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Hello India! (AK) Part 1/ Page 2 (Page 3)

cheeky_pari Senior Member

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Hey great concept...

Do continue soon...waiting for it!

*cute_princess* Goldie

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 10:45am | IP Logged

Originally posted by Ravishing_gal

Originally posted by *cute_princess*

Pls, pls, pls, pls continue, I'm curious 2 know more, it sounds really gud, is it AK??

thnxx... yes its AK...
part 1 will b up in 5 minz max..

Yay, omg can't wait!! Smile

guju_girl1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 10:51am | IP Logged
nice concept continue soon Smile
nuts123 Goldie

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 11:04am | IP Logged

(if u find the font hard 2 read, plz copy nd paste it on word, 4 some reason it isn't showing the font i choseConfused and keeps changing it 2 thisAngry

Part 1


Kripa tiptoed to her room, taking her steps carefully as the last thing she wanted was to get caught by her mum… again. She entered her room and quietly switched on the lights. She gasped as she saw her MUM sitting there, waiting for her, like she did every Friday night.


'Aa gaayi tum?' she questioned. Kripa rolled her eyes, what sort of question was that? Can't her mum see she's standing there right in front of her? She sighed thinking about her mum's sarcasms or rhetorical questions; she was never good at those.


'Aaj kuch zyaada hi jaldi nahi aayi tum?' Gayitri added sarcastically when she got no response from her 22 year old daughter. She eyed Kripa up and down angrily and noticed she was wearing a black sleeveless dress coming just above her knees. 'Aur yeh kya pehna hai tu ne?'

 'O come on mom… why make such a big deal out of nothing?' she replied looking really annoyed and changed the topic. She looked at the clock and smirked, ' Haa… aaj bohat jaldi aa gayi', she got back at her mom's sarcasm and said in her accented hindi, then added, 'actually Jay-J was leaving anyway so he gave me a lift',


Gayitri looked at her angrily and got up, 'Jaldi??? Tumhe lagta hai tum bohat jaldi aayi ho??.. wo bhi INN kapro main.. raat ke do (2) bajh rahe hai au-' she got interrupted by a annoyed Kripa, 'Raat ke nahi.. subah ke MOM…' she said in her accented hindi again. 'O come on mom aap bhi na… acha ab mujhe neend aa rahi hai, so please leave, I'm really tired and have to get up early tomorrow… and right now I'm in no mood to talk,' she rolled her eyes.


Gayitri sighed and quietly left the room after giving her daughter another cold glare. This was an everyday routine for the mother-daughter. Kripa would come home late, Gayitri would scold her, Kripa would answer back and leave Gayitri no chance to talk. Kripa sensed something fishy was going on as Gayitri would normally ask several questions before finally letting her sleep in peace. Who's Jay-J? Ek aur boyfriend? Kripa ab tu badhi ho gayi hai… and blah blah blah, Kripa thought.


Kripa changed and lay in bed with an irritated expression, 'Uff yeh mom bhi na.. why is she always on my case.. bas moka chahiye innhe mujhe daantne ka… always finding a way to start a stupid conversation. Seriously, Tanya is so lucky to have such parents, they let her do what she wants, stay late and go out with whom she wants, when she wants. And here I am, like always stuck in bed whilst I could be partying, I mean its only 2:30 and plus it's a weekend, so I can sleep till late tomorrow morning… urgh,' she sighed and muttered under her breath.


Kripa was a very beautiful, slim and attractive girl. She was also very smart so good grades were always at the back of her mind. She is very confident and has A LOT of attitude. She had moved to London at the age of 7, from Mumbai. And since then she hasn't visited that 'gaao', as she phrased it. Her parents had asked her several times to go there for a vocation, with her friends if she didn't want to go as a family, but she had always rejected their offer, making several excuses like it was too hot, or she was busy with university, etc. Her real reason was of course that she never really wanted to go. She hated everything about India, its culture, its climate, its food, even Indians themselves. Not only that but she hated the language itself. She had been practically FORCED to speak in hindi at home with her parents as Gayitri couldn't speak much English herself when they had first moved to London.


And after a few years, Kripa distanced even more from her parents as she didn't want to feel embarrassed in front of her friends. She did what she wanted; spoke what and how she wanted totally ignoring her mum's decisions, opinions or suggestions. She spoke in English all the time so forgot her hindi and began having an accent when she did speak it. Her parents had tried to make her all 'sanskaari' and religious but Kripa thought otherwise. She always found a way to escape the morning prayers, and the one thing she hated were the 'teeka's' her mum tried to put on her every day. She hated the red stuff and especially the 'sindoor' her mum wore; she sometimes wondered how her mum manages to take it off without having a smudged, red forehead. So, not before long the word 'MAA' changed to 'Mama' to Mom'.

However, there was one thing that she did which her parents told her; she never smoked or drank any form of alcohol. She would avoid the subject amongst her friends making excuses as she herself knew the dangers and the side effects. So, Gayitri was always happy and relieved from this tension as Kripa would never lose her self control and would always know what she's doing.


The next morning she woke up with a headache, like any other day. She changed into a blue skirt and a red tight- skin t-shirt, applied some foundation, dark kajol around her eyes, put on her earrings and picked up her bag rushing out of her room and downstairs.


Surya was reading the morning newspaper whilst eating his breakfast on the dining table when he saw Kripa quietly sneaking out. 'Kripa…' he called out to her. She stopped in her steps; she had thought it was too early for her parents to wake up and an excellent chance for her to leave, but no. She sighed and answered with a blank expression, 'Yes?'


'Iddhar aao, mujhe tum se zaroori baat karni hai,' he said and took off his reading glasses.


She sighed, 'What now dad, I'm already getting very late, we'll talk at night…ok!… ab main jaa rahi hoo, I'm going shopping with Tanya', she added in her usual accented hindi.


'Abhi matlab Abhi Kripa… iddhar aao… zaroori baat karni hai tumse…' he said angrily. Kripa rolled her eyes and sat opposite to him. 'Acha… bole?'.


Just then Gayitri walked in, 'Kripa beti tum uth gaayi.. kya baat hai bohat jaldi utth gayi.. neend nahi aayi kya..' she questioned and tried to touched her daughters forehead.


Kripa slightly jerked away to pick up an apple, avoiding her mum's touch, 'nahii.. I'm not tired… Actually I'm getting late, I WAS going out but dad stopped me…' she said eyeing Surya. 'Now tell me.. What do you want.. Listen dad I'm already VERY late and I don't want to keep my friends waiting' she said impatiently.

 Gayitryi quickly intervened, 'Kripa beta pehle nashta to kar lo… aur yeh kya bas ek apple, beta maine aaloo ke parathe banaye hai… kha le', she smiled affectionately.

'O Come on mom, Do you want to make me fat, I've got a figure to look after… and plus do you know how many calories there are in that thing,' she made an excuse then added, 'and how do you say in hindi?... main MOTTI ho jaaoo gee.. ', she snapped back and exaggerated on the word 'motti'. She herself didn't know why she'd get angry at her mum's smallest words or concerns.

Gayitri ignored her words like she did every other day and smiled back at her, 'koi baat nahi.. tu seb (apple) kha le…'.

Kripa rolled her eyes and said impatiently, 'Dad, I'm waiting, hurry up and say what you want… Tanya must be waiting for me..' and muttered that last bit to herself, 'I swear if this isn't something important and he has kept me waiting for this long, I will surely-'

Her thoughts were interrupted by Surya, he said softly, 'Kripa.. ab tum bari ho gaayi ho… bhaais (22) saal ki…', Kripa looked at him blankly, 'AND???'

'…Mujhe lagta hai ab tumhari shaadi kar deni chahiye'. He didn't like talking in riddles, especially with his daughter who would give up half way and leave ignoring him so he said it to her directly.


'WHAT? SHAADI?' Kripa asked shocked in a loud voice, her jaw fell open. She looked at Gayitri for help but she just smiled. Kripa narrowed her eyes at her mum, this must be her plan, she thought. She knew Gayitri would be up to something when she left her room quietly last night. She calmed herself and said, 'Listen dad, main aur shaadi?? Wo bhi abhi… never!!!... I have my own life, I don't want to wake up every morning depending my life on someone… I don't want to lose my freedom'.

'Kripa shaadi ka matlab yeh nahi hai ke banda apna freedom kho bethe… aur I'm sure hamari pasand tumhe bhi pasand aaye gi!' Surya said in a stern voice, this girl was really testing his patience.


'Par Dad I told you tha---- WOAH!!! Wait a minute… I'm guessing you've chosen someone already???' she looked at him expectantly though she very well knew his answer. He smiled slyly. 'Great!.. this gets better and better! And I bet its some kind of … er…' she tried to look for some words but found nothing, 'a 'satta savitra' typical Indian man you've chosen?'.


Surya smiled, 'Mere dost Dilipa ka beta hai, bohat sanskari hai.. tumhe bohat khush rakhega…'. Kripa sat there dumbstruck at her dad's words. What does he think of himself, choosing someone for her to marry without HER decision?


'Listen dad… w-what do you mean khush rakhega? Mainne abhi tak haan bhi nahi ki… I don't believe in arranged marriages… actually I reject the proposal now, I told you before several times and I'm telling you AGAIN, I DON'T want to get married…. And that too this soon', she said and got up angrily.


'KRIPA!' he raised her voice, 'Maine faisla kar liya hai.. aur acha hoga agar tum chup chap iss faisle se haa kar do… warna mujh se bura koi nahi hoga… aur raha arranged marriage ka to hum sab do (2) din baad jaa rahe hai India.. apna samaan pack kar lo, aur mujhe kuch aur nahi sunana… samjhi' he said angrily and got up from his seat is well. He pointed his fingers at a shocked Kripa, 'do din baad and I don't want a no for an answer', and left.


Kripa sat there, in that position, dumbstruck, shocked, frightened all at once. What does he mean 'tayaar rehna'? yeh hote kaun hai apna faislla mujh per sompne waale, she thought ignorantly. He has no right to get my marriage fixed without my consult. I'm 22 Dam* it, I have a right to have my own decisions; she thought and looked at her mum angrily.


She never spoke angrily with her dad; she knew how strict he was. Sure she would answer back and ignore him but she always knew what he was capable of doing. However, with Gayitri it was a completely different story; she would do what she wanted and say what she wanted and how she wanted. She knew Gayitri wouldn't say anything back, she wasn't very strict.

'Kripa…' Gayitri shook her, 'beta tere papa ko… er dad ko pata hai wo kya kar rahe hai… actually tere peda hone par hi hum ne teri shaadi fix kar dee thi Dilip ke bete ke saath'.

'What… what the hel* is going on here… You're both making me seem like a desperate being… you can't do this to me mom… Meri shaadi aur ek.. ek Indian se??' she questioned. Kripa hated this idea from the start, 'Mom… I live in London, how will he be able to match my expectations or lifestyle…I mean wo ek gaao ka ladka aur main yaa ki well- educated paddi likhi--' she added furiously but was interrupted by Surya.

'Bas Kripa… maine faisla kar liya hai.. do din baad humari flight hai India ki… tum tayar reha,' he said furiously. It seemed as if the mahabarat was going on in their house at that time. Kripa looked at him angrily and stormed out of the house muttering, 'Your right… you'll be lucky if I GO to India, not mentioning marrying that anpar, gawar, jaahil man'. She had learned some hindi 'tappori' language from the films she had watched when she was young. She didn't want to get married to some 'gaao ka chora'. She remembered her mum telling her they used to live in a small village called Nainital, he must be from there, she thought.

Gayitri turned towards Surya, 'aap ko nahi lagta ke humme Kripa se pehle poonchna chahiya tha… mera matlab hai ke humme iss tarha uss par apna faisla nahi chorna chahiye… ab wo badhi ho gayi hai… apna acha bhala samajhtee hai', she defended her daughter.

Surya replied, 'badhi ho gayi hai… jawan hai.. issi baat ka to dar hai… agar tum bachpan main hi isse sahi raah par chalati to aaj yeh nobat na aati,' he scolded her. 'Bohat haat se nikal gaayi hai… mujhe yaad hai jab India main rehta the… to yeh har chotti baat ke liye hum se poonchti thi… har baat main hamare paas aati thi.. hum se mashfara (suggestions) leti thi… par ab,' he sighed, 'Ab bilkul badal gayi hai… ab koyi bhi baat ho, chotti yah badhi… hum se kuch nahi kehti, bilkul paraya kar diya hai humme… iss ke liye to bas iss ke dost hi sab kuch hai', he added with tearly eyes.

'Par Surya… aap ko nahi lagta ke shayad yeh theek nahi hai… mera matlab hai ke Kripa yaha, London ki pali bhari hai… wo insaan jo ek gaao ka rehne waala hai wo iss ke saath kaisse adjust kar paaye ga'.

'Nahi Gayitri… wo gaao main nahi Mumbai main rehte hai… humare yaha move hone ke baad hi wo Mumbai move ho gaye the Nainital se… bas Kripa ek baar usse mill le… yehi main chahta hoo… par kuch bhi ho.. uss ki shaadi main Angad se hi karaoo ga… aakhir waada kiya tha maine aur Dilip ne!', he insisted with a one track mind.

'Par Surya… kya Angad bhi Kripa se shaadi karne ke liye tayar hai', she asked. Surya smiled, 'Arre… haa… tumhe yaad nahi Angad bachpan se Kripa se kitna pyaar karta tha.'

'Gayitri thought otherwise, though her daughter had distanced herself from her completely, she still loved her more than anything. 'Wo bachpan ke din the… ab pandra (15) saal ho gaaye hai… yaha to sabh kuch badal gaya hai… shayad Angad bhi life main aage bhar gya ho', she sighed and left for the kitchen.



Ok guyz.. this was the 1st part….. I hope u liked it… plz leave ur comments/ suggestions/ etc… I'd love to get true feedback from u… as they inspire me to write better.. the nxt tym



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nuts123 Goldie

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Originally posted by cheeky_pari

Hey great concept...

Do continue soon...waiting for it!


cheeky_pari Senior Member

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 11:10am | IP Logged


Congratualtions on ur 1st part...

Very well written, great part... i totally got into the story...beautifully scripted...

Her shcoked expressions was too good....

Lets see what she will do now...i guess she has no choice...she is going to India...

Do continue soon...


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meow23 IF-Rockerz

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luvd it............. Smile
nuts123 Goldie

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Originally posted by meow23

luvd it............. Smile


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