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High on content, drama, pace, look, realism and fresh faces, Siddhanth is a one hour weekly. A gripping story of a lawyer, who believes the world to be at his feet. His journey of redemption, his realization of the grey shades of life, his equations with the very people he defends and then turns against, in his bid to save his conscience.

Siddhanth is the story of a man who finds himself at the cost of losing his loved ones, who finds truth after experiencing a series of lies, who finds answers to the very questions he once didn't even know existed. With a talent to twist cases around to suit his will, Siddhanth's world revolves around a web of lies, deceit, deaths and downfall, some of which is a result of his own doings of the past.

Yet case after case he moves ahead, sometimes taking the right decisions and sometimes adapting wrong means to reach the right conclusion. For Siddhanth the means justify the end, as winning is his second identity.. No case is too tough, the only criteria to accept a case being the one ray of hope against all odds, the one hint of evidence that could overturn a case.

As he makes a fresh start after winning the land case and getting his sweetheart's murderers booked by law, Siddhanth is in search of the evasive truth, the truth that is a truth only if it can be proved, as is his firm belief.

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Courtesy Star One site for initial updates.

Siddhanth is a high lying lawyer working for one of the most reputed law firms Cahmbers of Anand Fadnis. A college girl, Deepa Shirsaath, is raped by her two classmates. The father of one of the accused, a rich businessman, approaches Siddhanth Mehra to defend the rapists. Siddhanth wins. Deepa commits suicide and her father is killed by accident. The deaths jolt Siddhanth to reality.

His classmate, lawyer Mangesh Pawar is murdered by the underworld don Qureshis, while defending a basti from falling prey to them. His childhood sweetheart Shruti dies under mysterious circumstances. Siddhanth's live-in girlfriend Alka leaves him for defending the wrong people all the time. Slowly Siddhanth's world falls apart. To keep his soul alive, Siddhanth fights the basti case.

While doing this he unveils dark secrets about Shruti's husband who is the home minister of state, the qureshis drug racket, an abused child and other disturbing facts. A fiery journalist Hemangi and her partner Micky team up with Siddhanth to nail the culprits while ACP Nethra Menon, a tough cop leads the way alongwith him. Together they succeed in getting justice for Shruti and severe punishments for the murderers of Mangesh Pawar.

Having saved the basti, Siddhanth now returns to his world wiser. He still retains his passion for his work and sincerely believes that no truth is a truth until it is proven. How he uses it in each of his cases week after week.

Episode 24 - April 19, 2005

Siddhanth and Navya's truce continues. Siddhath lectures her on dressing appropriately, which Navya totally denies. A highly elegant Nandana Mittal meets Siddhanth laying claim on a property worth crores of rupees. She tells Siddhanth that her twin brother Mohit is dead and after her father's death, the property is rightfully hers. Nandana had been abandoned as a child and had come back into the family only a few months back. The problem is that her father had not changed the will before his death and the property was now at stake. Siddhanth takes up her case and with Navya's assistance is on the right track till the ground below his feet is swept off. Nandana's DNA reports say she is a man and not a woman and Nandana Mittal mysteriously disappears. Will Siddhanth crack this gender confusion and get Nandana her property which she claims is rightfully hers?
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Episode 23 - May 10, 2005

Siddhanth is dealing with his new assistant Navya when a stunning woman walks in for his help. Nethra Menon arrests well known actor Anup Kumar for murdering his wife. Siddhanth against Nethra's wishes takes up the case to defend Anup who claims he is innocent. Nethra and the media are shocked to find Siddhanth return to his old ways for big money. Navya tries her best to fit into Siddhanth's scheme of things. Siddhanth is caught in a fix when he comes to know that Anup had indeed planned his wife's murder. Things turn worse for Siddhanth when Nethra teams up with rival lawyer Vikram Sanghvi to nail Anup Kumar.Has Siddhanth picked up the wrong case this time?

Episode 27 - May 17, 2005

An old man comes to Siddhanth claiming that his journalist son Nakul is missing after going on an important assignment. A sting operation conducted by the same channel resurrects the career of a fading actress. Siddhanth meets old college friend Rashmi in a college alumni meet. The nexus between the sting operation and Nakul's death leaves Siddhanth stumped. To top it up, being against the media this time only makes matters worse for him... His college friend Rashmi still harbours feeling for him. Will Siddhanth emerge victorious from this gamut of professional and personal dilemmas?

Episode 28 - May 24, 2005
Naina Shergill, an experienced banker is denied promotion on the grounds of being inefficient. She claims it to be purely a gender bias which gets aggravated because of her being pregnant. The chairman of the bank declares her incompetent. Siddhanth fights for Naina who represents millions of hard working women, despite being committed, face discrimination at the work place. Watch Siddhanth fighting for Naina's, getting her a promotion and honour back!

Episode 30 - June 7, 2005

Siddhanth's client, Mr Diwakar Pant, a principal in a suburban school, is held responsible for Anju's death. The principal had reprimanded Anju, his student from class ten. She tries explaining to her parents about the principal's personal grudge against her, but they don't make much of it. Suffering humiliation, loneliness and depression, Anju commits suicide. Anju's parents now revolt, claiming that their daughter committed suicide due to the pressure from the school and the rigid and harsh attitude of Mr Pant.

Siddhanth fights yet another case where the world seems against his client. He strongly believes that Mr Pant was only trying to discipline Anju. Siddhanth questions the very value system that parents inculcate in their kids and the responsibility they hold towards moulding the future of our country

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Episode 31 - June 14, 2005

Ashok Pandit, an old man, dies after falling from a local train.

One among the many deaths that happen in the city, the Railways cite it, more as a case of suicide than an accident.
They offer his wife a meagre compensation but are ready to offer a huge amount to Siddhanth to fight the case on their behalf. Siddhanth decides otherwise and chooses Mrs. Pandit as his client.
Single-handed, he stands against the system, its cracks, and its mediocrity. Victory seems far for Siddhanth with the railways doing all that they can, to protect their glory and reputation, even blaming the growing population for its present state.
But his morale is boosted when the people come forward expressing their woes against the local trains and its system.

By helping Mrs. Pandit get her justice, Siddhanth makes yet another effort to help the common man.

Episode 32 - June 21, 2005   

More than 50 children participating in an interschool football competition fall ill and one of them eventually dies. The reason cited - consumption of contaminated water, supplied through private water tankers (in the name of 'Shudh'). Vinayak Shinde, the father of the dead child asks Siddhanth to represent all the aggrieved parents against the water supplier.

When investigations reveal the water to be perfectly safe, Siddhanth realises that the municipal corporation and the health ministry have been favouring Mr. Manish Chand (the owner of Shudh) for their own personal gains. The mystery deepens when Mrs. Deshpande loses her niece to jaundice and there is no one willing to speak against Shudh. Watch Siddhanth at his wits end, trying to nail the guys who have transformed 'water' into the liquid of death!

Episode 33 - June 28, 2005   

No sooner has Siddhanth wrapped one case, another one awaits him in the wings!

Sudhir Asthana loses his son on his way to the hospital as he gets stuck in a massive traffic. The traffic had been stopped to make way for a politicians convoy to pass through. Sudhir strongly believes that his son has been killed, due to the sheer 'inhumanity' and 'negligence' of the Traffic department.

Now, to make the traffic officials accountable for his son's untimely death, Sudhir decides to approach Siddhanth . Siddhanth is now at work, trying to pave his way towards justice amidst corruption and redtapism of the prevailing system! Will he succeed?

Episode 25 A - July 26, 2005   

A prostitute comes to Siddhanth, claiming that she has been raped by a police officer. Strangely, she blames Vikas Kapoor (Nethra Menon's honest colleague) as the rapist. Siddhanth and Nethra are now divided on the issue.

Siddhanth takes up the case on the basis that even a prostitute has a right to say 'no'. But with no medical tests, evidence or witnesses to the incident, he is really driven against the wall this time. Will he be able to prove that the prostitute was raped and get the rapist booked?

Episode 28 A - Aug 2, 2005

Naina Shergill, is an experienced banker but has been denied promotion on the grounds of being inefficient! She claims it purely a gender bias, which got aggravated because she is pregnant now. The chairman of the bank declares her incompetent. But then, Siddhanth fights for Naina who represents millions of hard working women who face discrimination at work place despite being committed. Watch Siddhanth, as he tries to crack this gender bias and get Naina, her much deserved promotion and her honour back.

Episode 37 - Aug 9, 2005
Siddhanth has a tough one this time. Payal, a college student is thrown out of her college because she suffers from Aids. Siddhanth somehow manages to get the college to re-admit her but then, Payal faces discrimination at every level. The college even conspires to force her to quit on her own. Sheila, Payal's teacher joins hands with Siddhanth to make Payal's dream of graduating come true but they are driven against the wall. Siddhanth tries very hard to earn Payal the right to live her dwindling life with dignity but the various false myths and social stigma associated with Aids makes it a losing battle. Will Siddhanth manage to break through a mindset which ostracises and looks down upon Aids victims? Does he fulfil Payal's last wish as she succumbs to the disease?

Episode 38 - Aug 16, 2005
Diwakar Dongre, a crime branch officer truly believes that encounters are the best weapons to clear the society of bad elements. Dongre is pulled up by Siddhanth Mehra in connection with the false encounter of a commoner, Anurag Pande. Siddhanth takes on Dongre claiming Anurag had no links with the underworld while Dongre boasts of evidence to prove otherwise. As Siddhanth's hard hitting arguments clash with Dongre's staunch beliefs, the very existence of encounters and their authenticity is questioned. In a befitting court room climax Siddhanth battles out Dongre to prove that sometimes law-makers in uniforms commit greater crimes than the law-breakers on the streets.

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Episode 39 - Aug 23, 2005   
Does a human being have a right to mercy killing? Can anything justify taking away someone's life? Is suffering in life, an excuse to take one's life? Siddhanth tries to find the answers for himself alongwith Anjali Mittal who pleads him to get the court to agree to mercy killing of her husband. Anjali has been seeing her husband suffering for two years in hospital. And when the doctors declare him scientifically dead, Anjali wants him to be relieved from his suffering. Much against the wishes of her inlaws, Anjali urges Siddhanth to understand her plight and free her husband from life! In a country where euthanasia is banned, will Siddhanth manage a landmark judgement or will nature take its own free course and teach Siddhanth Mehra a thing, or two about life?

Episode 40 - Aug 30, 2005
Special this week: Tanushree Dutta, Miss India- Universe and the lead actress of Aashiq banaaya aapne, visits Siddhanth for the promotion of her forthcoming film. So how does it all begin?

Siddhanth Mehra is invited to the music launch party of the film Aashiq Banaya Aapne. Compelled by Navya and Deshpande, Siddhanth decides to attend it. At the party, he meets Tanushree and another attractive woman by name Anamika Akerkar. He leaves the party early. But then, he is shocked reading about the death of Ronita (a model) at the same party!

Her model friend Gurpreet, (a witness to the murder) is reported missing and the others present at the party, have no idea about the killer. Siddhanth sets out on a search spree for Gurpreet but is unable to do much as people at the party refuse to co-ordinate with him.

Meanwhile, investigation at Ronita's house gets another reveals another twist - hidden drugs! Is Ronita innocent? Why was she killed? Will Siddhanth be able to unravel the mystery and trace Ronita's killer despite no eye witnesses? Find out the answers to all your questions, this week.

Episode 41 - Sep 6, 2005
Siddhanth convinces Gurpreet that her witness in court will get her friend's murderer punished. Meanwhile ACP Cabralsa calls a press conference to announce that he has arrested killer. This provokes Siddhanth to file a case against all those who abetted the crime and bring them all down in court.

As the court trial begins Siddhanth comes face to face with the mysterious Anamika Arekar who turns out to be the tough-as-nails defence counsel, representing Vikram Arora. Anamika quickly reduces Gurpreet's testimony as nothing but the conjured hallucinations of a compulsive drug addict.

Threatened by Siddhant's legal prowess, Vrinda Arora tries to buy him over, but fails. Even as investigations are on, Siddhanth is rudely awoken late at night, by a call of a frantic Mrs Saini!

Episode 42 - Sep 13, 2005
Snubbed by Anamika in the court the last time, Siddhanth gears up for another interesting confrontation with her. Navya's crush on Siddhanth deepens and she tries telling him but then, fails to give words to her feelings.

Jojo, the fashion designer gives Siddhanth some important leads in the Ronita Saini murder case. With these, Siddhanth manages to spring a surprise on Anamika. Anamika pulls up Vrinda Arora and ACP Cabralsa for their unforgivable goof-ups.

Siddhanth expects the ballistic report to be his prime evidence but Anamika Arekar again proves that she is a far better player than he is. Siddhanth repeatedly bites dust at the hands of Anamika until a new hope lands at his door. Will this new hope help Siddhanth recover from the deadly blow of Anamika Arekar?
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Can anyone please inform me that what are the new timings of siddhanth

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