Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan


Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan
Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan

20/5 Tuesday Update +Video

surakshita IF-Sizzlerz

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Juhi and Hussain were awesome in their opposite reaction to the same situation.

it was a really witty wicked episode

Dilasa was great. What an emotional blackmail by Dilasa definitely Kumkum's brain

New title slide of SumitKumkum(new) smiling marriage photo and Sumit and Kumkum standing beside the photo on opposite sides with anger on their face 

Bhanu tell Chandu to think with a cool mind before you take a decision but Chandu says that I don't think I have to rethink, for me this marriage has no wajood, so better they move from here. Bhanu says that she is your daughter where can she go in the night, Chandu says for my beti there is a place in the house but not for her husband. For bin-bhulaya-mehamaan he can stay for one night here but o you know which is the place for such guests.

Then he tells Sumit in the morning you both need to leave from here and all goes except for Mini and Bhanu.


Kumkum pleads with her mom to make her dad understand but Bhanu says that you know his svbhav and his decisions and you too know that I cant go against him. Let him cool down I will try something but more than this I cant do anything and she goes


In all this Sumit is just watching and then he comes to Kumkum and teasingly says that I am sorry to disturb you in all this emotional moment, but kya karoo it is late and I am feeling very sleepy but you can carry on so why don't you show me the place ahh why don't you show your pati his room. Mini watches all this.



They are in a cow stable. He looks around and says so much of stink and what is this here. She throws some blankets down there and teasingly tells him this is your bedroom, your can sleep here comfortably and you were very sleepy. bahuut shaauk tha apna kamraa dekhne ka, how is the bedroom. He is stunned and looks around. GOODNIGHT SWEET DREAMS. And she turns when he tells her wait a minute do you think that I will spend a night here in this place. Madame impossible this type of good treatment no way I am going from here. Ohh she says you want to go so you can very well go but just remember that if you go then you will not get any details of Raghu Chacha . but still if you want to go then feel free. Sumit is fuming and gritting in anger, She looks has his sullen face and ask kya hua irada badal gaya  kya for which he shuts his eyes, so she says ohh so you like your bedroom so much then ok sleep comfortably. But do you snore, (background you can here the cows bellowing and Sumit is just trying to wade the stink smell) because after some time the cows/bulls will go to sleep and they do not like any noise and if there is any noise then they get up and get aggressive not much but little but to keep them quiet only my dad can do and as you are here so dad will not come here and as you have already seen my dad's anger so please take care and sleep best of luck and goodnight


Again Sumit says one minute, and sternly tells her off if you think that I will stay here and try to make effort so that you dad will accept our marriage then you are thinking wrong I will not do at all but if till morning he doesn't accept the marriage then I am going from here alongwith Raghu's address did you understand. Kumkum says Excuse me I am the director of this natak and the rules will be what I have made. So Sumit replies back Ohh really then the DEAL is OFF, I am going from here. The Deal was that I will be your naatak pati and you will give me Raghu's address but your dad is not accepting our marriage so he has told us to go from here so now there is no reason for me to be your naqli pati at all. Kumkum is stunned.


Sumit tells her now you think, you have till tomorrow morning ka waqt and if by tomorrow morning your dad doesn't accept our marriage then you have to give me Raghu's address and that is final now it is your wish if you want to go ahead with this deal or finish the deal now this moment.


Kumkum thinks to herself that now everything went reverse I have to accept his shart otherwise there is no other way, but ok koyi baat nahi once everything is fine at home then I will show him later.


Sumit watches her thinking and tells ok I am leaving so she says I agree to it. So Sumit says you are very much samjdhar. It is this night only tomorrow I will become ekdum aazaad


Sumit Delhi home, Ratan is in Sumit's room searching the drawers, dadi comes there and thinks it is Sumit and tells I have gone to the temple take Prasad she goes on talking and then looks up and sees Ratan, she asks Ratan what are you doing here and where is Sumit. Ratan tells so how was your pilgrimage till then Omi comes and asks Ratan did you get the file. He sees his mom there and tells when you came we would have picked you up, she tells you are busy and so did not disturb you then she asks where is Sumit so Omi says he is gone she asks where then he replies he has left the house and I will tell you that later and goes of the room. Daadi is upset


Mini asks Kumkum in a room what did you do you got in the world only Sumit as your naqli pati. She says I know I did a mistake and know that dad would not accept this marriage, but what to do at that time I could think this was the best option and I too don't know Raghu's address if Sumit knows for naqli pati I did this and he will do a lot hungama that he will know all and he will tell everything so before that need to make dad accept the marriage and I have to go out of this house where to go who to ask help and the more I am trying to sort this it is getting worse and I don't want to go from this house Mini tells that the way dad has reacted he wont agree anything  while talking she sees Dilasa in another room and thinks


Coming up Sumit and Kumkum are walking out of the room and Dilasa says rukh jaoo Kumkum and Kumkum smiles and Sumit smile stops


Chandu is watering the garden and Sumit comes there very softly (another natakbaaz he too is) and says ok I know you will not accept this marriage and we too deserve this for doing this against our parents wish. We shouldnt have done it by hurting our parents wishes so sorry and I will go from here So what decision you took is right and I respect your decision so if I harassed you so sorry and there is no wajood for this marriage and I don't want you to change your decision and we have to be punished and kumkum comes there and says I agree with Sumit so we have decided to leave the house. Sumit seeing Kumkum is shocked and says aaaah. And she softly says so we decided to leave house and Sumit thinks what is this new naatak and from where she came and hey bhagwan which nataunki ke chakkar mein mein phas gaya. Kumkum tells her dad I know I have given so much of trouble and they are not forgivable but please if try to forgive me if you can. Now I will go and pack my bag. So Sumit says disturbingly softly to Kumkum no no no how can you come with me. She reples AAP kuch bhi kehne ki jarrorat nahi. The wife will stay where the husband stays so where you (AAP) are there I will be so I will come with you and now I will go and pack my bag as this is my last decision. Sumit smilingly grits his teeth.


Sumit's Delhi house. Yasho tells Daadi that Sumit left the house and they talk on that and Daadi says why you didn't tell me she told I didn't know it will take this turn it all happened quickly so Daadi says don't worry I will see whose nazar is on this father-son relationship


Kumkum's Sundernagar house (Sumit's naqli Sasuraal/Kumkum's naqli Maayka)


Sumit and Kumkum in front of all members in the house. Bhanu tells I know that girls don't stay in their Maayka after they get married. But this is not the way you should do your daughter's bidaai. And I am taking guarantee that in future Kumkum will not do any mistakes. Kumkum SOFTLY says to her mom leave it I have done the mistake so I have to be punished and that I am married so I have to go to my pati's house. Anyway you all have given whatever I wanted now I ask you something for the last time and please give me aashirwaad that in my new life I don't make any mistakes. Sumit is watching the proceedings and she comes to Mini and hugs and Mini whispers what is this nayi nataak so Kumkum says it is a long story I will tell you later. Then she tell chachaji to forgive her for her mistakes so chachiji says nahi kumkum then she asks where is chachi before I go I would like to ask her forgiveness too Mini tells I will call mom but till then Dilasa comes there and asks what is going on. Kumkum says sorry chachi I know you have more shikaayats on me and now you will not have I am leaving the house forever and the truth is that I will remember you chaachi. Then she tells her dad I know you are angry and decision is correct but if possible forgive your kumkum. Chalti hoon and she turns and tells Sumit softly too that let us go we have now we have no place here. Sumit says but Kumkum yeh sab and is stopped by Kumkum and Kumkum says Chalo Sumit. Sumit bends down to take his bag and whispers you know what you are doing if we go from here then our deal is off and teasingly sternly says then I don't have to remain your pati do you understand that in all this they are walking towards the door and kumkum slightly tries to watch what is happening behind. Sumit is smiling with glory and Kumkum is tensed and sad. The moment they lift their leg to be out of the house Dilasa says rukh jaayooo Kumkum. Kumkum face goes lit up up in smiles and in a victory smile and the smile on Sumit's  face is completely wiped off


Coming up : Dilasa asks Chandu what you want to give your daughter a life full happiness or quietness of broken relationships


Sumit shuts his eyes with anguish and Kumkum shuts her eyes with relief and smiles and then they make again a sad face with their emotions intact and turns towards the family. Sumit watches Kumkum. Dilasa says whatever happens in the house is whatever you wanted but this time would like you to listen to me. Is their mistake so big that it cant be forgiven. Chaacha said but you did not want this boy here so Chaachi says yes I didn't not want him here but now it is not like that. cant you see THEIR LOVE for each other Kumkum sadly watches Sumit and Sumit sternly watches Kumkum.


Is your heart of stone I cant see this I thought many times many times that Sumit did not marry Kumkum for some matlab they love each other and to love each other is not a big mistake. Sumit is watching Dilasa stunned and  Kumkum is watching Sumit's reaction. Dilasa continues I know you are hurt by all this but one mistake will break all their relationships with their parents, I know you love Kumkum so much and you have waited for so long years to get her and with so many mata rani vrats, and today you are insulting mata rani's gift. The girl without seeing her face your morning was not right and today you are telling her to go out of the house. Ok then you are removing her from your house from your relationships but can you ever remove her from your heart. I know that from your every heartbeat only one voice comes and that is Kumkum. See the way your daughter is looking at you with so much hope so don't make her sad. Now I leave it to you what decision you want to take. What you want to give Kumkum a life full of happiness or a life of quietness of broken relationships. Sumit kumkum in their best emotions of anguish and sadness


Dilasa tells them what are you both doing there come here and take Chandu's aashirwaad. Sumit goes wide-eyed and Kumkum smilingly eyeing him an ishara come. Then she coyly smiles and holds his hand and almost drags a reluctant angry Sumit to take ashirwaad. Sumit is just watching Kumkum and all are in smiles. Sumit Kumkum bends down to take aashirwad and Dilasa says Chandu to give then aashirwaad he reluctantly forwards his hand and then stops seeing that Sumit stands up seeing that Kumkum again pulls his hand downwards with force Sumit sees Kumkum and does an ishaara but Kumkum sternly sees and Sumit. Then Chandu puts his hand on their heads Kumkum smiles and Sumit goes bitter. Then Chandu walks out from there. Dilaasa is happy and gives them a blessing let maati raani keep you both very happy and for all all seven janams they keep you together Sumit blinks with a plastic smile. Dilasa says to Mini to spread the breakfast table today I have done all the food as per Kumkum's liking and tells Sumit that I don't know what you like tell me what you like I will do that all for dinner.  Dilasa and Bhanu smiles at each other


Kumkum nudges Sumit and looks at him and says did you see Kumkum ka kamaal and told you noone needs to go from this house. Congrats Daamaad she winks and blinks too and says Deal is on now and again winks and says welcome to your sasural. Sumit is silent but burning with anger within


PRECAP :  looks like there is a puja in the Sumit's house and the servant asks rattan where to keep Sumit's photo and he replies in one corner and Daadi and Sumit aunt hears that.

Video : Link

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Ohgod! Goldie

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Thank you so much.... Smile Smile Smile
freezinme IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2008 at 3:53am | IP Logged
it was the most funny epi. LOL LOL LOL espi sumit kumkum n dilasa LOL LOL LOL
tsaian IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2008 at 4:07am | IP Logged
kumkum get intrestind day by day
and love the expression of summit and kumkum
both are awsome
norzar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 May 2008 at 4:10am | IP Logged

fab update surakshita

seems to be a wicked episode

cnat wait to watch

so sukk will be accepted thats cool


Priana Goldie

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lexaxel Senior Member

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Hmmmm, I'm wondering how come Dilasa has a change of mind. I bet there is some ulti-chaal cooking in her mind LOL LOL LOL .

Thanks for the fab update
*Resham* IF-Stunnerz

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How come Dilaasa changd her mind LOL ...

nways seems to be a good epi Embarrassed ...

thx surakshita

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