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Who is RealIy In Jail In India??? (Page 36)

bunbutt_too IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 July 2008 at 11:28pm | IP Logged

I am very skeptical about the involvement of the whole slew of servants. I still believe that this was the work of highly professional hit men. The C.B.I. should investigate the "Chit Fund" racket that Hemraj was operating. Most premeditated killings usually occur for "love" or "money" with "lust" being the third.  

I still believe that Aarushi opened her locked door because she heard something. She was able to open her room door since it was a latch system that required a key from the outside but a simple turn of the knob from the inside. That she witnessed something she was not supposed to and unfortunately paid for it with her life.

I have no idea why all the law enforcement folks are so obsessed with and focusing on the rape, revenge and honor angles. I have said from day two that the parents have nothing to do with the crime. This case and that of Jon Bennet Ramsey on December 26, 1996 are very similar. The only difference is that Jon Bennet had been sexually assaulted and garotted. According to the Noida Police autopsy report, Aarushi had not been sexually assaulted and had died from a blunt force injury to her skull, and the slashing of her throat. The fact that she had not been sexually assaulted tells me one thing loud and clear, that this was the work of focused, methodical, and very experienced killers, i.e.  professional hit men. I hope that the C.B.I. does some serious soul searching. All their bloody tests on the slew of servants are totally meaningless, since even an average defense attorney can flush those down a toilet in a court of law.


SolidSnake IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 July 2008 at 11:32pm | IP Logged


The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has said it had implicated the three servants, Krishna, Rajkumar and Vijay Mandal, in the Aarushi murder on the basis of "forensic and narco-analysis reports" and that they were still looking for corroborative evidence.

As a safe measure, they added that this does mean Dr Rajesh Talwar had been given a clean chit and they would proceed accordingly as more evidence comes up.

But the CBI's story so far is full of contradictions.

Motive not known, murder weapon not recovered: The agency has not been able say what was the motive behind the double-murders. On Friday too, the CBI was at a loss to explain whether it was a "lust murder" or a "revenge murder". The agency had earlier said the murders were planned.

CBI has made no recoveries in the case: The mobile phones of the deceased and the murder weapon haven't been recovered. "We know the details but we are finding some problems," said Joint Director Arun Kumar.

All that the agency has till now are the narco-analysis reports and confession statements of the accused, which are not admissible in court unless supported by corroborative evidence.

Would a servant call friends for drinks when employers are at home?: CBI says Hemraj called the accused to his room where they had drinks, a Balentine Scotch. If that was so, the Talwars must have given Hemraj a lot of independence where he was allowed to call other servants home late at night for drinks when they too were at home.

Aarushi's room locked: The CBI, opposing Talwar's bail application sometime back, had told the court he was still a suspect since Aarushi's room would be locked from outside and the keys would be in her parent's room. Going by this version, no one could have entered Aarushi's room without the keys. The CBI on Friday said the Talwar's had started trusting Hemraj since he had been working for them for around eight months and had stopped locking her room from outside.

Hemraj asked for khukri: Seeking Krishna's custody, the CBI had told the court he had gone to Hemraj's room with a khukri as the latter had asked for one. The agency has failed to explain what prompted Hemraj to ask for a khukri.

Why would Hemraj accompany the three to Aarushi's room?: The CBI said the accused had gathered at Hemraj's room for drinks where they talked about Aarushi. Nupur Talwar has, on a number of occasions, said that Hemraj was "'a father-like figure" to Aarushi. The agency failed to explain why Hemraj accompanied the three to Aarushi's room when he was aware of their intentions and protested only when Aarushi had fallen unconscious after being hit by a blunt object and the accused tried to sexually abuse her.

How could no one hear the screams?: Aarushi, the CBI said, tried to scream but was gagged. The agency added she had a sore throat and might not have been able to shout for help. However, they failed to say why no one would have heard Hemraj's cries for help that too when he was killed on the terrace and offered stiff resistance. And that when he didn't have a sore throat.

Why would Krishna kill Aarushi?: Krishna, the CBI said, was scolded by Talwar and was aggrieved about it. But why would he kill Aarushi? And was Krishna so hurt by Talwar's scolding that he decided to rape and kill his daughter?

Why did the others assist him?: If Krishna had a grudge against Talwar and decided to kill Aarushi, why would Rajkumar and Vijay Mandal assist him in the crime? CBI said it was difficult to guess how a drunk person would behave.

Why didn't the accused flee to Nepal?: Why did Krishna and Rajkumar stay back in Noida and not flee to their home in Nepal? Were they so sure they would never be caught? CBI says if they had fled they would have become obvious suspects so they stayed back.

Why would Rajkumar keep a bloodstained T-shirt in his room?: CBI says Krishna and Rajkumar managed to dispose of the mobiles and murder weapon within hours of the incident. So why would Rajkumar keep a bloodstained T-shirt in his room even a month after the murders?

Why was no narco-test conducted on Talwar?: While the CBI conducted narco-analysis test of all the accused, they did not conduct it on the Talwars, both of who were present in the house at the time of the murders. CBI said they did not do so as psycho-assessment and polygraph tests of the parents did not reveal deception whereas that of the servants showed deception.

Terrace locked: The terrace of Talwars' home would be locked from inside. So when Hemraj protested and was taken upstairs to the terrace, the accused first opened the lock of the terrace door. Hemraj must have provided the keys. After killing him, they did not panic and locked the terrace door again and then proceeded to Aarushi's room and killed her. It appears from this that the killers were professional.

bunbutt_too IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 August 2005
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Posted: 11 July 2008 at 11:37pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by SolidSnake

CBI deserves this, they have bungled so badly in this case despite having all kinds of resources. Either killers are so smart ki koi evidence nahi chhoda, yaa phir CBI mein bewakoof aur incompetent log bhare hain..yaa phir dono baatein sach hain. Shobhraj being a criminal does not invalidate his points, he raises valid points.

Aarey SolidSnake bhai farq iitna hee hain keh yeh Sobhraj hai koi Dr. Hannibal Lecter, brilliant psychiatrist, nahi.  Wink

-PoisonIvy- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 July 2008 at 4:37am | IP Logged

Originally posted by tina59

There are so many loopholes, I still cant beleive that inspite of two people being murdered by 4 people, their parents were sleeping soundly.

As per the narco test, Hemraj raised an alarm when he realised what was done to Arushi, how could the parents not heard anything

Its also said that Arushi screamed before being hit on the head, why didnt the parents wake up then?

The talwars who lock the Arushi's room daily conveniently forgot to lock her room on that particular day.

If Krishna was angry with Talwars, wouldnt he go after Rajesh talwar who was sleeping in the other room than Arushi.

If Krishna was angry with Rajesh Talwar, what was the need for Rajkumar and the other guy to help him.

Why did the Talwars rush to haridwar to do her last rites when its common sense to wait till the police autopsy concludes.

Why would the accused trio still keep Hemraj's phone switched on after they murdered him, I mean they cant be so dumb.

If they acted under alcohol, why would they take the time to lock the terrace door......

I still cant beleive the Talwars inspite of all this were sleeping without any clue, thats ridiculous with 5 people 4+1(arushi) involved in the immediate next room.

I hate Aaajtak for blantantly acquiting the Talwars and talking ill abt the CBI and the Noida Police. Anyone would get suspicious and point fingers at the Talwars.

who deleted pics from the computer and also her camera, dont tell me the servants who were in a drunken state and in panic , had the time to do that.

I agree with you

I somehow cannot digest the fact that the parents did not hear anything. And now, the CBI chief says she had a bad throat so she could not scream! Confused

All this while the parents did not know that she had a bad throat and nobody had an answer to this but now suddenly Arun Kumar remembers this Dead

This is probably the last case that hel solve before retiring and wants a medal before that. And so, the poor servants hv been framed Ouch

shefali_123 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 01 September 2005
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Posted: 12 July 2008 at 9:54am | IP Logged

15 days ago while opposing the bail of rajesh talwar CBi told the court that Dr Talwar told them that hemraj had an evil eye on his daughter and that is why he used to lock her in her room after she went to sleep and kept the keys with him, on 15th also he did the same. The judge even quoted this part of his stmt to the CBI while denying him bail. This was on 26th june.

Now on fri the CBI suddenly says that the parents had started trusting hemraj since he was working with them for the past 8 months and never locked her door anymore.Confused

nupur talwar said on NDTV that arushi always used to shut the door while sleeping and noone could open her door from the outside without the key.

even bharti their maid confirmed that 2 rooms used to locked when she used to reach their in the morning to do her work.

so is the CBI going to say that arushi also had begun to trust hemraj and never used to shut her door anymore???


then the CBi said that they did a simulation ecercise and the forensic experts confirmed that even if a person is awake in the parents' room they cannot hear anything due to the noise of the air conditioner. here they were not awake but asleep.

but then where was the need to suddenly add that arushi had a bad throat on that particular day. i mean even she wouldn't have had a bad throat still u cannot hear any sound even when a person is awake, right?? and this bad throat thing has suddenly appeared in the whole story, noone has ever said it before.Confused

did hemraj also have a bad throat that 4 men were arguing in arushi's room and still nothing could be heard or were they whispering while arguing???

now krishna reached talwars' home at around 12, then vijay mandal came, then later on rajkumar, arushi's time of death acc to post mortem report is btn 1 to 1:30.

so they came, they had drinks, they even became drunk, they entered arushi's room, tried to force themselves on her, hit her with a blunt object, then argued with hemraj, took him to the terrace, killed him after a long struggle, locked the terrace doors, came in and slit arushi's throat.

all this they did within an hour and a few minutes time that too when rajesh talwar was on his mobile phone till 12:05 midnight and only after that could he have gone off to sleep, i mean he couldn't have been in deep sleep atleast when these people came in and started drinking???

also one more thing rajkumar came all the way from sector 53 to sector 25 on his cycle , thats a 5 km distance and still noone saw him not even the security guard of the talwars' residence????


Edited by shefali_123 - 12 July 2008 at 9:59am
uknaik99 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 July 2008 at 11:57am | IP Logged

I was in a lot of grief. I thank God and CBI: Rajesh Talwar

As dentist gets bail in Noida's double murder, other accused's family cry foul over CBI investigations

Rajesh Talwar with his wife Nupur and brother Dinesh after his release from jail. Inset: Aarushi

A day after CBI gave him a clean chit, dentist Rajesh Talwar, was on Saturday released from jail, ending a 50-day jail period after the Noida Police accused him of killing his teenage daughter, Aarushi.

"I was in a lot of grief. I thank God and the CBI as what my family has been saying (of my being innocent) all along now stands vindicated," said a tired looking Talwar after he visited a Sai Baba temple near his residence in Noida.

Dressed in a white T-shirt, 49-year-old Talwar came out of Dasna Jail in Noida within two minutes after the gates of the jail were opened at 8.30 am.

The formalities for his release were completed by his wife, Nupur Talwar, and relatives late last night.

A relieved Nupur hugged Talwar as he stepped out of the iron-gate of the prison. It was a tearful reunion for the couple, who pleaded with the media to "leave them alone" and allow them to mourn the death of their daughter. From the temple, the Talwars' were accompanied by family friends Durrani.

Talwar was arrested on May 23 by the Noida police, a week after his daughter and his domestic help, Hemraj, were found murdered at his home, on suspicion of his involvement in the killings.

Maligning Character  unfair: neighbours

B K Sharma, a neighbour of Rajesh Talwar's father-in-law, said, "I have known the Talwars for a long time. Earlier they used to stay in a rented apartment and Aarushi used to visit us every day. To think that her father committed such a crime was unthinkable. And the CBI has just proved that," said 75-year-old Sharma.

"Why did the media paint such a gory picture of the Talwars before anything was proved in court?" asked another neighbour, Saurabh Sharma.

Krishna's kin protest

"Something is not quite right. I am no expert, but I wonder why the poor are always held responsible for such ghastly acts," said Prana Singh, a social activist. Sunita, Krishna's niece, had claimed on Friday  her uncle was held because he was poor. "Why don't the police take all servants and hold them responsible for some crime or the other? My uncle is suffering because he is poor…he is innocent," she added.

 Dr Talwar wanted to treat patients in jail, would read books, avoid tv, say jail staff

Dental surgeon Rajesh Talwar, against whom the CBI did not find any evidence of killing his daughter Aarushi, had expressed his desire to practice in Dasna jail and the authorities had made arrangements in this regard.

"We had repaired a chair used by a dentist as he had expressed his willingness to treat patients," Superintendent of Dasna jail Ramji Singh said minutes after Talwar's release. He said Talwar, who remained quiet for the initial days before he started talking to fellow inmates, had two-to-three persons attached to him all the time so that no harm was done to him inside the jail.

The jail superintendent said the dentist preferred spending his time reading books. "He refrained from watching television initially as all channels talked about his daughter only," Singh said.

He said whenever anyone had asked the dentist about his daughter, his eyes were immediately filled with tears and he used to say, "I am the most unfortunate person in this earth who is facing charges for murdering his own sweet little daughter." Singh said whenever someone had asked about Aarushi, Talwar always became depressed. "So later we refrained from asking him about his daughter," he told reporters.
mumbai news

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uknaik99 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 July 2008 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
Arushi murder: UP police defends its probe

Uttar Pradesh police defended its investigation in the Noida twin murder case saying it had not filed chargesheet against anyone and the probe was at a preliminary stage when the investigation was handed over to the CBI.
"The CBI on Friday said that it had not found any evidence 'as of now' against Rajesh Talwar and the UP police which was earlier investigating the matter had not filed any chargesheet naming him," news agency quoted IG Bhanu Pratap Singh as saying.

On the UP police failing to reach Krishna, who has emerged as the main accused in the CBI inquiries, the IG said that the investigations were transferred midway.
"Had the UP police completed its inquiries it would have definitely reached the real culprits," he added.

Stating that CBI has neither made any adverse comment against the UP police nor alleged that evidences had been tampered with, Singh said that the state police cooperated with the CBI at every stage and the case diary had also been submitted.

The IG said the case is now under judicial scrutiny and the court would decide how it had been investigated by the different agencies.

The IG parried all questions on whether action would be taken against the officials investigating the case saying that the matter is now before the court and it will decide on it.
bunbutt_too IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 August 2005
Posts: 10344

Posted: 12 July 2008 at 4:47pm | IP Logged

Talwar family should sue UP police: Renuka

Posted online: Saturday , July 12, 2008 at 08:01:19

Updated: Saturday , July 12, 2008 at 07:56:48 Print Email To Editor Post Comments


New Delhi, July 12: Union Minister for Women and Child Development Renuka Choudhary slammed the Uttar Pradesh police for 'bungling' the Arushi murder case and said the Talwar family should sue them.


"The family should sue the state police and those responsible for bungling the case terrifyingly must be suspended," Chaudhary said, a day after the CBI gave Arushi's father Rajesh Talwar a clean chit in the case.


She also asked Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati 'to stand up and compensate to Dr Rajesh Talwar's family for the agony it went through'.


"The UP Chief Minister cannot ignore her responsibility. She must make the police accountable," the minister told a news channel.


Talwar was released from the Dasna jail on Saturday after the CBI told a UP court on Friday that it has no evidence against the dentist in the sensational Noida double murder case.


"We have lost complete confidence in police, the way it provided salacious details about the young girl. The police assassinated characters, casts aspersions and tarnished the reputation of a minor young girl," the minister said.


Sympathising with Dr Talwar's family, Chaudhary asked, "who empowered the police to ruin relations between two perfectly normal families (Talwar and his colleague Anita Durrani). And how could UP police miss what was staring them in their eyes."


"If this is how police conduct investigations," the minister said, adding 'nobody will ever come out to speak the truth and is the biggest insecurity of today's law-abiding citizen'.

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