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Amore Mio |PART 2A- PAGE 2|

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Hey all you readers:


I'm starting a story: Amore Mio. It means My Love translated in Italian. I don't know why I chose the story's name as that except for I just liked it since it's something different. This story's an Angad-Kripa story basically. I can't tell you much about the plot since I'm not quite sure of it either. I'll be starting it soon, sometime in March or April.  The Character Sketch might change a bit over the story but this is what i have in mind right now. I'll be posting parts not very often either. Maybe once a month or something like that because I have a lot of AP classes and it gets hard to cope with sometimes.


Character Sketch:

       Kumar Family:-

          Kripa Kumar (24)
          Ajay Kumar
          Anamika Kumar
  • Akash Kumar(27)

Khanna Family:-

     Angad Khanna (26)
          Gaurav Khanna
          Bianca Khanna
          Tia Khanna (26)
          Jessica (Jesse) Khanna (20)
  •       Raul Khanna (19)

I hope you guys will like it.


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Chapter 1

April 2009

It was the perfect spring day with the cloudless sky and the flowers already starting to bloom. Kripa Kapoor sat under the cool shade of the tree with her sketch pad, amongst the children at the Madison Square Garden in New York City on a fine Saturday morning. The innocence, the effervescence, and the sense of poor joy radiating from all sides, simply uplifted her mood from grouchy and cantankerous to simply cheerful.

The laughter and delighted squeals from the children made her think of all the things she'd missed out on as a child. She'd received a letter from her mother just yesterday telling her that her brother has decided to finally tie the knot. It hurt so much that her mother had to send her letter to do the pains-taking task. She couldn't give her call but she could write a cold, formal note informing her that her brother has decided to settle down. She'd also sent her an airplane ticket and asked to please accept it. How generous of her. And what about her father? Did he even know about the letter, the invitation to?

Ajay and Anamika Kumar had always loved their son more than they did their daughter. Or so it had seemed. They'd moved away to Colorado from Los Angeles a year or less after Kripa had moved out of their house. She'd decided to remain distant and emotionally unattached from them after years of heart-breaking disappointment. Too involved in their work and their first born, brilliant child, Akash who was the kind of boy who would have topped every class with only an accumulative of an hour's worth of time outside of school every day, that they hadn't even taken notice of her distant decision. Until it had been too late.

She had avoided interaction with them like the plague. If she went out, she'd ride her back home on her bike, hike it or if it were too far she'd get a ride from a friend. If she were late coming home, nobody would have cared because they knew she was responsible enough since they had other more important things to take care of. Nobody ever thought she needed looking after. She was mature and old enough to take care of herself.

She was a completely different person with her friends. If she was the quiet, sensible and responsible one at home then with her friends she was bubbly and daring who'd street-raced often and won all the time. Once she'd almost ended up in the hospital. Her head had been injured severely and her legs and hands been scraped three feet in. They hadn't noticed. She didn't consider the fact that she'd worn full clothes the whole time, and had ignored them all together. People envied her life not knowing how much she hated it...

She wanted to go to the wedding but how could she face them after all this time. The last time she had seen them had been exactly six years, eight months, and thirteen days ago, the day she had left her home at the age of seventeen. Her goodbye had been bitter, sour and had been intended to be forever. They were making the first move though to get together… they'd at least sent her a card. That's progress, right? A step towards peace?

She could still see the tear-stained face and the red eyes that pleaded her to stay. She had looked at her father's back that stood tall, stiff, regal..., furious, and staring at the magnificent skyline. She'd been furious too. Too furious to be scared of facing the real world on her own. Her mother knew that she wouldn't return, even if it had meant for her to slug along for the rest of her life... especially if it had meant for that to happen. She was too proud. She never had been the rebellious one but had definitely been the determined, proud, strong, opinionated and egoistic one.

But it all came down to making the decision about her going or not? Would it be right if she went? She would at least be able to satisfy her curiosity. They probably didn't even think she was going to accept the offer and had just done it as a formality. Wouldn't you think the same too; Mother had decided to contact her after six long exasperating years of yearning for them even though they'd never really been there for her when she lived under their "supervision". Just because they'd assumed that she would come that infuriated her. Why else would they send her an airplane ticket? They didn't even know her.

Sure they were her parents. They'd given her birth but had they really taken care of her? Yes, if it meant for material things like shelter, food, clothes, and anything else that money could buy. But love... had they given her love? No. They'd not. So did that make them her parents? No, it didn't. Just giving a child birth doesn't make people parents. They have to care of the child. Love her. The decision was made. She was going to go but not for long and she was going to remain distant enough to not get too attached and just be able to satisfy her curiosity.

She finished the sketches draining out of her thoughts and focusing solely on her current surroundings. It was something she had learned when she had gone off to college. To block off all the memories she had of them; no matter how painful they'd been, she was successful of keeping them away from her thoughts and lately she rarely ever thought of them. At least that's what she told herself.


Kripa sat fidgeting in her seat fidgeting with the ring in her finger. She was going back home... The word itself felt so weird. She was kind of excited but also very nervous... The plane took off while she shut her eyes and tried to steady her frantic pulse that was jumping sky-scrappers. She didn't like airplanes and it was common knowledge.

She looked at the man in the seat next to hers. She couldn't see his face since he hadn't looked up from the magazine he'd been reading even once yet. He was wearing faded jeans and an old sweatshirt. She was bored but yet really jumpy and she felt really, really, really hyper. She needed to talk or else she was going to go out of her mind.

She dug out her Ipod Touch from her purse, plugged the earphones in, and blasted the music. She started tapping her fingers on the armrest along with her feet on the floor. Music was something she could always fall back on if nobody were available.
Angad flipped through the magazine and listened to the annoying brat sitting next to him on the airplane who smelled like sin and who also had really nice hands. All long and slim. Her nails were cut short and painted a flamboyant orangish-red. He liked them... but the tapping had to stop! It was driving him out of his mind. Music was blaring from her earphones so that even he could hear a woman sing of her unrequited love. Women...

Just then the airhostess came up to them. "Would you like some champagne?" Because her eyes were shut and the music blaring in Kripa's ears she didn't notice the airhostess. Angad sat up and pulled the earphones out of her ears and she immediately snapped up.

"Hmm? What," she spoke loudly, "Oh my god, please don't tell me the plane's going to crash? I'm not even 25 yet. I don't want to die yet. I still have so much ahead of me. You do have parachutes, right? I'd always planed of jumping off an airplane once in my life as sky-diving but--" she broke off when she noticed the man sitting next to her and the airhostess's lips curl.

He had a really cute smile and oh my god! Aw... He had dimples! Dimples were her weakness. It was just something she found in the opposite thing as a turn-on. Ok, this was weird. It wasn't normal for her to fantasize after strangers. She was definitely going mad. It was probably the effect of her anxiety, she soothed herself.

"We're not going to crash, now are we?" Kripa asked and watched the airhostess nod her head confirming the fact.

"Would you like some champagne, ma'am?" the air-hostess beamed down. Kripa replied, "Umm... yeah, sure." She handed Kripa a flute and a-little-too sweetly asked Mr. Dimples, "And for you sir, some champagne?" What? She had to give him a name... the man who sat next to her was a little too long for her liking.

He gave her one of his charming smiles (the one with that included the dimples) that could have melted an iceberg and replied, "No thanks. Just a brandy." She could just imagine him sitting there and trying to stifle his laughter over her stupidity.

"First flight?" she heard him ask. Oh my god, he was talking to her! Hmm...

Because he didn't appear to be laughing or trying not to laugh, she admitted, "Yeah... I would rather travel by bus for thrice as longer than travel on an airplane. I just hate it so much. It feels like there's never enough air for everybody. I'm so glad you're not like the person who I sat next to on my last flight. It was a complete night-mare. He'd been the cranky type who'd rudely refuse to make conversation and then had fallen asleep like a rock, all heavy, on my shoulder with his mouth open and breathe that smelt like rotten roast beef and make you want to wish you're rather in a comatose kinda state. Phew!" She felt herself shudder.

Just as she was politely going to ask him where he was from, the plane took a sharp dive and then was rocking up and down. "Oh my god. Oh my god, I'm not even 25 yet. See, I told you. I told you the plane's going to crash. I told you." She glared up at the stranger accusingly that would have sent her straight to hell.

Shree Guru Charan Saroj Raj, Nij Man Mukar Sudhari,
Barnau Raghuvar Bimal Jasu, Jo dayaku Phal Chari
Budhi heen Tanu Janike, Sumirow, Pavan Kumar,
Bal Buddhi Vidya Dehu Mohi, Harahu Kale—

He sat there intently looking at her and she could just feel it. "What are you staring at me like that for? Is it really that hard for you to believe a person to praying to God under such dangerous circumstances?" she glared at him. Ugh... she didn't know what to do about this man. Certain people were just like that. Ah-noying. They either made good companions or they didn't. This one was a complex personality.

She felt the cappuccino that she'd had before boarding the airplane to calm her nerves rising up her throat. Oh God. She unhooked the security belt and rushed towards the bathroom. Ugh... her stomach felt horrible.

Ten seconds after she sat back down in her seat, she rushed back to the lavatory. She cursed herself for forgetting her motion-sickness medicine.
She heard a knock on the lavatory door. God! People didn't even get privacy in the god damned bathroom. "What?" she barked. She winced as she heard her own voice echo through her head thumping over and over again like a determined hammer on a nail.

Angad stood on the other side of the lavatory door, and answered still feeling uncomfortable, "Umm... are you feeling ok over there?" She recognized his voice immediately. "I mean... you shot out of your chair like a bullet towards the lavatory. Do you need something?"

She cracked the door open. "Wha- do you want?" He stepped forward; in reflex she stepped back. "Just relax and take a deep breath," he told her as he placed his hands on her shoulders to calm her down. It had an adverse effect on her nerves. He took a wet cloth and gently wiped her forehead first and then her neck. She flinched. "It's ok. Just relax. Alright?" She didn't object so he continued. It was an odd intimacy. It was weird but she liked having someone care after her. Nobody had ever done that for her... maybe because she'd never let anybody. She was known to be extremely independent when she was sick. She never let anybody know when she was sick. She'd just deal with it on her own. It came with the idea of taking care of her out of obligation. She didn't like that one bit.

She thanked him politely after as they got back to their seats. The rest of the flight was long and awkward. There was no conversation after the incident except for when they'd parted. The conversation had been along the lines "It was a pleasure meeting you" and "Umm... yeah. Well, bye..." and they'd parted with confused feelings mulling over in their minds and hearts.


She stood amidst the harried and cantankerous people at the baggage claim office in the excuse-of-a-line, deciding whether or not it was worth all the hassle to report her missing luggage. They were all a bunch of stupid people who knew nothing but how to make lots of noise and how to look like idiots. Tapping her foot on the floor, she looked at the line in front of her and sighed.

Two and a half hours had passed by, Akash crossly noted, as he watched as the diverse sort of people stalked past him. He loved observing people's behavior. Everybody here had a different story and a different purpose, reason, to be there. He would have enjoyed doing just that if it weren't for his current situation. He was waiting for his "little sister" who was supposedly to arrive to this airport an hour and a half ago. Two things he hated were: wasting time and late people. He wondered why he was still sitting here waiting... probably because ma would have been disappointed in him if he'd left without waiting for a significant amount of time. He didn't think she was going to come anyways since she was a cold-heartless bitch for leaving his parents so upset with her running away. He'd just sit here, wait for a couple more minutes and then leave and... there was no other reason he was still there. Of course there was. He really wanted Kripa to be on that plane.

He was nervous. He'd never thought he'd ever miss her... he'd regretted his ignorance towards her a lot since the recent years but still couldn't help that pinch of hatred when he thought of how she'd deserted them when she had. She'd been a cute kid, he mused. Never in his way. He remembered one incident when she had come to him on a stormy night because she was scared. She was probably... seven years old? He hadn't been sympathetic. In fact, he'd sent her back to her bed telling her to leave him alone. He'd been exhausted and sleepy and he couldn't control himself because of it, he tried justifying. He regretted all of it. When he'd last seen her... when was that? He couldn't remember. He probably hadn't cared enough to remember that. He felt like an ass.

Maybe he'd been an ass but that didn't excuse her of running away from home like that and leaving his mother and father devastated. Of course, his father would never admit that he missed her but you could tell from the sunken, wary eyes and smiles which never reached his eyes that he did care. A lot. But Akash also knew the sense of pride and dignity that seemed to be in abundance in the Kumar blood probably stopped both, father and daughter, from making the first move. His poor mother was stuck in between of them.

His mother, Anamika, was the type of woman who would always prefer herself to be at least one step below her husband. She was the type of person who worshipped him and thought of him as God. She would never speak against her husband. Ever. Whatever he says or does is right and anybody who he is against is wrong. She didn't have any of her own thoughts. She just couldn't think for herself. That bit always annoyed him. He would never want to have a wife like that. He thought of Tia and let out a laugh. His Tia would rather have her head chopped and presented on a platter rather than live a life like that and god, he loved her for that. She was a hot, smoking fireball in his life. He couldn't ever be bored with her around. Ever.

His eyes were drawn towards a tall, slender woman, who strode forward in a hushed manner but still didn't fail to draw eyes. She was tanned deep gold from the California sun. Her long, auburn hair was thick and straight and parted on the left side. She ran her hands through making it brush her hips, swirl and then float behind her as she continued walking. Her face was pixie-like, with well-defined cheekbones and a slightly pointed chin. Her mouth was set, hard and frowning. And as soon as she lifted the sunglasses off her nose, up her face and into the cascade and he saw the pure and piercing green of her eyes, he knew it was her. It had to be. If he remembered one thing about her, it would have to be those eyes of hers. It had always intrigued him; they reflected her true emotions and were always so... he just couldn't think of a word that would explain truly what it was like... vulnerable... She wore no make-up and no jewelry except for a ring on her index finger, thank god not her ring finger because that would have been a hard one to dodge, and small silver rings through her second ear piercings. Second ear piercing, eh? Interesting... the image of the little child was hard to compare her with because she'd turned so distant since her early teen years. And he'd never even bothered to ever talk to her.
She'd spent a couple hours in that stuffy little room.

The twenty-hour flight had left her exhausted and sick. She hated airplanes. She hated travelling altogether since it never failed to make her feel nauseous and miserable. She blinked hard; her contacts were dry, and they hurt. She'd take care of all that as soon as she could find a taxi and locate the hotel she'd already booked herself in. She planned to first, take a long cold shower and then drown into a forty-eight hour sleep on a nice comfy bed. Then she would have a huge meal and then and only then consider contacting them to probably meet them and see what they needed from her that they'd actually decided to contact her.

She was digging through her huge Prada bag looking for the note that had the hotel's name and address written on it when she felt someone tap her shoulder from behind her. She turned around to see a handsome man who looked her straight in the eye. He had a hard and distinguished face. "Kripa?"

Puzzled, that the man knew her name, she cocked an eye, "yes... and who would you be?" She didn't recognize him. She couldn't be blamed... but did she really not recognize him? He had recognized her though!
"Akash. Your brother." He noticed her facial expressions evolve from questioning to understanding to... Shame? No. That was probably just a figment of her imagination. "Ma sent me to get you," He calmly replied as he watched her flinch, only for a second though, before she pulled herself together and noticed something in her eyes shift.

Her guard was up, fencing her battered heart. "Hi, Akash. Nice to meet you." She offered him her right hand to shake. Other siblings would have launched each other in long, bear hugs with smacking kisses. But it seemed as if this was all she offered, and he didn't plan on letting it go and met her soft, but still firm hand just as firmly.

"Congratulations on your wedding, by the way. It was really nice of you to come. So... how's everybody?" Her heart beat so fast and it took all of her self control to keep her emotions under cover. She congratulated herself for keeping her voice level. She felt the havoc inside when he'd shook her hands. Oh, god. She'd missed him so much. No. No. No. She didn't miss him. He'd never been there for her anyways then it was no different if he'd gone away. It was the same thing. She had no brother and it was a fact she had to face.

"Thanks. Both of them are fine and are expecting you. Where's your luggage? Let's go haul it up in the car and I'll take you home." Oh, how much it hurt, he thought. He didn't want this cool aloofness between them. He wanted to apologize for all those years he'd ignored her.

Home? She wondered just what he considered home. And no, she wasn't going to go with him. Especially not when she was already having such a hard time controlling her emotions. She needed some time to recover and charge her already depleted brain. It was something she would need to help her strengthen her heart. She wasn't ready to meet her mother or father.

"Umm... No. I wouldn't want to be in the way and impose upon you guys either. The wedding and everything must already be enough. I've made arrangements at a hotel just ten minutes from here so I'll be fine, but it was really nice of you to meet me. And... umm, I'll give you guys a call and probably drop by sometime to meet you guys. But don't worry I'll definitely come to your wedding. I'm really fascinated by them and I wouldn't want to miss it either."

The girl could set his teeth on the edge without even trying. They were simple unconscious comments. She was coming to the wedding because it was fascinating. Not because it was his, her brother's, but simply because it was fascinating. And she would impose on them if she came to live with them. Hah! That was mildly putting it.
She bit her tongue immediately realizing her error and wondered just how ungracious she might sound. "Sorry. That was stupid."

He smiled frostily. "Don't be. It's always the truth that comes out first." Her lips parted to say something but he cut her off, "And you're not going to live in that hotel. Ma's expecting you and you will do nothing to hurt her."

Woah! There was a major change in the environment and his behavior. How dare he! He didn't even know her and was already ordering her. She was most definitely not going to tolerate being told around. He was such a pinheaded ass! And no, she didn't care if he was her "older brother" since he never believed she was his sister. She had no obligation of respecting him. He was a man and every man did just that. Order everybody around and expect them to follow mindlessly. Now she was even more determined to be defiant at every opportunity she got. If he was bossy, she was stubborn and determined. "Will I not?" she asked in a dangerously calm voice.

She had the satisfaction of noting the doubt on his face which he quickly masked. "No. You will not. You will not do anything to hurt ma. She's... really excited that you're coming and expects you to live with us. She'll be heartbroken." Heartbroken? Oh, really? Like she cares a shit. f**ketty f**k! What was she to do now? She didn't intend to hurt anybody's feelings and just wanted to keep a subtle distance from them.
She wasn't going to give in. If she did she would be going back on a promise she'd made to herself. "Don't ever tell me what to do. It'll be in your best interest Mr. Kumar because I'll do the very opposite even if it goes against my wishes or wants. And I'm sorry about that, but I'm not going to live there... I can make a compromise... I'll come to meet them today sometime this evening after I've settled down in my hotel."
He wanted to spank her and then wanted to tell her just what she should do with her stubbornness but he didn't do that since he'd mastered the art of controlling his vicious anger.

"Mama expects you to come home with me and you will for I don't want her to be sad. Why is it so hard for you to understand that? I will not have her disappointed again." Expects her to come? Disappointed again? What the hell was he talking about? They have no right to expect anything from her at all and the disappointed part made her want to laugh. She was the one who was left disappointed when she had looked for support in her mother but had just been rejected. She really wanted to see her parents... was she ready for that?

Kripa didn't want to make him feel as if he'd been able to persuade her into coming home. Her ego wouldn't allow it. But she wanted to go.

She glowered out the window for most of the ride and gave curt answers to the questions she was asked. She seemed to find Colorado quite fascinating. He tried to talk to her about her life back in the States but she seemed too reserved and sidestepped each question with smart answers.

"It was just fine with him," he thought, "if she didn't want to talk. Why should it bother him?" Because he'd changed for the better and really loved her like a brother should but she seemed reasonably ignorant of it. It was true that he'd never showed affection to her before but he'd still loved her. He tried to think of where they'd gone wrong but couldn't pin-point exactly what had caused the void between them.

He'd seen Tia with her brothers and even her sister, fooling around. He'd noticed the easy way Shiv put a hand around her waist or shoulder to support or comfort her. He'd realized then that he had done nothing like that for Kripa. He'd missed her then but anger had over-taken the regret then.

He stopped the car in front of the house. Hearing her take out a shaky breathe and watching her entwine her fingers through and then untwine them, he realized that she was nervous and instantly felt bad for her. She was fidgety and jumpy. Her nerves were working up and her hands were slightly damp.

When the door opened, a woman with light, light brown hair and dark eyes glinted back at her giving her a watery smile. What was she supposed to do? Offer a stiff, formal handshake or hug and kiss? Probably the handshake. Their "family" had never been to keen on warm intimacies.

But before she could do anything, the small fragile lady took her into her arms giving her a bone-crushing hug. Wow. She hadn't expected that coming up and tried hard to keep her cool instead of experiencing a catharsis in front of these people. The last time she'd had one of those had compelled her to leave home.

A Catharsis, an argument, and seven years later, she thought as she struggled to stifle her trembling. Ma probably felt it but made no comment of it.

She held Kripa's face in both her palms and gazed into her baby's face to see if anything had changed.
Everything had. "She was a very quickly growing woman now," she thought as she felt Kripa's hands hesitate slightly before hugging her back. Her heart bled. A very tall one too. She let out a laugh. "You've grown soo tall. Last time I so you, you were just a little girl..."

Like she'd ever noticed anything about her. She was instantly awarded with a rush of guilt as she watched non-stop tears pouring down her mother's eyes felt like she should shrivel up and die. Damn. She hated feeling like this. She didn't know what to do and felt panic and tension easing up her back. "I... er—" Her eyes flew to Akash who by now stood next to her mother and silently asked, no begged, him to help.

Instantly taking things in his control. He placed a gentle arm on his mother's shoulder. "Ma, I think Kripa's probably tired and hungry after the long flight." He failed to come up with a smart funny thing to lift up the mood. His brain was really functioning well today. His ma nodded and said, "Let me take you upstairs, Love, and get you settled in."

The entrance had white glossy Italian marble dominating the floor with traditional Persian rugs draped elegantly over it. The big crystal chandelier gave the entrance a more authentic look and the dim, gold light contrasted beautifully with the brass pots set on each of the entrance. A glass table with gold tentacle-like legs gracefully ended at the floor. Beautiful white orchids were placed in an intensely carved crystal. It was just like them. Conventional, subtle, and richly ornate.

Later, much later, lounging in a steaming tub, Kripa thought over the day's events. It had been a weird experience. Anamika had given her a lot of attention and questioned her of how life had treated her after leaving. Kripa had tried to sugar-coat and speak through rose-colored glasses and keep things light because she understood it was tough topic for Ma. The evening had really changed her mind about her mother. Yes, she was extremely feminine, soft, but she realized... her mother loved her and hadn't meant to ignore her.

Anamika was really trying to make things better but it was difficult... It might sound silly but she found it impossible to come up with an appropriate answer for her every question and found her reevaluating every word that came out of her mouth. Listening to her replies over again, she wanted to kick herself hard. She had either managed to unconsciously hurt her feelings or sound extremely lame and stupid. She needed a break, to step out of the stuffy box and just... breathe. She'd met Diana, the housekeeper, and had taken an instant liking to her.

Ajay walked inside the house and shut the door against the brewing storm. He knew that his daughter was inside the house, under the same roof. He remembered those days when he worried about her. Where she was? How she was doing? If she was facing any troubles? Whether or not, she was able to take care of herself? Was she sick? Was she working to much or stressing herself out? A million more questions and doubts had bothered him day and night. He remembered how frightening it was to not know where his daughter was and that's why he'd employed Hawk, a private investigator, to track her down and have him find out everything about her life.

It hurt him so much to know what she was having to face everyday just to survive and put herself through college. Only he knew how hard it had been to not one day just appear at her doorstep just to get one glimpse of her. He felt guilty for not calling her back. He felt guilty for even letting her go in the first place. He knew he should have given her permission to let her go to art school. He shouldn't have pushed her to go to medical school. There were thousand other things that he could think of that he'd done wrong and could have done differently.

Anamika saw her loving husband loosen his tie and put his briefcase down, next to the newspaper table. She could tell he was tired. He was scared no matter how much he'd deny it. She knew he was.

He watched his adorable wife come to him and without any words she simply embraced him. He held her delicate body against his. Placing her hands on his chest, she raised herself on her toes and gently brushed her lips against his. It wasn't the time for passion but just assurance. She hugged him again knowing comfort and support was something he needed desperately. His baby doll was back home. He wanted to make everything better but didn't quite know just how to.
"She needs time, Ajay. Time heals wounds. Show her that things have changed. She needs your love. Mine too, but mostly yours. She needs to know we care."

He stood in the doorframe watching his angel sleep a baby's sleep. He sat down next to her and touched her cheek, to make sure she was still really there. He still couldn't believe that. He wanted to apologize for all the years they'd missed out on and all the years that he'd been ignorant of her presence. He gently stroked her head, pushing her hair away from her face. She bent down to whisper a kiss on her forehead. He wanted to tell her just how much he loved her, his daughter, but just couldn't get himself to. He was afraid she wouldn't love him back. And how could she? He knew she hated him. Isn't that what she'd said when she'd stood at the door the day she'd left him and her mother.

He felt Anamika slip a hand on his shoulder and the small kiss she dropped in his hair. She ran a hand through it and let her hand drop back down to shoulder to loosen the tense, wired knots. "Come, both of you need your rest. Come on, Ajay. Let's go." She gently probed his hand, urging him to go with her. He didn't want to leave the room; he'd just found her again but knew it was necessary to leave and did. Both of them stopped at the door to turn and look at their beautiful daughter one last time for the night and quietly clicked the door shut behind them.

Hey guys! I hope none of you guys felt offended by her animosity towards her parents. It's just how the character is... well anywayz,Hope you guys liked it.
     - Heart Storm

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Originally posted by nihita

wow!!!!!!!loved it!

Thanks honSmile

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