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~*Harshad FC>>>Rise 2 Stardom & Victory*~

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....:Welcome to the 16th FC Friends:....


~~What a Week it has ben for all Harshad-ians~~


~*Harshad won 2 SPA awards..its time to rejoice and celebrate*~

::We Dedicate this FC to the growth and rise of Harshad as not only an actor but also as a Star and a Human being::


#^Harshad has seen many ups and Downs in his 3 year old Career^#


||-Playing different shades of Characters Harshad has proved his verstaility and his talent-||


**From being an Unknown Small town boy from Gondia to being the very popular 'Harshad Chopda aka Prem' who now stays in every gurl's hearts**


^*Harshad has surely risen through sheer hard work and sincerity*^


<<We dedicate the FC to his Evergrowing success and popularity>>


*~Hoping that this is just the beginning of what we percieve as his 'Reigning' period in Tellydom~*

^*^We his fans hope that he reaches and crosses many such milestones and strives to better himself as an actor and continue to bring smiles on our faces as always^*^


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angelic eyes IF-Sizzlerz
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Some more Siggies of Our Prem/Harshad..



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Daisy - delo

Yojana - angelic eyes

  Swati - lrllike

Vaishu - lrl rocks

Vandana - togepe30


Zee - farislove

      Preeti - CINDRELLA      

Anupama - anu_2701

   Prerna - Prenz~13    

Pooja - mahek-e-gulab

      Ranju - ranjitha        

Rabi - cute_rabi

    Subha - subha2601    

Kanak - tere_bin

Dhvani - dhvanisoni

      Mansi - *mansibhatia*     

Samreen - friskysam

Mannu - master_blaster

Rakshita - rakshi_sweety


Fariha - fariha17

Mehrun - anam_mehrun



Shivani - delhi_princess

Rajeev Ki Heer







     ~rahul ki rani~      
















Dia - soooperfan

Ashi - ~ashi~

Nishant - lrllover

Tazy - sweety_rajveer

Rani - rani2310

Minnie - minz~12

Zikra - huda_aalekh

Kiran Di - kiran_sherry

Sarika - sarikalrl

Mehndi - cupcake

Wida - wida

Sangeeta - Asha004

Jess - mz.jess

Sarah - srk/harshad_hot

Wasima - sallu_lover

Priya - belle4u

Niti - liya16

Nazara - Nazara

Bhavana - Jedi_girl




Alina Zaidi


Muralidaran99 - Reva



k-ekta fan









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Personal Messages we posted to Harshad:


Dear Harshad..

On This Birthday I wish the fulfillment of all your fondest dreams. I wish you get all that you thought of achieving and also that what you never thought you would get!! I wish you more happy surprises in life and a joyful life ahead..You are like the flying kite in the sky that wants to reach high in the skies but never forgets the ground to which you are tied by the strings of love and humility. Its been one year of knowing you and you have been one of the bestest person I have known and it's a pleasure to know you now!! Whenever you need a friend just turn around and you will find a someone there always.. may this be one of the bestest birthday u have had till date and wish u many more such birthday's ahead!! I just wish that may each hour and minute be filled with delight, and may your birthday be perfect for you!

Wishing you loads of luck and lots of Love..YOJ

Wishing u many more happy n successful years ahead.....You are doing a fab job in your latest venture...Keep striving hard keeping high spirits.....Thanks a lot for giving your unconditional love, time n little space that u have given us in your life...We owe you for that.....

If there are desires in your heart, may each one of them get fulfilled ...
If there are hopes u bank on, may all of them see reality.....
If u choose few moments,then may each of them be filled with happiness....
N dear if you search success, then may all your search end soon .....
If u want pleasures from life, then may all of them come your way.....
Lastly but not the least may all of these wishes come true

Love is a wonderful thing...you never have to take it away from one person to give it to another...There's always more than enough to go around...Best of luck for all your future endeavours..Will always pray for your success n happiness ...Hope this 26th b€™day brings all that you desire for in ur life....God bless u ...Oye mereko bhuliyo nahi

Loads of luv n regards, SWATHI / SWAT (dare to be myself)

Hey HarshadI wish You a Very Happy BirthdayI hope you have a happy, incredible, fantastic birthday with all of the good things life has to offer..With the warmest of message, may all you're dreams come true, On this occasion I wish the very best for youYou have been such a treasured moment in our life..I hope that all of your b'day wishes come true. May you have a great time today and find happiness in whatever you do..A simple celebration, a gathering of friends, and I wish you great happiness, and joy that never ends.

Its been a fantabulous year of knowing youI would like this take this opportunity to thank you for making us feel so special and loved...I wish that this year brings in loads of success and fame€and the best of health€I know how hard you have worked and I for sure know that you will reach places..Our heartfelt prayers and wishes will always be there for you..no matter wherever we are€Please don€™t ever change€Its this simplicity which makes you so special€Just be the way you are€

Smiles and laughter, joy and cheer, New happiness that stays throughout the year
Hope your birthday brings all these and more, Filling life with surprise and joys galore!

Loads of Love and Best wishes always Delo

I m wishing you another year, Of laughter, joy and fun,

Surprises, love and happiness, And when your birthdays done,

I hope you feel deep in your heart,As your birthdays come and go,

How very much you mean to me, More than you can know.

I really appreciate you, Your helpful giving ways,

And how your generous heart, Your unselfishness displays.

I thank you for your kindness, I will not soon forget.

You're one of the nicest people, I have ever met.

You are a person who makes life easier and better for everyone around you.

Your continual acts of thoughtfulness and kindness brighten each day.

What you did for me will glow in my memory, reviving pleasant feelings

Every time I think about it.

I appreciate you, and I thank you.

You touch my life with your kindness, You know just what I need.

Your loving heart shows its caring,

In your every thought and deed.

Love DeloYojanaSwat...

Harshad, first of all happy b'day to you. If you read in advance then advance happy b'day .And if late then belated happy b'day..
May you get everything in your life that you dreamt of
Get more n more success..Love you loads..You are amazing man
Just do one thing always.Always stick that smile on your face, which makes all of us drool on you. You have a killing smile....MuaaahhhAll the best for your life

Luv,Mona Lisa, Mumbai


Hi harshad bhaiyya,
Luv u loads sisterly luv..Bhaiyyu many many happy returns of the day...And I pray that you always remain cute, dashing,down to earth, just the way you are...And the way you emote feelings is just worth to die for...Ill pray for u're well being..
May u're dreams be fulfilled..And god bless u with tons of luck and happiness..
Don't forget u're lil sis [younger by 9-10 yrs]..And bhaiyyu always keep smiling..I hope u don't mind me calling u my bhaiyyuu...
Tons of luv, u're lil sis'

Atop from Chandigarh


Many many happy returns of the day Harshad!! I really hope to God that all your dreams and wishes come true and you get a lot of success and happiness in life ! I love your character Prem in KDMHMD. I love the way you have acted in each and every scence. I think the character of Prem was created by keeping you in mind. No one could have played the role like you have. Your acting, your humbleness, your cuteness, your dedication....everything is amazing!! Also, I lovvvvvveee your smile, so always keep smiling!! With love,

Your biggest fan, Sumayyah - from Mississauga, Canada


"Tumhe Chahne Wale Kum Na Honge,

Waqt Ke Sath Shayad Hum Na Honge,

Chahe Kisiko Kitna Bhi Pyar Tum Dena;

Lekin Tumhare Yaadon ke Haqdaar Sirf Hum Honge!"

Happy Birthday sweetheart Harshad!...May you acheive all the happiness in life

Raisa, Bangladesh

A very very happy birthday Harshad!! I really pray to God that all your dreams and wishes come true and you get lots of success and happiness in life. I love your character Prem. I don't think anyone else could have played the role the way you do.And I am in loveee with your smile, no wonder you won the title for the best smile.....you truly deserve it..always keep smiling.

Lots n lots love,
Mehndi - from Lucknow


Well mein aapko mere bade bhaayi samjthi hoon..waise aapke kaam bahut achcha chal raha hai..Keep up with that...Mein aapki (if you dont mind) Behen Nandini...Hamesha aapki salaamathi ke liye praarthana karoongi..Hamesha....Gud luck for ur future...

Urs loving sister
Nandini , Kochi


I honestly adore you as Prem, and love how you evoke each emotion, especially through your eyes. You are a mind blowing actor with an amazing smile. I wish you a very happy birthday and success in all your future endeavors.

With lots of Love
Sidra -- San Diego, CA, USA


You are a very talented actor and inshallah you achieve all your dreams and wishes....Have great birthday becoz you only turn 25 once....You have won the hearts of many many fans, you are simply the best.
Enjoy your birthday to the MAX and hope you get many presents and hopefully

one of those presents will be an award from SPA

Happy Birthday..... Love Salma,London UK


Happy Birthday Harshad ! I wish you the best and lots of happiness on this special day! You are a fabulous actor and you deserve loads and loads of success. Keep smiling as you have the best smile ever.

Love,BhavnaFrom Mauritius


May Allah bless you with lots of Happiness, Warmth, Health, Fortune, Success, Sunshine, Bliss, Dhair sari Smiles & many more virtual wifeys, Gf's, sisters and amazing fans like Yoj and Daisy..
May this birthday be Super Duper Special and Memorable!
Lots of Best Wishes and Duas
Zainab, Lahore


I love u with the calm belief, that we will never part. Love u with a confidence, no earthly force can sever. Love u with d truest love, that poets put to...

Wishing u all colours......Happy Birthday to Harshad.

Kaniz from Bangladesh (Dhaka)


Hey Harshad
Many Many Happy returns of the day, May u have a wonderful life with loads of happiness n success
All ur wishes cum true

Priya from Mumbai


Happy Birthday Harshad! On your birthday, I hope that all your pending dreams come true and you get loved by all! I wish that you are always blessed with the presence of your loved ones. I wish, you are always accompanied by a smile. I wish you all the warmth and love your heart can ever hold!
With loads of good wishes and luck!

Ghungroo from Cuttack


Many Many happy returns of the day...Your a wonderful actor and u have a very special place in our hearts..n will keep loving you..I hope that i get to see u more.May u climb the steps of success...n always remember that your well wishers are always wid u ! muah!

Love Sanaa (India)


Hi Harshad! WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May God bless you and may all your wishes be fulfilled. You are a wonderful actor with a very cute smile.

Anita (Chennnai)


Happy Birthday Harshad....May God Bless You With All The Happiness and Love To You...
I just love you as Prem and also Ali but love Prem the most the way you emote the emotions through your eyes is mind-blowing and your chemistry with Additi just too hot to handle..... Wish you all the best

Leela from Singapore


Hi Harshad sweeto
Happy Birthday and many many returns of the day You are a wonderful actor I wish all your dreams comes true.Wish u best luck in your life.Keep smiling Harshad

Noor From USA


Happy Birthday Harshad!!!!

May you be blessed with everything your heart desires and all the happiness, success, and love in the world. Just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that you are a great actor and a great human being above all. I really hope that you attain all the success in the world and remain the way you are inside forever.

Tasha (Toronto, Canada)


Hi Harshad!!! Many many happy returns of the day! May God bless you with all of you heart's desires! You are truly fantastic! Don't change!....I absolutely LOVE you in KDMHMD!! Waiting eagerly to see you in different roop and rang!

Yours, Shabo (Miss-Canada)


Happy Birthday Harshad. Hope you have a fab day and many many many happy returns of the day. I will be and am and was your biggest fan, and I hope I can maintain that.


Keep Smiling

Pallavi (Orissa)

Many Many Happy returns of the day Harshad.May God give you all the happiness and love you deserve. And you may become very successful in life.
I am in love with KDMHMD and your acting.

Afreen , Chicago, USA


Happy Birthday .
I watch your ˜Kis desh mein hai mera dil~ and I start liking you and I became a big fan of yours . I love your jodi Heer and Preem I love your character. And Now Happy Birthday once again. I wish your all dreams come true .Have a wonderful birthday . Have a long life . Be a happy always . Don't ever change yourself and lots of love. Happy Birthday to you .

Sania (USA)


Hiya Harshad ji, I'll keep this short as you have tones of fan mail coming your way. So first off I'd like to wish you a very very special Happy Birthday!!! I wish you all the success n happiness in every endeavor you embark upon in life!

Luv Ya Hamesha,
Sanj from Edmonton,Canada


Many many happy returns of the day Harshad!! I really hope to God that all your dreams and wishes come true and you get a lot of success and happiness in life ! I love your character Prem in KDMHMD. I love the way you have acted in each and every scence. I think the character of Prem was created by keeping you in mind. No one could have played the role like you have. Your acting, your humbleness, your cuteness, your dedication....everything is amazing!! Also, I lovvvvvveee your smile, so always keep smiling

With love, Your biggest fan, Nazara from Dublin, Ohio (USA)


Hi Cutie Harshad! Many many Happy returns of the day! May God bless you and grant you success for eternity. Enjoy your life Harshad, it is very valuable..

Nevada (USA)


Dear Harshad wishing you many many HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY! You are really cute..Hope all of your wishes and dreams come true. I must say that you are an awesome actor and as well as a good human being! Keep it up! Hopefully will see you one day!

From your no.1 fan Vaishnavi. Auckland, New Zealand


Many Many happy returns of the day..May life give you what you
wish for ... I just love u Well have great time ...
Hope to see you in a lifetime.

Shraddha from (USA)- Massachisetts - Woburn


Hi Harshad! Happy Bday! Have a super fab year ahead! Lots of love and best wishes...
Ranita (Calcutta)


U r my "PREM". many many happy returns of the day. Wish u all the happiness in life. I have become ur great fan their is some aura about u which has just made me speechless!
Hum baithe the yunhi, Achanak apka khayal aa gaya, Ubhri jo surat apki chehre par Nikhar aa gaya....
With lots of love, wishes n smiles Main PREM ki Deewani hun

Punnu from New Zealand


Dear Harshad,You are a 'one in a million'. Because you can capture many hearts with the touch of you smile and innocent simplicity. Don't ever change because people like that and there are very less people like that in this world. It's nice to see a star who has looks,the brains and a sweet, innocent and simple personality. its an unique factor about you that all your fans love....Keep smiling and everything will fall into place. May you live a long, peaceful, happy life with loads and loads of success and fame.

Keep smiling...you are the sunshine in my life...Your fan forever and all of eternity.

Sangeeta - New York City, U.S.A..


Hi Harshad! I am not sure if you have heard about me yet through your FC at IF, I am a huuuuggggeeeee fan! I have officially been given the Harshnatic title. I hope you have gotten the videomixes I have made for you. Hopefully u enjoyed them. I absolutely love you! My whole world revolves around you now. I have gotten a huge fan club here too in Canada. I've been making tons of girls go crazy over you. They (like me) have all gone mad! I hope one day I get to personally talk to you like some of the others at the FC do. One day I hope that my wish will be fulfilled, until then I will wait patiently. Dont ever think you don't have fans because trust me! U have the most faithful and supporting fans ever. We all love you a lot and hope for the best for u cause u deserve to make it big. I m not sure when u will get this msg but...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! MAY ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE! and I was planning a really special. B'day present but sadly it didnt go through. I guess I will have to try next year again to make sure I get it before. U ROCK HARSHAD!

Love crazily, Sarah Vancouver, Canada


Happy Birthday HARSHAD JANU, Wish u all the best for today tomorrow n always...Keep smiling always...You are rocking sweet n adorable...GOD BLESS U!! LOVE U A LOT ..Loads of love,

Sweety, Lahore


"Tumhe Chahne Wale Kum Na Honge,
Waqt Ke Sath Shayad Hum Na Honge,
Chahe Kisiko Kitna Bhi Pyar Tum Dena;
Lekin Tumhare Yaadon ke Haqdaar Sirf Hum Honge!"
Harshad Happy Birthday and have lots of fun

Areej - Hyderabad


Happy B'day Harshad, Have a wonderful life and year ahead. Love you

Deepthi from UAE..


Hello Harshad!
A very very Happy Birthday to you!! May you live long,and all your wishes come true!!
Hope to see you smiling, always!!! Loads of love,

Amina (Doha,Qatar)


Happy Birthday Harshad
May u be blessed with all the happiness, success, peace and love and more.....

Shwetha (Chennai, India)


Wishing u many many happy returns of the day Harsh..Hope ur all dreams n wishes come true, Hope this day will bring success and good luck to make ur life more brighter..... God bless u..Ur fans will always love n support u

Lots of love..Vaishali (Mumbai)

I just love you Harshad!! I think you are doing a fabulous job on the screen I never miss an episode and drool over you whenever I see you. I can't even take my eyes off ! I have to listen to the LRL song everyday otherwise my day won't go well at all and even dance to the LRL song. I also have to watch one your episode to make my day and watch the funny stuff you did in LRL and Amber-Dhara. My cousin, Sarah and I do really weird stuff, like go write your name on every house lot that is making...I record every episode of your show and then put it on the TV and keep replaying it over and over and over. I just love you Harshad...can't say thats enough..And I wish u a very Happy BithdayHave a great dayLove u loads

Avneet from Vancouver Canada


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angelic eyes IF-Sizzlerz
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http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/misc-stuff/keyrings/h.gifA quiet simple man who can do something unexpected to shock you.http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/misc-stuff/keyrings/h.gif

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When he talks, he likes to turn his head to one side on one direction.http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/misc-stuff/keyrings/h.gif

His body will be quite straight, facial structure tends to be square shape more than other shape.

http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/misc-stuff/keyrings/h.gifHis eyes sparkle with livelinesshttp://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/misc-stuff/keyrings/h.gif

Even when he is in love, he is still a free wild bird. He is sand in your palm, the more you want to hold it, it will slip out.

http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/misc-stuff/keyrings/h.gifIf you stand and hold it still, it will stay that wayhttp://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/misc-stuff/keyrings/h.gif

Don't set the rules and draw a line for him, he will not stay.

http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/misc-stuff/keyrings/h.gifWhen you are with him, he will think only of you. But an hour later he could change his mindhttp://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/misc-stuff/keyrings/h.gif

He is very patient with other people, but very impatient with himself.

http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/misc-stuff/keyrings/h.gifHis world always turning and it will not stop just because he loves youhttp://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/misc-stuff/keyrings/h.gif

If he up sets, he will show it right away. If something has gone wrong, he will blame his own carelessness instead of blaming other people.

http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/misc-stuff/keyrings/h.gifHe sincere to his friends even to some friends he does not like. He likes to do odd things and surprise other people. He could be fully dress in a nice suit and jump in the pool http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/misc-stuff/keyrings/h.gif

He could slap your back so hard just to make you turn around to see he has flowers in his hand. He never wants to get too close with anyone for he thinks living in reality is living by you.

http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/misc-stuff/keyrings/h.gifHe does not care what people think when he behaves weird.  He could be walking bare feet and laughing at people who laugh at him and think they are so narrow mindedhttp://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/misc-stuff/keyrings/h.gif

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Polar or Opposite Sign: Scorpio
Colour: Shades of verdant green

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac, lasting from April 21 - May 21. Sensualists par excellence, Taureans love all forms of self-expression. They are reliable, responsible, and affectionate, with strong artistic leanings and a winning way with money. They are patient, determined and possessed of enormous reserves of strength and common sense.

Taureans are liable to fierce possessiveness. Their negativity is expressed in dullness, stubbornness and resistance to change.

Physical Appearance:
Their stature varies from short to medium to stocky. Taureans' delicate hands and feet reveal a strong artistic streak. Their eyes are bright and soulful and they carry themselves gracefully.

Taureans are intense and passionate. They demand perfection from their mate and are exacting, but there is no malice behind this. This makes them ardent and fascinating lovers. They make charming company and are loyal and devoted. They are essentially traditional, and are conformists.

Taureans have a wide spread of potential careers, right from banking to the fine arts. They opt for stability and will hold on to one job for the rest of their working lives. Gritty, dogged and strong, they rise to tackle any major crisis. If a Taurus person fails to realise ambition early in life, the struggle will continue until a goal is reached.

Traditionally, Taureans are endowed with a vigorous constitution and splendid health. If there is a weak point, it is usually their throat or neck. Taureans are often martyrs to obesity and find themselves hopelessly addicted to food and alcohol. Most are content with conventional medicine and make good patients.

Ideal Partner:
Taureans seek emotional stability and financial security. They vibe best with one of their own kind - another Taurean.

Prediction for the year 2008

The year ahead for Taurus people..

New directions, optimism and opportunities are all yours this year

Your drive for success will be founded on foresight and planning.

You may make mistakes, but you''ll be easily able to make amends.

It's time to wrap up loose ends and prepare for the future...

You''ll avail of the chance to make a fortune in the areas of personal resources and talents..

It's also an excellent year to establish or reafirm romantic ties...

Friehdships could emerge stronger than before...

Try to be sociable and meet new people..

Pending legal matters may not have the desired outcome...

Work related travel will be a part of life..

Don't be an impulsive shopper..

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~~*Harshad ki Kahaani Humari Zubaani*~~

His full name is Harshad Prakash Chopda

Date of birth - 17th may 1983

He is 5 feet 10.5 inches tall

Harshad's fav hero is Salman Khan

He has participated in the Grasim Mr.India contest 2006, where he won the best smile title Big smile

He was also first runner up Citadel Mr.Pune 2004,where he won the best physique award.. Thumbs Up

He has done ramp shows for ZOD and Launch of War of the  DJ's III with Rohit Verma

He is from Gondia, a town near Nagpur in Maharashtra

Harshad acted in the serial "Mamta" before LRL where he played a negative role.

Harshad was in Ravindranath Tagore School in Gondia

His favourite chocolate is Cadbury Fruit n NutBig smile

Harshad has done a Bengali film. Its called JUTII

He is a very simple,sweet n innocent person very humble n down to earth Clap

He did his computer engineerin from Pune

He loves sweets, choclates, cakes n pasteries...... Tongue

He loves listening to bollywood music n enjoys long drive

He did engineering from Pune from Modern college of engineering..

He stayed at Firodiya hostel in Pune..

He is allergic to pollution smoke...

Harshad's hobbies are sleeping, eating, dreaming, dancing, listening to music, cooking, gymming

Harshad's best friend is Kunal Kapoor(Yudi)

Harshad is jain marwadi

He owns a silver Skoda Octavia car

He purchased Octavia in december

Thats his 1st car wid his own money

His favourite singers are Ali Zafar, Atif, and all these band of new young singers..

Apart from acting he goes for Taekwondo and dance classes and also to him gym, which reminds me of Meano ''00''  Wink 

He likes namastey London songs Smile

He does sometimes along wid Kunal go to Lonavla @ Fariyas hotel for coffee.(Thats what he told me)

His favourite perfume is the Azaini

He loves eating at 'chawla ka dhabba' in Oshiwara

He reads the Hindustan Caf

His fav juice is apple juice

His fav colour is white

He got inspired to get into acting after he saw Salman Khan in Pune

His friends apart from the LRL gang are the ones who acted in Remix..He hangs out with them quite often

He loves playing video games and owns a Play Station

He uses the Nokia N95

He always carries two mobiles

His fav scene in LRL is his boxing scene in that scene that was his actual blood in the scene

He loves Pune.. Big smile

He likes performing scenes with Rajeev Khandelwal.. Clap

His Favourite subjects were Maths, Physics

He prefers being at home rathar than partying

He also loves eating the gol gappe from Calcutta

He is a complete foodie

He loves sleeping very much

He is quite witty and humourous too...

Lastly he is a cutie pie..The best human being Day DreamingHug

All This and much more about Harshad..We can't describe him totally as he way beyond our description..One of the best human beings and a versatile actor is what Harshad is..!Embarrassed

Just wanted to say We Love and Adore harshad..Always Will..


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