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Thoda pyaar thoda magic!(ARff)Part3 P1

kdrs Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2008 at 8:08am | IP Logged

Hey Guys,

This is a tribute to Shilpa, I am going to write a FF in my style with help of the upcoming movie Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic. Characters will be Armaan and Ridhima with 3 kids.

What happens when 3 kids don't get love from their aunt and uncle and need love? What happens when an angel sees them and decides to help them? What happens when she comes like a nanny but falls in love with their uncle?


Character Sketch

Main ones:

Mr.Armaan Mallik: Arrogant. He's got a big bussiness but has to stay home and work because of 3 children. He's the one with too much ego just because of a miserable past.

Ms.Anjali Mallik: Armaan's sister and like a mother to 3 children, she loves them a lot but can only show it when his brother's not seeing. She decides to bring a nanny for them and convinces her brother.

The 3 kids:

Minnie: She's 7 yrs old. She hates her mamu because he always shouts at her and her 2 brothers always conspire against her. Whenever Anjali's around, her brother's don't trouble her but when she isn't they do.

Gappu: He's 9 yrs old. He loves his brother a lot and his sister too but she's a girl and the girls never play with boys. He gets irritated when his sister plays with dolls so he and his small brother trouble her.

Harsh: He's 8 yrs old. He's the one who loves Minnie and Gappu the same. But Gappu is the elder one so he has to obey him.

And the Angel:

Ridhima: She's the angel to nanny girl. Very caring and innocent! She makes everyone smile by just talking sweetly to them.


So, How did you all like it! Hope you all like it! Plz comment or criticize!

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kdrs Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2008 at 8:09am | IP Logged

Part 1:


The alarm clock woke up Anjali in the grand house she lived in. She got ready within minutes and was standing in the kitchen. She knew today again she'll be late but this is what happens when 1 person stays with a punctual person.

An: Shit, Late again. Bhaiya's going to kill me.

We see a young man walking down from the staircase to the dining table.

Ar: Anjali, you're late. Where's my breakfast?

An: Bhaiya, I told you to get me a helper but..

Ar: But I have already interviewed many and all seem to be behind money.

An: You tell this to me always.

Ar: Where are the kids?

An: Hmmm...Bhaiya...


The house was like an earthquake being awakened. Then we see a toys decorated room but in the 3 beds no kids. They heard the everyday voice and hurried to the bathroom. Coming out from the bathroom, fresh.

Mi: Ye Mamu bhi na.

Ga: Is earthquake ke saath kyon utha te hain

Ha: Pyaar se uthaenge to kya jaega.

An: Bacho, niche ao.

Kids: Aaee!!

They ran down to get another lecture from their Mamu.

Ar: Bhag ke aane ki kya zaroorat thi?

Ga: Minnie ne idea diya.

Mi: Maine? Nahi Mamu.

Poor Minnie gave a sad look to Anjali who understood everything.

An: Ok, Ab chup chap baith ke breakfast khao.

Let's see how our angel had her good morning.

We see a girl sleeping on a heavenly bed but she gets disturbed by her Private assistant after all she's the daughter of the King of Angels.

At: Ridhimaji Uth jaiye, 9 baar a chuka hoon par ab bad 10 nahin hone doonga.

Ri: Tum mere P.A. ho na to jao aur badme aana.

At: Plz uth jaiye.

Ri: JAO!

At: Theek hain.

After 5 min, he again reappears but with a frightening face.

At: Ridhimaji, Maharani aur Maharaja padhar rahe hain.

Ri: To?... KYA!

At: Jaldi ready ho jaiye.

Ri: Haan. Haan.

After a couple of minutes, Ridhima gets ready but when she comes to her bedroom.

Ri: Papa aur Mama?

At: Aake chale gaye.

Ri: Ok, Chalo thora ghoom kar aate hain.

At: Kahaan?

Ri: Niche chalte hain.

At: Nahin, Bahot dangerous hain.


At: Theek hain Ridhimaji.

Back to the Malliks, Armaan was in his study working, Anjali was watching TV with Minnie playing on the floor. The boys were upstairs playing cricket.

Suddenly, a white cycle came running through the sky with another just behind but with less speed. Minnie thought something was wrong.

Mi: Massi, mein abhi aye.

An: Jaldi.

She just took a stroll in the garden, as she was going back she heard a "whoosh! and whoosh!". Meanwhile in the cycles were Ridhima and Atul who were having fun seeing a girl finding them.But as luck wanted it, Ridhima fell and Atul could not take the chance of showing himself to a human. Minnie heard the falling voice and went towards it only to find a princessly girl dressed in white. Being helpful in her nature, she decided to help her.

Mi: Aap theek to hain na?

Ri: Haan.

Mi: Aap kaun ho?

Ri: Koi nahin.

Mi: Bataye na.

Ri: Jao!

Mi: Bhoot!!!!!

Minnie ran home and.

Mi: Maine bhoot ko dekha, wo bahaar thi.

An: Minnie bhoot nahin hote.

Mi: Hote hain, maine unhe bahaar dekha.

An: Minnie! Stop it! Bola na bhoot nahin hote.

Minnie just runs away and locks herself in her room. She doesn't come out till noon for lunch.

Ar: Minnie, What happened?

Mi: *silent*

Ar: Minnie, main aap se kuch poonch raha hoon.

Mi: Kuch nahin.

An: Wo bol rahi thi ki usne bhoot ko dekha hain.

Ar: *laughs* Minnie bhoot nahin hote. Ok?

Mi: Ok.

An: Cheer up Minnie.

Night falls and everyone get ready to sleep meanwhile Minnie just stares at the sky, Harsh notices it and calls Gappu to accompany him.

Ha: Kya hua Minnie?

Mi: Mujhe ek Angel chahiye, sirf mere liye.

Ga: Woh to mujhe bhi chahiye.

Ha: Mujhe bhi.

Mi: Chalo na, pray karte hain.

All three kids pray:

Please God, humare liye ek achi si angel bhej do. Hume uski is ghar mein bahot zaroorat hain. Please God.

At the same time, Ridhima sees them. She came there to apologise to Minnie but found her and 2 other kids with her praying.

Pre-cap: Ridhima's tries to go down to help but....


Part 2:

Ridhima was standing outside the big Mallik Mansion thinking how to aproach them. She can't use magic except for special things and thinks how did she end up here.


Her father inmediatly calls her.

Sha: Ridhima, I want you to go down to Mallik mansion, We've got orders.

Ri: Dad, I wanted to go to another place.

Sha: I want you to go where I want, Make a good appearance for a suitable nanny and take Atul with you.

Ri: Atul?

Sha: Yes, as your helper. I don't want you to do all the work.

Ri: You sure they will not mind.

Sha: I didn't tell you to ask me questions which are no use to you.

Ri: Ok, When do I have to leave?

Sha: Tomorrow morning.

Ri: I've hardly got time.

Sha: Get ready then.

Ri: Bye Dad.

Sha: Take care.

*Flashback ends*

Where did she want to go and where she was. And again with Atul. He was standing with her looking extremely nervous which was being seen because he was bitting his nails.

Ri: Stop it!

At: Sorry!

She entered in and rang the bell, a woman of barely 22 opened. Both were surprised while Atul was looking at them with a questioning face.

An: Yes?

Ri: Actually, I saw the newspaper and I came to know you needed a nanny?

An: Yes, but I never advertised it. Can I see the newspaper?

Ri: Sure.

Ridhima quickly mumbled something and there came a newspaper with a big advertisement. Anjali took it from her, examined it and thought that maybe Armaan did it. She let them in.

An: Even I need help with 3 kids in the house.

Ri: Three?

An: Yes, I'll just call them.


An: May I know who's this?

Ri: He's.. my helper and friend, Atul.

An: You'll surely need help from him with the boys but Minnie will like you.

At that time, the 3 kids come down. Minnie got the shock of her life to see that mean angel in her house and Ridhima was surprised to see the cute little girl in this house.

An: This is Minnie, Harsh and Gappu.

Ri: Hello.

All 3 kids: Hello.

An: She's come for an interview to become your nanny. Shall we make her?

Ri: Can I talk to them? Privately?

An: Sure.

Anjali excused herself while Atul occupied himself with the boys while Ridhima took Minnie aside.

Ri: I'm really sorry for yesterday.

Mi: Why are you here?

Ri: Well, I saw you and your brothers praying for an angel yesterday night when I came to say sorry to you. I am an angel and my father sent me here to make you all happy, to make You happy.

Mi: Really?

Ri: 100 %

Mi: So I'll tell Massi to make you my nanny.

Ri: Thank you!

Mi: Then we'll play and go to garden and...

Ri: Ok! Here comes your Massi.

Anjali came and saw the kids were really enjoying with these people.

An: I'll talk to my brother till the time you both can settle in the servant quarters.

Mi: No, She'll sleep with me.

An: Minnie!

Mi: Please Massi.

An: Alright! So, Atul you'll sleep with the boys. Is that ok?

At & Ri: Thanks!


Part 3:

Ridhima and Atul settled themselves in the house. Ridhima with Minnie and Atul with Harsh and Gappu. Anjali came and informed them.

Anjali: Ridhima, Atul. My brother has just gone out but he gave the permission to both of you.

Ridhima: Thank you, Can you just explain me what will I have to do?

Anjali: Sure, Come.

Ridhima: Atul, Let's go.

Anjali showed them the house, Ridhima would make the food and Atul would water the garden.

Anjali: There is hardly any work, Even I only have to make the breakfast in the morning as per my brother's instructions. Some servants come to clean the house and go, Just food and garden which is not well taken care of.

Ridhima: No problem, I love to cook and Atul loves Greenery.

Atul: Thank you so much!

Anjali: You both are lucky.

Anjali received a call and excused herself as Atul and Ridhima went to their work.

Atul went to the garden and started to check each and every plant while Ridhima just went to cook food. Anjali came in as she entered the kitchen.

Anjali: How is it going?

Ridhima: As today's my first day, I wanted to know what does everyone like?

Anjali: Everyone together like Aloo ka parathas.

Ridhima: Aloo ka paratha? Even I like it.

Anjali: So if you want you can make that.

Ridhima: Thanks!

Ridhima started cooking and the aroma soon filled the house. The children came running downstairs and sat at the dinning table. Atul entered the kitchen to help Ridhima. Anjali sat waiting for food to be served. Lastly, Armaan entered the house angry but it soon melted as he freshened himself and sat for lunch.

Armaan: Anjali, Who's making food?

Anjali: The new nanny.

Armaan: Wow!

Armaan smiled as he would eat Aloo Paratha's after many years. The last time he ate was with... A lone tear escaped his eye and Anjali saw it.

Anjali: Bhaiya, Relax.

Armaan: Ya, I'm eating the first one.

Minnie: No Mama, She's my Nanny. I'm eating.

Armaan: Ok Minnie.

Atul came with a couple of paratha's with him and served.

Armaan: Wow, everyone's having the first one.

Atul: Ridhima makes the best Aloo paratha's.

Anjali: That I can really guarantee.

Ridhima went on making, Atul served and everyone ate. After a while, they all finished food.

Minnie: Ridzy ne kiya mast khanna banaya.

Anjali: Ridzy?

Minni: Pet name Massi.

Anjali: Oh!

Armaan: Anjali, Do tell her, The food was delicious and it reminded me of someone.

Anjali: Sure.

Ridhima made food for her and Atul while Atul and Anjali cleared the table. Both started to talk.

Atul: The plants were not taken care of.

Anjali: There wasn't anyone. Only she was but...

Atul: Any problem?

Anjali: No, Missing her today.

Atul: Who?

Anjali: My sister.

Atul: Another sister?

Anjali: Ya. Leave it, I'm going out. You and Ridhima eat food.

Atul: Ok.

Atul entered with the dirty plates and placed them near the sink. He sat on the little table there.

Atul: Ridhimaji, Bahot bhook lag rahi hain.

Ridhima: Ridhima bolo, Aur sabko khana acha laga?

Atul: Haan.

Ridhima came with the plates and sat with Atul.

Atul: You know, there was 1 more sister in this family.

Ridhima: What? 1 more. Where is she?

Atul: Couldn't ask more.

Ridhima: Oh,Ok.

Anjali came running inside.

Anjali: Ridhima, Forgotmy mobile and forgot to tell you 1 thing.

Ridhima: What's that?

Anjali: Bhai liked your food very much and he said you reminded him of someone.

Ridhima: May I know who?

Anjali: Our elder sister, Ok, Bye!

Ridhima: Bye!

Atul heard the conversation and questioned Ridhima.

Atul: I need to know who's this elder sister?

Ridhima: Then ask the...

Atul: Kids?

Did you all like it?? Plz comment!!!

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Arteclectic IF-Stunnerz

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intro yaar
do update soon jaan very niceeeeeeeeeee Clap
Kanika05 IF-Rockerz

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Nice intro!>.
Continue soon

kdrs Goldie

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Originally posted by ash_rajat00

intro yaar
do update soon jaan very niceeeeeeeeeee Clap

Thanks!!!! Will update soonTongue

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kdrs Goldie

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Originally posted by *K@nik@*

Nice intro!>.
Continue soon

Thanks!!! Will continue!

kumpal12 Senior Member

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nice intro.....continue soon
kdrs Goldie

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Originally posted by kumpal12

nice intro.....continue soon

Thanks! Will cont.Tongue

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