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FANAA(Hiten, Gauri, Shweta) Part2 pg3 (Page 2)

Anjaana70 Senior Member

Joined: 22 August 2006
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Posted: 31 May 2008 at 4:14am | IP Logged

Part 1:

Mumbai: Police Headquarters.

The commisioner of police Dhananjay Khatri(Aditya Gujaral of Ksbkbt) was sitting with an officer who was giving some details on a case. The officer name was Akash (Iqbal Azad aka Boxer in Special Squad).

Akash: That's all sir. Till now we are able to know only that The Terrorist group Alhamas is going to do something really very and disasterous. We even don't know the date, the place , the time and any other information.

PC: It's ok Akash. Humein to ye bhi nahi pata tha ki Alhamas apna agla nishana hamare desh ko bana rahein hain. Welldone to both of u. Waise where is Vishal?

Akash: I have talked to him. He was on his way.

Akash had just completed his sentence when the door opened and a tall, handsome , hot and confident peson enters into the cabin. His eyes were filled with confuidence and a charmig smile was on his lips.



Vishal: Good afternoon sir.

PC: Good afternoon Vishal. We were just talking about u. Please have a seat.

Vishal just hugged Akash and they exchange some words of greetings an Vishal takes a seat.

PC: I was just talking to Akash about the Sunday's incident. We are proud of u two.

Vishal: Thanks sir but the credit goes to a lot more people who were involved.

PC: I know. (After observing Vishal carefully for sometime) What happened Vishal? Why are u looking at your watch after every minute?

Vishal(a little bit hesistant): No sir, nothing.

Akash: Actually sir. Today is Wednesday. And u know.....

PC(suddenly remembering something):Oh! I am so sorry. I totally forgot about that. That's why u r dressed like this.

Vishal gave a smile blushingly (How cute)LOL

PC: Ok u can leave right now. And say my hello to her.

Vishal(leaving his seat): Sure sir.

He greeted PC and leaved the cabin in a sense of hurry.

PC: I totally forgot about her. Otherwise i would not have called him today.

Akash: Actually sir, he loves her a lot. That's why he don't like to keep her waiting.

PC: I know. That's why i have sent him. (Looking at his watch) I hope he makes it in time.

On the other hand, Vishal was drivning his car like a storm. Meanwhile he was looking at his watch  everynow and then.

Vishal: Oh god, i don't want to be late.

Thinking this, he took a sharp turn in a hurry and in this process prevented himself from hitting a scooty which was passing near by him. The lady driving the scooty, as a result looses her balance and prevented herself from falliing with great difficulty.

Vishal (applying breaks quickly): Oh god shit.

Thinking this, he came out the car quickly and rushed towards the scooty.

Vishal: Lool i am so sorry. Aapko kahin lagi to nahi.

The lady who was wearing a yellow salwaar suit took off her helmet and turned her beautiful and ravishing face towards Vishal in anger

L: Sorry my foot. Tum jaise ameer log gaadi dekh kar nahi chala sakte. Kya sochte ho. Car mein ho to sadak tumhare baap ki hai.

Vishal(a little bit irritated): hello, hello, mind your tongue. I said i am sorry.Main thoda jaldi mein tha isliye main aapko dekh nahi paya. agar aapko kahin lagi ho to main aapko hospital le jaa sakta hoon.

L: Haan haan, tum kya samajhte ho, sorry bol diya aur ho gaya. Bacchu i am not going to leave u so easily. Chalo police station.

Vishal(a little bit shocked): What? Police station? Par kyun? Accident thodi hua hai.

L: Accha, to kya agli baar accident karke hi maanoge. Lagta hai tum aise nahi maanoge.

Thinking this, she was about to call the traffic police when Vishal stopped her.

Vishal: Dekhiye, police ko mat bulaiye. Warna aap mushkil mein pad jaayengi.

L: Kyun, kya police commisioner tumhare dadaji lagte hain. Shakal se to ek dam gunde lagte ho tum.

That was enough for Vishal, he was trying to cool her down but she was not ready to listen anything. Moreover, she was wasting his time.

Vishal: Bas, bahut ho gaya. Aapko police ko bulana ho to bulaiye. Lekin unhe bulane se pehle jara apni side check kar lijiye.

The lady frowned and looked at the side and her mind forgot all the anger and in the next moment she was dumbstrucked. She was standing on the wrong side.

Vishal: Galti meri nahi aapki hai. Aapne galat side se turn liya hai. Phir bhi maine aapse sorry kaha. But aap to meri family tak pahunch gayi. Ab agar aap police ko bulana chahti hain to bulaiye.

The lady was unable to speak anything. Vishal passed a mocking look to her and then leaved in his car. The lady was pissed off watching his reaction but what she was unable to do anything. She just wore her helmet and leaved from there in frustration.


Anjaana70 Senior Member

Joined: 22 August 2006
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Posted: 31 May 2008 at 5:07am | IP Logged

Vishal just parked the car into the parking and rushed into the airport. He was breathing hard as he was 15 minutes late. As he look at the status chart , he took a deep breath, as the flight was delayed by 30 minutes.

Vishal: Thank god. The flight is late.

Thinking this, he sits on the chair and took a magazine.

After sometime, the flight arrived and Vishal who was at the receiving end starts looking at the crowd coming out of the main gate. His eyes were searcing for someone desparetely. it has been 4 days since he last saw her. Soon the desperation of his eyes came to an end and his eyes starts twinkling as he saw the person he was searching for. There she was. Wearing a pink top with light brown pants, googles on her eyes and a leather bag in her right hand. Man, she was looking totally different from the crowd. Without any make up, she was looking so great.

Gauri Pradhan Images

She was Diva Raheja, the comfort of his restless heart, the light of his eyes, his reason for living life. She too watched him and a smile appeared on her lips. She nodded her head in disbelief and starts moving towards him. With her every step towards him, his heartbeat was getting fast with happiness. She came in front of her and starts looking at him

Diva: kabse khade ho yahan?

Vishal without answering her question, took her bag and took her into his arms tightly. Diva was surprised.

Vishal: I missed u so much.

She knew he was not lying. She can feel the desparation in his grip. She looked at everyone who were looking at them and smiling.She was a little bit hesitant.

Diva: Vishal, kya kar rahe ho? Sab log dekh rahein hain.

With those words , Vishal came into his senses. He gets control over himself and released her. Then he looked here and there hesitantly and came out of the airport with her.

Vishal open the car and put the bag inside the car.

 Meanwhile , Diva opened the door of the other side and sat on the front seat. Vishal, looked at her , they both passed a smile to each other and then they leaved from there.

Vishal: So how was your trip?

Diva looked at him, took her left hand into her embrace and laid down her head on his shoulder.

Diva: It was so tiring.

Saying that, she closed her eyes meanwhile Vishal kept on driving with a smile on his face.

Soon they reached at their destination i.e, Diva's house. The gatekeeper opened the gate and Vishal parked the car inside.He looked at Diva who was peacefully having a nip keeping her head on his shoulder. He kept on looking at her. Man, she sleeps like a baby with so much carelessness on her face. He doesn't want to wake her up, but it was necessary. He extends his hand and ruffled her hairs.

Vishal: Diva.

Diva(with her eyes closed): Hunh..

Vishal: We have reached.

Diva opened her eyes and looked at her house. She got up with a shock. She looked at Vishal who was smiling.

Diva: Itni jaldi pahunch gaye?

Saying this, she looked at her watch. They have reached at the normal time, then why she felt that they have reached early.

Vishal: I think u should rest.

Diva: I think u r right.

Saying this, she opened the door and came out of it. She took the bag out and again looked at Vishal.

Diva: Tumne bataya nahi ki tum airport kitne baje aaye?

Vishal: Don't worry, i was 15 minutes late.

Diva: Thank god. I really don't like when u keep on waiting for me and today the flight was half an hour late.

Vishal(looking at her passionately): But i really like waiting for u.

Diva was again unable to speak anything. She was in a confused state.

Vishal: Ok i think i shud leave now.

Diva: Andar nahi aaoge?

Vishal: Nahi. U r tired. I think u shud take rest. I will see u soon.Anyways u take care.

Diva smiled and starts moving towards her house. Vishal puts the car in back gear and leaved from there. He was on his way but his mind was full of her. The way she came out of the airport, the way he hugged her, the way she was sleeping keeping his head on her shoulder. He was all in smiles. He was a little bit hurt when he said take care and she smiled and went from there without saying U too. But such things happen. She was tired , may be that's why she forgot. And she was not the girl who could express her love freely. She was a little bit reserve and shy , but in his heart he has the belief that she too loves him truly and he is so lucky.

Anjaana70 Senior Member

Joined: 22 August 2006
Posts: 423

Posted: 31 May 2008 at 6:11am | IP Logged

Sunrise Institute of Management Studies:

The class of B.Com students was going on. The faculty was writing something on board. She was wearing the same yellow salwar suit , and it was evident that she was the same lady who had the encounter with Vishal sometime ago.She was busy in writing something on board, whereas the boys of her class were busy in looking at her beauty and the girls were busy in  getting jealous from her.

L: So everyone is clear.

Students in one voice: Yes maam.

L(with a smile on her lips): Great.

Student1(Rajat , whispering): She looks killing.

S2(Vaibhav): Yes, she is.

Rajat: Do u know if she takes private tuitions or not?

Vaibhav: Why?

Rajat: Yaar, i love her.

Vaibhav: Huh? Look at u. Do u think she will be interested in u?

Rajat: Yes, why not? I don't think she is too older than anyone of us. I am 21 and she must be around 23-24.

Vaibhav: I am not talking about that. Just look at her, she is like a fairy, and u, hah. Uske liye to koi uski hi takkar ka chahiye. Tu to uske paoon ki jooti bhi nahi hai.

Rajat: man, i am the hottest dude of our college. I can convince any girl to come with me.

Vaibhav: U have a dirty mind. And i am sure she is not that type of girl. She looks so mature. And u...

At the same time, the ring announced the end of the lecture and the lady leaved the classroom the whole classroom restless.

The lady entered into the staffroom where her friend was  Anita was waiting.

Anita: Hi Shweta. How r u?

Shweta(picking up the glass of water and replying): Not well.

Saying this, she drank it.

Anita: Why, what happened?

Shweta narrated the whole incident to her and she burst out laughing.

Shweta:Tu hans rahi hai. pata hai uski wajah se main late ho gayi.

Anita: Lekin galti to teri hi thi na. Phir uspe kyun gussa ho rahi hai.

Shweta: Ya ya i know. Lekin kya woh pehle nahi bata sakta tha.

Anita: He must be trying to give you respect. Lekin tu bhi na. Ek baar shuru ho jaati hai to.

Shweta: I know. Main kuch jyada hi bol jaati hoon na.

Anita: Tu jyada to bol jaati hai. Lekin tu dil ke buri nahi hai. I think u shud say sorry to him.

Shweta: par kaise? Main to use jaanti bhi nahi.

Anita: It's ok dear. Kabhi dobara mile to bol dena ok. Ab chal doosre lecture ka time ho raha hai.

Shweta smiled and nodded her head. It was true. She had to learn controlling her tongue, but she was not bad of heart and now she was realizng her mistake? But will she be able to meet him again to say sorry?

minisa Senior Member

Joined: 24 December 2007
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Posted: 31 May 2008 at 9:02pm | IP Logged
wowwwwwwwww good work good intro of diva's character & vishal & shweta's char r also amazing or i like da college stories Embarrassed cond plzz
nidha1983 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 January 2008
Posts: 21049

Posted: 31 May 2008 at 10:09pm | IP Logged
nice one
Anjaana70 Senior Member

Joined: 22 August 2006
Posts: 423

Posted: 03 June 2008 at 6:06am | IP Logged
i will soon.Thanks for the comments Smile
PerpetuumMobile IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 August 2006
Posts: 4022

Posted: 03 June 2008 at 6:48am | IP Logged
Hey Yug-Deepika(sorry dunno your name), your story seems really different, I've read your stories before, the one with Kanan and Nishant, this one looks just as good.
I loved Gauri(Diva Reheja)'s introduction that you gave.
Am looking forward to the rest.
Just have one request, could you please make the font size a little bigger next time? Thanks for this fan-fic. Tongue
princessunara IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 06 December 2007
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Posted: 03 June 2008 at 7:12am | IP Logged

u knw sandali told exactly wt i was gonna 2 ask 4m u,including da problem wth da font sizeLOLn i also jst luved da intro f Diva..t was jst so nice n sort f real lyk..anywa im specially waiting 2 read more abt her n Vishal..Embarrassed

bt i'll add my bit too..da plot s awsome..i realy enjoyed reading pls pls continue im sure i'll totally fall n luv wth dis too js lyk ur earlier FCs..Embarrassed

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