaan added.


Armaan and his mom sat down in the car and they picked up Atul along the way.


'Hey Champ,' Armaan said as Atul opened the door to his car and sat in the car.


'Hey Armaan,' Atul replied as he made himself comfortable on the seat.


'Namaste Keerti Aunty,' he added.


'Namaste beta,' Keerti replied. ' Kaise ho'I hope zyada nervous to nahin ho.'


'Nervous tha pehle, lekin Armaan calmed me down.' Atul said as he thanked Armaan.


'That's good'tum to mere liye armaan ki tarah ho'and I wouldn't want you to panic or be nervous on these special days of yours.' Keerti stated with a smile on her face.


'Thanks Aunty,' Atul replied.


Armaan who was driving, stopped at a red light. 'Atul, never panic in life'take things as they come,' he said. 'Chill champ, just chill.' He stated calmly.


'Atul, isko bhi shaadi karne ke liye push karo na,' Keerti said pleadingly.


'MOM, how many times have we had this conversation'abhi ghar se nikal the bhi aap ne yeh shuru kiya tha' Armaan said to his mother as he turned from the signal.


'To galat kya keh rahi hoon main,' Keerti looked at Atul for support.


Atul understood that Keerti glanced at him for support, 'Haan yaar, shaadi kar ne mein kya burai hai'dekho na kal meri bhi shaadi hai.'


'Abhe tu chup raho'tere shaadi ki wajas se hi main is chaakar mein pass raha hoon.' Armaan said annoyingly while driving. 'Tujhe bhi abhi pyaar kar na tha na Anjali se aur shaadi bhi jaldi karni thi,' Armaan stated.


'Arre Armaan, pyar bas ho ja tha hai'wo ek bin bhulaye mehman ki tarah ho tha hai.' Atul stated happily. Keerti amused with Atul's thoughts on love also hoped that Armaan would soon fall in love.


'Kya bakwaas keh raha hai tu Atul,' Armaan said. 'I don't believe in love,' he added on.


'Atul sahi keh raha hai,' Keerti said. 'jab tujhe bhi ek din pyaar ho jaye ga, tho tab tu jan lega,'  Keerti responded to his statement.


'Haan haan whatever'dekho, tum loge ke pyaar ke chakkar mein hum Anjali ke ghar poonch gaye hain.' Armaan said thankfully'he clearly wanted to avoid this marriage topic.


Armaan parked the car and they all got out of the car. Armaan helped Atul straighten himself up by fixing the maroon dupatta around his neck, which was well coordinated with the light brown sherwani Atul wore. Keerti put her hand through her hair, in attempt to fix it, and also straightened herself up by fixing the beautiful yellow sequined sari she wore.


'Arre Armaan main kaise dikh raha hoon,' Atul asked nervously as Armaan fixed his dupatta.


'Champ, you look like champ,' Armaan said smilingly. 'Now stop worrying'agar shaadi se pehle yeh haal hai, toh shaadi keh baad kya hoga.' Armaan chuckled to himself. 'Atul, tu dulhan matlab Anjali nahi hai jo itna nervous ho rahe ho, acha,' Armaan added seriously.


'Ok,' Atul said as he took a deep breath. 'I am fine now.'


Keerti, who was standing on the opposite side of the car, told Armaan and Atul to hurry up and come inside. ' Armaan aur Atul jaldi ajao andar aab' Atul ka dil bohout bechain ho ra ho ga Anjali ko milne ke liye,' Keerti giggled to herself.


'Ji, mom'let's go,' Armaan responded as he grabbed hold of Atul's arm and took him to the door of Anjali's house. Armaan thought to himself, 'Abhi Anjali ko dekha nahi aur itna gabra raha hai'I wonder what will happen when he sees Anjali.'


____________________________________________________________ ____________



Padma and Shashank left no stone unturned in making sure that they held the best sangeet ever for their daughter- after all, both their daughters were entitled to their share of happiness. The house was decorated very elegantly from both the outside and the inside. Lights were placed all over the house on the outside while inside, each wall of the house was lined and decorated with streams and streams of flowers.


Most of the guests had reached the venue already. Padma was busy talking to a couple of guests when she glanced at the door to see Armaan, Atul, and Keerti standing at the entry of the doorway.


Padma had known Keerti for a long time now. Keerti had worked at Sanjeevani as a senior doctor while Padma used to work as a nurse-but she gave it up to be at home and manage her household duties. Despite the fact that Keerti and Padma knew each other for quite a while now, Padma became acquainted with Armaan, Keerti's son, at the beginning of the internship year when she made frequent visits to the hospital. Armaan had always gone to a boarding school in Delhi and he also completed medical studies at a prestigious institute there.


NOTE: It's been about 4-5 months into the internship' So Padma knows Armaan for about this time span and Riddhima is transferring after this time span.


Padma walked towards them and welcomed them.


'Welcome,' Padma exclaimed as she greeted them.             


'Nameste Aunty,' both Armaan and Atul replied while Keerti hugged Padma.


Padma, with a huge smile on her face, got the aarti ki thaali and did Atul's aarti, and she put a tikka on him. She was proud that Anjali had picked a wise and sensible man to be her husband. She was proud of her choice'Padma knew that Atul would keep her daughter happy.


After the aarti, Keerti and Padma started mingling with a few guests while Atul and Armaan were wandering around the beautifully decorated house.


'Armaan yaar, yeh Anjali kahan hai'mera dil bechain ho ra hai usko dekhne ke liye,' Atul said as he grabbed hold of Armaan's shoulder and turned him around to face him'instead of looking at other girls.


'Arre, tu bhi na'idhar mein Anjali ko dekhne ke liye taras raha hoon, aur udaar tu ladkiyan ko dekh ra hai jab tu ne kaha hai keh tujhe shaadi nahi karni,' Atul said teasingly.


'To kya' mujhe abhi shaadi nahi karni iska yeh matlab to nahi main dusri khoobsurat ladkiyan ko dekh nahi sakta,' Armaan said while flirting with the girls through his expressions.


'Tu bhi na'kabhi nahi sudhre ga'Keerti aunty sahi kehti hain'tere liye to ek ladki doond ne to pari gi jho tujhe sudhaar sake,' Atul replied back.


'Meri baatein chor' waise by the way, teri nervousness bechani kab se ban gayi? Tu tho bohot nervous tha na?' Armaan questioned Atul.


Atul blushed slightly' 'Wo yaar'' Atul fumbled for words.


'Samajh gaya'samajh gaya'yeh sab pyaar ki side effects hain,' Armaan shook his head as he finished up Atul's thoughts.


' tu kabhi nahi jane ga unless you fall in love,' Atul said seriously. Atul turned his head around to see Anjali coming downstairs looking absolutely stunning in a white and blue lengha. (dress shown below)





 'Arre Armaan, Anjali agayi,' Atul said as he kept staring in Anjali's direction. He was mesmerized by Anjali's beauty.


Armaan, taking his attention off the other girls, turned around and saw Anjali coming towards the last stair step with a bunch of other women by her side. Anjali, no doubt, was looking lovely as usual. Armaan looked closely at one of the ladies beside Anjali'She looked so familiar to him.  She looked absolutely gorgeous in the blue anarkali dress with her hair open, rolling down past her shoulders (dress shown below). Armaan tried looking at the girl's face, however, she had her head turned towards Anjali, so Armaan couldn't recognize her properly.





 Armaan couldn't see anymore of the girl as the guests crowded around her and Anjali. But he had definitely felt that he had seen her before'


'Yaar, Anjali kitni khoobsurat lag rahi hai,' Atul said as tried looking at her through the crowd from where he was standing.


'Yea Champ, Anjali always looks beautiful,' Armaan said as he patted his hand on Atul's shoulder.  ' I hope you are OK champ and not going to faint or something, right,' he added teasingly.


Atul chuckled slightly. 'No yaar, I'm fine'but in case agar aisa kuch hua, to tu hai na'mujhe bachane ke liye,' Atul responded back.


'Yea champ, I am always there for you,' Armaan smiled.


Their conversation was disrupted by Shashank who wanted Atul to meet some guests. Shashank greeted Armaan nicely and Atul went off with Shashank.


Armaan slowly wandered around the house lost in his thoughts. Armaan couldn't seem to get that girl out of his head'Even though he couldn't see her face properly, he knew that she was indeed alluring and appealing. There was definitely something to her.


As he continued walking, he saw the same lady, who was conquering his thoughts, wearing the blue anarkali dress about to trip on an object that was present on the floor as she was walking backwards. Armaan, being the savior he is, quickly ran towards her and caught her by her waist just in time to save the young lady from falling and hurting herself. The lady shrieked in fear. As he caught her, the tray of mithai that was in her hands flew and landed on the floor, and some laddos rolled of the tray and on to the floor as she quickly wrapped her arms around the person's neck. Armaan sensed some familiarity in that scream and as he looked toward the lady's face, he was stunned to see that the familiar face in the anarkali dress was none other than Riddhima.


'Riddhima, TUM,' he said with a surprised tone'



Thats it for today...I'll update soon I promise!Big smile





So sorry for the delay...The reason why I am always kind of late in updating my FF is that there are soo many good FF's written by others on the forum and I get so involved in reading those that I forget that I have to update mine..please bear with me..I'm really sorry for this delay..Please  feel free to leave suggestions!Big smile


Recap: As he continued walking, he saw the same lady, who was conquering his thoughts, wearing the blue anarkali dress about to trip on an object that was present on the floor as she was walking backwards. Armaan, being the savior he is, quickly ran towards her and caught her by her waist just in time to save the young lady from falling and hurting herself. The lady shrieked in fear. As he caught her, the tray of mithai that was in her hands flew and landed on the floor, and some laddos rolled of the tray and on to the floor as she quickly wrapped her arms around the person's neck. Armaan sensed some familiarity in that scream and as he looked toward the lady's face, he was stunned to see that the familiar face in the anarkali dress was none other than Riddhima.


'Riddhima, TUM,' he said with a surprised tone'




Riddhima slowly opened her eyes, which were tightly shut, hearing the familiar voice ringing through her ears. She trailed her eyes upward to the person's face and was equally surprised seeing Armaan holding her. 'A-a-a-armaan'TUM,'  Riddhima finally got the courage to mutter hesistantly as Armaan still was holding her with his arm around her waist.


Riddhima and Armaan both were lost in each other's eyes. He was once again mesmerized by her green eyes. He couldn't help but noticing that the eyeliner she wore around her eyes helped her wide eyes stand out even more. Riddhima couldn't stop gazing at his intense blue colored eyes. Riddhima slowly broke the intense eye locking session and lowered her gaze. Armaan too shook his head and came back to reality. As they heard some giggles by them, they both realized what position they were in and Riddhima quickly pulled away her arms from Armaan's neck as Armaan helped her regain her posture.


'Riddhima, tum yahaan,' 'Armaan, tum idhaar,' they both stated at the same time.


They both giggled, easing the once intense atmosphere. Riddhima bent down and started picking up the ladoos that fell on the floor and put them aside on the tray. Armaan too kneeled down and started helping her out. Armaan put the puzzle pieces together---It didn't take long for Armaan to realize that the sister who Riddhima was talking about at the airport lounge was none other than Anjali.


'Acha'To tumhari behen Anjali hai'Anjali tumhe marna waali thi agar tum time pe sangeet pe nahin poonchti,' Armaan said as he helped her out.


'Ji, haan'' Riddhima replied with a smile on her face. 'Aur tumhara dost jise tum apna bhai mante ho Atul hai na,' she asked as she looked over at Armaan. Riddhima too understood, after recalling their conversation at the airport, that Armaan came to attend Atul's wedding to Anjali.


Armaan smiled as he responded saying yes. In that instant, both of their hands touched  each others as they put their hands forward to pick up the last ladoo. A chill ran down Riddhima's spine. Armaan too felt a spark as their hands touched. They both glanced toward each other and Riddhima, as she blushed slightly and lowered her eyes, took her hand off Armaan's as he picked up the last piece.


'Thanks a lot for saving me once again from falling,' Riddhima said with a huge smile on her face as she got up with the tray of mithai in her hand.


Armaan's mind flashbacked to the event that had taken place earlier on in the day'at the airport. He thought it was strange how he always came to Riddhima's rescue. Armaan started laughing as he got up too. 'No problem' I knew that one day or the other you would need my assistance again. Lagta hai keh jab bhi hum milenge, main tumhe bachaoonga girne se,' he chuckled slightly.


Riddhima blushed once again. She thought to herself, 'Why is it that whenever we meet, he ends up saving me from hurting myself.' Riddhima pondered over these thoughts in her head until she saw him snapping his fingers in front of her face.


'Riddhima, are you okay? Kahan kho gayi ho tum,' Armaan questioned her.


'Oh..wo..wo..' Riddhima fumbled for words. 'Wo..wo..main yehi soch rahi thi keh kitna ajeeb hai na keh hum dono ese hi milte hain,' Riddhima finally completed her sentence.


Armaan smiled. 'Shayad humari kismet mein ese hi milna likha ho.'


Riddhima blushed. She kept on thinking to herself that why was Armaan having such a big impact on her. Why was she blushing so much. She only met the guy today. Aisa kya hai joh do hi mulakat mein'.kya humari kismet mein sach much ese milna likha hai?


Riddhima came out of her train of thoughts. 'You might be riggghtt,' she replied back to him as a voice interrupted their conversation.


'Riddhima beta, yaahan aao,' Padma called for her daughter.


'Excuse me,' she said to Armaan. Riddhima at once turned around and walked away with the tray of mithai in her hand. She wanted to clearly escape from the situation'she didn't want to make a fool out of herself in front of him in any way and was glad that her mom interrupted their conversation.


Armaan watched her as she went to her mother. He closely observed her facial expressions as she talked with her mother and interacted with his mother, Keerti. (Padma basically called her to meet Keerti) Whenever Riddhima smiled while interacting , Armaan was taken to a whole new world. Armaan thought to himself. Man, get a grip on yourself. Your not the type to get affected by girls so easily. Why is this one girl affecting you so much.  Chill, Armaan'Chill.


Just then as Armaan glanced down on the floor for a second, he saw a payal lying down there. He bent down and grabbed the payal. He smiled to himself and knew that it was Riddhima's.  It had probably fallen off when she tripped and maybe they were so busy in picking the ladoos up that they had failed to see that her payal was lying on the floor also. Armaan put the payal in his pocket after staring at it pensively for some time.




On the other side, Padma introduced Riddhima to her old time friend Keerti. Keerti and Riddhima exchanged pleasantries when Padma noticed that one of Riddhima's payal was missing on her foot.


'Riddhima beta, yeh tumhare payal kahan kho gayi,' Padma asked her daughter.


Riddhima immediately looked down and was initially suprised to see that one of her payals was missing.


'Wo maa shayad kahin gir gayi hogi,' Riddhima replied carefree.


'Riddhima, tum bhi na' tumhari har chiz kahin na kahin gir jaati hai,' Padma said while shaking her head.


'Sorry maa,' replied Riddhima with look of sorry and regret on her face. 'Acha maa, mein Anjali ke pass ja rahi hoon,' Riddhima informed her mother and excused herself and went looking for Anjali.


'Aapki doosri beti bhi bohot khoobsurat hai,' Keerti said to Padma.


Padma smiled and said thanks.




Atul came back from meeting a few guests and joined Armaan.


'Armaan, meine itni saare guests se baat kar li, par meine abhi tak Anjali se nahi ki'yaar mene abhi use jee bhar ke dekha bhi nahin,' Atul complained.


'Kaal teri shaadi hai, kaal jee bhar ke dekh lena Anjali ko,' Armaan said while laughing.


'Armaaan'tu mera dost hai ya dushman,' responded Atul.


'Calm down Atul'why fear when Armaan is here'abhi hum dono Anjali ko milne jate hain,' Armaan said assuring Atul.


In the meantime, Rahul, also an intern doctor at Saanjevani, entered the venue and spotted Atul and Armaan in conversation and decided to join them. (Note: Rahul is good friends with all of the interns'he is understanding, however sometimes he and Armaan have those few nok jhoks. Despite that they are cool with one another.)


'Hey guys,' said Rahul as he approached the two guys. 'Sorry Atul, zaara hospital mein kaam tha to is liye late ho gaya,' Rahul finished off saying.


'Hey Rahul,' both of them replied. 'Koi baat nahi agar tu zara sa late ho gaya, at least tu yahan aaya to hai,' said Atul smilingly.


The three guys talked amongst themselves for a while and then Armaan spotted Anjali and then the three decided to go meet Anjali.


Anjali was in conversation with Riddhima and Muskaan, another intern at Saanjevani. Riddhima and Muskaan exchanged pleasantries and were talking to one another as if they had known each other for a long time now. They clicked basically. Muskaan was happy to know that Riddhima was going to join Saanjevani-Mumbai. (Note: Muskaan's character is basically the same from the serial'she is still that crazy type of girl.) Riddhima liked Muskaan  although she was kind of out there'to Riddhima she was fun-loving.


Armaan, Rahul, Atul approached them.


'Hey Anjali'Hey Muskaan,' Rahul and Armaan exclaimed.


'Hey guys,' Anjali and Muskaan responded.


'A-A-A-njaali, tum bohot khoobsurat lag rahi ho,' Atul managed to stammer successfully.


Riddhima smiled hearing Atul's comment and looked toward Anjali. She was happy that her sister was getting married to someone who loved her a lot'the love Atul held for Anjali was evident in his eyes. Anjali blushed as she said 'Thank you Atul.'


Armaan, Riddhima, Muskaan, and Rahul were all observing the love between the two. They all smiled.


Anjali then introduced Riddhima to them all one by one. Riddhima and Atul knew quite a lot about each other since Anjali had briefed them from before. When Riddhima was in Delhi, Anjali would call her quite often and talk to her about Atul and when Anjali was with Atul, she would talk about Riddhima. Atul and Rahul both welcomed Riddhima courteously and shook her hand. Right when Anjali was introducing Riddhima to Armaan, Armaan and Riddhima both managed to state at the same time 'We already know each other.'


Both Riddhima and Armaan looked at each other surprised as they both managed to state the same thing at the same time. They went into one of those eye-lock sessions.


Anjali's voice brought them out of their eye session. 'Kya?? You know each other from before?'


'Angie'we met at the airport ' she accidentally bumped into me when our flight was announced delayed and we talked to each other since our seats were side by side.' Armaan told Anjali.


'Oh okay,' Anjali replied.


Armaan, Rahul, Atul, Anjali, Riddhima, and Muskaan just engaged in conversation amongst themselves. Riddhima became acquainted with all of them and was at ease knowing that they all were so nice and friendly. Padma came in between the gang and interrupted them.


'Arre tum log bhi na'idhaar hi khare ho kar baatein karo ge kya?'Jao aur sangeet shuru karo'kuch dance aur masti karo na,' Padma said smilingly.


They all nodded in agreement and started the sangeet with the song 'Dholi Taro' from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.


You all can imagine Armaan and Riddhima dancing like Aishwarya Rai and Salman Khan in the original song. Muskaan, Rahul, Anjali, Atul, and others danced as well.


Lyrics gotten from:

Original song video---not uploaded by me, credit the uploader hi163:


Aye Khana na na Khun Khun Khana Khunah,
Hey Tana nuna Na Na Tan Tana,
Aye Jhana Jhana Na Na Re Jhan Jhana. Na Na Jhi Jhi Aye Ha Aye Ha,
Jhan Nana Jhana Jhanjhar Bajenge Re Aaj,
Tana Tun Tanat Manjira Baaje
Khana na Khun Khanat Gori Ke Kangana Aaj
Jhana Na Jhun Jhanat Payal Sung Baje

Sur Par Chunar Odhey Niklegi Aaj Radhe
Lehraa Lehraa Ke Gopiyon Sung
Kanha Ke Peechey Peechey Taan Koi Kheeche Kheeche
Murli Se Barsaye Baasur Tarang
Dharti Aur Ho Gagan Jhomenge
Sung Sung Sab Pe Chadhega Aaj Prem Rang
Rangeen Gulal Hoga Soocho Kya Haal Hoga
Naachenge Prem Rogi Dum Duma Dum.
Dhaakilal Dhaakilal Dhidakit Dhidakitdilal
Baaje Mridung Dhun Dhuna Dhun Baaje
Khun Khun Khun Khunkanaat Jhanjhar Jhan Jhamaat
Ghungroo Ghun Ghun Ghunaat Khanuk Khanuk Baje.
Aye Baaje Re Baaje Re Dhol Baaje
Hey&& Baaje Re Baaje Re Baaje Re
Dholi Taro Dhol Baje Dhol Baje Dhol Baje Dhol
Ke Dhum Dhum Baaje Dhool
Ke Dholi Taro

Aye Hey Chori Badi Anmol ,
Meethe Meethe Iske Bol Ankhen Iski Gol Gol Gol Gol
Ke Dhum Dhum Baaje Dhol
Haan Haan Chora Hai Nathkhat Bole Hai Patpat
Arey Chede Mujhe Bole Aise Bol, Ke Dhum Dhum Baaje Dhol
Dhum Dhum Dhol Baaje

Arey Rasilo Hai Roop Taro Choolu Zara
Arey Na Arey Haan Haan Haan Aye
Raat Ki Rani Jaise Roop Mera Mehka Sa
Mehka Sa Mehka Sa Mehka Sa
Ude Gi Mehak, Mujhe Chunaa Na Tu Kyu Behak Sa Sa Sa Sa
Paas Aaja Meri Rani, Karo Nahin Manmanee Karoonga Main Manmaani
Karo Nahin Shaitaani Sererere arey
Ke Dholi Taro (Dhin Ti Nak Dhin)
Aye& Dhol Baaje & Dhum Dhum Baaje Dhol
Chori Hai Anmol (Repeat)
Humgamaa Hogaya Hai Hangama Ma ma ma ma Re
Dhum Dhum Dhol Baje Baje Re Dhol Baje Dhum Dhum.


At the end of the song, Riddhima swirls so much that she looses her balance and falls on Armaan's shoulder. She hesitantly looks up and finds Armaan staring at her. Her hair is blowing on his face and she raises her hand to move her hair, however, before she could do that, Armaan takes his hand and moves the hair and tucks it behind her ear. They are lost looking in each other and then Riddhima finally moves away while Armaan looks at her.



After a few more hours of fun and masti, the sangeet finally ended. Everyone went back to their respective homes since everyone was worn out from all the excitement.



Armaan's House


Armaan laid down on his bed to go to sleep, however, he wasn't able to. He kept on recalling his encounter with Riddhima at the airport and at the sangeet. He picked up the payal that he had put on his side table and stared at it for a few minutes. All that he was thinking of was Riddhima-her innocence, simplicity, and beauty. He really didn't know what was happening to him. No one has ever made me feel this way before'then why all of a sudden is she affecting me soo much'why am I thinking about her? Is this really love'NO NO NO it has to be attraction'Armaan you don't believe in love---so how would you know what it is and how it feels like'Armaan recalled on what Atul said in the car ' Pyar ek bin bhulaye mehman ki tarah ho tha hai''He shrugged off Atul's thoughts. I can't turn into Atul'No it is not love definitely'I don't believe in love'OH GOD, HELP ME!


Riddhima's House


On the other side, Riddhima was feeling the same way as Armaan. She sat in bed holding her teddy bear in her hand and was completely lost in her thoughts. Why whenever I see Armaan, I get this weird feeling? Am I falling in love again? No..I can't fall in love again'I've finally calmed down and brought myself back together after'after'Karan broke my heart into a million pieces' I went away from Mumbai and my family all the way to Delhi, just to get away from all those memories of Karan' I wished to forget him and move on in life'and now that I was moving on in life and finally came back to Mumbai, I meet Armaan'NO'I can't fall in love, thought Riddhima.


Anjali came out from the bathroom after changing. Riddhima noticed her coming out and wiped the few tears that came out her eyes.


'Di, I am really going to miss you,' said Riddhima. ' I just came back and you're leaving me already,' Riddhima finished off saying sadly.


'Aww..Riddhima'. I'm going to miss you too' Don't be sad,' said Anjali as she gave her sister a hug. 'I'm always going to be there for you when you need me,' concluded Anjali. 'Main kahan door nahi bagh rahi hoon, Atul ka ghar yehi aas paas hai'so don't worry, you can come meet me whenever and I will keep on coming here,' said Anjali reassuringly as stroked Riddhima's hair.


'And your joining Saanjevani also, so I will see you in the hospital too,' Anjali added.


Riddhima smiled.


'Riddhima, I'm really happy you made the decision of coming back to Mumbai'I understand it was hard for you to let go off Karan's memories and that's why you went to Delhi, but now you have to promise me that you won't ever leave us again,' said Anjali with a concerned look.


Riddhima, who was teary-eyed by now, looked at Anjali and nodded her head. 'Yes Di, I'm not going to leave you all again,' said Riddhima as she wiped away her tears.


Anjali smiled seeing that her sister was finally moving on in life'however, Riddhima knew that she was in a predicament again. Riddhima brushed away all thoughts of love and concluded that she is attracted to Armaan'it is not love. She and Anjali finally went to bed after the stressful, yet masti filled day.


Hope you all liked it!



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plz continue it was soooooooooooooooooooo good and awesome i loved it plz continue asap Tongue Tongue
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plz continue it was soooooooooooooooooooo good and awesome i loved it plz continue asap Tongue Tongue


Thank you soo much...I really appreciate your comments!!Smile I will try to update as much as i can be ready tommorow!

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Thanks a really motivates me to write more..and dont worry ill update as much as i can since my school is ending tommorow..update will be coming tommorow..hopefully

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wow yaar wat a start! it was am ***BAM***....plz continue soon!


lol..thanks a lot for your sweet comment..appreaciate it..will continue soon..

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